Directory of Walsall 1813 Surnames F-G


Surnames F-G

Freeth John, grocer and chandler, High-street 

Forster Charles and Son, Bankers, High-street 

Forster Charles, esq. magistrate, High-street 

Fox George, victualler, Park-street 

Forster George, currier, Park-street 

Forster and Fiefield, coal dealers, Wharf, Park-street 

Fletcher Richard, George Hotel Posting House, Traveller's Inn and Coach Office, Digbeth 

Foster William, Butcher, Rushall-street 

Fletcher Samuel, Bridge-street 

Fletcher and Sharratt, merchants, saddlers' ironmongers, warehouse, Bridge-street, late in George-street 

Fletcher William, book keeper, Rushall-street 

Fallows John, shoe-maker, Rushall-street 

Franklin William, currier, Ablewell-street 

Franklin Richard, shoe-maker, Ablewell-street 

Fletcher Samuel, saddlers' ironmonger, Dudley-street 

Fenton Thomas, plater, New-street 

Fletcher Samuel, farmer, Harden 

Farmer Thomas, plater, Stafford-Street 

Faulkner Clement, miller, Birchills 

Foster Aaron, farmer, Parks 

Fletcher Stephen, polished steel bit-maker, Bloxwich 

Fowler Thomas, grocer and ironmonger, Townsend 

Greatrex Sarah and Son, platers, George-street 

Gent Joseph, Watch-maker, High-street 

Green William, coach brass founder and plater, Ablewell-street 

Groom John, horse-breaker, Digbeth 

Green William, victualler, Hall Lane 

Glover James, hinge-maker, New-street 

Gould John, spur-maker, New-street 

Grove Thomas, Rev. Birmingham road 

Goodwin Amos, bit-maker, Broadstone 

Green Richard, bit-maker, Bloxwich 

Green Thomas, bit-maker, Bloxwich 

Goodwin Moses, steel bit-maker, Bloxwich 

Garner William, joiner, Bloxwich 

Goodwin James, bricklayer, Bloxwich 

Green John, weaver, Short Heath 

Griffin John, farmer, Short Heath 

Gough David, victualler, Wolverhampton road 

Groves John, brush-maker, Stafford-street 

Groves Mrs. Sarah, sett-maker, Birchills 

Green Edward, best polished steel bit-maker, Birchills 

Goodwin Thomas, best polished stirrup-maker, Birchills 

Griffin Joseph, lime master, Hollshill Lane 

Gee James, agent to the Worcester Fire-Office, and also landlord s agent for the collection of rents, Bank-street 

Green Joseph, stock and hat buckle-maker, New-street 

Groves James, maltster, Windmill 

Green Richard, Windmill 

Giles Joseph, stirrup-maker, Windmill 

Groves John, Stafford-street 

Green John, schoolmaster, Chapel, Bloxwich 

Guest Samuel, buckle-maker, New-street 

Green Elizabeth, plater, Windmill-street 

Giles William, stirrup-maker, Windmill-street 


NB Transcribed in order of the original, not alphabetic. Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2020