Directory of Walsall 1813 Surnames H


Surnames H

Hill Ann, grocer, currier and wire warehouse, High-street 

Hullsworth Edward, rope-maker, flax dresser, and twine spinner, George-Street 

Horton Thomas, barber, High-street 

Haskew Barnard, joiner and carpenter, High-street 

Hichel William, draper and hosier, Digbeth 

Holmes Joseph, barber, Park-street 

Highway Isaac, baker, Park-street 

Hume Thomas, coach harness plater, Marsh Lane 

Hall Charles, brush-maker, Park-street 

Harrison James, stirrup-maker. Idle Alley, Park-street 

Hawkins Samuel, grocer and flour dealer, Park-Street 

Heeley Henrietta, Post Office, Digbeth 

Hobbins James, H. saddlers' ironmonger, Digbeth 

Hobbins Elizabeth, pawnbroker, Digbeth 

Hathaway Edward, grocer and chandler, High-street 

Haddon John, shoe-maker, Rushall-street 

Harris John, stay-maker, Rushall-street 

Holman Thomas sadd|e-tree-maker, Rushall-street  

Hinton Elizabeth, mantua-maker, Bridge-street 

Holloway William, skinner, Rushall-street 

Hardiman Mrs. victualler, Rushall-street 

Haden Joseph, tanner, Rushall-street 

Heeley John, attorney, Ablewell-street 

Hackney John, attorney's writer, Rushall-street 

Hawley William, blacksmith, Rushall-street  Shop, Bridge-street 

Handy Sarah, huckster, Rushall-street 

Hill William, shoe-maker, Rushall-street 

Hodgkins Richard, huckster, Peal-street 

Highway Williarn, confectioner, Peal-street 

Howlett John, shoe-maker, Peal-street 

Hildick Mary, grocer and draper, Peal-street 

Holt Oliver, chimney-sweeper, Dudley-street 

Heynes William, coach and bridle bit-maker, bottom of Cox's Court 

Heath James, huckster, Hall lane 

Hicken Mary, huckster, New-street 

Hateley Joseph, polished curb-maker, New-street 

Halfpenny John, grocer and druggist, New-street 

Hart William, baker, New-street 

Hall Thomas, currier, New-street 

Hulse Stephen, tutania and pewter spoon-maker, New-street 

Howell Joseph, factor, Birmingham-street 

Hart William, buckle and cabinet key-maker, Birmingham road 

Harrison Lester, bridle bit-maker, Birmingham road 

Hubball Stephen, whip thong-maker, King-street 

Hughes and Newton, saddlers' ironmongers, Park-street, inventors and manufacturers of new driving spring hooks 

Hicken Joseph, plater, Rushall-street 

Heath William, plater, Broadstone 

Heath Thomas, bit-maker, Broadstone 

Horton Walter, farmer, Bloxwich 

Harrison William, farmer, Bloxwich 

Hardrnan James, coach bit maker, Bloxwich 

Harrison Joseph, farmer, Little Bloxwich 

.Hawkins Thomas, farmer, Little Bloxwich 

Hough William, stirrup-maker, Little Bloxwich 

Hildick Francis, farmer, Colepool 

Hildick Robert, edge tool maker, Colepool 

Hope James, best polished steel bit and snaffle maker, Harden 

Harris William, polished stirrup maker, Blakenell Heath 

Hawkins Elias, farmer, Shaver's End 

Hawkins John, farmer, Shelfield 

Harrison John, farmer, Shelfield 

Harrison John, farmer, Shelfield 

Harrison Thomas, oatmealman, Shelfield 

Hodgkins, John, victualler, Boathouse, Catshill 

Harrison John, farmer, Walsall Wood 

Holmes Joseph, black chain maker, Walsall Wood 

Hands Joseph, spring stirrup maker, Wolverhampton road 

Hands Benjamin, spring stirrup maker, Town's End 

Holden Thomas, coach harness maker, Town's End 

Hardman Joseph, sett-maker Birchills 

Hathaway Nathaniel, victualler, Three Crowns, near Barr Beacon 

Holder John, Black Boy, Field Gate 

Higgins Thomas, sheriff's officer, Windmill 

Harvey Samuel, plater, WindmiII 

Huskinson William, dog chain maker, Doveridge 

Harvey Matthew, plater, Windmill 

Hardman James, coach bit maker, Bloxwich 

NB Transcribed in order of the original, not alphabetic. Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2020