Directory of Walsall 1813 Surnames J-L


Surnames J-L

James and Payton, factors, High-street, Digbeth 

Jenns Joseph, coach iron founder, coach furniture, and harness plater, Hall lane 

Jarvis Lucy, Flour warehouse, Park-street 

Jewsbury Richard, higgler, Park-street 

James Richard, factor, Park-street 

Jackson Richard, hosier and jersey comber, Digbeth 

Johnson Joseph, collar-maker, Rushall-street 

Jennings John, shoe-maker, Rushall-street 

James Thomas, spoon, lock, hinge and buckle maker, Ablewell-stieet 

Jackson Sarah, victualler, Ablewell-street 

Jennings Edward, bridle bit and snaffle maker, Peal-street 

Jackson Edward W. brandy merchant, New-street 

James Charles, victualler and patten ring' manufacturer, opposite Free School 

Jennings John, common polished, bit maker, Bloxwich

Jackson William, maltster, Colepool 

Joy Thomas, spring stirrup maker, Birchills 

Jesson Richard, attorney, Spring Field 

James Charles, victualler, Church-street 

Jones Edward, victualler, Windmill 

Jones Whitmore, miller, New Mills 

Jones Edward, victualler and plater, Windmill-street . 

Jobbit William, plater, Whitehall 

James and Stubbs, Birchills Colliery 


Knight Richard, plater, Whitehall 

Kendall Henry, gardener, Rushall-street 

Kendall Samuel, blacksmith, Bloxwich 

Kates Thomas, common bit maker, Bloxwich 

Keeling James, farmer, Shelfield 

Keyte William, pump-maker, Wolverhampton road 

Kendrick Phineas, bridle cutter and engraver, Windmill


Lea James, draper, High-street 

Lucas Henry, grocer, High-street 

Langley William, maltster, Rushall-street 

Lycetts Miss, Park-street 

Lycett Henry, victualler, Park-street 

Lucas James, victualler, Digbeth 

Lowe Hannah, cheese dealer, Rushall-street 

London Thomas, saddler and harness maker, Rushall-street 

Leicester Edward, butcher, Rushall-street 

Littler Joseph, shoe-maker, Birch's yard, Rushall-street 

Lock James, hatter, Rushall-strett 

Longmore Stephen, plumber and glazier, DudIey-street 

Lee Richard, victualler, Church-street  

Longmore John, sexton, Hill-street 

Lea John, victualler, Rushall-street 

Lander Hit-hard, bradoon-maker, Bloxwirh 

Lawrence William, ladies' polished stirrup maker, Short Heath 

Lawrence Thomas, locksmith, Short Heath 

Lander William, common bit maker, Marsh lane. 

Lowe Richard, stirrup-maker, Windmill 

Lowe Thomas, blacksmith, Pleck 

Leak Thomas, plater, Doveridge 

NB Transcribed in order of the original, not alphabetic. Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2020