Directory of Walsall 1813 Surnames M


Surnames M

Mountfort Benjamin, grocer, High-street 

Mills Richard, shoe warehouse and hosier, High-Street 

Mace John, hair-dresser, George-street 

Middlemore Robert, victualler, Digbeth 

Meeson Thomas, baker, Park-street 

Meeson Thomas, taylor, Park-street 

Marklew Isaac, attorney, Park-street 

Marlow Henry, iron warehouse, Park-street 

Mullinder William, grocer and druggist, Digbeth 

Mills William, martingale hook maker, Square 

Matthews Mary, flax dresser, rope maker and twine spinner, High-street 

Mountfort Thomas, confectioner, High-street 

Milward Frederick, printer and stationer, High-street 

Meeson Samuel, jobbing smith, Rushall-street 

Mold William, factor, Rushall-street 

Meek Thomas, shoe-maker, Rushall-street 

Mallaber William, victualler, Rushall-street. 

Male Thomas, victualler and brush-maker, Rushall-street 

Middleton Joseph, victualler, Royal Oak, Rushall-street 

Mold Thomas, carpenter, Ablewell-street 

Matthews William, pawnbroker, Rushall-street  

Mason William, town cryer, Little Hill 

Mills John, victualler, Dudley-street  

Marshall and Weatherhead, factors and saddlers' ironmongers, Dudley-street 

Martin Mary, Dudley-street 

Marsh Edward, snaffle and mouthing bitt maker, New-street 

Middieton Priscilla, huckster and baker, New-street 

Mayo Thomas, victualler, New-street 

Meeson Bridget, butcher, New-street 

Mason William, gardener, Crooked Alley 

Mason Samuel, deputy constable for the parish of Walsall, and jail keeper, opposite the Wheat Sheaf, Birmingham Road 

Marlow John, leather dealer, Bank-street 

Mason Thomas, school and drawing master, and delineator of the view of Walsall prefixed to this history 

Mason Mrs. ladies' academy, New-street 

Morris ------ , Hall lane 

Mayo John, victualler, Bloxwich 

Marshall Thomas, blacksmith, Bloxwich 

Moss John, victualler and maltster, Bloxwich 

Moss James, butcher, Short Heath 

Marshall Thomas, snaffle-maker, Short Heath 

Mason Joseph, common polished snaffle maker, Marsh Lane 

Mason Samuel, book-keeper, Town's End 

Mayo Thomas, plater, (journeyman,) Wolverhampton Road 

Mayo Thomas, plater, Stafford- street 

Marlow Daniel, plater, Windmill 

Marlow Joseph, factor, Windmill 

Marlow Benjamin, bitt-maker, Windmill 

Moore Samuel, grocer, Bloxwich 

Mason Joseph, brass coach harness maker, New-street 

Mason Thomas, buckle maker, Caldmoor 


NB Transcribed in order of the original, not alphabetic. Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2020