Directory of Walsall 1813 Surnames P-R


Surnames P-R


Pearce Thomas, Hill-street, agent to the Birmingham Fire and Life Insurance, and Annuity Officer 

Pratt Philip, The Rev. vicarage 

Proffit Joseph, butcher, High-street 

Perks Samuel, iron founder and factor, Adams's Row 

Parker Thomas, gardener, Pig lane, Park-street 

Payton James, factor, Park-street 

Pool Andrew, patent steel spring and plain stirrup manufacturer, Digbeth 

Parker Edward, gardener, Digbeth 

Pemberton Thomas, butcher, High-street 

Plant Elizabeth, huckster, Rushall-street 

Pitman James, fellmonger, Park-street 

Padgett Thomas, victualler, Rushall-street 

Parker Thomas, victualler, Rushall-street 

Parnell John, surgeon, Ablewell-street 

Penn James, wine and brandy merchant, Rushall-street 

Pemberton Joseph, butcher, Rushall-street 

Proffit Humphrey, butcher, High-street 

Pitt Thomas, surgeon, Peal-street 

Parker Joseph, locksmith, New-street 

Potts John, breeches-maker, Birmingham Road 

Parker William, file maker and plater, Ablewell-street 

Pratt William, wine and brandy merchant, High-street 

Pratt -----, miller, Steam Engine, erected for grinding corn, 1812; situate at the first navigation bridge on the road from Walsall to Bloxwich 

Pitt Thomas, awl blade maker, Bloxwich 

Parker Thomas, butcher, Bloxwich 

Partridge Thomas, awl blade maker, Short Heath 

Persehouse John, farmer, Short Heath 

Perry ------, tinned stirrup maker, Short Heath 

Proud Thomas, snaffle-maker, Blakenell Heath 

Palmer William, curb-maker, Town's End 

Perks and Newton, factors, Stafford-street 

Pitt Henry, bitt-maker, Birchills 

Porter William, victualler and spur-buckle maker, Tulbrook Road, or Little London. — Horse and gig to hire 

Price Thomas, coal and iron master, Bescott 

Padgett Joseph, farmer, Pleck 

Partridge John, shoe-maker, Bloxwich 

Peat Mrs. buckle-maker, Doveridge 


Quinton Henry, farmer, Yell Fields Hall 

Reynolds Archibald, shoe-maker, High-street 

Rock Thomas, locksmith, George-street 

Rogers William, baker, Digbeth 

Russell Mary, curb-maker, Park-street 

Rooker John, cooper, High-street 

Rutter Richard, grocer and druggist, High-street 

Reynolds Joseph, chain and dog chain manufacturer, Foster's-court, Rushall-street 

Reynolds James, brush-maker, Rushall-street 

Reynolds William, grocer, Rushall-street 

Reynolds and Co. bone and ivory brush manufacturers, turners and toy makers, Rushall-street 

Roberts Thomas, carpenter, Rushall-street 

Roper William, peruke-maker, Rushall-street 

Russell Jacob, curb, military over-all chain, dog couple and greyhound starters maker, Ablewell-street 

Rooker Joseph, cooper, Rushall-street 

Rostill Charles, shoe-maker, Peal-street 

Rogers James, butcher, Dudley-street 

Ross Thomas, awl blade maker, Bloxwich 

Ray John, higgler, Short Heath 

Roberts John, tinned bitt maker, Blakenell Heath 

Robinson J. shoe-maker, Blakenell Heath 

Robathan George, best polished snaffle and bradoon maker, Blakenell Heath 

Riley Joseph, farmer, Pepper Alley 

Rowley Thomas, factor, Stafford-street 

Ross Edward, plater, Birchills 

Reynolds Charles, New-street, Field Gate 

Rogers John, gent. Windmill 

Rock Joseph, factor, Windmill 

Rock Benjamin, farmer, Caldmoor 

Ross Patrick, awl blade maker, Whitehall 


NB Transcribed in order of the original, not alphabetic. Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2020