Directory of Walsall 1813 Surnames S


Surnames S


Slaney James, book-keeper, Freeth's Yard 

Spurrier Joseph, attorney, George-street; a master in Chancery 

Stanley Richard, coach and gig bridle bit maker, Adams' Row 

Shaw Thomas, baker, Digbeth 

Stubbs and Co. bankers, Digbeth 

Stubbs John, saddlers' ironmonger, Digbeth 

Smith William, fishmonger, Digbeth 

Sheldon John, victualler, Park-street 

Smith Joseph, victualler. Park-street 

Smith John, victualler, Park-street 

Stanley Edward, coach bitt maker, Park-street 

Stanley Thomas, plater, Park-street 

Sharratt Samuel, Park-street 

Sleigh William, hat-maker, Digbeth 

Smallwood Joseph, shoe and ladies' Devonshire stirrup maker, Digbeth 

Smith Mary, Stay-maker, Digbeth 

Shorter William, grocer, High-street 

Sedgwick Henry, sett maker, Wide Yard, Rushall-street 

Spurrier Thomas, gent. Bridge-street 

Smith Joseph, victualler, Rushall-street 

Seavill John, excise office, Rushall-street 

Sanders William, bricklayer, Kushall-street 

Smith Thomas, currier, Rushall-street 

Shutt William, maltster, Abiewell-street 

Scott Mrs. Mary, wine merchant, Ablewell-street 

Smallwood Joseph, ladies' stirrup maker, Ablewell-street 

Stubbs Joseph, attorney, (town clerk,) Rushall-street 

Smith Simon, taylor, Rushall-street 

Smith John, stocking weaver, Rushall-street 

Stanton John, butcher, Rushall-street 

Shevyn Matthew, woolcomber, Little Hill 

Smith William, huckster, Dudley-Street 

Stone Joseph, umbrella and parasol maker, Dudley-street 

Stringer William, spring saddle bar and martingale hook maker, Old Meeting yard, Dudley-street 

Stanton William, spur buckle maker, Dudley-street 

Stoddard ----------, taylor, New-street 

Smith Thomas, sett roller buckle maker, New-street 

Smith John, clerk at St. Matthew's Church, Church-street, where are kept the keys of the engine 

Sansome John, victualler, Church-street 

Stevens Samuel, stay-maker, Gorton's Yard 

Sheldon Ann, mautua-maker, Gorton's Yard 

Smith James, brass harness and buckle maker in general, Birmingham-street 

Spurrier and Wootton, saddlers' ironmongers, King-street 

Stokes Joseph, plater, Bloxwich 

Smith William, bit-maker, Bloxwich 

Stanley I, B. farmer, Bloxwich 

Somerfield Matthew, ironmonger, Bloxwich. 

Stokes John, farmer, Bloxwich 

Stokes William, Bloxwich, Walsall, and Birmingham carrier, Bloxwich 

Stokes Joseph, polished coach bit maker, Bloxwich 

Stokes John, grocer, Bloxwich 

Stanley Edward, farmer, Bloxwich 

Smith Samuel, farmer, Bloxwich 

Somerfield John, awl-blade maker, Bloxwich 

Stokes Thomas, coach bit maker, Bloxwich 

Stanley John, common polished bradoon maker, Short  Heath 

Somerfield Titus, awl-blade maker, Short Heath 

Sargeant Joseph, set-maker, Short Heath 

Stokes William, tinned stirrup maker, Short Heath 

Sargeant Edward, set-maker, Short Heath 

Sargeant John, set-maker, Short Heath 

Shenton John, farmer, Gorscote 

Sheldon Thomas, bit-maker, Blakenell Heath 

Stokes John, victualler, Horse and Jockey, Walsall Wood 

Stokes Charles, coach bit maker, Stafford-street 

Stringer Thomas, spring saddle-bar maker, Stafford-street 

Stanley William, bit-maker, Stafford-street 

Sillitoe Aaron, packing box maker, Lime Pit Bank 

Scholey Christopher, farmer, Gillot de greaves 

Slater John, farmer, Birmingham road 

Stringer Thomas, spring bar maker, Fubbrook road 

Spink Robert, farmer, Pleck 

Small Mrs. victualler, Pleck 

Somerfield Jacob, awl-blade and collar makers' needles, &c. manufacturer, Bloxwich 

Somerfield Thomas, grocer, &c. Bloxwich 


NB Transcribed in order of the original, not alphabetic. Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2020