Walsall 1813 Surnames W-Y


Surnames W-Y

Wilcox Susan, brazier, tinman, and dealer in rags, High-street 

Worrad Joseph, fishmonger, High-street 

White William, clock and watch maker, High-street 

Wilkinson William, black buckle and chape maker in general, Pig lane 

Whitehouse Joseph, victualler, Park-street 

Windle Charles, factor, Park-street 

Windle Charles, esq. magistrate, Park-street 

Wilson Thomas, victualler, Park-street 

Whitney Robert, carpenter, Park-street 

Whitehouse Joseph, jun. victualler, Park-street 

Wilson Samuel, attorney, Park-street 

Woodford Mrs. ladies' school, Bridge-street 

Windsor William, patten tie and bridle cutter, Digbeth 

Webster John, rim lock maker, Dog Yard, Digbeth 

Wakeman James, victualler, High-street 

Wilson Mary, basket-maker, High-street 

Westley Charles, loop and slide manufacturer for braces and gaiters, Wide Yard, Rushall-street 

Wood John, factor, Bridge-street 

Wells Thomas, caster, Rushall-street 

Wilson George, bone turner, Rushall-street 

Williams John, polished curb, and martingale ring maker, Oatshill lane, Rushall-street 

Wood William, victualler and maltster, Ablewell-street 

Wright Joseph, victualler, Ablewell-street 

Woollat Edward, victualler, Excise Office, Rushall-street 

Woollat Joseph, surgeon, Rushall-street 

Webster Benjamin, tin curb and chain maker, Old Meeting Yard 

Weatherhead Thomas, Dudley-Street 

Weaver Francis, surgeon, Dudley-street 

Wilcox Thomas, plater, New-street 

Wiggin Benjamin, victualler, bridle cutter, and coach harness maker, Church-street 

Westley John, victualler, King-street 

Womsley Rev. ----- , Bridge-street 

Woolman .----., organist, High-street 

Whateley Clement John., esq. Birchills Hall 

Welch William, grocer, &c. Bloxwich 

Wootton James, tinned bit maker, Bloxwich 

Wood John, awl-blade maker Shoit Heath 

White Solomon, taylor, Short Heath 

Walker James, shoe-maker, Short Heath 

Wilkes Joseph, locksmith, Short Heath 

Wilkes John, locksmith, Short Heath 

Wood Thomas, stirrup-maker, Short Heath 

Walker John, higgler, Wallington Heath 

Wood David, awl-blade maker, Blakenell Heath 

Wootton I. tinned sharps and pelhams maker, Blakenell Heath 

Wood Samuel, victualler, Fox, also collector of the King's taxes for the Foreign of Walsall 

Whitehouse John, curbmaker, Birchills 

Wright Edward, bridle cutter and musical instrument seller, Lime Pit Bank 

Whitehall Thomas, saddle-bar maker, Lime Pit Bank 

Wood Samuel, rnaltster, Lime Pit Bank 

Wood Samuel, jun. maltster and brick maker, Wood End road 

Wainright Henry, farmer, Wood End road 

Watson Mrs. Birmingham road 

Wiggin Joseph, farmer, Windmill-street 

Worsey Charles, farmer, Windmill 

Webster John, dog chain maker, Fulbrook road 

Webster George, dog chain maker, Fulbrook road 

Wilcox John, Doveridge, Fulbrook road 

Wilcox Richard, polished snaffle and bradoon maker, Doveridge 

Worrallo Joseph, bridle buckle plater, Doveridge 

Wilkes Samuel, cabinet locksmith, &c. Short Heath, Bloxwich 

Walker Mrs. farmer, Little Bloxwich 

Williams Joseph, polished snaffle maker, Broadstone 


Yates Francis, grocer and druggist, High-street 

Yates Thomas, awl-blade maker, Bloxwich 

Yates Richard, awl-blade maker, Harden 

Yates Joseph, tin stirrup maker, Walsall Wood 

Yeomans Edward, buckle-maker, Caldmoor 


NB Transcribed in order of the original, not alphabetic. Transcribed by Mike Harbach 2020