The Trafalgar Roll


Caveat: This list was complied in 1988. Since then additional sources have become available. As this list is now incomplete, we suggest using the National Archives' database of Trafalgar Ancestors instead.

This information has been compiled from a long list of the awards made to the seamen who fought in the various Royal Navy ships under the Command of Admiral Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar on 21st October 1805.

The names of some 1640 officers and men who served in the various ships of the Fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar are listed in a series of files covering: - a total of some 1640 names. (The ranks are mostly self explanatory, though highly abbreviated. LM is understood to mean Landsman.)

There are also two files:

which list the names of Officers killed and Officers wounded in the battle.

In these files, the rightmost column of information is the "Other Clasps" information - in other words which other medals are the men listed entitled to. Some of the information in this column relates to other battles such as Copenhagen or Nile whilst in others a date only is given. Some further information about these references is given under:

and the reader may find this information useful as an aid to further research.

The details have been copied as accurately as possible from the original list but there are some instances where the wording is indistinct and cannot be read with full assurance of accuracy. In these cases ?? have been used to indicate uncertainty.

This information has been compiled by members of the Genealogical Computing Group of the NZ Society of Genealogists using an Amstrad Pc1640 with twin disk drives and a 32 megabyte hard disk and using PC_Type word processor program.

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August 22, 1988

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