Wrightson's Triennial Directory of Birmingham, 1818


Surnames A-F

Transcription by J.E. Lindley, c/o College of Ripon & York St John, York YO3 7EX, UK © 1989 This information is taken from Wrightson's Triennial Directory for 1818 and includes all entries. Using it you can find all its diverse trades. The copyright of the file is strictly retained (09-Apr-89). The data comprises five fields:
  • 1. Surname
  • 2. Christian name
  • 4. Principal activities
  • 5. Other activities
  • 6. Street name
A reprint of the directory was produced in 1969 by Frank Graham, 6 Queen's Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne 2 (SBN 900409 64 9) Fields are comma delimited for import to databases.

Aaron, Abraham, , , Great Brook St
Aaron, David, Pawnbroker, , Edgbaston St
Aaron, John, Pawnbroker, , Edgbaston St
Aaron, Solomon & Co, Black Lead Pencil Mkr, , Digbeth
Aaron, Levi, Watch Mkr, Pawnbroker, Dale End
Abberley, George, Tailor, , Exeter Row
Abbott, Thomas, Brass Founder, Lamp Mfr, Park St
Abick, Christian, , , Summer La
Abrahams, Abraham, Factor, , Dudley St
Adams, Alexander, Gun Furniture Forger, Bitt And Stirrup Mkr, Steelhouse La
Adams, John, Tailor, , Horse Fair
Adams, James, Grocer, , Church St
Adams, John, , , Weaman Row
Adams, James, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Weaman St
Adams, James, Jeweller, , Church St
Adams, Mary, Victualler, , Lichfield St
Adams, W R & Co, Oil Thong Mfr, , Rea St
Adams, Thomas, Victualler, , Dudley St
Adams, Thomas, Victualler, , Wharf St
Adams, Thomas, Carrier To Walsall & Wolverhampton, , New St
Adcock, John, Butcher, , Cheapside
Adcock, Henry & Son, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Summerhill Tce
Adcock, William, , , Wharstone La
Adcock, James, Maltster, , New John St
Adcock, Mary, Victualler, , Loveday St
Adcock, William And Thomas, Grocer, Chandler, Dale End
Adcock, John, Joiner, Carpenter, Hill St
Adderley, William, Hairdresser, , Worcester St
Addis, Thomas, Fire Brass Mkr, Thimble Mkr, Great Charles St
Adey, James, Plumber, Glazier, Edgbaston St
Adkins, James, Die Sinker, , Livery St
Adkins, James, Butcher, , Digbeth
Adkins, Thomas, Tallow Chandler, , Monmouth St
Adkins, Samuel, Apothecary, Druggist, Bull St
Ainsworth, Isaac, Saddler, Harness Mkr, St Martin's La And Dale End
Ainsworth, Benjamin, Japanner, Mkr Of Ladies' Work Cases, St Paul's Sq
Akers, Robert, Butcher, Wholesale & Retail Bacon & Cheese Warehouse, Navigation St
Alcock, John, Painter, Glazier, Lionel St
Alcock, James, Beadle To The Court Of Requests, , High St
Alcock, Joseph, Butcher, , High St
Alcock, Isaac, Tailor, Salesman, Edgbaston St
Allport, William, Gun Mkr, , Whittall St
Allport, Samuel, Clock And Watch Mkr, Jeweller, Bull St
Allport, Edward, Coach Harness Plater, , Great Charles St
Allport, Thomas, Gun Mkr, , Aston Rd
Allport, Simeon, Jobbing Smith, , St Paul's Sq
Allport, Abraham, Tailor, , Coleshill St
Alcock, Charles, Victualler, , Bell St
Alcock, Samuel, Furrier, Hat Mfr, Dale End
Alcock, Walter, Butcher, , High St
Alcock, Thomas, Jeweller, Gold Seal Mkr, Sand St
Aldrit, William, Bookbinder, , Worcester St
Alebon, John, Upholsterer, , Bromsgrove St
Alkins, Ann, Cutlery Warehouse, Toy Warehouse, High St
Allard, W H, Straw Hat Mfr, Haberdasher, Bull Ring
Allard, W H (2nd Entry), Hosier, , Bull Ring
Allan, John, Venetian Blind & Spring Curtain & Shade Mfr, , High St
Allan, Ann, Straw Hat And Ostrich Feather Mfr, , High St
Allarton, Thomas, Awl Blade Mfr, , New John St
Allbutt, William, Jobbing-Smith, , Park St
Allbutt, John, Blacksmith, Farrier, Aston Rd
Allday, Edward, Factor, , Bartholomew St
Allday, Wiliam, Butcher, , Digbeth
Allday, Wiliam, Butcher, , Bull St
Allday, Salter, Butcher, , Bordesley St
Allday, Thomas, Butcher, , Jamaica Row
Allday, John, Shopkeeper, , Bordesley
Allen, Edward, Fire Iron Mkr, Fender Mkr, Bordesley
Allen, Joseph, Maltster, Corn Chandler, Deritend
Allsop, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Pinfold St
Allsop, Thomas, Farrier, , Little Charles St
Allen, John, Gilt Wedding Ring Mkr, Tube Raiser, Cherry St
Allen, John(2nd Entry), Stamper, Piercer, Cherry St
Allen, John, Curry-Comb Mkr, , Busby's Court-Park St & Bull Ring
Allen, J & T, Wholesale Ironmonger, , Congreve St
Allen, Josiah, Engraver, Printer, Colmore Row
Allen, Michael, Joiner, Carpenter, Mary Ann St
Allen, Samuel, Mfr Of Gun Chest Tools, Mfr Of Cleaning Rods, Whittall St
Allen, Samuel(2nd Entry), Mfr Of Wadding Punches, Mfr Of Gun Worms, Whittall St
Allen, Samuel(3rd Entry), Mfr Of Fishing Tackle, Hard Wood Dealer, Whittall St
Allen, William, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Loveday St
Allen, William, Stone Mason, , Bath St
Allen, William, Silker, Dyer, Dudley St
Allen, Sarah, Butcher, , Livery St
Allen, John, Glass Cutter, , Brearley St
Allen, Thomes, Victualler, , Alcester St
Allin, William, Grocer, , Digbeth
Allin, William, Woollen Draper, Tailor, High St
Allin, William, Salesman, , High St
Allin, William, Hatter, Hosier, High St
Allin, William(2nd Entry), Stay Mkr, , High St
Allison, Henry, Brass Founder, , Exeter Row
Allison, W & J, Wool Stapler, Worsted Mfr, Monmouth St
Alston, And Son, Refiner Of Oil Of Vitriol & Aquafortis, Colour Mkr, Steelhouse La
Altree, James, Victualler, , Lionel St
Amos, John, Pocket Book Mkr, , Newton St
Amphlett, James, Linen & Woollen Draper, , Bull St
Anchor, William, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Duddeston St
Anderson, David, Gun Mkr, Gun Factor, Constitution Hill
Anderton, Richard, Cutlery Mkr, Saw & Edge Tool Mkr, Bordesley
Andertons, & Auster, Merchant, Factor, Whittall St
Anderton, William & Sons, Stamped & Cabinet Brass Founder, Nail Mkr, Whittall St
Andrews, John, Cabinet Mkr, Clothes Dealer, Worcester St
Andrews, John, Carpenter, , Lawley St
Andrews, & Avins, Wood Turner, , Freeman St
Ansell, Thomas, Baker, , Deritend
Anstey, Samuel & Simeon, Plater, Pocket Book Mkr, Great Charles St
Anstey, Simeon, Shopkeeper, , Livery St
Anthony, & Talbot, Locksmith, Bell Hanger, Colmore Row
Antley, Richard, Hat Mkr, , Edgbaston St
Anyon, Joseph, Baker, , Nova Scotia St
Appleby, Ezra, Lock Mkr, Latch Mkr, Buck St
Archer, Benjamin, Bitt Mkr, , Pinfold St
Archer, John, Victualler, Bridle Bit & Stirrup Mkr, Tanter St
Archer, S & C, Boarding House, , Whittall St
Archer, Thomas, Gun Mkr, , Lichfield St
Armfield, Benjamin, Patent Snuffer Mkr, , Rea St
Armfield, Stanhope, Snuffer Mkr, , Aston Rd
Armfield, Edward & Son, Button Mkr, , Bath Row
Armfield, Edward, Snuffer Mkr, , Canal-Walmer La
Armfield, Mary, Steel Snuffer Mkr, , Moseley St
Armfield, Thomas, Steel Snuffer Mkr, , St Paul's Sq
Armitage, & Clarke, Chemist, , Aston Rd
Armstrong, Joseph, Cooper, , Livery St
Armstrong, Samuel, Jobbing Smith, , Livery St
Armstrong, William, Veterinary Surgeon, , Lichfield St
Arnold, Francis, Die Sinker, , Bath St & Little Charles St
Arnold, William, Pork Butcher, , Spiceal St
Arnold, Matthew, Pork Butcher, , Digbeth
Arnold, Joseph, Pork Butcher, , Smallbrook St
Arpthorpe, Thomas, Stay & Corset Mkr, , Bull St
Ashborn, John, Basket Mkr, , Snowhill
Ashbyshaw, Joseph, Brass Founder, , Bartholomew St
Ashford, John, Horn Button Mkr, , Inge St
Ashford, John, Victualler, Stamper & Piercer, Weaman St
Ashford, Joseph, File Mkr, , Lichfield St
Ashford, & Ireland, Factor, , Moor St
Ashford, Thomas, Grocer, Druggist, Digbeth
Ashmall, William, Victualler, Maltster, Mount St
Ashmore, John & Co, Carrier, , Edgbaston St
Ashton, Richard, Cast Nail Mfr, , Cheapside
Ashwell, Joseph, Thimble & Ferrule Mfr, Fishing Reel Mfr, Little Charles St
Ashwin, Ann, Baker, Maltster, Moor St
Ashwin, Charles Manly, Surgeon, , St Paul's Sq
Askew, William, Gimblett Head Turner, , Bartholomew Row
Askey, Thomas, Optician, , Lichfield St
Aspinall, Thomas, Tin-Plate Worker, , Tonks St
Assinder, Joseph, Tailor, , Edgbaston St
Astbury, William, Jobbing Smith, , Lancaster St
Aston, George, Ironmonger, , Snowhill
Aston, Henry, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Lawrence St
Aston, Joseph, Victualler, Spade Tree Mkr, Lionel St
Aston, John, Victualler, , Gosta Green
Aston, John, Gun Lock Mkr, , Prospect Row
Aston, John, Gun Lock Mkr, , Lionel St
Aston, John, Victualler, , Holloway Head
Aston, Jabez, Shopkeeper, , Aston St
Aston, Joseph, Locksmith, Bell Hanger, Dudley St
Aston, Joseph, Plater, Compass Mkr, Coleshill St
Aston, James, Victualler, , Deritend Bridge
Aston, Richard, Surgeon, , Park St
Aston, Samuel, Rule Mkr, , Birchole St
Aston, S & T, Button Mkr, , St Paul's Sq
Aston, S & T, Aquafortis Mkr, , St Paul's Sq
Aston, Thomas, Rule Mkr, , Coleshill St
Aston, Thomas, Gun Lock Mkr, Hollow Lock Mkr, John St
Aston, Thomas(2nd Entry), Gold Pans Mkr, Touch Hole Mkr, John St
Aston, William, Victualler, Maltster, Whittall St
Astley, William, Broker, , Worcester St
Astley, T, Cabinet Case Mkr, Ink Stand Mkr, Alcester St
Atkins, George, Plumber, Glazier, Salem Hill & Lionel St
Atkins, John, Victualler, , Hill St
Atkins, Thomas, Cabinet Brass Founder, , Moor St
Attwood, George & Sons, Steel Works, , Broad St(Adelphi Works)
Attwoods Spooner Goddington, & Co, Banker, , New St
Avern, Edward, Publican,[Plough&Harrow], Edgbaston
Avern, Thomas, Plater, , Paradise St
Averill, Isaac, Tailor, , Bordesley
Averill, Elizabeth, Stamper & Piercer, Military Clasp Mkr, Church St
Avery, William, Linen & Woollen Draper, Haberdasher, High St
Avery, Sarah, Wheelwright, , Aston St
Avery, W & T, Scales Mfr, , Digbeth
Auster, Roger & Son, Brass Founder, Picture Frame Mkr, Bristol St
Auster, Thomas, Pawnbroker, , Park St
Babbington, Ann, Straw Hat Mkr, , Constitution Hill
Babbington, Thomas, Hairdresser, , Steelhouse La
Bach, Edward, Haberdasher, , Bull St
Bach, & Penn, Ladies' School, , Islington
Bacchus, Green & Green, Glass Works, , Dartmouth St
Bacon, Ann, Victualler, , Livery St
Bacon, Mary, Confectioner, Fruiterer, Aston St
Baddeley, Rev John, Clergyman, , Livery St
Badger, Samuel, Hay & Straw Dealer, Corn Dealer, Ann St
Badger, William, Maltster, Corn Dealer, Ann St
Badhams, John, Chemist, , Ashted Row
Badham, Richard, Stone Mason, , Balsall St
Bagg, John, File Mkr, , Little Hampton St
Bagnall, Thomas, Die Sinker, Die Stamper, New Town Row
Bagnall, Daniel & Edward, Coal & Coke Harf, , Bfsow
Bagnall, Thomas, Whip Mkr, , Suffolk St
Bagnall, Richard, Pearl Button Mkr, , Ludgate Hill
Bagot, Thomas, Land Surveyor, , Paradise Row-Highgate
Bailey, Benjamin, Victualler, , Park St
Bailey, Samuel, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Doe St
Bailey, Joseph, Grocer, , Edmund St
Bailey, Richard & Son, Paper Warehouse, Oil Warehouse, Snowhill
Baker, William, Clock Iron Forger, Pinion Mfr, Lichfield St
Baker, Joseph, Earthenware Dealer, , Digbeth
Baker, John, Caster, , Summer La
Baker, James, Cock Founder, , Jamaica Row
Baker, John, Victualler, , Spring Hill
Baker, Ralph, Wheelwright, , Nova Scotia St
Baker, William, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Ann St
Baker, Ralph, Factor, , Exeter Row & Windmill St
Baker, William, Steel Stirrup & Bridle Bitt Mkr, , Worcester St
Baker, Thomas, Pawnbroker, , Snowhill
Baker, T B, Vertical Jack Mkr, , Lawrence St
Baker, Thomas, Glass Mkr, Sand & Emery Paper Mkr, Deritend
Baker, E & A, Straw Hat Mkr, , Summer La
Baker, Edward, Brazier, Tinman, High St
Baker, Samuel, Ivory Turner, Hard Wood Turner, Bull Ring
Bakewell, John, Japanner, , Fisher St
Bakewell, John, Baker, , Dale End
Bakewell, James, Schoolmaster, , Alliston St
Bakewell, George, Pork Butcher, , Dale End
Bakewell, Thomas, Schoolmaster, , Lower Priory & Bath St
Bakewell, Richard, Mathematical Instrument Mfr, Ivory & Box Rule Mfr, Loveday St
Bakewell, Richard(2nd Entry), Brass Compass Mfr, Surveyors' Tape Mfr, Loveday St
Bakewell, Elizabeth, Milliner, , Dale End
Balden, Samuel, Miller, Baker, Digbeth
Balden, Samuel(2nd Entry), Corn Chandler, , Digbeth
Baldwin, James, Carrier, , Bear Yard
Baldwin, & Co, Japanner, , Bristol St
Baldwin, Anthony & William, Button Mkr, Metal Dealer, Great Hampton St
Baldwin, Brereton, Confectioner, Tea Dealer, Temple Row
Baldwin, Walter, Baker, , Birchall St
Ballard, John, Pump Mkr, , Moor St
Balleny, James, Factor, , St Paul's Sq
Bamford, Samuel, Victualler, , Fox St
Bampton, Robert, Grocer, Tallow Chandler, Moor St
Bampton, Richard, Victualler, , Upper Priory
Baugham, Francis, Surgeon, , Temple Row
Bancks, & Perry, Merchant, , Great Charles St
Banks, Francis, Awl Blade Mkr, , Coleshill St
Banks, William, Profesor Of Music, , Lionelst
Banks, William, Seedsman, Tea Dealer, Spiceal St
Banister, William, Plater, , Lench St & Lancaster St
Bannister, J C, Surgeon, Occulist, Russell St
Bant, William, Cabinet Mkr, , Suffolk St
Barber, William, Factor, , Great Charles St
Barber, Augustus, Jeweller, Silversmith, Bull St
Barber, Augustus(2nd Entry), Cutler, , Bull St
Barber, Thomas, Jeweller, , Ashted Row
Barber, J V, Artist, , Ashted Row
Barber, & Co, Hat Mfr, , Newhall St
Barber, Richard, Gilt Chain Mkr, Toy Mkr, Northwood St
Barber, John, Caster In General, , Newhall St
Bardell, &S, Ladies' School, , Prospect Row
Bardell, Edward, Coach Harness Plater, , Prospect Row
Barford, Eleanor, Confectioner, , High St
Barke, & Greaves, Woollen Draper, Tailor, New St
Barker, William, Carpenter, Joiner, Summer La
Barker, William(2nd Entry), Coffin Mkr, , Summer La
Barker, George, Attorney, , Islington
Barker, & Unett, Attorney, , Square
Barlow, Benjamin & Son, Silver Plater, Inkstand Mfr, Cannon St
Barlow, James, Shot Charger Mkr, Powder Flask Mkr, Fisher St
Barker, James, Broker, , Steelhouse La
Barlow, George, Cabinet Mkr, , Navigation St
Barnard, Richard, Copper-Plate Printer, , New Meeting St
Barns, H & Sons, Brass & Iron Founder, Patent Kitchen Furniture Mfr, Bartholomew St
Barns, Henry, Victualler, , Bartholomew St
Barnes, John, Hairdresser, , Moor St
Barnes, John, Pawnbroker, , Hill St
Barnes, George H W, Plumber, Glazier, Bull St
Barnes, George, Victualler, French Plater, Fox St
Barnes, George Jnr, Coach & Saddlers' Brass Founder, French Plater, Bartholomew St
Barnes, Samuel, Victualler, , Meriden St
Barnes, William, Victualler, , Digbeth
Barnes, William, Maltster, , Park St
Barnsley, John, Lapidary Dealer, Coal Dealer, Wharf St
Barnett, Barnett, Clothes Dealer, &c, Hill St
Barnett, George, Gold Hand Mfr, Clock Hand Mfr, Great Hampton Row
Barnett, George(2nd Entry), Watch Pendant Mfr, Gilt Toy Mfr, Great Hampton Row
Barnett, John, Joiner, Carpenter, Northwood St
Barnett, James, Coal Dealer, , Horse Fair
Barnett, Thomas, Merchant, Needle & Fish Hook Mfr, Great Charles St & Livery St
Barnett, Thomas, Gilder, , Little Thomas St
Barnett, William, Coal Dealer, , Bristol St
Baron, John, Victualler, , Great Hampton St
Barr, John, Surgeon, , Newhall St
Barrs, & Brent, Merchant, , Canal St & Walmer La
Barrs, William, Umberella Mfr, Parasol Furniture Mfr, High St & Edmund St
Barrs, & Hands, Coffin Furniture Mkr, Brass Founder, Prospect Row
Barrell, Joseph, Maltster, , Hampstead Row
Barrell, B & H, Hairdresser, , Moor St
Barrett, George, Confectioner, &c, Jamaica Row
Barron, & Co, Venetian Blind Mfr, , Lower Temple St
Barron, & Co, Merchant, Factor, Lower Temple St
Barrows, William, Broker, , Deritend
Barrows, James, Stone Mason, , Bordesley
Barrows, Porter &co, Coal Wharf, , Crescent
Barrows, William, Grocer, Cheese Factor, Monmouth St
Barrows, William, Liquor Dealer, British Wine Dealer, Monmouth St
Bartleet, Thomas, Button Mkr, Thimble Mkr, Great Charles St
Bartleet, Thomas Jnr &co, Needle Mfr, Fish Hook Mfr, Snowhill
Bartleet, Thomas Jnr, Working Silversmith, , Snowhill
Barton, James, Clock Mkr, Watch Mkr, Dale End
Barton, Thomas, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Barwell, William, Whitemetal Button Mkr, , Livery St
Barwell, W, Childbed Linen Warehouse, , Digbeth
Bate, Thomas, Ordnance Mfr, General Sword Mfr, Summer La
Bate, Thomas, Woollen Draper, Tailor, New St
Bate, William, Publican,[Stag's Head], Smithfield
Bates, Johnson & Barrows, Merchant, , Snowhill
Bates, Joseph, Victualler, , Snowhill
Bates, Thomas, Baker, , Worcester St
Bates, William, Builder, , Bagot St
Bateman, T &J, Architect, Surveyor, Duddeston St
Bateman, T &J (2nd Entry), Auctioneer, Appraiser, Duddeston St
Bateman, T &J (3rd Entry), Insurance Agent, , Duddeston St
Batkin, William, Copper-Plate Printer, , Freeman St
Batkin, John, Carpenter, Joiner, Regent's Place
Battin, John, Corn Dealer, , Holt St
Baxter, William, Maltster, , Lombard St
Bayley, Thomas, Woolcomber, , Deritend
Bayliss, Joseph, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Newton St
Bayliss, Richard, Butcher, , Hagley Row
Baynham, J M, Surgeon, Dispensary, Union St
Baxter, Edward, Butcher, , Edgbaston St
Bayhen, Edward, Broker, , Snowhill
Bayley, William, Victualler, , Hill St
Bayley, H T &co, Merchant, , St Paul's Sq
Beach, John, Button Mkr, , Summerhill
Beach, William, Commission Agent, , Bartholomew St
Bean, William, Fancy Gilder, , Edmund St
Beale, Benjamin, Plumber, Glazier, Suffolk St
Beale, Thomas, Saddler, Harness Mkr, Digbeth
Beale, Thomas(2nd Entry), Whip Mkr, , Digbeth
Beale, William & James, Lead Merchant, Glass Merchant, Newton St
Beale, Thomas, Worsted Mfr, , Moor St
Beard, John, Victualler, , Queen St
Beard, William, Jeweller, , Lionel St
Beardmore, Joseph, Factor, Button Mkr, Great Brook St
Beaumont, C De, French Teacher, , Paradise St
Beaumont, George, Land Agent, , Ashted Row
Beck, & Thomas, White Metal Button Mkr, , Coleshill St
Beck, John, Stone Mason, , Bordesley St
Beckett, John, Tinplate Worker, , Lancaster St
Beckett, Henry, Plumber, Glazier, Moor St
Beardsmore, John, Horn & Tortoiseshell Spectacle Mkr, , Cock St
Beardsworth, John, Repository For Horses & Carriages, Auctioneer, Balsall St
Beddington, William &co, Brass Founder, , Cheapside
Bedford, John, Cutler, Dealer In Sands, Bordesley
Bedford, John(2nd Entry), Mourning Carriages, , Bordesley
Bedford, John Yeend, Attorney, , New St
Bedford, Sarah, Cut Glass Mfr, , New St
Bedford, Stephen, Iron Caster, , Birchall St
Beech, Letitia, Victualler, , Inge St
Beech, Thomas, Coach Harness Furniture Mfr, , Gough St
Bee, John, Plated Wire Worker, , Mount St
Beesley, Abraham, Hinge Mkr, , Water St
Beechgood, Joseph, Victualler, , Colmore St
Beilby, & Knotts, Marble Coloured Paper Mfr, Fancy Paper Mfr, Brookhouse-Bordesley
Beilby, & Knotts, Wholesale Bookseller, Stationer, High St
Beilby, & Knotts(2nd Entry), Medicine Vender, Birmingham Gazette Office, High St
Belcher, Ann, Victualler, , Dudley St
Belcher, & Son, Printer, Bookseller, High St
Belcher, & Son(2nd Entry), Stationer, Bookbinder, High St
Bell, Benjamin, Malt Mill Mkr, Bellows Pipe Mkr (&c),\Eritend
Bell, Daniel, Tailor, Habit Mkr, Monmouth St
Bellamy, James, Victualler, , Bull St
Bellamy, John, Snuffer Mkr, , Newhall St
Bellamy, S T &L, Japanner, , Freeman St
Bellamy, Richard, Wire Worker, , Digbeth
Bellamy, William, Confectioner, , Lower Priory
Bellamy, Thomas, Fender Mkr, Wire Worker, Moor St
Beley, James, Lime Wharf, , Bagot St
Bembridge, Thomas, Button Mkr, , Moland St
Belles, & Harrold, Merchant, , Great Charles St
Bendrey, James, Victualler, , Steelhouse La
Bennett, Elizabeth, Shopkeeper, , Coleshill St
Bennett, Edward, Builder, , Exeter Row & Ellis St
Bennett, John, Butcher, , Balsall St
Bennett, Samuel, Tailor, , Park St
Bennett, Rev Thomas, Clergyman, , Bristol St
Bennett, L T, Trunk Mkr, , Snowhill
Bennett, William, Jeweller, , High St
Benson, & Dicken, Attorney, , Digbeth
Benson, John, Printer, Paper & Stationery Warehouse, Colmore Row
Benson, Joseph, Pocket Book Mfr, Cabinet Case Mfr, Upper Temple St
Benson, Richard Moore, Attorney, , Cherry St
Benson, William, Confectioner, Pastry Cook, Bull St
Bent, John, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Cock St
Benton, James, Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Wharf St
Benton, John, Plated & Brass Telescope Mfr, Fancy Hearth Brush Mfr, Livery St
Benton, John(2nd Entry), Plated Umbrella Tube Mfr, Umbrella Frame Mfr, Livery St
Benton, Peter, Die Sinker, , Edmund St
Benton, Samuel, Brass Founder, Iron Founder, Ann St
Benton, Edward, Tailor, , Great Hampton St
Bentley, Joseph, Blacksmith, , Warstone La
Benwell, William, Patten Wood Cutter, , Smallbrook St
Berrisford, John, Shopkeeper, , Bromsgrove St
Berrisford, Jane, Victualler, , Moor St
Berry, David, Brass Founder, Lamp Mfr, Park St
Berry, James, Whitesmith, , Loveday St
Berryman, Joseph, Stirrup Mkr, , Hurst St
Best, Joseph, Pocket Book Mkr, Fancy Case Mkr, Colmore Row
Beswick, James, Attorney, , Cherry St & Edgbaston
Betts, & Sons, Smelter & Refiner Of Gold Silver & Sweep Metals, , Charlotte St
Betts, & Sons(2nd Entry), Gilding Mfr, Plated Metal Mfr, Charlotte St
Betts, Thomas, Rule Mkr, , Inge St
Betts, William, Corn Factor, , Suffolk St
Betteridge, John, Silversmith, , Church St & Little Charles St
Bewlay, , Gilt Toy Mkr, , Bath St & Whittall St
Bibby, George, Schoolmaster, , Lawley St
Bibby, Mary, Milliner, Dress Mkr, New St
Bickley, Thomas, Rag Merchant, , Smallbrook St
Biddle, & Lloyd, Glass Works, , Birmingham Heath
Biddle, & Lloyd, Cut Glass Mfr, , Crooked La(Bull St)
Biddle, Joseph, Factor, , Blucher St
Biddle, John, Blacksmith, Farrier, High St
Biddle, John, Ironmonger, Cutler, Bull St
Bielby, Hyde & Co, Merchant, , Congreve St
Biggs, Edward, Brass Founder, , Oxford St
Biggs, Mary & Son, Coffin Mkr, Joiner, Moor St
Biggs, Miss, Ladies' School, , Ashted Row
Bill, R &G, Japanner, , Summer La
Bill, W &T, Iron Candlestick Mfr, Steel Toy Mfr, Moor St
Bill, W &T, Brass Cock Mfr, , Moor St
Billinge, William, General Ironmonger, , Snowhill
Billington, Edward, Butcher, , Congreve St
Bilston, Thomas, Ironmonger, , Stafford St
Bingham, Charles, Sun Dial Mkr, , Ann St
Bingham, John, Landlord,[Stork Hotel], Square
Bingham, James &co, Gilt & Plated Button Mfr, Brass Nail Mfr, Newhall St
Bingham, H C, Wine Merchant, , New St & Cannon St
Bingley, John, Plated Wire Mfr, , Newhall St
Bingley, Wm & Son, Plated Wire Mfr, Plated Spoon Mfr, Bishopsgate St
Bingley, Wm & Son(2nd Entry), Brass Copper &Iron Goods, Patent Forge, Bishopsgate St
Binns, John, Wine Merchant, Brandy Merchant, Snowhill
Binns, John, Cooper, Packing Case Mkr, Snowhill
Birch, James, Tinplate Worker, , Church St
Birch, John, Maltster, , Alcester St
Birch, John, Victualler, , Hill St
Birch, Joseph, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Navigation St
Birch, Joseph, Gilder, , Church St
Birch, Samuel, Grocer, , Fisher St
Birch, Ambrose, Baker, Grocer, Coleshill St
Birch, Thomas, Baker, , Livery St
Bircher, William, Victualler, , Mill La
Bird, Richard, Attorney, , Edmund St
Bird, G R, Wharfinger, Carrier, Three Cranes-Crescent Wharf
Bird, Sarah, Hosier, , Edgbaston St
Bird, William, Chape Mkr, , Newton St
Bird, & Co, Merchant, , St Paul's Sq
Birken, William, Gimblet Mkr, Bit Mkr, Henrietta St
Birley, Samuel, Watch Mfr, Clock Mfr, High St
Birmingham Flour & Bread Co, , Flour Merchant, Baker, Holt St
Birmingham Mining & Copper Co, , Mining Company, , Cherry St
Birmingham Library, , Library, , Union St
Birmingham Brewery, , Brewery, , Crescent
Birmingham Metal Co, , Metal Company, , Islington
Birmingham Coal Co, , Coal Merchant, , Newhall St
Birmingham Canal Office, , Canal Office, ,-
Birmingham Fire & Life, , Insurance Agent, Insuranc Office, Union St
Birt, Rev Isaiah, Clergyman, , Caroline St
Bishop, John, Grocer, Cheesemonger, Aston St
Bishop, John(2nd Entry), Rag Merchant, , Aston St
Bishop, Thomas, White Metal Buttonmkr, , Lancaster St
Bishop, William, Factor, , Bellmont Row
Bissell, John, Factor, , Bradford St
Bissell, Jonah, Pocket Book Mkr, , Bradford St
Bissell, Joseph, Baker, Maltster, Deritend
Bissell, Peter, Brass Nail Mfr, , Moseley St
Bissaire, Joseph, Pearl Button Mkr, , Lichfield St
Blackhurst, James, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Suffolk St
Bladen, Thomas, Gold Beater, , Rea St
Blair, & Little, Gun Mkr, , Brooke St
Blake, John, Hat Mfr, , Dale End
Blakemore, John, Tailor, , Navigation St
Blakemore, Joseph, Gimblet Mfr, Bit Mkr, Cotton St
Blakemore, Richard, Tailor, , Moor St
Blakemore, Thomas, Tailor, , Islington
Blakemore, William, Brazier, Tinplate Worker, Stafford St
Blakemore, Thomas, Victualler, Gun-Lock Mkr, Lancaster St
Blakemore, & Sons, Brace & Bit Mkr, Gentlemen's Toolmkr, Hurst St
Blakesley, James, Butcher, , Bull St
Blakeway, William & Son, Plated & Brass Goods Mfr, Lamp Mfr, Edgbaston St
Bland, William, Victualler, Liquor Merchant, Aston St
Bland, Mary, Shopkeeper, , Aston St
Blews, William, Maltster, , Pinfold St
Blisset, John, Japanner, , Russell St
Blizard, John, Plane Mkr, , Bradford St
Blizard, Joseph, Hairdresser, , Park St
Blocksidge, Jesse, Plated Ware Mfr, Ladies'Neck Chain Mfr, Northwood St
Blocksidge, Jesse(2nd Entry), Purse Mfr, Composition Ink Stand Mfr, Northwood St
Blood, Robert, Glover, Brace Mkr, Constitution Hill
Blood, Robert(2nd Entry), Breeches Mkr, , Constitution Hill
Blood, George, Attorney, , Cannon St
Blood, Richard, Jeweller, Factor, Newhall St
Blood, Thomas, Glass Toy Mkr, , Cannon St
Bloomer, T, Printer, Stationer, Digbeth
Bloore, Samuel, Auctioner, Appraiser, Colmore Row
Bloore, Samuel(2nd Entry), Cabinet Mkr, , Colmore Row
Bloore, James, Victualler, Jeweller, Temple Row
Blount, J S, Surgeon, , Colmore Row
Bloxam, Richard, Shopkeeper, , Bartholomew St
Bloxam, John, Victualler, , Sheep St
Bloxwich, Thomas, Coal Dealer, , Horse Fair
Blunn, , Collar Mkr, , Pinfold St
Blundell, William, Victualler, , Oxford St
Blunt, Joseph, Brazier, Tinman, High St
Blyth, Alice, Dress Mkr, , Newhall
Blyths, Bros, Merchant, , Crescent
Blyth, Robert &Sons, Merchant, , Newhall St
Blyth, Henry, Linen Draper, Woollen Draper, Temple Row
Blythe, Elizabeth, Dress Mkr, , Church St
Bock, Thomas, Engraver, , Duddeston St
Boddington, William, Hairdresser, , Digbeth
Boland, John, Gilt Toy Mkr, Gilt & Black Bracelet Mfr, Thorp St
Boland, John(2nd Entry), Tube Mkr, Purse Spring Mkr, Thorp St
Bolding, Robert, Pork Butcher, , Digbeth
Bolt, Thomas, Victualler, , Peck La
Bolt, John, Tinplate Worker, , Stafford St
Bolt, Gilbert, Pawnbroker, , Church St
Bolton, Joseph, Schoolmaster, , Bromsgrove St
Bolton, Edward, Victualler, , Bristol St
Bolton, Samuel & Thomas, Merchant, , New St
Bolton, Thomas, Rule Mkr, , Colmore Row
Bond, John, Surgeon, , Bromsgrove St
Boone, George, English Wine Mkr, Porter Cider & Perry Dealer, Moor St
Booth, Fanny, Butcher, , Smallbrook St
Booth, John, Surgeon, , Square
Booth, Sarah, Rope & Twine Mfr, Flax Dresser, Temple Row
Booth, John, Shoe Mkr, , Livery St
Booth, John, Victualler, , Kenion St
Booth, William, Butcher, , Newhall St
Borini, P, Carver & Gilder, Picture Frame Mkr, Snowhill
Borini, P (2nd Entry), Looking Glass Mfr, Thermometer Mfr, Snowhill
Bosworth, William, Silversmith, , Mary Ann St
Bott, George, Linen & Woollen Draper, , New St
Bott, George, Grocer, , Bishopsgate St
Bott, John, Attorney, , New St
Bott, John, Steel Snffer Mkr, , Loveday St
Bott, Ann, Victualler, , Dale End
Bott, Sophia, Dentist, , Cannon St
Bott, Thos, Victualler, , Lower Temple St
Botteley, William, Steel Chain Mkr, Fancy Steel Worker In General, Coleshill St
Botteley, William(2nd Entry), Steel Chain Mkr, Fancy Steel Worker, Prospect Row
Botteley, William, Cork Cutter, , Moor St
Botteley, & Richards, Metal Plater, , James St
Bottyrill, Jeremiah, Coal Dealer, , Hall St
Boucher, William, Jeweller, , Bradford St
Boulton, John, Brass Candlestick Mfr, Bell Mfr, Price St
Boulton, Matthew & Plate Co, Silversmith, Plater, Soho
Boulton, & Watt Jnr, Iron Founder, , Smethwick
Boulton, Watt & Co, Steam Engine Mfr, , Soho
Boulton, M R, Mint, , Soho
Boulton, M R, Rolling Mill, , Soho
Boulton, M R, Button Co, , Soho
Bounds, John, Baker, , Suffolk St
Bourn, John, Brass Founder, , Lionel St
Bourne, William, Millwright, , Lombard St
Bourne, & Chambers, Scales & Scale Beam Mfr, English & Foreign Weight Mfr, Broad St
Bourne, & Chambers(2nd Entry), Screw Plate Mfr, Die Stock Mfr, Broad St
Bourne, & Chambers(3rd Entry), Steel Mfr, Iron Kitchen Furniture Mfr, Broad St
Bower, Joseph, Victualler, , Colmore Row
Bower, & Wright, Thread Mfr, , St Martin's La
Bower, George, Silversmith, Gilt Toy Mkr, Newhall St
Bower, Joseph, Plated Article Mfr, , Great Charles St
Bower, Thos, Ladies' Habit Mkr, , Balsall St
Bowling, John, Patten Mkr, , Dale End
Bowley, William, Glass Toy Mkr, , Great Brook St
Bownas, John &co, Steel Button Mfr, Fire Iron Mfr, Soho
Bownas, John(2nd Entry), Stove Grate Ornament Mfr, , Soho
Boyce, James, Brass Founder, Umbrella Mkr, Alcester St
Boyce, John, Cabinet Mkr, Joiner &c, Bath St
Boyce, & Carter, Umbrella & Parasol Furniture Mfr, , Bradford St
Bozwell, John, Toy Watch Mkr, , Edgbaston St
Brace, Henry, Gilder In General, , Church St
Bradbury, John, Coal Dealer, , Cross St & Hill St
Bradbury, Francis, Collector Of Post Horse Duties, , Edgbaston St
Bradbury, Thomas, Buckle Mkr, Thumb Latch Mkr, Weaman St
Bradbury, Thomas, Hairdresser, Hair Worker, Coleshill St
Brades, &co, Steel Warehouse, , Colmore Row
Bradley, Samuel, Glass Toy Mkr, , Snowhill
Bradley, C, Casting Mould Mkr, Victualler, Milk St
Bradley, George, Victualler, Silversmith, St Martin's La
Bradley, & Co, Wharfinger, , Broad St
Bradley, Charles & Septimus, Tobacco Mfr, , Snowhill & Digbeth
Bradnock, Joseph, Sheriff's Officer, , Church St
Bradney, William, Ironmonger, , Stafford St
Bradney, William, Steel Buckle Mkr, , Brick Kiln St
Bradshaw, , Victualler, Wood Turner, Summer Row
Bragg, Henry, Inventor, Elastic Steel Spring Mfr, Wharstone La
Bragg, George, Locksmith, , Edmund St
Bragg, & Baldwin, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Whittall St
Bragg, John, Patten Tie Mfr, , Gough St
Bragg, & Griffith, Goldsmith, Jeweller, St Paul's Sq
Bramich, John, Plater, , Bath Row
Brammich, Thomas, Cabinet Mkr, , Suffolk St
Brain, William, Victualler, , Nova Scotia St
Brannan, Ann, Eating House, , Aston St
Brasher, John, Gun Mkr, , Caroline St
Brazur, Joseph, Patent Snuffer Mkr, , St Martin's La
Brandard, Thomas, Copper Plate Printer, , Barford St
Bratt, Philip, Rim Mortice Mkr, Latch Mkr, Swallow St
Bratton, Mary, Victualler, , Bromsgrove St
Brayne, James, Stationer, , Union St
Breedan, William, Locksmith, , Old Inkleys
Brereton, Samuel, Plasterer, , Ann St
Breettel, Elizabeth, Worsted & Cotton Warehouse, , High St
Briden, John, Jobbing Smith, Tool Mkr, Livery St
Bridgens, , Bone Ivory & Hardwood Turner, Sword Gripe Mfr, Park St
Bridges, Stephen, Glass Cutter, Ironmonger, Edgbaston St
Bridgwater, Timothy, Gimblet Mkr, , Church St
Briggs, Samuel, Broker, , Moor St
Briggs, Elizabeth, Confectioner, , Parade
Bright, Martin & Co, Saddler's Ironmonger, Whip Mfr, New St
Brighton, George, Builder, , Camden St
Brindley, Thomas, Shoe Mkr, , Worcester St
Brindley, William, Musician, , Coleshill St
Brinton, R, Original Pork Shop, , Spiceal St
Brisband, Abraham, Cabinet Locksmith, , Digbeth
Brittain, Richard, Gilt & Brass Cabinet Furniture Mfr, Pencil Case Mfr, Digbeth
Brittain, Richard(2nd Entry), Pocket Book Mfr, Brass &Plated Dog Collar Mfr, Digbeth
Brittle, Sarah, Victualler, , Mary Ann St
Bbrittain, William, Joiner, Carpenter, Sand Pits
Britton, James, Brace Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Bristow, Edward, Academy, , Navigation St
Broadbent, , Painter, Plumber & Glazier, Smallbrook St
Broadfield, Thomas, Boat Builder, , Sheepcote La
Brocklost, Hugh, Blacksmith, , Coleshill St
Bromage, Thomas, Tailor, , Bartholomew St
Bromhall, Thomas, Stair Rod Mfr, Brass Moulding Mfr, Paradise St
Broadhurst, Joseph, Caster, , Little Charles St
Brook, John, Refiner, , Foredrough St
Brooke, Elizabeth, Lottery Agent, Dealer In Tea Coffee & British Wines, Jamaica Row
Brookes, John, Cabinet Locksmith, , Henrietta St
Brookes, William, Butcher, , Congreve St
Brookes, Samuel, Butcher, , Livery St
Brookes, Thomas, Publican(St Martin's Tavern), , St Martin's La
Brookes, William, Tailor, , Ann St
Broome, Michael, Clerk Of St Philip's, , New Meeting St
Broomfield, & Co, Potash Mfr, , Princep St
Broomhead, Thomas, Builder, Timber Merchant &c, Deritend Bridgembroomhead, &
Co, Commercial Agent, , Moor St
Brotherton, John, Tailor, , Hill St
Brown, George, Spring Bayonet Mfr, , Woodcock St
Brown, T & C, Bell Hanger, , Bartholomew Row
Brown, Henry, Plane Mkr, , Park St
Brown, Thomas, Coach Mkr, , Carr's La
Brown, & Hardman, Britannia Metal Mfr, , Paradise St
Brown, Chas, Builder, Cabinet Mkr, Cambridge St
Brown, James, Paper Box Mkr, , Rea St
Brown, Charles, Draper, , Moor St
Brown, Catherine, Victualler, , Brick Kiln St
Brown, James, , Jeweller, , Barr St
Browne, Charles, Gimblet Mkr, Bit Mkr, Duddeston
Browne, John, Builder, Cabinet Mkr &c, Blucher St
Browne, William, Shoe Mkr, , Snowhill
Browne, William, Carpenter, & C, Lancaster St
Browne, John, Wheelwright, , Constitution Hill
Browne, Mary, Victualler, , Moseley St
Browne, Joseph, Gun Pipe Mkr, , Newton St
Brownell, W D, Victualler, Prison Keeper, Bordesley
Browning, James, Wood Turner, , Navigation St
Brunner, William, Attorney, , Cherry St
Brunner, Joseph, Victualler, Patten Mkr & C, Dale End
Brunner, Thomas, Factor, Patten & Ring Mkr, Dale End
Brunner, Paul, Brush Mkr, Keeper Of The Hot Cold & Pleasure Shower Baths, Ladywell
Buckler, Eliz, Cabinet Mkr, Tool Chest Mkr, Vale St
Buckley, Thomas, Gun Mkr, & C, Pritchett St
Buckton, John & Co, Brass Founder, , Brittle St
Buckton, Charles Junr, Circulating Library, Stationer &c, Coleshill St
Budd, Mary, Publican(Wool Pack Inn), , Moor St
Budd, Mrs, Ladies' School, , Ann St
Buff, George, Coal Dealer, , Lionel St
Buffery, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Moor St
Bull, John, Pawnbroker, Tailor, Great Charles St
Bull, Robert, Tailor, , Ann St
Bullivant, & Tipson, Button Mfr & Factor, , Great Charles St
Bullock, Thomas & William, Bloomfield Iron & Steel Warehouse, , Great Charles St
Bullock, Thomas, Stamper &Piercer, Gilt Plated & Steel Bead & Ball Mkr, Brittle St
Bullock, Robert, Gilt & Plated Ball Mfr, Whip Mount Mfr, Colmore Row
Bullock, John, Victualler, , Great Charles St
Bullock, James, Lapidary, , Little Charles St
Bullock, William, Periodical Bookseller, , Cock St
Bunn, James, Grocer, & C, High St
Bunn, George, Tailor, , Lichfield St
Bunner, Thomas, Gun Engraver, , Sand St
Burdett, William, Wheelwright, , Lionel St
Burgess, Hartley, Factor, , Bartholomew St
Burgess, John, Butcher, , Bromsgrove St
Burgess, John, Factor, , Steelhouse La
Burgess, John, Ivory Bone & Hardwood Turner, , Suffolk St
Burgess, Thomas, Plater, , Dale End & Great Brook St
Burford, Joseph, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Burkinshaw, Charles, Leather Seller, , High St
Burlingham, Joseph & Samuel, Shoe Warehouse, , Bull St
Burman, John, Miniature Painter, , Suffolk St
Burn, Rev Edward, Clergyman, , St Mary's Row
Burn, Charles, Coach Harness Plater, , Hill St
Burn, George, Victualler, , Ann St
Burr, Michael, Ivory & Bone Turner, , Cheapside
Burrows, Bassett, Royal Patent Hat Mfr, , Digbeth
Burrish, George, Attorney, , Temple Row
Burt, William, Lathe Mkr, Builder, Edmund St
Burnett, Michael, Tea & Coffee Mart, , Digbeth
Burton, John, Victualler, , Moor St
Burton, John, Victualler, , Lichfield St
Burton, George, Victualler, , Park St
Burton, Thomas, Victualler, , Bradford St
Busby, James & Co, Wire Drawer & Worker, Tinplate Mfr, New St
Busby, Richard, Butcher, , Mary Ann St
Bush, Charles, Glass Bead Mkr, Glass Button Mkr, Kenion St
Bushell, Joseph, Steel Trap Mkr, , Alcester St
Bushell, Thomas, Millinery Warehouse, Child Bed Linen Warehouse, Temple Row
Bushell, William, Steel Trap Mkr, , Deritend
Buswell, & Scarrott, Cabinet Chair Mkr, , Digbeth
Butler, Thomas, Carrier To Lichfield & Uttoxeter - Tuesdays, , Coleshill St
Butler, Samuel, Iron Founder, , Ann St
Butler, & Powell, Rule Mkr, , Lionel St
Butler, John, Miniature Picture Frame Mfr, Pocket Book Mfr, Harper's Hill
Butler, John(2nd Entry), Shaving Case Mfr, Ladies' Workbox Mfr, Harper's Hill
Butler, Jane, Smith, Farrier, Masshouse La
Butler, Abraham, Draper, Tailor, High St
Butler, Samuel, Patten Dye Cutter, , Ashted Row
Butlers, Bros, Coffin Furniture Mfr, Britannia Wares Mfr, Lionel St
Butlers, Bros (2nd Entry), Miniature Picture Frame Mfr, Lookng Glass Mfr, Lionel St
Butts, Thomas, Plater Of Knives Forks Spoons, & C, Hill St
Butterworth, Joseph, Printer & Stationer, Law & General Bookseller, High St
Bynner, John, Hairdresser, , Smallbrook St
Bywater, Joseph, Shopkeeper, , Church St
Cadbury, Richard, Linen Draper, Silk Mercer, Bull St
Caddick, Job, Tinplate Worker, , Lionel St
Caddick, John, Caster, , Milk St
Calvert, Edward, Liquor Shop, , Livery St
Calley, George, Button Mkr, , Weaman St
Callow, Mary Ann, Mathematical Instrument Mfr, Compass Mkr, Steelhouse La
Callow, Mary Ann(2nd Entry), Dog Collar Mkr, & C, Steelhouse La
Callow, Mary, Grocer, , Park St
Campbell, James, Derbyshire Spars Mfr, Deception Fruit Mfr, New St
Campbell, James(2nd Entry), Mfr Of Various Devices In Marble Frames, & C, New St
Cannock, Richard, Yeast Factor, , Colmore St
Camptin, Joseph, Wheelwright, , Wharf St
Cantrill, Samuel, Butcher, , High St
Cantrill, William, Butcher, Pickled Tongue Warehouse, Bull St
Capner, Thomas, Victualler, , Pritchett St
Capner, Elizabeth, Shopkeeper, , Livery St
Capper, Whitehouse & Hawker, Merchant, , Great Charles St
Capwell, Samuel, Bricklayer, , Moor St
Carless, John, Butcher, , Aston St
Carless, Jane, Butcher, , Lower Temple St
Carless, Jane, Butcher, , Dale End
Carr, & Cooper, Factor, , Brittle St
Carr, John, Provision Warehouse, , Hill St
Carr, Deodatus, Druggist, Grocer, Bull Ring
Carr, D & Co, Druggist, Grocer, New St
Carrington, William, Snuffer Mkr, , Lichfield St
Carpenter, Philip, Optician, , Bath Row
Carmichael, John, Merchant, , Camden St
Carroll, Michael, Grocer, , Edgbaston St
Carter, Henry, Man's Mercer, Tailor, Union St
Carter, Isaac, Plumber, Glazier & Painter, Dale End
Carter, William, Grocer, , Gosta Green
Carter, Joseph, Brass Founder, , Bradford St
Carter, William, Victualler, , Edgbaston St
Cartwright, Jane, Broker, , Worcester St
Cartwright, Joseph, Victualler, , Cheapside
Cartwright, William, Gilder In General, , Little Hampton St
Cartwright, James, Victualler, , Snowhill
Cartwright, George, Bellows Mkr, , Snowhill
Cartwright, Thomas, Gilder, , Snowhill
Cartwright, Thomas, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bull St
Carey, J S, Painter, Glazier, Lichfield St
Cashmore, Isaac, Victualler, , Wood St
Cass, John, Compass Mkr, Pincer Mkr, Colmore St
Caswell, , Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Colmore St
Catstree, Joseph, Tailor, , Ann St
Cattell, Henry, Coal Dealer, , Rea St
Cattle, William, School, , Livery St
Cave, B, Academy, , Cannon St
Cecil, William, Surgeon, , Snowhill
Chamberlain, Ann, Pipe Mkr, , Castle St
Chamberlain, Jane, Pipe Mkr, , Little Colmore St
Chamberlain, Mary, Earthen Warehouse, Register Office, Snowhill
Chamberlain, Wm, Butcher, , Lancaster St
Chambers, Henry, Victualler, , Church St
Chambers, Joseph, Victualler, , Birchole St
Chambers, , Jobbing Waggons, & C, Fox St
Chambers, Samuel, Sword & Bayonet Mkr, , Camp Hill
Chambers, Susanna, Butcher, , Jamaica Row
Chambers, Sarah, Butcher, , Church St
Chance, William &Son, Factor, , Bread St
Chance, William & George, American Merchant, , Great Charles St
Chandler, &Smith, Tobacco Mfr, , Dale End
Chantry, Joseph, Pocket Book Mfr, Ladies' Case Mkr, Exeter Row
Chapman, Benjamin, Tailor, , Lichfield St
Chapman, James, Hairdresser & Perfumer, London Hat Warehouse, New St
Chapman, John, Writing Master, , Navigation St
Chapman, John, Music Master, , Suffolk St
Chapman, John, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Princep St
Chapman, Thomas, Printer Bookbinder & Stationer, Pattencard Mkr, Bull St
Chapman, Thomas(2nd Entry), Book Mfr, Frame & Gold Ornament Mkr, Bull St
Chapman, William, Publican(Castle Inn), , High St
Chapman, Jeremiah, Gun Mkr, , Whittall St
Charlton, John, Occulist, , High St
Chataway, James & John, Carcase Butcher, , Moor St
Chataway, Joseph, Builder, , Bradford St
Chataway, William, Butcher, , Bull Ring
Chater, Edward, Attorney, , Dale End & Barr St-Hockley
Chatterton, Henry, Butcher, , Cheapside
Chatwin, Esther, Shopkeeper, , Livery St
Chatwin, Joseph, Builder, , Bradford St
Chatwin, Mark, Tailor, , Colmore St
Cheadle, Rev George, Clergyman, , Moseley St
Chawner, Ann, Governess Of The National School, , King St
Chillingworth, Thomas, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Coleshill St
Cheney, Peter, Casting Pot Mfr, , Lichfield St
Cherry, John, Patten-Tye Mkr, , St Paul's Sq
Cheshire, B, Builder, Surveyor, Shadwell St(Office) & King's Norton(Res)
Cheshire, William, Sword Cutler, , Woodcock St
Cheshire, James, Corn Factor, , New St(Top Of)
Cheston, Thomas, Buckle Mfr, Soho Latchet Mfr, Jamaica Row
Cheston, Thomas(2nd Entry), Spur Mfr, Watch Chain & Locket Mfr, Jamaica Row
Cheston, Thomas(3rd Entry), Seal Mfr, Key Mfr, Jamaica Row
Child, John, Picture Frame Mkr, , Cheapside
Chirm, Joseph, Patent & Other Pump Mkr, , Newhall St
Chirm, Joseph Junr, Cooper, , Newhall St
Chinery, James, Engraver, Letter Cutter, Ann St
Chinery, Isaac, Gilder, , Ann St
Chinn, Matthew, Bricklayer, , Livery St
Chopping, & Bill, Paper Tray Mfr, , Henrietta St
Christian, William, Woollen Draper, , High St
Chubbs, Miss, Ladies' School, , Suffolk St
Churton, Susannah & Son, Varnish Mkr, , Summer St
Clamrock, Thomas, Pawnbroker, , Weaman St
Clare, John, Victualler, Maltster, Gough St
Clare, William, French Plater, , Dale End
Clark, John, Mealman, Corn Dealer, Bull St(Coach Yard)
Clark, Benjamin, Tarpaulin Mkr, , Great Charles St
Clark, Charles, School, , Hagley Row
Clark, Matthew, Gimblett Mkr, , Livery St
Clark, Thomas, Fancy Silk Worker, Hair Worker, Lionel St
Clark, Thomas(2nd Entry), Sewing Cotton Dealer, Brace Webbing Dealer, Lionel St
Clarke, John, Cut Glass Mfr, Mfr Of Japanned &c Frames, Cambridge St
Clarke, James, Saddler, Harness Mkr, Digbeth
Clarke, James, Victualler, , Upper Temple St
Clarke, J S & A G, Brass Founder, , Moor St
Clarke, & Ashmore, Wholesale Saddler, Whip Mkr, Bull Ring
Clarke, Benjamin, Basket Mkr, , Dale End & Digbeth
Clarke, John, Cut Glass Morocco & Japanned Cruet Ink Stand Mfr, , Newhall St
Clarke, Daniel, Bricklayer, , Park St
Clarke, Richard, Victualler, Livery Stables, Livery St
Clarke, Joseph, Victualler, , John St
Clarke, John, Proprietor, & Vendor Of Original Indian Ink-No Art Can Deface, Bull St
Clarke, John(2nd Entry), Chemist, Druggist, Bull St
Clarke, E &E, Perfumer, Jewellery Dealer, Bull St
Clarke, E &E (2nd Entry), Cutlery Warehouse, Toy Warehouse, Bull St
Clarke, S &M, Milliner, Dress Mkr, Temple Row
Clarke, Stephen, File Mkr, , Buck St
Clarke, & Spencer, Stone Mason, , Lionel St
Clarke, Thomas, Carpenter, , Navigation St
Clarke, William &Son, Cut Nail Mfr, , Dudley St
Clarkson, William, Coach Harness Plater, , Suffolk St
Clarkson, Richard, Gilt Plated & Pearl Button Mkr, , Little Hampton St
Clarkson, George, Coal Dealer, , Sand Pits
Clay, Rev Francis, Clergyman, , Charlotte St
Clay, Charles, Coach Mkr, , High St
Claybrook, , Patten Clog Mkr, Mouse Trap Mkr, Digbeth
Cleaver, & James, Bricklayer, , New Inkleys
Clemens, Ann, Rum & Brandy Warehouse, , Aston St
Clemson, Samuel, Round Bolt Mkr, Chafing Dish Mkr, Moor St
Clewley, Thomas, Victualler, , Thomas St
Cliff, Thomas, Baker, , Moor St
Clive, John, Gun Barrel Mkr, , St Mary's Row
Clough, William, Gimblet Mkr, , Bow St
Clowes, D &S, Hard Wood Turner, Toy Brush & Cabinet Mkr, Paradise St
Clowes, James, Coal Dealer, , Wharf St
Clowes, James, Agent, Accountant, Great Charles St
Clowes, Joseph, Accountant, , Summer La
Clutterbuck, Samuel, Appraiser, Auctioneer, Great Hampton Row
Clulee, Thomas, Packing Box Mkr, , Lionel St
Clulee, John, Pump Mkr, , William St
Cockle, James, Leather Dresser, , Bradford St
Cockrane, William, Patten Mkr, , Deritend
Cohen, Joseph, Salesman, , Smallbrook St
Colebourne, Martha, Broker, , Worcester St
Cole, John, Die Sinker, , Edmund St
Cole, Thomas, Joiner, Carpenter, Cock St
Coleman, James, Portrait Painter, , Bordesley
Coleman, John, Victualler, , Newhall St
Coleman, Robert, Victualler, , John St
Coley, Benjamin, Jeweller, , Caroline St
Coley, John, Jeweller, , Loveday St
Coley, William, Jobbing Smith, , Livery St
Colesby, Joseph, Heavy Steel Toy Mkr, Hammer Mkr, Lionel St
Colmore, Thomas, Button Shank Mkr, , Edmund St
Colledge, Thomas, Tailor, , Summer La
Colley, Richard, Victualler, , Cross St & Hill St
Colley, William, Brass Founder, , Barford St
Collins, James, Silversmith, , Cock St
Collins, John, Hairdresser, &c, Digbeth
Collins, John, Brass Nail & Hinge Mkr, Curtain Ring Mkr, Lancaster St
Collins, Thomas, Awl Blade Mkr, , Coleshill St
Collins, James, Baker, Maltster, Spiceal St
Collins, Joseph, Awl Blade Mkr, , Milk St
Collins, Thomas, Shear & Edge Tool Mkr, , Digbeth
Collins, William, Carpenter, Joiner, Bartholomew St
Collier, William, Musician, , Philip St
Collis, George, Saddlers' Ironmonger, , Broad St
Collett, John, Bridle Cutter, , Lionel St
Collett, Joseph, Tailor, , Castle St
Colwell, John, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bull St
Compton, William, Linen & Woollen Draper, , High St
Congreve, Caroline, Hosier, , Dale End
Congreve, John, Shoe Mkr, , Aston St
Conquest, Mary, Wine & Brandy Merchant, , Newhall St
Cook, William, Druggist, Grocer, Smallbrook St
Cook, John, Blank Tray Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Cook, Benjamin, Jeweller, Toy Mkr, Caroline St
Cook, Benjamin, Patent Brass Rod Company, , Baskerville House
Cook, Benjamin & Co, Gas Light Apparatus Mfr, , Baskerville House
Cook, James, Air Gun Mkr, , Old John St
Cook, Benjamin, Plated Curb Mkr, , Summer La
Cook, Joseph, Factor, , Cherry St & Ashted
Cook, Thomas, Victualler, , Hill St
Cooke, Christopher, Worsted Mfr, , Coleshill St
Cooke, John, Carver & Gilder, Looking Glass & Picture Frame Mfr, New St
Cooke, Luke, Gilder, , Belmont Village
Cooke, J &c, Button Mkr, , Exeter Row
Cooke, Thomas, Factor, , Dale End & St Mary's Row
Cooke, Thomas, Tailor, Salesman, Edgbaston St
Cooke, Rev John, Clergyman, Free School, New St
Cooke, Thomas, Brass Founder, , Newton St
Cooper, Benjamin, Jobbing Smith, , Digbeth
Cooper, Charles, Refiner, , Church St
Cooper, John, Hairdresser, , Digbeth
Cooper, J W, Mfr Of Plated Articles, , Bromsgrove St
Cooper, John, Sword Cutler, Fender Mfr, Bartholomew St
Cooper, James, Blacksmith, , Henrietta St
Cooper, Joseph, Patten Ring Mkr, , Bow St
Cooper, Thomas, Baker, , Dale End
Cooper, William, Wire Worker, , Digbeth
Cope, Edward & Co, Wine & Brandy Merchant, , High St
Cope, Charles, Brass Founder, Caster In General, John St
Cope, C W, Wine & Brandy Merchant, , High St
Cope, & Male, Brass Founder, , Little Charles St
Cope, John, Chemist, Druggist, High St
Cope, John, Military Cabinet Founder, Coach Brass Founder, Fleet St
Cope, Jonathan, Sword Scabbard Mkr, , Masshouse La
Cope, & Biddles, Chemist, , Bradford St
Cope, John, Pearl Button Mkr, , Moor St
Cope, John, File Mkr, Tool Mkr, Deritend
Cope, & Pinches, Plated Spoon & Ladle Mfr, Plated Curb Mkr, Exeter Row
Cope, L &L, Milliner, Child Bed Linen Warehouse, Ashted Row
Cope, William, File Mfr, , Church St
Cope, & Tysall, Ladies' School, , Duddeston St
Cope, & Cutler, Mfr Of Ink Stands Richly Gilt, Tray Mfr, Edmund St & Ann St
Cope, & Cutler(2nd Entry), Cork Screw Mfr, Plated Steel Articles, Edmund St & Ann St
Cope, & Cutler(3rd Entry), Miniature Frame Mfr, Snuffer Mfr, Edmund St & Ann St
Cope, Miss, Ladies' Seminary, , Church St (No 6)
Copland, & Edge, Builder, , Oxford St
Corfield, Thomas, Victualler, , Park St
Corbett, J S, Builder, , Bradford St
Corbett, Joseph, Engraver, , Aston St
Corbett, John, Coal Dealer, , Swallow St
Corbett, William, Factor, , Great Charles St
Cordell, Thomas, Fellmonger, Salesman, Edgbaston St
Corn, Edward, Japanner, , Paradise St
Corne, James, Grocer, , Horse Fair
Corne, James, Hairdresser, , Suffolk St
Corns, Joseph, Grocer, , Moor St
Corrie, Josiah, Attorney, , New St
Cottrell, John, Engraver, , Church St
Cottrell, Hannah, Cut Spring Mkr, , Bradford St
Cottrell, J &J, Brass Founder, , Great Charles St
Cottrell, John, Silversmith, , Camden St
Cottrell, Catharine, Wheelwright, , Suffolk St
Cottrell, Samuel, Attorney, , Gosta Green
Cotterill, Samuel, Cock Screw Mkr, , Duke St
Coton, William, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Stafford St
Court, Mary, Milliner, Dressmkr, Cannon St
Court, Thomas, Coal Dealer, , Wharf St
Courtney, John, Tailor, , Lower Temple St
Covey, William, Surgeon, , Exeter Row
Cox, Edward, House Agent, , Oxygen St
Cox, Robert, Attorney, , New St
Cox, Robert, Butcher, , Bradford St
Cox, W &T, Plated & Ebony Ink Stand Mfr, Plated Cruet Mfr, Great Charles St
Cox, W &T (2nd Entry), Liquor Frame Mfr, Cut & Plain Glasses Mfr, Great Charles St
Cox, Sarah, Stay Mkr, , Great Charles St
Cox, William, Builder, , Severn St
Cox, Edward Townshend, Surgeon, , Temple Row
Cox, John, Plane Mkr, , Deritend
Cox, William, Umbrella Mkr, , Deritend Bridge
Cox, Sarah & Ann, Bridle Buckle Mkr, , Hill St
Cox, William, Horn Button Mkr, Spoon Mkr, Alcester St
Cox, S C, Timber Merchant, , Lionel St & Great Hampton St
Cox, Thomas, Butcher, , Bartholomew St
Cox, George, Box Mkr, Ivory Rule Mkr, Navigation St
Cox, William, Sawing Mill, , Deritend Bridge
Cox, John, Brass Founder, , King Edward's Pl
Cox, William, Cooper, Packing Case Mkr, St Paul's Sq
Cracknall, John, Plated Spoon & Sugar Tong Mfr, Caddee Shell Mfr, Staniforth St
Cracknall, Thomas, Jeweller, , Great Charles St
Cressall, John, Glass & Link Button Mkr, , Lichfield St
Creshull, James, Cabinet Mkr, Upholsterer, Square
Creshull, Thomas, Dancing Academy, , Square
Creswick, Thomas, Cutler, , New St
Creswick, Thomas, General Commission Agent, , New St
Crates, James, Gilder, , Suffolk St
Cragg, Joshua, Whip Thong Mkr, , Green St
Crane, & Fletcher, Cabinet Brass Founder, , Cannon St
Craven, Thomas, Sword Cutler, Fender Mkr, Moland St
Cripps, & Co, Silk Dyer, , Great Charles St
Crisp, Digley, Victualler, , Aston Rd
Critchley, Samuel, Coach Mkr, Painter, Bartholomew St
Crockett, & Salkeld, Wharf, , Great Charles St
Crockett, Ann, Butcher, , Coleshill St
Crockett, John, Pearl Button Mkr, , Coleshill St
Crofts, William, Baker, Grocer, Park St
Crook, John, Fancy Bodkin & Packing Needle Mkr, , Barford St
Crosbee, Robert, Caster In Silver & Other Metals, , Doe St
Crosbee, James, Silver & Metal Caster, Stamper & Piercer, Masshouse La
Cross, William, Cabinet Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Cross, & Cope, Sword & Bayonet Scabbard Mkr, , Masshouse La
Croose, James, Butcher, , Water St
Crow, Edward, Plated Buckle Mfr, Clock Hand Mfr, Tower St
Crowder, Edward, Iron Tinned Spoon Mkr, , Bartholomew Row
Crowder, George, Bell Hanger, Locksmith, Cherry St & Bordesley
Crowder, Johannah, Milliner, , Church St
Crowder, John, Jeweller, Angle Rod Mkr, Cherry St
Crowther, Thomas, Cooper, , Suffolk St
Crouzet, John, Pasteboard Mfr, , Henrietta St
Crowe, Edward, Cook Shop, , Moor St
Rown Copper Company, , Copper Company, , Cannon St
Crowley, Leyland & Hicklin, Wharf, , Crescent
Crump, James D, Attorney, , Cherry St(Office) & St Mary's Row
Cunliffe, Thomas, Pearl Button Mkr, Ornament Mkr, Aston St
Curbishley, James, Fruiterer, , Worcester St
Curson, William, Plater On Steel, , New Thomas St
Curnin, James, Victualler, , Lichfield St
Curran, Joseph, Carpenter, Joiner, Ashted Row
Cuthbertson, & Russell, Stamper & Piercer, , Loveday St
Curtis, John, Tallow Chandler, , Oxford St
Cutler, Benjamin, Plated Wares Mfr, , Brearley St
Cutler, Mary, Gil & Plated Button Mkr, , New Inkleys
Dace, William, Pencil Tip Mkr, Portfolio Lock Mkr, Lionel St
Dadley, Mary &Sons, Linen & Woollen Draper, , Bull Ring
Dafforn, John, Butcher, , Aston St
Dakin, John, Wine & Spirit Merchant, , High St
Dakin, Joseph, Confectioner, , New St
Dale, Thomas, Victualler, , Edgbaston St
Dale, Ann, Victualler, , Navigation St
Dale, Thomas, Victualler, , Russell St
Dale, John, Victualler, , Bartholomew St
Dangerfield, John, File Mkr, , Lawrence St
Daniel, Sampson, China Painter, Glass & Earthenware Dealer, Digbeth
Dankes, & Co, Wharf, , Broad St
Dankes, Benjamin, Vice Mkr, , Weaman St
Danks, Samuel, Victualler, , Queen St
Dann, F, Hat Mkr, , Snowhill
Darby, Jane, Lapidary, , Bartholomew St
Darby, Samuel, Plated Goods Mfr, , Snowhill
D'Arcy, Thomas, Builder, , Constitution Hill
Darrall, James, Shopkeeper, , Aston Road
Darwall, Rev John, Clergyman, , Camp Hill
Darwen, John, Saddler, Harness Mkr, Edgbaston St
Darwent, Samuel, File Mkr, , Vale St
Date, William, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Davenport, Richard, China & Earthenware Dealer, , St Martin's La
Davidson, Duncan, Factor, Gun Mkr, St Mary's Row
Davies, John, Japanner, , Potter St
Davies, John, Carpenter, Joiner, Hill St
Davies, Joseph, Shrewsbury Shoe Warehouse, , High St
Davies, John, Cooper, , Stafford St
Davies, William, Tailor, , St Martin's La
Davis, Edward, Bricklayer, , Livery St
Davis, John, Stone Mason, , Navigation St
Davis, John, Steel Toy Mkr, , Edgbaston St
Davis, John, Carpenter, Joiner, Lionel St
Davis, Joseph, Scale Mkr, , Henrietta St
Davis, Joseph, Broker, , Livery St
Davis, Peter, Gun Lock Mkr, , Brearley St
Davis, Joseph, Victualler, Wire Drawer, Cheapside
Davis, D, Dealer In Quills, , Peck La
Davis, Ann, Ct 5
Davis, Elizabeth, Butcher, , Congreve St
Davis, Joseph, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Great Charles St
Davis, William, Victualler, Livery Stables, Aston Rd
Davis, William, Coach Brass Founder, French Plater, Snowhill
Davis, William, Bullet & Shot Mould Mkr, , Moat Row
Davis, L, Grafter &c Of Silk & Cotton Stockings, , Peck La
Davis, Mary, Plater, , Water St
Davis, Thomas, Silversmith, , Bath St
Dawes, S &J, Iron Merchant, &c, Snowhill
Dawes, Samuel James, Cooper, , Dale End
Dawes, Jas, Curry Comb Mkr, Cut Sprig & Mouse Trap Mkr, Edmund St
Dawkes, John, Sand Paper Mkr, , Slay St
Dawson, John, Victualler, , Cross Street & Hill St
Dawson, Francis, Hosier, , High St
Dawson, William, Rule Mkr, Bed Screw Mkr, Hill St
Day, Ann, Confectioner, , Moor St
Day, Benjamin, Broker & Appraiser, Dealer In Feathers, Snowhill
Day, Edward & Co, Jeweller, Silversmith, Cannon St
Day, John, Lancashire Tool Mkr, Steel Toy Mkr, Bradford St
Day, John, Butcher, , Great Hampton St
Day, Thomas, Bedstead Mkr In General, , Staniforth St
Deacon, John, Victualler, , St Paul's Sq
Deakin, & Dyer, Needle Mfr, Fish Hook Mfr, Suffolk St
Deakin, Ann, Confectioner, , Bull St
Deakin, Joseph, Confectioner, Liquor Merchant, New St & Lichfield St
Deakin, F & Co, Iron Steel Card & Cotton Wire Mkr, &c, Deritend Mills
Deakin, Francis, Timber Merchant, , Crescent Wharf
Deakin, William, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Dean, & Cheston, Salesman, Hand & Waggon Whip Mkr, Jamaica Row
Dean, & Cheston(2nd Entry), Saddlers'Ironmonger, &c, Jamaica Row
Dean, Richard, Brush Mkr, Wood Turner, Spiceal St
Dean, William, Cooper, Packing Box Mkr, Whittall St
Dean, Miss, Ladies' School, , Aston Road
Dee, Ambrose, Liquor Merchant, , Lower Priory
Deeley, & Wakeman, Ivory Horn &Tortoiseshell Comb Mfr, Lanthorn Leaf Mfr, Suffolk St
Deeley, & Wakeman(2nd Entry), Powder Drinking & Shoe Horn Mfr, &c, Suffolk St
Denham, John, Locksmith, , James St
Delavan, E C &co, Merchant, , Paradise St
Deeton, John, Merchant, , Upper Temple St
Deits, William, Tailor, , Snowhill
De Lys, Gabriel, Surgeon, , New St
Denston, Hannah, Victualler, , Digbeth
Derby, Thomas & Sons, Ironmonger, Locksmith, Navigation St
Dester, Richard, Clerk To The Birmingham Street Act Commissioners, , Moor St
Devis, James, Victualler, , Worcester St
Dewson, James, Miniature Picture Frame Mkr, , Great Charles St
Dewson, Thomas, Bookbinder, Stationer, Lower Temple St
Dewson, Thomas(2nd Entry), Printer, Machine Ruler, Lower Temple St
Deykin, James, Carrier, , St Philip's Church Yard
Deykin, &co, Wharf, , Crescent
Deykin, John, Button Mkr, , Lancaster St
Deykin, Thomas, Tailor, , Colmore Row
Dingley, James, Awl Blade Mkr, , Lench St
Dickins, Rosannah, Watch Glass Mfr, , Freeman St
Dickinson, Samuel, Surgeon, , New St
Dipple, Thomas, Gun Finisher, , Lionel St
Dixon, Benjamin, Drawing & Writing Mester, , Snowhill
Dixon, Joseph, Haberdasher, , Great Hampton St
Dixon, Matthew, Plated Wire Mfr, , Snowhill
Dixon, Roger, Die Sinker, , Temple Row
Dixon, Thomas, Slater, , Summer Row
Docker, Charles, Japanner, , Great Hampton St & Hampstead Row
Docker, Esther, Dress Mkr, , Jamaica Row
Docker, Hannah, Slater, , Parade
Docker, Thomas, Brass Founder, , Weaman Row
Docker, Thomas, Whip Mkr, , Bromsgrove St
Docker, Thomas, Glass Cutter, , Moseley St
Dodd, Edmund, Banbury Locksmith, , Thorp St
Dodds, Robert, Victualler, , Great Brook St
Dodson, James, Wood Turner, , Cheapside
Dolby, Mary, Shopkeeper, , Weaman St
Doleman, John, Liquor Merchant, , Dale End
Dolphin, James, Attorney, , New St
Dones, Bennett, Surgeon, , Dale End
Doody, James, Bellows Mkr, , Gough St
Dore, Samuel, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, New St
Doughty, Thomas, Maltster, , Summer La
Doughty, James, Victualler, , Hill St
Dowler, Mary & Son, Plated Cutlery Mfr, Slide Toasting Fork Mfr, Great Charles St
Dowler, Mary(2nd Entry), Machine Cork Screw Mfr, Medal Mfr &c, Great Charles St
Dowler, James, Writing Master, , New Meeting St
Downes, Charles, Master, King Edward Vi School, Shut Lane
Downing, Henry &co, Iron & Steel Dealer, Nail Chain Gate Mfr &c, Broadest
Downing, Thomas, Jobbing Smith, , Park St
Drake, Clarissa, Dress Mkr, , Cannon St
Drakeford, John, Patten Tye Mkr, , Bordesley St
Drinkwater, Nathaniel, Fruit Merchant, Herring Merchant, High St
Dry, Jabez, Shopkeeper, , Edgbaston St
Dryden, George, Cork Cutter, , Dale End
Duddell, William, Pump Mkr, , Smithfield
Dudley, William, Pistol Mkr, , Weaman St
Dudley, William, Shank Mkr, Soder Mkr, Weaman St
Dudley, Stephen, Shoe Mkr, , Deritend
Dudley, Robert, Tailor, Broker, Edgbaston St
Dudley, John, Copyng Machine Mkr, Portable Desk & Cabinet Case Mkr, Weaman St
Duftey, Sarah, Victualler, , Horse Fair
Dugmore, Isaac, Glass Mfr, Sand & Emery Paper Mfr, Fleet St
Dugmore, Thomas, Scouring Paper Mfr, , Essex St
Dugmore, Thomas, Lapiidary, Stone Sutter In General, Navigation St
Dugmore, Edward W, Japanner, , Lichfield St
Dukes, Edward, Victualler, , Hull St
Duke, George, Grocer, , New Town Row
Dunbar, Henry, Jeweller, Gilt Toy & Gilt & Plated Button Mkr, St Paul's Sq
Duncalf, William, Saddlers' Brass Founder, French Plater, Coleshill St
Dunderdale, Mabson & Labron, Factor, Gun Mkr, Russell St
Dunkley, Thomas, Painter, Glazier &c, High St(Court Adjoining No 78)
Dunkley, William, Broker, Brazier, Worcester St
Dunn, Charles, Stationer & Bookseller, Pattern Card Mkr, Digbeth
Dunn, J, Surgeon, , Dale End
Dunn, Joseph, Steel Box Mkr, Spectacle Case Mkr, Mount St
Dunn, G B, Plater On Steel & Iron Knives Forks Spoons Snuffers, &c, New Town Row
Dunn, Thomas, Dealer In Horses, , Livery St
Dutton, Ann, Jobbing Smith, , Moor St(Carey's Ct)
Dutton, John, Baker, , Digbeth
Dutton, Hannah, Victualler, , Hagley Row
Dutton, Joseph, Eating House, , Moor St
Dutton, J V, Coal Wharf, , Friday Bridge
Dutton, Daniel, Gun Mkr, , Sand St
Dutton, Wiliam, Tailor, , Upper Priory
Dutton, Thomas, Engraver, , Camp Hill
Dyer, William, Cork Cutter, , Jamaica Row
Dyer, Edward, Victualler, , Hospital St
Dyer, William, Caster & Plater, Victualler, Edmund St
Eades, John, Hair Dresser, , Lionel St
Eades, Richard, Plated Article Mfr, , Paradise St
Eagle, Edward, Maltster, , Moor St
Sutherland, Messrs, Eagle Assurance Office, Insurance Agents, Harper's Hill
Eagle, Charles, Maltster, , Aston St
Eagle, John, Butcher, , Lichfield St & Great Brook St
Eagles, John, Brass Cock Founder, , Cheapside
Earl, John, Merchant, Mfr, Bromsgrove St
Earl, John, Saddle Tree Mkr, &c, Bromsgrove St
Earp, George, Victualler, , Aston St
Eaton, Richard, Confectioner & Fruiterer, Tea Dealer, New St
Ebrell, Edward, Victualler, , Legge St
Eccles, , Surgeon, , Square
Ede, James, Dealer In Birds & Pigeons, &c, Bull St(Bear Yard)
Edge, Charles, Victualler, , Dale End
Edge, Thomas, Locksmith, , Stafford St
Edge, Thos, Scale Beam Mfr, Edge Tool Mkr, St Mary's Row
Edge, Thomas, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Ashted Row
Edmonds, John, Plumber & Glazier, &c, Dale End
Edmonds, Elizabeth, Milliner, Dress Mkr, High St
Edmonds, Rev Edward, Clergyman, , Kenion St
Edmonds, G W, Academy, , Church St
Edmonds, Samuel, Victualler, , Navigation St
Edmonds, Thomas, Salt Warehouse, , Digbeth
Edmonds, Thomas, Thimble Mkr, , Inge St
Edmonds, Richard, Tailor, , Great Hampton St
Edmondson, & Partridge, Saddler, &c, Deritend
Edwards, John, Liquor Merchant, , New St
Edwards, David, Grecian Windsor & Fancy Chair Mkr, &c, Rea St
Edwards, Edward, Victualler, Chair Mkr, Digbeth
Edwards, Job, Stay Mkr, , Navigation St
Edwards, John, Boot & Shoe Warehouse, , Bull St
Edwards, Sarah, Semilorer, , Great Hampton St
Edwards, John, Wholesale Ironmonger, , Great Hampton St
Edwards, Owen, Shopkeeper, , Coleshill St
Edwards, T, Brazier, Tin Plater, Snowhill
Edwards, T (2nd Entry), Silversmith, Cast Steel Tool Mkr, Snowhill
Edwards, Sarah, Victualler, , Sand St
Edwards, Thomas, Wharfinger, , Aston Rd
Edwards, Wm, Pocket Book Lock Mkr, Steel Purse Spring Mkr, Suffolk St
Edwards, Joseph, Jeweller, Pearl Setter, Summer La
Eginton, William Raphael, Glass Painter & Stainer To Duke Of Sussex, , Newhall St
Eginton, John, Wine & Spirit Merchant, , Hampstead Row
Eginton, Miss, Printseller, Stationer, Ann St
Eginton, Wm, Whip Mount Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Egginton, Samuel, Plater, , Water St
Eggenton, Daniel, Victualler, , Pinfold St
Eglinton, Thomas, Japanner, , New Town Row
Eldridge, John, Schoolmaster, , Livery St
Elkington, J, Optician, , St Paul's Sq
Elkington, William, Attorney, , New St
Elliot, E &S, Mantua Mkr, , Cannon St
Elliot, William, Gilt Plated Military & Tin Button Mfr, &c, Exeter Row
Elliot, William, Hairdresser, , Livery St
Elliot, George, Builder, , Little Cannon St
Ellis, Charles, Sheffield & Lancashire File & Rasp Mfr, &c, Hill Street & Beak St
Ellis, David, Merchant, Warehouse, Duke St
Ellis, Miss, Ladies' School, , Bromsgrove St
Ellis, Thomas, Surgeon, , Digbeth
Ellmore, & Cox, New Steam Mill, Old Steam Mill, Snowhill
Ellmore, Michael, Perfumer, , Bull St
Ellwell, James, Refiner, , Lionel St
Ellwell, Abraham, Cabinet Locksmith, , Branston St
Elwell, William, Oil Of Vitriol Mfr, Aquafortis Mfr, Great Hampton St
Emes, Josiah, Jeweller, Iron Tinned Spoon Mkr, New St
Emus, Robert, Jeweller, , Hurst St
Emus, Robert, Baker, , Canal St & Walmer La
Endsor, John, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Park St
England, Robert, Cabinet Chair Mkr, Cane Worker, Deritend
English, Francis, Woollen Draper, , Bull Ring
English, Thomas, Surgeon Dentist, , Colmore Row
English, William, Surgeon, , Navigation St
Enock, Joseph, Brush Mkr, , Bull St(Coach Yard)
Ensell, John, Plumber, Glazier, Coleshill St & Great Brook St
Ensor, Silas, Surgeon, Apothecary, Navigation St
Essex, Samuel, Baker, , Ludgate
Ethell, Michael, King Edward's School, , Inge St
Ethell, William, Cabinet Mkr, Upholsterer, Moor St
Ethell, William, Saddler, Army Accoutrement & Trunk Mkr, New St
Eustace, John, Victualler, , Suffolk St
Evans, Benjamin, Grocer, Chandler, Smallbrook St
Evans, Benjamin & Son, Maltster, , Smallbrook St
Evans, Edward, Broker, Shop Tool Warehouse, Worcester St
Evans, George, Tailor, , Steelhouse La & Islington Row
Evans, Henry, Hatter, Hosier, Bull St
Evans, Mark, Builder, , Ann St
Evans, Meredith, Steam Mill, , Princep St
Evans, Meredith, Gun Mkr, , Princep St
Evans, James, Shoe Mkr, , Doe St
Evans, H P, Land Surveyor, Appraiser & Auctioneer, New St
Evans, James, Plater, , Edgbaston St
Evans, Samuel, Mfr Of Plated Articles, , Church St
Evans, Thomas, Woollen Draper, Tailor & Habit Mkr, Bull St
Evans, E, Confectioner, Oil & Italian Warehouse, Bull St
Evans, Thomas, Carpenter, Joiner, Weaman St
Evans, Thomas, Carpenter, Joiner, Charlotte St
Evans, Thomas, Jobbing Smith, , Edgbaston St
Evans, Robert, Jobbing Smith, , Church St
Evans, Mary Ann, Milliner, , Cherry St
Evans, William, Brick Mkr, , Summer La(Colmore Cottage)
Evans, William, Jeweller, , Fisher St
Eve, Samuel, Lapidary, Miniature Glass Cutter, Little Hampton St
Everitt, & Son, Artists' Repository, Exhibition Of Pictures, Union St
Evetts, Thos, Refiner, , Lancaster St & Livery St
Evetts, Mary, Dress Mkr, , Moor St
Evetts, William, Police Officer, , Moor St
Evetts, Lucinda, Brass Founder, , New Inkleys
Ewens, William, Composition Ornament Mfr, New-Invented Chimney Mouldng Mfr, Park St
Excise Office, , Excise Office, , Union St
Fantham, James, Cabinet Mkr, , Digbeth
Farmer, George, Roller Of Metal, , Duke St
Farmer, George, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Lady Wood La
Farmer, Richard, Upholsterer, , Lady Wood La
Farmer, Samuel, Glass Toy Mkr, , Canal St
Farror, Isaac &co, Appraiser & Auctioneer, &c, New St
Farror, Isaac, Grocer, Tea Dealer, New St
Farror, Robert, Broker, , Edgbaston,
Faulkner, Benjamin, Victualler, , New Inkleys
Faulkner, William, Sheriff's Officer, , Cherry St
Faux, Richard, Grocer, , Snowhill
Fawdry, James, Baker, , Navigation St
Fell, William, Cooper, , Deritend
Fellows, W P, Vertical Jack Mfr, Patent Changing Spit Mfr, Snowhill
Felton, Eli, Brass & Copper Shank Mkr, , Weaman St
Felton, J, Surgical Mechanician To Inst For Relief Of Bodily Deformities, , New St
Felton, William, Victualler, Jeweller, Bordesley
Felton, Thomas, Baker, , Smallbrook St
Fenney, John, Solderer, , Summer La
Ferraday, Thomas, Refiner, Agent, Navigation St
Ferraday, John, Baker, , Lench St
Ferrall, James, Printer Bookseller & Stationer, Chronicle Office, High St
Fewkes, William, Baker, , Brearley St
Fiddian, William & Co, Metal Candlestick Mfr, Cock & Bell Founder, Great Hampton St
Fiddian, Charles, Boot Mfr, Shoe Mfr, High St
Fidgin, Jabez, Hosier, , Bull St
Fidoe, Miss, Ladies' School, , Parade
Field, Joseph, Victualler, , Balsall St
Field, John, Gun Mkr, , New Town Row
Field, & Jones, Whitesmith, , Bell St
Field, John, Ivory & Bone Turner, , Moseley St
Field, Ann, Stay Mkr, , Dale End
Field, Thomas, Pawnbroker, , Snowhill
Field, Thomas, Ivory & Bone Turner, , Dudley St
Field, & Hall, Coach Plater, Saddlery Plater, Mary Ann St
Fincher, Benjamin, Leather Cutter, Shoe Mkr, Spiceal St
Fincher, Eliz & Mary, Pawnbroker, , Old Meeting St
Finnemore, William, Japanner, Clock Dial Mfr, Edmund St & Calthorp St
Fisher, Charles, Clock & Watch Mkr, , Digbeth
Fisher, Charles, Italian Iron Mkr, , Vale St
Fisher, James, Coach Step & Iron Brace Mkr, &c, Freeman St
Fisher, Joseph, Grocer, Corn Chandler, Livery St
Fisher, Samuel, Bookbinder, , Hurst St
Fisher, Thomas, Tailor, , Hockley Hill
Fisher, Thomas, Victualler, , Canal St
Fisher, Thomas, Victualler, , Livery St
Fisher, William, Victualler, , Kenion St
Fitter, John, Butcher, , Deritend
Fitter, Thomas, Butcher, , Deritend
Fitton, Frederick, Broker, , Snowhill
Flavel, , Patten Tye Mkr, , Park St
Flemin, John, Pocket Book Lock Mkr, Pocket Book Tie Mkr, Queen St
Fletcher, Amos, Tailor, , Bartholomew Row
Fletcher, Job, Locksmith, , Thomas St
Fletcher, William, Musician, , Newhall St
Flewitt, John, Factor, Gun & Pistol Mfr, Edmund St
Flint, Thomas, Linen & Woollen Draper, , Steelhouse La
Flint, Tregent & Flint, Wholesale Stationer, , Steelhouse La
Flint, William, Woollen Draper, Tailor, Digbeth
Flersheim, Lem, Merchant, , St Paul's Sq
Flower, Samuel, Frame Mkr, , Newmarket St
Flower, Ann, Victualler, , Bread St
Fluitt, Ann & Son, Gimblet & Bit Mkr, Scribe Mkr, Digbeth
Food, Thomas, Victualler, , Woodcock St
Forbes, John, Seedsman, , New St
Ford, John, Lace Mfr, , Dale End
Ford, Mrs, Tea Urn Mfr, , New St
Forrest, & Sons, Ale & Porter Brewer, , Wharstone La
Forster, Thomas, Tailor, &c, Newhall St
Follows, George, Wood Turner, , Northwood St
Fortescue, James, Wine & Brandy Merchant, , Edgbaston St
Foster, Charles, Gun Smith, , Pritchet St
Fowell, Thomas, Ramrod Mkr, Chair Mkr, Slaney St
Fowkes, Richard, Black Toy Mkr, Ornament Mkr, Northwood St
Fox, John, Linen & Woollen Draper, , High St
Fox, Thomas, Butcher, , Bull St
Foxall, Samuel, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Lichfield St
Foxall, Thomas, Victualler, , Upper Priory St
Foxall, William, Basket &c Mkr, , Dale End
Francis, & Lee, Merchant, , Ann St
Francis, Thomas, Victualler, , Aston Row
Francis, Smith Dearman & Brunton, Eagle Foundry, , Broad St
Frncissilvester, Wharf, , Holt St
Francis, Thomas & Son, Coffin Nail Mfr, , Bradford St
Francis, William, Clock & Watch Dial Mfr, , Smallbrook St
Franks, Ann, Butcher, , Aston St
Frears, Edward, Merchant, , Summer Row
Frankish, W B, Surgeon, , Upper Temple St
Frears, Edward, Merchant, , Summer Row
Frankish, W B, Surgeon, , Upper Temple St
Free, A, Victualler, , Newton St
Free, John, Japanned Button Mould Mkr, , Church St
Freeman, John, Confectioner, , New St
Freeman, John, Copper & Brass Co, , Broad St
Freeman, Samuel, Victualler, , Livery St
Freeman, Thomas, Victualler, , Edmund St
Freer, Edward, Hop Merchant, Seedsman, Digbeth
Freer, George, Surgeon, , New St
Freer, Thomas, Druggist, Tea Dealer Oilman &c, Dale End
Freer, Rotton Lloyds & Co, Banker, , New St
Freese, George, Attorney, , Snowhill
Freeth, Job, Stair Rod Mfr, Moulding Mfr, Lower Priory
Freeth, John, Ivory Bone & Wood Turner, , King St
Freeth, B &co, Gimblet Bit & Saddlers' Tool Mfr, , Bordesley
Freeth, Elizabeth, Coffee House, , Bell St
Freeth, John, Silver And Gun Furniture Caster In General, &c, Livery St
Freeeth, Joseph, Painter & Glazier, , Little Charles St
Frith, P &co, Powder Flask Mfr, Gun Belt Mfr, Cross St & Hill St
Fretwill, William, Upholder, , Cherry St
Frost, J D &Sons, Factor, , Parade
Fulford, John, Victualler, , Dale End
Fulford, Joseph, Grocer, Maltster, Bradford St
Fulford, & Chambers, Linen & Woollen Draper, , Bull St
Fulford, Richard, Victualler, , Little Charles St
Fuller, Mary, Eating House, , Edgbaston St
Fuller, T N, Importer Of Spirits, Distiller Of Foreign Spirits, Alcester St
Fuller, T N, Merchant, , Alcester St
Fuller, A & J, Hardware & General Sale Shop, , Digbeth
Fulwood, Joseph, Engraver, , Great Charles St
Furmson, Elizabeth, Shopkeeper, , Peck La
Furmson, John, Wheelwright, Gig Mkr, Little Colmore St
Furniss, William, Shoe Mkr, , Little Charles St
Furney, Robert, Hatter, , Smithfield
Fussell, Joseph, Drawing Master, , Paradise St

[Transcribed by J.E. Lindley of College of Ripon & York St John, 9th April 1989.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]