Wrightson's Triennial Directory of Birmingham, 1818


Surnames G-N

Transcription by J.E. Lindley, c/o College of Ripon & York St John, York YO3 7EX, UK © 1989 This information is taken from Wrightson's Triennial Directory for 1818 and includes all entries. Using it you can find all its diverse trades. The copyright of the file is strictly retained (09-Apr-89). The data comprises five fields:
  • 1. Surname
  • 2. Christian name
  • 4. Principal activities
  • 5. Other activities
  • 6. Street name
A reprint of the directory was produced in 1969 by Frank Graham, 6 Queen's Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne 2 (SBN 900409 64 9) Fields are comma delimited for import to databases.

Gabriel, William, Bath Chair & Children's Carriage Mfr, Rocking Horse Mfr, Islington
Gadsby, Richard, Straw Hat Mkr, , Horse Fair
Gale, James, Basket Mkr, , Brittle St
Galton, Samuel & Asociates, Banker, , Steelhouse La
Gameson, John, Chair Mkr, , Deritend
Gammon, William, Clock & Watch Mkr, , Bull Ring
Ganderton, Francis, Tailor, , Paradise St
Gardner, Joseph, Maltster, Victualler, Church St
Gardner, William, Butcher, , Paradise St
Gardner, Paul, Victualler, , Suffolk St
Gardner, Benjamin, Trunk Mkr, , Aston Road
Gardner, Joseph, Bricklayer, , Staniforth St
Gardner, William, Pork Butcher, , Moor St
Garman, Joseph, Stirrup & Bit Mkr, , Edgbaston St
Garland, & Bridgman, Scale Beam & Steelyard Mfr, , Bull St
Garner, George, Die Sinker, , Hill St
Garner, John, Engraver, , Weaman St
Garner, John, Sack Collector, , Birchall St
Garner, S, Ironmonger, , Great Charles St
Garner, Samuel, Engraver, , Weaman St
Garnett, William, Victualler, , St Luke's St
Garside, Robert, Jeweller, , St Paul's Sq
Geast, Thomas, Surgeon, , Lionel St
Gee, , Carpenter, Joiner, Lionel St
Gem, R W, Attorney, , New St
German, Nancy, Earthen Warehouse, , Edgbaston
Gerrard, George, Jobbing Smith, , Slaney St
George, James, Metal Plater, , Water St
Gettliffe, Paul, Die Sinker, , Barr St
Gibbins, B &W, Aston Glass Works, , Aston
Gibbons, John, Shoemkr, , Camphill
Gibbs, John, Baker, , Smallbrook St
Gibbs, George, Tea Urn Mfr, , Coleshill St
Gibbs, & Co, Platers In General, , Newhall St
Gibbs, Lawrence, Hairdresser, , Temple St
Gibbs, Wm, White Metal Button Mkr, , Great Charles St
Gibson, Joseph & Co, Coachsmith, , Weaman St & Bread St
Gibson, Mary, Publican(Rose Inn), , Edgbaston St
Gibson, George & Co, Anvil Mkr, , Digbeth
Gibson, Thomas, Cabinet Mkr, Dressing Case Mkr, Prospect Row
Gibson, Thomas & Son, Iron & Steel Merchant, , Cambridge St & Digbeth
Gibson, Thomas, Painter, Glazier, King St
Gibson, William, Butcher, , Deritend Bridge
Gilbert, Joseph, Money Scale Mkr, , Staniforth St
Gilbert, John, Dyer, , Digbeth
Gilbert, Ann, Milliner, Dress Mkr, Snowhill
Gilbert, John, Plater, , Legge St
Gilbert, Thomas, Carpenter, , Bromsgrove St
Gilbert, John, Drawing School, , Great Charles St
Giles, C W, Engraver, Copper Plate Printer, Bordesley St
Gilks, Thomas, Coal Dealer, , Suffolk St
Gill, John, Cheap China Glass & Staffordshire Warehouse, , Bull St
Gill, John, Coal Dealer, , Old Wharf(Paradise St)
Gill, John, Locksmith, , Thorp St
Gill, Jonas, Attorney, , New St
Gill, , Tailor, , Hill St
Gill, Elizabeth, Gun Mkr, Sword Cutler &c, Bartholomew Sq
Gill, Hannah, Brass Founder, , Bristol St
Gill, Francis, Worsted Warehouse &c, , Bristol St
Gillins, John, Hatter, Hosier & Glover, High St
Gibson, Joseph & Co, Coachsmith, , Weaman St & Bread St
Gimblett, John, Brandy Merchant, , Ward End Nr Birmingham
Gimblett, Henry, Appraiser, Auctioneer &c, Cherry St
Gittins, Richard, Tailor, , Livery St
Glascott, Jos, Brace Bit & Gimblet Mkr, , Coleshill St
Glasgow, Robert, Carpenter, &c, Hill St
Glassup, Robert, Butcher, , Livery St
Glover, John, Wood Screw Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Glover, Samuel, Painter, Glazier &c, Dale End
Goddard, Mary, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Lower Temple St
Goddard, Joseph &co, American Merchant, , Great Charles St
Goddington, & Marshall, Brass Founder, Iron Founder, Bradford St
Godfrey, J, Mfr Of All Kinds Of Spectacles, &c, Cross St
Godfrey, Ann, Shoe Warehouse, , Digbeth
Godso, John & Co, Plater, , Ann St
Godso, John, Builder, , Great Charles St
Godrich, Wm, Corn Factor, , Crescent Wharf
Godwin, & William, Baker, , Bordesley St
Goldhnvictualler, French Plater, Steelhouse La
Good, James, Army Gilt & Plated Button Mkr, &c, Lench St
Goode, Joseph, Maltster, , New Inkleys
Goode, H, Toy Warehouse, Cutlery Warehouse, New St
Good, William, Blacking Mfr, , Bordesley
Goodrick, John, Rope Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Goodwin, George & Co, Gun Mkr, , Ann St
Goodwin, Joseph, Snuffer Mkr, , Freeman St
Goodwin, Francis, Blacksmith, , Moor St
Goodwin, T H & Co, Irish Linen Merchant, Silk Merchant & Draper, Temple Row
Gordon, John, Straw Hat Mkr, , Temple Row
Gosling, William, Shoe Mkr, , Northwood St
Gorle, John, Baker, , Bull St
Goscomb, Thomas, Jobbing Smith, , Stafford St
Goffage, William, Victualler, , Moor's Row
Gottwaltz, Miss, Post Mistress, Life Insurance & British Fire Office Agent, New St
Gough, William, Engraver, , Hall St
Gough, John, Plater, , Hurst St
Gough, John, Butcher, , High St
Gough, Joseph & Son, Button Mkr, , Constitution Hill
Goudie, Mccubbin & Wilson, Draper, , Carr's La
Gow, Sarah, Milliner, Haberdasher, New St
Grafton, Charles & Co, Wholesale Stationer & Paper Mkr, Rag Merchant, Peck La
Graham, John & Co, Linen Draper, Hosier & Laceman, Bull St
Grainger, Edward, Surgeon, , Temple Row
Gray, &Barrows, Liquor Merchant, , Spiceal St
Greasley, F, Woollen Draper, Man's Mercer, Union St
Greatbatch, Richard, Watch & Clock Mkr, , Queen St
Greatwood, Robert, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Digbeth
Greaves, Maria, Butcher, , Ann St
Greaves, Joseph, Victualler & Maltster, Gun Barrel Mfr, Tanter St
Greaves, Thomas, Spectacle Frame Mkr, , Hill St
Green, Ann, Brickmkr, , Moseley St
Green, Cox & Co, Refiner & Smelter Of Gold Silver & Sweep Metals, &c, Aston St
Green, J S, Brass Founder, Putty Mkr, Steelhouse La
Green, J, Brazier& Tinman, Furnishing Ironmonger, Bull St
Green, J, Engraver, Letter Cutter, Bull St
Green, Joseph, Plumber & Glazier, Water Closets On An Improved Plan, Bull St
Green, John, Jeweller, Factor, St Paul's Sq
Green, John, Shopkeeper, , Little Hampton St
Green, John, Butcher, , Smallbrook Tce
Green, Richard, Steel Toy Mkr, , Sand Pits
Green, Richard, Dealer In Metals, Caster In General, St Paul's Sq
Green, Thomas, Dentist, , Steelhouse La
Green, Cardale, Carriage Lamp & Lanthorn Mfr, , Horse Fair
Green, John, Maltster, Victualler, Coleshill St
Green, John, Nail Mkr, , Livery St
Greenhill, Joseph, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Livery St
Greenhill, & Clark, Ladies' Boarding School, , Edgbaston
Greenhouse, John, Carpenter, , Bread St
Greensall, John, Linen & Woollen Draper, , High St
Greensill, Thomas, Maltster, Grocer, Lichfield St
Greensill, Edward, Iron Tinned Spoon Mfr, , Lench St
Greenway, John, Victualler, Button Mkr, Edmund St
Gregg, William, Farrier, , Suffolk St
Gregg, James, Farrier, , Smithfield
Gregory,Zadoc, Builder, Brick Mkr, Aston Rd
Gregory, Edward, Shoemkr, , James St(St Paul's Sq)
Gresley, Thomas, Glass Stainer, &c, Balsall St
Grew, S &co, Brush Mkr, , Bull St
Grew, John, White & Yellow Metal & Japanned Iron Button Mkr, , Loveday St
Griffin, Charles, Victualler, , Edmund St
Griffin, Thomas, Victualler, Dealer In Horses & Corn, Snowhill
Griffin, William, Caster, Italian Iron Mkr, Bread St
Griffiths, & Nichols, Horse & Dog Collar Mkr, Gate Lock Mkr, Digbeth
Griffiths, W H, Victualler, , Thomas St
Griffiths, John, Victualler, , Little Charles St
Griffiths, Benjamin, Gun Lock Mkr, Victualler, Lichfield St
Griffiths, Jennett, Child Bed Linen Warehouse, , Worcester St
Griffiths, Theophilus, Broker, , Worcester St
Griffiths, Philip M, Jeweller, , Mary Ann St
Griffiths, Richard, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Legge St
Griffiths, Thomas, Pork Butcher, , Worcester St
Grimes, John, Victualler, , Severn St
Grimes, William, Carpenter, Joiner, Lichfield St
Grindrod, James, Wheelwright, , Aston Rd
Groom, Thomas, Locksmith, , Barford St
Groom, Thomas, Linen Draper, , Bull St
Groutage, Samuel, Glass Quicker, , Mary Ann St
Grove, & Vincent, Iron Candlesticks Mkr, , Freeman St
Grove, Daniel, Brush Mkr, , Bull St
Grove, John, Snuffer Mkr, , Oxygen St
Grove, John, Thimble Mkr, , Caroline St
Grove, James, Victualler, Maltster, Freeman St
Grove, Edward, Tailor, , Lower Temple St
Grove, John, Plated Article Mfr, , Bread St
Grove, John, Saddler, , Great Hampton St
Grove, Richard, Snuffer Mkr In General, , Windsor St
Grove, & Son, Coal & Coke Wharf, , Shadwell St
Grove, William, Thimble Mkr, , Caroline St
Grove, William, Patent Steel & Malleable Iron Founder, Harness Mkr, Lancaster St
Grove, William(2nd Entry), Bitt & Stirrup Mkr, Spur Mkr, Lancaster St
Grosvenor, Francis, Baker, , Suffolk St
Grosvenor, Richard, Victualler, , Dale End
Grosvenor, William, Joiner, Carpenter, Great Charles St
Groves, Joseph, Carpenter, , Swallow St
Gundy, Joseph, Cooper, , Carr's La
Grundy, Morris, Currier, , Moat Row
Guest, William & James, Merchant, , Navigation St
Guest, Benjamin, Factor, , Newton St & Edgbaston
Guest, John & Son, Japanner, , Navigation St
Guest, John & Son, Steel & Gilt Bead Mkr, &c, Little Hampton St
Guest, Joseph, Maltster, , Upper Priory
Gunn, Joseph, Gilt Toy Mkr, Victualler, Smallbrook St
Gunn, Henry, Baker, , Exeter Row
Gun Barrel Proof Ho, , Barrell Proof Ho For The Town Of Birmingham, , Banbury St
Guttridge, James, Victualler, , Ann St
Guy, Joseph, Academy, , Temple Row
Gyde, Charles, Engraver, , Weaman St
Hackett, Joseph, Paper Stainer, , Lichfield St
Hackney, John, Sheriff's Officer, , Bell St
Haden, James, Timber Merchant, , Shadwell St
Hadley, Benjamin, Cut Glass Mfr, Plated Cruet Frame Mfr, Crescent Rd
Hadley, Benjamin(2nd Entry), Plated Wares Mfr, Gilt Ink Stand Mfr, Crescent Rd
Hadley, Joseph, Surgeon, , Horse Fair
Hadley, Thomas &co, Merchant, Agent To Globe Insurance Office, Camden St
Hadley, William, Grocer, Corn Chandler, Livery St
Hadley, Joseph, Bone Mould Mfr, Horn & Pearl Button Mfr, Crescent Rd
Hagger, Benjamin, Tallow Chandler, Tobacconist, Upper Priory
Haines, Edward, Butcher, , Hill St
Haines, T A, Linen Draper, Silk Mercer, Bull St
Haines, Nathan, Butcher, , Weaman St
Haines, Samuel, Jeweller, Silversmith, New St
Hair, Edward E, Clock Mfr, Comb Engine Mfr, Lower Temple St
Hale, Edward, Gun Mkr, , Slaney St
Hale, Edward Thomas, Victualler, , Cock St
Halford, John, Hairdresser, , Weaman St
Halfpenny, William, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Hall, William, Boot & Shoe Mkr, Patten Mkr, Aston St
Hall, Samuel, Tailor, , Moor St
Hall, John, Salesman, , Dudley St
Hall, &Rostill, Leather Shell & Ivory Snuff Box Mfr, Ladies' Work Box Mfr, Hill St
Hall, &Rostill(2nd Entry), Etwee & Bottle Case Mfr, Caddee & Chest Mfr, Hill St
Hall, John, Butcher, , Brearley St
Hall, John, Victualler, , Park St
Hall, Joseph, Watch Mkr, , New St & Bordesley
Halliday, Samuel, Wire Drawer, Wire Worker, Newhall St & Hagley Row
Halliday, Thomas, Die Sinker, , Newhall St & Hagley Row
Hammond, Bonham(Executors Of), Button Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Hammond, Mary, Furrier, Hatter, Lichfield St
Hammond, J W, Surgeon, , Caroline St
Hammond, Turner & Sons, Button Mkr, , Snowhill
Hampton, Thomas, Mfr Of Arms To The Board Of Ordnance, Fowling Pieces &c, Legge St
Hampton, Thomas, Broker, , Dudley St
Hames, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Coleshill St
Hancock, Charles, Silversmith & Jeweller, Cu
Hancock, William, Original Plated Bead Mfr, Hinge Mkr, Barford St
Hancock, Thomas, Engraver, Printseller, Congreve St
Hancock, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Edgbaston St
Hancox, Charles, Victualler, , Park St
Handley, J & W, Wholesale Saddler, Harness & Army Accoutrement Mkr, Temple Row
Handley, J & W (2nd Entry), Trunk Mkr, &c, Temple Row
Hands, Daniel, Die Sinker, , Bath St
Hands, Isaac Jnr, Brass Founder, , Loveday St
Hands, John, Tailor, , Deritend
Hands, John, Locksmith, , St Martins' St
Hanson, Elizabeth, Hosier, Haberdasher, Bull St
Hanson, Cook & Co, Button Mkr, , Cannon St
Hanson, Mary, Spectacle Mkr, , Ann St
Hanson, Matthias, Plater, , New Meeting St
Hanson, Thomas, File Mkr, Tool Mkr, Aston Rd
Hanson, Wm, Maltster, Victualler, Great Charles St
Harbridge, John, Victualler, , Hill St
Harbridge, Ann, Victualler, , Lombard St
Harborne, & Son, Timber Merchant, , Holt St
Harborne, Richard, Ironmonger & Locksmith, Bell Hanger, Bull St
Harbone, William, Fishing Tackle Mkr, , Suffolk St
Harbone, William, Shopkeeper, , King Edward's Pl
Harcourt, James, Brass Founder, , Loveday St
Harden, M & S, Grocer, , Snowhill
Harding, & Wright, Factor, , Lancaster St
Harding, Joseph, Caster, , Lancaster St
Harding, Thomas, Spur Coach & Coach Harness Plater, , Loveday St
Hardman, John, Medal & Token Mkr, Gilt & Plated Button Mkr, Paradise St
Hardman, Ralph, Factor, General Button Mkr, Bath St
Hardman, John, Jeweller, , Weaman St & Bath St
Hardman, & Brown, Mfr Of All Kinds Of Britannia Metals, &c, Paradise St
Hardwick, Samuel, Builder, , Hill St
Hardy, Joseph & Sons, Merchant, Mfr, Sand St
Hardy, Thomas, Merchant, , Hampstead Row (Handsworth)
Hardy, Joseph &co, Cruet Frame & Inkstand Mfr, Snuffer & Caster Mfr, Mary Ann St
Harford, Joseph, Morocco Leather Dresser, , Balsall St
Harley, James, Bookseller, Appraiser & Auctioneer, Dale End
Harley, William, Patent & Other Snuffer Mfr, &c, Bartholomew St
Harlow, John, Jeweller, Gilt & Metal Toy Mkr, Hopsital St
Harlow, John, Tailor, , Snowhill
Harper, George, Corn Factor, , Great Charles St
Harper, Elizabeth, School, , Harper's Hill
Harriman, Thomas, Rule Mkr, , Loveday St
Harrington, Thomas, Straw Hat Mkr, &c, Steelhouse La
Harris, B H, Brass Founder, Button Mkr, Northwood St & St Paul's Sq
Harris, & Edmonds, Japanner, , Lancaster St
Harris, John, Surveyor, , Suffolk St
Harris, Joseph, Coach Harness Plater, Metal Worker & Barrel Mfr, Lionel St
Harris, John, Plumber, Painter & Glazier, St Paul's Sq
Harris, John, Yarn Merchant, , Upper Priory
Harris, James, Plated Steel Snuffer Mkr, Poulterer, Lichfield
Harris, Joshua, Grocer, Chandler, Smallbrook St
Harris, Thomas & John, Plain & Cut Glass Mfr, , Belmont Glass Works
Harris, Wedge & Co, Silk & Cotton Mfr, Webb Braces & Tape Mfr, Bristol St
Harris, Thomas, Grocer, , Moseley St
Harris, Thomas, Forged Hinge Mkr, , Moor St
Harris, Thomas, Linen Draper, , New St
Harris, Samue|, Confectioner, , Littlecharles St
Harris, Wiliam, Victualler, , Thomas St
Harris, William, Provision Dealer, , Little Charles St
Harris, William, Gun Lock Mkr, , Beak St
Harris, William, Blacksmith, Victualler, Smallbrook St & Windmill St
Harris, William, Victualler, , Little Charles St
Harris, William, Grocer, Corn Dealer, Suffolk St
Harris, William, Tea Warehouse, , St Paul's Sq(West Side)
Harris, John, Wholesale Nail Ironmonger, , Islington
Harrison, William & Son, Candlestick Clock Mfr, Weight & Shovel Mfr, Park St
Harrison, Wm & Son(2nd Entry), Shovel & Tongs Mfr, Brass Weight Mfr, Park St
Harrison, Samuel, Die Turner, Tool Mkr, Fazeley St
Harrison, Thomas, Grocer, , Hagley Row
Harrison, & Acton, Britannia Metal Worker, , Bull St
Harrison, Ann, Pawnbroker, , Sheep St
Harrison, John, Steel Toy Mkr, , Aston Rd
Harrison, Joseph, Steel & Gilt Toy Mkr, , Hurst St
Harrison, Joseph, Jeweller, , Great Hampton St
Harrison, Samuel, Split Ring Mkr, , Lancaster St
Harrison, Thomas, Grocer, , Weaman St
Harrison, William, Pork Butcher, , Bull St
Harrison, William, Wood Turner, , Masshouse La
Harrison, William, Spectacle Mkr, , Thorp St
Harrod, Thomas, Organist, , Ashted Row
Hart, Joseph, Cabinet Mkr, , Edgbaston St
Hart, Abraham, Victualler, , Snowhill
Hart, John, Coach Proprietor, , Paradise St
Hartell, William, Miniature Picture Frame Mfr, Fancy Cruet Frame Mfr, Ludgate Hill
Hartill, Benjamin, Cabinet Lock Mkr, , Bellmont Village
Hartle, Benjamin, Carpenter, Joiner, Bristol St
Hartley, John, Victualler, , Weaman St
Harvey, Joseph, Steel Toy Mkr, , Park St
Harwood, James, Draper, Tea Dealer, Newhall St
Harwood, Robert, Corn Factor, Maltster, Aston Rd
Harwood, Thomas, Plater, Gilt Toy Mkr, Bread St & Bath St
Haseler, William, Schoolmaster, , Charlotte St
Hasluck, & Hassall, Farrier, Blacksmith, Bull St(Bear Yard)
Hathaway, Henry, Steel Tobacco Box Mfr, Spectacle Case Mfr, Brearley St
Hathaway, James, Woollen Draper, , New St
Haughton, & Roberts, Linen & Woollen Draper, , Bull St
Hawkes, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Livery St
Hawkes, Joseph, Tray & Waiter Mkr, , London 'Prentice St
Hawkes, Samuel, Jeweller, , Great Hampton St
Hawkes, S & A, Preparatory School, , Soho Hill
Hawkes, William, Steel Snuffer Mkr, , Lombard St
Hawkes, William, Boarding House, , Easy Row
Hawkesford, William, Baker, , Inge St
Hawkesford, S & E, Ladies' School, , Hall St
Hawkesford, Thomas, Victualler, , Woodcock St
Hawkesford, Mrs, Ladies' School, , Edgbaston St
Hawkley, T W, Baker, , Bell St
Hawkley, & Finney, Town Mill, , Summer Row
Hawkesley, James, Merchant, , St Paul's Sq
Hawkesford, Catherine, Glass Stainer, , Livery St
Hawkins, Richard, Button Mkr, , Ann St
Hawkins, Richard, Locksmith, , Duke St
Hawkins, William, Button Mkr, , Edmund St
Hawley, Rev James, Clergyman, , St Peter's Pl
Hawthorn, John, Brass Founder, -, Navigation St
Haycock, Samuel, Mathematical Instrument Mkr, , Bagot St
Haycraft, Joseph, Wine & Brandy Merchant, , Union St
Hayes, Anthony, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Moor St
Hayes, Elizabeth, Grocer, , Lower Temple St
Hayes, Josiah, Japanner, Clock Dial Mfr, Snowhill
Haynes, Sarah, Victualler, , Snowhill
Haynes, Daniel, Steel Toy Mkr, , Staniforth St
Hayward, & Son, Bellows Mkr, , Snowhill
Hhaywood, C, Cooper, , Stafford St
Haywood, James, Fishing Reel Mkr, , Hill St
Haywood, John, Victualler, , Vale St
Head, Robert, Shoe Mkr, , Mount St
Heape, Elizabeth, Haberdasher, , New St
Heape, Eliz &Sons, Plumber, Glazier, New St
Heape, Charles, Plumber, Glazier, Moor St
Heape, Mary, Miniature Painter, , New St
Heath, Thomas, Stone Mason, , Coleshill St & Duddeston Row
Heath, Tyler & Danks, Wharfinger, , Great Charles St
Heath, William, Victualler, , Thorp St
Heathcote, James, Pawnbroker, , Bridge Row(Stone Yard)
Heathcote, Thomas, Gun Mkr, , Snowhill
Heaton, Ralph, Jobbing Smith, Metal Roller, Shadwell St
Heaton, Ralph(2nd Entry), Button Shank Mkr, Engine Mkr, Shadwell St
Heaton, Ralph Jnr, Die Sinker, Stamper & Piercer, Shadwell St
Hebbert, John, Watch Hand Mkr, Watch Material Mkr, Bath St
Hedges, Esther, Preparatory School, , Brearley St
Hedges, Thomas, Wholesale Grocer, , Paradise St
Hehir, John, Tailor, , Navigation St
Heighway, Chrsitopher, File Mfr, , Steelhouse La
Heeley, Daniel, Tailor, Hatter & Hosier, Spiceal St
Heeley, James, Steel Toy Mkr, Buckle Mkr &c, Great Charles St
Heeley, John & Co, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Holloway Head
Heeley, William, Plater, Victualler, Moor St
Heeley, John, Steelworker, Purse & Lock Mkr, Great Brooks St
Hemming, John, Baker, , Cheapside
Hemming, George, Victualler, , Great Brook St
Helcke, C D, Wine & Brandy Merchant, , Weaman St
Hemming, Samuel, Baker, , Cross St & Coleshill St
Hemming, Thomas, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Henderson, Alexander, Upholsterer, , Livery St
Henderson, R, Painter On Glass, , Temple Row
Hendren, Felix, Factor & Importe Of Irish Linens, , Water St & Church St
Hemus, Daniel, Pawnbroker, , Digbeth
Henn, Isaac, Factor, Wood Screw & Nail Mkr, Park St
Hendren, Felix, Factor, , Whittall St
Henshall, Thomas, Victualler, Gun Mkr, Islington Cottage
Henshaw, George, Tailor, , Cock St
Hensman, Thos, Cabinet Mkr, Upholsterer, New St
Heptinstall, & Co, File Mfr, , Ann St
Hepworth, & Davies, Builder, , Great Charles St
Herbert, Christopher, Corn Factor, Coal Dealer, Summer Row
Herbert, John, Tailor, Habit Mkr, Colmore Row
Herring, William, Plumber, Glazier, Steelhouse La
Hesketh, Esther, Plater, , Navigation St
Hesketh, Edward, Factor, , Northwood St
Hetherington, F T, Academy, , Horse Fair
Hewitt, Gideon, Orange Merchant, , High St
Hewitt, Sarah, Shoe Warehouse, , High St
Hewlet, James, Publican,(Ship & Rainbow), Bull St
Hewlet, James, Die Sinker, , Bull St
Hewson, Richard & Co, Japanner, , Lionel St
Hiatt, T G, Felons' Irons Mfr, Gate Lock Mfr, Moor St
Hickin, &Dunsford, Distiller, Importer Of Foreign Spirits, New St
Hickin, John, Victualler, , Whittall St
Hickin, Thomas, Gun Mkr, , Aston Rd
Hickman, Ann, Shopkeeper, , Great Charles St
Hickman, Henry, Die Sinker, Tool Mkr, Mary Ann S8j5ush Mkr, , Coleshill St
Hickling, Sam, Chemist, , Jennens Row
Hickling, Thomas, Silk & Beaver Hat Mfr, , Jennens Row
Hicks, P M H, Attorney, , Colmore Row
Hicks, & Soutter, Tea Urn Mfr, , New Market St
Hidson, Thomas, Jeweller, , Caroline St
Higginbottam, Francis, Butcher, , Stafford St
Higginbottam, Joseph, Broker, , Snowhill
Higginbottam, George, Pork Butcher, , Stafford St
Higginbottam, William, Butcher, , Lancaster St
Higgins, Joseph, Saddler, , Dale End
Higgins, William, Iron Tray Mfr, Frying Pan & Kitchen Furniture Mfr, Park St
Higgison, Sarah, Butcher, , William St
Higgs, Benjamin, Shoe Mkr, , Edmund St
Higton, Joseph, Derbysire Oatmeal Ealer, Cheese & Bacon Warehouse, St Martin's St
Hildick, Thomas, Edge Tool Mkr, , Alcester St
Hildick, Benjamin, Steel Toy Mkr, , Aston St
Hildreth, Joseph, Fine Plate & Banbury Locksmith, &c, Bath St
Hildreth, & Slater, Nail Mfr, , Snohill
Hill, Daniel, Plater, , Hill St
Hill, Ambrose, Wheelwright, Blacksmith, Horse Fair
Hill, Daniel, Maltster, , Cheapside
Hill, Thomas, Boot Closer, , Bromsgrove St
Hill, Edwin, Saw Mkr, Steel Busk Mkr, Fazeley St
Hill, Edward, Leather Box & Case Mfr, , Cock St
Hill, Charlotte, Ladies' School, , Lionel St
Hill, James, Lapidary, , Gough St
Hill, John, Shank Mkr, Bath Metal Solder Mkr, Bread St
Hill, John, Bayonet Mkr, Tin Plate Worker, Pritchett St
Hill, John, Pawnbroker, , Aston St
Hill, James, Spectacle Mkr, , Navigation St
Hill, Joseph, Baker, , Moland St
Hill, George, Cabinet Locksmith, , Islington
Hill, Isaac, Mfr Of Anvils Hammers Vises Tyres Traces Chains, &c, Digbeth
Hill, & Brookes, Linen & Woollen Draper, , Bull St
Hill, Hercules, Butcher, , Steelhouse La
Hill, Richard, Maltster, , Cheapside
Hill, Thomas, Victualler, , Hockley
Hill, Thomas, Victualler, , Coleshill St
Hill, Thomas Wright, Hill Top School, , Gough St
Hill, Thomas, Victualler, , Summer St
Hill, William, Packing Box Mkr, Wood Turner, Moor St
Hill, William, Gilt & Plated Button Mfr, Miniature Frame Mfr, Suffolk St
Hillier, John, Dealer In Manchester Smallwares, &c, Snowhill
Hillman, Elizabeth, Caster In General, &c, Staniforth St
Hilton, William, Cabinet Mkr, , Edgbaston St
Hinde, Thomas, Butcher, , Church St
Hinde, Ann, Eating House, , Snowhill
Hinckman, John, King Edward's School, , Hospital St
Hinksman, Jane, Dress Mkr, , Moat Row
Hinsley, Richard, Victualler, , Old Meeting St
Hinsleff, Timothy, Coach Spring Mkr, , New St
Hinton, Edward, Butcher, Brace & Pocket Book Mkr, Navigation St
Hinton, James, Brush Mkr, , Brittle St
Hinton, George, Jobbing Smith, , Lawley St & Woodcock St
Hinton, Samuel, Carpenter, Joiner, Park St
Hiorns, Ann, Baker, , Deritend Bridge
Hipkins, James, Merchant, , Cannon St
Hipkins, J, Jobbing Smith, , Great Brook St
Hipkiss, William, Plated Spoon Curb & Sugar Tongs Mfr, &c, Edmund St
Hipwood, Wm, Plater, Fancy Dog Collar & Coach Harness Mkr, Prospect Row
Hipwood, Thomas, Spectacle Mkr, , King Edward's Pl
Hitchcock, William, Blacksmith, , Deritend
Hitchen, Ann, Maltster, , Great Charles St
Hitchen, Benjamin, Victualler, , New Inkleys
Hitchen, Thomas, Victualler, , Hill St
Hobday, Elizabeth, Pawnbroker, , Bread St & Livery St
Hobday, Benjamin, Factor, , Albion House
Hobday, Edward, Original Mfr Of Best Wrought Iron Tinned Spoons, , Legge St
Hobday, & Johnson, Grocer, Pawnbroker &c, Edgbaston St
Hobday, Samuel, Bit Stirrup Spur & Snuffer Mkr, &c, Moor St
Hobday, Samuel, Iron Tinned Spoon Mkr, , Legge St
Hobday, Samuel Jnr, Engraver, Typographical Letter Cutter, Legge St
Hobday, Humphrey, Gun Furniture Mkr, , Gosta Green
Hobday, Mary, Pawnbroker, , Bread St
Hobson, Edward, Factor, Merchant, Newhall St
Hobson, Thomas, Japanner, , Camden Hill (Powel St)
Hoddinot, Wm & Co, Brass Wire Works, &c, Crescet
Hodges, Samuel, Engraver, , Steelhouse La
Hodges, Joseph, Baker, , London 'Prentice St
Hodges, Thos, Upholder, Cabinet Mkr, Dale End
Hodges, William, Compass & Pincer Mkr, , Alcester St
Hodgetts, Thomas, Victualler, , Lichfield St
Hodgkins, Elizabeth, Dress Mkr, , Colmore Row
Hodgkins, Charles, Plumber & Glazier, Painter, Snowhill
Hodgkins, J P, Factor, , Great Hampton St
Hodgkinson, John, Agent To Worcester Canal Company, , Hill Top
Hodgkinson, Samuel, Engineer, , Bath Row
Hoe, Joseph, Victualler, , Bull Ring
Holden, Hyla, Coach & Saddler's Ironmonger, , Livery St
Holden, Esther, Victualler, , Alcester St
Holden, Rev John, Clergyman, , Summerhill Tce
Holland, John, Gun Lock Mkr, , Weaman St
Holland, Thomas, Umbrella Mkr, , Bromsgrove St
Hollick, Joseph, Victualler, , Digbeth
Hollins, William, Architect, Marble Mason, Great Hampton St
Hollins, & Son, Timber Merchant, , Smallbrook St
Hollins, Thomas, Portrait Painter, , Smallbrook St
Hollins, John, Statuary, Mason, Hall St
Hollinton, John, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Digbeth
Hollingshead, William, Steel Toy Mkr, , Canal St
Hollingsworth, John, General Clothing Warehouse, , High St
Hollis, John, Iron Tinned Spoon Mfr, Plated & Brass Collar Mfr, St Mary's Row
Hollis, John(2nd Entry), Harness Mfr, Buckle Mfr, St Mary's Row
Hollis, R & W, Gun Mkr, , Bath St & Loveday St
Hollis, Luke, Victualler, , Aston Rd
Holloway, Mary, Agent, Worsted & Haberdashery Warehouse, New St
Holloway, John, Piercer & Stamper, , Moland St
Holloway, William, Publican(White Horse Inn), Coal & Coke Dealer, Friday St
Holmes, Benjamin, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Dale End
Holmes, John, China & Earthenwarehouse, , Moor St
Holmes, John, Stone & Marble Mason, , Horse Fair
Holmes, John, Baker, , Peck La
Holmes, George, Wholesale Ironmonger, Mfr Of Anvils Hammers &c, St Martin's La
Holmes, John, Baker, , Peck La
Holmes, Thomas & Palmer, File Mkr, , Deritend
Holt, Benjamin, Button Mkr, , Pritchett St
Holt, Benjamin, Japanner, Japanned Hearth Brush Mfr, Inge St
Holt, John, Brush Mkr, , Bull St
Home, John, Chemist, Druggist, High St
Homer, William, Brace Mkr, Bridle Cutter, Masshouse La
Homer, William, Snuffer, , Digby St
Homer, M, Druggist, , Livery St
Homer, John, Saddler's Ironmonger, , Colmore Row
Homer, William, Gilder, , Weaman St
Homfray, Thomas, Iron Merchant, , Broad St
Homfray, Frederick, Candlestick Bellows Pipe & Curry Comb Mkr, , Broad St
Hood, Joseph, Grocer, Chandler, Church St
Hood, Ralph, Blacksmith, , Prospect Row
Hooker, William, Chaiser Of Silver, Repairer Of Silver, Great Charles St
Hooper, T & W, Coach Harness Plater, , Duke St & Aston Road
Hope, Henry, Hatter, , High St
Hope, James, Copper Sash Mfr, , Price St
Hopkins, , Miller, , Holloway Head
Hopkins, J H, Baker, , Snowhill
Horne, & Bedson, Brass Founder, , Coleshill St
Horne, Thomas, Victualler, Hairdresser, Deritend
Horne, & Wooldridge, Brass Founder, , Bread St
Horne, William, Joiner, &c, Hill St
Horton, Abraham, Brush Mkr, , Dale End
Horton, Daniel, Gold & Silver Cutter & Polisher, , Great Charles St
Horton, George, Joiner, Carpenter, Bishopsgate St
Horton, John, Builder, , Bradford St
Horton, John, Butcher, , Digbeth
Horton, John, Mfr Of Plated Articles On Steel, Mfr Of Knives Forks &c, Fordrough St
Horton, Joseph, Hardwood Bone & Ivory Turner, , Park St
Horton, William, Stafford Boot & Shoe Warehouse, , Bull St
Horton, James, Victualler, , Hurst St
Horton, Samuel, Goldsmith & Silversmith, Jeweller, High St
Horton, Thomas, Auger Gimblet & Bit Mkr, &c, Edgbaston St
Horton, Thomas, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Snowhill
Horton, William, Coal Dealer, , Congreve St
Houghton, John, Canal Office, , Paradise St
Howes, Joseph, Baker, , Cheapside
Howes, J J Massey & Benjamin Gabb, Carrier, , Bordesley St
Howell, Wm, Gun Mkr, , Legge St & Aston Rd
Howell, John, Coal Wharf, , Aston Rd
Howle, Ann, Stamper & Piercer, , Coleshill St
Howle, James, Stamper & Piercer, Split Ring & Steel Purse Mkr, Bartholomew Row
Howlett, Francis, Shoe Mkr, , Dale End
Hubbard, Benjamin, Victualler, , Aston St
Hbard, Henry, Bricklayer, , Cross St & Hill St
Hubble, John, Bricklayer, , Edgbaston St
Hudson, Richard, Currier, , Park St
Hudson, Richard, Toy Mkr, Glass Icicle Spangle Button & Bead Mfr, St Paul's St
Hudson, William, Pocket Book Mkr, , Coleshill St
Hughes, Edward, Metal Plater, , Paradise St
Hughes, Benjamin, Merchant, Factor, Suffolk St
Hughes, James, Gilder, , Great Brook St
Hughes, James, Butcher, , Livery St
Hughes, John, Pearl Button Mkr, , Kenion St
Hughes, Joseph, Jobbing Smith, , Livery St
Hughes, Jonathan, Factor, , Steelhouse La
Hughes, H, Tinplate Worker, , Digbeth
Hughes, Richard, Paper Case Mkr, , Aston Rd
Hughes, Thomas, Die Sinker, , Upper Priory
Hughes, Thomas, Cabinet Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Hughes, Thomas, Cooper, , Bradford St
Hughes, William, Tailor, , Livery St
Hughes, William, Factor, , Edmund St
Hulin, John, Scouring Paper Mkr, , Cross St & Hill St
Hull, Charles, Gardener, , Deritend
Humphreys, Edward, Juvenile Library, , Worcester St
Humphreys, Charles, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Digby St
Humphreys, James, Military Ornament & Gilt Bead Mfr, Toy Watch Mfr, Bordesley
Humphreys, John, Rope & Twine Mfr, Flax Dresser, Digbeth
Humphreys, John(2nd Entry), Mkr Of Coke- Flour- & Bed Sacking, , Digbeth
Humphrys, John, Rope Walk, , Cheapside & Bradford St
Humphrys, Mary, Plumber & Glazier, Painter, Digbeth
Humphrys, Richard, Patten Mkr, , Bordesley
Humphrys, Thomas, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Humphrys, William, Butcher, , New St
Hunt, William &Sons, Brades Steel Co 's Warehouse, , Colmore Row
Hunt, Benjamin, Bookbinder & Stationer, Patten Card Mkr, Navigation St & High St
Hunt, Job, Engine Cutter, , Summer La
Hunt, Joseph, Steel Worker, Gilt Plated Military & Crested Button Mkr, Edmund St
Hunt, Joseph, China & Earthen Warehouse, , Great Hampton St
Hunt, Jordan William, Button Mkr, Toy Mkr, Bartholomew St
Hunt, William & Josiah, Japanner, , Edmund St
Hunt, Joseph, Commission Agent, , Moseley St
Hunt, Esther, Butcher, , Colmore St
Hunt, William, Patten Card Mkr, Hay Straw & Corn Dealer, Paradise St
Hunt, & Wright, Pawnbroker, , Peck La
Hunt, William, Wheelwright, , Great Brook St
Hunter, Andrew, Gilder In General, , Hospital St
Hunter, J A, Nursery & Seedsman, , High St & Hockley
Hunter, Thomas, Button Mkr, , Fordrough St
Hurford, John, Commercial Agent, , Upper Temple St
Hurt, Samuel, Surveyor, , Calthorp St
Hussey, J, Clock Mfr, , Upper Priory
Hutton, George, Academy, , Newhall St
Hutton, & Houghton, Plater & Mfr Of Various Articles On Steel, &c, Paradise St
Hutton, Samuel, Paper Warehouse, , High St
Hutchings, Rev William, Clergyman, , St Luke's St
Hutchings, & Trotter, Linen & Woollen Draper, , High St
Hyde, James, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Weaman St
Jabet, & Moore, Commercial Herald Publisher, Printing Office, High St
Jackson, Josiah, Locksmith, Bell Hanger, Slaney St
Jackson, John, Grocer, &c, Bordesley
Jackson, John, Cabinet Locksmith, , Pinfold St
Jackson, Josiah, Grocer, , Snowhill
Jackson, George, Victualler, , Dale End
Jackson, Mary, Stay Mkr, , Suffolk St
Jackson, Robert, Shoe Mkr, , William St
Jackson, Samuel Raikes, Button Mkr, , Livery St
Jackson, Samuel, Tortoise Shell Box Mfr, , Colmore Row
Jackson, Thomas, Wharfinger, , Holt St
Jackson, , Joiner, Carpenter, Hall St
Jackson, William, Attorney, , Great Brook St
Jackson, William, Shoe Mkr, , Moor St
Jacob, Henry, Land Surveyor, Auctioneer, Cannon St
Jacob, Sarah, Cutlery Shop, Toy Shop, Bull St
James, Christopher, Pearl Ornament Mkr, Fine Gilt Toy Mfr, Great Charles St
James, John, Victualler, , Church St
James, Elizabeth, Victualler, Steel Bead Mkr, Great Brook St
James, & Haywood, Wine & Spirit Merchant, , Great Charles St
James, & Gibbs, Plated & Brass Coach Harness Mfr, Coach Furniture Mfr, Newhall St
James, & Gibbs(2nd Entry), Bridle Bit Mfr, Stirrup & Spurs Mfr, Newhall St
James, John, Pork Butcher, , Bull St
James, Sarah, Earthen Warehouse, , Digbeth
James, J S, Accountant, General Agent, Cannon St
James, Rev John Angel, Clergyman, , Hagley Row
James, P M, Bank, , Steelhouse La
Jarratt, William, Plater, , Suffolk St
Jarvis, Joseph, Provision Warehouse, , Snowhill
Jarvis, James, Cow Keeper, , Camp Hill
Jay, Robert, Pastry Cook, , Digbeth
Iddins, John James, Timber Merchant, , Snowhill & Bath St
Imms, Walter, Victualler, , Chapel St
Jeffries, William, Chagrin & Morocco Case Mkr, , Lionel St
Jeffries, Henry, Shopkeeper, , King Edward's Pl
Jeffries, Mary, Victualler, , Cheapside
Jeffries, Edward, Cabinet Mkr, , Hurst St
Jenkins, James, General Sheffield Warehouse, , Digbeth
Jenkins, John, Victualler, , Prospect Row
Jenkins, John, Factor, Mfr, Cheapside
Jenkins, David, Silversmith, , Newtown Row
Jenkins, William, Brass Founder, , Digbeth
Jenkins, Richard, Steel & Gilt Bead Mkr, Gilt Chain Mkr, Duke St
Jenkins, William, Bookbinder, &c, High St
Jenks, Joseph, Hairdresser, , Bell St
Jenks, Edward, Bricklayer, , Suffolk St
Jenks, Thomas, Shoe Mkr, , Snowhill
Jennins, Akers & Jennins, Button & Military Ornament Mfr, , Deritend
Jennins, & Bettridge, Japanner, , Lionel St
Jennins, John, Shopkeeper, , Brooke St
Jennins, Joseph, Victualler, , Fordrough St
Jennings, J W, Factor, , Great Charles St
Jennings, Thomas, Carpenter, , Heneage St
Jervis, J H, Brass Founder, Umbrella Parasol & Furniture Mkr, Moseley St
Jerome, Joseph, Victualler, , Charlotte St
Jerome, Edward, Victualler, Boot & Shoe Mkr, Digbeth
Jerome, Samuel, Victualler, Scouring Paper&Patten Ring Mkr, Lancaster St
Jesson, Richard, Shoe Mkr, , Bordesley St
Jew, James, Victualler, Artist, Lichfield St
Jinks, Richard, Snuffer Mkr, , Livery St
Ikin, Thomas, Fringe Tassels & Bell Line Mkr, &c, Ann St
Illidge, & Son, Engraver On Glass, Apothecaries Carefully Graduated, Cherry St
Iliffe, Charles, Factor, Button Mfr, Upper Temple St
Iliffe, Sarah, Straw Bonnet Mkr, , New St
Ingall, George, Cabinet Brass Founder, , Bordesley
Ingleby, Clement, Attorney, , New St
Ingleby, John, Surgeon, , New St
Ingram, Mark, Butcher, , Digbeth
Ingram, Henry, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Bell St
Inscoe, Thomas, Hairdresser, , Suffolk St
Inston, William, Pump Mkr, , Lichfield St
Insole, George, Saddlers' Ironmonger, , King St
Joel, Daniel, Hair Silk & Ribband Watch Chain Mkr, , Hurst St
Joesbury, Daniel, Bridle Bit Mkr, , Cross St & Hill St
Joesbury, Thomas, Stirrup Mkr, , Kenion St
Joesbury, Mary, Patten Tye & Patten Mkr, , Lower Priory
Johns, William, Surgeon, , Moor St
Johns, William, Victualler, , Ashted Row
Johnson, Berry & Harris, Glass Works, , Islington Glass Works
Johnson, Eleanor, Butcher, , Lower Temple St
Johnson, James, Morocco Case Mkr, , Temple Row
Johnson, & Hobday, Grocer, Pawnbroker, Edgbaston St
Johnson, James, Steel Worker, Sword Hilt Mkr, New Inkleys
Johnson, , Coach Office, , Spiceal St(Nelson Hotel)
Johnson, B N, Sofa Mkr, Feather Beds Mkr &c, Hurst St
Johnson, Robert, Victualler, , Cross St & Coleshill St
Johnson, William, Coach Smith, , Bull St(Bear Yard)
Johnson, William, Broker, , Bromsgrove St
Johnson, & White, Glass Toy Button & Necklace Mfr, Chandelier Mfr, Great Charles St
Johnson, T & W, Linen & Woollen Draper, , High St
Johnson, & Collins, Factor, , Bath St
Johnson, John, Victualler, Pawnbroker, Little Charles St
Johnson, James, Hammer & Brace Mfr, Edge Tool Mfr, Steelhouse La
Johnson, Joseph, Fancy Dog Collar Mkr, Iron Tinned Spoon Mfr, Aston St
Johnson, Joseph(2nd Entry), Button Mkr, Wilmot's Pat Warming Pan Mkr, Aston St
Johnson, William, Grocer, , Aston St
Johnson, Thomas, Tea Dealer, , Park St
Johnson, William, Victualler, Tarpaulin Mkr, Easy Row
Johnson, Richard, Baker, , Bartholomew St
Johnstone, Edward, Surgeon, , Square & Edgbaston Hall
Johnstone, John, Surgeon, , Temple Row
Johnstone, Francis, Dancing Master, , Soho Hill
Johnstone, Thomas, Tea Dealer, , Park St
Jones, Morris, British Lace Warehouse, , Bull St
Jones, & Carter, Merchant, Factor, St Paul's Sq
Jones, David, Cabinet Lock Mkr, , Doe St
Jones, David, Leather Seller, , Bull Ring
Jones, Edward, Hatter, Hosier, New St
Jones, Edward, Tailor, , Digbeth
Jones, Francis, Shopkeeper, , Bread St
Jones, E, Ladies' School, , Great Charles St
Jones, George & Son, Builder, , Bath St
Jones, George, Phoenix Foundry, , Snowhill
Jones, Joseph, Gold Seal & Chain Mkr, Key Mkr, Church St
Jones, John, Shoe Mkr, , Church St
Jones, John, Bricklayer, , Church St
Jones, John, Pork Butcher, , Coleshill St
Jones, John, Blacksmith, , St Martin's Pl
Jones, Isaiah, Jobbing Smith, , Edmund St
Jones, Wm, Caster, Victualler, Weaman St
Jones, William, Butcher, , Livery St
Jones, Thomas, Cut Glass Mfr, , Snowhill
Jones, Shelton & Co, Timber Merchant, , Water St
Jones, Elizabeth, Grocer, , Monmouth St
Jones, William, Mfr Of Cat Gut For Music, Whip Mfr &c, Edgbaston St
Jones, Thomas, Collar & Harness Mkr, , Edgbaston St
Jones, William, Bellows Mkr, , Oxford St
Jones, William, Butcher, , Dale End
Jones, William, Builder, Building Surveyor, New Town Row
Jones, William, Jeweller, , Great Hampton St
Jones, Thomas, Publican(Swan Tavern), , Temple Row
Jones, Jonathan, Whitesmith, , Moseley St
Jones, William, Trunk Mkr, Paper Box Mkr, New St
Jones, William, Bricklayer, , Church St
Jones, Samuel, Baker, , Water St
Jones, John, Bricklayer, , Newhall Row
Jones, Wm, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Gough St
Jones, Wm, Victualler, , Moor St
Jones, John, Gun Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Jones, T A, Soho Hill Academy, , Soho Hill
Jones, Thomas, Victualler, , Cannon St
Jones, Thos, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Digbeth
Jones, Thomas, Victualler, Picture Frame Mkr, Bradford St
Jones, Hugh, Schoolmaster, , New Meeting St
Jones, Aaron, Victualler, , Bromsgrove St
Jones, Richard, Tailor, , Church St
Jones, William, Engraver, , Sand St
Jones, John & Co, Mfr Of Guns Of All Descriptions, &c, Whittal St
Jones, & Barker, Brass Founder, Coffin Furniture Mfr, Lichfield St & Weaman St
Jones, & Barker(2nd Entry), Military Ornament Mfr, Lamp Mfr, Lichfield St & Weaman St
Jones, Edward, Tailor, , Queen St
Jones, Thomas, Tailor, , Easy Row
Jones, Thomas, Carver & Gilder, Looking Glass & Picture Frame Mkr, Alcester St
Jones, Thomas, Iron Founder, Stove Grate Mfr, Bradford St
Jones, Thomas, Engraver On Gold Silver Glass & Metals, , Duke St
Jones, Edward, Tailor, , Sand St
Jones, Richard, Shoe Mkr, , Church St
Jones, Mary, Straw Bonnet Mkr, , Queen St
Jones, Edward, Poulterer, , Worcester St
Jones, Ann, Clothes Dealer, , Bell St
Jones, William, Gun & Pistol Mkr, , Lichfield St
Jones, & Edmonds, Brass Founder, Lamp Chandelier Mfr, Aston Rd
Jordan, Henry, Confectioner, Pastry Cook, Snowhill
Jordan, William, Victualler, , St Martin's La
Jorden, J S, Patent Metallic Hot House Mfr, , Great Charles St & Camden End
Jorden, Benjamin, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Dale End
Jorden, John, Victualler, , Livery St
Jorden, Thomas, Plater, , Bordesley St
Ireland, Sarah, Boarding School, , Temple Row
Ireland, William, Frying Pan Mkr, Patten Ring Mkr, Cheapside
Ironmonger, William, Carpenter, , Pritchet St
Josephs, Sarah, Lamp Cotton Wick Mfr, , Dudley St
Josephs, William, Gun Mkr, , Camden St
Jowett, Joseph, Periodical Bookseller, , Wharf St
Jukes, John Senr, Plater, Button Mkr, New St
Juxon, A & L, Child Bed Linen Warehouse, &c, Temple Row
Juxon, Charles, Brass Founder, , Paradise St
Izon, Thomas, Merchant, , Steelhouse La
Izon, E, Dress Mkr, Pelisse Mkr, Lower Priory
Kaines, Timothy, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Kay, Samuel, Victualler, , Fleet St
Kay, William, Accountant, , Constitution Hill(St Luke's Row)
Kay, William, Corn Dealer, , Worcester Wharf
Keay, Charles, Accountant, , Little Hampton St
Keay, William, File & Tool Mfr, , Bordesley St
Keeling, Mary, Brickmkr, , Bordesley
Keeling, Thomas, Japanner, Clock Dial Mkr, Great Hampton St
Keen, Samuel, Jobbing Smith, Tool Mkr, Park St
Keene, J W, Merchant, Factor, Moland St
Keirle, James, Fishmonger, , Bull St
Kempson, & Lea, Albion Mill, , Lionel St
Kempson, John, Land Surveyor, Auctioneer, Parade
Kempson, John, Timber Merchant, , Saturday Bridge
Kempson, & Son, Patent Floor Cloth Mfr, , Constitution Hill
Kempson, Peter, Steel Toy Mkr, , Great Chles St
Kempson, & Son, Button & Medal Mfr, , Little Charles St
Kempster, Charles, Victualler, , Thorp St
Kendall, R & A, Dress Mkr, , Castle St
Kendall, John, Brazier & Tinman, Coffin Plate Mkr, Digbeth
Kendall, Joseph, Bone Turner, Brush Mkr, Lombard St
Kendrick, Phineas, Locksmith, , Livery St
Kendrick, J, Academy, , Horse Fair
Kendrick, John, Bellows Mkr, , Whittall St
Kendrick, Joseph, Coal Dealer, , Aston Rd
Kennedy, Rev Rann, Free School, , New St
Kenning, Mrs, School, , Bradford St
Kent, Abraham, Lapidary, Glass Cutter, Bradford St
Kent, Richard, Lapidary, , Warwick St
Kentish, Rev John, Clergyman, , Woodlands
Kerby, Abraham, Victualler, , Coventry St
Kerry, Dryden, Miniature Painter, , Little Charles St
Kertland, & Parker, Curb Mkr, Plated Wire Worker, Navigation St
Ketland, William & Co, Gun & Pistol Mfr, , Whittall St & Steelhouse La
Ketland, & Ryding, Merchant, , New St
Ketland, Walker & Adams, Gun Mkr, , Whittall St
Kettle, Mary, Circulating Library, , Islington Row
Kettle, William, Button Mkr In General, Mfr Of Military Stocks &c, Suffolk St
Kettle, William(2nd Entry), Shoe Clasp &Sleeve Links, Pewter Toy Watches, Suffolk St
Kettle, Thomas, Gilt Toy Mkr, Factor, Suffolk St
Keys, & Hadden, Importer Of Foreign Wines & Spirits, , Cherry St
Key, Misses, Ladies' School, , Great Brook St
Key, William, Butcher, , Coleshill St
Kidman, Charles, Surgeon, , Bradford St
Kilvington, Christopher, Cotton Dealer, &c, Cock St
Kimberley, James, Factor, , Mary St
Kimberley, Benjamin, Pawnbroker, , Lancaster St
Kimberley, W & T, Builder, , Essex St
Kimberley, George, Schoolmaster, , Dean St
Kimberley, Lucy, Free School, , Bromsgrove St
Kindon, James, Dealer In Metals & Agent To John Freeman & Copper Co, , Broad St
Kindon, James(2nd Entry), Royal Exchange Assurance Office, , Broad St
King, James, Oil & Colourman, , Navigation St
King, James, Wire Worker, , Navigation St
King, Mrs, Navigation School, , Lady Wood Lane
King, Thomas, Grocer & Tea Dealer, Chandler, High St
King, William, Victualler, , Deritend
King, William, Hat Mkr, , Deritend
Kirby, Joseph, Jeweller, , Northwood St
Kirby, Thomas, Gilder In General, , Colmore St
Kirke, Mary, Hairdresser, , Hill St
Kirton, Richard, Victualler, , Parade
Knight, John, Confectioner, , New St
Knight, Joseph, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bromsgrove St
Knight, Joseph, Glover, , Bull St
Knight, Henry, Butcher, , Great Charles St
Knight, Henry, Butcher, , Smallbrook St
Knight, Sarah, Bleeder With Leeches, , Coleshill St
Knight, Thomas, Butcher, , Steelhouse La
Knight, William, Salt & Corn Warehouse, , Spiceal St
Knott, Thomas Jnr, , Printer, High St
Knowles, Thomas, Victualler, , Staniforth St
Knowles, G B, Surgeon, , Great Hampton St
Knowles, William, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bradford St
Lacey, John, London Tea & Coffee Mart, , Union St
Lacey, Thomas, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Great Hampton St
Laithwaite, John, Publican,(Roe Buck Tavern), Church St
Lakin, J & Sons, Tanner, , Bordesley
Lamb, John, Cooper, Packing Case & Box Mkr, Worcester St
Lamb, Thomas, White Metal Button Mkr, , Lawley St
Lamb, William, Maltster, , Snowhill
Lambeth, Ralph, Baker, , Bromsgrove St
Lambley, A & Co, Portable Writing Desk Mfr, Ladies' Work Case Mfr, Moseley St
Lander, Richard, Coffin Nail & Tack Mfr, Malleable Iron Mfr, Slaney St
Lander, Thomas, Japanner, , Cross St & Hill St
Lander, Charles, Gun Lock Mkr, , Steelhouse La
Lander, James, Plater In General, , Bartholomew Row
Lane, James, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Congreve St
Lane, John Noxon, Grocer & Druggist, Varnish Mkr, Bull St
Lane, John, Victualler, , Suffolk St
Lane, Miss, Ladies' School, , New John St
Lane, Thomas, Broker, , Worcester St
Lane, Thomas, Schoolmaster, , Bromsgrove St
Lane, & Smith, Brass Foundry, Mfr Of Brass & Plated Fire Irons, Little Charles St
Lane, Joseph, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Alcester St
Lane, , Straw Hat Mkr, , Bromsgrove St
Lane, Thomas, Gold Beater, , Barr St(Hockley)
Lane, William, Broker, , Worcester St
Lane, William, Dealer In Iron, Spur Mkr In General, Bell St
Langford, William, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Church St
Langford, James, Painter, Glazier, Price St
Langham, James, Steel Spactacle Box & Tobacco Box Mkr, Charger Mkr, Duddeston St
Langley, John, Steel Button Mkr, , Hospital St
Latchford, Joseph, Button Mkr, , Edmund St
Latchford, Joseph Junr, Brass Founder, , Edmund St
Latham, Thomas, Jeweller, , Buck St
Latham, Edward, Academy, , Old Meeting St
Laugher, Charles & James, Ironmonger, , Lionel St
Laugher, Thos &Son, Merchant, Vitriol Aquafortis & Colour Mfr, Islington & Summer La
Laurent, John, French Teacher, , Livery St
Law, John, French Plater, , Navigation St
Law, Richard, Plater, Spur Mkr, Hill St
Law, Thomas, Die Sinker, Stamper, Snowhill(Indian Queen)
Lawden, Thomas, Hosier, , Great Hempton St
Lawley, Robert, Painter, Glazier, Lancaster St
Lawrence, John, Silversmith, , Frederick St Harper's Hill
Lawrence, John & Son, Furrier, Leather Dresser, Digbeth
Lawrence, Michael, Angle Rod & Stick Mfr, , Bull St
Lawrence, Richard, Victualler, , Beak St
Lawrence, Samuel, Japanner, , Caroline St
Lawrence, Thos, Packing Box Mkr, , Little Charles St
Layfield, William, Coach Lace Mkr, , Coleshill St
Laws, Joseph, Bleeder With Leeches, , Steelhouse La
Lawson, Christopher, Pastry Cook, Confectioner, Bull St
Llea, R H, Gilt Toy Mkr, Umbrella Mkr, Bordesley
Lea, Abraham Jnr, Architect, Builder, Sheep St
Lea, & Coney, Button Mkr, , Edmund St
Lea, & Clark, Silversmith, , Newhall St
Lea, Thomas, Builder, , Alcester St
Lea, Richard, Currier, , Freeman St
Lea, William, Grocer, Tea Dealer, High St
Lea, William, Victualler, , Snowhill
Leather, John, Victualler, , Holt St
Leather, William, Pawnbroker, , Snowhill
Leaver, William, Plumber, Glazier &c, Coleshill St
Lebas, Charles, Copper Plate Printer, , Barford St
Lebon, Joseph, Provision Warehouse, , Snowhill
Ledbrook, Thomas, Maltster, , Hill St
Ledsam, Vale & Wheeler, Mfr Of Jewellery Gold Silver Gilt Articles, &c, Newhall St
Ledsam, John, Surgeon, , Paradise St
Ledsam, Thomas & Sons, Button Brass & C Nail & Ring Mfr, &c, Great Charles St
Lee, & Son, Attorney, , Newhall St
Lee, George, Iron Dealer, , Bradford St
Lee, Henry, Surgeon, , New St
Lee, John, Builder, , Park St
Lee, & Stewart, Steel & Iron Warehouse, , Suffolk St
Lee, James, Brazier, Tinman, Digbeth
Lee, George, Fancy Plater, , Park St
Lees, Joseph, Grocer, Pocket Book Mkr, Summer Row
Lees, John, Blacksmith, , Aston St
Lees, Thomas, Caster & Snuffer Mkr, , Banbury St
Le Chevalier, S F L, French & Italian Academy, , Exeter Row(Ellis St)
Leeson, William, Tool Chest Mkr, &c, Little Hampton St
Legge, John, Builder, , Lionel St
Legge, Samuel, Brazier, , Allison St
Leighton, Samuel, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Moor St
Leigh, C & H, Dress Mkr, , Edmund St
Leonard, & Co, Fillagree & Button Mkr, Gilt Toy Mkr, Great Charles St
Leonard, W Jnr (Later Robbins), Iron Tinned Spoon Mkr, , Vauxhall St
Le Roux, Rev William, Teacher Of Languages, , Cannon St
Lesson, William, Tailor, , Duddeston St
Le Vasseur, Rev P C, French Teacher, , Temple St
Levi, C & N, Pencil & Quill Mfr, , Colmore St
Lewis, Jesson, Victualler, Jeweller, Holt St
Lewis, Joseph, Shoe Mkr, , Snowhill
Lewis, & Tomes, Merchant, , Regent Pl
Lewis, Miss, Ladies' School, , Cheapside
Lewty, John, Merchant, Brass Founder, Great Brook St
Lightfoot, John, Merchant, , Dudley St
Lightwood, S, Lapidary, Jeweller, Price St
Lilly, Edward, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Woodcock St
Lilly, Joseph, Plater Of Curbs Spoons, &c, Fordrough St
Lilly, & Co, Toy Mkr, , St Paul's Sq
Lilly, John, Plater, Military Ornament Mfr, St Paul's Sq
Lillington, J B, Hatter, Glover, Steelhouse La
Lillington, A S, Iron Master, , Edgbaston St
Line, John, Brass Founder, , Sheep St
Lines, , Drawing Academy, , Newhall St
Lines, John, Confectioner, Pastry Cook, Steelhouse La
Ling, John, Carrier, , Dale End
Lingard, Edward, Jobbing Smith, , Snowhill
Lingard, William, Patent Shoe Latchet & Purse Spring Mkr, , Cock St
Linney, , Teacher,(King Edward's School), Camden St
Linwood, William, Merchant, , Crescent
Linwood, Matthew, Jeweller, Silversmith, Newhall St
Linwood, Matthew(2nd Entry), Buckle & Latchet Mkr, Plater, Newhall St
Linwood, Matthew(3rd Entry), Military Ornament Mkr, Gilt Toy Mkr, Newhall St
Linwood, Matthew(4th Entry), Tortoiseshell Boxes, Min Picture Frames, Newhall St
Linwood, John, Tea Urn Mfr, Plated Coach Harness Furniture Mfr, St Paul's Sq
Linwood, John(2nd Entry), Saddlery Mfr, Vertical Jack Mfr, St Paul's Sq
Linwood, John(3rd Entry), Brass Stair Rod Mfr, Chair Moulding Mfr &c, St Paul's Sq
Litchfield, Joseph, Shopkeeper, , Suffolk St
Litchfield, Joseph, Victualler, , Bordesley
Litchfield, Samuel, Tailor, Salesman, Lichfield St
Little, Robert P, Gun Mkr, , St Paul's Sq
Littler, James, Tailor, , Bartholomew Row
Llewellin, Robert, Draper & Tailor, Salesman, Worcester St
Lodge, William, Eating House, , Digbeth
Lloyd, John, Tobacco & Snuff Mfr, , High St
Lloyd, James, Locksmith, , Livery St
Lloyd, Hancorne & Willoughby, Britannia Nail Mfr, ,-
Lloyd, Mary, China Glass & Earthen Warehouse, , Dale End
Lloyd, Richard, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bull St
Lloyd, Richard, Fellmonger, , Balsall St
Lloyd, Samuel, Hairdresser, , Bread St
Lloyd, Samuel, Blacksmith, , Smithfield & Bradford St
Lloyd, Thomas, Victualler, , Bell St
Lockett, John, Victualler, , Lench St
Lomos, William, File & Tool Warehouse, , Price St
Lomax, William, Pocket Book Mkr, , New St
Lomax, James, Pocket Book Mkr, &c, Navigation St
Long, William, Bricklayer, , Wood St
Longfield, Robert, Coach Spring Mkr, , Stafford St
Longmore, & Fairfax, Brass Founder, Mfr Brass Rings For Clock Dials, St Mary's Row
Longmore, , Victualler, Auctioneer & Appraiser, Aston St
Longmore, Thomas, Engraver, , Great Charles St
Longmore, Josiah, Victualler, , Livery St
Lord, Samuel, Baker, , John St
Lort, William & Son, Elastic Steel Truss Mkr To General Hosptl, &c, Lancaster St
Lort, William & Son(2nd Entry), Instruments For Distorted Limbs, &c, Lancaster St
Lort, William, Hosier, Haberdasher, Dale End
Lort, William, Improved German & English Glaziers' Vice Mkr, , Lancaster St
Loughton, S S, Straw Hat Mkr, , Colmore St
Lovell, & Juxon, Agent To Norwich Union Life & Fire Office, , Paradise St
Loveridge, John, Baker, , Hill St
Loveridge, Samuel, Provision Warehouse, , Staniforth St
Lovegrove, Stephen, Grocer, , Hockley
Lowe, Edward & Benjamin, Merchant, , Snowhill
Lowe, Charles, Carpenter, Joiner, Queen St
Lowe, John, Stirrup Mkr, , Bow St
Lowe, John, Bookseller, Music Warehouse, Union St
Lowe, John, Attorney, , Bordesley(Ravenhurst)
Lowe, Richard, File Cutter, , Bordesley
Lowe, Robert, Copper Plate Engraver, , Union St
Lowe, Samuel, Attorney, Master Extraordinary In Chancery, Paradise St
Lowe, Samuel, Glass Stainer, Painter In Vitrified Colours, Handsworth
Lowe, Thomas, Fishmonger, , Cherry St
Lowe, William, Coach Brass Founder, Plater, Bartholomew St
Lowell, Benjamin, Pocket Book Mkr, , Newhall St
Lowis, Thomas, Slater, , Summer Row
Lownds, Thomas, Coal & Brick Wharf, , Pritchet St
Loxton, Samuel, Japanner, , Exeterrow
Lucas, J P, Auctineer & Appraiser, Commissioner For Taking Special Bail, High St
Lucas, James, Pipe Mkr, , Edmund St
Lucas, Thomas & Co, Jobbing Smith, , Dale End
Lucas, William, Pipe Mkr, , Constitution Hill
Luckcock, James, Goldsmith, , St Paul's Sq & Harper's Hill
Luckcock, William, Bricklayer, , Hill St
Luckcock, William, Coal Dealer, , Princep St
Luckett, William, Steel Toy Mkr, , Peck La
Ludford, Samuel, Corn Chandler, , Aston Rd
Luckman, Peter, Ivory & Bone Turner, , Bradford St
Ludlow, Thomas, Butcher, , Dale End
Ludlow, Thomas, Tailor, , Lancaster St
Ludlow, William, Butcher, , Dale End & Moor St
Lutwyche, Elizabeth, Milliner, , Snowhill
Lycett, Joseph, Carpenter, , Cherry St
Lyndon, Joseph, Publican,(Minerva Tavern), Peck La
Lyon, Jonathan, Pipe Mkr, , Severn St
Lyon, Lewis, Pawnbroker, , Dudley St
Lyons, Abraham, Broker, , Bell St
Mace, John, Coal Dealer, , Islington
M'Gaa, Mrs, Dress Mkr, , Carr's La
Macefield, John, Plater, , Navigation St & St Martin's Pl
Machin, Charles, Victualler, , Steelhouse La
Mackaness, Edward, Victualler, , Steelhouse La
Mackay, William, Bridle Cutter, , Old Meeting St
Mackenzie, William, Cooper, Packing Case Mkr, Loveday St
Macky, James, Pipe Mkr, , Coventry St
Madison, William, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Cheapside
Maddocks, James, Copper Plate Printer, , Livery St
Magenis, John, Coach Harness Plater, , Branston St
Magenis, Thomas, Plater, , Lionel St
Mcturk, John, Draper, , Moor St
Mcturk, Robert, Draper, , Moor St
Mainwaring, A P, Attorney, , Cannon St
Male, George Edward, Surgeon, , Newhall St
Malins, , Patent Shoe Latchet Mfr, Gilt Toy Mfr, Little Charles St
Malins, David, Brass Founder, , Great Charles St
Mallet, & Falkner, Ladies' Boarding School, , Crescent
Malone, William, Tailor, , Whittall St
Manly, John, Patent Shoe Latchet Mfr, &c, Newton St
Mann, Joseph, Button Mkr, Gilt Toy Mkr, Great Charles St
Mannison, Thomas, Spoon Mkr, , Alliston St
Mansell, Thomas, Shoe Mkr, , Union St
Mapp, John, Refiner, , Bromsgrove St
Marchant, Peter, Plated Wire Drawer, , Thorp St & Hagley Row
Mare, William, Engineer To Birmingham Canal Co, , Summer Row
Marindin, & Abick, Merchant, , Great Charles St
Markin, William Nathan, Attorney, , Moor St
Markland, & Co, Plater, , Sand St
Marklew, Edward, Victualler, Steel Toy & Chain Mkr, Caroline St
Marklew, Edward, Tailor, , Whittall St
Marlow, John, Stay Mkr, , Bromsgrove St
Marlow, Gibbins, Broker, , Steelhouse La
Marrian, Francis, Victualler, , Buck St
Marsh, Joseph, Victualler, , Bond St
Marsh, Thomas, Victualler, Fender Mkr, Oxford St
Marshall, James, Plumber, Glazier &c, Great Charles St
Marshall, John, White Metal Button Mkr, , Summer La
Marshall, William, Jeweller, , Woodcock St
Marston, Elizabeth, Publican,(White Hart Inn), Digbeth
Marston, Job & W, Painter, Glazier, Monmouth St
Marston, Jog & W (2nd Entry), Plumber, Self Acting Closet Pump Mfr, Monmouth St
Martin, Thomas &co, Printing Ink Mfr, , Alliston St
Martin, Thomas, Caster In General, , Snowhill
Mrtyn, James, Victualler, , Dale End
Martin, Thomas, Master Of The National School, , Colmore Row
Masgrove, John, Caster In General, Bell Founder, Summer Row
Masgrove, John(2nd Entry), Clock Movements, &c, Summer Row
Mason, C & S, Factor, , Temple St
Mason, John, Button Mkr, , New Town Row
Mason, William Wallis & Sons, Merchant, , Broad St
Mason, Lawley & Jones, Brass & Iron Founder, , Bromsgrove St
Mason, Henry, Engraver, , Ann St
Mason, Ann, Register Office, , Steelhouse La
Massey, J, Hat Mkr, , Inge St
Massey, Robert, Agent, , Great Brook St
Masters, Elizabeth, Dress Mkr, , Lower Priory
Matchett, Sophia, Shopkeeper, , Northwood St
Mathewman, M, Hair Merchant & Hairdresser, Seedsman, Ludgate Hill
Mathews, Edward, Shopkeeper, , Coleshill St
Mathews, Elizabeth, Dress Mkr, , Temple Row
Mathews, John, Telescope Hearth Brush Mfr, Toasting Fork Mfr &c, Steelhouse La
Mathews, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Mathews, William, Carpet Furniture & Upholstery Warehouse, , New St
Maudsley, John, Attorney, Master Extraordinary In Chancery, Temple St
Maullin, & Co, Merchant, , Friday Bridge
Maullin, William, Tinplate Worker, , Great Charles St
Maunton, Thomas, Tailor, , Deritend
Mavity, Joseph, Brush Mkr, , Church St
Maxwell, Henry, Spur Mkr, , Gough St
May, Daniel, Thimble Mkr, , Constitution Hill
May, Joseph, Factor, , Northwood St
Mayo, Samuel, Sword Cutler, , High St
Mayo, Samuel, Liquor Merchant, , Worcester St
Maylett, Thomas, Carrier To Kidderminster & Bewdley Tues &Fri, , New St
Mayston, Thomas, Auger Mkr, Locksmith, Old Inkleys
Mears, John, Gilt Chain Cock Spur & Toy Mkr, , Duke St
Mears, John, Cabinet Mkr, , Duddeston St
Mears, Thomas, Clothes Dealer, &c, Colmore St
Mears, Mary, Butcher, , Prospect Row
Mears, John, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Woodcock St
Mealing, George, Whip Mkr, , Northwood St
Meeke, William, Flour Dealer, &c, Edgbaston St
Meeson, John, Patten Mkr, , Coleshill St
Meeson, & Grove, Tutania & Pewter Spoons Mfr, &c, Prospect Row
Mellin, Ann, Victualler, , Navigation St
Melloney, Charles, Bag & Bed Sacking Warehouse, , Philip St
Meredith, & Clinton, Varnish Mkr, , Lionel St
Meredith, Henry, Factor, , St Paul's Sq
Meredith, John, Attorney, , Square
Meredith, John, Hairdresser, , Congreve St
Merry, J & H, Picture Frame Mfr, Military Ornament Mfr, Cherry St
Merry, Richard, Grocer, Tea Dealer, High St
Messenger, Benjamin, Gun Lock Mkr, , Steelhouse La
Messenger, & Phipson, Brass Founder, , Broad St
Mewis, William, Grocer, Tea Dealer, High St
Michael, Rachel, Pawnbroker, , Bordesley St
Middemore, Richard, Bridle Cutter, Army Accoutrement Mkr, Navigation St
Middleton, John, Boot & Shoe Mkr, Patten Mkr, Digbeth
Middleton, Edward, Woollen & Linen Draper, Haberdasher, Bull St
Middlam, John, Victualler, Wood Turner, Church St
Milborn, Aaron, Confectioner, , Dale End
Miles, Richard, Maltster, , Birchall St
Mills, Benjamin, Bookbinder, , Bartholomew Row
Mills, John, Baker, , Gosta Green
Mills, James(Trustees Of), Metal Rolling Mill, , Newhall St
Mills, Joseph & Co, Mfr Of Plated & Rolled Metals, , New St
Mills, William, Jeweller, , Kenion St
Mills, William, Tailor, , Lionel St
Mills, R, Drawing Academy, , Needless Alley
Mills, George, Wood Turner, , Cheapside
Milligan, E, Milliner, Dress Mkr, Dale End
Milligan, R J, Hairdresser, &c, Dale End
Millington, William, Publican,(Summer Hill Tavern),-
Millward, Edward, Maltster, Victualler, Lichfield St
Millward, , Tutania Spoon & Britannia Tea Pot Mfr, Dealer In All Metals, Bell St
Millward, John, Tailor, , Ann St
Millward, Joseph, Wire Worker, , Aston St
Millward, & Burley, Steel Toy Mkr, , Duke St
Millward, William, School, , Swallow St
Millward, William, Gilder On Metals, Ormolu & Colours &c, Fordrough St
Millward, John, Straw Hat & Platt Mfr, , Ann St
Millward, Thos, Iron Pipe Mkr, Saucepan Handle Mkr &c, Weaman St
Mining & Copper Co, , Metal Company, , Cherry St
Minshull, , Ivory & Bone Turner, , Lombard St(Deritend)
Minshull, William, Ivory & Bone Turner, , Digbeth
Minshull, William, Tailor, , Freeman St
Minshull, John, Clock Dial Mkr, , Cheapside
Mitchell, William, Jobbing Smith, , Hill St
Mitton, Richard, Colour Mkr, , Dean St
Mitton, William, Paper Stainer, , Barford St
Moates, S W, Tobacco & Snuff Mfr, , Bull St
Mobbs, George, Victualler, , Chapel St
Mogridge, M G & G, Mfr Of Japanned Wares, , Loveday St
Moilliet, J L, Merchant, , Newhall St
Mole, William, Victualler, , Price St
Mole, & Day, Brass Founder, Lamp Mfr, Bartholomew St
Mole, William, Brass Founder, Bronze Lustre & Lamp Mfr, Bartholomew St
Mole, Thomas, Attorney, , Moor St
Molesworth, Thomas, Cabinet Mkr, Upholsterer &c, Dale End
Moore, John, Jeweller Gold & Silver Watch Mfr, Metal Watch Hand Mfr, Caroline St
Moore, John(2nd Entry), Glass Toy & Bead Mfr, Miniature Frame Mfr, Caroline St
Moore, Charles, Tailor, , Suffolk St
Moore, Joseph & Co, Button Mkr, , Mount St
Moore, E T, Commission Agent, Merchant, Edmund St
Moore, Thomas, Publican,(New Inn), Bromsgrove St
Moore, William, Plater, , Bristol St
Moore, Thomas, French Plater, Tea Urn Cock Mkr, Hospital St
Moore, Wm, Stamper & Piercer, Rib Forger, Duke St
Moore, Jacob, Nurseryman & Seedsman, , Warstone La
Moore, James, Victualler, , Constitution Hill
Moore, John, Patten Mkr, , Moor St
Moore, Wm, Cooper, Sieve Bottom Mkr, Aston St
Moore, John, Silversmith & Plater, Cruet Frame Mfr, Great Charles St
Moore, Obediah, Surgeon, Occulist, Russell St
Moore, William, Stair Rod Mfr, Chair Moulding Mfr, Old Inkleys
Moore, Rev Henry, Clergyman, , Bellmont Row
Moore, Rev John, Clergyman, , Smallbrook St (St Martin's Parsonage)
Moore, Thomas, Jeweller, , Duke St
Moore, Thomas, Plated & Brass Pencil Case Mkr, , Mount St
Moore, Anne, Earthen Warehouse, , Union St
Morecroft, Hannah, Tea Dealer, , Islington Row
Moorwood, Edward, Butcher, , Dale End
Molineaux, Michael, Grocer, &c, Snowhill
Morley, John, Wood Turner, , Queen St
Morgan, George, Plater, Saddle Nail Mkr, Lionel St
Morgan, George(2nd Entry), Ornament Mkr, , Lionel St
Morgan, John, Wheelwright, , Bradford St
Morgan, Rev, Clergyman, , Paradise St
Morgan, Thomas, Coal Dealer, , Vale St
Morgan, Sarah, Worsted Spinner, , Smallbrook St
Morgan, William, Jobbing Smith, Jack Mkr, Bordesley St
Morris, James, Baker, , Summer La
Morris, I, Camel Hair Pencil & Brush Mfr, Superfine Cake Colour Mfr, Thorp St
Morris, Samuel, Stamper, Piercer, Hill St
Morris, Samuel, Bridle & Brace Mkr, , Gough St
Morris, Martha, Confectioner, , Church St
Morris, Richard, Bricklayer, , Church St
Morris, Richard, Wire Drawer, , Oxford St
Morris, Sarah, Straw Bonnet Mkr, , Worcester St
Morris, Thos, Tool Mkr, Steel Dealer, Lichfield St
Morris, William, Rule Mkr, , Summer Row
Morris, William, Die Sinker, , Charlotte St
Morris, William, Builder, Surveyor &c, Aston Rd
S'Onathan, Lace Mfr, , Bull St
Mortimer, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Lower Temple St
Morton, Eli, Japanner, , Bath St
Morton, John, Fancy Button Worker, , Mount St
Morton, J R, Gilt & Black Bracelet Mfr, Tube Snap Mfr, Moland St
Morton, J R (2nd Entry), Gilt Toy Mkr, &c, Moland St
Morton, Richard, Surgeon, , Church St
Morton, Samuel, Victualler, , Newton St
Moseley, Benjamin, Gilt Toy Mkr, , New St
Moseley, Diana, Pawnbroker, , Church St
Moseley, James, Wire Fender Mkr, , Hill St
Moseley, Jospeh, Fancy Gilder, Sword Hilt Mkr, Newton St
Moseley, Moses, Pawnbroker, , New St
Moss, William, Plane Mfr, Tool Chests Mfr, Cannon St
Moss, Wm (2nd Entry), Cabinet Mkr's & Coopers' Brace & Bit Mfr, , Cannon St
Motteram, Elizabeth, School, , Alcester St
Motteram, Charles, Plated Wire Drawer, &c, Edmund St & Edgbaston
Mottram, John, Carrier, , Park St
Moushall, John, Ivory & Bone Turner, , Bromsgrove St
Moushall, Thomas, Ivory & Bone Turner, , Bradford St
Mousley, John, Butcher, , Constitution Hill
Mousely, William, Butcher, , Great Brook St
Mounford, Andrew, Builder, , Bordesley
Mullard, William, Blacksmith, Farrier &c, Snowhill
Mucklow, Thomas & Son, Stamper, Piercer &c, Lionel St
Mullen, William, Schoolmaster, , Moor St
Mumford, John, Grocer, , Bull St
Munslow, John, Device Worker, Gilder On Steel, Parade
Munslow, James, Japanner, , Fleet St
Muntz, P F & Co, Wire Mfr, Roller Of Copper & All Sorts Of Metals, Water St
Muntz, & Purden, Merchant, , Great Charles St
Murcott, Abraham, Cheese Bacon Butter & Ham Factor, , Bradford St & Rea St
Murcott, William, Bacon Ham Butter & Cheese Factor, , High St
Myers, John, Tinplate Worker, , Lawrence St
Naden, & Gleadall, Britannia Metal Mfr, , Newhall St
Nasom, Thomas, Shopkeeper, Coal Dealer, Moseley St
Neal, John, Coffee Mill Mkr, , High St
Neal, James, Fireworks Mfr, , Jamaica Row
Neal, John, Grocer, , Aston St
Neall, Thomas, Victualler, , Swallow St
Neeld, John, Brass & Bit Mkr, , Bordesley
Nelson, Edward, Engraver, , Snowhill
Nelson, William, Goldsmith & Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mfr, Bath St
Netchell, John, Victualler, , Little Hill St
Neville, John, Cooper, , Digbeth
Neville, Edward, Glass Mould Mkr, , Digbeth(Castle & Falcon Yard)
Neville, Robert, Confectioner, Fruiterer, Colmore Row
Neville, & Lowe, Coach & Harness & Coach Spring Mkr, Founder, Great Charles St
Neville, William & Co, Patent Hurdle & Gate Mfr, , Great Brook St
Neville, William, Merchant, , Summer Row
Neville, Thomas & Joseph, Factor, , Park St
New, H, Mfr Of Arms To Hon Board Of Ordnance, &c, Fisher St
New Steam Mill Co, , Rolling & Wire, &c, Fazeley St
New Union Flour & Bread Co 's Mill, , Flour Mill, , Islington
Newbold, John, Plumber, Glazier, New St
Newbold, James, Shopkeeper, , Livery St
Newbold, Edward, Dancing Master, , Square
Newbold, Mary, Grocer, , Livery St
Newbrook, John, Joiner, Cabinet Mkr, Bath St
Newell, Samuel, Academy, , Aston Rd
Newey, John, Gimblet Mkr, , Ann Street (Spring Gardens)
Newey, John, Gimblet Mkr, , Bordesley St
Newey, James, Key & Seal Mkr, , Summer La
Newey, Richard, Wood Turner, , Aston St
Newey, William, Victualler, , Bath St
Newman, Thomas, Ramrod Mkr, , Legge St
Newnham, Joseph, Silversmith, , Lionel St
Newton, Joseph, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Church St
Niblet, Joshua, Baker, , Congreve St
Nicholas, William, Clock & Clock Dial Mkr, Cabinet Mkr, Smallbrook St
Nicholas, Caleb, Watch & Clock Mkr, , Dudley St
Nicholds, James, Plate Liquor & Cruet Stand Mfr, Tea Pot & Spoon Mfr, Fordrough St
Nichols, Thomas, Builder, , Bordesley
Nichols, D, Paper Japanner, , Lancaster St
Nicholls, Henry, Builder, , Cambridge St
Nichols, Ann, Milliner, Dress Mkr, Church St
Nicholls, Thomas, Wine & Spirit Dealer, , Snowhill
Nicholls, John, Gilder, , Mount St
Nicholls, William, Tailor, Salesman, Snowhill
Nicklin, F & Son, Wire Worker, Wire Weaver & Drawer, Bradford St
Nicklin, John, Button Mkr, , Great Charles St
Nicklin, Mrs, Ladies' School, , Snowhill
Nicklin, Thomas, Cutler, , Deritend
Nixon, Thomas, Metal Plater, Mfr Of Gilding &c, Upper Priory
Noake, Walter, Cooper, Victualler, Bread St
Noake, Walter & Co, Cooper, , Bread St & Edmund St
Noake, Walter & Co, Timber Merchant, , George St (Newhall Hill)
Noble, Thomas, Druggist, Tea Dealer, High St
Nock, Miss, Ladies' School, , Camden St
Nock, , Watch & Cut Glass Mfr, , Carr's La
Norman, Thomas, Pocket Book Mkr, , Cannon St
Norman, Miss, Ladies' School, , Cannon St
Northwood, Thomas, Turtle & Tortoiseshell Worker, , Edmund St
Norton, J, Plumber, Glazier, Jennens Row
Norton, Charles, Builder, , Ann St
Norton, Williams & Co, Lime Wharf, , Crescent
Norton, George, Chair Mkr, , Digbeth
Nott, Elizabeth, Coventry Porter Warehouse, , Edmund St
Nottingham & Leicester Co Hosiery Warehouse, , Hosiery Warehouse, , Bull St
Nutt, John, Statuary, Mason, Cambridge St
Nutting, John, Shopkeeper, , Digbeth

[Transcribed by J.E. Lindley of College of Ripon & York St John, 9th April 1989.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]