Wrightson's Triennial Directory of Birmingham, 1818


Surnames O-Y

Transcription by J.E. Lindley, c/o College of Ripon & York St John, York YO3 7EX, UK © 1989 This information is taken from Wrightson's Triennial Directory for 1818 and includes all entries. Using it you can find all its diverse trades. The copyright of the file is strictly retained (09-Apr-89). The data comprises five fields:
  • 1. Surname
  • 2. Christian name
  • 4. Principal activities
  • 5. Other activities
  • 6. Street name
A reprint of the directory was produced in 1969 by Frank Graham, 6 Queen's Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne 2 (SBN 900409 64 9) Fields are comma delimited for import to databases.

Oakley, William, Bridle Bit Mkr, , Edmund St
Oakes, James, Victualler, , Great Hampton St
Oatley, Charles, Periodical Bookseller, , Constitution Hill
Oliver, Thomas, Victualler, , Snowhill
Oliver, Charles, Wood Turner, , Thomas St
Onions, & Perkins, Gilt Jewellery Mfr, , Snowhill
Onions, Thos, Mfr Of Fringes Lace Bell Ropes & Tassles, &c, Paradise St
Onions, James, Chair Mkr & Broker, , Worcester St
Onions, John, Bellows Mkr, , Digbeth
Onions, Simon, Bellows Mkr, , Moseley St
Ordnance View Rooms, ,, , Lancaster St
Orme, Benjamin, Shoe Mkr, , Horse Fair
Orme, Joseph, Coal Dealer, , Suffolk St
Orme, George, Grocer, , Steelhouse La
Orme, Thomas, Victualler, Wire Drawer, Warwick St
Orr, Robert, Maltster, , Church St & Soho Hill
Orton, James, Jeweller, , Coleshill St
Osborn, Henry, Plumber, Glazier, Dale End
Osborn, W H, Coal & Coke Dealer, , Old Wharf & 61 High St
Osborn, & Son, Brandy Merchant, , High St
Osborn, & Gunby, Mfr & Accoutrement Mkrs To H M Prince Regent, &c, Bordesley
Osborn, Philip, Cutler, , Temple St
Osbourn, Thomas, Currier, , Moor St
Osler, & Hawkes, Glass Chandelier Furniture Mfr, , New Town Row
Osler, Francis, Baker, Grocer, Edmund St
Ottley, John, Wholesale Jeweller, , Snowhill
Oughton, & Co, Gun Barrel Mkr, Bayonet Mkr, Smallbrook St
Oughton, Samuel, Gun Engraver, , Weaman Row
Oughtram, Rev Dr, Clergyman, , St Philip's Parsonage
Overton, John, Victualler, , New Thomas St
Overton, William, Plater In General, , Coleshill St
Owen, & Son, Brush Mkr, , Dale End
Owen, Edward, Hat Mkr, , Aston Ro
Owen, David, Timber & Bristle Merchant, Coal Merchant, Bordesley St
Owen, Edward, Clock Dial & Landscape Time Piece Mkr, Japanner, Weaman Row
Owen, Robert, Victualler, , Fordrough St
Owner, Charles, Coal Wharf, , Princep St
Oxenboulds, Edward, Broker, , Worcester St
Packwood, Thomas, Publican,(George Inn), Digbeth
Page, Joseph, Italian Iron Mkr, , Park St
Page, & Tunstall-Misses, Boarding School, , Bartholomew Row
Page, William, Victualler, , Fleet St
Painter, H & F, Brass Founder, , Snowhill
Painter, John, Plater & Roller Of Metal, Fancy Metal & Silver Foil Mfr, Ellis St
Palmer, John, Butcher, , Digbeth
Palmer, Charles, Steel Worker, Ornament Mkr, Lombard St
Palmer, Samuel, Currier, Leather Dealer, Dale End
Palmer, William, Gun Mkr, , Lionel St
Palmer, William, Attorney, , Edmund St(Office)& Paradise St
Palmer, Richard, Victualler, , Livery St
Palmer, , Bazil Gilt Button Mkr, Plated & Pearl Button Mkr, Branston St
Pane, Alfred, Engraver, Letter Cutter, Lichfield St
Pane, Elizabeth, Milliner, Haberdasher, Dale End
Pardoe, Thos, Factor, , Moor St & Great Charles St
Pare, John, Cabinet Mkr, Upholder, Dale End
Parker, Bridget, Victualler, , Worcester St
Parker, Mrs, Dress Mkr, , Newhall St
Parker, Edward, Rope Mkr, &c, Constitution Hill
Parker, Edward, Cork Screw Mkr, , Livery St
Parker, E & D, Rope Mkr, &c, Temple St
Parker, Henry, Shopkeeper, , Cambridge St
Parker, John, Fruiterer, , Lionel St
Parker, John, Plated Wares Mfr, , Slaney St
Parker, J H, Panorama, , New St
Parker, Samuel, Refiner, Brass Mkr, Canal St & New Town Row
Parker, Thomas, Engraver, , Branston St
Parker, W J, Surgeon, , Aston Rd
Parker, Wm, Victualler, , Great Charles St
Parker, Mary, Carrier To Lichfield, &c, Lichfield St(Ford's Court)
Parker, , Pastry Cook, , Summer La
Parker, Benjamin, Attorney, , Snowhill
Parker, Thomas Lane, Attorney, , Bull St
Parker, John, Plumber, Glazier, Jamaica Row
Parker, William, Tailor, , Prospect Row
Parkes, Benjamin, Wire Fender Mkr, , Worcester St
Parkes, Hannah, School, , King Edward's Pl
Parkes, James, Stamper & Piercer, , St Mary's Row
Parkes, James, Brass Cabinet Locksmith, , Little Hill St
Parkes, John, Wine & Spirit Dealer, , Constitution Hill
Parkes, John, Iron & Steel Warehouse, , Chapel St
Parkes, Richard, Baker, , Cherry St
Parkes, Robert, Die Sinker, , Lionel St
Parkes, John, Silver Steel Tortoiseshell Gilt & Plated Spectacles Mfr, , Sand Pits
Parkes, William, Lime & Coal Wharf, , Lawley St
Parkes, Richard, Currier, , Smallbrook St
Parkes, Thomas, Miniature & Toy Mkr, , Northwood St
Parkes, Samuel & Son, Mathematical Instrument Box & Ivory Rule Mkr, , Bull St
Parkes, Thomas, Pocket Book Mkr, , Bromsgrove St
Parkes, Susannah & Sons, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Bath St
Parkes, William, Straw Hat Mfr, , Snowhill
Parkes, & Tonkinson, Brace & Bit, Plane & Skaite Mfr, Staniforth St
Parkes,Zachariah, Mfr Of Mills For Grinding Malt Barley Beans Etc, , Digbeth
Parr, Henry, Cottage Of Content Coffee House, ,-
Parks, & Lawton, Merchant, Gun Mfr, Newhall St
Parrock, Noah, Horse Dealer, Livery Stable Keeper, Livery St
Parrott, Joseph, Silk Dyer, , Newhall St
Parry, Richard & William, Brass Founder, Nail Mkr, Whittall St
Parson, Joseph, Library, Academy, Bread St
Parsons, Henry, Pincer & Compass Mkr, , Hill St
Parsons, J & B, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Lichfield St
Parsons, John, Awl Blade Mkr, , Thomas St
Parsons, Henry, Fender Mkr, , Barford St
Parsons, Isaac, White Metal Button Mkr, , Suffolk St
Parsons, John, Compass & Pincer Mkr, , Inge St
Parsons, Joseph, Lapidary, , Hill St
Parsons, Thomas, Gold & Silver Furniture Forger, , Temple Row & Summer Hill Tce
Parsons, Richard, Victualler, , Bromsgrove St
Parsons, Samuel, Gun Barrel Filer, , Canal St & New John St
Parsons, Thomas, Mealman, &c, Exeter Row
Parton, William, Bricklayer, , Moor St
Partridge, Eliz & Son, Stamper & Piercer, , Charlotte St
Partridge, John, Victualler, , Doe St
Partridge, John, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Wood St
Partridge, Samuel, Surgeon, , Colmore Row
Partridge, Stephen, Awl Blade Mkr, , Park St
Partridge, William, Patten Mkr, , Dale End
Partridge, William, Victualler, , Masshouse La
Patrick, Thomas, Paste Ornament Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Patten, & Barker, Copper Brass Wire & Tin Warehouse, , New St
Pattison, William, Confectioner, , Dale End
Paul, George &co, File Mfr, , Snowhill
Paviour, W & Co, Wood Turner, , Lawley St
Payne, & Bullock, Iron Founder, Mfr Of Cast Iron Goods In General, Sheep St
Payne, Thomas, Plumber, Glazier, Great Charles St
Payne, John, Pearl Button Mkr, , Water St
Payn, William, Chief Constable, , Moor St (Public Office)
Payn, & Bourn, Hop Merchant, Maltster, Moor St
Payton, John, Victualler, Wood Turner, Lionel St
Peacock, H H, Ornamental Glass Painter, , New St
Peake, Michael, Hairdresser, , Carr's La
Peake, Michael & Co, Merchant, Little Hampton St
Pearce, George, Iron Founder, , Snowhill
Pearce, William, Best Gilt Plated Silvered & Filligree Button Mkr, , Weaman St
Pearman, Joseph, Carcase Butcher, , Dean St
Pears, George(Late David), Original Carriage Lanthorn & Lamp Mfr, &c, Horse Fair
Pearsall, William, Pearl Button Mkr, , Hill St
Pearsall, William, Shoe Mkr, , Church St
Pearson, Joseph, Glass Stainer, Spectacle Mkr, , Moor St
Pearson, Joseph Jnr, Optician, , Steelhouse La
Pearson, James, Merchant, , Newhall St
Parson, Richard, Plater In General, , Price St
Pearson, Thomas, Pawnbroker, , Princep St
Peart, & Son, Printer Bookbinder Stationer & Machine Ruler, &c, Bull St
Peate, Joseph, Victualler, , Moland St
Peele, Ann, Wire Worker, , Fleet T
Pierce, John, Victualler, , Lancaster St
Pemberton, Samuel & Son & Mitchell, Jeweller, Silversmith, Snowhill
Pemberton, Saml Et Al (2nd Entry), Watch & Time Piece Mkr, &c, Snowhill
Pemberton, Mitchell & Allport, Merchant, , Snowhill
Pemberton, John, Stonemason, , Bath St
Pemberton, Josiah, Steel & Iron Worker, , Bloomfield Wharf & Great Charles St
Pemberton, S A, Register Office, , Upper Temple St
Penn, Elizabeth, Dress Mkr, , Horse Fair
Penrose, James, Whip Thong Mkr, , King St
Penrose, & Tye, Whip Thong Mkr, , Cheapside
Perkins, John, Victualler, , Great Hampton St
Perkins, Rich, Carpenter, Joiner, Salem Hill (Handsworth)
Perks, Stephen, Jobbing Smith, , Digbeth & Lombard St
Perks, Abraham, Cheese Factor, , Digbeth
Perks, Richard, Steel Toy Mkr, , Sand St
Perks, Thomas, Victualler, , Old Inkleys
Perrins, John, Victualler, , Pritchet St
Perrins, George, Chain & Trace Mkr, , Bordesley St
Perrins, George, Victualler, , Sheep St
Perrins, Mark, Trace Mkr, , Bow St
Perrins, William, Painter, Glazier, Park St
Perry, Charles, Plater, Metal Dealer, St Mary's Row
Perry, J C, Grocer, , High St & Lancaster St
Perry, John, Pearl Gilt & Plated Button Mkr, , Cottage La
Perry, John, Steel & Gilt Toy Mkr, , Prospect Row
Perry, Richard, Shopkeeper, , Mary Ann St
Perry, Thomas, Butcher, , Dudley St
Peters, Charles, Victualler, , Moor St
Petford, Joseph & Co, Brass Founder, , Edmund St
Pettitt, Charles, Brace Mfr, , Park St
Pettitt, Charles, Worcester Glove & Brace Warehouse, , High St
Petty, John & Co, Saddler, , Constitution Hill
Peyton, Joseph, Builder, , Warwick St
Peyton, Richard, Chemist, , Weaman Row (Laboratory - Gosta Green)
Phelan, J, Plumber & Glazier, House & Furniture Painter, Aston St
Phillips, &co, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Great Charles St(Lower End)
Phillips, Edward, Chain Mkr, , New Inkleys
Philips, Elizabeth, Salt Warehouse, &c, High St
Phillips, James, Thumb Latch Mkr, , Essex St
Phillips, James, Metal &Horn Gun Tip Mkr, Ring Mkr For Gilding, Great Charles St
Phillips, John, Mfr Of Presses For Saddlers Bookbinders, &c, Lichfield St & Sq
Phillips, John(2nd Entry), Timber Merchant, Wood Turner, Lichfield St & Sq
Phillips, John, Saw Mill, , Bagot St
Phillips, James, Refiner, , Coleshill St
Phillips, Isaiah, Clothes Dealer, , Bell St
Phillips, George, Die Sinker, , Tower St
Phillips, John &Son, Coach Founder, Coach Harness & Saddlery Furniture Mfr, Queen St
Phillips, Paul, Lapidary, , Tower St
Papidary, , Barr St(Hockley)
Phillips, Richard, Carpenter, , Summer La
Phillips, Samuel, Hat Mkr, , Dale End
Phillips, Susannah, Fishmonger, , High St
Phillips, Thomas, Mealman, &c, Bradford St
Phillips, Thomas, Shopkeeper, , Church St
Phillips, William, Casting Pot Mkr, , Cherry St
Phipson, J W & Co, Cheadle Co 's Warehouse, Metal Dealer, Upper Temple St
Phipson, J W, Oil Of Vitriol Mfr, Roman Vitriol Mfr &c, Ladywell Walk
Phipson, William, Copper Rolling Mill, Metal Dealer, Fazeley St
Phipson, Thomas, Pin Mfr, , New St
Pickard, Joseph, Tool Mkr, , Thomas St
Pickard, T M, Die Sinker, , Lichfield St
Picken, John, Gardener, , Lady Wood La
Pickering, John & Co, Merchant, Gilt Plated & Pearl Button Mfr, St Paul's Sq
Pickering, Leonard, Boarding School, , Winson Green
Pickford, &co, Warwick Junction Wharf, , Fazeley St
Piddock, John, Brush Mkr, , Deritend
Piercy, William, Metal Dealer, , Broad St & Hagley Row
Piercy, & Vaughan, Draper, , High St
Piercy, Frederick, Wine & Brandy Merchant, , Bull St
Piercy, Joseph, Mfr Of Spades Frying Pans & Edge Tools In Gen, &c, Newhall St
Piercy, Joseph(2nd Entry), Mfr Of Steel Toys & Hammers, &c &c, Newhall St
Piercy, John, Patent Tortoiseshell Thimble Mfr, Snuff Box Mfr, Snowhill
Piercy, John(2nd Entry), Silver Sword Gripe Mfr, &c, Snowhill
Pilkington, , Milliner, Dress Mkr, Cherry St
Pimm, John, Victualler, , Wharf St
Pimley, Joseph, Victualler, Builder, Edgbaston St
Pimley, Samuel, Plater, , Steelhouse La
Pinfield, Ann, Milliner, Dress Mkr, Suffolk St
Pitt, William, Engraver, , Little Charles St
Pitt, Alice, Fancy Bit Mkr, Stock Lock Mkr, Northwood St
Plant, Benjamin, Spoon Mkr, Gun Barrel Mkr, Fleet St
Plant, Joseph, Pearl Button Mkr, , Windsor St
Plastans, Richard, Butcher, , Lancaster St
Platt, William, Silver Buckle Mkr, &c, Cock St
Plevens, Joseph, Builder, , Pritchet St
Plimley, Charles & Co, Refiner, , Holt St
Plimley, Joseph, Fishmonger, , High St
Podmore, William, Victualler, Bailiff Of The Hundred Of Hemlingford, Bordesley St
Podmore, John, Bellows Mkr, Patten Ring Mkr, Bordesley St
Podmore, Robert, Carpenter, Joiner, Congreve St
Pollard, Thomas, Hatter, , Bull St
Poller, Christopher, French Plater, , Duddeston St
Poller, Benjamin, Tool Mkr, , Potter St
Pomeroy, Thomas, Bookbinder, , Little Colmore Row
Pool, William, Medecine Vendor, , Digbeth
Poole, Edward, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, High St
Poolton, Wm, Tea Urn Mkr, , High St
Pope, Jacob, Merchant, , Exeter Row
Porter, John, Toy Mkr, , Paradise St
Porter, & Cox, Toy Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Porter, John, Coal Dealer, Victualler, Navigation St
Porter, Thomas Reeves, Plater, , Bristol St
Porter, Richard, Victualler, , Wharf St
Portleck, John, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Moland St
Portlock, Samuel, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Queen St(Ruston's Court)
Postans, William, Brass Founder, , Great Hampton St
Potter, James, Grocer, , Edgbaston St
Potter, John, House Agent, , Bartholomew St
Pottinger, Joseph, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bull St
Potts, Ferdinand, Brass Founder, , Great Charles St
Potts, Joseph, Brass Founder, , Easy Row
Potts, Samuel, Brass Founder, , Easy Row
Potts, Thomas, Merchant, , Sand St
Pountney, Humphrey, Grocer & Tea Dealer, Chandler & Cheese Factor, Digbeth
Pountney, H, Wholesale Grocer & Tea Dealer, , High St (Salop House)
Pountney, Richard, Currier, Leather Dealer, Worcester St & Colmore St
Powell, Charles, Swan Hotel, , High St
Pwell, Charles, Plater, , Colmore Row
Powell, James, Chaser, Repairer, Coleshill St
Powell, & Son, Brass Founder, , Suffolk St
Powell, S & T, Mfr Of Locks Bolts Grid Irons Chaffing Dishes, &c, Suffolk St
Powell, S & T (2nd Entry), Mfr Of Toasting Forks Brass Furniture, &c, Suffolk St
Powell, William, Spade & Fire Shovel Mfr, Pan & Saw Mkr, Moor St
Power, Richard, Lapidary, , Great Charles St
Power, Thomas, Umbrella & Parasol Mfr, Furniture Mfr, Bull St
Powers, Thomas, Butcher, , Snowhill
Powis, John, Victualler, , Horse Fair
Powis, John, Bricklayer, , Bishopsgate St
Pratt, Elizabeth, Mangler, , Upper Temple St
Pratt, & Hick, Fellmonger, , Meriden St
Pratt, John, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Suffolk St
Pratt, Timothy, Victualler, , Fleet St
Pratt, William, Thimble Mkr, , Woodcock St
Prees, Benjamin, Ivory & Bone Toothbrush & Toy Mfr, &c, Bellmont Row
Preston, Joseph, Victualler, , John St
Price, Eleazer, Currier, , Digbeth
Price, Edward, Copper & Leather Powder Flask Kr, Shot Belt Mkr, Lancasteer St
Price, Edward(2nd Entry), Dutch Tinder Box Mkr, &c, Lancaster St
Price, James, Bellows Mkr, , Moor St
Price, John, Victualler, , London 'Prentice St
Price, John, Brass Founder, , Dale End
Price, Joseph, Jeweller, Black Ornament Mkr, Great Hampton St
Price, William, Nail Mfr, , Suffolk St
Price, John, Golder, Gilt Toy Mkr, Summer La
Price, Joseph, Shopkeeper, , Cock St
Price, R, Ladies' School, , Bath Row
Price, Samuel, Earthenware Dealer, , Congreve St
Price, Theophilus & Philemon, Nail & Iron Warehouse, , Kingston Wharf (Crescent)
Price, Benjamin, Glass Painter, , Horse Fair
Prickett, Edward, Attorney, , Newhall St
Priest, Ann, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Legge St
Priest, Joseph, Die Sinker, , Fazeley St
Prime, James, Victualler, , Birchall St
Pritchard, James, Die Sinker, , Swallow St
Pritchard, Thomas, Tailor, , Church St
Pritchard, Thomas, Clock Iron Work Forger, , Livery St
Pritchett, Joseph, Victualler, , Thorp St
Proctor, Thomas, Bone Merchant, , Coal Wharf (Aston Street)
Proctor, George, Optician, , Newhall St
Prosser, Walter, Carpenter, Joiner, Rea St
Proud, Rev Joseph, Clergyman, , Salem Hill (Handsworth)
Proud, Michael, Bridle Bit Mkr, , Hill St
Proud, James, Shopkeeper, , Livery St
Pugh, Thomas, Victualler, Coach Keeper, New St
Pursall, John, Engraver, , Newhall St
Pursell, Margaret, Gilt Toy Mfr, , Moor St
Purslow, Edward, Carpenter, , Livery St
Quin, Cornelius, Dyer, , Suffolk St
Rabone, Ephraim, Rule Mkr, , Water St
Rabones, Bros, Merchant, , Broad St
Rabone, Richard, Liquor Merchant, Aqua Fortis & Oil Of Vitriol Mfr, Broad St
Radclyffe, W & T, Engraver, Copper Plate Printer, Edmund St
Radenhurst, William, Whip & Whip Thong Mkr, , Park St
Ragg, George, Hosiery & Lace Mfr, , Bull St
Ragg, Sarah, Milliner, , Great Charles St
Randall, Joseph, Coach Lace & Fringe Mfr, , Bradford St
Randles, John, Saddler, Harness Mkr, New Meeting St
Rann, E & M (Late J Boyce & Co ), Umbrella Mfr, , Bradford St
Ralph, John, Snuffer Mkr, , Canal St(New Tower)
Ratcliff, & Son, Coach Harness Plater, , Lower Temple St
Ratcliff, Hannah, Broker, , Worcester St
Ratcliff, John, Brass Founder, , Cannon St
Ratherham, Charles & Son, Plated Wares Mfr, , Great Charles St
Raven, Richard, Victualler, , Gilder On Glass, Bartholomew Row
Raven Samuel, Cheese Factor, , Jennens Row
Raven, Samuel, Painter, , Bartholomew St
Ravenscroft, Charles, Jeweller, , Great Hampton St
Rawlins, Samuel, Currier, Wholesale Leather Dealer, Bull St
Rawlins, S & Co (Late G Goodwin & Co ), Gun Pistol & Flint Mfr, , Ann St
Raworth, William, Grocer, , Coleshill St
Rawstone, John, Architect, , Sand Pits
Raxter, John, Mathematical & Surveying Instrument Mkr, & Repairer, John St
Rayner, Charles, Engraver, , Whittall St
Rea, John, Tinplate Worker, Sheet Brass Candlestick Mkr, Edmund St
Read, Ann, Shopkeeper, , Summer La
Read, Charles, Mealman, &c, Digbeth
Read, Edward, Locksmith, , Smallbrook St
Read, Elizabeth, Cooper, Packing Box Mkr, Edmund St
Read, Esther, Shopkeeper, , Great Hampton St
Read, J J, Pawnbroker, , Loveday St
Read, J, Carver Gilder Picture-Frame & Looking Glass Mfr, &c, Bull St
Read, & Powell, Engraver & Typographical Letter Inlayer, &c, Weaman Row
Reid, James, Coach Harness Plater, , Hall St
Reid, John, Plater Of Bits Stirrups & Coach Harness, &c, Hall St
Reading, John, Plater Of Metals, , Prospect Row
Reeddell, Benjamin, Sword Cutler, , Bradford St
Reddell, J H &co, Sword Mfr, , Dale End
Redfern, George, Police Officer, , Moor St
Redfern, Bartholomew, Gun Mkr, , Whittall St
Reece, John, Grocer, Tea Dealer, High St
Reece, John, Paper & Button Card Mfr, , Wood St
Reeves, James, Tailor, , Cambridge St
Reeves, Isabella, Draper, Haberdasher, Snowhill
Reeves, James, Merchant, Factor, Moor St
Reeves, Charles, Gun Mkr, , Weaman Row
Reeves, John, Toy Warehouse, &c, New St
Reeves, Job, Victualler, , Fazeley St
Reeves, Charles, Spade Tree Mkr, , Tennant St
Reeves, George, Butcher, , Edgbaston St
Reeves, Francis, Maltster, , Cheapside
Reeves, William, Watch & Clock Mkr, , Cherry St
Renaud, William, Whip & Whip Thong Mfr, , Digbeth
Renaud, David, Linen Draper, , Bull St
Renshaw, John, Pawnbroker, Salesman, Moor St
Renshaw, William, Mfr Of Plated Articles, , Cherry St
Reynolds, Edward & Son, Linen & Woollen Draper, Mercer, High St
Reynolds, Edward & Son(2nd Entry), Hosier, Haberdasher, High St
Reynolds, J J Cross & Co, Mercer, Linen Draper, High St
Reynolds, Sarah, Victualler, , Suffolk St
Reynolds, Thomas, Malt Mill & Smith's Bellows Pipe Mfr, &c, Dudley St
Reynolds, Thomas, Writing Master, , Deritend
Reynolds, Thomas, Gun Mkr, , Temple St
Reynolds, William & Co, Engraver, , Newhall St
Reynolds, William, Victualler, , Coleshill St
Rhodes, Jonathan, File Mkr, , Tanter St
Rhodes, Mary, Straw Bonnet Mkr, , Snowhill
Rhodes, William, Fire Iron Mkr, , Deritend
Richards, Francis, Chemist, Pot-Ash Mfr, Bordesley St
Richards, Francis(2nd Entry), Pearl Mfr, , Bordesley St
Richards, James, Baker, , Cannon St
Richards, John, Rule Mkr, , Lichfield St
Richards, John, Button Mkr, , Church St
Richards, Joseph, Gun & Pistol Mkr, , New St
Richards, Joseph, Awl Blade Mkr, , Kenion St
Richards, J E & J, Merchant, , Exeter Row
Richards, & Goddington, Ale & Porter Brewer, , Alcester St
Richards, Theophilus & Co, Merchant, , High St
Richards, Theophilus, Patent Water Proof Gun Mfr, , High St
Richards, Theophilus & Son, Goldsmith, Dealer In Cutlery, High St
Richards, William Westley, Gun Mfr, , High St
Richards, Richard, Woollen Draper & Tailor, , New St
Richards, Josiah & George, Oriental Amulets Mfr, Coral Dealer &c, St Paul's Sq
Richards, Jos & George(2nd Entry), Jeweller & Glass Cutter, Toy Mfr, St Paul's Sq
Richards, & Botteley, Metal Plater, , James St(St Paul's Sq)
Richards, Samuel & William, Butcher, , Edmund St
Richards, Benjamin, Locksmith, , Little Charles St
Richards, Thomas, Coal Dealer, , Easy Row
Richards, William, Plater, Provision Dealer, Paradise St
Richardson, , Ironmonger, , Snowhill
Richardson, Thomas, Ironmonger, Spade Mfr &c, High St
Richardson, William, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Gough St
Richardson, James, Factor, , Fox St
Richardson, John, Stone Mason, , Great Charles St & Handsworth
Ricketts, & Davis, Statuary, Mason, New St
Rider, Benjamin, Glass Toy Mkr, , Cock St
Ridley, Samuel, Joiner, Carpenter, Great Brook St
Ridding, Benjamin, Currier, Bellows Mkr, Oxford St
Ridout, Joseph, Fishmonger, , Worcester St
Ridout, & Co, Merchant, , Newhall St
Risch, John Godfrey, Professor Of Music, , Prospect Row
Robathan, John & Thomas, Plater, , Hall St
Robins, Josiah & Cornelius, Appraiser, Auctioneer, New St
Robins, Josiah, Surveyor, , New St
Robbins, & Muchall, Merchant, , Bond St
Robbins, William, Grocer, Cheese Factor, Lower Temple St
Robbins, William, Gilder, Silverer, Slaney St
Roberts, Thomas, Carpenter, , Bromsgrove St
Roberts, Thomas, Baker, , Church St
Roberts, Edward, Gardener, , Tennant St
Roberts, Richard, Painter, Glazier, Newhall St
Roberts, , Jobbing Smith, , Fazeley St
Robinson, John, Factor, , Great Hampton St
Robinson, , Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Moor St
Robinson, & Allport, Mfr Of Plated Articles, , Loveday St
Robinson, T B, Carver & Gilder, Glass Grinder & Polisher, Bull St
Robinson, T B (2nd Entry), Picture Frame Mkr, &c, Bull St
Robinson, John, Perfumer, Hairdresser, New St
Robinson, Mary, Victualler, , Weaman St
Robinson, Anthony, Jobbing Smith, , Lionel St
Robinson, Thomas & Jonathan, Scale Beam Mkr, Steel Yard Mkr, Mill Lane
Robinson, Abigail, Gold Watch Hand & Pendant Mkr, Toy Mkr, Price St
Robinson, John, Tailor, , Navigation St
Robinson, Rev R G, Clergyman, , Newhall St
Robinson, Corbet & Co, Wharf, , Broad St
Robinson, John, Victualler, Gilt Toy & Pearl Button Mkr, Great Charles St
Rock, & Cooper, Plated Spur Mfr, , Moland St
Rock, Thomas & Son, Coal Merchant, , Great Charles St
Rock, John, Victualler, Gilt Toy & Pearl Button Mkr, Great Charles St
Rock, Thomas & Son, Factor, , Great Charles St
Rodway, John, Broker, , Worcester St
Rodway, John, Cabinet Mkr, Auctioneer, Edgbaston St
Rodway, John(2nd Entry), Appraiser, Importer Of Goose Feathers, Edgbaston St
Rogers, & Bond, Factor, , Moor St
Rogers, John, Coach Harness Plater, , Fleet St
Rogers, Elizabeth, Confectioner, , Bull Ring
Rogers, Mary, Pawnbroker, , Lower Temple St
Rogers, Thomas, Tailor, , Church St
Rogers, Joseph, Horn Lanthorn Mkr, Tortoiseshell Comb Mkr, Ashted Row
Rogers, William, Shoe Mkr, , Navigation St
Rogers, William, Chair Mkr, , Love Lane
Rogers, Thomas, Brush Mkr, , Bordesley (White Lion)
Rolfe, Edward, Baker, , Coleshill St
Rolfe, William, Grocer, , Bromsgrove St
Rollason, Mary & Son, Show Rooms For China Glass Earthenware, &c, Steelhouse La
Rollason, Joseph, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Suffolk St
Rollings, Edward, Shoe Mkr, , Hurst St
Rollinson, William, Fire Iron Mkr, , Colmore St
Rooke, Mary, Worsted Dealer, &c, Livery St
Rooker, James, Engraver, , Whittall St
Rooker, & Lawden, Jeweller, , Great Hampton St
Rooker, Thomas, Caster In General, , Cherry St
Room, James & John, Japanner, , Summer Row
Room, William & Francis, Saddlers' Ironmonger, Bridle Cutter, Parade
Room, William & Francis(2nd Entry), Harness Mkr, &c, Parade
Room, William, Gilt & Plated Button Mkr, , Bartholomew St
Room, William, Gilt & Plated Button Mkr, , Lombard St
Rose Copper Co, , Copper Company, , Cherry St
Rose, Susannah, Shopkeper, , Digbeth
Ross, & Wright, Hammers & Gentlemen's Tool Chests, Compasses & Pincers, Lichfield St
Ross, & Wright(2nd Entry), Carpenters' Bits & Braces, Gimblets, Lichfield St
Ross, & Wright(3rd Entry), Heavy Steel Toys, &c, Lichfield St
Ross, Joseph, Needle Mkr, Awl Blade Mkr, Steelhouse La
Rostill, Thomas, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Deritend
Rothwell, , School, , Church St
Rotton, Joshua, Wood Screw Mkr, , Lawley St
Rotton, John, Brass Founder, , Belmont Row
Rotton, Mary, Broker, , Worcester St
Rowe, Robert, Periodical Bookseller, , St Paul's Sq
Rowe, Thomas, Confectioner, , Horse Fair
Rowley, Thos, Optical And Tortoise Shell Spectacle Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Rowley, Richard, Victualler, , Masshouse La
Rowley, Thomas, Bricklayer, , Holt St
Rowlinson, John, Brass & Prince's Metal Mfr, Brass Cock & Weight Mfr, Smallbrook St
Rowlinson, John(2nd Entry), House Clock & Table Bell Mfr, Founder, Smallbrook St
Rubery, Joseph, Umbrella Mkr, , Union St
Rubery, William, Factor, , Navigation St
Rudder, William, Patent Cock Founder, , Hill St
Rudge, Job, Coal Dealer, , Water St
Rudge, Sarah, Shopkeeper, , Water St
Rudge, Diana, Artists'Repository, , Steelhouse La
Rudhall, William, Shoe Mkr, , Jamaica Row
Rushton, William, Gilt Toy, Mathematical Instrument Mkr, Whittall St
Rushton, William(2nd Entry), Bell Founder, , Whittall St
Russell, William, Sword Hilt Mkr, Gilt Toy Mkr, Great Hampton St
Russell, William, Gilt Toy Mkr, , William St
Russell, Joseph, Printer, Bookseller, Moor St
Russell, James, Surgeon, , Newhall St
Rutherford, James, Jeweller & Pearl Setter, Goldsmith, Church St
Rutherford, Thomas, Straw Hat Mfr, , Bull St
Ryan, & Watson, Fowling Piece & Rifle Mfr, Air Gun & Pistol Mfr, Whittall St
Ryder, George Mills, Factor, , Edgbaston St & Digbeth
Ryding, John, Merchant, , Caroline St
Ryland, John, Wire Drawer, , High St
Ryland, William, Broker, , Worcester St
Ryland, William & Sons, Harness & Saddlery Furniture, &c, Temple St
Ryland, William & Sons(2nd Entry), Fancy Articles Plated On Steel, &c, Temple St
Ryley, Phoebe, Broker, Wire Worker, Worcester St
Sabel, John, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bromsgrove St
Sadler, John, Plumber & Glazier, Painter, Mary Ann St
Sadler, Samuel, Pump Mkr, , Summer La
Sallman, John, Earthenware Dealer, , Snowhill
Sallman, William, Earthenware Dealer, , Dale End
Salmon, William & Sons, Ironmonger, Factor, Moor St
Salt, Richard, Cutler, , Dale End
Salt, Abraham & Son, Rule Mkr, Cutler & Ironmonger, Worcester St
Salt, Stephen, Victualler, , Thomas St
Sampson, W & R, Factor, Button Mkr, Market St & Coleshill St
Sanders, John, Gun Mkr, , Lancaster St
Sanders, Mark & Co, Gilt Plated & Pearl Button Mkr, , Jennens Row
Sanders, Misses, Ladies' School, , Lancaster St
Sanders, Samuel, Hairdresser, , Edgbaston St
Sandom, William, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Legge St
Sansom, Michael, Bullet Mould Mkr, , Great Charles St
Sanster, Thomas, Military Swivel Mkr, Toy Mkr, Buck St
Sargeant, Isaac, Victualler, Edge Tool & Hammer Mkr, Deritend
Sargeant, Joseph, Stationer, Rag Dealer, Dale End
Sergeant, Samuel, Cabinet Lock Mkr, , Northwood St
Sargent, Isaac, Saddlers' Tool Mkr, , Moat Row
Sargent, William, Cabinet Lock Mkr, , Lawley St
Savage, Thomas, Cheese Factor, Grocer, Dale End
Sayers, John, Plasterer, , Hagley Row
Scambler, John & William, Needle&Fish Hook Mfr, , Exeter Row & Windmill St(Wareho )
Scarlet, George, Spur Mkr, , Edmund St
Scarlet, Richard, Victualler, , Edmund St
Scarrall, Joseph, Brush Mkr, , Deritend
Scarrott, , Dress Mkr, Straw Bonnet Mkr, Digbeth
Scattergood, William, Toy Mkr, Gilt Chainmkr, Summer La
Scholefield, Redfern & Co, Merchant, , Square
Scholefield, John, Butcher, , Dale End
Schriber, Christopher, Pork Butcher, , Dale End
Scott, Edwin, Writing Master, , Smallbrook St
Scott, James, Navigation Office, , Bartholomew St
Scott, John, Jeweller, , New Town Row
Scott, Joseph, Linen Draper, , High St
Scott, Joseph, Surgeon, , Deritend
Scudamore, Jeremiah, Cutler, , Spiceal St
Scudamore, Thomas, Chemist, Druggist, Edgbaston St
Sculpthorpe, Thomas, Woolcomber, , Navigation St
Seaborne, Matthew, Stone Mason, , Bradford St
Seal, Benjamin, Tailor, , Parade
Seddons, Joseph, Butcher, , Snowhill
Selby, Joseph, Hosier, Lace Mfr, New St
Selkirk, William, Engraver, Letter Cutter, Digby St
Selkirk, William(2nd Entry), Inlayer Of Gold &c, Ornaments In Steel, Digby St
Silkirk, William, Plater, , Aston Rd
Senn, , School, , Hampstead Row
Shakespear, John, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Great Brook St
Shakespear, & Fletcher, Glass Mfr, , Soho Glasshouse
Shale, Davy, Tool Mkr, , Water St
Sharman, Joseph, Grocer, , New St
Sharman, William, Organ Builder, , Temple St
Sharp, William, Straw Hat Mfr, Plait Mfr, Bull St & At The Asylum
Sharp, &co, Iron Brazier, , Church St & Little Charles St
Sharp, , Maltster, , Bradford St
Sharp, John, Worsted & Cotton Dealer, , Smallbrook St
Sharp, John & Co, Gun Mkr, , Great Charles St
Sharp, & Millington, Whitesmith, , New Town Row
Shaw, William, Plater, , Edmund St
Shaw, Sarah, Sword Gripe Mkr, , Park St
Shaw, Thomas, Silversmith, , Caroline St
Shaw, Hannah, Confectioner, , Cherry St
Shaw, Oliver, Victualler, , Islington Row
Shaw, Sarah, Pocket Book Mkr, , Dale End & Ashted Row
Shaw, C & J, Chest & Cupboard Mfr, Curry Comb & Banbury Lock Mfr, Great Charles St
Shaw, C & J (2nd Entry), Cut Nail Mfr, Iron Candlestick Mfr &c, Great Charles St
Sheath, William, Tinman, &c, Livery St
Shearman, & Maskery, Linen Draper, &c, High St
Sheldon, & Son, Patten Tye Mkr, , Moor St
Sheldon, Alice, Provision Warehouse, , Lower Temple St
Sheldon, Martha, Sacking Weaver, , Park St
Sheldon, Ann, Victualler, , Moor St
Sheldon, Mrs & Miss, Ladies' School, , Summer Hill
Shelly, John, Basket Mkr, , Steelhouse La
Shelton, Joseph, General Lamp & Carriage Lanthorn Mfr, , Bradford St
Shelton, William, Chair Mkr, , Bromsgrove St
Shenton, John, Victualler, , Bromsgrove St
Shenstone, William, Builder, , Warstone La
Shepherd, Elizabeth, Painter, Glazier, Hill St
Shepherd, John, Engraver, , Mount St
Shepherd, Joseph, Plated Coach Harness Furniture Mfr, Knife Mfr, Cross St & Hill St
Shepherd, Joseph(2nd Entry), Snuffer Mfr, Bit & Stirrup Mfr, Cross St & Hill St
Sheppard, & Corn, Plater, , Exeter Row
Sheppard, James, Tallow Chandler, , Bristol St
Sheppard, Robert, Miniature Painter, , Great Brook St
Sheppard, & Tarts, Cabinet Brass Founder, Cock Founder, Newhall St
Sherwood, John, Plater, , Upper Priory
Sherwood, Samuel, Compass & Pincer Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Sheridan, James, Victualler, , Green St
Sherriff, Richard, Curtain Ring Mkr, , Price St
Shiers, William, Poulterer, , Ann St
Shipley, Joseph, Coach Mkr, , Coleshill St
Shipley, Ralph, Jobbing Smith, , Weaman St
Shipton, Joseph, Attorney, , Cherry St
Shipton, J & M, Timber Merchant, , Charlotte St
Shore, Joseph, Merchant, , Easy Row
Shore, F F, Merchant, , Easy Row
Shore, Joseph, Pearl Button Mkr, , Cottage La
Shore, Richard, Victualler, , Old Meeting St
Shore, Thomas, Victualler, , Deritend Bridge
Shore, William, Jeweller & Filligree Worker, Ladies' Comb Mkr, Oxford St
Short, Joseph, Wood Turner, , Church St(Gullet)
Shorthose, William & Co, Wood Screw Mkr, Patten Ring Mkr, Steelhouse La
Shorthouse, & Pearson, Merchant, , Summer Row
Shorthouse, William, Chemist, , New Market St
Shorthouse, William, Oil Of Vitriol Mfr, &c, Shadwell St
Showell, Joseph, Victualler, , St Paul's Sq
Showell, Mary, Grocer, , Bull St
Showell, Thomas, Victualler, , Great Brook St
Shreeve, Barley, Toy Mkr, , Lionel St
Shrowsbury, Edward, Victualler, , Horse Fair
Shutt, Richard, Linen & Woollen Draper, , Bull Ring
Shutt, T, Crown Glass Mfr, , Spon Lane & Love Lane(Aston Rd)
Shuttleworth, Charles, Wood Turner, , Moor St
Shuttleworth, Charles, Butcher, , Hill St
Sibley, John, Straw Hat Mkr, &c, Dale End
Sibley, Thomas, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Duke St
Sibley, Frederick, Victualler, , Dale End
Siddons, William, Victualler, , Whittall St
Sill, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Vale St
Sillitoe, Thomas, Butcher, , Cheapside
Silvester, W & H, Factor, , St Paul's Sq
Silvester, Joseph, Butcher, , Stafford St
Simcox, John, Attorney, , Bull Ring
Simcox, George & Co, Ring & Buckle Mkr, Spoon Mkr, Livery St
Simcox, & Pemberton, Brass & Cock Founder, Brass & Prince's Nail Mkr, Livery St
Simcox, Thomas, Wire Drawer, , New John St
Simcox, William, Thimble Mkr, Dealer In Metal, Princep St
Simister, John, Pearl Button Mkr, , Newhall St
Simister, Richard, Gilt Plated & Pearl Button Mkr, , Water St
Simmons, Thomas, Marking Mkr, , Grosvenor Row
Simmons, John, Japanner, Tinplate Worker, Weaman Row
Simmons, Maria, Milliner, , Colmore Row
Simmons, Joseph, Gun & Pistol Mkr, , High St
Simms, Tildasley & Adams, Iron & Steel Master, , Aston Junction Forge
Simms, John, Stay Mkr, , Suffolk St
Simms, Bishop, Spirit Merchant, , Hill St
Simms, Bishop, Organist, Music Master, Hill Street & Cross St
Simons, William, Brush Mkr, , Coleshill St
Simpole, , Dress Mkr, , Bromsgrove St
Simpson, & Ellis, Coach Harness Mkr, Plater In General, Livery St
Simpson, Thomas, Gilder, , Newhall St
Simpson, Edward, Gilder, , Newhall St
Simpson, Thomas, Mfr Of Horn Ivory & Tortoise-Shell Combs, &c, Colmore St
Simpson, Thomas(2nd Entry), Lanthorn Leaf Mfr, Drinking Horn Mfr, Colmore St
Simpson, Edward, Attorney, , Great Charles St
Simpson, William, Malleable Iron Founder, Snuffer Mkr, Aston St
Simpson, Thomas & Sons, Silversmith, , Newhall St
Simpson, John & Co, Lamp Mfr, Crest Mfr, Paradise St
Simpson, John & Co (2nd Entry), Military & Harness Ornament Mfr, &c, Paradise St
Simpson, , Maltster, , Walmer La & Hampstead Row
Singleton, John, Druggist, Grocer, Suffolk St
Skey, & Mathews, Wharf, , Worcester Wharf
Skidmore, Mrs, Ladies' School, , Bromsgrove St
Skynner, R, Auctioneer & Appraiser, General Agent, Union St
Slaney, Richard, Victualler, , St Martin's La
Slaney,Zachariah, Victualler, , Summer Row
Slater, John, Victualler, , Ann Street & Bordesley St
Slater, Mary, Shoe Warehouse, , Digbeth
Slater, Thomas, Wood Turner, , Lawley St
Slater, Henry, Bottled Porter Warehouse, , Cannon St
Slater, John, Coach Spring Mfr, Patent Steam Kitchen Mfr, Digbeth
Slater, John, Glass Cutter, , Hurst St
Sloan, & Westwood, Pocket Book Mfr, Ladies' Work Box Mfr, Jamaica Row
Sloan, & Westwood(2nd Entry), Dressing Case Mfr, Bottle Stand Mfr, Jamaica Row
Sloan, & Westwood(3rd Entry), Agent To H & W Parry-Iron & Wire Mfr, , Jamaica Row
Sly, Joseph, Whip Thong Mkr, , Exeter Row
Sly, Joseph, Builder, , Bromsgrove St
Sly, William, Bricklayer, , William St
Small, Thomas, Japanner, Plater In General, Paradise St
Smallwood, John, Surgeon, , Bridge Row
Smallwood, Joseph, Victualler, , Cheapside
Smallwood, Edward, Victualler, Carpenter, Water St
Smallwood, Robert, Coal Dealer, , St Martin's St
Smallwood, William & Co, Upholsterer, Cabinet Mkr, Bull St
Smallwood, William, Honduras Wharf, , Snowhill
Smallwood, Catharine, Flour Warehouse, , Bristol St
Smallwood, Thomas & Sons, Wine & Brandy Merchant, , Dale End
Smallwood, , Cabinet Case Mkr, , Dale End
Smallwood, Edward, Linen Draper, , Bull St
Smallwood, Isaac, Cork Screw Mkr, , Birchall St
Smart, Richard, Provision Dealer, , St Martin's St
Smart, Joseph, Pawnbroker, , Bath St
Smart, James, Brass & Prince's Metal Nail Mkr, , Lombard St
Smiths, Gray Cooper &co, Banker, , Union St
Smith, Thomas, Locksmith, , Staniforth St
Smith, Thomas, Jobbing Smith, , Bradford St
Smith, Timothy, Brass Founder, , Bartholomew St
Smith, John, Upholsterer, , Bordesley
Smith, Timothy, Brass Founder, , Fordrough St
Smith, James, Plater, , Navigation St
Smith, Isaac, Straw Hat Mkr, , Bull St
Smith, Thomas, Cooper, , New St
Smith, Robert, Gilder, , Livery St
Smith, Joseph, Die Sinker, , Suffolk St
Smith, Joseph, Victualler, , Moor St
Smith, Dyer Berry, Factor, Wholesale Haberdasher, Great Brook St
Smith, Mary(Late Sneyd), File & Tool Mfr, , Lichfield St
Smith, Thomas, Caster In General, , Lionel St
Smith, John, Tea Dealer, , Great Hampton St
Smith, Richard, Locksmith, , Cock St
Smith, James, Victualler, , Upper Priory
Smith, W Hawkes, Letter Press & Copper Plate Printer, Bookseller, Easy Row
Smith, S & S, Japanner, , Mount St
Smith, William, Pearl Button Mfr, Ornament Mfr, Newhall St
Smith, James, Builder, , New St
Smith, Ann, Victualler, , New Meeting St
Smith, Joseph, Bridle & Brace Mfr, , Fordrough St
Smith, Thomas, Plater, Harness Buckle Mkr, Hall St
Smith, Mary, Blacksmith, , Edmund St
Smith, William, Tailor, Habit Mkr, Colmore Row
Smith, Thomas, Tailor, , Severn St
Smith, John, Builder, , Handsworth
Smith, John, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Great Hampton St
Smith, Edward, Notary Public & Accountant, Canal Agent, New St & Bath Row
Smith, George, Victualler, , Bristol St
Smith, & Arnold, Attorney, , New St
Smith, William, Islington Brass Works, , Islington
Smith, Benjamin & Co, Steel Toy Mkr, , Constitution Hill
Smith, Charles, Pocket Book Mkr, Brace Mkr, Snowhill & Hockley
Smith, Benjamin, Leather Cutter, , Navigation St
Smith, James, Plater, Pawnbroker, Horse Fair
Smith, James, Victualler, , Church St
Smith, Henry, Glass Toy Mkr, Sleeve Link Mkr, Temple St
Smith, William, Pawnbroker, , Dale End
Smith, W & R, Jeweller, Button Mkr, Newhall St
Smith, Thomas, Plumber, Painter & Glazier, Church St
Smith, George, Broker, , Bull St
Smith, John & Co, Gun Mkr, , Russell St
Smith, , Milliner, Dress Warehouse, New St
Smith, William, Cabinet Mkr, , Great Hampton St
Smith, William, Hairdresser, , Constitution Hill
Smith, Joseph, Hammer Mkr, , Moland St
Smith, Joseph, Gilder, , Bishopsgate St
Smith, Jeremiah, Hat Lining Mfr, , Park St
Smith, Charles, Linen & Woollen Draper, , High St
Smith, John, Victualler, , Islington Row
Smith, Alfred, Circulating Library, , Colmore St
Smith, William, Plumber, Glazier, Rose Hill(Soho)
Smith, Benjamin, China & Earthen Warehouse, , Digbeth
Smith, R & Co, Factor, , Bartholomew St
Smith, George, Plater, , Bartholomew St
Smith, William, Cooper, , Smithfield
Smith, & Walker, Merchant, Factor, St Paul's Sq
Smith, Thomas & Sons, Merchant, , Sand St
Smith, Samuel, Maltster, Victualler, Dale End
Smith, Henry, Corn Cheese & Butter Factor &c, Seedsman, Dale End
Smith, Mary, Victualler, , Snowhill
Smith's, , Mail- Post- & General Coach Mfr, , Coleshill St & Ashted Rd
Smith, John, Brass Founder, , Exeter Row
Smith, Robert, Carpenter, &c, Crooked La
Smith, Edward, Shoemkr, , Bull St
Smith, William, Toy Mkr, Engraver, Lawley St
Smith, William, Victualler, , Bristol St
Smith, Michael, Gun Mkr, , Steelhouse La & Aston Rd
Smith, Thomas, Bellows Pipe Mkr, , Bartholomew St
Smith, Thomas, Tailor, , Newton St
Smith, John, Baker, , Weaman St
Smith, Abraham, Baker, , Steelhouse La
Smith, Joseph, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Snowhill
Smith, W H, Button Mfr, Factor, Great Hampton St
Smith, William, Coal Dealer, , Moseley St
Snape, Thomas, Cabinet Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Snape, John, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Bull St
Snow, William, Bridle Bit & Stirrup Mkr, , Cross St & Hill St
Soellner, & Dransfield, Accountants & Agents In Bankruptcy, Translators, Snowhill
Solomon, Daniel, Pencil & Quill Mfr, Dealer In Cornelians & Other Stones, Queen St
Solomon, Abraham, Surgeon, , Dale End
Solomon, , Quill & Pencil Mkr, &c, Dudley St
Solomon, J H, Merchant, , Moat Row
Solomon, Moses, Jeweller, Pencil Mkr, Dudley St
Solomon, Eve, Mfr Of Clock & Watch Materials, Landscape Time Piece Mfr, Dudley St
Solomon, Eve(2nd Entry), Dealer In Pencils Rubber Slates &c, &c, Dudley St
Solomon, Wolfe, Watch Glass Mfr, , Smallbrook St
Somerton, Elizabeth, Victualler, , Bordesley
Soutter, & Hicks, Factors, , New Market St
Southall, Richard, Iron Merchant & Agent To Hyde Iron Works, Iron Mfr, Smallbrook St
Southall, Edward, Shoe Mkr, , Thomas St
Southall, Richard & Sons, Gun Mkr, Factor, Livery St
Southam, Thomas, Victualler, , Dale End
Southan, John, Cheese Factor, Baker, Dale End
Speight, Ann, Pawnbroker, , John St
Spencer, Robert, Blacksmith, , Balsall St
Spencer, Joseph, Clock- Brass- Bell- & Genrl Founder, Clock Movement Mfr, Newhall St
Spencer, Joseph(2nd Entry), Vertical Jack Mkr, Iron Work Pinion Mkr, Newhall St
Spencer, Benjamin, Butcher, , Coleshill St
Spencer, William, Lapidary, , Essex St
Spencer, William, Victualler, , Summer St
Spencer, John, Merchant, Gun Mkr, St Mary's Row
Spencer, John, File Cutter, , Moor St
Spencer, John, Baker, , Snowhill
Spiers, James, Hosier, , Balsall St
Spicer, William, Pawnbroker, , Snowhill
Spikes, Thomas, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Horse Fair
Spooner, James, Earthen Warehouse, , Moor St
Spooner, William & Co, Mfr Of Plated Articles, , New Market St
Sprigg, Samuel, Button Mkr, , Edmund St
Sprigg, William & Son, Mfr Of Fenders & Fire Irons, , Birchall St
Sprigg, & Feidler, General Lock Mfr, Cut Nail Mfr, New St & Litttle Cannon St
Spriggs, Steward, Victualler, , Philip St
Spurr, Robert, Copper Plate Printer, , Moor St
Spurdle, Joseph, Publican,(Saracen's Head Inn), Bull St
Spurrier, & Ingleby, Attorney, , New St
Spurrier, John, Maltster, Victualler, Lancaster St
Stanbridge, Thomas, Mealman, Baker, Snowhill
Stanbridge, & Gill, Merchant, , Summer Row
Standley, James, Ironmonger, Brass Hinge Mkr, Ashted Row
Standley, James(2nd Entry), Bolt Mkr In General, &c, Ashted Row
Standley, John, Gun Mkr, Victualler, Lancaster St
Standley, & Gale, Locksmith, Bell Hanger, Bull St
Standley, John, Steel Toy Mkr, , Great Charles St
Stanley, Thomas, Mathematical Instrument Mkr, Dog Collar Mkr &c, Bath St
Stanton, Thomas, Currier, , Dean St
Stanier, Thomas, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Lawley St
Starling, James, Cabinet Mkr, , Snowhill
Startin, James & Co, Merchant, , Saturday Bridge
Statham, Martha, Butcher, , Smallbrook St
Statham, William, Butcher, , Bread St & Hill St
Steadman, George, Victualler, , Vauxhall
Steadman, John, Die Sinker, , King Alfred's Pl
Steadman, Richard & Co, Button Mkr, , Edmund St
Steam Rolling Mill,(James Mills - Trustees Of), Steam Rolling Mill, , Newhall St
Steam Mill Co, , Steam Mill, , Fazeley St
Steapenhill, William, Schoolmaster, , Great Brook St
Steel, Thomas, Thumb Latch Mkr, Screw Plate Mkr, Coleshill St
Steeple, Thomas, Cabinet Mkr, , Great Brook St
Steer, Samuel, Lapidary, , Livery St
Steer, Luke, Jeweller, , Caroline St
Stephens, James, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bull St
Stephens, George, Victualler, , Dale End
Stephens, Daniel, Toy Watch & Glass Mkr, Caster In General, Cross St &coleshill St
Stephenson, George, Butcher, , Digbeth
Stephenson, John, Tortoise-Shell & Horn Comb Mkr, , High St
Stephenson, Thomas, Button Mkr, Brace Mkr, Aston Rd
Stevens, & Haywood, Wine & Spirit Merchant, , Ann St
Stevens, Jeremiah, Plater, , Snowhill & Digbeth
Steward, Job, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Stinton, Thomas, Butcher, , Church St
Stinton, Mary, King Edward's Female School, , Lionel St
Stockdale, Robert, Trunk Mkr, , Philip St
Stokes, Thomas, Dentist, , Livery St
Stokes, James, Jeweller, Pearl Setter, Constitution Hill
Stokes, Benjamin, Pawnbroker, , Price St
Stokes, Thos, Winnowing Machine Mkr, , Islington Row
Stokes, John, File Cutter, , Fox St
Stokes, Thomas, Coal Dealer, Brick Mkr, Norfolk St
Stone, James, Gardener, Seedsman, Essex St
Stone, Henry, Carrier, , New St
Stone, Joseph, Cooper, , Moor St
Stone, William, Maltster, Brandy Merchant, Stafford St
Storer, Joseph, Chair Mkr, , Digbeth
Storer, Jos, Bed Screw Mkr, Coach Harness Mkr, Grosvenor Row
Stow, James, Lace Mfr, , Digbeth
Street, Edward, Victualler, Gilder, Livery St
Stringer, G C, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Coleshill St
Stringer, G C (2nd Entry), Glass & Gilt Toy Mfr, Necklace Mfr &c, Coleshill St
Stubbs, Thomas, Shopkeeper, , Cross St & Hill St
Stubbs, Francis, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Deritend
Studwell, P G & Co, Tea Dealer, , Bull St
Sturgess, Samuel, Grocer, , Digbeth
Styche, William, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Lower Priory
Styles, William, Victualler, Wine Cooper & Bottled Porter Dealer, Steelhouse La
Such, William, Gold Seal Mkr, Jeweller, Moat Row
Such, Joseph, Victualler, Gun Mkr, Weaman St
Sucklin, William, Butcher, , Smallbrook St
Suckling, John, Butter Merchant, , Aston Rd
Suffield, William, Printer & Stationer, Paper Hanger, Bull St
Sumner, Joseph, Gold Seal Mkr, , Sand Pits
Sumner, Francis, Carpenter, , William St
Sumner, John, Brazier, Tinman, Smallbrook St
Sutherland, R & R, Arms Mfr To Board Of Ordnance, Fowling Pieces, Harper's Hill
Sutton, James, Victualler, , Hill St
Swaine, Thomas, Carrier, , Summer Row
Swain, & Davis, Plater On Steel, , Whittall St
Swain, James, Coal Dealer, , Holloway Head
Swann, John, Glover, Brace Mkr, Digbeth
Swann, John, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Snowhill
Swasbrick, William, File Mkr, , Hill St
Swift, Walter, Steel Toy Mkr, , Fisher St
Swinburn, Edward, Writing Master, , New St
Swinburn, John, Victualler, , Nova Scotia St
Swinburn, Joseph, Butcher, , Snowhill
Swinburn, Samuel, Victualler, , Digbeth
Swinburn, John, Butcher, , Bartholomew St
Swinford, Luke, Silversmith, , Legge St
Swingley, Thomas, Plater & Plated Wire Drawer, Curb Mkr, Price St
Swinson, George, Surgeon, , Dale End
Taberer, Joseph, Butcher, , Smallbrook St
Taberner, Thomas, Victualler, Maltster, Aston St
Taft, Thomas, Victualler, Patent Whip & Bridle Mfr, Bell St
Tailby, Edward, Butcher, , Weaman Row
Talbot, William, Letter Press Printer, Copper Plate Printer, Exeter Row
Talkington, Miss, School, , Upper Priory
Talkington, Joseph, Woollen & Linen Draper, , Bull St
Tanner, Matthew, Grocer, , Great Charles St
Tanslep, Thomas, Clock Mkr, , Bond St
Tantam, William, Jeweller, , Mary St
Tape, Jesse, Periodical Bookseller, , Great Charles St
Tasker, William, Spoon Mkr, , Dudley St
Taverner, Elizabeth, Plumber, Glazier, Bromsgrove St
Tay, Job, Carpenter, , Digbeth
Tay, William, Livery Stables, , Great Charles St
Taylor, John, Sword & Bayonet Scabbard Mkr, , Tower St
Taylor, Mrs & Miss, Boarding & Day School, , Bordesley
Taylor, Thomas, Victualler, Maltster, Whittall St
Taylor, Thomas, Victualler, , Philip St
Taylor, Jonathan, Gilt Toy Mfr, , Cherry St
Taylor, John, Victualler, , Loveday St
Taylor, William, Victualler, , London 'Prentice St
Taylor, Gideon, Police Officer, , Park St
Taylor, James, Spade Tree Mkr, , Park St
Taylor, Sarah, Printer, , Moor St
Taylor, Samuel, Saddlers' Ironmonger, , Snowhill
Taylor, Joseph, Awl Blade Mkr, , Coleshill St
Taylor, John, Grocer, , Spiceal St
Taylor, John, Paviour, , King Alfred's Pl
Taylors, & Perry, Gold & Silversmith, Jeweller, Newhall St
Taylors, & Perry(2nd Entry), Cut Glass Mfr, Ivory & Tortoise-Shell Boxes, Newhall St
Taylor, John, Baker, , Tonks St
Taylor, John & Bellamy, Surgeon, , Colmore Row
Taylor, Sarah, Pawnbroker, , Deritend
Taylor, Henry, Victualler, , Hill St
Taylors, & Lloyds, Banker, , Dale End
Taylor, Joseph, Victualler, Maltster, Duke St
Taylor, William, Brazier, Tinman, High St
Taylor, S & D, Gimblet Mkr, Bit Mkr, Bordesley
Taylor, George, Surgeon, , Edgbaston St
Taylor, Richard, Bellows Mkr, , Bartholomew St
Taylor, William, Butcher, , Tennant St
Taylor, Edward, Jeweller, , Livery St
Taylor, James, Filligree Worker, , Lionel St
Taylor, W H, Dealer In Bullion, , Newhall St
Taylor, Richard, Caster, , Edmund St
Taylor, George, Butcher, , Great Hampton St
Taylor, Timber Merchant, Boat Builder, Birmingham Heath
Taylor, W H, Surgeon, , Bromsgrove St
Taylor, Thomas, Bottled Porter Warehouse, , New Meeting St
Taylor, Joseph, Fire Iron Mkr, Fender Mkr, Alcester St
Taylor, James, Plated Metal Mfr, , Summer La
Taylor, William, Victualler, , King Edward's Pl
Taylor, Thomas, Victualler, , Pinfold St
Taylor, Humphrey, Fellmonger, , Digbeth
Taylor, John, Poulterer, , Bull St
Taylor, John, Bellows Mkr, , Digbeth
Taylor, Joseph, Awl Blade Mkr, , Coleshill St
Taylor, Misses, Ladies' School, , Newhall St
Tayton, John, Victualler, , Snowhill
Tenniswood, Thomas, Grocer, Druggist, Lichfield St
Terry, Joseph, Brass Founder, , Bordesley
Terry, Joseph, Baker, , Church St
Terry, Thomas, Steel Toy Mkr, , Livery St
Thomas, J S, Milliner, &c, Bridge Row
Thomas, Miss, Ladies' School, , St Paul's Sq
Thomas, William, Maltster, , Camp Hill
Thomas, Thomas, Porter Merchant, , New Town Row
Thomas, John, Cheese Factor, , Hig St
Thoas, Stephe, Victualler, , Holloway Head
Thomas, William, Victualler, , Digbeth
Thomas, John, Grocer, Tea Dealer, New St
Thomas, Catharine, Victualler, , Bradford St
Thomas, W & B, Brass Founder, , Lionel St
Thomas, William, Victualler, , Smallbrook St
Thomas, Joice, Victualler, , Worcester St
Thomas, William, Victualler, , Deritend
Thomas, William, Butcher, , Digbeth
Thomas, Saml, Mfr Of Best Mortice & Rim Locks, Rack- & Lever Bolt Mfr &c, Deritend
Thomas, Mrs, Milliner, , New St
Thomason, John, Whip Mount Mfr, , Church St
Thomason, Edward, Mfr, , Church St
Thompson, Daniel, Shoe Mkr, , Deritend
Thompson, Joshua, Butcher, , Dale End
Thompson, William, Sword Cutler, Gilt & Steel Ring Mkr, Coleshill St
Thompson, William(2nd Entry), Dealer In Metal, , Coleshill St
Thompson, Charles, Blacksmith, , Steelhouse La
Thompson, John, Victualler, , Northwood St
Thompson, Griffin &Beilby & Co, Saw Mfr, , Great Brook St
Thompson, Y, School, , Summer La
Thompson, William & Co, Coffin Furniture Mfr, Britannia Metal Mfr, Great Brook St
Thompson, William, Maltster, , Bordesley
Thompson, William, Stonemason, , New St
Thompson, Wiliam, Wheelwright, Chair Mkr, Deritend
Thompson, Edward, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bull St
Thompson, William, Cabinet Locksmith, , Deritend
Thompstone, Samuel, Artificial Mineral Warehouse, , High St
Thorne, Joseph, Gardener, Seedsman, Tennant St
Thornley, & Knight, Varnish Mkr, , Lionel St
Thornley, Samuel, Druggist, Oil & Colourman, Snowhill
Thorneloe, William, Baker, Salt Warehouse, Great Charles St
Thorneloe, J, Grocer & Tea Dealer, Confectioner, High St
Thornton, Anna, Sheffield Warehouse, , Church St
Thornton, James, Hinge Mkr, , Bradford St
Thornton, John, Modeller, Repairer, Church St
Thornton & Parrock, Misses, School, , Newhall St
Thowless, W, Straw Hat Mfr, , Bull St
Thowless, William, Carver, Gilder, Bull St
Thurstans, John, Dresser, , Tennant St
Thurstans, Edward, Baker, , Great Hampton St
Thropp, John, Silversmith, Plater &c, Hurst St
Tibbitts, Ann, Victualler, , Bradford St
Tibbitts, Mary, Steel Stud Mkr, , Lancaster St
Tibbitts, Joseph, Iron Tinned Spoon Mkr, , Moland St
Tibbitts, Henry, Shoe Mkr, , Lichfield St
Tidman, Edward, Lapidary, , Ann St
Tidmas, Samuel, Victualler, , Bradford St
Tidmus, Edward, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bradford St
Tildesley, Samuel, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Hall St
Tildesley, John, Coal Dealer, , King Alfred's Pl
Tilley, Joseph, Hairdresser, , Worcester St
Tilsley, John & William, Leather Box & Case Mkr, , Summer La
Tilsley, Thomas, Victualler, , Summer Row
Tilt, Joseph, Die Sinker, , King Edward's Pl
Timmins, Benjamin, Collar & Harness Mkr, , Suffolk St
Timmins, James, Copper Sash Mfr, , Mount St
Timmins, Charles, Gun Lock Mkr, , Love La
Timmins, Joseph, Gold Silver & Steel Spectacle Mkr, , Water St
Timmins, Richard, Druggist, Grocer, Snowhill
Timmins, Samuel & Son, Pump Mkr, , Birchall St
Timmins, Samuel, Carpenter, , Green St
Timmins, Thomas, Optician, , Bromsgrove St
Timmins, William, Butcher, , Snowhill
Timpson, Thomas, Jeweller, Gold Seal Mkr, Horse Fair
Tindale, Henry, Chemist, Druggist, High St
Tipper, James, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Fleet St
Tipping, Thomas, Gun & Pistol Mkr, , Bath St
Tipson, John, File & Tool Maker, , Moor St
Titley, Richard, Brass Founder, , Edmund St
Toakley, John, Gilder, , St.Martin's Pl
Todd, Charles, Butcher, , Digbeth
Todd, Edward, Bookbinder, , New Meeting St
Todd, Christopher, ,, Bordesley
Todd, Sarah, Butcher, , Aston St
Todd, Moss, Victualler & Cutler, , Edgbaston St
Todd, Thomas, Factor, , Edmund St & Great Charles St
Todd Thomas, Factor, , Great Charles St & Edmund St
Todd, William, Tailor, , Lichfield St
Todd, Thomas, Butcher, , Constitution Hill
Tolley, William, Engraver, , Park St
Tolley, William, Japanner, Tinplate Worker, Coleshill St
Tolley, Samuel, Victualler, , Snowhill
Tolley, John, Plumber, Glazier, Dale End
Tombs, Sarah, Carrier To Wolverhampton Shiffnal & Salop, , Bull St (Bear Yard)
Tombs, John, Victualler, Builder, Steelhouse La
Tomlinson, William, Victualler, , Congreve St
Tomlinson, Bickley & Baldwin, Factor, , Moor St
Tompson, John, Victualler, , Northwood St
Tompson, John, Dispensing Apothecary, , Union St
Tompson, Thomas, Ivory- Tortoiseshell- & Turtleshell Box Mfr, , Great Hampton St
Tompson, T & Co, Gilt Toy Mfr, , Great Hampton St
Tompson, Wm, Maltster, Victualler, Bartholomew St
Tompson, C & L, Brass Candlestick Mfr, House- Clock- & Tea Bell Mfr, Duddeston St
Tompson, C & L (2nd Entry), Fender Ornaments, Weights Of Various Sorts, Duddeston St
Tompson, C & L (3rd Entry), Mortars & Pestles, &c &c, Diddeston St
Tompson, William, Patent Lock Mkr, Key Stamper, Bull St
Toney, Thomas, Victualler, , Handsworth
Toney, William, Victualler, , Temple St
Tongue, Samuel, Plater, , Livery St
Tongue, William, Engineer, Jobbing Smith, Bordesley St
Tongue, Wm Jnr (Late Markland), Toy Warehouse, , Bull St
Tonge, Illiam, Gld- Gilt- & Steel Watch Chain Mfr, Seal Mfr, High St
Tongue, William(2nd Entry), Ring & Locket Mfr, Pin & Brooch Mfr, High St
Tongue, William(3rd Entry), Pocket Book &Purse Mfr, Plated Work & Cutlery, High St
Tonks, Joseph, Earthen Warehouse, , Moor St
Tonks, Joseph & Co, Plater, , Bristol St
Tonks, Timothy, Wire Worker, , Fisher St
Tookey, Richard, Victualler, , Hockley
Tookey, John, Maltster, , Hockley
Tookey, William, Wire Worker, , Brittle St
Topham, Joseph, Cooper, , Weaman St
Topp, William, Builder, , Hampstead Row
Torkington, Jesse, Jeweller, , Navigation St
Toulmin, J B, Merchant&Factor, Wholesale Needle &Fish Hook Warehouse, Smallbrook St
Tovey, Thomas, Painter, Plumber & Glazier, Grosvenor Row
Townshend, John, Cut Nail Mfr, , Bridge Row
Tranter, William, Carpenter, , Mary Ann St
Tranter, William, Victualler, , Digbeth
Tregent, J P, Auctioneer & Appraiser, House & General Agent, Worcester St
Trow, Thomas, Rope & Twine Mfr, &c, Dale End & Duddeston Row
Tristram, William, Pawnbroker, , Thomas St
Truby, Samuel, Druggist, Grocer, Coleshill St
Trueman, Esther, Cork Screw Mkr, , Weaman St
Trueman, John, Plumber, Glazier, Horse Fair
Trueman, Richard, Cabinet Brass Founder, , Park St
Truss, David, Picture Frame Mkr, , Old Meeting St
Tucker, Thomas, Umbrella Mkr, , Lower Temple St
Tuckley, Richard, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Queen St
Tullett, Thomas, Hat Mkr, , St Martin's La
Turley, Samuel, Plater, , Snowhill
Turner, Charles, Victualler, , Bull St
Turner, Thomas, Factor, , Great Hampton St
Turner, Mary, Painter, Glazier, Mount St
Turner, Joseph, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Moland St
Turner, John & Co, Gun Mfr, Brass & Iron Candlestick Mfr, Charlotte St
Turner, William, Cabinet Mkr, , Bradford St
Turner, Thomas, Coal Dealer, , Summer Row
Turner, John, Merchant, , Bradford St
Turner, John, Victualler, , Thomas St
Turner, John, Cooper, , Stafford St
Turner, Thomas, Book & Second Hand Book Seller, Music Seller, Snowhill
Turner, Thomas, Printer, , Snowhill
Turner, Thos, Hairdresser, , Lower Temple St
Turner, Richard, Carpenter, , Livery St
Turner, Richard, Carpenter, Joiner, Princep St
Turnpenny, William, Die Sinker, , Hall St
Turton, Joseph, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Gosty Green
Turton, Benj, Plated Wood Screw Mkr, Jobbing Smith For Brass Founders, Swallow St
Turton, John, Plater, , Church St
Tutin, Wm &Haycraft, Tutania Spoon Mfr, White Metal Smith, Coleshill St
Tutin, Wm &Haycraft(2nd Entry), Mfr Of Teapots Flagons Cups, &c, Coleshill St
Tutin, Richard, Butcher, , High St
Tutin, Thomas, Butcher, , New St
Tutin, Richard, Building Surveyor, , Peck La
Twilton, James, China- Glass- & Staffordshire Warehouse, , Church St
Twine, W, Fancy Chain Mkr, , Queen St
Twiss, Thomas & John, Mfr Of Plated Wares, , Great Charles St
Twist, Hannah, Victualler, , Carr's La
Twist, Joseph, Victualler, , Suffolk St
Twist, Samuel, Victualler, , Paradise St
Twist, Elizabeth, Silver Plater, , Newhall St
Twist, Joseph, Wood Turner, , Bordesley
Tye, James & Son, Engraver, , Church St
Tye, Charles, Pressed Hinge Mkr, Sprig Cutter, Alliston St
Tye, James, Pocket Book Mfr, Fancy Needle Case Mfr, Barford St
Tyldesley, William, Ironmonger, Cutlery & Sheffield File Warehouse, New St
Tyldesley, William(2nd Entry), Bell Hanger, &c, New St
Tyler, Esther, Maltster, , Bordesley
Tyler, James, Hairdresser, , Steelhouse La
Tyndall, Thomas, Attorney, , Newhall St
Udell, Joseph, Jeweller, Chaser, Hall St
Underhill, John, Tea Warehouse, Paper Warehouse, Union St
Underwood, Joseph, Gilder In General, , Mount St
Underwood, John, Gilder, , Mount St
Underwood, William, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Navigation St
Unett, John Wilkes, Attornq}\_gnamin, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Brearley St
Union Coal & Coke Company, , Coal &coke Wharf, Coal & Coke Dealer, Bloomfield Wharf
Union Mill Flour & Bread Co, , Flour Company, Baker, Holt St
Upfill, T & J, Wholesale Ironmonger, , Temple Row(Royal Hotel Yard)
Upfill, Mary, Victualler, , New Meeting St
Upton, Thomas, Hatter, , Park St
Upton, William, Sewing Cotton Mfr, Thimble & Gilt Toy Mfr, Great Charles St
Vale, Joseph, Plater, , Edmund St
Van Wart, Henry, Merchant, , Britannia Buildings
Vallant, Richard, Factor, , Islington Row
Varney, John, Whip Mkr, , Digbeth
Varney, & Co, Brush Mkr, , Digbeth
Vaughan, Sarah, School, Pawnbroker, Worcester St
Vaughan, Alice, Victualler, , Moor St
Vaux, Bowyer, Surgeon\Ohn, Victualler, , Hospital St
Venables, Edward, Victualler, , Church St
Venables, Thomas, Shopkeeper, Wood Turner, Coleshill St
Verney, John, Plumber, Glazier, Lancaster St
Vickers, Thos, Surgeon, , Newhall St(Residence) & Great Charles St(Surgery)
Villers, John, His Majesty's Stamp Office, , Temple Row
Villers, & Wilkes, Dealer In Metal, Wholesale Brazier & Pewterer, Moor St
Vize, James, Butcher, , Livery St
Voas, Richard, Tailor, &c, Alcester St
Voice, Alexander, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Dale End
Vowles, Mary, Broker, , Worcester St
Vowles, Elizabeth, Broker, Shop Tools &c, Worcester St
Waddams, John, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Snowhill
Waddell, William, Coach Proprietor, Mail Contractor, New St(Hen & Chicken Hotel)
Waddell, William Henry, Wine & Brandy Merchant, Hop Merchant, New St(Corner Of)
Wade, Israel, Boot & Shoe Mkr, Patten Mkr, Summer La
Wade, Charles, Druggist, , Coleshill St
Wade, Sarah, Straw Bonnet Mkr, , Temple St
Wadson, , Brush Mkr, , Livery St
Wadsworth, George, Factor, , Prince's Row
Wadsworth, Henry, Printer, , Moor St
Waight, William, Watch Mkr, Clock Mkr, Bull St
Wainwright, John, Currier, Bellows & Bellows Pipe Mkr, Smallbrook St
Wainwright, William, Victualler, , Worcester St
Wainwright, Jonathan, Victualler, , Duddeston St
Wakefield, Samuel, Fruiterer, , Digbeth
Wakelam, Thomas, Brewer, , Birmingham Brewery
Wakeman, Robert, Accountant, General Commercial Agent, Snowhill
Wakeman, Robert(2n Entry), Comeission[ Foraking Special Bail, , Snowhill
Walcot, T & Co, Coach- Livery Lace- & Fringe Mfr, , New St
Walcott, Samuel, Grocer, , New St
Waldron, Thomas, Tailor, , Weaman St
Waldron, William, Butcher, , Moor St
Waldron, James, Gun Barrel Mkr, , Fisher St
Waldron, Henry & John, African & American Gun Furniture Mkr, , Henry St(Ashted)
Walford, William, Brush Mkr, , Pinfold St
Walford, John, Grocer, , Ashted Row
Walker, William, Britannia Metal Worker, , Rea St
Walker, John, Victualler, , Slaney St
Walker, John, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Cross St & Hill St
Walker, Martin, Merchant, , Crescent
Walker, Edward, Joiner, Carpenter, Bristol St
Walker, Peter, Dyer, , Lichfield St
Walker, William, Victualler, , Lombard St
Walker, & Fisher, Bellows Pipe Mkr, , Meriden St
Walker, Robert, Screw Ring Mkr, , Tanter St
Walker, Samuel, Brass Founder, Wire Drawer, Bartholomew Row
Walker, Thomas, Shoe Mkr, , Worcester St
Walker, John, Saddlers' Tool Mkr, Steel Toy Mkr, Moseley St
Walker, Samuel, Brass Founder, , Newton St
Walker, George, Painter, , Ashted Row
Walker, & Hughes, Clock Dial Mkr, , Lower Priory
Walker, William & Sons, Merchant, , Livery St
Walker, James, Jobbing Smith, Straw Engine Mkr, Jamaica Row
Wall, Thomas, Butcher, , Great Charles St
Wall, Timothy, Victualler, , Digbeth
Wall, William, Victualler, , Lawley St
Wall, William, Pawnbroker, , Smallbrook St
Wallins, William, Victualler, , Deritend
Wallis, William, Merchant, , Square
Wallis, Thomas, Butcher, , Gosty Green
Wallis, Joseph, Merchant, , Easy Row
Wallis, Joseph & Co (Late Wallis & Lloyd), Merchant, , Paradise St
Wallis, & Banks, Merchant, , Friday St
Wallis, Stephen, Gun Mkr, Maltster, Ashted Row
Wallis, Stephen(2nd Entry), Brick Mkr, , Ashted Row
Walters, Jeremiah, Locksmith, Wood Screw Mkr, Princep St
Walter, Joseph, Locksmith, Wood Screw Mkr, Duke St
Walters, S G, Tinplate Worker, Lamp Mfr, Moor St
Walthew, John, Painter, Glazier, Smallbrook St
Walthew, John, Builder, , Summer La
Walton, William, Shoe Mkr, , King Edward's
Walton, Ann, Shopkeeper, , Great Hampton St
Walton, & Mountford, Jeweller, , Russell St & Weaman Row
Walton, Daniel, Schoolmaster, , Aston Rd
Walton, Benjamin, Woolcomber, Brush Mkr, Spiceal St
Walton, Benjamin, Merchant, , Whittall St
Walton, Ann, Broker, , Thorp St
Walton, Theophilus, Rope & Twine Mkr, , Moor St
Walton, Daniel, Butcher, , Balsall St
Ward, William, Victualler, , Edmund St
Ward, William, Jeweller, , Aston Rd
Ward, Sarah, Victualler, , New John St
Ward, Thomas, Baker, , Bishopsgate St
Ward, Callingwood, Steel Toy Mkr, Scale Mkr, Moland St
Ward, Samuel, Victualler, , Lichfield St
Ward, Thomas, Victualler, , Dale End
Ward, William, Bricklayer, , Coleshill St
Ward, William, Grocer & Tea Dealer, Wholesale & Retail, Bull St
Ward, Michael, Jeweller, , Kenion St
Ward, Sarah, Publican,(Fountain Inn), New St
Ward, James, Tailor, , Aston Rd
Wardcharles, Victualler, , Aston Rd
Ward, Solomon, Silverer Gilder & French Pater, , Nova Scotia
Ward, John, Tailor, , Great Charles St
Wardell, & Kempson, Mfr In Silver, , Mary Ann St
Wardell, William, ,, Mount St
Warden, & Marston, Iron Merchants, , Smallbrook St
Warden, Joseph, Victualler, , Colmore St
Warden, Joseph, ,, Bristol St
Warden, Thomas, Tailor, , New Market St
Warden, Elizabeth, Draper & Worsted Dealer, , Paradise St
Wareham, Joseph, Jeweller & Gold Seal Maker, , Livery St
Wareham, John, Plumber & Glazer, ,, Deritend
Wareing, George, Tailor, , Paradise St
Waring, Thomas, Broker, , Digbeth
Waring, Richard, Currier, , Upper Temple St
Warner, William, Linen Draper, , High St
Warner, Mrs, ,, Great Charles St
Warner, Richard, Currier, , Upper Temple St
Warner, & Steele, Stamper Piercer, Die Sinker & Tool Mkr, Great Charles St
Warner, Robert, Japanner, , Hospital St & Summer La
Warnford, Rev Charles Ward, Clergyman, , Five Ways
Warren, Catharine, Milliner, , Smallbrook St
Warren, Thomas, Boot Mkr, Shoe Mkr, Bromsgrove St
Warrilow, John, Pawnbroker, , Snowhill
Warwick, Richard, Victualler, , Coleshill St
Warwick, Thomas, Watch Mkr, , High St
Warwick & Birmingham Canal Office, , Canal Office, , Bartholomew St
Waterhouse, Jane, Grocer, , Islington Row
Waterhouse, & Ryland, Mfr Of Sheffield Plated Wares, , Hill St
Waterhouse, Wm, Victualler, Horse Dealer, New St
Waterhouse, George, Pawnbroker, Salesman, Dale End
Waterman, Sarah, Pawnbroker, , Edgbaston St
Watling, Mrs, Ladies' School, , Camp Hill
Watson, Richard, Grocer, Cheesemonger, High St
Watson, James, Grocer, , Steelhouse La
Wat5ocer, Tea Dealer, Dale End
Watson, Benjamin, Gun Lock Mkr, , Steelhouse La
Watson, Charles, Small File & Tool Mkr, , Livery St
Watson, James, Surgeon, , New St
Watson, William, Shopkeeper, , Moor St
Watson, Mrs, Milliner, Dress Mkr, Colmore Row
Watson, Thomas, Paper Button Mkr, &c, Church St
Watton, , Gilt & Plated Button Mkr, , St Paul's Sq
Watton, Matthew, Gilder, , Swallow St
Watt, James & Co, Mfr Of Copying Machines, , Soho
Watts, Thomas, Upholsterer, , Dale End
Weale, William, Brazier, Tinman, Constitution Hill
Weale, John, Victualler, , Hurst St
Weale, Jesse, Victualler, , Russell St
Weaver, Isaac, Victualler, , Milk St
Webb, William, Wood & Bed Screw Mkr, , Lease La
Webb, Thomas, Blacksmith, , Lancaster St
Webb, H & Co, Wharf, , Aston Junction Wharf
Webb, George, Victualler, , Colmore St
Webb, John, Bridle Bit Mkr, , Bread St
Webb, Edward, Painter, Glazier, Duke St
Webb, John, Woollen Draper, , Great Charles St
Webb, & Tyndall, Attorney, , Little Charles St
Webb, Robert, Attorney, , Bradford St & Union St(Office)
Webley, Samuel, Carpenter, Joiner, Staniforth St
Webster, & Crompton, Wire Drawer, , Brooke Street & St Paul's
Webster, John Jnr, Wholesale & Retail Paper Dealer, Stationer, Cannon St
Webster, John Jnr (2nd Entry), Book Binder, Button Card Mfr, Cannon St
Webster, John Jnr (3rd Entry), Letter Press Printer, Copper Plate Printer, Cannon St
Welch, John, Woolstaplr, Fellmonger, Bradford St
Welch, & Allport, Parchment Mkr, , Bradford St
Welch, Joseph, Factor, Mfr Of Gilt White-Metal Plated & Pearl Buttons, Islington
Welch, William, Accountant, , Ann St
Welch, James, Surgeon, , Newhall St
Welch, Thomas, Currier, Patten Tye Mkr, Bromsgrove St
Welch, Joseph, Bridle Cutter, , Prospect Row & Great Brook St
Welch, & Allport, Leather Dresser, , Edgbaston St
Welch, Joseph, Brass Founder, , Bristol St & Little Hill St
Wellings, William, Split Ring Mkr, , Lister St
Wells, Joseph, Caster, Plater, Great Charles St
Wells, Richard, Caster, , Edmund St
Wesson, John, Currier, , Dale End
Westley, Samuel, Tailor, Pelisse Mkr, Snowhill
Westbury, Daniel, Cabinet Case Mkr, &c, Bartholomew St(Bride's Court)
Weston, William, Grocer, Corn Factor, High St
Weston, T, Wholesale Haberdasher, , Bromsgrove St
Weston, William, Accountant, , Legge St
Westwood, William, Schoolmaster, , Hall St
Westwood, William, Victualler, , Ann St
Westwood, Samuel, Refiner & Assayer, Roman Vitriol Mkr, Great Charles St
Westwood, Thomas, Victualler, Plater, Lichfield St
Westwood, Moses, Tool Mkr, , Fleet St
Whall, Samuel, Pearl Button Mkr, , Newhall St
Whale, John, Coal Merchant, , Philip St
Wharton, Samuel, Butcher, , St Martin's St
Wharton, George, Victualler, , High St
Wharton, Thomas, Jeweller, Gilt Toy Mkr, Constitution Hill
Whateley, & Son, Attorney, , Lombard St
Whateley, Henry & John, Gun Mkr, , Brittle St
Whateley, William, Attorney, Coroner, Ann St
Whateley, Joseph, Brace Mkr, Patten Tye Mkr, Bradford St
Wheatley, Thomas & Son, Currier, , Jamaica Row
Wheatcroft, N & G, Wharfinger, , Crescent
Wheeler, Robert & Son, Gun Pistol Sword & Bayonet Mfr, , Snowhill
Wheeler, S A, Merchant, , Great Charles St & Monument La
Wheeler, Joseph, Coach Mkr, , Livery St
Wheeler, William, Pawnbroker, , Lench St
Wheeler, William, Coach Mkr, , Dudley St
Wheeler, Charles, Locksmith, , Bellmont Village
Wheeley, Edward & Co, Snuffer Mkr, , Coleshill St
Wheeley, Francis, Coach Mkr, , Lichfield St & Ashted Row
While, Isaac, Victualler, Builder, Canal St
While, James, Builder, , Sheep St
Whillock, John, Shoe Mkr, , Smallbrook St
Whinyates, Samuel, Steel & Gilt Toy Mkr, , Lawrence St
White, M A, Dress Mkr, Pelisse Mkr, Cannon St
White, Elizabeth, Mantua Mkr, Composition Ornament Mkr, Castle St
White, Samuel, Steel Toy Mkr, , Great Hampton St
White, William, Cabinet Mkr, , Moor St
White, & Allgood, Plater, Military Ornament Mkr, Great Charles St
White, Edward, Clock & Watch Mkr, , Church St
White, John, Tailor, , Cherry St
White, William, Gimblet Mkr, Bit Mkr, Green St
White, , Shopkeeper, , Lichfield St
White, William, Draper, Tailor, Colmore Row
White, John, Fork & Spoon Forger, Buckle Ring Forger, Lichfield St
Whitehead, William, Venetian Blind Painter, Chair & Furniture Painter, Edmund St
Whitehead, Ntkaniel, Agent To Wholesale Flour Warehouse, , Union St
Whitehouse, Nathaniel, Gun Barrel Filer, , Northwood St
Whitehouse, W N, Worker, , Snowhill
Whitehouse, John, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Paradise St
Whitehouse, Jo3stol Mkr, , Bath St
Whitehouse, Richard, Schoolmaster, , Weaman Row
Whitehouse, Joseph, Butcher, , Suffolk St
Whitehouse, Edmund, Tutania Spoon Mkr, , Aston Rd
Whitehouse, Mary, School, , Constitution Hill
Whitehouse, Joseph, Coach Harness & Military Ornament Plater, , Beak St
Whitfield, Edward & Sons, Mfr Of Scale Beams Steelyards &c, Factor, Church St
Whitfield, Edward &Sons(2nd Entry), Braziers'Furniture, Wholesale Brazier, Church St
Whitfield, Thomas, Brazier, Iron Plate Worker, Summer Row(Near Friday Bridge)
Whitfield, Thomas(2nd Entry), Iron Tinned Tea Kettle Mfr, Pan Mfr, Summer Row
Whitfield, Thomas(3rd Entry), Cow & Ship Bells, Dutch Smoothing Irons &c, Summer Row
Whitmore, Wm &Son, Iron Founder, Tool Mkr, Newhall St
Whitmore, Wm &Son(2nd Entry), Engine Lathes & Flatting Mills, Scales, Newhall St
Whitmore, Wm &Son(3rd Entry), Cranes &Steam Engines, Ship & Waggon Jacks, Newhall St
Whitmore, John, Bit Stirrup Spur & Coach Harness Plater, , Grosvenor Row
Whittal, Thomas, Cabinet Mkr, , Temple St
Whittall, Thomas, Coach Mkr, , Great Charles St
Whittall, William, Carpenter, , Lancaster St
Whittingham, & Gold, Factor, , Bordesley St
Whittingham, Cauffon, Broker, Shoe Mkr, Edgbaston St
Whittle, Thomas, Linen & Woollen Draper, , Bull Ring
Whittle, Joseph, Tailor, Salesman, High St
Whitworth, James, Ink & Cruet Frame Mkr, , Aston Rd
Whyley, G S, Edge Tool Mkr, Aqua Fortis Mkr, Deritend
Wight, Christopher, Plater, , Bromsgrove St
Wignall, John, Tortoiseshell Spectacle Mkr, , St Martin's St
Wignall, Sarah, Grocer, , Islington Row
Wilcox, William, Maltster, , Holt St
Wilcox, Mary, Milliner, Dress Mkr, Square
Wilcox, William, Black & Gilt Fancy Toy Mkr, , Northwood St
Wilkes, & Baker, Clock Dial Mkr, , Whittall St
Wilday, William, Royal Hotel, , Temple Row
Wilkes, William, Bricklayer, , Lionel St
Wilkes, George, Gun Lock Mkr, Steel Toy Mkr, Bagot St
Wilkes, John, Gun Mkr, Victualler, Weaman St
Wilkes, Joseph, Tinplate Worker, , Summer La
Wilkes, Ann, Shopkeeper, , Snowhill
Wilkes, Joseph, Casting Pot Mfr, , Weaman St
Wilkes, Joseph, Victualler, , Pinfold St
Wilkes, Thomas, Maltster, , Fordrough St
Wilkes, Edward, Mfr Of Casting Pots & Crucibles, &c, Upper Temple St
Wilkes, Edward(2nd Entry), Mfr Of Ovens Fire-Backs & Stands, &c, Upper Temple St
Wilkes, John Aston, Cut Glass & Glass Toy Mfr, Of Plated Wares, St Paul's Sq
Wilkes, John Aston(2nd Entry), Mfr Of Lustres & Fancy Ornaments, &c, St Paul's Sq
Wilkes, John, Shoe Mkr, , Worcester St
Wilkes, Job, Bricklayer, , Lionel St
Wilkes, Job, Broker, , Newton St
Wilkes, John, Cheese Factor, , High St
Wilkins, Thomas, Victualler, , Coleshill St
Wilkinson, Mary Ann, Packing Box Mkr, Case Mkr, Kng Alfred's Pl
Wilkinson, , Shopkeeper, , Livery St
Wilkinson, Thomas, Bakerr, , Newhall St
Wilkes, John, Butcher, , Great Charles St
Wilkinson, George, Mfr Of Augers Saws Chisels Gouges Planes Iron, &c, Alcester St
Willitts, Thomas, Steel Toy Mkr, , Bartholomew St
Willitts, Thomas, Die Sinker, , Church St & Handsworth
Willford, Mary, Victualler, , Old Inkleys
Williams, John, Cabinet Mkr, , Duddeston St
Williams, Andrew, Bone & Ivory Brush Mfr, Toy Mfr, Great Hampton St
Williams, Edward, Publican,(Red Lion Inn), Digbeth
Williams, John, Bricklayer, , Bromsgrove St
Williams, John, Tailor, , Hagley Row
Williams, William, Cooper, , Constitution Hill
Williams, David, Blacksmith, , Peck La
Williams, Thomas, Accountant, &c, Great Charles St
Williams, Samuel, Tortoise-Shell & Horn Spectacle Mkr, , Duke St
Williams, Enock, Wheelwright, , Bishopsgate St
Williams, James, Japanner, , St Paul's Sq & Caroline St
Williams, Daniel, White Metal Button Mkr, , Lichfield St
Williams, William, Tailor, , Smallbrook St
Williams, Penn & Williams, Brass Founder & Coffin Plate Mkr, Factor, Warwick St
Williams, John, Grocer, , Moor St
Williams, Benjamin, Gun Mkr, , Loveday St
Williams, John, Steel Spectacle Case Mkr, Gun Charger Mkr, Steelhouse La
Willington, & Gill, Merchant, Factor, Mount St
Willis, Phipson & Co, Gilt Plated & Pearl Button Mkr, , Colmore Row
Willis, Thomas, Ivory & Bone Turner, , Bartholomew St
Willis, William, Case & Razor Strap Mkr, , Legge St
Willis, Samuel, Gilt Ring Mkr, , Summer La
Willis, George, Tray & Waiter Mkr, Gold & Silver Beater, Jamaica Row
Willis, Henry, Tarpaulin Mkr, , Suffolk St
Willis, Joseph, Gold & Silver Smith, Patent Snuffer Mkr, Bread St
Willmore, George, Jeweller, , Inge St
Willmore, Joseph, Plane Mkr, , Inge St
Wills, , Attorney, , Colmore Row
Wills, William, Grocer, Tea Dealer, High St
Wills, James, Patten Mkr, , Mount St
Willoughby, Benjamin, Curtain & Umbrella Ring Mkr, , Lichfield St
Willmore, Thomas, Rolled & Plated Metal & Wire, &c, New St(Warehouse)
Willmore, Thomas(2nd Entry), Rolled & Plated Metal & Wire, &c, Oldford Mills(Works)
Wilmot, John, Glazier, , Moor St
Wilmot, & Roberts, Factor, , St Mary's Row(No 4)
Wilmot, John, Mfr Of Fire-Irons Brackets Grate-Heads, &c, St Paul's Sq
Wilmot, John(2nd Entry), Mfr Of Metal Ornaments, Buttons & Snuffers, St Paul's Sq
Wilshaw, Maria, Victualler, , Digbeth
Wilson, James, Portrait Painter, , Suffolk St
Wilson, John, Carpenter, , Livery St
Wilson, Thomas, Currier, , Cannon St
Wilson, Thomas, Hairdresser, , Prospect Row
Wilson, Richard, Rope Mkr, Liquor Dealer, Digbeth
Wilson, John, Shoe Mkr, , Lancaster St
Wilson, John, Tailor, Habit Mkr, King St
Wilson, & Gilbert, Draper, , New St
Wilson, Starkey & Co, Gilt Plated & Pearl Button Mkr, &c, St Mary's Row
Wilson, Robert, Gun Finisher, , New John St
Wilson, John, Tailor, , Aston St
Wilson, Robert, Shoe Mkr, , Lancaster St
Wilson, Rev John, Clergyman, , New Town Row
Windsor, Richard, Cooper, , Islington
Winn, Richard, Blank Tray Mkr, Clock Dial Mkr, Lichfield St
Winters, William, Cut Nail Mfr, Cut Sprig Mfr, Bordesley
Winterbottom, P E, Umbrella & Stick Mfr, , Digbeth
Winwood, J, Chair Mkr, Cabinet Mkr, Cheapside
Wise, & Lightfoot, Merchant, , Dudley St
Wise, R M, Merchant, , Dudley St
Wisedale, Charles, Spade Mkr, &c, Floodgate St
Wiseman, John, Victualler, , Philip St
Withers, William, Butcher, , Bromsgrove St
Withers, &co, Saddlers' Harness Mkr, &c, Aston St
Wood, Samuel, Coach Spring Mkr, , Canal St(New Tower)
Wood, George, Victualler, , Mount St
Wood, John, Plasterer, , Kenion St
Wood, James, Engraver, , Bull St
Wood, Robert, Steel Toy Mkr, , Bordesley
Wood, William, Factor, , Bath St & Calthorp St
Wood, Alice, Grocer, Ironmonger, Dale End
Wood, Thomas, Shoe Mkr, , Park St
Wood, Benjamin, Stationer, , Park St
Wood, Thomas, Bookseller & Stationer, Medecine Vendor, High St
Wood, Richard, Surgeon, , Snowhill
Wood, James, Hairdresser, , Aston St
Wood, Thomas, Printer & Bookbinder, Stationer, New Meeting St
Wood, Catharine, Grocer, Tea & Bacon Warehouse, Deritend
Wood, George, Publican,(St George's Tavern), High St
Wood, John, Jeweller, , Newhall St
Wood, Benjamin, Blacksmith, , Great Charles St
Woller, Joseph, Pork Butcher, , Steelhouse La
Woller, Matthew, Clock & Barometer Mkr, , Edgbaston St
Woodall, Mark, Wood Screw Mkr, , Whittall St
Woodburn, John, Cheesebutter Bacon & Ham Factor, &c, High St
Woodhill, John, Jeweller, , Hall St
Woodhill, John Senr, Factor, , Little Hampton St
Woodhouse, Hubbard, Cabinet Locksmith, , Dudley St
Woodman, Joseph, Farrier, , Lease La
Woodman, John, Tailor, , Lancaster St
Woodward, John, Wine & Liquor Merchant, , Mount St
Woodward, James, Shoe Mkr, , Livery St
Woodward, William, Plater, , Bishopsgate St
Woodward, Michael, Musical Instrument Mkr, Music Seller, Union St
Woodward, John, Grocer, , Dudley St
Woodward, George, Hinge Mkr, , Bromsgrove St
Woodward, Rebecca, Butcher, , Whittall St
Woodward, & Francis, Factor, Mfr, Price St
Woodroffe, Joseph, Butcher, , Livery St
Wookey, James, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Snowhill
Woolfe, John, Mercer, Draper, Dale End
Woolfield, Benjamin, Factor, , Ludgate Hill
Woolfield, Henry, Cabinet Mkr, , Ludgate Hill
Woolley, Gordon & Moilliet, Banker, , Cherry St
Woolley, Francis, Draper, Milliner, Worcester St
Woolley, William, Gold & Silver Watch Pendant Mfr, Trays & Bottle Stands, Cannon St
Woolley, Sargant & Crane, Edge Tools, Sword Mfr To Board Of Ordnance, Edmund St
Woolley, John, Awl Blade Mkr, , New John St
Woolley, William, Awl Blade Mkr, , Livery St
Woolley, John, Powder Flask Mkr, Shot Belt Mkr, New John St
Wootton, John, Refiner, , Bagot St
Worboys, John, Toy Watch Mkr, Miniature Frame Mkr, Digbeth
Worboys, Arthur, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Aston Rd
Worcester, T S, Grocer, , New St
Worcester Canal Company's Wharf, , Wharf, , Wharf St
Worlock, Robert, Joiner, Carpenter, Canal St
Worrall, John, Shagreen & Morocco Case Mkr, , Steelhouse La
Worrall, James, Ironmonger, Jobbing Smith, Deritend
Worrall, Joseph, Victualler, , Steelhouse La
Worrall, Ruth, File Mkr, , Steelhouse La & Lady Wood La
Worsey, Henry, Shopkeeper, , Kenion St
Worsey, Thomas, Tinplate Worker, Iron Blank Tray Mkr, Woodcock St
Worthington, & Co, Wharfinger, , Great Charles St
Worthington, Geo, Blacksmith, Farrier, Little Charles St
Wright, Edward, Bridle Cutter, , Soho Hill
Wright, John, Upholsterer, Paper Hanger, Bartholomew Row
Wright, Thomas, Victualler, , Deritend
Wright, J W, Gilt Toy Mkr, , Bristol St
Wright, Benjamin, Factor, , Balsall St
Wright, George, Merchant, , Great Charles St
Wright, John, Joiner, Cabinet Mkr, Horse Fair
Wright, Elizabeth, Confectioner, Pastry Cook, Dale End
Wright, Henry, Seal Stone Engraver, , Congreve St
Wright, Jeremiah, Upholsterer, Cabinet Mkr, Birchall St
Wright, & Salt, Lamp Mfr & Brass Founder, Etched & Painted Glass Mfr, Paradise St
Wright, John, Maltster, , Suffolk St
Wright, Francis, Grocer, , Legge St
Wright, Thomas, Coal Dealer, , Islington Row
Wright, George, Corn & Chaff Machine Mkr, , Dale End
Wright, & Hunt, Warming Pan & Scale Mkr, , Peck La
Wright, Benjamin, Victualler, Livery Stables, Coleshill St
Wright, Wm, Shopkeeper, , King Edward's Pl
Wright, William, Button Mkr, , Church St
Wright, W J, Accountant, General Agent, Union St(Office) & Bristol Rd
Wright, Edward, Retail & Wholesale Grocer & Tea Dealer, , Bull St
Wright, William, Rope Line & Twine Mkr, , Suffolk St
Wrighton, Daniel, Dyer, , Navigation St
Wrighton, Daniel, Printer, , Navigation St
Wrighton, Thomas, Wine & Spirit Warehouse, , New St
Wrightson, Robert, Printer & Bookbinder, Bookseller & Stationer, New St
Wrightson, & Drake, Law Stationer, Writings Neatly Executed &c, New St
Wrightson, F C, Manufacturing Chemist, , Great Charles St
Wyatt, Samuel, Plumber, Glazier, Upper Priory
Wyer, S, Nelson Hotel, , Spiceal St
Wythes, Joseph, Grocer, Tobacconist, Lancaster St
Wynn, W & C, Buckle Mfr, Steel Toy Mfr, Suffolk St
Wynn, W & C, Mfr Of Hammers Pincers Tool Chests Edge Tools, &c, Suffolk St
Wynn, Theophilus, Perfumer, Hairdresser, Bull St
Wynn, Charles, Hairdresser, , Dale End
Wyon, Peter, Die Sinker, , Cock St
Wyon, George, Modeller, Repairer, Livery St
Yarwood, John, Carpenter, Joiner, Little Charles St
Yates, & Hamper, Mfr Of Cabinet Brass Foundery, & Coffin Furniture, Bradford St
Yates, & Hamper(2nd Entry), General Merchants, Factors, Bradford St
Yates, Rev James, Clergyman, , C/O Mrs Evans (Hatter) Bull St
Yates, Charles, Butcher, , Horse Fair
Yates, John, Tailor, , Little Charles St
Yates, John, Coal Dealer, , Duke St
Yates, John, Maltster, Victualler, Duke St
Yates, John, Tutania Spoon Mkr, , Lionel St
Yates, Stephen, Nurseryman, Seedsman, Camp Hill
Yates, Thomas, Button Mkr, , Suffolk St
Yates, Thomas, ,, Hockley Hill
Yates, Thomas, Type- Spoon- Core- & Glasshouse Mould Mkr, , Coleshill St
Yates, Thomas, Victualler, , Camp Hill
Yeadon, Edmund, Gilt & Steel Ring & Watch Chain Mkr, &c, Little Charles St
Yeadon, Edward, Victualler, , Legge St
Yeates, Thomas, Factor, Patten Tye Mkr, Bradford St
Yeandall, Margaret, Victualler, , Suffolk St
Yeomans, Samuel, Currier, Leather Cutter, Freeman St
Yeomans, Thomas, Currier, Leather Cutter, Freeman St
Youle, John, Tortoiseshell Spectacle Mkr, Optic Glass Mounter, Barford St
Younge, Richard, School, , Freeman St
Young, Mary, School, , New Meeting St
Young, William, Victualler, , Weaman St
Young, William, Tinner, , Little Charles St

[Transcribed by J.E. Lindley of College of Ripon & York St John, 9th April 1989.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]