Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - B


Surnames beginning with 'B'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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BACHE, Thomas General carrier, Leicester Row, Coventry 766
BACHE, Thomas Canal carrier to London , Coventry 784
BACHELOR, Jno Maltster Sheep St Stratford 540
BACKHOUSE, M. China & Glass, Burgess, Coventry 766
BACON, Joseph Straw hat maker, Abbey Place, Nuneaton 561
BACON, Theophilus Ironmonger, Bishop St, Coventry 766
BADAMS, John Plumber, Glazier, Gerrard St, Warwick 671
BADAMS, William Plumber, Glazier, Church St, Warwick 671
BADAMS, Wm Carpenter Henley St Stratford 540
BADDELEY, John Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 80+ 123
BAGSHAW, Charles Victualler,Spon St, Coventry 766
BAGSHAW, Jno. Miller, Rugby 735
BAGSTER, Samuel Shirley End, Solihull 588
BAGSTER, Widow Shirley End, Solihull 588
BAILEY, Chas. Builder etc, Wellington St, Leamington 715
BAILEY, I.B. Ward end, Warwick 671
BAILEY, John Victualler, Fleet St, Coventry 766
BAILEY, Wm. Painter & glazier, Much Park St, Coventry 766
BAINARD, Elz. Dealer in groceries, Hertford St, Coventry 766
BAINARD, Richd. Coal merchant, St Nicholas Pl, Coventry 766
BAKER, Amos Turner, Much Park St, Coventry 766
BAKER, Ann Watchmaker, Market St, Tamworth 605
BAKER, Ann Bookseller, Aldergate St, Tamworth 605
BAKER, C.W. Assistant Instructor Deaf & Dumb School 285
BAKER, Captain , Charlotte St, Leamington 715
BAKER, Edw. Butcher, Bond St, Nuneaton 561
BAKER, Edward Srugeon, Lichfield St, Tamworth 605
BAKER, Elizabeth Victualler, Atherstone 554
BAKER, Francis Tailor of Wootton Wawen 506
BAKER, Geo. Tailor, Royal Parade, Leamington 715
BAKER, Henry Currier, Atherstone 554
BAKER, James Gent Atherstone 553
BAKER, Jas. Lodging House, Wise St, Leamington 715
BAKER, John Car proprietor, Wise St, Leamington 715
BAKER, Jos. Painter & glazier, Cuckoo Lane, Coventry 766
BAKER, Mr. Plumber Water Works, Cuckoo La, Coventry 769
BAKER, S. & Sins Plumber & glazier,, St Michaels, Coventry 766
BAKER, Samuel Victualler, Much Park St, Coventry 766
BAKER, Thomas Victualler, Atherstone 554
BAKER, Thomas Shop Owner 195
BAKEWELL, Samuel Victualler, Much Park St, Coventry 766
BALDRY, Wm. Victualler,St Jons St, Coventry 766
BALDWIN, James Calico Maker, Atherstone 554
BALDWIN, Jno Maltster Meer St Stratford 540
BALDWIN, John Overseer for Old Stratford parish 539
BALDWIN, Joseph Carpenter Green Hill St Stratford 540
BALDWIN, Mr Late head gardner to Lord Conway 495
BALDWIN, Saml. Butcher Sheep St Stratford 540
BALDWIN, Thomas Fellow Hort Soc. Evesham St, Alcester 492
BALDWIN, Thomas Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
BALDWIN, Wm. Victualler Waterside Stratford 540
BALDWIN, Wm. Farrier Payton St Stratford 540
BALL, James Victualler High St Alcester 492
BALL, John Linen & woollen draper, Cross Cheaping 766
BALL, Mrs Betsy Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
BALL, Thos. Wood Linen & woollen draper, Market St, Nuneaton 561
BALL, Wm. Maltster, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BALLARD, Ann Angel Commercial Inn, Regent St, Leamington 715
BALLARD, George Baker, Kenilworth 697
BALLARD, Jno Plumber, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BALLARD, John Collar & harness maker, Atherstone 554
BALLARD, John Maltster, Burgess, Coventry 766
BALLARD, Samuel Gent. Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BALLARD, W. Town Carrier, Warwick 679
BALLARD, William Milkman of Moors, Alcester 492
BALLARD, Wm Tailor & draper, Coventry St, Nuneaton 561
BALLINGER, Jos. Pawnbroker, Gloucester St, Leamington 715
BALSTON, Wm Wheelwright, Bons St, Nuneaton 561
BALY, Ann Wool packCommercial Inn,CornMarket, Warwick 671
BALY, H. Chemist & Druggist, Market Sq, Warwick 671
BALY, John Atlas Fire Office, High St, Warwick 671
BALY, Joseph Linen draper , Market Square, Warwick 671
BALY, Mr. H. Postmaster, Warwick 678
BALY, Nathan Cabinet maker, Oil Mill Lane, Warwick 671
BALY, Nathaniel Sugar Maltster, High St, Warwick 671
BAMFORD, M. Silk dyer, Spon St, Coventry 766
BAMPTON, J.A. Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
BANBURY, James Park side, Coventry 766
BANCOTT, Edwin Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 766
BANKS, J. L. & C. Ribbon makers, West Orchard, Coventry 766
BANKS, Langley Stoke Green, Coventry 766
BANKS, Rev M. Pailton, Rugby 735
BANKS, W.E. Slay?? maker, Little Park St, Coventry 766
BANNER, J. Assistant Burgess of Warwick 669
BANNER, James Wheelwright, St Nicholas, Church St,Warwick 671
BANNISTER, Richd Watch & clock maker, Coleshill 576
BANT, Ann Fishmonger, Burgess, Coventry 766
BANT, Jas. Watch engraver, Spon St, Coventry 766
BANT, Thomas Watch case maker, Spon St, Coventry 766
BANT, William Plumber, Glazier & Painter, Knowle 592
BARACLOUGH, Joseph Carrier to Coventry, Nuneaton 564
BARBER, Edward Esq Berkstone, Meriden 599
BARBER, J. Boot & shoe maker, Gun Gate, Tamworth 605
BARBER, J. Boot & shoe maker, College Lane, Tamworth 605
BARBER, John Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 766
BARBER, Wm. China & glass, West Orchard, Coventry 766
BARCLAY, William , Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BARFORD, E. Tallow chandler, New Buildings, Coventry 766
BARFORD, Thomas Victualler, Atherstone 554
BARFORD, Thomas Victualler, Atherstone 554
BARK, Robt. Coach Builder Union Inn,Church StLeamington 715
BARKE, W. Jury member Stratford 539
BARKE, Wm Grocer tea dealer Bridge St Stratford 540
BARKER & OWEN Surgeons, Coleshill 576
BARKER, Charles Master Free Grammar Sch, Sutton Coldfield 583
BARKER, Charles Esq Sutton Coldfield 583
BARKER, George Governor of B'ham school 1830 207
BARKER, George Estate Owner 283
BARKER, Lieut, George Coleshill 576
BARKER, Mr Copper, Brass Wire dealer Temple Street 239
BARKER, Stephen Grocer & druggist of Henley 506
BARLOW, Mr Bookseller of Birmingham 212
BARNACLE, Thomas Grocer & tea dealer, Market Place, Nuneaton 561
BARNACLE, Wm Basket & sieve maker Ely St Stratford 540
BARNACLE, Wm Letter press printer Wood st Stratford 540
BARNACLE, Wm. Victualler, Jordan Well, Coventry 766
BARNARD, J. Carpenter, Satchwell St, Leamington 715
BARNARD, Rev R. of Lightbourne, Magistrate for Warwick 669
BARNES, Isaac Horticulturalist, Nr Saltisford, Warwick 671
BARNES, J & J. Drapers & hosiers, Market Sq, Warwick 671
BARNES, J & T Farmers Luddington Stratford 540
BARNES, Jno Coffee House Bridge St Stratford 540
BARNES, Joseph Sovereign Place, Coventry 766
BARNES, Richd. Rope maker, High St, Kenilworth 697
BARNES, Robert Currier Wood St Stratford 540
BARNES, THomas Baker & flour dealer, Bishop St, Coventry 766
BARNES, Thomas Grocer & tea dealer, Bishop St, Coventry 766
BARNES, Thos. Maltster & miller, High St, Kenilworth 697
BARNET, Thomas Stone mason, Smith St, Warwick 671
BARNET, Wm, Schoolmaster Alverstone Stratford 540
BARNETT, Mrs. Boarding Academy, Brunswick St, Leamington 715
BARNHURST & COPPIN Messrs Attorney Stratford 540
BARNHURST, Eliz Milliner & dress maker Wood St Stratford 540
BARNIKLE, Thos. Baker, Satchwell St, Leamington 715
BARNSLEY, Jos. Collar & harness maker, Atherstone 554
BARNWELL, John Victualler,Bishop St, Coventry 766
BARNWELL, Rich. Corn miller, White Friars, Coventry 766
BARNWELL, Richard Carpenter & joiner, Much Park St, Coventry 766
BARNWELL, Wm. Baker, Tavistock St, Leamington 715
BARR, Henry Baker & flour dealer, Gosford St, Coventry 766
BARR, Mrs & Miss Hawkin's Boarding Sch.Chandos, Leamington 715
BARRACLOUGH, Jno Printer & music seller, Back St, Nuneaton 561
BARRACLOUGH, Jno Joiner, Bond St, Nuneaton 561
BARRACLOUGH, Jno Victualler, Bond St, Nuneaton 561
BARRACLOUGH, Wm. Painter, Church St, Nuneaton 561
BARRATT, Rd. Linen draper, Market St, Tamworth 605
BARRELL, W.R. Victualler, New St, Kenilworth 697
BARRETT & Co Wine merchants, Rugby 735
BARRETT & WATKINS Ribbon makers, Burgess, Coventry 766
BARRETT, Captain C. Milverton Lodge, Leamington 715
BARRETT, John Pin maker Rother market Stratford 540
BARRETT, John Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
BARRETT, Thos Victualler High St Stratford 540
BARRON, Eliz. Brazier, Royal Parade, Leamington 715
BARRON, Mr Payton St Stratford 540
BARRON, Mr Brass rod and Venetian blind maker 240
BARRON, Wm Butcher Priory St Alcester 492
BARROWS, Miss Ladies' Boarding Sch, Bishop St, Coventry 766
BARRS, Benjamin Chemist & druggist, Jordan Well, Coventry 766
BARRS, Joseph Corn miller,Burton Hastings, Nuneaton 561
BARRS, Rd. Corn miller, Caldicott Mills, Nuneaton 561
BARSBY, Lois Confectioner etc, Market St, Tamworth 606
BARTLAM, R. Retail brewer, Kenilworth St, Leamington 716
BARTLEET, Benjamin Brazier & tinman, Well St, Coventry 766
BARTLETT, Robert John St Stratford 540
BARTLETT, Wm. Gosford Green, Coventry 766
BARTON, J.C. Kings Arms Inn, Market St, Tamworth 606
BARTON, Jabez Chief Constable to County, Cross Cheaping 766
BARTON, Mrs Castle Bromwich 574
BARTON, Thomas Boot & shoe Maker, Broadgate, Coventry 766
BARTON, Wm. Ashton Surgeon, Hertford St, Coventry 766
BARTRAM, Thomas Slater , Saltisford, Warwick 671
BASELEY, John Butcher, Abbott's St, Leamington 716
BASFORD, Daniel Carpenter, Atherstone 554
BASFORD, William Victualler, Atherstone 554
BASKERVILLE, John b. Wolverley WOR 1706 - d 8/1/1775 260
BASKERVILLE, John His Will of 6/1/1773 is printed in full 266-
BASKERVILLE, Sarah Died March 1788 271
BASSETT, George Saddler etc,Boleridge, Tamworth 606
BASSETT, Jos. Saddler, Collar & Harness maker, Atherstone 554
BASSETT, Joseph Builder, Spon St, Coventry 766
BATCHELOR, Richard Green grocer, Kenilworth St, Leamington 716
BATCHELOR, W. Gardener & seedsman, Tamworth 606
BATCHELOR, Wm. Victualler, Regent St, Leamington 716
BATEMAN, John Butcher, Much Park St, Coventry 766
BATEMAN, Miss Resident of Main St Stratford 532
BATEMAN, Miss Ann Ladies' School Old Town Stratford 540
BATEMAN, Thos. Butcher, Gosford St, Coventry 766
BATEMAN, William Butcher, Fleet St, Coventry 766
BATES, Edward Victualler, Coleshill 576
BATES, Edward Victualler, Coleshill 576
BATES, Samuel Dog Lane, Coventry 766
BATES, Thomas Grocer & tea dealer, Atherstone 554
BATES, Thomas Boot & shoe Maker, Smithford St, Coventry 766
BATSFORD, John Painter, plumber & glazier of Henley 506
BATSFORD, John Wheelwright St Nicholas, Church St, Warwick 671
BATSFORD, Timothy Rope maker, Market Square, Warwick 671
BATTIN, Thos. Victualler, Saltisford, Warwick 671
BAXTER, Wm. Bricklayer, Freeth St, Coventry 766
BAYLEY, Charles Gent. Atherstone 553
BAYLEY, Henry Chemist, Regent St, Leamington 716
BAYLEY, W.E. Herald painter, Much Park St, Coventry 766
BAYLIS, Edw. Grocer & tea dealer, Sutton Coldfield 583
BAYLIS, Edward Baker, Livery St, Leamington 716
BAYLIS, J. Car proprietor, Satchwell St, Leamington 716
BAYLIS, Jas. Car proprietor, Tachbrook St, Leamington 716
BAYLIS, John Victualler Sheep St Stratford 540
BAYLIS, Mary Victualler, Hill, Sutton Coldfield 583
BAYLIS, Thomas Engineer, Much Park St, Coventry* 766
BAYLIS, Thos. Engineer Greenhil St Stratford 540
BAYLIS, Wm. Boot and Shoe maker, Sutton Coldfield 583
BAYLIS, Wm. Tailor, Sutton Coldfield 583
BAYLISS, J. Professor Dancing Sch, Church St, Warwick 671
BAYLISS, William Baker, Spon St, Coventry 766
BEACH, Richard Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
BEALE, Daniel Schoolmaster, Knowle 592
BEALE, Mr Of Leicester held Charter 4/7/1801 206
BEALE, Thomas Property taken for building Town Hall 233
BEAMISH, Mary Victualler, Market St, Nuneaton 561
BEAMISH, Saml. Plumber, Wash Lane, Nuneaton 561
BEAN, Richard Currier & corn agent, High St, Warwick 671
BEARD, Abm. Hatter, hosier & Manchester Fire,Tamworth 606
BEARD, Elizabeth Brickmaker, Victualler,Gun Gate, Tamworth 606
BEARD, J. Bookbinder, Aldergate St, Tamworth 606
BEARD, Wiliam Boot & shoe Maker, Much Park St, Coventry 766
BEARDSWORTH, Mr Horse and carriage repository - Cheapside 258
BEASELEY, A. Straw hat maker, John St, Leamington 716
BEASELEY, Wm. Butcher, Park St, Leamington 716
BEASLEY, Mary Shopkeeper, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BEASLEY, Richd. Linen & woollen draper,Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BEASLEY, Wm Hairdresser, New St, Kenilworth 697
BEATES, John Hairdresser, Smithford St, Coventry 766
BEATTY, Thomas Carver & gilder, Castle Hill, Warwick 671
BEAUCHAMP, Saml. Victualler,Warwick Lane, Coventry 766
BEAUFOY, Samuel Butcher, Meriden 599
BEAUMONT, Francis Linen & woollen draper Wood St Stratford 540
BEAZLEY, Henry St Nicholas, Church St, Warwick 671
BECK & PRIME Bankers, High St, Coventry 766
BECK, Charles Boys' Boarding Sch, Little Park St,Coventry 766
BECK, J. Esq County Treasurer for Warwick 670
BECK, James Esq Allesley Hall, Coventry 765
BECK, Thomas Baker & flour dealer, Butts, Coventry 766
BECKET, W. Fireman at Stratford 545
BEDDOW, John Carrier to Bedworth from , Coventry 783
BEDFORD, Mrs Cut Glass Showrooms in Birmingham 187
BEDFORD, Rev W.R. Sutton Coldfield 583
BEEBY, John Linen & woollen draper, Atherstone 554
BEECH, Ann Chemist, druggist, Atherstone 554
BEER, Robert Maltster Rother Market Stratford 540
BEESLEY, H. Fireman at Stratford 545
BEESLEY, James Boot & Shoe maker Alcester 492
BEESLEY, James Watch gilder, Hill St, Coventry 766
BEESLEY, Jno Brewer & Cordwainer Rother Market Stratford 540
BEILBY & KNOTTS Paper marblers of Birmingham 254
BELL, Launcelot Maltster, Solihull 589
BELL, Thomas Victualler, Wheeldon, Coleshill 576
BELL, William Erected a Steam Mill 291
BELLAMY, Henry Blacksmith Studley Alcester 492
BELLAMY, Mrs Matron Deaf & Dumb School 285
BELLAMY, Wm. Victualler, Mill Lane, Coventry 766
BELLERBY, Thos. Police Officer, Theatre St, Warwick 671
BENBOW, J. Assistant Burgess of Warwick 669
BENBOW, John Ironmonger & Royal Exch.High St, Warwick 671
BENE, Richard Endowed St John's Chapel 1382 253
BENN, Mrs. Maria , Rugby 735
BENNETT, Frances Milliner, Rugby 735
BENNETT, James Victualler of Alcester 492
BENNETT, James Heydon Way Coughton Alcester 492
BENNETT, John Needle maker Henley St Alcester 492
BENNETT, John Coal dealer Henely St Alcester 492
BENNETT, John Grocer, Grey Friars Lane, Coventry 766
BENNETT, Rich Victualler Rother Market Stratford 540
BENNETT, Richard Hairdresser, Rugby 735
BENNETT, Wm. Baker & flour dealer Chapel St Stratford 540
BENNS, Misses Ann & Mary , Rugby 735
BENNS, Misses Maria , Rugby 735
BENNTT, Richard Builder, Lichfield St, Tamworth 606
BENOLIEL, Isaac Jeweller etc, Rugby 735
BENSON, Thos. Gent., Solihull 589
BENTLEY, Elizabeth Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 88 123
BENTON, Henry Slain April 1643 - Labourer 163
BENTON, Wm. Poulterer, Gloucester Rd, Leamington 716
BERMINGHAM, William m. Isabell dau of Wm Hilton 142
BERNARD, Ab Cabinetmaker Wood St Stratford 540
BERNARD, Charles Organ builder, Church St Alcester 492
BERNARD, Miss Music teacher of Church St Alcester 492
BERRAY, John Baker, Crompton St, Warwick 671
BERRIE, Charles James Druggist, grocer,Market St, Tamworth 606
BERRY, Edwd. Carpenter, New St, Kenilworth 697
BERRY, Thomas Ribbon maker, Ironmonger Row, Coventry 766
BERRY, Wm. Basket & Skip maker, Scholars Lane 540
BERWICK, Jno Farmer of Shottery, Stratford 540
BESWICK, Mrs. Elizabeth Bishop St, Coventry 765
BETHELL, Thos Millwright Church St Stratford 540
BETTERIDGE, Joseph Butcher, Friar St, Warwick 671
BETTS, Robert Victualler, Sutton Coldfield 583
BETTS, Wm H. Tailor, West St, Warwick 671
BETTY, J. Butcher, High St, Kenilworth 697
BETTY, Joseph Maltster, High St, Kenilworth 697
BETTY, Wm. Victualler, Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BETTY, Wm. Farmer, Ground Farm, Kenilworth 697
BEVINGTON, Geo. Hatter etc, Bath St, Leamington 716
BICKLEY, John Vict. Crompton St, Warwick 671
BICKLEY, Mrs. Cape Nr, Saltisford, Warwick 671
BICKLEY, Thos. Miller, Hill Oak, Sutton Coldfield 583
BICKNELL, Charles Linen & woollen draper, Cross Cheaping 766
BICKNELL, Mrs. Sarah , Southam 745
BIDDLE, Charles Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 766
BIDDLE, James Joiner, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BIDDLE, John Butcher, Atherstone 554
BIDDLE, Richard Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
BIDDLE, Robert Army Baker, Atherstone 554
BIDDLE, Thomas Tailor Butter St Alcester 492
BIDDLE, Thomas Farmer, Sheldon 579
BIDDLE, Thomas Victualler, Gun Gate, Tamworth 606
BIDDULPH, John Gent. Solihull 589
BIDDULPH, Rev. Henry Birbury, Rugby 735
BIDDULPH, Rev. John Birbury, Rugby 735
BIDDULPH, Sir Theophilus Magistrate for Warwick 669
BIDDULPH, Sir Theophilus Birbury, Rugby 735
BIGGERSTAFF, James Watchmaker Greenhill St Stratford 540
BILL, Bentley & Co Ribbon makers Earl St, Coventry & London 766
BILL, John Silkman, Little Park St, Coventry 767
BILL, Mary & Son Ribbon makers, Little Park St, Coventry 767
BILLING, Thos. Corn dealer, High St, Warwick 671
BILLINGE, Mr Toolmaker of Bull Street Birmingham 251
BILLINGSLEY, William jnr Slain April 1643 163
BILLINGTON, William Cutler, Southam 746
BILTON, James Grocer Priory St, Alcester 492
BINDLEY, Catherine Tallow chandler, George St, Tamworth 606
BINDLEY, J & F Milliners etc, Cole Hill, Tamworth 606
BINDLEY, James & Francis Permanent Library, Cole Hill,Tamworth 608
BINDLEY, John Farmer, Knowle 592
BINDLEY, T. Cutler, Fellmonger, George St, Tamworth 606
BINGHAM, Thomas Grocer and tea dealer, Atherstone 554
BINLEY, Eliz. Milliner, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BINLEY, John Carrier to Nuneaton from, Coventry 784
BINLEY, Wm. Builder, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BINT, Francis Maltster, Meriden 599
BINT, John Brandy merchant, Coleshill 576
BIRBIDGE, Wm. Linen & woollen draper, Cross Cheaping 767
BIRCH Lieut. Hampton Lodge, Warwick 670
BIRCH, ?? Shirley End, Solihull 588
BIRCH, Capt Hampton Lodge, Warwick 670
BIRCH, Charles Painter & glazier. Leicester Row, Coventry 767
BIRCH, Jos. Surgeon, Northgate St, Warwick 671
BIRCH, Rev. William , Rugby 735
BIRCH, Thomas Basket maker, Coleshill 576
BIRCHALL,M Mary Boot & shoe Maker, Smithford St, Coventry 767
BIRD & Sons Canal Carriers 679
BIRD, Henry Boot & shoe Maker, Earl St, Coventry 767
BIRD, J. Grocer, High St, Leamington 716
BIRD, Josiah Fancy trimmings maker, High St, Coventry 767
BIRD, Mrs. Rebecca Spring Cottage, Kenilworth 697
BIRD, R & Son Surgeons, Church St, Tamworth 606
BIRD, Rev Roger Assisant Master Rugby School, Rugby 736
BIRD, Rev. Roger , Rugby 735
BIRD, Richard sen Gent. George St, Tamworth 606
BIRD, Saml. Plasterer, Tavistock St, Leamington 716
BIRD, Thomas Ribbon maker, Gosford St, Coventry 767
BIRKS, John Butcher, Gosford St, Coventry 767
BISHOP, Cecil of Moulsford 536
BISHOP, James Hertford St, Coventry 767
BISHOP, John Baker, Swan St, Warwick 671
BISHOP, Saml. Combmaker, Union Row, Kenilworth 697
BISHOP, Wm. Farmer, Knowle 592
BISHTON, Wm. Esq Atherstone 553
BISSELL, Jno Brazier & tinman Ely St Stratford 540
BISSETT, J. Residence, Bellevue, Ranelagh St,Leamington 716
BISSETT, J. Paragon picture Gallery, High St,Leamington 716
BLACKBURN, C Auctioneer etc, Church St, Nuneaton 561
BLACKWELL, W. Carrier , Rugby to Daventry 737
BLAIR, Mrs. & Miss Ladies' Boarding Sch.Townpool St,Kenilworth 697
BLAKE, Dr. Spon St, Coventry 767
BLAKESLEY, Chas. Tea dealer, Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BLAKESLEY, J. D. Meriden 599
BLAKESLEY, J.D. Whateley Hall, Castle Bromwich 574
BLAKEWELL, Sarah Ladies' Day School, Townpool St, Kenilworth 697
BLAKISTON, Rev. M. Bilton, Rugby 735
BLENCARNE, Mary Watch hand maker, Spon St, Coventry 767
BLENCOE, Richard Baker, Rugby 735
BLICK, Mrs Longbridge, Warwick 670
BLICK, Mrs High Street, Warwick 670
BLICK, Rev Francis Millfield Hall, Tamworth 605
BLINKINSOPP, Wm. Surgeon, Regent St, Leamington 716
BLINKINSOPP, Wm. Surgeon, High St, Warwick 671
BLISS, Thomas Victualler, Market Sq, Warwick 671
BLOOD, Thomas Butcher, Market St Tamworth 606
BLOOD, Wm Watch & clock maker, Atherstone 555
BLOOMFIELD, Edw. Bookkeeper, Burgess, Coventry 767
BLOOMFIELD, Mrs Laundress, Church St, Leamington 716
BLOXAM, Rev. A. , Rugby 735
BLOXAM, Rev. Richrd R. , Rugby 735
BLOXAM, Rev. Thomas Lawr. , Rugby 735
BLOXHAM, Thos. Corn miller, Merson Jebbet, Nuneaton 561
BLOXHAM, William Surgeon, Meriden 599
BLUNN, Hannah Straw hat maker Bridge St Stratford 540
BLUNN, James Farmer, Balsal, Knowle 592
BLUNN, Wm. Saddler & Collarmaker Bridge St Stratford 540
BLYTH, Richard Shirley End, Solihull 588
BODDEN, John Tea dealer, West Orchard, Coventry 767
BODDINGTON, Edward Butcher, Rugby 735
BODDINGTON, Josh. Chace Farm, Kenilworth 697
BODDINGTON, Mary Chandler & soap dealer, New St, Kenilworth 697
BODDINGTON, Mrs. Butcher, High St, Kenilworth 697
BODDINGTON, Rich Butcher High St, Alcester 492
BODDINGTON, William Farmer, Kenilworth Castle 695
BODDINGTON, Wm. Farmer, Castle farm, Kenilworth 697
BODDINGTON, Wm. Surgeon, Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BODDINGTON, Wm. Coal merchant, Saltisford Wharf, Warwick 671
BODELL, Thos. Hatter etc Boleridge St, Tamworth 606
BODGYE, William Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 195
BODILY & LAMBERT Corn millers, Southam 746
BODILY, John Victualler, Southam 746
BOLTON W. Jun Chamberlain of Stratford 539
BOLTON, Eliz Dressmaker High St Stratford 540
BOLTON, Jas Farmer of Snitterfield 540
BOLTON, Jos. Clothier, Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BOLTON, Mrs. Milliner, Royal Parade, Leamington 716
BOLTON, W, jun Fire Office Agent - Guardian 545
BOLTON, Wm. Burgess of Stratford 539
BOLTON, Wm. Linen & woollen draper, High St Stratfcord 540
BOND, John Surgeon, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BOND, John Manor of Ward-end,Castle Bromwich in 1512 574
BOND, Mrs Sophia Lichfield St, Tamworth 605
BOND, Thomas Ladies shoe maker Old Sq, Warwick 671
BOND, Thomas Maltster, Birdingbury, Southam 746
BOND, Thos Baker & flour dealer, Atherstone 554
BOND, Wm. Boot & shoe maker, Regent St, Leamington 716
BONEHILL, Wm & John Statuaries & masons, Coventry Rd, Warwick 671
BOOK, B. Invented church ballistrades 1810 215
BOON, John Robertson Row, Coventry 767
BOOTH, Dr Humane Society Birmingham 1803 248
BOOTH, Isaac Blacksmith, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BOOTH, John MD Governor of B'ham school 1830 207
BOOTH, Josiah Builder,, Little Park St, Coventry 767
BOOTH, Mrs. Coal dealer, Leicester Rd, Coventry 767
BOOTH, Rd. jun Atlas fire off. Bishop St, Coventry 766
BOOTH, Riachrd sen Builder etc, Hertford St, Coventry 767
BOOTH, Rich. Builder, Charlotte St, Leamington 716
BOOTH, Richard jun Appraiser & auctioneer,Hertford St,Coventry 767
BOOTH, Richard jun Builder, Bishop St, Coventry 767
BOOTH, Thomas Tallow Chandler,Smithford St, Coventry 767
BOOTH, Widow Shirley End, Solihull 588
BORTON, Rev. Chas. Regent St, Leamington 715
BOSTN, Eliz. Grocer & draper, Knowle 592
BOSTOCK, E & K Milliners, Back St, Nuneaton 561
BOSTOCK, John Butcher, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BOSTOCK, Jos. Baker & flour dealer, Atherstone 554
BOSTOCK, Rebecca Post mistress, Church St, Nuneaton 564
BOSTON, Daniel Farmer, Knowle 592
BOSTON, Dyonysius Tallow Chandler, Knowle 592
BOSTON, Mary Farmer, Knowle 592
BOSTON, Mrs W. Ladies' Academy, Sutton Coldfield 583
BOSWELL, G. Esq Alderman of Warwick 669
BOSWELL, George Northgate St, Warwick 670
BOSWELL, George Esq of Warwick , Magistrate for Warwick 669
BOSWELL, Thos Victualler Studley Alcester 492
BOSWORTH, Edward Farmer, Castle Bromwich 574
BOSWORTH, Joseph Olton & Burrough Ends, Solihull 588
BOSWORTH, Wm. Lodging House, Regent Grove, Leamington 716
BOTRILL, Thomas Hosier & glover, Sutton Coldfield 583
BOTT, Francis Jury St, Warwick 671
BOTT, Jno. Farmer, Knowle 592
BOTT, John Maltster, Solihull 589
BOTT, Joseph Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
BOTT, Mrs Of Henley 506
BOTTERILL, Christopher Carrier to Birmingham, Coventry 767
BOTTRILL, Thos. Ribbon maker,Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BOUCHER, John Farmer of Snitterfield 540
BOUDIER, Rev John Magistrate for Warwick 669
BOUDIER, Rev. John Vicarage House, Warwick 670
BOUDIER,, Rev. John Vicar of St Mary's Butts, Warwick 671
BOULD, John Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
BOULD, M. Farmer, Solihull 589
BOULTBEE, John Manor of Springfield, Knowle 593
BOULTBEE, John Esq Baxterley Atherstone 553
BOULTBEE, Joseph Esq of Springfield, Magistrate for Warwick 669
BOULTBEE, Joseph Esq Springfield, Solihull 589
BOULTBEE, Joseph Moore of Kineton , Magistrate for Warwick 669
BOULTBEE, Rev Charles Orton on the Hill Atherstone 553
BOULTON & PRITCHARD Surgeons, Lower Parade, Leamington 716
BOULTON, John Needle maker Studley Alcester 492
BOULTON, John Linen & wool draper, Studley Alcester 492
BOULTON, Mr Purchaser of Soho 1762 295
BOUNDS, John Carpenter, Oil Mill Lane, Warwick 671
BOURNE, Edwd. Physician, Earl St, Coventry 767
BOURNE, John Woolstapler, Atherstone 554
BOURNE, M. Priory Row, Coventry 767
BOURNE, Mrs Ann Cole Hill, Tamworth 605
BOURNE, Mrs Mary Cole Hill, Tamworth 605
BOWDEN, Wm. Hairdresser, Brunswick St, Leamington 716
BOWDLER, Mr High Street Stratford 541
BOWEN, Rev. Wm. Meeting Ho, High St, Coventry 767
BOWERS, Enoch Tanner, Coleshill 576
BOWES, Sarah Lodging House, Charlotte St, Leamington 716
BOX, M.A. Mistress, Infant Public School, Atherstone 555
BRACEBRIDGE, Abraham Esq Atherstone 553
BRACEBRIDGE, C.H. Esq of Atherstone, Magistrate for Warwick 669
BRACEBRIDGE, Chas Holte Atherstone 553
BRACKEN, Miss H. Sutton Coldfield 583
BRACKEN, Mrs Sutton Coldfield 583
BRACKNELL, Daniel Boot & Shoe maker, Saltisford Rock, Warwick 671
BRADFORD, Catherine Straw hatmaker High St Stratford 541
BRADFORD, Edward Surveyor, St Nicholas Chuchyard, Coventry 767
BRADFORD, George Straw hatmaker Wood St Stratford 541
BRADFORD, John Builder, Nicholas St, Coventry 767
BRADFORD, John Carrier to Stretton from, Coventry 784
BRADFORD, Thomas Carrier, Southam to Banbury etc 747
BRADLEY, Gamble Brazier & tinman. Cross Cheaping, Coventry 767
BRADLEY, John Butcher, Spon St, Coventry 767
BRADLEY, Jos. Manager Gas Works, Walter Hill, Warwick 673
BRADLEY, Joseph Engineer, Butts, Warwick 671
BRADLEY, Mrs. Butcher, Gloucester St, Leamington 716
BRADLEY, Rev Wm. Master, Free Grammar School, Atherstone 554
BRADLEY, Wm,. Master of Free Grammar School, Atherstone 554
BRADSHAW, Ann Victualler, Spon St, Coventry 767
BRADSHAW, Richard Wheelwright, Leicester Pl,, Coventry 767
BRADSHAW, Samuel Veterinary Surg, Bridge St Stratford 540
BRADSHAW, Wm. Union St, Coventry 767
BRAIDWOOD, Thomas of Hackney appointed to instruct Deaf/Dumb 284
BRAMMALL, Thomas Esq Castle, Tamworth 605
BRANDIS, Sarah Ironmonger High St Alcester 492
BRANDIS, William Alcester 492
BRANDISH, Joseph Urn maker of Alcester 490
BRANSON, Joseph worsted maker Bridge St Stratford 541
BRANT, Charles Builder, Gun Gate, Tamworth 606
BRAY & HERBERT Maltsters, Much Park St, Coventry 767
BRAY & SMITH Ribbon makers, Much Park St, Coventry 767
BRAY, James Ribbon maker, Much Park St, Coventry 767
BRAY, John Farmer & Victualler, Stoke Green, Coventry 767
BRAY, John Victualler, Gosford St, Coventry 767
BRAY, John Shopkeeper,Stoke Green, Coventry 767
BRAY, Jon. Manufacturer, Little Park St, Coventry 767
BRAY, Jonathan Stoke Green, Coventry 767
BRAY, THomas Butcher, Earl St, Coventry 767
BRAY, Wm. Ribbon Maker, White Friars Lane, Coventry 767
BRAY, Wm. Victualler & maltster, New St, Coventry 767
BRAYN, John Builder, Aldergate St, Tamworth 606
BREADNEY, John Butcher , Spon St, Coventry 767
BREE, Mrs Church Street Stratford 541
BREE, Rev Dr. Beausall, Warwick 670
BREEDON, John Tailor & habit maker Henley St Stratford 541
BRENTNALL, Thomas Victualler,Maney, Sutton Coldfield 583
BRENTNALL, Thos. Watch & clock maker, Sutton Coldfield 583
BRESBY, M Tinman of Henley 506
BREWER, Rev. Jehoiada Of Ebenezer Chapel opened 9/12/1818 221
BRIDGENS, George Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 103 123
BRIDGENS, Mrs Solihull 589
BRIDGES, Rev Nathaniel Hutton, Warwick 670
BRIDGES, Thos. Basket maker, Smith St, Warwick 671
BRIDGEWATER, Joseph Witnessed will of John Baskerville 268
BRIERLY, Miss Hertford Terrace, Coventry 767
BRIGGS, John Butcher, Atherstone 554
BRIGGS, Michael Butcher, Atherstone 554
BRIGHT, Hannah Ribbon maker, New St, Coventry 767
BRIGHT, Joseph Cabinet maker, Bull Ring, Coventry 767
BRINTON, John Farmer of Wootton Wawen 506
BRISCOE, Wm. Victualler, Market Sq, Warwick 671
BRITAIN, John dealer in earthenware, Kenilworth 697
BRITTAIN, Isaac Blacksmith, Knowle 592
BROADBENT, Wm. Pawnbroker, Atherstone 554
BROADHURST, John Hat maker, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 767
BROCKMAN, Capt. John Upper Union Street, Leamington 715
BROGDON, Sarah Victualler, Much Park St, Coventry 767
BROMFIELD, Catherine Milliner dressmaker, Burgess, Coventry 767
BROMFIELD, Edw. Observer Newspaper, Burgess, Coventry 769
BROMFIELD, Edward Observer Newspaper, Cross Cheaping 776
BROMFIELD, Edward Bookseller, Burgess , Coventry 767
BROMFIELD, John Maltster, Much Park St, Coventry 767
BROMFIELD, Rev T.R. of Napton, Magistrate for Warwick 669
BROMLEY, William of Baginton- owned Haseley Manor 518
BROMLEY,Rev. Mr. Baggington, Coventry 765
BROMWHICH, Henry Carrier to Rugby from, Coventry 784
BROMWICH, John Farmer, Sheldon 579
BROMWICH, M. Painter & glazier, Rugby 735
BROMWICH, Richard Baker , Rugby 735
BROMWICH, Richard Carrier, Rugby to Coventry etc 737
BROMWICH, Thomas Spread Eagle Inn, Assembly Rooms, Rugby 735
BROMWICH, Wm. Plumber, Glazier, Chapel St, Warwick 671
BROOK, Thos. Watch case maker, Spon St, Coventry 767
BROOKE, Thomas Watchmaker, Spon St, Coventry 767
BROOKE, Wm. Victualler, Solihull 589
BROOKES, Benj Baker Henley St Alcester 492
BROOKES, Charles Tailor & Linen draper, Sutton Coldfield 583
BROOKES, Jno. Cooper, Sutton Coldfield 583
BROOKES, John Engine weaver's Harness maker, Jordan Well 767
BROOKES, Mrs Sarah Northgate, Warwick 670
BROOKES, Rev. William Free School, Coventry 765
BROOKES, Wm. Master Free Grammar Sch.,Bishop St,Coventry 767
BROOKESBY, Nathaniel Bishops Statute 21/10/1676 Birmingham 200
BROOKHOUSE, Jos. Esq Saltisford, Warwick 670
BROOKHOUSE, M. Lodging House, Union Pde, Leamington 716
BROOKS, John Shirley End, Solihull 588
BROOKS, Wm. Chief Constable, Knowle 592
BROSTER, Thos. Victualler,Market St, Tamworth 606
BROW, John Esq Witherley ,Atherstone 553
BROWETT, Jos. Furniture broker, Bull ring, Coventry 767
BROWETT, Wm. Linen & woollen draper,Cross Cheaping 767
BROWN & Son Pawnbrokers, Earl St, Coventry 767
BROWN' John Property taken for building Town Hall 233
BROWN, Alexander Steward to Earl of Warwick. Bridge End 671
BROWN, Charles Joiner, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
BROWN, Daniel Stoke, Coventry 767
BROWN, Daniel Ribbon maker, Stoke Green 767
BROWN, Edw. Green grocer, Regent St, Leamington 716
BROWN, Edward Tailor, Hay lane, Coventry 767
BROWN, George Spade & saw maker, Park, Sutton Coldfield 583
BROWN, Hen. Ribbon maker, Earl St, Coventry 767
BROWN, Isaac Victualler, Spon St, Coventry 767
BROWN, James Watch & clock maker, Coventry St, Nuneaton 561
BROWN, James Seedsman High St Alcester 492
BROWN, James Victualler Brown Inn High St Alcester 492
BROWN, James Coal dealer Henely St Alcester 492
BROWN, Jas Coal dealer, High St Alcester 492
BROWN, John turner & chair maker, Castle end,Kenilworth 697
BROWN, John Weaver's slay maker, Chantry Pl, Coventry 767
BROWN, John Gosford Terrace, Coventry 767
BROWN, Joseph Gold & silver watch dial maker, Spon St 767
BROWN, Jospeh Ribbon maker, Warwick Row, Coventry 767
BROWN, M. Watch case maker, Hay Lane, Coventry 767
BROWN, Rich. Tailor, Church St, Leamington 716
BROWN, Richard Plumber, Glazier & painter Sutton Coldfield 583
BROWN, Richard Coal dealer Bancroft Stratford 541
BROWN, Robert Carpenter & joiner, Atherstone 554
BROWN, Robert C. Surgeon, Church St, Tamworth 606
BROWN, Samuel Surgeon, Prop of Stonehoue Asylum Henley 506
BROWN, Samuel Grocer & tea dealer, Smith St, Warwick 671
BROWN, Samuel Clerk,Savings Bank, Northgate St, Warwick 678
BROWN, Samuel Watch case maker, Spon St, Coventry 767
BROWN, Samuel sen Grocer & tea dealer, Saltisford, Warwick 671
BROWN, Thomas Farmer, Sheldon 579
BROWN, THos. Slay maker, Bailey Lane 767
BROWN, Wm Victualler, Atherstone 554
BROWN, Wm,. Blacksmith & edge tool maker, Atherstone 554
BROWN, Wm. Stone mason, Emscote, Warwick 671
BROWN, Wm. Slay maker, Burgess, Coventry 767
BROWNELL, Mr Proprietor of the Lamp Tavern next prison 280
BROWNELL, Mr Keeper of prison in High St Bordesley 280
BROWNING, EDW. Lodging House, Regent St, Leamington 716
BROWNING, Miss Milliner, Brunswick St, Leamington 716
BROWNRIDGE, M. Gardener etc, Emscote, Leamington 716
BROWNRIDGE, Peter Nursery man,Emscote, Warwick 671
BRUCE, John Farmer Blacksmith Tiddington Stratford 541
BRUCE, John David Property taken for building Town Hall 233
BRUNTON, Mr Theatre Manager Birmingham 211
BRUTON, George Boot & Shoe maker Evesham St Alcester 492
BRYAN, James Alcester 492
BRYAN, James Carrier to Dunchurch from , Coventry 783
BRYAN, John Butcher, High St, Kenilworth 697
BRYAN, John Butcher, Tavistock St, Leamington 716
BRYAN, John Dog Lane, Coventry 767
BRYAN, John Wine & spirit Dealer, Southam 746
BRYAN, Thos. Slay maker, Bailey Lane, Coventry 767
BRYAN, William Farmer, Kenilworth 697
BRYDGES, Thos. Basket maker, Smith St, Warwick 671
BUCHANAN, J.W. County Fire Office, Church St, Nuneaton 561
BUCK, Mrs. Warwick Row, Coventry 767
BUCK, Rev John of Hampton Lucy 539
BUCKERFIELD, John Grocer & Tea dealer High St Alcester 492
BUCKERFIELD, T & E Hatters, George St, Tamworth 606
BUCKLER, James Builder, Fleet St, Coventry 768
BUCKLEY, Jno. Boot and Shoe maker, New St, Warwick 671
BUCKLEY, Richard Brazier & tinman. Old Square, Warwick 671
BUCKLEY, Sam. Victualler,Much Park St, Coventry 768
BUCKNILL, Mrs. Susannah , Rugby 735
BUCKNILL, Wm. Surgeon, Market Place, Nuneaton 561
BUCKNITT, Charles & Saml. Surgeons, Rugby 735
BUCKOLL, Rev. H.J. Assisant Master Rugby School, Rugby 736
BUCKOLL, Rev. Henry J. , Rugby 735
BUDDLE, Wm. Builder, Regent St, Leamington 716
BUFFERY, Mrs Rother Market Stratford 541
BUFFERY, Samuel Dyer, West St, Warwick 672
BULL, J. Whitesmith, Clarendon St, Leamington 716
BULL, Thomas Proprietor The White Hart Inn 252
BULL, William Shoe maker. South Parade, Leamington 716
BULLARD, Ann Victualler, Regent St, Leamington 716
BULLEN, Wm Maltster Wood St Stratford 541
BULLIN, Wm. Banker, Rugby 735
BULLIVANT, George Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
BULLIVANT, John Farmer, Solihull 589
BULLIVANT, Joseph Shirley End, Solihull 588
BULLIVANY, John Shirley End, Solihull 588
BULLOCK, Jos. Bricklayer, West St, Warwick 672
BUNN, Mr Theatre Manager Birmingham 211
BUNN, William Tailor, Sutton Coldfield 583
BUNNEY, BUNNEY & PEPPER Bankers, Little Park St, Coventry 768
BUNNEY, Captain Warwick Row, Coventry 765
BUNNEY, Joseph Boot & shoe Maker, Little Park St, Coventry 768
BUNNEY, Robert H. Gent., Spon St, Coventry 765
BURBIDGE, John Linen & woollen draper, Cross Cheaping 768
BURBIDGE, Thomas Innkeeper, Excise Office, Coleshill 576
BURBIDGE, Thomas Grocer tea dealer, Burgess, Coventry 768
BURBIDGE, Thomas jun Grocer & tea dealer, Smithford St, Coventry 768
BURBIDGE, William Hairdresser, Smithford St, Coventry 768
BURBURY, D.W. Attorney, Bedford St, Leamington 716
BURBURY, D.W. Solicitor, High St, Warwick 672
BURBURY, D.W. Esq Mayor of Warwick 669
BURBURY, Jno. Farmer, Chace Farm, Kenilworth  
BURBURY, John Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 84 123
BURBURY, Richard Ribbon maker, Much Park St, Coventry 768
BURBURY, Saml. Tanner, West St, Warwick 672
BURBURY, Saml. Tanner, Hogg Lane, Kenilworth 697
BURBURY, Thomas Victualler,Gosford St, Coventry 768
BURBURY, Wm. Tanner, Well St, Coventry 768
BURCOTT, Henry Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 195
BURDON, Mrs Mary High Street, Warwick 670
BURFORD, B. , Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BURFORD, Thos. Nail maker, West St, Warwick 672
BURGESS, Thos. Tailor, Wise St, Leamington 716
BURMAN, James P Surgeon (FRC) Prop Lunatic asylum & Bailiff 506
BURMAN, Richard Grocer of Henley 506
BURMAN, Richard Linen & woollen draper of Henley 506
BURMAN, Sophia Linen draper, Old Square, Warwick 672
BURMAN, W. Alderman of Stratford 539
BURMAN, W. & Son Chemist Maltsters etc Wood St Stratford 541
BURN, Mrs. Mary , Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth 697
BURNE, John Victualler,Cross Cheaping, Coventry 768
BURRELL, John vict. of Wootton Wawen 506
BURRISH, Wm Attorney Evesham St, Alcester 492
BURROWS, Richard Victualler,Bull Ring, Coventry 768
BURSELL, Henry Victualler, Kings Arms, Kenilworth 697
BURT, Mrs Sheppy Atherstone 553
BURTLETT, William , Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BURTON, Gilbert & Wm. Tanners, Silver St, Nuneaton 561
BURTON, John Carpert maker, Saltisford, Warwick 672
BURTON, John Builder, Butts Lane, Coventry 768
BURTON, Wm. Maltster, Coleshill 576
BURY & LEES Silk shag makers, Bailey Lane, Coventry 768
BURY, Edwd. Builder etc, Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BURY, John Surgeon, Priory Row, Coventry 768
BURY, John, , Castle end, Kenilworth 697
BURY, Thos. Ribbon maker, Ironmonger Row, Coventry 768
BUSH, Mrs. Green grocer, Park St, Leamington 716
BUSHELL, Mrs. Farmer, Knowle 592
BUSWELL, Nathaniel Ribbon maker, Little Park St, Coventry 768
BUSWELL, T.G. Grocer & tea dealer, Bishop St, Coventry 768
BUSWELL, THomas Victualler, Little Park St, Coventry 768
BUTCHER, W. Bread weighers for Stratford 539
BUTCHER, Wm Hairdresser Sheep St Stratford 541
BUTCHER, Wm Gardener & seedsman Church St Stratford 541
BUTLER, Elizabeth Victualler Wood St Stratford 541
BUTLER, Frances School of Industry, Castle St, Warwick 676
BUTLER, Hannah Boot and Shoe maker, Coleshill 576
BUTLER, Hannah Ladies' school, Church St, Tamworth 606
BUTLER, Henry Butcher, Clemens St, Leamington 716
BUTLER, J. Ironmonger, Market St, Tamworth 606
BUTLER, J. Lacemaker, Market St, Tamworth 606
BUTLER, Jas. Smith & Victualler, Butts, Warwick 672
BUTLER, Joseph Blacksmith, Coleshill 576
BUTLER, Wm Woolstapler & skinner, Malt Mill Lane 492
BUTLER, Wm. Fellmonger, West St, Warwick 672
BUTLER, Wm. Henry , High St, Kenilworth 697
BUTTERWORTH, Benj. Ribbon maker, Hertford St, Coventry 768
BUTTERWORTH, Henry Smithford St, Coventry 768
BUTTERWORTH, John Shopkeeper, Solihull 589
BUTTERWORTH, Joseph Grocer & tea dealer, Cross Cheaping 768
BUTTERWORTH, Josh. West of England Ins, Offce, Cross Cheaping 781
BUTTERWORTH, Mrs. Warwick Row, Coventry 768
BUTTERWORTH, Thos. Hatter & hosier, Corn Market, Warwick 672
BYERLEYS, Misses Ladies' Boarding School Old Town Stratford 541
BYERLYS, Miss Resident of Main St Stratford 532
BYLTHE, Rev Thos Knowle 592
BYNG, M. Druggist grocer, Market St, Tamworth 606
BYRN, C. Porter etc, Brooke St, Warwick 672
BYRON, Mrs. Harriet York Terrace, Leamington 715

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]