Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - C


Surnames beginning with 'C'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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CAKEBREAD, Saml. Marble mason, Brook St, Warwick 672
CALDECOTT, Abraham Esq Rugby Lodge, Rugby 735
CALDECOTT, Jno Esq Holbrook Range, Rugby 735
CALDECOTT, William Butcher, High St, Kenilworth 697
CALDECUTT, M. Victualler, Clemens St, Leamington 716
CALDICOTT, James Ribbon maker, Mill Lane, Coventry 768
CALDICOTT, John Silk dyer, West Orchard, Coventry 768
CALDICOTT, Richard Ribbon maker, Much Park St, Coventry 768
CAMP, M. Straw hat maker,Lichfield St, Tamworth 606
CAMPBELL, Jane Lodging House, Union Parade, Leamington 716
CAMPION, Robert Baker & flour dealer, Earl St, Coventry 768
CANNING, Francis Esq of Foxcote , Magistrate for Warwick 669
CANNING, John Druggist Henley St Stratford 541
CANNING, Saml. Victualler, Market Sq, Warwick 672
CANNING, Thos Farmer of Binton Stratford 541
CANNING, W. Fire Office Agent - Leeds & Yorkshire 545
CANNING, Wm. Linen & Woollen draper High St Stratford 541
CANSTEY, Rev. M. Assisant Master Rugby School, Rugby 736
CAPEL, Thomas Cooper , Rugby 735
CAPENER, Joseph Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
CAPEWELL, Thomas China & glass, West Orchard, Coventry 768
CAPPER, Mr Erected chimney for Union Rolling Mills 273
CARELESS, Rev Charles E Jury St, Warwick 670
CARLESS, Mrs Mary Presented Communion plate to St Barts Chap 224
CARLOSS, George Watch gilder, Hill St, Coventry 768
CARNE, Danl. Herald painter, Park St, Warwick 672
CARNELL, Joseph Glass & china dealer, Theatre St, Warwick 672
CARPENTER, Martha Hat maker, Smithford St, Coventry 768
CARPENTER, Rev J Presbyterian Minister Warwick 1700 653
CARR & Son Linen & woollen draper, High St, Coventry 768
CARR, Henry Boot etc maker, Ranelagh St, Leamington 716
CARR, Henry Boot etc maker, Satchwell St, Leamington 716
CARR, Jas. Boot etc maker, Park St, Leamington 716
CARR, John sen Gent., Spon St, Coventry 765
CARR, John sen Spon St, Coventry 768
CARRAL, James Saddler etc, Smith St, Warwick 672
CARTER & DEWES Attornies, Little Park St, Coventry 768
CARTER & HITCHINGS Ribbon makers, High St, Coventry 768
CARTER, Geo. Auctioneer, Royal Parade, Leamington 716
CARTER, John Slain April 1643 163
CARTER, John Boot & shoemaker,King St, Tamworth 606
CARTER, John Boot & shoemaker,College St, Tamworth 606
CARTER, John Town Clerk, Coroner,Little Park St,Coventry 768
CARTER, Jos. Jeweller, Bath St, Leamington 716
CARTER, Richard Tea dealer, Fleet st, Coventry 768
CARTER, Richard Jun Ribbon maker, West Orchard, Coventry 768
CARTER, Samuel Prison Keeper, Bailey Lane, Coventry 768
CARTER, Thomas Kings Head Inn, Smithford St, Coventry 768
CARTER, Wm. Ironmonger, Russell St, Leamington 716
CARTER, Wm. Hertford St, Coventry 768
CARTER, Wm. Silkman, Much Park St, Coventry 768
CARTWRIGHT, Rev Theodore of Preston 506
CARVEL, Thomas Butcher, Southam 746
CASH, Joseph Sherbourne House, Coventry 768
CASH, Joseph, Josiah & N Stuff merchants, Hertford St, Coventry 768
CASH, Saml. Carpenter, High St, Leamington 716
CASHMORE, John Butcher, Smith St, Warwick 672
CASHMORE, Joseph Coal dealer,, Saltisford, Warwick 672
CATTELL, Benjamin Baker, Solihull 589
CATTELL, C. Mistress Blue Sch Girls,Priory Row,Coventry 767
CATTELL, E. Baker, Warwick St, Leamington 716
CATTELL, George Baker, Knowle 592
CATTELL, John Postmaster, Knowle 593
CATTELL, John Farmer, Knowle 592
CATTELL, Joseph Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
CATTELL, Miss L.C. Boarding Academy, Warwick Row, Coventry 768
CATTELL, Rev. Thomas Jury St, Warwick 670
CATTELL, Richard Farmer, Knowle 592
CATTELL, Richard Baker, Brook St, Warwick 672
CATTELL, Sam. Ribbon maker Well St, Coventry 768
CATTELL, T. Alderman of Warwick 669
CATTELL, Thos. Shopkeeper, Solihull 589
CATTELLS, M. Farmer, Solihull 589
CATTENS, Henry Woolstapler etc, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 768
CAUDLE, Miss Stay & corset maker,9 Ranelagh St,Leamington 716
CAVE, Abraham C. Grocer & tea dealer, Burgess , Coventry 768
CAVE, Edward died 10/1/1754 age 63 111
CAVE, Edward Gentleman's Magazine born Newton 29/2/1691 106
CAVE, Edward Victualler, Rugby 735
CAVE, John Victualler, Bowling Green, Warwick 672
CAVE, Josiah Warwick Row, Coventry 768
CAWLEY, Mary Glass & Earthenware Warehouse High St 492
CAWLEY, Rob Auctioneer & pawnbroker High St Alcester 492
CHADWICK, Hugo Esq New Hall & Mavieson Redware 583
CHADWICK, Thos Esq Park Hall, Coleshill 576
CHALMERS, James Smithford St, Coventry 768
CHAMBERLAIN, Benjamin Farmer, Knowle 592
CHAMBERLAIN, Henry Esq Thorpe, Southam 745
CHAMBERLAIN, M Farmer of Wootton Wawen 506
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard Manor of Chilvers Coton in 1630 564
CHAMBERLAIN, Wm. Maltster, Coleshill 576
CHAMBERLAIN, Wm. Clerk St Mary's(aged 90)Northgate, Warwick 672
CHAMBERS, Admiral Wm. , Rugby 735
CHAMBERS, Chas. Surgeon, Augusta Place, Leamington 716
CHAMBERS, George Grocer, Crompton St, Warwick 672
CHAMBERS, Henry Tanner of Henley 506
CHAMBERS, John Tailor Evesham St Alcester 492
CHAMBERS, Misses of Studley Alcester 492
CHAMBERS, Mrs. Mary , Rugby 735
CHAMBERS, Rev Thos of Studley 492
CHAMBERS, Samuel Carver & gilder, Little Park St, Coventry 768
CHAMBERS, Wm Tanner of Henley 506
CHAMBERS, Wm Farrier of Henley 506
CHAMP, Wm. Stocking maker,Theatre St, Warwick 672
CHANDLER, Thomas Victualler Henley St Stratford 541
CHAPLIN, Francis Builder, Oil Mill Lane, Warwick 672
CHAPLIN, Mr. Governor of the Bridewell- Warwick 670
CHAPLIN, Robt Joiner, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
CHAPLIN, Thos. Stone mason, Mill St, Warwick 672
CHAPMAN & HOOD Bankers, Atherstone 554
CHAPMAN, A. Victualler,Coventry Rd, Warwick 672
CHAPMAN, Jno. Blacksmith, Rugby 735
CHAPMAN, Mr. Andrew Vict, Navigation Inn, Nr Leamington 716
CHAPMAN, Rev. Thomas Ashow, Warwick 670
CHATBAND, Robt. Maltster & Victualler, Swan St, Warwick 672
CHATER, John Boot & shoe Maker, Little Park St, Coventry 768
CHATER, THomas Victualler, Rugby 735
CHATTAWAY, Edward Wm. Wine merchant Shottery & Stratford 541
CHATTAWAY, F. Churchwarden for Old Stratford parish 539
CHATTAWAY, Frances Farmer Alverstone 541
CHATTAWAY, James Farmer of Shottery 541
CHATTAWAY, Jos Farmer Coughton Alcester 492
CHATTAWAY, W. Mayor, Coroner of Stratford 539
CHATTERLY, M Carpenter of Henley 506
CHATTOCK, Christopher Farmer, Castle Bromwich 574
CHATTOCK, John Farmer, Hay House, Castle Bromwich 574
CHATTOCK, Thomas Attorney, Solihull 589
CHATTOCK, Wm. Farmer, Castle Bromwich 574
CHAWNER, Thomas Surgeon, Atherstone 554
CHEADLE, George Linen & woollen draper, Cross Cheaping 768
CHEATER, Joseph Boot & shoe Maker, Little Park St, Coventry 768
CHECKLEY, Thos. Hatter & hosier, Market Sq, Warwick 672
CHECKLIN, Basil Butcher, Butcher Row, Coventry 768
CHEEPER, Anthony Ribbon maker, Park St, Coventry 768
CHEEPER, James Painter & plumber, High St, Coventry 768
CHERRY, Ann Milliner dressmaker, Burgess, Coventry 768
CHERRY, Jas. Victualler,, Saltisford, Warwick 672
CHERRY, James Carver & gilder, High St, Coventry 768
CHESHIRE, John Victualler, Atherstone 554
CHETHAM, Harry Wine & spirits merchant, Earl St, Coventry 768
CHETLAND, Thos. victualler, Market Square, Warwick 672
CHETWODE, M. Esq Ansley Hall, Nuneaton 561
CHETWOOD, John Esq Ansley Hall Atherstone 553
CHETWYND, Sir Geo Grendon Hall, Atherstone 553
CHETWYND, Sir George High Sheriff of Warwick 669
CHILDE, Rev George Chaplain to the County Gaol, Warwick 670
CHILLINGSWORTH, T. Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
CHINN, John Maltster, Solihull 589
CHINN, Matthew Builder, Russel St, Leamington 716
CHINN, Richard Victualler & Farmer, Knowle 592
CHISWELL, George Farmer, Sheldon 579
CHISWELL, Thomas Farmer, Sheldon 579
CHITHAM, Jos. Tailor Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
CHOICE, John Farmer of Wootton Wawen 506
CHOYCE, Joseph Hat manufacturer, Atherstone 554
CHURCH, Thos. Victualler, New Buildings, Coventry 768
CLAPHAM, Geo. & Co Hardwareman, Bath St, Leamington 716
CLARE, George Currier & leather seller, New St, Coventry 768
CLARE, John Currier & leather seller, New St, Coventry 769
CLARE, Samuel Butcher, Little Park St, Coventry 768
CLARE, Samuel Butcher, Little Park St, Coventry 769
CLARIDGE, Richard Victualler, Jordan Well, Coventry 768
CLARK, Mrs. Town Carrier, Warwick 679
CLARK, Thomas Conservatory maker of Lionel Street 257
CLARK, Wm. Canal agent, Ranelagh St, Leamington 716
CLARKE, Alderman John Hill St, Coventry 768
CLARKE, Ann Butcher, Coleshill 576
CLARKE, Ann Baker etc, Little Park St, Coventry 768
CLARKE, Benjamin China & glass, Much Park St, Coventry 768
CLARKE, Captain of Alverstoke 539
CLARKE, D. Lodging House, , Union Parade, Leamington 716
CLARKE, Geo. Coal merchant, Ranelagh St, Leamington 716
CLARKE, Geo. Boot & shoe Maker, Hertford St, Coventry 768
CLARKE, J. Boot & shoemaker,Lichfield St, Tamworth 606
CLARKE, Jacob Victualler,George St, Tamworth 606
CLARKE, James Dealer in sundries, Much Park St, Coventry 768
CLARKE, Jno. Whitesmith, Back St, Nuneaton 561
CLARKE, John Victualler, Atherstone 554
CLARKE, John Woolstapler, Atherstone 554
CLARKE, John Baker Snitterfield 541
CLARKE, John Blacksmith Snitterfield 541
CLARKE, John Farmer, Knowle 592
CLARKE, Jos. Gent. Wilde Green, Sutton Coldfield 583
CLARKE, Jos. Boot & shoe maker, High St, Kenilworth 697
CLARKE, Jos. Dealer in sundries, Spon St, Coventry 769
CLARKE, Joseph Grocer, Market Street, Warwick 672
CLARKE, Joseph Collar maker, Knowle 592
CLARKE, Louisa Milliner dressmaker,Cross Cheaping Coventry 769
CLARKE, Mary Victualler,George Inn Little Pk St,Coventry 769
CLARKE, Mary Saddler, Solihull 589
CLARKE, Matthew Carrier to Brinklow from, Coventry 783
CLARKE, Mrs Wiggington Lodge, Tamworth 605
CLARKE, Peter Blacksmith Snitterfield 541
CLARKE, Priscilla Dressmaker, High St, Warwick 672
CLARKE, R. Shopkeeper, Rugby 735
CLARKE, Rich. Patten maker, West Orchard, Coventry 769
CLARKE, Richard Cooper & toy dealer, Atherstone 554
CLARKE, Richard Victualler,West Orchard, Coventry 769
CLARKE, Sarah Milliner etc Cross Cheaping, Coventry 769
CLARKE, Thomas Linen & woollen draper, Rugby 735
CLARKE, Thomas Butcher, Southam 746
CLARKE, Thos. Victualler, Bridewell Lane, Warwick 672
CLARKE, W. Victualler, Market Hill, Warwick 672
CLARKE, W.V. Plumber, New St, Warwick 672
CLARKE, William Blacksmith, Atherstone 554
CLARKE, William Baker flour dealer, Brunswick St,Leamington 716
CLARKE, Wm Carrier Alcester to Evesham every Monday 495
CLARKE, Wm. Wheelwright, Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth 697
CLARKE, Wm. Statuary etc, Aldergate St, Tamworth 606
CLARKE, Wm. Grocer & tea dealer, Gosford St, Coventry 769
CLARKE, Wm. Ribbon maker, St Nicholas Pl, Coventry 769
CLARKE, Wm. Victualler, Burgess, Coventry 769
CLARKE, Wm. Carrier to Rugby from, Coventry 784
CLARKE, Wm. Sheriff's Office, Burgess, Coventry 769
CLARKE, Wm. Butcher, Jordan Well, Coventry 769
CLARKSON, George Victualler, Southam 746
CLATER, John Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 769
CLAY, James Linen & woollen draper, Market St, Nuneaton 561
CLAY, John Painter, plumber, Jordan Well, Coventry 769
CLAY, Miss Elizabeth , Rugby 735
CLAY, Mrs. Tachbrook Rd, Leamington 715
CLAY, Richd. Brazier, ironmonger, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
CLAY, Thos. Turner etc St Agnes Lane, Coventry 769
CLAYTON, Wm Victualler,Spon St, Coventry 769
CLEAVER, Charles Grocer tea dealer, Regent St, Leamington 716
CLEAVER, James Confectioner, Rugby 735
CLEAVER, Jos. Silk manufacturer, St Johns, Coventry 769
CLEMENT, Wm. Shoe maker, Boleridge St, Tamworth 606
CLEMENTS, Alex. vict. Royal Hotel tap, Leamington 716
CLEMENTS, Eliz. Day school, High St, Kenilworth 697
CLIFF, M. Milliner, John St, Leamington 716
CLIFFORD, Hon. Charles Fieldgate House, Kenilworth 697
CLIVE, Joseph Shirley End, Solihull 588
CLIVE, Rev Arthur Rector, Solihull 589
CLODSHALES, Walter Purchased Manor Saltby 1332 152
CLOVES, H. Pump maker Bridge St Stratford 541
CLOWES & WEDGE Ribbon maker, Market Place, Coventry 769
CLOWES, Jno. Ribbon maker, Spon St, Coventry 769
CLOWES, Rev, John High St, Warwick 670
CLOWES, Rev. John , High St, Warwick 672
COALES, Robert Bankers 190
COCKLEY, Wm. Fellmonger, Spon St, Coventry 769
COCKNELL, Charles Gardener & seedsman, Southam 746
COK, William Victualler, Rugby 735
COLBORNE, J. Jury member Stratford 539
COLBOURN, John Furnishing ironmonger High St Stratford 541
COLE, John Boot & shoe maker, Saltisford, Warwick 672
COLE, Jos. Watch engraver, Spon St, Coventry 769
COLE, Thomas Carrier Wood St Stratford 541
COLE. Wm. Baker Henley St Stratford 541
COLE. Wm. jun Baker of Wood St Stratford 541
COLEMAN & BUTCHER Chemist & druggist, Market Place, Nuneaton 561
COLEMAN, Jos. Victualler, Little Park St, Coventry 769
COLEMAN, Jos. P. Linen & woollen draper, Atherstone 554
COLEMAN, Joseph Ribbon maker, White Friars Lane, Coventry 769
COLEMAN, William Chemist & druggist, Cross Cheaping 769
COLES, Charles Tailor & Draper High St Stratford 541
COLES, James Brazier & tinman High St Alcester 492
COLES, Thomas Ironmonger, Southam 746
COLIDGE, E. Basket maker, Theatre St, Warwick 672
COLIDGE, John Mat & basket maker, West St, Warwick 672
COLLEDGE, John Cooper, Sutton Coldfield 583
COLLEDGE, Wm. Basket maker, Southam 746
COLLETT, Sam Butcher High St Alcester 492
COLLETT, Sam Coal dealer Henley St Alcester 492
COLLETT, Susan Victualler Henley St Alcester 492
COLLEY, John Ironmonger, brazier, Atherstone 554
COLLIER, Jesse Victualler, Union Place, Coventry 769
COLLIINS, David Victualler of Henley 506
COLLINGBOURNE, Wm. Boot & shoe Maker, Much Park St, Coventry 769
COLLINGWOOD, H. Shoe maker, George St, Tamworth 606
COLLINS, B. Victualler, Regent St, Leamington 716
COLLINS, John Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
COLLINS, Joseph Surgeon, Earl St, Coventry 769
COLLINS, Joseph & Co Wine & spirit, Priory Row, Coventry 769
COLLINS, Lucas Slain April 1643 163
COLLINS, Mr Printer and Deputy Alderman 108
COLLINS, Mrs Jane Aldergate St, Tamworth 605
COLLINS, T. Alderman of Warwick 669
COLLINS, T.G. & Son Woolstaplers, High St, Warwick 672
COLLINS, Thos. Tailor & draper, Burgess, Coventry 769
COLLINS, Widow Slain April 1643 163
COLLINS, Wm Gent of Alcester 492
COLLINS, Wm Woolstapler, Butts, Warwick 672
COLLINS, Wm. Shopkeeper, Rugby 735
COLLINS, Wm. Woolstapler, West St, Warwick 672
COLLINSON, William Clerk of Indictments, Northgate St, Warwick 672
COLLIS, Jno. Wheelwright, Rugby 735
COLLYER,, Edward Boot and shoe maker, Atherstone 554
COLTMAN, Nathaniel Painter & plumber, Ironmonger Row, Coventry 769
COMBERBATCH, Chas. Victualler, Chauntry Pl., Coventry 769
COMMANDER, John Gentlemans' Academy, Wise St, Leamington 716
COMMANDER, Mrs. Baker & flour dealer, Royal Pde, Leamington 716
COMMANDER, Mrs. Fishmonger, Royal Parade, Leamington 716
COMPTON, Robert Victualler, Solihull 589
CONNELLY, John Tailor & draper, High St, Coventry 769
CONNOP, Edward Grocer & tea dealer, Market Pl,, Coventry 769
CONOLLY, J. Alderman of Stratford 539
CONROY, John Friut merchant, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 769
CONWAY, Wm. Victualler, Upper Well St, Coventry 769
CONWORTH, John Manchester warehouse, West St, Warwick 672
COOK, Edward Heydon Way, Studley Alcester 492
COOK, John Malster Studley Alcester 492
COOK, John Victualler, Rugby 735
COOK, M Gent. of Henley 506
COOK, Robert Plumber & glazier,, Rugby 735
COOK, Sarah Ladies' Academy, Rugby 735
COOK,Sarah died 23 January 1796 125
COOKBILL, Joseph of Henley St Stratford 541
COOKE, Charles Bricklayer, Spon St, Coventry 769
COOKE, Charlotte Milliner & dressmaker Wood St Stratford 541
COOKE, Chas. Boot maker, Sawn St, Warwick 672
COOKE, Henry Hat manufacturer, Atherstone 554
COOKE, Henry Cooper Bridge St Stratford 541
COOKE, Henry Coal dealer, Saltisford Wharf, Warwick 672
COOKE, John Attorney, Church St, Warwick 672
COOKE, John Surgeon, Hay Lane, Coventry 769
COOKE, John smith, Spon St, Coventry 769
COOKE, Rev. George Leigh Cubbington, Warwick 670
COOKE, Samuel Ribbon maker, White Friars Lane, Coventry 769
COOKE, W.V. Plumber, New St, Warwick 672
COOKES, W. Upholsterer, St Nicholas, Church St,Warwick 672
COOKES, Wm. Cabinet maker, Ranelagh St, Leamington 716
COOKNELL, Geo. Green grocer, Bedford St, Leamington 716
COOPER & SUMMERS Ironmongers, High St, Coventry 769
COOPER & SUMMERS Ironmongers, Southam 746
COOPER, B. Boot & shoe maker, Ely St Stratford 541
COOPER, Charles Farmer, Castle Bromwich 574
COOPER, Chas. Gent. Langley Hall, Sutton Coldfield 583
COOPER, Edward gent of Henley 506
COOPER, Edward jun Surveyor of Henley 506
COOPER, Edwd. Grocer, Bath St, Leamington 716
COOPER, Elizabeth Straw hatmaker, Henley St Stratford 541
COOPER, Geo. Saddlers' harness etc,Market Sq, Warwick 672
COOPER, James Gun & pistol maker, Wood St Stratford 541
COOPER, John Millwright, Bridgetown Stratford 541
COOPER, John c.1600 a donor to St Martins Church B'ham 173
COOPER, John Schoolmaster, High St, Warwick 672
COOPER, John Tailor, Town Wall, Coventry 769
COOPER, Joseph Hosier, Much Park St, Coventry 769
COOPER, Miss Ladies school, Bridge St Stratford 541
COOPER, Nathan Shoe maker, West St, Warwick 672
COOPER, Nathaniel Rope & twine maker, Bridge St Stratford 541
COOPER, Rev. E.P. , Southam 745
COOPER, T. Watchmaker Market St, Tamworth 606
COOPER, Thomas Surveyor of Taxes in Impsley. 506
COOPER, Thos Vict Bleachfields Alcester 492
COOPER, William Hosier, Burgess, Coventry 769
COOPER, Wm, Surveyor of Taxes maltsters etc of Henley 506
COPE, C.H. Wine Merchant of Phillip Street B'ham 233
COPE, Charles Governor of B'ham school 1830 207
COPE, Charles Esq of Birmingaam , Magistrate for Warwick 669
COPE, John Governor of B'ham school 1830 207
COPE, Son & HAMERTON Ribbon makers, Priory Row, Coventry 769
COPE, Thomas Butcher, Lichfield St, Tamworth 606
COPE, Thomas sen Priory Row, Coventry 769
COPELAND, Miss Meriden 599
COPLIN, Joseph Glover, Henley St Stratford 541
COPLIN, Maria Straw hat maker, Henley St Stratford 541
COPPAGE, George Bricklayer of Henley 506
COPPIN, T. Esq of Payton Street Newtown 539
COPPOCK, Sarah Ladies' Academy, Rugby 735
COPPS, Mich. Royal Hotel, Royal Parade, Leamington 716
COPSILL, Geo Tailor of Stratford Rd Alcester 492
COPSON, Isaac Cooper, Back St, Nuneaton 561
COPSON, Wm. China, glass dealer, Atherstone 554
CORBETT, E. Tailor, Butts, Warwick 672
CORBETT, John Sundorn Castle SALOP. 242
CORBETT, Mary Ladies' seminary, Ironmonger La, Coventry 769
CORBETT, Stephen Collector of rates, Ironmonger La, Coventry 769
CORBETT, Thos. Maltster, & Plumber, glazier, Atherstone 554
CORBETT, Wm. Carpenter etc, Coleshill 576
CORBICON, Peter Founded the priory at Studley 495
CORBY, E. Shoe warehouse, Market St, Tamworth 606
CORFIELD, Richard Vict. of Beaudesert 506
CORMACK, Charles Sign painter, Emscote, Warwick 672
CORNFORTH, Birks Currier & leather seller, High St, Coventry 769
CORNFORTH, Penelope Straw hat maker, High St, Coventry 769
CORPSON, William Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 195
CORY, John Farmer of Shottery 541
COTTERELL, Widow Farmer, Knowle 592
COTTERILL, Jos. Esq Broadfield House, Sutton Coldfield 583
COTTON & THORNLOE Auctioneers, Church St, Tamworth 606
COTTON, Francis Butcher, Gun Gate, Tamworth 606
COTTON, Jno. Victualler, Canal side, Nuneaton 561
COTTON, Lieut. Colonel , Castle end, Kenilworth 697
COTTON, Mrs. Sarah , Castle end, Kenilworth 697
COTTON, Richard Bookseller, binder, Church St, Tamworth 606
COTTON, S. Cabinet maker, George St, Tamworth 606
COTTON, Samuel Coal dealer,Saltisford Wharf, Warwick 672
COTTON, Thomas Manufacturing chemist, Hogg Lane,Kenilworth 697
COTTRELL, George Shirley End, Solihull 588
COTTRELL, Joseph Maltster, Coleshill 576
COTTRELL, William Shirley End, Solihull 588
COUCHMAN, Henry Balsall, Solihull 589
COULDREY, Jos. Boys' school Bailey Lane, Coventry 769
COURT, Ann Victualler, Henley St Stratford 541
COURT, John Butcher, Bridge St Stratford 541
COURT, Thos. Clock & watch maker, Regent St, Leamington 716
COURT, Wm of Drayton 541
COWLEY, Richard Baker, Cook St, Coventry 769
COWPER, Thos. Coal dealer, Leicester St, Coventry 769
COX, Benjamin Farmer, Sheldon 579
COX, Esther Shopkeeper, Coleshill 577
COX, H. Straw hat maker, Rugby 735
COX, J. Fireman at Stratford 545
COX, James Linen & woollen draper, High St Stratford 541
COX, John Carrier from Birmingham- Tamworth 609
COX, John Whitesmith, Much Park St, Coventry 769
COX, John Currier, West Orchard, Coventry 769
COX, R.S. & Co. Ribbon makers, Bishop St, Coventry 769
COX, Rev Dr of Atherstone 539
COX, Samuel of Sheep St Stratford 541
COX, Samuel Silversmith, Henley St Stratford 541
COX, Samuel Hair dresser, Brook St, Warwick 672
COX, Sarah Victualler, Market Place, Nuneaton 561
COX, Thomas Victualler, Canal side, Nuneaton 561
COX, Wm Tailor & mercer , Chapel St Stratford 541
COX, Wm. Wine & spirit merchant, Market St, Tamworth 607
COX, Wm. Whitesmith, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 769
COXTON, Wm. Baker, Church St, Tamworth 607
CRADDOCK & BULL Bankers, Nuneaton 561
CRADDOCK & BULL Wharfingers, Nuneaton 561
CRADDOCK, Elizabeth Straw hat maker of Henley 506
CRADDOCK, John Attorney, Market Place, Nuneaton 561
CRADDOCK, John Shopkeeper of Henley 506
CRADDOCK, Mrs Mary Church St, Nuneaton 561
CRADDOCK, Wm. Maltster, Pye Corner, Nuneaton 561
CRAKELT, Rev Wm Weddington, Nuneaton 561
CRAMP, Adie Plumber etc, Spon St, Coventry 769
CRAMP, Adie Broker, West Orchard, Coventry 769
CRAMP, George Sheffield Tailor & draper, High St, Coventry 769
CRAMP, Jos. Tailor & draper, Gosford St, Coventry 769
CRANFORD, John of Chapel St Stratford 541
CRANMER, J Whitesmith, Sheep St Stratford 541
CRANMER, John Blacksmith, Shottery Stratford 541
CRANMER, Wm. Bell hanger, Augusta Pl, Leamington 716
CRANNUR, Edw. Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
CRAVEN, Rt Hon William Earl of Combe Abbey, Coventry 765
CRAYFORD, Thomas Land Surveyor, Southam 746
CREET, Richard House painter, Crompton St, Warwick 672
CRESWELL, Wm. Shopkeeper etc, Atherstone 554
CROFT, Jos. Butcher, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 769
CROFTS, Catherine Grocer, Gosford St, Coventry 769
CROFTS, Mrs. Ward End, Castle Bromwich 574
CROFTS, Richard Ribbon maker, Gosford St, Coventry 769
CROMLEHOLME, Mrs. Emma Park St, Leamington 715
CROSBEE, James Appointed St Bart's organist 1806 224
CROSBY, Charles Watch & clock maker, Coleshill 577
CROSBY, John Dyer & presser, Bailey Lane, Coventry 769
CROSBY, Samuel Dyer, Burgess, Coventry 769
CROSBY, Stephen Victualler, Rugby 735
CROSBY, W. Dyer etc, Saltisford Rock, Warwick 672
CROSFIELD, Jos. Boys' Boarding & Day Academy, Atherstone 554
CROSHAW, Jas. Baker & flour dealer, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
CROSS, John Butcher, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
CROSS, Jos. Victualler, Abbey St, Nuneaton 561
CROSS, Wm. Baker, Rugby 735
CROWLEY & HICKLING Canal Carriers 679
CROWLEY, HICKIN & Co Canal carriers - fly boats from London 747
CROWLEY, Hicklin & Co Saltisford Wharf, Warwick 672
CROWLEY, Wm Needle maker of Alcester 492
CROWSHAW, Thomas Chemist & druggist, Sutton Coldfield 583
CROWTHER, Mrs Sarah Sutton Coldfield 583
CROXALL, Widow, Shustoke, Coleshill 576
CRUMP, James Attorney, Swan St, Warwick 672
CULLIS, John & Co Nurserymen, Ranelagh Gdns, Bath St,Leamingt 716
CULLIS, Mr. Owner of Ranelagh Gardens Leamington 711
CUMBER, Robert 2nd Master Free School, Solihull 589
CURE, Joseph Baker, Taylor St, Leamington 716
CURNOCK, Richard Boot & Shoe maker High St Alcester 492
CURRIER, Wm Needlemaker of Alcester 492
CURRILL, John Saddler etc,Smith St, Warwick 672
CURTIS, Mrs Ann Wise's Baths, High St, Leamington 716
CUTTIFORD, Dan. Shoe maker, Castle end, Kenilworth 697

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]