Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - F


Surnames beginning with 'F'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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FAIRFAX, Jno. Printer, Clemens St, Leamington 717
FAIRFAX, William Victualler, Atherstone 554
FAIRFAX, William Carpenter & joiner, Market St, Warwick 673
FAIRFAX, William Carpenter & joiner, West St, Warwick 673
FAIRFIELD, Jas. Carrier to Birmingham. Solihull 589
FAIRFIELD, Jas. Nursery & seedsman, Solihull 589
FAIRWEATHER, M. Vapour bath, Packington Pl, Leamington 721
FAIRWEATHER, M. Vapour bath keeper,Packington Pl,Leamington 717
FALLOWFIELD, M. Corn dealer, Royal Parade, Leamington 717
FALLOWS, J, Architect & Builder 210
FALLOWS, R.K. Grocer etc,Market St, Tamworth 607
FANCOTT, David Baker, High St, Kenilworth 697
FARMER, Benj. Farmer, Castle Bromwich 574
FARMER, James Gardener & seedsman, Atherstone 554
FARMER, John Butcher, Gun Gate, Tamworth 607
FARMER, Jos. Druggist, Bolebridge St, Tamworth 607
FARMER, Richard Farmer, Sheldon 579
FARMER, Richard Victualler, Hay Lane, Coventry 771
FARMER, Saml Linen & woollen draper, Atherstone 554
FARNELL, Mrs Mary Atherstone 553
FARNELL, Wm. Builder, Sutton Coldfield 583
FARR, Henry Shopkeeper Henley St Alcester 492
FARR, Mr of Coughton Alcester 492
FARR, Rev. John Northgate St, Warwick 670
FARR, Sarah Victualler, Cook St, Coventry 771
FARR, Wm. Victualler, Sheep St Stratford 541
FARROW, Wm. Tallow chandler, Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
FAUX, James Butts, Warwick 670
FAUX, Wm. Victualler, Attleborough, Nuneaton 562
FAWSON, John Grocer & Victualler,Gosford St, Coventry 771
FAWSON, Samuel Cheesemonger, Spon St, Coventry 771
FAWSON, Wm. Boot & shoe Maker,Gosford St, Coventry 771
FEATHERSTON, John of Ely Street, Stratford 541
FEATHERSTONE, Charles Esq of Packwood , Magistrate for Warwick 669
FEATHERSTONE, Chas. of Packwood House. 506
FEATHERSTONE, Col. Packwood Hall, Solihull 589
FEATHERSTONE, Colonel Packwood House, Packwood, Warwick 684
FEILDER, Joseph Veterinary Surgeon, Atherstone 554
FELL, Mrs & Misses St Johns Street, Warwick 670
FELL, Mrs. Coton End, Warwick 673
FELL, Rev Thos, Cotton Sheppy, Atherstone 553
FELLOWS, Thomas New Town Stratford 541
FELLOWS, Thomas Farmer, Knowle 592
FELTHOUSE, M. Currier etc, Lichfield St, Tamworth 607
FELTON, Wm. Master Corporation Sch. Sutton Coldfield 583
FENNEMORE, James Vict Evesham St Alcester 492
FENTHAM, George Left funds to St Philips Church B'ham 1712 177
FENTHAM, Thomas Farmer, Knowle 592
FENTON, J. Watch & clockmaker, Cole Hill, Tamworth 607
FENWICK, Rev G. F. of Northfield , Magistrate for Warwick 669
FERGUSON & MARTIN Ribbon makers, Much Park St, Coventry 771
FERGUSON, Hood & Jacox Ribbon maker,Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
FERMAN, Jno. M. West St, Warwick 673
FERN, Matthew Plasterer, Priory St, Leamington 717
FERRERS, E. Esq Owner of Baddesley Clinton 596
FERRERS, Mrs of Aylesbury House Henley 506
FESSEY, John Lodging House, Clarendon St, Leamington 717
FIELD, Charles Butcher High St Alcester 492
FIELD, David Boot & shoe maker, Eley St Stratford 541
FIELD, Edw Mercer & draper High St Alcester 492
FIELD, Edward Linen & woollen draper, Bridge St,Stratford 542
FIELD, Eliz. Dress maker, Jury St, Warwick 673
FIELD, John Baker of Evesham St Alcester 492
FIELD, Jos Butcher Henley St Alcester 492
FIELD, Jun E. Burgess of Stratford 539
FIELD, Rev Wm. Gentleman's Boarding School, Leam, Warwick 673
FIELD, Rev. William Presbyterian Minister Warwick 1789 653
FIELD, Rev. Wm Leam, Warwick 670
FIELDING, Mrs. , High St, Warwick 673
FINCH, General Meriden 599
FINCH, Hon Rev Charles Packington, Coleshill 576
FINCHER, John Victualler, West St, Warwick 673
FINDON, Jno. Grocer & tea dealer, Clemens St, Leamington 717
FINDON, Job. Hatter & Hosier, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 771
FINDON, John Vict Evesham St Alcester 492
FINDON, John Grocer, Corn Market, Warwick 673
FINDON, Jos. Maltster, Solihull 589
FINDON, Jos. Shopkeeper & stamp Office, Solihull 589
FINDON, Wm Butcher of Henley 506
FINLOW, Thos. Esq Upper Union Parade, Leamington 715
FINNEMORE, Thomas Brazier & tinman, Castle end, Kenilworth 697
FINNEMORE, William Wine & spirit dealer, Clemens St, Leamingto 717
FIRCHILD, C.W. Farmer, Castle Bromwich 574
FISHER, Job Gent., Solihull 589
FISHER, John Manor of Chilvers Coton in 1590 564
FISHER, John Whitesmith, Priory St, Leamington 717
FISHER, Miss Eliz. Milliner dressmaker, Clemens St, Leamington 717
FISHER, Rev John Higham on the Hill, Nuneaton 561
FISHER, Robert of Prospect Cottage, Stratford 542
FISHER, Wm Grocer & tea dealer, Wood St, Stratford 542
FITZPATRICK, Percy Surgeon, Much Park St, Coventry 771
FLAVELLL, William Furnishing ironmonger, Bath St, Leamington 717
FLETCHER, John Carpenter, Coleshill 577
FLETCHER, Miss Lichfield St, Tamworth 605
FLETCHER, Thomas Boat builder, Guild pits, Stratford 542
FLETCHER, Wm. Fishmonger, Market St, Tamworth 607
FLINT, George Paper maker, Church St, Tamworth 607
FLINT, Wm. Linen draper, Market Square, Warwick 673
FLOOD, THomas Farmer, Knowle 592
FLOWER, Edward Fordham Timber merchant, Navigation, Straford 542
FLOWERS, Joseph Ribbon Maker, Butts & 13, Wood St London 771
FLOYD, Benj. Shopkeeper, Clinton Green, Kenilworth 698
FLOYD, John Chair maker, Atherstone 554
FLOYD, Mrs Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 87 123
FLOYER, Rev C. Hints Hall, Tamworth 605
FOLEY, Rev. J Cleverdon, Warwick 670
FORD & HOBBINS Coal Wharf, Guild Pits, Stratford 542
FORD, E.D. of Banbury Rd, Stratford 542
FORD, Henry Saddler etc, Bath St, Leamington 717
FORD, Jas. Dealer in sundries, Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
FORD, Jos. Appraiser, Hertford Terrace, Coventry 771
FORD, William Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
FORSHAW, Hannah Saddler, Coleshill 577
FORT, James Saddler,harness maker,Smithford St,Coventry 771
FORTESCUE, John died 4/8/1757 aged 62 tomb Cook Hill Chapel 537
FORTESCUE, John Capt RN died 9/5/1808 at Cookhill aged 86 537
FORTESCUE, William died 25/12/1806 - tomb Cook hill Chapel 537
FORTISCUE, Nicholas Owned Manor of Weethley 495
FOSTER, Chas. Butcher, New Buildings, Coventry 771
FOSTER, Chas. Tailor & draper, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 771
FOSTER, Jno. Furnishing ironmonger, Cross Cheaping 771
FOSTER, John Carpenter & joiner, Earl St, Coventry 771
FOTHERGILL, Mr Partner of Mr Boulton at Soho 295
FOUND, W. Shoe maker, Boleridge St, Tamworth 607
FOWLER, Jas. Surgeon, High St, Warwick 673
FOWLER, Joseph Gent. Alder Mills, Tamworth 605
FOWLER, Misses Ladies' School, St John's, Warwick 673
FOWLER, Misses Alder Mills, Tamworth 605
FOWLER, Robt. Esq Lichfield St, Tamworth 605
FOX, Francis of Wootton Wawen 506
FOX, George Builder, Atherstone 554
FOX, Martha Milliner dressmaker, Little Park St,Coventr 771
FOX, Mary Milliner & dressmaker, Atherstone 554
FOX, Misses Eliz. & Ellen Milliners dressmakers, Lower Pde,Leamington 717
FOX, William Wire drawing and working factory 208
FOXALL, Henry Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 195
FOXALL, Jos Greyhound Inn, Henley St Alcester 492
FOXALL, Samuel Olton & Burrough Ends, Solihull 588
FRAMSON, George Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 771
FRANCIS, James Victualler Priory St Alcester 492
FRANCIS, Jno. Nurseyman, Gosford St, Coventry 771
FRANCIS, Roger Boot & shoe Maker, Bishop St, Coventry 771
FRANCKLYN, Mrs. Eliz. Binswood St, Leamington 715
FRANKLIN, Abel Cabinet maker High St Alcester 492
FRANKLIN, Dr. Francis Booths Terrace,Clemens St, Leamington 715
FRANKLIN, Rich Carpenter & joiner High St Alcester 492
FRANKLINS, Misses Ladies' Seminary, Hertford St, Coventry 771
FRAZER, M. Hertford St, Coventry 771
FREEMAN & PAUL Ribbon makers, Earl St, Coventry 771
FREEMAN, Capt Chas. Earl Alder Mills, Tamworth 605
FREEMAN, Capt Rd. Fras. Lichfield St, Tamworth 605
FREEMAN, Eliz. Smithford St, Coventry 771
FREEMAN, R. Assistant Burgess of Warwick 669
FREEMAN, Richard Castle St, Warwick 673
FREEMAN, Samuel Maltster etc, George St, Tamworth 607
FREEMAN, Thomas Joiner, Wood St Stratford 542
FREEMAN, Thomas Baker & flour dealer, Windsor St,Leamington 717
FREEMAN, Thomas Victualler, Gosford St, Coventry 771
FREEMAN, Thomas Esq Church St, Tamworth 605
FREER, George Governor of B'ham school 1830 207
FREER, I.B. Esq of Payton Street Stratford 539
FREER, Jno. Nurseyman, Little Park St, Coventry 771
FREER, William Tanner, Atherstone 554
FRENCH, Jos. Ribbon maker, West Orchard, Coventry 771
FROST, Josh. Confectioner etc, Rugby 736
FRYER, Benj Tailor High St Alcester 492
FRYER, James Ornamental painter etc High St Alcester 492
FULWELL, Thos. Baker, Spon St, Coventry 771

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]