Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - J


Surnames beginning with 'J'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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JACKSON, Hannah Patten maker, West Orchard, Coventry 773
JACKSON, Henry Victualler, High St Stratford 542
JACKSON, Henry Carpenter & joiner, Bishop St, Coventry 773
JACKSON, James Bellhanger,John St, Leamington 718
JACKSON, Jas. Bell hanger & locksmith, Swan St, Warwick 674
JACKSON, John wood turner, Jordan well, Coventry 773
JACKSON, John Carrier to Sutton from, Coventry 784
JACKSON, John Esq , Rugby 735
JACKSON, Joseph Victualler, Pig Market, Ely St, Stratford 542
JACKSON, Joseph coal merchant, Burgess, Coventry 773
JACKSON, M. Farmer, Bishopton 542
JACKSON, Mr Merino Sheep Farmer of Alverstone 097
JACKSON, Mrs Cottage, Sutton Coldfield 583
JACKSON, Rev. William Hatton, Warwick 670
JACKSON, Thomas Farmer, Alverstone 542
JACKSON, Thomas ribbon maker, Hill st, Coventry 773
JACKSON, Thos. Carrier (canal) to Birmingham etc, Nuneaton 564
JACKSON, Wm. Baker & confectioner, Coleshill 577
JACKSON, Wm. Victualler, Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 773
JAGGARD, Jos. Farmer, Rounsell's Farm, Kenilworth 698
JAGGARD, R & G. Drapers etc, Corn Market, Warwick 674
JAGO, Rev Richard Born Beaudesert 509
JAGO, Richard born 1/10/1715 Rector Kimcote d 1/5/1781 116
JAGO, Richard Of Cornwall s/o Richard m Margaret Parker 114
JAKEMAN, George Currier, St John's Road, Warwick 674
JAKEMAN, Samuel Watch engraver, Hill St, Coventry 773
JAMES, Benjamin Baker, Ely St, Stratford 542
JAMES, John Plumber & painter, Wood St Stratford 542
JAMES, John Butcher, Grey Friars Lane, Coventry 773
JAMES, Mrs. Ann , Union Parade, Leamington 715
JAMES, Rev Independent dissenters in Carr's Lane 227
JAMES, Rich. Carpenter & joiner, Smith St, Warwick 674
JAMES, William Secretary Deaf & Dumb School 285
JARMAN, M. Blenheim Hotel, Clemens St, Leamington 718
JARRATT, Rev. Preacher, West Orchard Chapel, Coventry 781
JARRATT, William Cutler, Hay lane, Coventry 773
JARVIS, Abijah Ribbon maker, Hertford st, Coventry 773
JARVIS, Abijah res:, Gosford Terrace, Coventry 773
JARVIS, Joseph Postmaster, Atherstone 556
JARVIS, Thomas Car prop:, Beford St, Leamington 718
JARVIS, Wm. Ribbon maker, Hertford st, Coventry 773
JEE, David Portrait painter, Spon St, Coventry 773
JEE, John Watchmaker, Spon st, Coventry 773
JEFFCOAT, Thomas Framer, Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 773
JEFFCOATE, Samuel Victualler, Lichfield St, Tamworth 607
JEFFERY, Benjamin Res: Stoke green, Coventry 773
JEFFERY, Benjamin Ribbon maker, Bishop st, Coventry 773
JEFFREYS, Joseph Tallow chandler, Coleshill 577
JEFFS, John Gardener & seedsman, Jordan well, Coventry 773
JEGRAM, Wm. Baker, Gosford St, Coventry 773
JELFS, Wm Harness & sadler, High St, Stratford 542
JELFS, Wm Farmer, Drayton, Stratford 543
JELFS,Thomas Maltster, Greenhill St, Stratford 543
JELLIFE, Richard Hairdresser, Fleet St, Coventry 773
JELLINGS, M. Brickmaker, Gosford Terrace, Coventry 773
JENKINS, Edward Architect & Surveyor,Union Parade,Leamingto 718
JENKINS, James Ribbon maker, Spon st, Coventry 773
JENKINS, Jas. Ribbon maker, Spon st, Coventry 773
JENKINS, Jno. Gent.Sutton Coldfield 583
JENNENS & BETTRIDGE Advert for Paper Trap 246
JENNENS, John Gave land for St Bartholomew Ch. in 1749 224
JENNES, Humphrey Bought manor of Weethley in 1095 495
JENNINGS, A.E. Surgeon, Somerset Pl, Leamington 718
JENNINGS, John Tailor, Knowle 592
JENNINGS, Michael Victualler of Henley 506
JENNINGS, Samuel Victualler, Gosford St, Coventry 773
JENNS, Sophia Haberdasher, Broadgate, Coventry 773
JENSON, T. Druggist & grocer, Spon st, Coventry 773
JEPHCOTE, Enoch Ribbon maker, Gosford St, Coventry 773
JEPHCOTE, Jacob Brazier, Bull Ring, Coventry 773
JEPHCOTT & MILLS Weavers' engine makers,Jordan well,Coventry 773
JEPHCOTT, Isaac Brush & patten maker, New Rd, Coventry 773
JEPHCOTT, Richard Grocer & tea dealer High St Alcester 493
JEPHSON, Dr. Henry York Terrace, Leamington 715
JERARD, Rev. John Minister West Orchard Chapel, Warwick Row 773
JERRAND, James Wheelwright, Spon st, Coventry 774
JESSON, William Alderman of Coventry & owner of Hampton 596
JESSOP, Matthew Victualler, Rugby 736
JOB, Hezekiah Tailor, Saltisford, Warwick 674
JOBBINS, Wm. Painter, glazier, Ironmonger Row, Coventry 774
JOHNS, Richard Corn dealer, Waterside, Stratford 543
JOHNSON, Francis of Sambourn Alcester 493
JOHNSON, J Farmer Oversley Alcester 493
JOHNSON, James Malster Henley St Alcester 493
JOHNSON, John Butcher, Gosford St, Coventry 774
JOHNSON, Jos. Est. for young gentleman High St Alcester 493
JOHNSON, Joseph Victualler, Gosford St, Coventry 774
JOHNSON, M.E. Bookseller High St Alcetser 493
JOHNSON, Miss Ladies seminary of Henley 506
JOHNSON, Mr Rother market, Stratford 543
JOHNSON, Philip Plumber & glazier,, Regent St, Leamington 718
JOHNSON, Philip Boot & shoe maker 12 Regent St, Leamington 718
JOHNSON, Richard Spon Street, Coventry 774
JOHNSON, Samuel Baker, Earl St, Coventry 774
JOHNSON, Thomas Tea dealer, Henley St, Stratford 543
JOHNSON, Thomas Saddler & harness maker, High st, Coventry 774
JOHNSON, Thomas Linen & woollen draper,Smithford St,Coventr 774
JOHNSON, Thos. Victualler, Meriden 599
JOHNSON, Wm & Timothy Painters etc, Little Park St, Coventry 774
JOHNSON, Wm. Wine & spirits, Bath St, Leamington 718
JOHNSON, Wm. ribbon maker, Church yard side, Coventry 774
JOHNSON, Wm. Victualler, Smithford St, Coventry 774
JOHNSTON, Rev. Charles Whitnash, Warwick 670
JOHNSTONE, Dr J Humane Society Birmingham 1803 248
JOHNSTONE, Dr John Resided Monument House, Monument Lane 282
JOHNSTONE, Edward MD Occupier of Edgbaston Hall 285
JOHSNON, Captain , Rugby 735
JOINER, Daniel Shoemaker Henley St Alcester 493
JOINERS, John Carrier to Warwick from , Coventry 784
JONES & COTTLE Surgeons, High St, Leamington 718
JONES & Son Surgeons Henley St Alcester 493
JONES, Charles Attorney etc. Henley St Alcester 493
JONES, Charles Seller of Papier mashe, peral shells etc 188
JONES, Daniel Butcher, Coleridge, St, Tamworth 607
JONES, David Brazier & tinman, Coleshill 577
JONES, Edward Cabinet maker, Cole Hill, Tamworth 607
JONES, Eliz. Shopkeeper, Bolebridge St, Tamworth 607
JONES, Fisher Clopton, Stratford 543
JONES, George Snow Hill Foundry Birmingham 250
JONES, H. & T. Maltsters, Church St, Tamworth 607
JONES, Henry Wine & spirit merchant, Atherstone 555
JONES, Hugh Grendon Surgeon, Atherstone 555
JONES, J. , Castle end, Kenilworth 698
JONES, J.H. Tailor 2, Satchwell St, Leamington 718
JONES, James Chair maker, West St, Warwick 674
JONES, John Baker & tea dealer, Wood St, Stratford 543
JONES, John Tailor, Hay lane, Coventry 774
JONES, PALMER & FREEMAN Linen drapers, Market Square, Warwick 674
JONES, Rev. George Butts, Warwick 670
JONES, Richard Tailor & mercer, Regent St, Leamington 718
JONES, Sarah Shopkeeper, Church St, Tamworth 607
JONES, T. Alderman of Warwick 669
JONES, Thomas Parish Clerk, Church St, Tamworth 607
JONES, Thomas Weaver, Church St, Tamworth 607
JONES, Thomas Cabinetmaker, Portland St, Leamington 718
JONES, Thomas & Sons Advert: Horticultural Buildings 256
JONES, William Tailor, Spon st, Coventry 774
JONES, Wm. Bailiff, Church St, Tamworth 607
JONES. T.W. Surgeon of Henley 507
JORDAN, Charles Jordan well, Coventry 774
JORDAN, Jos. Grocer & tea dealer, Spon st, Coventry 774
JORDAN, Mrs. R. , Castle end, Kenilworth 698
JORDAN, Samuel & Edward Wheelwright, Sheep St, Stratford 543
JORDAN, T. Boot & shoe maker, Brook St, Warwick 674
JORDAN, Wm. Victualler, Castle St, Warwick 674
JOSEPHS, Abraham Clothes shop, Bishop st, Coventry 774
JOY, W. Constable for Stratford 539
JOY, Wm. Saddler & harness maker, Sheep St,Stratford 543
JOYCE, John Tailor, New St, Kenilworth 698
JOYNER, Geo Chairmaker of Henley 507
JOYNER, J. jun Town Carrier, Friar Lane, Warwick 679
JOYNER, J. sen Town Carrier, Friar Lane, Warwick 679
JUDD, Charles Carpenter etc, Much Park St, Coventry 774
JUDD, James Boot & shoe Maker, Rugby 736
JUDD, Mrs. Butcher, Regent St, Leamington 718
JUKES, F House Surgeon & Apothecary 1803 248
JUKES, Mr A. Surgeon of Humane Society 1803 248

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]