Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - K


Surnames beginning with 'K'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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KAY, James Hay & straw dealer, Friary St, Warwick 674
KEATLEY, Josh. Boot & shoe maker, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
KEATLEY, Mary Ann Stay & corset maker, Bull Hill, Kenilworth 698
KEATLEY, Wm. Watch & dial maker, Spon st, Coventry 774
KEELEY, John Tailor & pelisse maker,Sheep St, Stratford 543
KEELING, James Builder, Lichfield St, Tamworth 607
KEEN, Francis Hoop maker etc, Atherstone 555
KEEN, S. jun Gardener, etc Lichfield St, Tamworth 607
KEEN, S. sen. Gardener, etc Lichfield St, Tamworth 607
KEENE, James Watch maker, Chauntrey Place, Coventry 774
KEENE, Jonathan Cork maker, West Orchard, Coventry 774
KEENE, Richard Ribbon maker, Warwick Row, Coventry 774
KEENE, Thos. Turnpike gate, Spon end, Coventry 774
KELHAM, Douglas F. Hertford St, Coventry 774
KELHAM, George Carrier to Wrighton from, Coventry 784
KELSEY, Geo. Plumber & glazier, New St, Kenilworth 698
KEMP. Thos. Cooper, , Market Square, Warwick 674
KEMPSON, Mr Floor cloth maker of Constitution Hill 246
KEMPSON, Richard Binton, Stratford 543
KEMPSON, Sam. Tanner, Lt Sutton, Sutton Coldfield 583
KENCH & CATTELL Corn millers Emscote Mills, Warwick 674
KENDAL & Sons Shop owners Birmingham 188
KENDALL, John Esq Offchurch Bury, Warwick 670
KENDALL, Joseph Carpenter etc, Coleshill 577
KENDALL, Rev John MA Vicar of Budbrooke, 655
KENDRICK, Henry vict. Priory St Alcester 493
KENDRICK, John Butcher, Smith St, Warwick 674
KENNDEY, Geo. Esq , Rugby 735
KENNEDY, Mrs. Elizabeth , Rugby 735
KENNETT, Jn. Coal merchant, St Nicholas St, Coventry 774
KENT, Mrs. , Clemens St, Leamington 718
KENT, Thomas Gardener & seedsman, Atherstone 555
KERBEY, Miss Mary Ladies' school, Brunswick St, Leamington 718
KERBY, Benj. Watch case maker, Spon st, Coventry 774
KERBY, Rev. Joseph Brunswick Street, Leamington 715
KERR, Hugh Haberdasher, Fleet st, Coventry 774
KERR, Mrs Hannah Post mistress, Tamworth 609
KERSHAW, Mr Canal Engineer of Lapworth 532
KETTLE, Rev James Presbyterian Minister Warwick 1746 653
KETTLE, Rev. Thos. Rector of Berkswell, Jury St, Warwick 674
KEVITT, Thomas Fellmonger, Spon st, Coventry 774
KEY, Lucy Straw bonnet maker, Church St, Warwick 674
KEY, William Boot & shoe maker, Satchwell St, Leamington 718
KEYS, George Surgeon, Knowle 592
KEYTE, Frances Straw bonnet maker, Church St, Warwick 674
KIBLER, Wm. Cabinet maker, Castle St, Warwick 674
KILHAM, Martha Haberdasher, Hertford st, Coventry 774
KIMBELL, John Surgeon, Knowle 592
KIMBELL, Jonathan Coal dealer, Knowle 592
KIMBELL, Mary Shopkeeper, Knowle 592
KIMBER, Charles Cutter, Knowle 592
KIMBERLEY, Geo. Gentleman's Boarding School, Emscote 674
KIMBERLEY, Miss Catherine Prof. of Drawing, Ladies's Sch Coventry Rd 674
KIMBERLIN, Charles Boot & shoe Maker, Spon st, Coventry 774
KIMBERLIN, John Boot & shoe maker, Atherstone 555
KIMBERLIN, Jos. cooper,,Spon st, Coventry 774
KIMBERLIN, Thos. Cooper, Regent St, Leamington 718
KING, Bolton Esq Of Umberslade Hall 507
KING, Edward Bolton Esq High Sheriff, Umberslade Hall, Tanworth 686
KING, Eliz. Straw hat maker, Corn Market, Warwick 674
KING, Fras. Auctioneer & cabinet maker, Jury St,Warwick 674
KING, Henry Wood turner, Castle St, Warwick 674
KING, J. Tailor, Satchwell St, Leamington 718
KING, Jonathan Tailor, Knowle 592
KING, Jos. Tailor, Knowle 592
KING, Joseph Carpenter & joiner, West St, Warwick 674
KING, Miss Wood St, Stratford 543
KING, Mrs. Bishop St, Coventry 765
KING, Mrs. Bishop st, Coventry 774
KING, Mrs. Mary Park St, Leamington 715
KING, S.J. Jury member Stratford 539
KING, S.J. Upholsterer, High St, Stratford 543
KING, W. Fire Office Agent - Clerical medical & Life 545
KING, Wm Ironmonger & Fire & Life Agent, High St 543
KING, Wm. Victualler, Derby lane, Coventry 774
KINGSBURY, Rev B. Presbyterian Minister Warwick 1786 653
KINGTON, Sarah Milliner, Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth 698
KINSEY, Elizabeth Straw etc, hat maker, Atherstone 555
KIRBY, Joseph Cooper High St Alcester 493
KIRK, H. Joseph Watch engraver, Spon St, Coventry 774
KIRK, Thos. Watch engraver, Spon st, Coventry 774
KIRKLAND, Jos. Ribbon maker, Little Park St, Coventry 774
KIRKLAND, Jos. Silk throwster, Well st, Coventry 774
KIRKLEY, Thomas Portrait Painter, Tachbrook Row, Leamington 718
KISS, Thos. Victualler, Market Square, Warwick 674
KITCHEN, Mrs Dressmaker, Bridge St, Stratford 543
KITCHEN, Samuel Blacksmith, Atherstone 555
KITCHEN, Wm Milllwright, Bridge St, Stratford 543
KITCHIN, George Attorney, High St, Warwick & Barford 674
KITTERMASTER, Dr Meriden 599
KNIGHT, Abraham Worsted maker, West Orchard, Coventry 774
KNIGHT, Eliz. Ribbon dresser, Priory Row, Coventry 774
KNIGHT, George Victualler, Boleridge St, Tamworth 607
KNIGHT, James Boot & shoe Maker, Cook st, Coventry 774
KNIGHT, Jane Shopkeeper, Castle Bromwich 574
KNIGHT, Joseph Church St, Tamworth 605
KNIGHT, Mrs. Mary York Terrace, Leamington 715
KNIGHT, Rich Turner & chairmaker Priory St Alcester 493
KNIGHT, Robert Esq Of Barrells House Henley 507
KNIGHT, Thos. Academy, Park St, Warwick 674
KNIGHT, William Slain April 1643 163
KNIGHT, William Grocer , Aldergate St, Tamworth 607
KNIGHT, Wm. Shoe maker etc, Silver St, Tamworth 607
KNIGHTLEY, J.W. Esq Offchurch Bury, Leamington 715
KNOTESFORD, John died 23/11/1589 at Studley 538
KNOTTESFORD, Rev F,F. of Bridgetown 539
KNOTTSFORD, Rev Fortescue of Bridgetown 536
KNOWLES, Joseph Shopkeeper, Market St, Tamworth 607
KNOX, M. Tailor, Printers St, Leamington 718

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]