Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - L


Surnames beginning with 'L'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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LACEY, Hy. Attorney, Little Park St, Coventry 774
LADBROOK, Thomas Boot & shoe Maker, Rugby 736
LADBROOK, William Victualler, Rugby 736
LADBURY, G.B. Importer of wines, Cross cheaping, Coventry 774
LAFANU, Mrs of Henley 507
LAGOE, William Victualler, Atherstone 555
LAING, John County Fire Office, Smithford St, Coventry 769
LAING, John Provident Ins. Office, Smithford St,Coventr 777
LAING, John & Charles Solicitors, Smithford St, Coventry 774
LAKE, Captain Charles , Rugby 735
LAKE, Edward Shoemaker, Castle Bromwich 574
LAKE, Henry Millwright, Castle Bromwich 574
LAMB, C.H. & J. Hat makers & furriers, Market Pl, Warwick 674
LAMB, Charles Marble House, Wall Dyke, Warwick 674
LAMB, John Needlemaker Priory lane Alcester 493
LAMBLEY, Edward Maltster, Sutton Coldfield 583
LAMBLEY, Wm. Farmer, Hill Morton near Rugby 774
LAMBLEY, Wm. Wine & spirits, Cross Cheaping 774
LAMMIN, Rev T.P. Master of Free Grammar School, Tamworth 604
LAMMIN, Rev Thos. Parsons Master Grammar School, Tamworth 607
LAMPRAY, George Draper etc, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
LAMPRAY, Jno. West of Eng, Fire & Life, Chapel St,Warwick 674
LAMPRAY, Wm. Grocer, New St, Warwick 674
LANCASTER, Abel Boot and Shoe maker, Knowle 592
LANDOR, H. Eyres Attorney, Northgate St, Warwick 674
LANDOR, Henry Ayres Esq Northgate, Warwick 670
LANDOR, Mrs & Miss Smith St, Warwick 670
LANE & GOODMAN Needle makers of Henley 507
LANE, Edward Maltster, Coleshill 577
LANE, John Post-master, Henley St, Stratford 543
LANE, Mr Surveyor of Highway Stratford 539
LANGHAM, Thomas Vict. Ranelagh St, Leamington 718
LANGLEY, Edward Bricklayer, Coleshill 577
LANGLEY, W. Leather cutter, Much Park St, Coventry 774
LANGSHAW, Ralph Brazier & Victualler, Fleet st, Coventry 774
LANGSTON, John Corn merchant High St Alcester 493
LAPWORTH, Benjn. Ribbon maker, Well st, Coventry 774
LAPWORTH, Charles Boot & shoe maker, Regent St, Leamington 718
LAPWORTH, Elizabeth Grocer & tea dealer, Atherstone 555
LAPWORTH, Jas. Tailor, Castle St, Warwick 674
LAPWORTH, Jas. Clerk of St Nicholas, Mill St, Warwick 674
LAPWORTH, Jas. Tailor, Mill St, Warwick 674
LAPWORTH, Matthew Tinman, Smith St, Warwick 674
LAPWORTH, R. Fire Office Agent - Protector 545
LAPWORTH, R. Jury member Stratford 539
LAPWORTH, Richard Bookseller, Stationer, High St, Stratford 543
LAPWORTH, Saml. Shoe maker, Castle St, Warwick 674
LAPWORTH, Stephen Ribbon maker, Bishop st, Coventry 774
LAPWORTH, Wm. Boot & shoe maker, Bridewell Lane, Warwick 674
LATHAM, Henry Builder, Spon st, Coventry 774
LATHAM, Jas. Boot & shoe Maker, Crsoss Cheaping,Coventry 774
LATHAM, Miss Ladies' seminary, Gosford Terrace, Coventry 774
LATHAM, Thos. Builder, Spon st, Coventry 774
LATIMER, Wm. Butcher, Saltisford, Warwick 674
LATTIMER, John Builder & surveyor, Bridge St, Stratford 543
LAUDEL, George Carrier to Wattenbury from, Coventry 784
LAUGHTON, John Excise Officer Henley 507
LAURENCE, Charles Boot & shoe maker, Regent St, Leamington 718
LAURENCE, Charles Lodging Ho., Union Parade, Leamington 718
LAURENCE, M. Confectioner, Regent St, Leamington 718
LAWLEY, Francis Esq MP Manor House, Middleton, Colsehill 613
LAWLEY, Miss Sarah Ashfurlong, Sutton Coldfield 583
LAWLEY, Sir Robt Canwel, Sutton Coldfield 583
LAWRANCE, Wm. Boot & shoe Maker, Rugby 736
LAXON, William Tailor, Knowle 592
LAXON, Wm. Victualler, Gosford St, Coventry 774
LAY, Wm. Butcher, Silver st, Coventry 774
LEA, Christopher Grocer, Union Buildings, Coventry 774
LEA, Rev. Thomas Bishops Itchington , Magistrate for Warwick 669
LEA, Saml. Esq Union Terrace, Warwick St, Leamington 715
LEA, Thomas Esq of Henley 507
LEA, Wm Tailor & draper Church St Alcester 493
LEA, Wm Welch Solicitor of Henley 507
LEA. Edw. Tailor, Little Park St, Coventry 774
LEADER, William Victualler, Rugby 736
LEAKY, Mrs. Solihull 589
LEATHERLAND, Wm. Builder, Gerrard St, Warwick 675
LEAVIS, George Grocer, Jordan well, Coventry 774
LEAY, Mrs Sarah Solihull 589
LEDBROOKE & ORAM Flour millers, Rock Mills, Kenilworth 703
LEDBROOKE & ORAM Millers, Rock Mills, Emscote, Leamington 718
LEDBROOKE, Robt. Victualler, West St, Warwick 675
LEDSAM, Joseph Frederick Lived in Hagley Row 281
LEE, Mr. Farmer, Solihull 589
LEE, Thomas Esq Of Birmingham , Magistrate for Warwick 669
LEEDHAM, Jos. Furniture broker, Atherstone 555
LEES, Benjamin Farmer, Meriden 599
LEES, Mrs. Mary Coleshill 576
LEES, Thomas Coventry Wharf M/c, St Nicholas, Coventry 769
LEES, Wm. Eborough's Charity School, Rugby 736
LEESON, John Painter Plumber Evesham St Alcester 493
LEESON, Mrs. Straw, hat maker Gloucester Rd , Leamington 718
LEESON, Mrs. Estate Agent? Grafton House,, Leamington 718
LEESON, William Lodging Ho,, Union Parade, Leamington 718
LEESON, Wm. Warehouseman, Union Place, Coventry 774
LEIGH, Chandos Esq Stoneleigh Abbey, Leamington 715
LEIGH, Chandos Esq Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwick 670
LEIGH, Chandos Esq Stoneleigh, Coventry 765
LENT, John Esq Park St, Coventry 765
LENTON, John Dealer etc, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
LENTON, Jos. Butcher, Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth 698
LETTS, James Baker, Clemens St, Leamington 718
LETTS, Samuel Builder, 8 Church St, Leamington 718
LEWIN, Dav. Bookbinder, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 774
LEWIN, Mrs Solihull 589
LEWIN, Mrs. Solihull 589
LEWIS, Caleb Butcher, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 774
LEWIS, Elizabeth Ladies' boarding School, Atherstone 555
LEWIS, Geo. Butcher, Gosford St, Coventry 774
LEWIS, George Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
LEWIS, H. Jobbing smith, Spon st, Coventry 774
LEWIS, Henry Esq Radford Semele, Warwick 670
LEWIS, Henry G Esq of Malvern Hall, died 12/5/1829 aged 75 590
LEWIS, James Cooper of Henley 507
LEWIS, John Gent. , Sutton Coldfield 583
LEWIS, John Tailor of Henley 507
LEWIS, John Hatter, High st, Coventry 774
LEWIS, Mr Theatre Manager Birmingham ex Liverpool 211
LEWIS, T. Flour factor, Kenilworth St, Leamington 719
LEWIS, Wm. Hoop maker of Henley 507
LEYTON, Edward Wine & spirit merchant,Shakespeare Inn, 543
LIEBENROOD, George Master Nat Sch., Kenilworth St, Leamington 719
LIEBENROOD, George Royal Exchange Ass, Co. Kenilworth St, 719
LIGHTWOOD, Wm. Coach maker, Park St, Leamington 719
LILLINGSTONE, Abr Spooner of Elmdon , Magistrate for Warwick 669
LILLINGTON, A.S. Esq Elmdon Hall, Solihull 589
LILLINGTON, Abraham S Esq Residence at Elmdon. 597
LILLY, Charles Gent., Spon St, Coventry 765
LINCH, Abraham Currier & leather cutter, Wood St Stratford 543
LINCOLN, C. Schoolmaster, Coventry Rd, Warwick 675
LINDSAY, Mrs West St, Warwick 670
LINES, Wm. Watchmaker, West St, Warwick 675
LINFORTH, Richard Shopkeeper, Coleshill 577
LINGARD, John Gent, Atherstone 553
LINGARD, Mary Dealer in sundries, Atherstone 555
LINGHAM, Ann Ribbon maker, Atherstone 555
LINNETT, Jos. Carpenter & joiner, Rugby 736
LINNEY, G. Van office, Tavistock St, Leamington 719
LINNEY, George Carrier, Leamington to Coventry 722
LINNEY, Wm. Victualler, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
LIPTROTT, Miss A. , Rugby 735
LITCHFIELD, Samuel Grocer, Jordan well, Coventry 774
LITLETON, Sam. Comb maker, High St, Kenilworth 698
LITTLE, WOODCOCK & Son Bankers, High st, Coventry 774
LITTLETON, Fras. Comb maker, High St, Kenilworth 698
LITTLETON, J.G. sen , High St, Kenilworth 698
LITTLETON, Misses , High St, Kenilworth 697
LITTLETON, Thomas Carpenter, Spon st, Coventry 774
LITTLEWOOD, F. Butcher, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 774
LITTLEWOOD, John Hertford Street, Coventry 774
LLOYD & Son Paper dealers, Much Park st, Coventry 774
LLOYD, Alfred Esq Brunswick St, Leamington 715
LLOYD, Benj. Comb maker, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
LLOYD, Charles Banker 273
LLOYD, Eliza. & Martha (misses) Milliners, Bath St, Leamington 719
LLOYD, G.P. Chemist, Royal Parade, Leamington 719
LLOYD, George Esq of Wellcombe 539
LLOYD, John Esq of Oak Farm 539
LLOYD, Mrs Rother Market, Stratford 543
LLOYD, Rev. Robert Boys' Boarding academy, Church St, Tamworth 607
LLOYD, Wm. Builder, Mill lane, Coventry 774
LLOYD, Wm. Victualler, Much Park st, Coventry 774
LOACH, Wm. Tailor & draper, Solihull 589
LOAD, Charles Butcher, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 774
LOCKINGTON, Henry Builder, Market St, Warwick 675
LOCKITT, C.T. Hat maker. Cross Cheaping, Coventry 774
LOCKITT, Wm. Butcher, Silver st, Coventry 774
LOLE, Benjamin Victualler, Gosford St, Coventry 774
LOND, James Miller, Maxtoke, Coleshill 577
LONDON, Dr, Charles , Bath St, Leamington 715
LONDON, Jno Carpenter & joiner Studley Alcester 493
LONDON, John vict. Studley Alcester 493
LONDON, R.W. Printer of Henley 507
LONDON, Rich Auctioneer & Surveyor of Henley 507
LONDON, Wm & Son Auctioneer of Henley 507
LONDON, Wm & Son Cabinet maker & Carpenter of Henley 507
LONG, Geo. Shirley End, Solihull 588
LONG, Mrs. Sarah Sutton Coldfield 583
LOONE, John , Smithford St, Coventry 774
LOOT, Jno. Fishmonger, Corn Market, Warwick 675
LORD, Mrs Chapel St, Stratford 543
LOSEBY, Thomas Butcher , Spon st, Coventry 775
LOVATT, Wm. Farmer & dealer, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
LOVE, Benj. Auctioneer etc, Rugby 736
LOVEDAY, Jas. Solicitor, High St, Warwick 675
LOVEDAY, Mrs Sarah High St, Warwick 670
LOVEDAY, R. Furniture broker, Square, Warwick 675
LOVEITT, Joseph Chemist & druggist, High st, Coventry 774
LOWE, George John Fishmonger, Swan St, Warwick 675
LOWE, Humphrey of Coventry bequeathed a farm 1677 253
LOWE, John Rope maker, George St, Tamworth 607
LOWE, M. Upholsterer, Much Park st, Coventry 775
LOWE, S. Medical Practicioner Stratford 540
LOWE, S. Burgess of Stratford 539
LOWE, Thomas Farmer, Binton 543
LOWE, Wm. Victualler, Ironmonger row, Coventry 775
LOWICK & PURDEN Ladies Academy, Ber?? Circus, Leamington 719
LOWNDES, Henry Dalton Clerk of Assize, Northgate St, Warwick 675
LOWNDES, R. Clerk of Assize, Northgate St, Warwick 675
LUARD, Dr P.F. Northgate St, Warwick 670
LUARD, Dr. Peter , Bath St, Leamington 715
LUCAS, Christopher Boot and Shoe maker, Sutton Coldfield 583
LUCAS, John Maltster of Henley 507
LUCAS, John Victualler, Lichfield St, Tamworth 607
LUCAS, John Painter, Plumber & glazier,, Southam 746
LUCAS, John cotton dyer, new buildings, Coventry 775
LUCAS, Joseph Sovereign Place, Coventry 775
LUCAS, Samuel Hunscote, Stratford 543
LUCAS, Samuel Farmer of Wootton Wawen 507
LUCAS, Simon Corn miller of Henley 507
LUCAS, Thomas Maidenhead Rd, Stratford 543
LUCAS, Urum Castle Inn, Market St, Tamworth 606
LUCAS, William New Street, Warwick 675
LUCAS, Wm. Veterinary Surgeon, Atherstone 555
LUCY, Charles Miller, College St, Stratford 543
LUCY, George Esq MP of Charlecote 539
LUCY, Mr Mill owner nr Straford church 1828 080
LUCY, Rev J. Paid for Hampton Lucy Church himself c1800 512
LUCY, Rev John of Hampton Lucy 539
LUCY, Rev. John of Hampton Lucy , Magistrate for Warwick 669
LUCY, Thomas & Son Millers, Stratford Mill 543
LUDFORD, John Newdigate Owner of manor of Ansley 558
LUDGATE, Samuel Cooper High St Alcester 493
LUDGATE, Thos. Cooper, Castle St, Warwick 675
LUNT, Christopher Property taken for building Town Hall 233
LUTWYCHE, Mr J Shirley End, Solihull 588
LYNE, Wm. Cabinet maker, Earl st, Coventry 775
LYNES, John Maltster, West Orchard, Coventry 775
LYNES, Wm. Boot & shoe Maker, Rugby 736
LYONS, John Butcher, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 775
LYSTER, Edward Medical Practicioner Stratford 540
LYTHALL, Maurice Ed Esq Hartshill, Atherstone 553
LYTHALL,Miss Earl st, Coventry 775

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]