Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - N


Surnames beginning with 'N'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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NALL, George Attorney, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
NASH, Henry Straw hat maker Evesham St Alcester 493
NASH, John Foord of Wootton 507
NASON, Edw. Surgeon, Market Place, Nuneaton 562
NASON, J. Constable for Stratford 539
NASON, James Shoeing & jobbing smith, Greenhill St 543
NASON, William Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
NAYLOR, James Baker, Church St, Nuneaton 562
NEAL, Joseph Tailor etc, Lichfield St, Tamworth 608
NEALE, Edw. Phoenix Fire Office Agent, Atherstone 555
NEALE, Edward Gent Atherstone 553
NEALE, John Hairdresser, West St, Warwick 675
NEALE, Rev Thomas Sibson Atherstone 553
NEEDLE, Hen. Hairdresser, High St, Warwick 675
NERSTON, Chas. Carrier, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
NETHERLAND, Wm. Builder, Gerrard St, Warwick 675
NEVILL, Alice Ladies' School, Boleridge St, Tamworth 608
NEVILL, Robert Attorney, George St, Tamworth 608
NEVILLE, Charles Saddler, Sutton Coldfield 583
NEWARK, Ambury Accountant, Union St, Coventry 776
NEWARK, Ann New Buildings, Coventry 776
NEWARK, Henry Ribbon maker, Chauntry Place, Coventry 776
NEWARK, John Turner, Chauntry Place, Coventry 776
NEWARK, William Carrier to Derby, Atherstone 556
NEWARK, William Canal carrier to London , Coventry 784
NEWARK, Wm. Gun maker, Bailey Lane, Coventry 776
NEWARK, Wm. Timber merchant, Chauntry Place, Coventry 776
NEWBERY, John Farmer, Sheldon 579
NEWBERY, William Farmer, Sheldon 579
NEWBOLD, William Ribbon maker, Burgess, Coventry 776
NEWBOULD, Rich. Grocer & chandler, Coleshill 577
NEWBOULD, Richd & Abraham Sadlers & harness makers, Bridge St 543
NEWBY, Mrs. , Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth 697
NEWDIGATE, Francis Esq Arbury Hall, Nuneaton 561
NEWDIGATE, Francis Parker Arbury Hall, Near Astley, Kirby 727
NEWDIGATE, Fras. jun Astley Castle, Nuneaton 561
NEWDIGATE, Sir Roger died 1806 age 88, Harfield MDX 568
NEWELL, Maria Milliner & dressmaker, Coleshill 577
NEWEY, John Mealman of Henley 507
NEWEY, Mrs West St, Warwick 670
NEWEY, Thomas Linen & woollen draper, High St Stratford 543
NEWEY, Wm. Confectioner, Orchard St, Coventry 776
NEWLAND, R. Jury member Stratford 539
NEWMAN, Rich. Baker, Little Park St, Coventry 776
NEWMAN, Wm. Silk manufacturer, Little Park St, Coventry 776
NEWMAN, Wm. Res;Warwick Row, Coventry 776
NEWSOME, Samuel , Coventry 776
NEWSON, William Ribbon maker, Cow Lane, Coventry 776
NEWTON, James & Joseph Cheese & butter factors, Cross Cheaping 776
NEWTON, John Chemist, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
NEWY, Mrs. Victualler of Henley 507
NIBLETT, Thos Carrier Alcester to Birmingham every Sat. 495
NICHOLLS, George Banker 190
NICHOLLS, John Shoemaker, Castle Bromwich 574
NICHOLLS, John Shoe maker, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
NICHOLLS, Thomas Cook Shop, Burgess, Coventry 776
NICHOLLS, Wm Victualler of Henley 507
NICHOLS, Joseph Nursery & seedsman, Gosford St, Coventry 776
NICHOLS, Thomas Carrier to Coventry, Coleshill 507
NICHOLSON, George Haberdasher, Market Place, Coventry 776
NICHOLSON, Robt P. Builder, Sutton Coldfield 583
NICKLING, Saml. Architect, Brunswick St, Leamington 719
NICKOLL, Rev. T.V.R. of Long Compton , Magistrate for Warwick 669
NICKOLS, Thos. Carrier to Coleshill from, Coventry 783
NICKS, Jno. Builder & cabinetmaker, Castle St, Warwick 675
NICKS, John Builder, John St, Leamington 719
NICKS, Richard Coal merchant, Ranelagh Terr, Leamington 719
NICKS, Richard Tailor 6, Park St, Leamington 719
NICKSON, John Res: , Gosford St, Coventry 776
NICKSON, John Ribbon maker, New St, Coventry 776
NIGHTINGALE, Wm. Tailor, King St, Tamworth 608
NIGHTINGALE, Wm. Butcher, Little Park St, Coventry 776
NIXON, John Hatter, Rugby 736
NIXON, John Fancy Trimmings, New St, Coventry 776
NIXON, Joseph Saddler & collar maker, Spon end, Coventry 776
NIXON, Mr. John Owner of Roman marble, Coventry 763
NOBLE, Charles Crooke Attorney of Henley 507
NOCK, Simon Nail maker 592
NOCK, Thos. Builder, Brunswick St, Leamington 719
NOEL, Hon Berkely Moxhall Hall, Coleshill 576
NOON, Robert Grocer & tea dealer, Atherstone 555
NORRIS, George Schoolmaster, West Orchard Sch, Coventry 776
NORRIS, John Carrier from Knowle, Solihull 590
NORRIS, John Farmer & carrier, Knowle 592
NORRIS, Rich. Butcher, West Orchard, Coventry 776
NORTH, A. Maltster, Bedford St, Leamington 719
NORTH, Arthur Grocer tea dealer, Bedford St, Leamington 719
NORTHALL, Mr Schoolmaster of Temple Row West 219
NORTHER, Capt RN , Clemens St, Leamington 715
NORTON, William Carrier to Nuneaton from, Coventry 784
NUGENT, Joseph Hair dresser, Atherstone 555
NURSE, Thomas Carrier Birmingham to Nuneaton 507
NURSE, Thos. Carriers to Birmingham, Nuneaton 564
NUTT, James Wines & spirits, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 776
NUTTALL, Samuel Ribbon maker, Union St, Coventry 776

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]