Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - O


Surnames beginning with 'O'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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O'DONNELL, John Tin plate worker of Henley 507
OATES, J.P. , Castle end, Kenilworth 698
ODELL, David Hairdresser 14, Royal Parade, Leamington 719
ODELL, Wm. Hatter & hosier, Burgess, Coventry 776
OGDEN, Jas. Lapidary, Ranelagh St, Leamington 719
OKEOVER, Haughton F Esq Oldbury Hall, Nuneaton 561
OKEOVER, F.H. Esq Owner of mansion at Oldbury 557
OLDAKER, Mr Churchwarden for Old Stratford parish 539
OLDAKER, William Avon House Stratford 539
OLDHAM, Mr Engineer of the Bank of Ireland 177
OLDHAM, Thomas Builder, Southam 746
OLDHAM, Jas. Butcher, Regent St, Leamington 719
OLDHAM, Jas. Maltster, Old Mill, Leamington 719
OLIVER, Ann MistressNat Sch.,Kenilworth St, Leamington 719
OLIVER, Captain Mancester 553
OLIVER, Robert Farrier & farmer, Stratford Heath 543
OLORENSHAW, Robert Carpenter etc, Little Park St, Coventry 776
OMER, Rev. Philip , Rugby 735
ONION, Joseph Butts Lane, Coventry 776
ONION, Thomas Victualler, High St, Coventry 776
ORAM, James Corn miller, Rock Mills, Warwick 675
ORAM, W. Assistant Burgess of Warwick 669
ORAM, Wm. Solicitor, Hogg Lane, Kenilworth 698
ORAM, Wm. Lodging Ho., Union Parade, Leamington 719
ORAM, Wm. Butcher, Market Square, Warwick 675
ORCHARD, William Carrier to Ashby de la Zouche, Atherstone 556
ORMROD, Geo. Straw hat maker, Back St, Nuneaton 562
ORTON, John Straw hat maker, Southam 746
ORTON, Richard Tailor & Habit maker, Atherstone 555
ORTON, Thomas Baker, Church St, Tamworth 608
ORTON, Thomas Rope maker, Church St, Tamworth 608
OSBORN, Chas. Linen & woollen draper, High St, Warwick 675
OSBORN, N. M. Plasterer & colourer, West St, Warwick 675
OSBORN, Wm. Ironmonger, Market Square, Warwick 675
OSBORN, Wm. Bailiff, Castle St, Warwick 675
OSBORNE, Eliz. Shopkeeper, Binton, Stratford 543
OSBORNE, Samuel George Mason, Binton, Stratford 543
OSBURN, John Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 196
OSMOND, George Currier, West Orchard, Coventry 776
OSWIN, Ann Haberdasher, Smithford St, Coventry 776
OSWIN, James warehouseman. Priory Row, Coventry 776
OSWIN, Jno. Ribbon maker, White Friars Lane, Coventry 776
OSWIN, Mary Milliner & dressmaker, Priory Row, Coventry 776
OSWIN, Thomas Post Office, Smithford St, Coventry 776
OSWIN, Thomas Thread maker, Smithford St, Coventry 776
OUGHTON, John Gun barrel maker, Sutton Coldfield 584
OUGHTON, John Cooper, New Buildings, Coventry 776
OUGHTON, Robert Watch finisher, Spon St, Coventry 776
OUGHTON, Wm. Baker, Much Park St, Coventry 776
OUTLAW, Mrs Ely Street, Stratford 543
OUTRAM, Rev Dr. Rector of St Phillips Birmingham 1812 248
OUTRAM, Rev Edward Preached 6/7/1815 at Free Ch. 6/7/1813 215
OVER, John Builder and Carpenter, Rugby 736
OVER, Richard Tailor, Kenilworth St, Leamington 719
OVER, Richard Builder etc, Rugby 736
OVERBURY, Rich Angel Inn & Posting Ho. Henley St Alcester 493
OVERLEY, Geo Farmer & brickmaker,Knowle 592
OVERTON, Charles Carrier, High St, Kenilworth 699
OVERTON, Jno. Lowe Builder, Park St, Leamington 719
OVERTON, John Surgeon, Bishop st, Coventry 776
OVERTON, John Carrier to Kenilworth from, Coventry 784
OVERTON, John James Silk dyer, Spon St, Coventry 776
OWEN & ROBERTS India warehouse, Clemens St, Leamington 719
OWEN, James Gent Atherstone 553
OWEN, Owen Music seller, Clemens St, Leamington 719
OWEN, Rev John Atherstone 554
OWEN, Rev John Cole Hill, Tamworth 605
OWEN, Thomas Grocer, Fleet st, Coventry 776
OWEN, Thomas Boot & shoe Maker, Fleet st, Coventry 776
OWEN, William Tailor & draper, Smithford St, Coventry 776

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]