Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - P


Surnames beginning with 'P'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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PACKWOOD, Amos Coach Prop:, High St, Coventry 776
PACKWOOD, David Grocer & tea dealer, Fleet st, Coventry 776
PACKWOOD, Rev Jos. Sutton Coldfield 583
PACKWOOD, Richard Tailor of Henley 507
PACKWOOD, Wm. Grocer & tea dealer, Market Square, Warwick 675
PADMORE, Rev. R.B. , Magistrate for Warwick 669
PAGE, Edward Farmer, Stoke Green, Coventry 776
PAGE, Jno. Hairdresser 20, Bath St, Leamington 719
PAGE, Joseph Solicitor, Church St, Warwick 675
PAGE, Josh. Attorney, Tachbrook Rd, Leamington 719
PAGE, Thomas Builder, Smithford St, Coventry 776
PAGE, Wm. Tailor & draper, High St, Warwick 675
PAIN & HITCHINS Linen & woollen draper, Southam 746
PAIN, John Carrier to Hinckley, Atherstone 556
PAINE, Charles Tailor, Sheep St, Stratford 543
PAINE, E. Overseer for Stratford Parish 539
PAINE, Edw. Timber merchant, Sheep St, Stratford 543
PAINE, Edward Maltster, Sheep St, Stratford 543
PAINE, Mrs Ely St, Stratford 543
PAINE, Wm Guildpits, Stratford 543
PAINE, Wm Shoemaker, Henley St, Stratford 543
PAKEMAN, W. Cheese factor, Boleridge St, Tamworth 608
PALIN, Maria Milliner, Hertford St, Coventry 776
PALLETT, Edward Victualler, Lichfield St, Tamworth 608
PALLETT, Thomas Shoe maker, Lichfield St, Tamworth 608
PALMER & Co Fishmonger, Gloucester Rd, Leamington 719
PALMER, Ann Shopkeeper, Much Park St, Coventry 776
PALMER, Edw. Auctioneer etc, Hertford St, Coventry 776
PALMER, Edward Executor to John Baskerville 268
PALMER, Edward Fielding Attorney, Coleshill 577
PALMER, Ellen Milliner & dressmaker, Chapel St, Stratford 543
PALMER, George Baker etc, Lichfield St, Tamworth 608
PALMER, J. Beadle for Stratford 539
PALMER, J. Constable for Stratford 539
PALMER, James Victualler, Market Place, Nuneaton 563
PALMER, John Property taken for building Town Hall 233
PALMER, John Victualler, Silver St, Coventry 776
PALMER, Lt Charles RN Coleshill 576
PALMER, Morewood Esq Ladbroke, Southam 745
PALMER, Mrs. Straw hat maker 13,Park St, Leamington 719
PALMER, Nathan Free School, Market Place, Nuneaton 562
PALMER, R. Shirley End, Solihull 588
PALMER, Rev Francis High St Alcester 493
PALMER, Rev. Charles Ladbroke, Southam 745
PALMER, Rev. Francis of Alcester , Magistrate for Warwick 669
PALMER, Shirley MD Aldergate St, Tamworth 605
PALMER, Thomas Attorney, Coleshill 577
PALMER, Thomas Gosford St, Coventry 776
PALMER, Thos. Draper, Market Place, Warwick 675
PALMER, Widow Victualler, Knowle 592
PALMER, Wm. Tailor 13 Park St, Leamington 719
PALMER, Wm. Shoe maker, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
PALMER. Thomas Painter, plumber & glazier of Henley 507
PARDOE, Sarah Cooper, Cross Cheaping, , Coventry 776
PARDOW, James Needlemaker of Studley Alcester 493
PARDOW, James Miller of Studley Alcester 493
PARDOW, Wm Master British School Rother St Stratford 541
PARIS, Samuel 2nd Master Free Grammar School, Coventry 776
PARIS, Thos. Gun & pistol maker, New Bldings, Leamington 719
PARKE, Jas. Painter, Smith St, Warwick 675
PARKER, George Gardener & seedsman, Brook St, Warwick 675
PARKER, Hannah Baker, Gosford St, Coventry 776
PARKER, James Victualler, Much Park St, Coventry 776
PARKER, John Shopkeeper, Rugby 736
PARKER, Jos. Gardener etc, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
PARKER, Mr Owner of Steam Flour mills Birmingham 249
PARKER, Rev S.H. Gentleman's Boarding Academy Henley 507
PARKER, Rev. John Thos. Newbold, Rugby 735
PARKER, Samuel Painter & glazier, Rugby 736
PARKER, Samuel Fishmonger, Smithford St, Coventry 776
PARKER, Wm Farmer, Shottery 543
PARKER, Wm. Watch & clock maker, Fleet st, Coventry 776
PARKER, Wm. Brazier, Jordan Well, Coventry 776
PARKES, Humphrey Victualler of Henley 507
PARKES, M. Farmer, Tilsley, Solihull 589
PARKES, M. Nicholas Street, Coventry 776
PARKES, M. John , Northgate St, Warwick 675
PARKES, Saml. Blacksmith & farrier, Sutton Coldfield 584
PARKES, Wm Of Henley 507
PARKINSON, John Carpenter & joiner, Waterside, Stratford 543
PARKINSON, M. Mill St, Warwick 675
PARNATT, Jno. Carpenter, Rugby 736
PARNELL, Nathan Academy Bookseller, Market Place, Nuneaton 562
PARNELL, Robt. Boot and Shoe maker, Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
PARR, Dr Samuel LLD Curate of Hatton 515
PARR, Mrs. Mary The Hermitage, Kenilworth 697
PARRIS, George Baker & confectioner, Southam 746
PARRIS, Rev. Samuel Free School, Coventry 765
PARRITT, John Joiner, Alversrtone 543
PARROT, S. Agent Lime works, Guy's Cliff & Emscote 675
PARRY, Mrs Sarah Church St , Warwick 670
PARSONS, Jos. Esq Satchwell St, Leamington 715
PARSONS, Mrs. Catherine , Rugby 735
PARSONS, Sarah Trimming shop, Bridge St, Stratford 543
PARSONS, Thomas Cryer of Corporation of Warwick 669
PARSONS, Thomas Victualler, Much Park st, Coventry 776
PARSONS, Widow Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
PARSONS, William & Son Wholesale grocers,Market St, Tamworth 608
PARSONS, Wm. Tailor, Knowle 592
PARSONS, Wm. Victualler, Much Park st, Coventry 776
PARTINGTON, M Castle St, Warwick 675
PATRICK, John Maltster, Church St, Tamworth 608
PATRICK, Jos. Warehouseman, Union St, Coventry 777
PATTERSON, W.F. residence, Montepelier Ho, Charlotte St. 719
PATTERSON, W.F. Attorney, Church St, Leamington 719
PATTISON, John Medical Practicioner Stratford 540
PATTISON, Mary rope maker, Jordan well, Coventry 776
PAYN, Sarah Property taken for building Town Hall 233
PAYN, William Property taken for building Town Hall 233
PAYN, Wm. Shopkeeper, Church St, Tamworth 608
PAYNE, Abraham Victualler, Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
PAYNE, Benjamin Baker & flour dealer, Atherstone 555
PAYNE, James Baker etc, Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
PAYNE, John Maltster, Gosford St, Coventry 777
PAYNE, Richard Butcher, Gosford St, Coventry 777
PAYNE, Samuel Whitesmith, Palmer's Lane, Coventry 777
PAYNE, Thos & Co Ribbon makers, High St, Coventry 777
PAYNE, Thos, Ribbon maker, Coton, Nuneaton 562
PAYNE, Wm. Butcher, Atherstone 555
PAYNE, Wm. Chair maker & turner, Nuneaton 562
PAYNE, Wm. Butcher, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 777
PAYNTON, William Shop Owner 195
PAYTON, J. Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
PAYTON, John Rother market, Stratford 543
PAYTON, Mr Assistant Overseer for Stratford parish 539
PAYTON, Wm. Mercer, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
PEACH, RichardBoot and Shoe maker, Coleshill 577
PEACH, Saml. Baker, Church St, Nuneaton 562
PEAF, Thos. Portrait painter, Abbotts St, Leamington 720
PEAKE, Rev. G.of Aston, Magistrate for Warwick 669
PEAKE, ThomasA Councellor, robbed apr 1643 164
PEAKE, Thos. Chemist & druggist, Atherstone 555
PEAKE, Thos. & J. Grocer & tea dealer, Atherstone 555
PEAKE, Wm. Baker, Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
PEAKE, Wm. Boot & shoe Maker, Burgess, Coventry 777
PEAL, Wm & Thos. Maltsters, Little Sutton, Sutton Coldfield 584
PEARCE, John Clock & watch maker,High St, Stratford 543
PEARMAN & Son Solicitors, Little Park St, Coventry 777
PEARMAN, Edw. Solicitor, Little Park St, Coventry 777
PEARMAN, J, jun Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
PEARMAN, James Shoemaker, Knowle 592
PEARMAN, S. Whitlox & Foshaws Ends, Solihull 588
PEARMAN, Wm. Builder, Well St, Coventry 777
PEARS, Abijah Ribbon maker, Well St, Coventry 777
PEARS, Josh. Gardener, Spon St, Coventry 777
PEARS, W.H. Silkman & throwster, St Nicholas St,Coventr 777
PEARSON, Hunphrey Farmer , Castle Bromwich 574
PEARSON, James Clothier, Snitterfield 543
PEARSON, John cooper etc Wise St, Leamington 719
PEARSON, Joseph Shopkeeper, Castle Bromwich 575
PEARSON, Joseph Carrier to Woolston from, Coventry 784
PEARSON, Rev James Lichfield St, Tamworth 605
PEARSON, Thomas Victualler, Sheldon 579
PEARSON, William Farmer & maltster, Knowle 592
PEASHALL, Rev Sam Doyley of Morton Baggot 507
PEASHALL, Rich Sam. of Oldborough 507
PEASNALL, S. Plumber & glazier, Augusta Pl, Leamington 719
PEBERDAY, Geo. General dealer in lace, Henley St,Stratford 543
PEBERDY, Ann Victualler, Rugby 736
PEEL, B. Esq Dosthill Lodge,Tamworth 610
PEGLER, Rev of Rother Street Stratford 539
PEMBERTON, Charles Birmingham invented glass cutting machine 244
PEMBERTON, Eliz. Shopkeeper, Bond End, Nuneaton 562
PEMBERTON, Sarah Baker, Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
PENDRED, Wm. Flax & hemp dresser, Rugby 736
PENN, Jos. Upholsterer, Castle St, Warwick 675
PENN, Mrs. Laundress, Satchwell St, Leamington 720
PENN, Wm Baker High St Alcester 493
PENN, Wm vict. High St Alcester 493
PENN, Wm vict Stag's Head Red Hill Alcester 493
PENNEY, John Tallow chandler, Derby Lane, Coventry 777
PEPPER, James Gosford Green, Coventry 777
PEPPER, John Victualler, St John st, Coventry 777
PEPPER, William Esq Falcon Lodge, Sutton Coldfield 583
PERCE, Wm. Victualler, Binton 543
PERCY, E.W. Norwich Union Agent, Church St, Leamington 719
PERCY, Rev. Jos. Wilcox High St, Warwick 670
PERCY, Rev. Josh. Wm. Minister Brook St Chapel, High St, Warwick 675
PERCY, Richard Boys' Boarding & Day Sch.Sutton Coldfield 584
PERCY, Robert Gardener, Alverstone 543
PERCY, the Hon C Bertie Guy's Cliff, Warwick 670
PERKINS, Farmer Shirley S (S=Steel) Esq. Sutton Coldfield 583
PERKINS, Henry Victualler, Spon st, Coventry 777
PERKINS, J. Mealman, Guy's cliff, Leamington 719
PERKINS, Mrs. Sarah , Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth 697
PERKINS, Philip Surgeon, Bishop st, Coventry 777
PERKINS, Rd. Ironmonger, Townpool St, Kenilworth 698
PERKINS, Rev. F.D. of Stow , Magistrate for Warwick 669
PERKINS, Richard Currier, Broadgate, Coventry 777
PERKINS, Robt. Baker, Abbey St, Nuneaton 562
PERKINS, Thomas Property taken for building Town Hall 233
PERKINS, Thos Ironmonger High St Alcester 493
PERKINS, Wm. Warwick Row, Coventry 777
PERKINS, Wm. Steele Attorney, Sutton Coldfield 584
PERKS, John Linen & woollen Draper, Jury St, Warwick 675
PERKS, John Butcher, Gosford St, Coventry 777
PERKS, Mrs of Henley 507
PERRIDGE, Wm. Lodging Ho., Regent St, Leamington 719
PERROTT, John Builder of Monument House circa1750 282
PERRY, Joseph Victualler & wheelwright, Solihull 589
PERRY, Nancy Grocer & tea dealer, Atherstone 555
PERRY, Sarah Dressmaker, Brook St, Warwick 675
PERRY, Solomon vict. High St Alcester 493
PERRY, Wm. , Saltisford, Warwick 675
PERRY, Wm. Weighing Machine Ho., Saltisford, Warwick 678
PERRY, Wm. Groves Music Prof,Academy, Market Square, Warwick 675
PERSHOUSE, Edward Grocer, West St, Warwick 675
PETERS, Eli Wise Grocer & tea dealer, Cross Cheaping 777
PETERS, James Ribbon maker, High st, Coventry 777
PETERS, Jane Milliner dressmaker, High st, Coventry 777
PETERS, Rich. Currier, Boleridge St, Tamworth 608
PETTIFER, Daniel Master National School, Southam 746
PETTIFER, Robert Gentlemens' Boarding & Day School, Southam 746
PHILIPS, Robert Gave land for St Philips Church B'ham 175
PHILLIMORE, Rev Josiah Orton on the Hill, Atherstone 554
PHILLIPS, ----Esq Of Edson House 507
PHILLIPS, Chas. Butcher, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 777
PHILLIPS, Edw. Commissioner & surveyor, Well st, Coventry 777
PHILLIPS, Edw. Maltster, Well St, Coventry 777
PHILLIPS, Eliz. Patten maker, West Orchard, Coventry 777
PHILLIPS, John Property taken for building Town Hall 233
PHILLIPS, John Gardener etc Priory Gardens, Warwick 676
PHILLIPS, John Stoke Green, Coventry 777
PHILLIPS, Josh & Son Ale & porter brewer, Leicester Rd, Coventry 777
PHILLIPS, Josh. Plumber & glazier, Market Square, Warwick 676
PHILLIPS, Josh. Maltster, Bishop st, Coventry 777
PHILLIPS, Josh. Farmer Radford & Whitemore Park, Coventry 777
PHILLIPS, Mr J. Wood Turning business at Aston Junction 223
PHILLIPS, W. Assistant Burgess of Warwick 669
PHILLIPS, Wm. Victualler, Theatre St, Warwick 676
PHIPPS, Amos Victualler, Solihull 589
PHIPPS, John Cabinet maker, Payton St, Stratford 543
PHIPPS, John Ranelagh St, Leamington 720
PHIPPS, John Esq. , Charlotte St, Leamington 715
PHIPPS, Rebecca Butcher, Sheep St, Stratford 543
PHIPSON, Mr Pin making factory in Birmingham 209
PHIPSON, W. Metal rolling works Birmingham 226
PHROPHETT, Geo. Grocer and tea dealer, Southam 746
PICKARD, Fras. Coal merchant, Saltisford Wharf, Warwick 676
PICKARD, James Grocer, Market St, Tamworth 608
PICKARD, Wm. Hair dresser, George St, Tamworth 608
PICKERING, Jno. Victualler, Mill lane, Coventry 777
PICKERING, Thomas Chair maker,, Boleridge St, Tamworth 608
PICKERING, Wm. Farmer, Luddington 543
PICKERING, Wm. Flour dealer, Spon st, Coventry 777
PICKETT, Jno. Tailor & draper, Swan St, Warwick 676
PICKETT, Wm. Plumber & glazier, Swan St, Warwick 676
PICKFORD, George Police Officer, Park St,, Leamington 720
PICKFORD, Josiah Cabinet maker, Linen Lane, Warwick 676
PIERCE, T. Vict., Satchwell St, Leamington 720
PIERCY, Martha Victualler, Atherstone 555
PIGGOTT, Susan Milliner dressmaker, High St, Coventry 777
PIGGOTT, Wm. Boot & shoe Maker, Little Park St, Coventry 777
PIKE, Rich. Shopkeeper, Lichfield St, Tamworth 608
PILGRIM, Mrs Cecilia Atherstone 554
PIMM, John Victualler coal dealer, Guildpits 543
PIMM,. Wm. Painter & glazier, Henley St, Stratford 543
PINCHBACK, Jno. Timber merchant, Atherstone 555
PINCHBACK, John Engineer & wheelwright, Atherstone 555
PINCHBACK, John Cooper, Atherstone 555
PINDAR, Edw. Bricklayer, Wallace St, Warwick 676
PIPE, James Linen draper etc, Silver St, Tamworth 608
PIPE, John Gent. Lady Bridge Bank, Tamworth 605
PIPE, Rich. Dealer in hops, Lichfield St, Tamworth 608
PITT, John Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 100 123
PITTAWAY, Richard Livery stables, Bedford Mews, Leamington 720
PIXELL, Chas. Land surveyor, Jury St, Warwick 676
PLACE, Lionel Esq Weddington Castle, Nuneaton 561
PLANT, William Master Free School, Atherstone 554
PLATTS, Wm. Wheelwright, Aldridge St, Tamworth 608
PLUMBER. Wm. County Fire Office,, Atherstone 554
PODMORE, Rev. M. Pailton House, Rugby 735
POLLARD, John Bookseller, Regent St, Leamington 720
POLLARD, Joseph of Wixford Alcedster 493
POOLE & EDWARDS Solicitors, High St, Warwick 676
POOLE, Robert Attorney 26 Park St, Leamington 720
POOLER, John , Castle end, Kenilworth 697
POPE, Ann China warehouse, Rugby 736
POPE, Jas. Victualler, Spon st, Coventry 777
POPE, Rev Alfred Market St, Tamworth 605
POPE, Rev Bob of Coughton Alcester 493
POPE, Rev. A.H. , Clemens St, Leamington 715
POPE, Rev. Aklfred Minister Ind, Chapel Clemens St, Leamington 714
POPE, Thos. Combmaker, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
PORTER, Mrs. Milliner dressmaker, Bedford St, Leamington 720
PORTER, Thos. Tailor & draper, Earl st, Coventry 777
PORTER, William Maltster, Warwick Rd, Stratford 543
PORTER, William Porter & cyder merchant, New Town Stratford 544
POTTER, Charles Victualler, Atherstone 555
POVEY, Wm. Maltster, Priory Road, Warwick 676
POWELL, Benj. Lodging Ho., Regent St, Leamington 720
POWELL, John Farmer , Castle Bromwich 575
POWELL, John Boys' Academy, Solihull 590
POWELL, John Blacksmith & Farrier, Solihull 590
POWELL, Rev. Giles Hillmorton, Rugby 735
POWELL, Thos. Blacksmith, New St, Kenilworth 698
POWELL, Thos. Blacksmith, Castle end, Kenilworth 698
POWELL, Wm Spade maker, Park, Sutton Coldfield 584
POWELL, Wm. Cutler, Ironmonger Row, Coventry 777
POWER, Henry Attorney, Atherstone 555
POWER, J & Son Wholesale Hat makers, Atherstone 555
POWER, Rev E, Gents Boarding academy, Atherstone 555
POWER, Rev Edward Atherstone 554
POWER, Robert Surgeon, Atherstone 555
POWERS, Jos. Auctioneer & pawnbroker, Jury St, Warwick 676
POWLETT, Rev. Percy W. , Rugby 735
POWLETT, Rev. Percy W. Assisant Master Rugby School, Rugby 736
POWTON, Joseph Farmer, Whimpcott 544
POYNTON, Thos. Shoe maker, Church St, Tamworth 608
PRATCHETT, Richard High Bailiff laid foundation stone Free Ch 215
PRATT, Ben. British Fire Office, Cook St, Coventry 767
PRATT, Benjamin British Fire & Westmnstr Life, Cook st 777
PRATT, Benjamin Westminster Fire Off. Cook St, Coventry 781
PRATT, Charles Coal & corn merchant, Navigation, Stratford 544
PRATT, Chas. Corn, salt & coal merchants, Saltisford 676
PRATT, Chas. Saddler,Harness maker,Castle end,Kenilworth 698
PRATT, Dan. Grocer & tea dealer, Church St, Warwick 676
PRATT, Edw. Smith Farrier of Henley 507
PRATT, James Butcher, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
PRATT, James Erasmus Mercer & draper High St Alcester 493
PRATT, John Builder, Sutton Coldfield 584
PRATT, John Shoemaker of Henley 507
PRATT, John Boot and shoe maker of Henley 507
PRATT, John Ribbon maker, St Nicholas Place, Coventry 777
PRATT, Mary Ann Milliner, Abbey Hill, Kenilworth 698
PRATT, Saml. Saddler & harness maker, Southam 746
PRATT, Samuel Maltster, Little Park St, Coventry 777
PRATT, Thomas Boot & shoe Maker, Southam 746
PRATT, Thomas & Son Grocers & tea dealers, Cross Cheaping 777
PRATT, Thos. Sun Fire Office, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 779
PRATT, Thos. & Wm. Maltsters, Joyce Pool, Warwick 676
PRATT, William Boot & shoe Maker, Southam 746
PRESTON, Miss Lichfield St, Tamworth 605
PRESTON, Thomas Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 195
PRICE & Son Tailors, Saltisford, Warwick 676
PRICE, Ann Straw hat maker, Fleet St, Coventry 777
PRICE, Geo. Plasterer, Little Park St, Coventry 777
PRICE, J. Fireman at Stratford 545
PRICE, Job Mason, Birmingham Rd, Stratford 544
PRICE, Joseph Bookseller High St Alcester 494
PRICE, Joseph Shopkeeper, Much Park St, Coventry 777
PRICE, Josh Baker, Henley St, Stratford 544
PRICE, Sam. Lent Tailor, High St, Warwick 676
PRICE, Theodore Magistrate and patron of Gun-proofers 225
PRICE, Theodore Governor of B'ham school 1830 207
PRICE, Theodore Esq of Birmingham , Magistrate for Warwick 669
PRICE, Wm. Stone mason, Bedford St, Leamington 720
PRICKETT, Wm Ward Solicitor High St Alcester 494
PRIDMORE, George Ribbon maker, White Friars La, Coventry 777
PRIDMORE, Wm. & Co Linen & woollen draper, Cross Cheaping 777
PRIEST, Fras vict. of Studley Alcester 494
PRIESTLEY, Dr Birmingham Library 1780 186
PRIESTLEY, Dr Celebrant in Sunday Schools 1780-1791 227
PRING, Mrs Elizabeth Coleshill 576
PRINGLE, H. Esq Upper Union Parade, Leamington 715
PRITCHARD, Ann Confectioner, Bath St, Leamington 720
PRITCHARD, Benj Rope maker & vict. Henley St Alcester 494
PRITCHARD, Chas. Jas. Surgeon, High St, Warwick 676
PRITCHARD, J. Alderman of Stratford 539
PRITCHARD, James Medical Practicioner Stratford 540
PRITCHETT, Edward Boot & shoe maker, Smith St, Warwick 676
PROCTER, Mary Lodging Ho. 2 & 3 Clarendon St,Leamington 720
PROSSER, Thomas Tailor, Coleshill 577
PROSSER, Thos. Linen & woollen draper, Coleshill 577
PROUDMAN, Thomas victualler, Lichfield St, Tamworth 608
PUGET de, Louis Appointed Headmaster Deaf & Dumb 1828 284
PULLEN, Ann Dealer in sundries, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
PULLEN, John Plumber etc, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
PULLEN, Thomas Currier, Atherstone 555
PULLEN, Wm. Carpenter & joiner, Atherstone 555
PULLEN, Wm. Auctioneer & Appraiser, Atherstone 555
PULLEY, Ephraim Basket & sieve maker, Wood St, Stratford 544
PUMPHREY, Ann Stamp Office High St Alcester 494
PUNKER, John Fishmonger, Much Park St, Coventry 777
PURCELL, James Shopkeeper Priory St Alcester 494
PURDEN, M. , High St, Warwick 676
PURDEN, Wm. Cabinet maker, Corn Market, Warwick 676
PURSER, William Tailor, Church St, Stratford 544
PURTON, Dr Botanist 106
PURTON, Thos Gentleman of Alcester 494

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]