Index to The History of Warwickshire by William West (1830) - S


Surnames beginning with 'S'

Transcribed by Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand © 1990

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SABIN, Thomas Welch Hall, Meriden 599
SACKERSON, James Watch gilder, Spon st, Coventry 778
SADLER, Catherine Grocer, Gosford St, Coventry 778
SADLER, Edward Attorney, Sutton Coldfield 584
SADLER, Edward Spirit merchant, Sutton Coldfield 584
SADLER, Rev Robert Over Whitacre, Coleshill 576
SADLER, Richard Attorney, Sutton Coldfield 584
SALE & LADBURY Drapers, Lichfield St, Tamworth 608
SALE, Geo Linen & woollen draper, Atherstone 556
SALE, Mary Confectioner, High St, Warwick 676
SALE. John Assist. Writing Master Rugby School, Rugby 736
SALLAWAY, Wm. & George Carpenters, Smith St, Warwick 676
SALLOWAY, William Yeoman of Corporation of Warwick 669
SALMON, Rev Geo. Master of Free School, Coleshill 577
SALMON, Rev George MA Coleshill 576
SALMON, Wm. Atherstone (house of Dr Thomas) 544
SALT, Han. dealer in sundries, Boleridge St, Tamworth 608
SALT, T.C. Gas lamp maker of Paradise Street B'ham 240
SAMMONS, Wm. Butcher , Spon st, Coventry 778
SANDERS & Son Coal merchants,Saltisford Wharf, Warwick 676
SANDERS, Geo. Watch & clock maker, Atherstone 556
SANDERS, George Victualler, Much Park st, Coventry 778
SANDERS, John Wine & spirit merchant, Atherstone 556
SANDERS, Philip Hairdresser, Old Square, Warwick 676
SANDERS, Richard Jury Street, Warwick 676
SANDERS, Richard & Son Timber merchant, Butts &, Saltisford, 676
SANDERS, Thos. Boat builder, Saltisford, Warwick 676
SANDERS, Thos. Butcher, Much Park st, Coventry 778
SANDERS, William Ribbon maker, Providence Pl, Coventry 778
SANDERS, William Victualler, Spon end, Coventry 778
SANDERSON, Henry shopkeeper, Fleet st, Coventry 778
SANDLES, John Watchmaker High St Alcester 494
SANDS, Charles Joiner Church St, Nuneaton 563
SANDS, George Butcher, Abbey St, Nuneaton 563
SANDS, Joseph Boot and Shoe maker, Church St, Nuneaton 563
SANDS, Joseph Butcher, Atherstone 556
SANDS, Sarah dealer in sundries, George St, Tamworth 608
SANDS, Thos. Boot and Shoe maker, Atherstone 556
SANDS, Wm. Boot and Shoe maker, Atherstone 556
SANSOM, Charles Painter, Church St, Tamworth 608
SARGEANT & COX Ribbon makers, Little Park St, Coventry 778
SARSONS, Wm Maltster , baker & miller of Henley 507
SATCHELL, James Carpenter, Brook St, Warwick 676
SATCHELL, John Builder, Rugby 736
SATCHELL, Thos. Farmer, Knowle 592
SATCHWELL, James Builder, Sutton Coldfield 584
SATCHWELL, Mr. Brook Street, Warwick 676
SATCHWELL, Thos. Gardener etc, Smith St, Warwick 676
SATCHWELL, Wm. Butcher, Old Square, Warwick 676
SATTERTHWAITE, Edward , Little Park St, Coventry 778
SAUNDERS, Benjamin & Son Fancy silk button maker, Greenhill St 544
SAUNDERS, J. Alderman of Stratford 539
SAUNDERS, James Resident of Main St Stratford 532
SAUNDERS, James Esq of Old town Stratford 539
SAUNDERS, John Blacksmith, Boleridge St, Tamworth 608
SAUNDERS, Mary Milliner, Coleshill 577
SAUNDERS, Wm. Watch springer, Spon end, Coventry 778
SAVAGE, John Victualler, Bridge St, Stratford 544
SAVAGE, John Builder etc, Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth 698
SAVAGE, Rich Butcher, Evesham St Alcester 494
SAVAGE, Wm vict. High Street Alcester 494
SAVAGE, Wm. Whitesmith, Court St, Leamington 720
SAWBRIDGE, Chas. Builder, Little Park St, Coventry 778
SAWBRIDGE, John Ribbon maker, Gosford St, Coventry 778
SAWBRIDGE, William Ribbon maker, Gosford St, Coventry 778
SAWER & HALL Ribbon maker, Union st, Coventry 778
SCAMPTON, John Grocer, High street, Coventry 778
SCAMPTON, John Hatter, High street, Coventry 778
SCARBOROUGH, Robert Esq , Rugby 735
SCATTERGOOD, Jno. Hairdresser, Windsor St, Leamington 720
SCHOLEFIELD, Joshua Auditor of Deaf & Dumb School 285
SCOTT, Jos. Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 94 123
SCOTT, Rev, Benjamin Harborough Magna, Rugby 735
SCOTT, Sir Joseph of Barr 243
SCOTT, Wm. Hairdresser 26, Bath St, Leamington 720
SCRAMBLER, Charles Baker Henley St Alcester 494
SCRAMBLER, Henry Baker High St Alcester 494
SCRIVENOR, Jos. Rope maker, Wash Lane, Nuneaton 563
SEAGER, Peter Stone mason, Warwick Lane, Coventry 778
SEAGER, Wm. Stone mason, Chaylesmore Pl, Coventry 778
SEAGROVE, Misses Jury St , Warwick 670
SEAL & JACKSON Linen & woollen draper, High st, Coventry 778
SEAL, Robert Stoke Green, Coventry 778
SEARGEANT, C. Painter & glazier, George St, Tamworth 608
SEARGEANT, S. Confectioner, George St, Tamworth 608
SEDGELEY, William Post Master, Dunchurch, Rugby 737
SEDGLEY, John Painter, plumber, Smithford St, Coventry 778
SETTLE, Wm. Watch & clock maker, Butts , Coventry 778
SEWARD, Thomas Upholsterer & paper hanger, Rugby 736
SEYMOUR, Popham Inherited manor in 1684 495
SEYMOUR, Wm Hen. Coroner for Knightlow 670
SEYMOUR, Wm. Hen. Solicitor, Little Park St, Coventry 778
SHADLOW, Sarah Mistress Corporation Sch. Sutton Coldfield 583
SHAKESPEAR, Wm. Ribbon maker, Freeth st, Coventry 778
SHAKESPEAR, Wm. Silk Throwster, Mill lane, Coventry 778
SHAKESPEARE, George Stoke Green, Coventry 778
SHAKESPEARE, James Shoemaker of Henley 507
SHAKESPEARE, Jno. Pawnbroker, Gosford St, Coventry 778
SHARP, J. Printer, Courier Off, Wise St, Leamington 720
SHARP, Robt. Dealer in sundries, George St, Tamworth 608
SHARP, Thomas Hat maker, Little Park St, Coventry 778
SHARPE, Charles Butcher, Swan St, Warwick 676
SHARPE, Henry & Son Printer (Warwick Advertiser), High St, 676
SHARSHAW, Thomas Butcher, High St, Stratford 544
SHAW, Adam Surgeon, Read, Sutton Coldfield 584
SHAW, J.P. Esq Clift Hall, Tamworth 605
SHAW, James Purveyor of oats, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 778
SHAW, Samuel Butcher old Square, Warwick 676
SHAW, Wm. Pawnbroker, Smith St, Warwick 676
SHAW, Wm. Collector of rates, Brook St, Warwick 676
SHAYLE, Mrs Ladies' School Dunnington Alcester 494
SHEAFE, Rich vict. Globe Commercial Inn, Evesham St 494
SHEARSLEY, Jas. Bricklayer & victualler, Snitterfield 544
SHEEN, Wm. Blacksmith, Rugby 736
SHEFFIELD, Thomas Miller, Blythe Mills, Coleshill 577
SHELDON & GEORGE Grocers & Pheonix agents, High St,Stratford 544
SHELDON & GEORGE Fire Office Agent - Phoenix 545
SHELDON, Edward Esq of Brailes , Magistrate for Warwick 669
SHELDON, W. Overseer for Stratford Parish 539
SHELDON, William Plumber, painter, Sheep St Stratford 544
SHELDON. W. Jury member Stratford 539
SHELTON, Charles Victualler, Warwick Row, Coventry 778
SHELTON, Charlotte Milliner & dressmaker, Atherstone 556
SHELTON, John Shop Owner 195
SHELTON, Thos. Blackmsith, Atherstone 556
SHEPHERD & Co. Carriers Rugby to London etc 737
SHEPHERD, J. Town Carrier, West St, Warwick 679
SHERLOCK, Thomas Bishop of London 148
SHERRARD, Mrs. , Rugby 735
SHIERS, Michael Baker, Abbey St, Nuneaton 563
SHILCOCK, John Victualler, Market St, Tamworth 608
SHILTON, Jas. Ironmonger, Market St, Tamworth 608
SHILTON, John Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 195
SHIRLEY, Charles Esq Vicarage House, Coleshill 576
SHIRLEY, E.J. Esq MP of Eatington Park Stratford 539
SHIRLEY, Geo. Grocer, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
SHIRLEY, Geo. Baker, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
SHORT, Edward Attorney, Solihull 589
SHORT, Mr Surgeon - aged 92 of Solihull 586
SHORT, Mrs aged 84, Solihull 586
SHORT, Rev Jno. Chaplain of Balsall Temple,Solihull 589
SHORT, Richard Surgeon, Solihull 589
SHORTHOSE, Wm. Stationer Ranelagh St, Leamington 720
SHUCKBROUGH, John Esq Bourton, Rugby 735
SHUCKBURGH, Sir, Francis Shuckburgh Park, Southam 745
SHUTE, Abraham Pawnbroker, Market Place, Nuneaton 563
SHUTTLEWORTH, Edward Surveyor & timber merchant, Coleshill 577
SHUTTLEWORTH, G.R. Victualler, Coleshill 577
SHUTTLEWORTH, Robert Miller, Coleshill 577
SHUUTLEWORTH, Thos. Baker, Solihull 590
SIBREE, Rev. J. Minister, Vicar Lane Chapel, Hertford Terr 778
SIDDAWAY, Thos. Nail & chain maker, Sheep St, Stratford 544
SIDEBOTHAM, Rev M Curate of Snitterfield 539
SIDWELL, G. Sundry dealer, Silver st, Coventry 778
SILK, Mrs. Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 84 123
SIMCOX, George Governor of B'ham school 1830 207
SIMCOX, Mr House owner near Camp Hill Birmingham 255
SIMMONDS, Stephen Res: Hertford Street, Coventry 778
SIMMONDS, Stephen Ribbon maker,Bishop st, Coventry 778
SIMMONS, Fanny Straw etc & hat maker, Atherstone 556
SIMMONS, Geo. Cabinet maker, Clemens St, Leamington 720
SIMMONS, John Clock & watch maker of Henley 507
SIMMONS, John Joiner, Little Park St, Coventry 778
SIMMONS, Thomas Whitesmith, Atherstone 556
SIMMONS, Thomas Ironmonger Brazier & tinman, Atherstone 556
SIMMONS, Thomas Plasterer, St John St, Warwick 676
SIMMS, Elizabeth Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 88 123
SIMPSON, M. Hertford Terrace, Coventry 778
SIMPSON, Mrs Sarah , Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth 697
SIMPSON, R. Hairdresser, Clemens St, Leamington 720
SIMPSON, Rev, Robert Wm. Church St, Tamworth 605
SIMPSON, Rev. Robert Charter House, Coventry 765
SIMPSON, William Law stationer, Southam 746
SIMPSON, Wm. Atlas Fire Office agent, Southam 746
SIMS, Mr Owner of Iron rolling Mills 223
SIMS, William Carrier to Littleworth from , Coventry 784
SINGLETON, M. Aqua-fortis manufacturer, Knowle 592
SISAM, Wm Miller Malster, Arrow Mills, Alcester 494
SITWELL, Rev. M. Leamington Hastings, Rugby 735
SKALSEY, Ann Milliner etc Swan Tower, Coventry 779
SKELSEY, John Victualler, Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 779
SKIDMORE, Francis Jeweller, Cross Cheaping, Coventry 779
SKINNER, Mary Milliner Dressmaker High St Alcester 494
SKIPWITH, Lady Selina Newbold Hall, Rugby 735
SKIPWITH, Sir Gray Chairman of the County - of Alveston 512
SKIPWITH, Sir Gray of Alverstone , Stratford 539
SKIPWITH, Sir Gray Magistrate for Warwick, of Alveston 669
SKIPWITH, Sir Grey Chairman of Quarter Sessions, Warwick 670
SLACK, Thos. Master of the Workhouse, Atherstone 556
SLATER, Chas. Tailor, Clemens St, Leamington 720
SLATER, Joseph Bricklayer, Coleshill 577
SLAY, Thomas Hill street, Coventry 779
SLOANE & BARNS Ribbon makers, Hertford St, Coventry 779
SLOANE, John Butcher, Burgess, Coventry 779
SLOANE, Richard Ribbon makers, Hertford St, Coventry 779
SLOANE, Sarah Shopkeeper, Hertford St, Coventry y 779
SMADLEY, Thomas Vict. Smith St, Warwick 676
SMALLBONES, Rich. Lodging ho.,Gloucester St, Leamington 720
SMALLBROOK, Richard Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 196
SMALLEY, Hannah Straw hat maker, Back St, Nuneaton 563
SMALLEY, Thos. Hatter, Back St, Nuneaton 563
SMALLWOOD, Abraham Tailor & parish Clerk, Solihull 590
SMALLWOOD, Charles Cooper & patten maker, Coleshill 577
SMALLWOOD, John Castle Bromwich 575
SMALLWOOD, Mary Stay maker, West St, Warwick 676
SMALLWOOD, Wm jun. Shopkeeper, Solihull 590
SMART, Benj. res: Rockmill Cottage,Emscote, Leamington 720
SMART, Benj. Livery stables, Ranelagh Mews, Leamington 720
SMART, Benj. Prop; Marble baths, Clemens St, Leamington 720
SMART, Benjamin Rock Cottage, Emscote, Warwick 670
SMART, Jas. Tailor, Kenilworth St, Leamington 720
SMART, Nathan Stonemason, Attleborough 563
SMART, William Shopkeeper, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
SMEATHS, Mary Victualler, Wash Lane, Nuneaton 563
SMEATON, John Engineer of Worcester Birmingham Canal 104
SMITH, Ann Shopkeeper, Bridge St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Boteler Chernocke Attorney, Atherstone 556
SMITH, Charles Maltster, Sutton Coldfield 584
SMITH, Chas Wheelwright Butter St Alcester 494
SMITH, David Tailor & draper, Abbey St, Nuneaton 563
SMITH, Edward Tailor, Maney, Sutton Coldfield 584
SMITH, Edward Shopkeeper, Chancery Lane, Coventry 779
SMITH, Eliz. Straw hat maker, Rugby 736
SMITH, Eliz. Stay maker, Southam 746
SMITH, Elza. Mistress St Peter's Charity Sch,Smith St 676
SMITH, Francis Carpenter, St Nicholas, Church St, Warwick 676
SMITH, Francis Bookseller, stationer etc, Southam 746
SMITH, George Ailston 544
SMITH, George Victualler, Cook St, Coventry 779
SMITH, Giles Victualler, Bailey Lane, Coventry 779
SMITH, Harry Innkeeper, Three Tuns etc, Sutton Coldfield 584
SMITH, Harry Maltster, Sutton Coldfield 584
SMITH, Harvey Firs, Castle Bromwich 575
SMITH, Henry Boot and Shoe maker, Market Place, Nuneaton 563
SMITH, Henry Farmer, Tiddington 544
SMITH, Henry Lilley Surgeon & oculist, Southam 746
SMITH, J. Vict., Regent St, Leamington 720
SMITH, James Bookkeeper, accountant, Bridge St,Stratford 544
SMITH, James Carrier to Coleshill, Atherstone 556
SMITH, James Farmer, Sheldon 579
SMITH, James Swanswell Terrace, Coventry 779
SMITH, James Coal dealer, Rugby 736
SMITH, Jas. Whitesmith, White Friars Lane, Coventry 779
SMITH, Jno Surgeon of Henley 507
SMITH, Jno. Baker, Rugby 736
SMITH, Job. Shopkeeper, Knowle 592
SMITH, Joel Shopkeeper, Mill lane, Coventry 779
SMITH, John Mentioned in King Edward 6th's Charter 195
SMITH, John Boot and shoe maker of Henley 507
SMITH, John Farmer of May's Hill 507
SMITH, John Endowed St John's Chapel 1382 253
SMITH, John Gents' Boarding school, Coton, Nuneaton 563
SMITH, John Builder, Gerrard St, Warwick 676
SMITH, John Wine & Hop merchant, Market Square, Warwick 676
SMITH, John Farmer, Knowle 592
SMITH, John Nurseryman, Jordan Well, Coventry 779
SMITH, John Ribbon maker, Upper Well st, Coventry 779
SMITH, John Victualler,Spon st, Coventry 779
SMITH, John Victualler, Well st, Coventry 779
SMITH, John Boot & shoe Maker, Well st, Coventry 779
SMITH, John Butcher, Gosford St, Coventry 779
SMITH, John Surgeon, Gosford St, Coventry 779
SMITH, John & William coal merchants & wharfingers, Southam 746
SMITH, Jos. Fruiterer & greengrocer, High St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Jos. Grocer & tea dealer, Henley St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Jos. Shopkeeper, George St, Tamworth 608
SMITH, Joseph Carrier to Atherstone, Coleshill 507
SMITH, Joseph Maltster of Henley 507
SMITH, Joshua Sadler & Harness maker High St Alcester 494
SMITH, M. Bath prop:, Royal Parade, Leamington 720
SMITH, M. Academy, Brunswick Lodge, Leamington 720
SMITH, M. Earl Street, Coventry 779
SMITH, M. , Little Park St, Coventry 779
SMITH, Mark Ribbon maker, Much Park St, Coventry 779
SMITH, Mark Tailor, Much Park st, Coventry 779
SMITH, Mrs John St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Mrs. Academy Beauchamp Terrace, Leamington 720
SMITH, Mrs. Eliz. Portland St, Leamington 715
SMITH, Peter Butcher, Gosford St, Coventry 779
SMITH, Pigott Mr Surveyor of Birmingham 175
SMITH, Ralph Farmer, Clifford Rhyn 544
SMITH, Rich Farmer, Snitterfield 544
SMITH, Rich. House painter, Smith St, Warwick 676
SMITH, S, Fireman at Stratford 545
SMITH, Samuel Blacksmith, Wood St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Samuel Innkeeper Swan Hotel, posting Ho, Coleshill 577
SMITH, Samuel Smith & bell hanger, Market Square, Warwick 676
SMITH, Sarah Straw etc & Bonnet maker, Atherstone 556
SMITH, Sarah Grocer & tea dealer,Sutton Coldfield 584
SMITH, Sol. Builder, Auctioneer,Four Oaks, S.Coldfield 584
SMITH, T. Jury member Stratford 539
SMITH, Thomas Farmer, Clifford Rhyn 544
SMITH, Thomas Plumber & glazier, Henley St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Thomas Paper maker, Coleshill 577
SMITH, Thomas Adjutant (sic), Meriden 599
SMITH, Thomas Carpenter, Knowle 592
SMITH, Thomas Shopkeeper, Spon St, Coventry 779
SMITH, Thomas Joiner, New St, Coventry 779
SMITH, Thomas Butcher, Great Butcher Row, Coventry 779
SMITH, Thomas & Son Grocer etc , Broadgate, Coventry 779
SMITH, Thos Solicitor Henley St Alcester 494
SMITH, Thos. Tailor & Habit maker, Atherstone 556
SMITH, Thos. Atherstone on Stour 544
SMITH, Thos. Farmer, Snitterfield 544
SMITH, Thos. Broker etc, Fleet st, Coventry 779
SMITH, Timothy Maltster, Wood St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Timothy Estate Owner 283
SMITH, Timothy Farmer Sheep St, Stratford 544
SMITH, W. Jury Foreman of Stratford 539
SMITH, W. Fire Office Agent - Norwich 545
SMITH, W. Burgess of Stratford 539
SMITH, widow Wheelwright, Knowle 592
SMITH, William Farmer, Knowle 592
SMITH, William Overseer, Knowle 593
SMITH, Wm. Grocer & tea dealer, High St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Wm. Baker & flour dealer, Sutton Coldfield 584
SMITH, Wm. Chemist, druggist, High St, Stratford 544
SMITH, Wm. Carpenter etc, Coleshill 577
SMITH, Wm. Painter, Plumber, Satchwell St, Leamington 720
SMITH, Wm. Bath Prop:, Bath St, Leamington 720
SMITH, Wm. Slater, Gerrard St, Warwick 676
SMITH, Wm. Plumber, glazier 9, Bath St, Leamington 720
SMITH, Wm. Esq Red House, Sutton Coldfield 583
SMITH, Wm. Lilley Esq , Southam 745
SMITHS, Mesdames Ladies Boarding Sch, Warwick St, Leamington 720
SMYTH, Charles Solicitor, Jury St, Warwick 676
SMYTH, John Schoolmaster, East Chapel, Warwick 676
SMYTH, Miss Ladies' school, Castle Bromwich 575
SMYTH, Mrs Bohun Jury St, Warwick 670
SMYTHE, Sir Charles Created baron by Charles I - of Wootton 504
SNELL, BRICE & Co Canal Carriers 679
SNEPPE, Thos Esq of Henley 507
SNOW, John Solicitor Evesham St Alcester 494
SODEN & ILIFF Linen & woollen drapers, High st, Coventry 779
SODEN, Ann Cooper & Victualler, High st, Coventry 779
SODEN, Jas. Ribbon maker, Well st, Coventry 779
SODEN, Wm Hill Attorney, Abbey St, Nuneaton 563
SODEN, Wm. Teacher of maths, Northgate St, Warwick 676
SODIN, Thos. Victualler, Bridge St, Stratford 544
SODIN, Thos. Grocer, Bridgetown, Stratford 544
SOMMERS, John Baker, Aldergate St, Tamworth 608
SOMMERVILLE, Rev. Wm. Meriden 599
SOTT & WYLEY Wholesale Chemists, High St, Coventry 779
SOURE, Wm. Stoke Green, Coventry 779
SOUTHAM, Dr. John Spon street, Coventry 779
SOUTHAM, Wm. Victualler, Bridge St, Stratford 544
SOUTHEY, Robert Boot & shoe maker, Windsor St, Leamington 720
SOWLEY, Ann Victualler & farmer, Knowle 593
SPARE, Robt. Cooper, Market St, Tamworth 608
SPARKES, Benjamin Malster corn dealer, Church St Alcester 494
SPARKS, John , High St, Kenilworth 697
SPARROW, Jos. Hairdresser, Rugby 736
SPELL & SLINGSBY Grocers etc, Broadgate , Coventry 779
SPENCER, Charles Victualler, Sutton Coldfield 584
SPENCER, Edw. Flax dresser & rope maker, Atherstone 556
SPENCER, Everton Ribbon maker, Hay lane, Coventry 779
SPENCER, George Boot and Shoe maker, Coleshill 577
SPENCER, George Baker & flour dealer, Southam 746
SPENCER, John Blacksmith, Southam 746
SPENCER, Joseph Builder, Atherstone 556
SPENCER, Thomas of Claverdon - died 1580 510
SPICER, Thomas Saddler & harness maker, Jury St, Warwick 676
SPICER, Thomas Watch case maker, Little Park St, Coventry 779
SPIERS, Mr Clifford Rhyn 544
SPINE, William 498
SPOONER, Abraham Resident of Birmingham Jan 1780 aged 89 123
SPOONER, Isaac of Witton Governor of B'ham school 1830 207
SPOONER, Isaac Esq of Witton , Magistrate for Warwick 669
SPOONER, Jeremiah Basket & sieve maker Evesham St Alcester 494
SPOONER, John Grocer, Bridewell Lane, Warwick 676
SPOONER, R.P. Academy, Church St, Tamworth 608
SPOONER, Richard Esq of Birmingham , Magistrate for Warwick 669
SPOONER, Thos Needlemaker Church St Alcester 494
SPOONER, Thos. Shopkeeper Evesham St Alcester 494
SPOONER, Wm Basket & sieve maker of Henley 507
SPRAWSON, Eliz. Lodging ho., Upper Union Parade, Leamington 720
SPRAWSON, John Basket maker, Market Square, Warwick 676
SPRAWSON, M. Stone mason, Harbury, Southam 746
SPRAWSON, Rich. Sculptor & marble mason, Castle Hill Warwic 676
SPRIGGS, S. Langdon & Wedenay Ends, Solihull 588
SPRIGGS, Thomas Chauntry Place, Coventry 779
SPROSTON, John Fishmonger, Bridge St, Stratford 544
SPURRIER, W. Esq Under Sheriff of Warwick 669
SQUIRES, John Cooper, West St, Warwick 676
STAFFORD, Francis Plumber, Glazier & Painter, Solihull 590
STAFFORD, John Ale, porter vaults, Gloucester St, Leamingt 720
STAIT, T. Town Carrier, West St, Warwick 679
STAMFORD, Jno. Victualler, Abbey St, Nuneaton 563
STAMFORD, Mary Poulterer, Satchwell St, Leamington 720
STANBRIDGE, Edw. Hat & hosiery 28, Bath St, Leamington 720
STANBRIDGE, John Tagg Auctioneer etc Union Street, Coventry 779
STANDISH, Mr. , Saltisford, Warwick 676
STANDISH, Wm. Hairdresser, High St, Warwick 676
STANDLEY, Thos. Victualler, Boleridge St, Tamworth 608
STANDLEY, Wm. White & gun smith, St Nicholas, Church St 676
STANFORD, Ann Poulterer 8, Satchwell St, Leamington 720
STANLEY, James Farmer, Sheldon 579
STANLEY, John Grocer & seedsman, High St, Kenilworth 698
STANLEY, John Vict. Brook St, Warwick 676
STANLEY, John Jacob Ribbon maker, Butts, Coventry 779
STANLEY, Jos. Dealer in ale etc , Smith St, Warwick 676
STANLEY, Mrs of Alverstone 539
STANLEY, Mrs. Castle Bromwich 575
STANLEY, Phoebe Milliner & dressmaker, Wood St, Stratford 544
STANLEY, Stephen & Son Ribbon makers, Mill lane, Coventry 779
STANLEY, Thos Bricklayer Malt Mill Lane Alcester 494
STANTON, Hugh Collar & harness maker, Atherstone 556
STANTON, Jno. Plumber, glazier & painter, Atherstone 556
STANTON, Mary Collar & harness maker, Atherstone 556
STARKEY, Tim Miller, Langley, Sutton Coldfield 584
STARKEY, Wm. Silk Throwster, Mill lane, Coventry 779
START, Thos. Common carrier, Smith St, Warwick 676
STAUNTON, Dr. John 3,Upper Union Parade, Leamington 715
STAUNTON, Rev. John Grove Smith St, Warwick 670
STAUNTON, William Esq of Longbridge , Magistrate for Warwick 669
STAUNTON, Wm.Esq Longbridge, Warwick 670
STAVELEY, Geo. Furniture broker, John St, Coventry 779
STEADMAN, Ann Straw hat maker, Smithford St, Coventry 779
STEADMAN, Jas. Millwright, Smithford St, Coventry 779
STEEL, John Chief Constable & coal merchant, Butts 676
STEEL, Mr J Chief Constable Warwick 670
STENSON, Samuel Butts, Coventry 779
STENTON, Captain Fras. MC Regent St, Leamington 715
STEPHENS, James Shopkeeper High St Alcester 494
STEPHENS, John victualler & malster Swan Inn Alcester 494
STEPHENS, Mr Steam engine mills maker 273
STEPHENS, Robert vict. High St Alcester 494
STEPHENS, Thomas Needlemaker of Alcester 494
STEPHENSON JOHNSON SLOANE milliners dressmakers, Spon st, Coventry 779
STEPHENSON, Edw. Plumber etc, Burgess, Coventry 779
STEPHENSON, Miss Milliner dressmaker, Spon St, Coventry 779
STEPHENSON, Wm. Gentlemens' School, Little Park St,Coventry 779
STEVENS, E.W. Watch & clock maker,Brunswick St, Leamingto 720
STEWARD, Charles Saddler & Harness maker High St Alcester 494
STEWARD, Rev. Henry Wasperton, Warwick 670
STEWARD, S.E. Alderman of Warwick 669
STEWARD, Samuel Esq Myton, Warwick 670
STEWART, Rev Wasperton Minister of Charlecote Church 539
STEWART, Robert Blacksmith, Sutton Coldfield 584
STICKLEY, John Brazier & tinman, High St, Stratford 544
STILES, Wm. Natonal School, Greenhil St, Stratford 544
STILES, Wm. Master National School, Greenhill St 543
STIRLEY, Richd. Victualler, Church St, Nuneaton 563
STOCK, Mr (of Bristol) Designed Altar piece Free Church 1810 215
STOCKLEY, Thomas Tailor of Henley 507
STOCKLY, George Mercer & draper, Castle end, Kenilworth 699
STOCKTON, Mr Jos. Officer of Excise, Rother market, Stratford 544
STOKES, Henry Esq Bole Hall, Tamworth 605
STONE, James Tailor, Bishops Street, Coventry 779
STONE, John Butcher, Burgess, Coventry 779
STONE, Wm & Co Silk mercers, Clemens St, Leamington 720
STONEHOUSE, Wm. Basket maker, Sutton Coldfield 584
STOTT, Richard Bookseller binder, New Buildings, Coventry 779
STOW, G. Assistant Burgess of Warwick 669
STOW, John Maltster, Smithford St, Coventry 779
STOWE, George Maltster & Medical Pract, High St, Warwick 676
STOWE, Rev George Wheat Lane, Nuneaton 561
STOWELL, Mary Shopkeeper, High St, Stratford 544
STRATTON, Wm. Shopkeeper, Gun Gate, Tamworth 608
STREET, Henry Baker, Gosford St, Coventry 779
STRETTON, Mary Rope line & twine maker, Coleshill 577
STRETTON, Thomas Currier, Coleshill 577
STRETTON, Thomas Chemist & druggist. Coleshill 577
STRICKLAND, Edward Rich. Wholesale chemist, Smithford St, Coventry 779
STRICKLAND, George Hertford Street, Coventry 779
STRINGER, John Olton & Burrough Ends, Solihull 588
STUART, Sarah Witnessed will of John Baskerville 268
STUCHBURY, Reuben Grocer & tea dealer, High St, Warwick 676
STUCHFIELD, Wm. Brewer, Tavistock St, Leamington 720
STUDHOLME, Robt. Stone mason, Sutton Coldfield 584
STURCH, Eliz. Shopkeeper, Much Park St, Coventry 779
STURDY, Joseph Asst Poor Overseer, Much Park St, Coventry 779
STURDY, Robert Grocer etc, Fleet st, Coventry 779
STURGE, Wm. Coal merchant & Roman cement, Saltisford, 677
STURLEY, A. , Castle end, Kenilworth 698
STURLEY, C. , Castle end, Kenilworth 698
STURLEY, Jos. Mason, Hogg Lane, Kenilworth 698
STURLEY, Luke Comb maker & Parish clerk, Union Row 698
SUCH, John Boot & shoe maker, Alverstone 544
SUCH, R, Jury member Stratford 539
SUCH, Robt. Boot & shoe maker, Front Bridge St 544
SUCKLING, Sarah Victualler, Grey Friars Lane, Coventry 779
SUFFOLK, Thomas Painter, plumber etc, Church St, Nuneaton 563
SUMMER, Thomas of Coughton Alcester 494
SURCOMBE, Mrs. Eliz. Confectioner, Bath St, Leamington 720
SUTTON, George Ribbon maker, Gosford St, Coventry 779
SUTTON, Rev. Wm Bilton, Rugby 735
SUTTON, William Attorney, Dunchurch, Rugby 736
SUTTON, Wm. Gardener, Castle end, Kenilworth 699
SWADKINS, Thos Butcher & baker, Solihull 590
SWAIN, Wm. Carpenter & joiner,9 Wise St, Leamington 721
SWAINE, Richard Clock & watchmaker, Bridge St, Stratford 544
SWAINE, Thos. Victualler, Bridge St, Stratford 544
SWAN, J. , Castle end, Kenilworth 699
SWAN, Mrs Naomi Coleshill 576
SWAN, T. , Castle end, Kenilworth 699
SWAN, Thos. Baker, White Friars Lane, Coventry 779
SWANWICK, Mrs. Academy, Bellevue Place, Leamington 721
SWANWICK, Wm. Reynolds Land Agent, Guildpits, Stratford 544
SWEET, Geo. L. Academy, Mill Street, Warwick 677
SWINBURNE, Richard Bishopton 544
SWINNERTON, Hester Straw hat maker, Coleshill 577
SWINNERTON, Isaac Timber merchant, Bond end, Nuneaton 563
SWINNERTON, Wm. Boot and Shoe maker, Abbey St, Nuneaton 563

[Transcribed by the late Ted Wildy of Auckland, New Zealand, 1st January 1990.
Prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott]