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Help and advice for Askham 1841 Census Transcript

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Askham 1841 Census Transcript

Transcription by household of the 1841 Census for the Hundred Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of West Ward, Parish of Askham [HO107/1162] by Virginia Gretton.

Abbreviations: Ag (agricultural), Ap (apprentice), F (female), Ind (living on independent means), FS (female servant), J (journeyman), Lab (labourer), M (male), MS (male servant), N (born in a county other than Westmorland), S (born in Scotland), Shoe m (shoemaker),
Y (born in Westmorland). Figures indicate age in years unless otherwise stated.


Askham Township

James Thornburrow WARD, M, 40, Clergyman, Y
Elizabeth WARD, F, 20, Y
Emma WARD, F, 3 months,Y
Henry J. WARD, M, 15, N
Elizabeth SLEE, F, 20 , FS, Y
Elizabeth KIDD, F, 25, FS, N
Thomas JACKSON, M, 15, MS, Y

George LUMB, M, 35, Land Surveryor, Y
Elizabeth LUMB, F, 30, Y
Robert LUMB, M, 13, N
Maria LUMB, F, 6, Y
Alfred LUMB, M, 4, Y
Henry LUMB, M, 2, Y
Thomas LUMB, M, 3 months, Y
Agnes SPENCER, F, 25, Ind, N
Ann MOFFAT, F, 20, FS, Y
Ann WATT, F, 15, FS, Y

John NOBLE, M, 60, Ind, N
Ann NOBLE, F, 50, N

Rowland WILSON, M, 30, Publican, Y
Elizabeth WILSON, F, 40, N
Richard WILSON, M, 12, Y
John WILSON, M, 10, Y
Mary WILSON, F, 8, Y
Jane BAWLY, F, 13, FS, N
Christiana CRANE, F, 15, Y
N.K., M, Above 20, not stated

Thomas WALTON, M, 50, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth WALTON, F, 60, Y

John MOUNSEY, M, 50, Butcher, Y
Hannah MOUNSEY, F, 50, Y
John MOUNSEY, M, 25, Y
Thomas MOUNSEY, M, 20, Y
Hannah MOUNSEY, F, 20, Y
John THOMPSON, M, 25, MS, Y
Andrew FOREST, M, 15, MS, N
Sarah OADE, F, 15, FS, N
Thomas PEARSON, M, 14, Ag Ap, Y

George RIGG, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y
Ann RIGG, F, 25, Y
Mary RIGG, F, 4, Y
George RIGG, M, 2, Y
Margaret RIGG, F, 2 weeks, Y

Thomas BORROWDALE, M, 50, Tailor, Y
Deborah BORROWDALE, F, 60, Y
William DOCKREY, M, 25, Tailor J, Y
John MOFFAT, M, 15, Tailor Ap, Y
Deborah WHARTON, F, 10, FS, Y

Thomas MOSS, M , 25, Blacksmith, Y
Ann MOSS, F, 25, Y
Mary MOSS, F, 4, Y
Thomas MOSS, M, 2, Y
Ruth MOSS, F, 11 months, Y
John NICHOLSON, M, 20, Blacksmith J, Y

John BAILEY, M, 70, Farmer, Y
William BAILEY, M, 40, Y
John BAILEY, M, 35, Y
Jane BAILEY, F, 30, Y
Elizabeth BAILEY, F, 3, Y
Sarah BAILEY, F, 2, Y
Jane BAILEY, F, 8 months, Y
William MATTINSON, M, 15, Y
Eleanor JOHNSTON, F, 20, FS, Y
Margaret EWBANK, F, 15, FS, Y

John THOMPSON, M, 80, Ind, Y
Sarah THOMPSON, F, 70, Y
Jane THOMPSON, F, 40, N
Hannah THOMPSON, F, 35, N
Rachel BOWMAN, F, 75, Ind, Y

William KIRKPATRICK, M, 55, Waller, Y
Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, F, 20, N

John PEARSON, M, 40, L. Weaver, Y
Mary PEARSON, F, 30, Y
John PEARSON, M, 9, Y
Matthew PEARSON, M, 7, Y
Richard PEARSON, M, 4, Y
Barbara PEARSON, F, 1, Y

Thomas TODD, M, 75, Gardener, Y
Margaret TODD, F, 80, Y
Elizabeth TODD, F, 40, Y

George CARRUTHERS, M, 50, Ind, N

John RELPH, M, 50, Joiner, Y
Ann RELPH, F, 45, Y
Hannah RELPH, F, 14, Y
John RELPH, M, 12, Y
Sarah RELPH, F, 8, N
Thomas MURTHWART, M, 20, Slater, Y
John NICHOLSON, M, 25, Shoe m, Y

Jane EWBANK, F, 40, Ind, Y
Christopher EWBANK, M, 11, Y
Mary EWBANK, F, 7, Y
Robert HAYTON, M, 3 months, Y

Mark WINDER, M, 25, Tailor, Y
Isabella WINDER, F, 25, N
William WINDER, M, 5, N
Mary WINDER, F, 10 months, Y
Gardhouse WINDER, M, 55, Tailor, Y

Richard BOWMAN, M, 25, Farmer, Y
Mary BOWMAN, F, 30, Y
Deborah BOWMAN, F, 70, Ind, N
Joseph BOWMAN, M, 30, Ind, Y
William BOWMAN, M, 5, Y
Mary BOWMAN, F, 3, Y
Deborah BOWMAN, F, 7 months, Y
Dinah GRAVES, F, 20, FS, Y
Mary COWIN, F, 15, FS, N
Elizabeth PARNELL, F, 30, Ind, Y

William BROWN, M, 60, Schoolmaster, Y
Elizabeth BROWN, F, 55, Y
Hannah BROWN, F, 25, Y
Jane BROWN, F, 20, Y
William BROWN, M, 20, Shoe m, Y

Grace YARKER, F, 65, Ind, Y

Mary CASTLEHOW, F, 70, Ind, N
Elizabeth CASTLEHOW, F, 30, Y

John BROWN, M, 50, Grocer, N
Mary BROWN, F, 50, Y
John BROWN, M, 15, Y
William BROWN, M, 11, Y
Sarah BROWN, F, 14, Y
Eleanor BROWN, F, 9, Y
Mary WINDER, F, 20, Dressmaker, Y
Sarah WINDER, F, 20, Ind, Y

William LANCASTER, M, 60, Ag Lab, N
Eleanor LANCASTER, F, 55, N
John LANCASTER, M, 25, N
Jane LANCASTER, F, 15, N
Thomas LANCASTER, M, 5, N
Margaret LANCASTER, F, 5, N

Thomas WHITE, M, 30, Ag Lab, N
Jane WHITE, F, 25, Y
Agnes WHITE, F, 7, Y
Ann WHITE, F, 4, Y
Mary WHITE, F, 9 months, Y

Robert RICHARDSON, M, 30, Sawer, Y
Margaret RICHARDSON, F, 20, Y
Elizabeth RICHARDSON, F, 3, Y

William RIGG, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y
Barbara RIGG, F, 40, Y
Elizabeth RIGG, F, 6, Y
John RIGG, M, 3, Y
Ann RIGG, F, 5 months, Y
William RIGG, M, 7, N

William RIDDLEY, M, 60, Ag Lab, N
Mary RIDDLEY, F, 55, N
Maria RIDDLEY, F, 20, Y
Ann RIDDLEY, F, 14, Y
William RIDDLEY, M, 11, Y
Harriot RIDDLEY, F, 3, Y
James RIDDLEY, M, 1, Y

Hannah HOGG, F, 35, Ind, N
Thomas HOGG, M, 11, N
Eleanor HOGG, F, 7, Y
Isabella HOGG, F, 6, Y

Anthony HOWE, M, 30, Ag Lab, N
Sarah HOWE, F, 30, N
Ann HOWE, F, 7, N
Thomas HOWE, M, 5, N
Margaret HOWE, F, 3, Y
Anthony HOWE, M, 4 months, Y

Dorothy ATKINSON, F, 60, Ind, N
George ATKINSON, M, 25, Y
Jane WINTER, F, 15, Dressmaker, Y

Joseph DONALD, M, 45, Ag Lab, Y
Jane DONALD,F, 40, Y
Sarah DONALD, F, 15, Y
Jane DONALD, F, 13, Y
Elizabeth DONALD, F, 11, Y
Mary DONALD, F, 5, Y
Margaret DONALD, F, 3, Y
William DONALD, M, 1, Y

George DONALD, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Ann DONALD, F, 35, Y
Mary DONALD, F, 13, Y
Sarah DONALD, F, 9, Y
Joseph DONALD, M, 6, Y
George DONALD, M, 3, Y

James KITCHEN, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Ann KITCHEN, F, 45, N
James KITCHEN, M, 8, Y
Allan CARRUTHERS, M, 65, Waller, Y

George LOCKHART, M, 30, Ag Lab, S
Hellen LOCKHART, F, 30, S
John LOCKHART, M, 7, S
William LOCKHART, M, 1, Y

John BOWMAN, M, 20, Cooper, N
Hannah BOWMAN, F, 40, N
Mary BOWMAN, F, 35, Y
Edmund BOWMAN, M, 28, Y
William BOWMAN, M, 15, Y
Mary BOWMAN, F, 14, Y
Thomas BOWMAN, M, 11, Y
Parker BOWMAN, M, 9, Y
Richard BOWMAN, M, 7
Mary SISSON, F, 75, Y

Joseph BATEMAN, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth BATEMAN, F, 40, Y
John BATEMAN, M, 14, Y
James BATEMAN, M, 13, Y
Joseph BATEMAN, M, 11, Y
Esther BATEMAN, F, 10, Y
Thomas BATEMAN, M, 8, Y
Mary BATEMAN, F, 6, Y
Miles BATEMAN, M, 4, Y
William BATEMAN, M, 2, Y
William BATEMAN, M, 50, Stone Mason, Y
Rachel SIMPSON, F, 15, FS, Y

William NICHOLSON, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y

Thomas KITCHEN, M, 65, Ag Lab, Y
Mary KITCHEN, F, 60, Y
Mary HARRISON, F, 8, FS, Y

John ROACHFORD, M, 50, Ag Lab, Y
Jane ROACHFORD, F, 15, Y
Sarah ROACHFORD, F, 8, Y
William ROACHFORD, M, 3, Y
Thomas BATEMAN, M, 40, Gamekeeper, Y
Barbara BATEMAN, F, 45, Y
Margaret BATEMAN, F, 15, Y
William BATEMAN, M, 14, Y
Ann BATEMAN, F, 10, Y
Sarah BATEMAN, F, 7, Y
Barbara BATEMAN, F, 5, Y
Hannah BATEMAN, F, 3, Y

Thomas ROBINSON, M, 50, Farmer, Y
Mary ROBINSON, F, 35, N
Thomas ROBINSON, M, 15, Y
Abraham ROBINSON, M, 15, Y
Isabella ROBINSON, F, 11, Y
Hannah ROBINSON, F, 2, Y
Thomas TINKLER, M, 12, MS, Y
John TINKLER, M, 8, Y
George ROBINSON, M, 25, MS, Y
Catherine ROUTLEDGE, F, 15, FS, N
Jane HALL, F, 20, FS, Y

Jonathan NICHOLSON, M, 50, Waller, N
Elizabeth NICHOLSON, F, 55, N
Elizabeth NICHOLSON, F, 20, N
Jonathan NICHOLSON, M, 13, N
Alice NICHOLSON, F, 10, N

Henry SANDERSON, M, 40, Ag Lab, N
Elizabeth SANDERSON, F, 35, N
Thomas SANDERSON, M, 11, Y
Sarah SANDERSON, F, 9, Y
Christopher SANDERSON, M, 3, Y
Margaret SANDERSON, F, 1, Y

Thomas RELPH, M, 40 Joiner, Y
Isabella RELPH, F, 40, Y
James RELPH, M, 15, Y
Joseph RELPH, M, 13, Y
Eleanor RELPH, F, 11, Y
Emma RELPH, F, 8, Y
William RELPH, M, 6, Y
Thomas RELPH, M, 4, Y
John RELPH, M, 5 months, Y

William DONALD, M, 75, Ind, N
Mary DONALD, F, 40, Y

Anthony WILSON, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Margaret WILSON, F, 60, Y
Mary WILSON, F, 25, Y
Anthony WILSON, M, 20, Y
Margaret WILSON, F, 13, Y
William FLEMING, M, 15, MS, Y

Christopher SALKELD, M, 50, Show m, Y
Elizabeth SALKELD, F, 70, Y
John SALKELD, M, 40, Y

William PEARSON, M, 35, Ag Lab, Y
Mary PEARSON, F, 40, N
Elizabeth PEARSON, F, 11, Y
William PEARSON, M, 8, Y
Robert PEARSON, M, 6, Y

John HENDERSON, M, 45, Butcher, N
Isabella HENDERSON, F, 45, Y
Joseph HENDERSON, M, 20, Y
Eleanor HENDERSON, F, 15, Y
Elizabeth HENDERSON, F, 50, Y
George COWIN, M, 30, MS, Y
Mary CAPSTICKS, F, 15, FS, Y
Ann BOAG, F, 14, FS, N
Walter YARKER, M, 15, Butcher Ap, Y
Ann NIXON, F, 25, Ind, N
Elizabeth HALFPENY, F, 13, Ind, N

Jane MOUNSEY, F, 30, Publican, Y
Jane MOUNSEY, F, 12, Y
Hannah MOUNSEY, F, 11, Y
Thomas MOUNSEY, M, 7, Y
Joseph KIRKBRIDE, M, 40, Stone Mason, Y
Ann TINKLER, F, 15, FS, Y

Robert AIREY, M, 20, Gardener, Y
Ann AIREY, F, 40, Y

Barbara WINDER, F, 70, Dressmaker, Y

Joseph ROBINSON, M, 55, Ind, Y
Margaret ROBINSON, F, 35, Y
Thomas CLARK, M, 15, Ind, Y
Margaret CLARK, F, 10, Ind, Y

Edmund TINKLER, M, 65, Cooper, Y
Mary TINKLER, F, 60, N
Edmund TINKLER, M, 25, Y
Henry TINKLER, M, 20, Y
Hannah RICHARDSON, F, 30, FS, Y
William RICHARDSON, M, 7, Y
Edmund RICHARDSON, M, 4, N

Esther MATHINSON, F, 55, Ind, Y
William LANCASTER, M, 30, Gardener, N
Deborah LANCASTER, F, 40, Y

Robert LEECH, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Ruth LEECH, F, 30, Y
Thomas LEECH, M, 13, Y
William LEECH, M, 3, Y
Mary LEECH, F, 11, Y
Susan LEECH, F, 8, Y
Elizabeth LEECH, F, 1, Y

Joseph RELPH, M, 45, Joiner, Y
Elizabeth RELPH, F, 40, N
Elizabeth RELPH, F, 14, Y
Barbara RELPH, F, 12, Y
Hannah RELPH, F, 10, Y
Joseph RELPH, M, 5, Y
Ann RELPH, F, 3, Y

Anthony HOBSON, M, 50, Groom, Y
Mary HOBSON, F, 45, N
John HOBSON, M, 20, Y
George HOBSON, M, 11, Y
Mary HOBSON, F, 7, Y

Alice KITCHEN, F, 50, Y
George WHARTON, M, 11, MS, Y

William McCRONE, M, 25, Ag Lab, N
Mary McCRONE, F, 25, Y
Robert McCRONE, M, 3, Y
Jane McCRONE, F, 1, Y

William EGGLESTON, M, 30, Clogger, Y
William EGGLESTON, M, 5, N
Rebeccah EGGLESTON, F, 1, N

Robert TINKLER, M, 35, Cooper, Y
Isabella TINKLER, F, 30, Y
Mary TINKLER, F, 8, Y
Ann TINKLER, F, 4, Y
Hannah TINKLER, F, 1, Y
Elizabeth TINKLER, F, 6 weeks, Y

Mary BOWERBANK, F, 20, Schoolmistress, N

John MANDALE, M, 35, Ag Lab, Y
Esther MANDALE, F, 35, Y
Barbara MANDALE, F, 11, Y
John MANDALE, M, 10, Y
Thomas MANDALE, M, 7, Y
Ann MANDALE, F, 6, Y
Margaret MANDALE, F, 4, Y
Frances MANDALE, M, 1, Y
Dorothy DAWSON, F, 25, FS, Y
Mary DAWSON, F, 9 months, Y

Edmund DONALD, M, 45, Ag Lab, Y
Hannah DONALD, F, 40, Y
Mary DONALD, F, 15, Y
Ann DONALD, F, 12, Y
Bengiman DONALD, M, 9, Y
Jane DONALD, F, 6, Y

Robert HARRISON, M, 40, Gamekeeper, Y
Jane HARRISON, F, 30, Y
Priscilla HARRISON, F, 7, Y
Robert HARRISON, M, 3, Y
John HARRISON, M, 1, Y
Mary WOOF, F, 15, FS, Y

John BATEMAN, M, 50, Stone Mason, Y
Sarah BATEMAN, F, 50, Y
William BATEMAN, M, 25, Stone Mason, Y
James BATEMAN, M, 25, Stone Mason, Y
Hannah BATEMAN, F, 15, Y
Jane SCOTT, F, 6, Y

Sarah BAILIFF, F, 35, Ind, Y
Thomas BAILIFF, M, 5, Y

Lancelot MILLER, M, 35, Butcher, N
Margaret MILLER, F, 35, Y
Mary MILLER, F, 13, N
Charles MILLER, M, 12, N
Christopher MILLER, M, 9, Y
Elizabeth MILLER, F, 7, Y
Sarah MILLER, F, 5, Y
Richard MILLER, M, 4 months, Y

William JACKSON, M, 45, Clergyman, Y
Julia JACKSON, F, 45, N
Georgiana JACKSON, F, 8, Y
Agnes JACKSON, F, 7, N
Isabella WILSON, F, 25, FS, Y
Eleanor ATKINSON, F, 20, FS, Y
George WILSON, M, 20, MS, N
David BLAIKLOCK, M, 45, MS, N

Ann DOBSON, F, 75, Farmer, Y
William DOBSON, M, 35, Miller, Y
Margaret DOBSON, F, 45, Y
Ann DOBSON, F, 14, Y
William DOBSON, M, 13, Y
Martha DOBSON, F, 7, Y
Margaret DOBSON, F, 4, Y

John SLEE, M, 60, Shoe m, N
Jane SLEE, F, 55, N
Ann SLEE, F, 15, Y

John STEELY, M, 50, Joiner, Y
Ann STEELY, F, 45, Y
Mary STEELY, F, 25, Y
Ann STEELY, F, 20, Y
Margaret STEELY, F, 13, Y

Hannah SPEDDING, F, 70, Ind, Y

Elizabeth EGGLESTON, F, 70, Ind, N

James HOBSON, M, 45, Joiner, Y
Elizabeth HOBSON, F, 45, N
Margaret HOBSON, F, 11, Y
John HOBSON, M, 9, Y
James HOBSON, M, 7, Y
Margaret COWARD, F, 70, Ind, N

James HARDING, M, 70, Dish Turner, N
Elizabeth HARDING, F, 70, Y
Sarah HARDING, F, 25, Y
James HARDING, M, 1, Y
Ann CARTER, F, 30, Ind, Y

Frances BARKER, F, 90, Ind, Y
Eleanor HENDERSON, F, 80, Ind, N
Sarah WILSON, F, 55, Baker, N
George WILSON, M, 20, Shoe m, Y
George WILSON, M, 2, N

Whipby Head

James MOUNSEY, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y
Mary MOUNSEY, F, 25, Y
Agnes MOUNSEY, F, 3, Y
Thomas MOUNSEY, M, 4 weeks, Y

Low Close

John BELL, M, 35, Farmer, N
Jane BELL, F, 25, N
Sarah BELL, F, 6, N
Thomas BELL, M, 3, N
Mary BOWMAN, F, 15, FS, Y

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