Bampton 1841 Census Transcript


Transcription by household of the 1841 Census for the Hundred, Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of West Ward, Parish of Bampton [HO107/1162] by Virginia Gretton.

Abbreviations: Ag (agricultural), Ap (apprentice), F (female), Ind (living on independent means), FS (female servant), J (journeyman), Lab (labourer), M (male), MS (male servant), N (born in a county other than Westmorland), S (born in Scotland), Shoe m (shoemaker),
Y (born in Westmorland). Figures indicate age in years unless otherwise stated.

Bampton, 1st Division

Bampton Town

Robert HOGARTH, M, 45, Grocer, Y
Elizabeth HOGARTH, F, 45, Y
Margaret HOGARTH, F, 15, Y
Elizabeth HOGARTH, F, 15, Y
Thomas HOGARTH, M, 12, Y
William HOGARTH, M, 10, Y
Sarah HOGARTH, F, 5, Y

Stephen WHARTON, M, 30, Beer Shopkeeper, Y
Charlotte WHARTON, F, 30, N
William OBDELL, M, 10, MS, Y
Elizabeth GRISDALE, F, 15, FS, N

John MATTOCKS, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Sarah WOOF, F, 70, Ind, Y
John WOOF, M, 40, Y
Sarah WOOF, F, 35, Y

Hannah WAKEFIELD, F, 65, Ind, Y
William WAKEFIELD, M, 35, Y

Richard BRUNSKILL, M, 60, Shoe m, Y
John BRUNSKILL, M, 25, Shoe m, Y
Elizabeth BRUNSKILL, F, 55, Y
Jane BRUNSKILL, F, 25, Y
Joseph BRUNSKILL, M, 14, Shoe m Ap, Y
Elizabeth BRUNSKILL, F, 13, Y
William BRUNSKILL, M, 7, Y

Jane HUNTER, F, 90, Ind, Y

John ROBINSON, M, 50, Beer Shopkeeper, N
Mary ROBINSON, F, 50, Y
Elizabeth ROBINSON, F, 13, Y
Frances ROBINSON, F, 11, Y
Agnes ROBINSON, F, 8, Y
Ann CREIGTON, F, 25, FS, Y

Margaret DOCKER, F, 65, Ind, N
Agnes DOCKER, F, 25, Y

Eleanor NICHOLSON, F, 50, Ind, Y
John NICHOLSON, M, 15, Y
Margaret NICHOLSON, F, 15, Y
Joseph NICHOLSON, M, 10, Y
Rachel NICHOLSON, F, 10, Y

Bampton Hall

Mary JACKSON, F, 25, Ind, N
Thomas KIRKBRIDE, M, 50, Farmer, Y
Barbara KIRKBRIDE, F, 50, N
John, KIRKBRIDE, M, 20, Y
David KIRKBRIDE, M, 20, Y
Mary KIRKBRIDE, F, 12, Y
Margaret BIRD, F, 20, FS, N

Low Knipe

John BRAIDLEY, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Mary NIVNSON, F, 35, FS, Y
Thomas BECTON, M, 15, MS, y

Joseph TYSON, M, 45, Farmer, N
Elizabeth TYSON, F, 40, N
Elizabeth TYSON, F, 15, Y
Robert TYSON, M, 10, Y
John TYSON, M, 7, Y
Jane TYSON, F, 3, Y
Sarah TYSON, F, 6 months, Y

Thomas SIMPSON, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Margaret SIMPSON, F, 25, Y
John SIMPSON, M, 1, Y

George COOPER, M, 45, S Mason, Y
Margaret COOPER, F, 35, N
John COOPER, M, 15, Y
Nacy COOPER, F, 12, Y
Margaret COOPER, F, 10 ,Y
James COOPER, M, 6, Y
George COOPER, M, 4, Y
Robert COOPER, M, 2, Y

Hannah TURNER, F, 40, Farmer, Y
Thomas TURNER, M, 13, Y
William TURNER, M, 11, Y
Richard TURNER, M, 9, Y
Hannah TURNER, F, 5, Y
Ann TURNER, F, 3, Y
George ODE, M, 15, MS, Y

Henry NEWTON, M, 50, Farmer, Y
William NEWTON, M, 25, Y
Elizabeth NEWTON, F, 15, Y
Catherthine NEWTON, F, 10, Y

High Knipe

George BURN, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Hannah BURN, F, 30, Y
Mary BURN, F, 9, Y
John BURN, M, 2, Y
Thomas SCOTT, M, 25, MS, Y
Hannah FOSTER, F, 20, FS, N
Richard RAWES, M, 14, MS, Y

Thomas MILLER, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth MILLER, F, 25, Y
John MILLER, M, 7, Y
Mary MILLER, F, 1 week, Y

Houdgale Foot

William STEPHENSON, M, 55, Ind, Y
Sarah STEPHENSON, F, 55, Y
Thomas STEPHENSON, M, 15, Y
Dinah LAMB, F, 15, FS, Y

Knipe Hall

William FARRER, M, 55, Farmer, Y
Jane FARRER, F, 55, Y
William FARRER, M, 25, Y
Mary FARRER, F, 20, Y
Jonathan FARRER, M, 14, Y
Stephen FARRER, M, 10, Y
Thomas TOMPSON, M, 25, MS, Y


John BANKS, M, 55, Ag Lab, N
Margaret BANKS, F, 50, N
Joseph BANKS, M, 25, Y
Thomas BANKS, M, 20, Y
Margaret WARD, F, 3, Ind, N

Mathew DOVER, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Margaret DOVER, F, 55, N
Joseph DOVER, M, 45, Y
Elizabeth DOVER, F, 25, Y
Matthew DOVER, M, 20, Y
Mary DOVER, F, 15m Y
Jane DOVER, F, 12, Y

Field Gate

John SCOT, M, 55, Joiner, Y
Sarah SCOT, F, 45, Y
Jane SCOT, F, 20, Y
Joseph SCOT, M, 12, Y
Sarah SCOT, F, 10, Y
Nancy SCOT, F, 7, Y
Elizabeth SCOT, F, 4, Y

Bampton Grange

Joseph SIMPSON, M, 50, Ag Lab, Y
Ann SIMPSON, F, 50, Y
Jane SIMPSON, F, 10, Y
Sarah SIMPSON, F, 10, Y

Thomas RICHARDSON, M, 60, Ind, Y
Margaret WILLIAMSON, F, 16, Y

William NICHOLSON, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth NICHOLSON, F, 30, Y
Anthony NICHOLSON, M, 4, Y

John NICHOLSON, M, 65, Tailor, Y
Mary NICHOLSON, F, 45, Y
Mary TEASDALE, F, 15, FS, Y

John JAQUES, M, 47, Farmer, Y
Hanah JAQUES, F, 45, Y
Jonathan JAQUES, M, 15, Y
Thomas JAQUES, M, 10, Y

Richard FALLOWFIELD, M, 45, Ag Lab, Y
Cathrine FALLOWFIELD, F, 15, Y
Richard FALLOWFIELD, M, 10, Y

Peter RUSSEL, M, 59, Ag Lab, N
Ann RUSSEL, F, 60, Y

Jonathan MARTIN, M, 70, Farmer, Y
Mary MARTIN, F, 60, Y
Jonathan MARTIN, M, 30, Y
Nancy MARTIN, F, 25, Y
James MARTIN, M, 20, Y
Susan MARTIN, F, 20, Y
Joseph SEWELL, M, 20, MS, Y
George SLEE, M, 14, MS, N

Jane HOLME, F, 75, Ind, Y
Sarah HOLME, F, 45, Y
Ann HOLME, F, 40, Y
Agnes HOLME, F, 35, Y

John HETHERINGTON, M, 40, Farmer, N
Elizabeth HETHERINGTON, F, 30, N
Thomas YOUNG, M, 25, MS, N
Mary GRISDALE, F, 15, FS, N
Elizabeth HILL, F, 75, Ind, N

William HODGSON, M, 45, Clergyman, Y
Margaret FADDAN, F, 35, FS, S
John PARR, M, 20, Ind, N

Agnes WILSON, 45, Ind, Y

Jane DALTON, F, 40, Grocer, Y
Jane DALTON, F, 2, Y
Sarah MORPHET, F, 9, FS, Y

Robert BURROW, M, 35, Shoe m, Y
Margaret BURROW, F, 35, Y
Robert BURROW, M, 11, Y
Thomas BURROW, M, 8, Y
John BURROW, M, 6, Y
William BURROW, M, 3, Y
Elizabeth BURROW, F, 1, Y
Robert SANDERSON, M, 20, J Shoe m, Y
William SANDERSON, M, 14, Shoe m Ap, Y
Hannah HOOSON, F, 15, FS, Y

Elizabeth BOWSTEAD, F, 60, Ind, Y

John LAMB, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Jane LAMB, F, 50, Y
George LAMB, M, 20, Y
Joseph LAMB, M, 10, Y
Elizabeth LAMB, F, Y, 15
Jane LAMB, F, 12, Y

John THOMPSON, M, 25, Tailor, Y
Ann THOMPSON, F, 25, N
Robert THOMPSON, M, 4, Y
Mary THOMPSON, F, 1, Y

William WILSON, M, 35, Schoolmaster, N
Mary WILSON, F, 25, N
Maria WILSON, F, 2, Y
Jonathan ARCHER, M, 12, Ind, Y
James EDMONDSON, M, 12, Ind, Y

Mill Craggs

Thomas NOBLE, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Ann NOBLE, F, 50, N
John NOBLE, M, 20, Y
Joseph NOBLE, M, 16, Y
Elizabeth DIXON, F, 11, FS, Y
James SOWERBY, M, 16, MS, Y

Scrogs Hall

John NICHOLSON, M, 40, Show m, Y
Elizabeth NICHOLSON, F, 35, Y
William NICHOLSON, M, 7, Y
Elizabeth NICHOLSON, M, 1, Y
Mary RUDD, F, 8, Y

Hullock How

Thomas HALL, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth HALL, F, 65, Y
James HALL, M, 30, Y
Margaret DENISON, F, 15, FS, Y

Thomas ATKINSON, M, 60, Ind, Y
Elizabeth ATKINSON, F, 50, Y
Jane ATKINSON, F, 20, Y
Mary ATKINSON, F, 20, Y
Jane JAQUES, F, 20, FS, Y
Elizabeth MEDCALF, F, 30, Ind, S


John FOULSTONE, M, 65, Farmer, Y
Thomas FOULSTONE, M, 30, Y


John DOCKERA, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Margaret DOCKERA, F, 35, Y
Margaret DOCKERA, F, 8, Y
Agnes DOCKERA, F, 6, Y
Mary DOCKERA, F, 3, Y
Robert DOCKERA, M, 1, Y
Margaret SCOTT, F, 15, FS, Y
William BROWN, M, 13, MS, Y

William HALL, M, 50, Ag Lab, Y
Jane HALL, F, 40, Y
Thomas HALL, M, 10, Y
John HALL, M, 7, Y
James HALL, M, 3, Y

Moora Hill

Richard CHAPLHOW, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Sarah CHAPLHOW, F, 35, Y
Richard CHAPLHOW, M, 9, Y
Thomas CHAPLHOW, M, 8, Y
George CHAPLHOW, M, 6, Y
Isabella CHAPLHOW, F, 1, Y

High How

Thomas NOBLE, M, 65, Ind, Y
Ann NOBLE, F, 65, Y
Nancy NOBLE, F, 40, Y
Elizabeth NOBLE, F, 40, Y
William NOBLE, M, 30, Y
John LAMB, M, 30, MS, Y
Christopher LAMB, M, 25, MS, Y
Joseph LOWIS, M, 20, MS, Y
Stephen CHERRY, M, 14, MS, Y
Elizabeth NOBLE, F, 20, Ind, Y
Mary TURNER, F, 15, FS, Y
Ann LOWERY, F, 35, Ind, Y

Low How

William CHERRY, M, 55, Tailor, Y
Mary CHERRY, F, 20, Y
Elizabeth CHERRY, F, 10, Y
Sarah CHERRY, F, 3, Y
William THOMPSON, M, 8, Ind, Y

High Ruffel

Annas WILKINSON, F, 45, Ind, Y
John BURN, M, 40, MS, Y
John SCOTT, M, 15, MS, Y

Low Rouffel

Noble MOUNSEY, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Ann MOUNSEY, F, 40, Y
Thomas MOUNSEY, M, 15, Y
Elizabeth MOUNSEY, F, 15, Y
Mary MOUNSEY, F, 15, Y
Ann MOUNSEY, F, 10, Y
Jane MOUNSEY, F, 8, Y
Noble MOUNSEY, M, 6, Y
Catherine MOUNSEY, F, 5, Y
William MOUNSEY, M, 4, Y
Isabella MOUNSEY, F, 2, Y
John GARMAN, M, 35, MS, Y
Rachel ION, F, 15, FS, Y
Richard WAKEFIELD, M, 45, MS, Y
William JACKSON, M, 12, MS, Y

Gill Head

Thomas HARRISON, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth HARRISON, F, 35, Y
John HARRISON, M, 12, Y
William HARRISON, M, 10, Y
Richard HARRISON, M, 7, Y
Mary HARRISON, F, 4, Y
David HARRISON, M, 2, Y

Wood Foot

John NOBLE, M, 70, Ind, Y
Elizabeth NOBLE, F, 50, Y
Richard NOBLE, M, 15, Y

Butterwick Cragg

Thomas MOUNSEY, M, 55, Ind, Y
Ann MOUNSEY, F, 55, Y

John MILNER, M, 35, Ag Lab, Y
Mary MILNER, F, 30, Y
Isabella MILNER, F, 11, Y
Deborah MILNER, F, 10, Y
Mary MILNER, F, 4, Y
Sarah MILNER, F, 1, Y

John HART, M, 65, Ag Lab, YBeck Foot

John JAQUES, M, 45, Ag Lab, Y
Isabella JAQUES, F, 20, Y
Ann JAQUES, F, 2, Y
John JAQUES, M, 4 months, Y


John EBDELL, M, 65, Ind, Y
Eleanor EBDELL, F, 65, Y
Ann WILSON, F, 20, FS, Y

George FOULSTONE, M, 55, Ind, Y
Mary COOKSON, F, 20, FS, Y

William FOULSTONE, M, 35, Blacksmith, Y
Agnes FOULSTONE, F, 30, Y
Richard FOULSTONE, M, 4, Y

Thomas HUDSON, M, 55, Ind, Y
John HUDSON, M, 20, Y
Jane HUDSON, F, 25, S
Thomas HUDSON, M, 15, Show m, Y
Richard HUDSON, M, 7 months, Y
Jane GASGARTH, F, 80, Ind, Y
Sarah JACKSON, F, 14, FS, Y

Ann DOCKER, F, 60, Ind, N
Bilhah DOCKER, F, Ind, N


John MARCHELL, M, 80, Ind, N
Elizabeth MARCHELL, F, 80, Ind, N
Esther BANKS, F, 15, FS, Y

Bampton Sheers

Joseph NICHOLSON, M, 50, Ag Lab, Y
Mary NICHOLSON, F, 40, Y
Rachel NICHOLSON, F, 12, Y
Mary NICHOLSON, F, 10, Y

Thomas VIPOND, M, 65, Ind, N
William VIPOND, M, 30, Y
Elizabeth VIPOND, F, 30, Y
Jane VIPOND, F, 20, Y
Mary VIPOND, F, 9, Y

Widwath Mill

Hobson KIRKBRIDE, M, 35, Miller, Y
Sarah KIRKBRIDE, F, 35, Y
Richard KIRKBRIDE, M, 2, Y
Jane KIRKBRIDE, F, 1 month, Y

Helton Dale

William CHERRY, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Ann CHERRY, F, 30, Y
Joseph CHERRY, M, 4, Y
Elizabeth CHERRY, F, 3, Y

George DOBSON, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Sarah DOBSON, F, 30, Y
Jane DOBSON, F, 8, Y
Ann DOBSON, F, 6, Y
Thomas DOBSON, M, 4, Y
Cecilla DOBSON, F, 2, Y

John WINDER, M, 15, Farmer, Y
Jane WINDER, F, 20, Y
Elizabeth WINDER, F, 13, Y
George WINDER, M, 11, Y

Thomas SHERMAN, M, 65, Ind, N
Margaret SIMPSON, F, 35, FS, N
Sarah SIMPSON, F, 11, Y

Dale Foot

John MOUNSEY, M, 50, Farmer, Y
Ann MOUNSEY, F, 50, Y
Thomas MOUNSEY, M, 21, Y
Richard MOUNSEY, M, 15, Y
Elizabeth MOUNSEY, F, 14, Y
Ann MOUNSEY, F, 9, Y

Bampton 2nd Division

Mary JACKSON, F, 45, Ind, Y
Thompson JACKSON, M, 9, Y
Mary JACKSON, F, 3, Y

Jonathan ROWLANDSON, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Margaret ROWLANDSON, F, 25, Y
Thomas ROWLANDSON, M, 7, Y
James ROWLANDSON, M, 8 months, Y
Mary ION, F, 20, FS, Y
Ann ION, F, 4 weeks, Y
John NICHOLSON, M, 10, Y

Michael ROWLANDSON, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Dorathy ROWLANDSON, F, 75, Y
James ROWLANDSON, M, 30, MS, Y
Mary CHAPLEHOW, F, 30, FS, N
Elizabeth JACKSON, F, 30, FS, Y

Joseph ABBOTT, M, 45, Farmer, N
Hannah ABBOTT, F, 40, N
Christopher ABBOTT, M, 14, N
Joseph ABBOTT, M, 10, N
Jane ABBOTT, F, 6, N
John ABBOTT, M, 3, Y
Samuel LUNN, M, 25, FS, Y

John SIMPSON, M, 60, Ag Lab, Y
Isabella SIMPSON, F, 54, Y
Robert WALKER, M, 11, MS, Y


Henry NEVINSON, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Sarah NEVINSON, F, 30, Y
Isabella NEVINSON, F, 4, Y
John NEVINSON, M, 1, Y
John SIMPSON, M, 15, MS, Y
Jonathan RIGG, M, 40, Sch Master, Y
George NEVINSON, M, 20, Ag Lab, Y

Sand Hill, Measand

John JACKSON, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Jane JACKSON, F, 40, Y
Robert JACKSON, M, 9, Y
Jane JACKSON, F, y, Y
William JACKSON, M, 4, Y
Margaret JACKSON, F, 11 months, Y

Measand Becks Hall

Christopher BOWSTEAD, M, 55, Ind, Y
Hannah BOWSTEAD, F, 55, Y
George KEIVLEY, M, 15, Ind, N
Margaret BANKS, F, 15, FS, Y

Thornthwaite Hall

John ABBOTT, M, 50, Farmer, Y
Mary ABBOTT, F, 50, Y
Thomas ABBOTT, M, 26, Y
Christopher ABBOTT, M, 10, Y
John NICHOLSON, M, 30, MS, N
John BAXTER, M, 15, MS, Y
William KINDLYSIDE, M, 25, MS, N
Richard SIMPSON, M, 55, MS, Y
Mary SANDERSON, F, 20, FS, Y
Mary NICHOLSON, F, 10, FS, Y
Ruth LOWRAIN, F, 25, FS, N
William SMITH, M, 15, Y


John DOUTHWAITE, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Margaret DOUTHWAITE, F, 30, Y
Henry DOUTHWAITE, M, 10, Y
Isabella DOUTHWAITE, F, 8, Y
Margaret DOUTHWAITE, F, 5, Y
Agnes DOUTHWAITE, F, 2 months, Y
Thomas KNAGG, M, 20, MS, Y
Abraham STOUT, M, 15, MS, Y
Jane CAPSTICKS, F, 20, FS, Y


William GRAHAM, M, 60, Gamekeeper, Y
Martha GRAHAM, F, 60, Y
Jemima GRAHAM, F, 4, Y

Thornthwaite Hall

Joseph GRAHAM, M, 35, Y
Dorathy GRAHAM, F, 35, N
Robert GRAHAM, M, 10, Y
Mary GRAHAM, F, 8, Y
William GRAHAM, M, 6, Y
John GRAHAM, M, 3, Y
Dorathy GRAHAM, F, 1, Y

East Ward

George MOUNSEY, M, 50, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth MOUNSEY, F, 45, Y
Thomas WILSON, M, 15, Ind, Y
Jane WILSON, F, 12, Ind, Y
John ION, M, 15, MS, Y
Agnes NOBLE, F, 15, FS, Y


Thomas HEADMAN, M, 40, Farmer, N
Mary HEADMAN, F, 35, Y
John HEADMAN, M, 12, Y
Thomas HEADMAN, M, 10, Y
Mary HEADMAN, F, 7, Y
Sarah HEADMAN, F, 5, Y
Elizabeth HEADMAN, F, 3, Y
Eliza HEADMAN, F, 4months, Y
Hannah LOWSON, F, 25, FS, Y
Joseph ABBOTT, M, 45, Ind, Y

Worm How

Joseph SIMPSON, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Mary SIMPSON, F, 70, N
Elizabeth SIMPSON, F, 40, Y
Ann SIMPSON, F, 35, Y
Mary SIMPSON, F, 30, School Mistress, Y
William BOWES, M, 15, MS, Y

Hunger Hill

Ann NOBLE, F, 65, Ind, Y
Thomas LEACH, M, 20, Farmer, N
Isabella LEACH, F, 20, Y
Charles LEACH, M, 1, Y
George PEARSON, M, 70, Ind, Y

Denny Hill

William LANGHORN, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Sarah LANGHORN, F, 45, N
Dawson CLEG, M, 50, Ind, N
James BURTON, M, 50, Ind, N

Sarah POOLEY, F, 70, Y

Wheat Close Cottage

Sarah WHARTON, F, 55, Ind, Y
Ann WHARTON, F, 25, Y

Mary WILKINSON, F, 60, Ind, Y

Gate Foot

Joseph CASTLEY, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth CASTLEY, F, 30, Y
Elizabeth CASTLEY, F, 8, Y
Jane CASTLEY, F, 7, Y
Mary CASTLEY, F, 4, Y
Joseph CASTLEY, M, 6 months, N

Joseph SIMPSON, M, 60, Ag Lab, Y
Jane SIMPSON, F, 35, N
William DIXON, M, 10, N

Gate Foot

Mathew THOMPSON, M, 65, Farmer, Y
Ann THOMPSON, F, 65, Y
Mathew THOMPSON, M, 40, Y
Ruth MATTINSON, F, 100, Ind, Y


William ROWLANDSON, M, 45, Ind, Y
Margaret ROWLANDSON, F, 40, Y
Thomas ROWLANDSON, M, 2, Y
Sarah HARRISON, F, 15, FS, Y
Deborah MILLER, F, 70, Y

William GREENHOW, M, 35, Tailor, Y
Ann GREENHOW, F, 35, Y
Thomas GREENHOW, M, 11, Y
Elizabeth GREENHOW, F, 10, Y
John GREENHOW, M, 6, Y
Margaret GREENHOW, F, 4, Y
William GREENHOW, M, 3 months, Y
James BRUNSKILL, M, 20, Tailor Ap, Y
Thomas GRIG, M, 75, Ind, Y

Joseph UBANK, M, 30, Joiner, Y
Isabella UBANK, F, 25, Y
Noble UBANK, M, 5, Y
Joseph UBANK, M, 2, Y
Nancy UBANK, F, 1 month, Y
Margery HALL, F, 15, FS, Y
Peter CASTLEY, M, 18, Joiner Ap, Y
William WINDER, M, 15, Joiner Ap, Y

George JAQUES, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Mary JAQUES, F, 30, Y
Mary JAQUES, F, 7, Y
Esther JAQUES, F, 5, Y
Anthony JAQUES, M, 8 months, Y

William WHARTON, M, 45, Shoe m, Y
Mary WHARTON, F, 50, Y
David WHARTON, M, 9, Y
Henry WHARTON, M, 6, Y
Septimus WHARTON, M, 3, Y

John TINKLER, M, 40, Ind, Y
Mary TINKLER, F, 80, Y
Mary CAPSTICKS, F, 20, FS, Y
William BAXTER, M, 15, MS, Y

Mary ROWLANDSON, F, 65, Ind, Y
James CHAPLEHOW, M, 3, Y
Isaac DIXON, M, 50, Ind, Y

Thomas STODDART, M, 35, Publican, Y
Elizabeth STODDART, F, 35, Y
Thomas STODDART, M, 10, Y
John STODDART, M, 4, Y


Francis NICHOLSON, M, 20, Blacksmith, Y
Emma NICHOLSON, F, 20, Y

George SANDERSON, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y
Agnes SANDERSON, F, 25, N
Henry SANDERSON, M, 1, Y

John NICHOLSON, M, 50, Ag Lab, Y
Ann BROWN, F, 35, Widow, N
Ann BROWN, F, 30, Y
Henry BROWN, M, 8, Y
Thomas BROWN, M, 6, Y
Robert BROWN, M, 2, Y
Mary BROWN, F, 1, Y

John SANDERSON, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth SANDERSON, F, 20, Y
Jonathan SANDERSON, M, 3, Y
Jane SANDERSON, F, 6 months, Y

John MOFFAT, M, 70, Miller, Y
Mary MOFFAT, F, 60, Y
John MOFFAT, M, 25, Y
Ann MOFFAT, F, 20, Y

Dinah WINDER, F, 55, Ind, N

Riggondale, Mardale

Thomas GREENHOW, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Jane GREENHOW, F, 35, Y
William GREENHOW, M, 10, Y
John GREENHOW, M, 9, Y
Thomas GREENHOW, M, 7, Y
George GREENHOW, M, 5, Y
Dorothy GREENHOW, F, 3, Y
Jane GREENHOW, F, 1, Y

Whitton, Mardale

Robert RICHARDSON, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Margaret RICHARDSON, F, 30, N
Margaret RICHARDSON, F, 10, Y
Thomas RICHARDSON, M, 1, Y
Mary NICHOLSON, F, 20, FS, N

John BLAND, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth BLAND, F, 25, Y
William BLAND, M, 8, Y
Nathan BLAND, M, 5, Y
Joseph BLAND, M, 1, Y
Thomas PATTINSON, M, 20, MS, Y

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