Clifton 1841 Census Transcript


Transcription by household of the 1841 Census for the Hundred, Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of West Ward, Parish of Clifton [HO107/1162] by Virginia Gretton.

Abbreviations: Ag (agricultural), Ap (apprentice), F (female), Ind (living on independent means), FS (female servant), I (born in Ireland), J (journeyman), Lab (labourer), M (male), MS (male servant), N (born in a county other than Westmorland), NK (not known)S (born in Scotland), Sh (shopkeeper), Shoe m (shoemaker),
Y (born in Westmorland). Figures indicate age in years unless otherwise stated.


John COPLEY, M, 45, Farmer, Y
James COPLEY, M, 21, Y
Mary NICHOLSON, F, 26, FS, Y
George WESLOP, M, 26, MS, N
Hannah SCOTT, F, 17, FS, N

William WAITING, M, 37, Ag Lab, Y
Maria WAITING, F, 30, I
James WAITING, M, 13, Y
John WAITING, M, 11, Y
William WAITING, M, 6, Y
Charles WAITING, M, 3, Y
Robert WAITING, M, 11 months, Y

Michael DAND, M, 32, Rector of Clifton, N
Ann KILNER, F, 50, FS, Y

John TOMPSON, M, 20, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth TOMPSON, F, 20, Y
Jane TOMPSON, F, 18 weeks, Y

Thomas COLLIN, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Mary COLLIN, F, 45, Y
John COLLIN, M, 17, N
Thomas COLLIN, M, 13, Y
George COLLIN, M, 11, Y
Jonathon COLLIN, M, 6, Y

Mary BARTON, F, 60, Ind, Y

William BARR, M, 36, Shoe m, N

John WILLS, M, 87, Ind, Y
Frances WILLS, F, 85, N

William LEGGIT, M, 25, Joiner, N
Jane LEGGIT, F, 22, Y
John LEGGIT, M, 2 months, Y

William ELLIOTT, M, 70, Carpenter, Y
Elizabeth ELLIOTT, F, 70, N
Christopher ELLIOTT, M, 48, Carpenter, Y
James ELLIOTT, M, 16, Y
Ann ELLIOTT, F, 14, Y
John ELLIOTT, M, 11, Y

Mary WAITING, F, 70, Publican, Y
Sarah WAITING, F, 26, Y
Mary WAITING, F, 6 months, Y

John COULSTON, M, 72, Weaver, Y
Esther SMITH, F, 73, FS, Y

John BATMAN, M, 50, Publican, N
Alice BATMAN, F, 40, N
Sarah BATMAN, F, 12, Y
Joseph BATMAN, M, 9, Y
Christopher BATMAN, M, 8, Y
Elizabeth BATMAN, M, 70, Ind, N

Frances GRAHAM, F, 77, Ind, N
Cathrine JACKSON, F, 47, N
Sarah LANTHN, F, 10, FS, Y

George COLLIN, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Esther COLLIN, F, 30, Y
Mary COLLIN, F, 8 months, Y
Mary TINKLOR, F, 32, Ind, Y
John COLLIN, M, 30, MS, Y
Jane BATTIE, F, 22, FS, Y
Elizabeth CANNON, F, 20, FS, Y
Mary GOULDING, F, 18, FS, Y
Sarah HARVEY, F, 18, FS, Y

John BAILEY, M, 25, Shoe m, Y
Elizabeth BAILEY, F, 19, Y
Ann BAILEY, F, 2, Y
Thomas BAILEY, M, 4 months, Y

William LANCASTER, M, 60, Ag Lab, Y
Jane LANCASTER, F, 14, Y

Thomas WORKMAN, M, 75, Y
Thomas WORKMAN, M, 30, Y
Lucy WORKMAN, F, 40, Y
Mary WORKMAN, F, 25, Y
Marget BELL, F, 20, FS, Y

Mary WALKER, F, 60, Ind, Y

William KERSHAW, M, 39, Blacksmith, Y
Lydia KERSHAW, F, 35, Y
David CAMBELL, M, 15, Blacks Ap, Y
Thomas ATKINSON, M, 9, Blacks Ap, Y

Richard SARGINSON, M, 39, Stone Mason, Y
John SARGINSON, M, 10, Y
Anthonie SARGINSON, M, 8, Y
Margaret SARGINSON, F, 5, Y
Isabella SARGINSON, F, 6 months, Y

Sarah BARR, F, 60, Publican, N
Henry BARR, M, 18, Y
Charlotte BARR, F, 22, N
Joseph HERRING, M, 22, Lodger crossed out, N
Joseph WILSON, M, 21, Lodger, N

Thomas BLACKLOCK, M, 69, Husbandman, N
Elizabeth BLACKLOCK, F, 68, N
Mary SIMPSON, F, 30, Widow crossed out, Y
Thomas SIMPSON, M, 9, Y
Mary SIMPSON, F, 7, Y
Jane SIMPSON, F, 3, Y
Robert SIMPSON, M, 1, Y

George CLARK, M, 58, Weaver, N
Mary CLARK, F, 47, N
William DICKINSON, M, 60, Ind, Y
Elizabeth ALLISON, F, 52, Ind, Y
George, ALLISON, M, 15, Shoe m Ap

Mary DICKINSON, F, 55, Farmer, Y
Margaret DICKINSON, F, 30, Y
John DICKINSON, M, 25, Y
Mary DICKINSON, F, 25, Y
Dorathy DICKINSON, F, 14, Y
Elizabeth ROBINSON, F, 30, Ind, Y
Joseph SCOT, M, 20, MS, Y
John MOSES, M, 65, MS, Y

John ABBOT, M, 35, Joiner, Y
Jane ABBOT, F, 20, Y

Esther WILSON, M, 60, Ag Lab, Y
[aged definitely entered in male column]
Jane WILSON, F, 70, Y
James WILSON, M, 30, Carpenter, Y
Ann WILSON, F, 30, Y
Francis WILSON, F, 11 months, Y

Sarah SANDERSON, F, 45, Labourer, Y
William SANDERSON, M, 15, Y
Sarah SANDERSON, F, 12, Y
Robert SANDERSON, M, 10, Y
Henry SANDERSON, M, 4, Y

John HOLMES, M, 50, Ag Lab, N

Robert IRVING, M, 60, farmer, Y
Ann IRVING, F, 60, Y
Joseph IRVING, M, 23, Y
John IRVING, M, 12, Y
Elizabeth WATSON, F, 19, FS, Y

William HOGARTH, M, 36, Solicitor, Y
Mary HOGARTH, F, 35, N
William HOGARTH, M, 12, Y
Crestance HOGARTH, F, 5, N
Ralph HOGARTH, M, 3, N
Mary HOGARTH, F, 2, N
John HOGARTH, M, 6 months, Y
Marget LOWTHIAN, F, 24, FS, Y
Sarah RIGG, F, 22, FS, Y

John YARKER, M, 25, Stone Mason, N
Agnes YARKER, F, 25, N
Joseph YARKER, M, 5, N
Thomas YARKER, M, 3, N
John YARKER, M, 1, Y
Ann STAMPER, F, 13, FS, N
George WINTER, M, 65, Farmer, Y
Mary WINTER, F, 65, Y
Elizabeth WINTER, F, 25, Y
Sarah COPLEY, F, 9, FS, Y
NK, abv 20, N

George FALLOWFIELD, M, 25, Joiner, Y
Frances FALLOWFIELD, F, 20, Y
Lowther FALLOWFIELD, M, 5, Y

James McKIE, M, 36, S
Isabella McKIE, F, 40, Y
John McKIE, M, 12, Y
William McKIE, M, 11, Y
James McKIE, M, 8, Y
Thomas McKIE, M, 5, Y
Andrew McKIE, M, 3, Y
Alexander McKIE, M, 7 months, Y

Henry WILKINSON, M, 45, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth WILKINSON, F, 40, N
Robert WILKINSON, M, 9, N
Isaac WILKINSON, M, 5, N
Mary WILKINSON, F, 6 months, Y

William SCOT, M, 48, Ag Lab, Y
Mary SCOT, F, 45, Y
William SCOT, M, 18, Y
Sarah SCOT, F, 7, Y
Thomas SCOT, M, 5, Y

Thomas, WILLS, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Sarah WILLS, F, 40, N
Ann WILLS, F, 10, N

William FELL, M, 80, Ind, Y
Dorothy FELL, F, 80, Y
Edward FELL, M, 40, Y
Mary RIGG, F, 22, FS, Y

James ELLIOTT, M, 55, Carpenter, Y
Esther ELLIOTT, F, 40, Y
Ann ELLIOTT, F, 25, Y
James ELLIOTT, M, 15, Y
Frances ELLIOTT, F, 13, Y

Mary BELL, F, 48, Ind, Y
Mary BELL, F, 27, Y
Ann BELL, F, 5, Y
Joseph BELL, M, 1, Y
Charles SARGINSON, M, 80, Ind, N
Robert WALKER, M, 9, Y
John WALKER, M, 3, Y
Margaret ROBINSON, F, 3, Y

James SHAW, M, 52, Ind, Y
Dawson NOBLE, M, 36, Painter, Y

George RICHARDSON, M, 33, Farmer, Y
Sarah RICHARDSON, F, 38, Y
Mary ROBINSON, F, 15, Y

Francis BAILEY, M, 55, Farmer, Y
Mary BAILEY, F, 25, Y
William BAILEY, M, 11, Y
Thomas GILSON, M, 20, MS, Y

John JACK, M, 61, Farmer, Y
Margaret JACK, F, 59, N
Joseph JACK, M, 24, Y
William JACK, M, 22, Shoe m J, Y
John JACK, M, 18, Tailor Ap, Y
George JACK, M, 13, Y
Sarah JACK, F, 25, Y
Frances JACK, F, 16, Y

Tarn Hill

John ROBINSON, M, 30, Y
Isabella ROBINSON, F, 35, Y
Joseph WALKER, M, 30, Schoolmaster, Y
Thomas COULSTON, M, 20, MS, Y
Marget BROWN, F, 18, FS, Y

Clifton Moor

James WILLS, M, 35, Farmer, N
Mary WILLS, F, 25, N
William WILLS, M, 7, N
Thomas WILLS, M, 5, N
John WILLS, M, 3, N
Margaret WILLS, F, 1, N
Mary STOUT, F, 75, Ind, N

James ATKINSON, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Margaret ATKINSON, F, 40, Y
Ann ATKINSON, F, 17, Y
Robert ATKINSON, M, 16, Y
William ATKINSON, M, 12, Y
Margaret ATKINSON, F, 11, Y
Agness ATKINSON, F, 8, Y
Frances ATKINSON, F, 1, Y
Michael RICHARDSON, M, 21, MS, Y
William STEPHENSON, M, 19, MS, Y
Isabella BROWN, F, 20, FS, Y

Robert JAMES, M, 70, Farmer, N
Mary JAMES, F, 66, Y
Elizabeth JAMES, F, 20, N
John ROBINSON, M, 25, FS, Y
Mary ROBINSON, F, 25, FS, Y
Mary ROBINSON, F, 3 days, Y

Brown How

Wilm KIRKPATRICK, M, 50, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, F, 45, Y
Cathrine KIRKPATRICK, F, 14, Y
Alexander STEWARDSON, M, 20, MS, Y
Robert HOWS, M, 20, MS, Y
Robert HANSON, M, 14, MS, Y
Thomas SWAINSON, M, 20, MS, Y

Christopher ABBOT, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Joseph ABBOT, M, 40, Y
Hannah ABBOT, F, 35, Y
Mary ABBOT, F, 30, Y
Ann ABBOT, F, 30, Y
Jane ABBOT, F, 25, Y
Joseph BIRD, M, 20, MS, N
Joseph COULSTON, M, 19, MS, Y

Tarn Hill

Jane ROBINSON, F, 50, Hind, Y
George ROBINSON, M, 9, Y

Benjamin PARKINSON, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Isabella PARKINSON, F, 50, Y
Jonathan PARKINSON, M, 25, Y
Isabella PARKINSON, F, 5, Y

Mary TINKLER, F, 70, Hind, Y

James KITCHEN, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Jane KITCHEN, F, 25, Y
Elinnor KITCHEN, F, 2, Y
Ann KITCHEN, F, 1, Y
James KITCHEN, M, 80, Y
Ann KITCHEN, F, 60, Y
James KITCHEN, M, 20, MS, Y
James GOOD, M, 14, MS, Y
Charlet OSTLEY, M, 20, FS, Y

Whinny Rigg

William JAMES, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Hannah JAMES, F, 25, Y
NK, M, 3 weeks, Y
Joseph THOMPSON, M, 15, MS, Y

Elizabeth GILL, F, 20, FS, N

John MOUNSEY, M, 45, Game Keeper, Y
Agness MOUNSEY, F, 39, Y
Thomas MOUNSEY, M, 14, Y
Agness MOUNSEY, F, 8, Y
Ann MOUNSEY, F, 7, Y
John MOUNSEY, M, 4, Y
Mary MOUNSEY, F, 2, Y
Isabella HOGARTH, F, 80, Ind, Y


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