1881 Census of Lupton, Westmorland


A Summary

Page 1
Lupton Row: James FLETCHER, wife, 6 children
Row: Thomas SHAW, wife, father (ROBINSON), servant (AKRIGG)
Low Row: Thomas GARDNER, wife, 5 children
Pant End: John DODGSON, wife, brother, daughter, son, 4 children, father-in-law (FALLON), 4 servants (PROCTOR, TALLON, THORNBURROW, ALLEN)

Page 2
Askrigg Green: Thomas ROBINSON, child, daughter & 2 granddaughters (BENTHAM), servant (WILSON)
Askrigg Green Cottage: James KYLE, wife, 2 children
Green Side: Robert LAMBERT, wife, granddaughter (SWAINBANK), 2 servants (ALDERN, PARK)

Page 3
Carlingwha: Thomas MIDDLETON, wife, son, 3 children
Lupton Hall: George DODGSON, wife, grandson (SMITH), 4 servants (MASON, ATKINSON, ALLEN, WILSON), boarder (CHADWICK)
Lupton Hall Cottage: Mrs. SANDERSON, granddaughter
Lupton Hall Cottage: UNINHABITED
School Cottage: Ellen SIMPSON
Thornbarrow: Robert ARMISTEAD, wife, daughter, child

Page 4
Thompsons Fold: Richard COWIN, wife, 4 children, 4 servants (BECK, GARDNER, KENDAL, CROSS)
Foul Stone: Birkett BENSON, wife, 2 children, 5 servants (ATKINSON, HODGSON, NELSON, SHAW, CAPSTIC)
Foul Stone Cottage: John BENSON, wife
Lupton High: Thomas MASON, wife, 4 children, 2 servants (MUSCHAMP, CLEMENT), mother-in-law (DUGDALE)

Page 5
Smithy Cottage: Henry GILLOE, 2 sisters (GILLOE, GREN)
Smithy Cottage: Agnes DOWBIGGIN, 5 children
Smithy Cottage: Mary BEWSHER, son, daughter
Smithy House: James JACKSON, wife, apprentice (BOWSKILL)
Lupton Mill: Gilber HAYHURST, wife, daughter

Page 6
Green Lane End: James PARKIN, wife, 6 children, 2 servants (LISHMAN, STRICKLAND)
Tarn Side: William BALSHAW, sister
(Unnamed Place): George BARGH, wife, 3 daughters, 1 son, 2 children, 2 servants (FISHER, WRIGHT)
Cow Brow: James RICHARDSON, wife, child, uncle (BRACHEN)

Page 7
Plough Inn: John BENSON, wife, son-in-law, daughter, and grandson (all three BARROW), 2 servants (HAMSON, WATSON), boarder (FOX), 2 visitors (both BATSON)
Spring Field: Jane BARKER, child
Cow Brow: Simon TAYLOR, wife, 2 children
Cow Brow: James ECCLES, wife, daughter
Cow Brow: William GARNETT, wife, 2 boarders (both STOTT)

Page 8
Cow Brow: Thomas BOOTH, wife, 4 children
Fell End: William NELSON, wife, son, daughter, grandson, servant (ALLEN)
Brow Foot: John GARNETT
Brow Foot: John SQUIRES
Brow Foot: Robinson HODGSON, wife, 4 children
Brow Foot: Agnes WILSON
Brow Foot: Christopher SHEPHERD, wife, child

Page 9
Crab Tree: George TAYLOR, wife, 3 children, 2 servants (TAYLOR, GUY)
Fell House: William NELSON, wife, 5 children
Low Fell House: Jane WILSON, son, 3 children
Middle Fell House: Thomas DODGSON, 2 servants (SIMPSON, JACKSON)
Kitridding: R.H. RICHARDSON, wife, son, niece, servant (DODDING)

Please note:
The terms son, daughter, and children are used as follows: son and daughter refer to children (of the head of household) who are 18 or older. The generic term "children" refers to those 17 and under. All surnames are the same as the head of household, unless otherwise specified in ALL CAPS (in parentheses).

Surname Index:
AKRIGG, Row, 1
ALDERN, Green Side, 2
ALLEN, Pant End, 1
ALLEN, Lupton Hall, 3
ALLEN, Fell End, 8
ARMISTEAD, Thornbarrow, 3
ATKINSON, Lupton Hall, 3
ATKINSON, Foul Stone, 4
BALSHAW, Tarn Side, 6
BARGH, Unnamed Place, 6
BARKER, Spring Field, 7
BARROW, Plough Inn, 7
BATSON, Plough Inn, 7
BECK, Thompsons Fold, 4
BENSON, Foul Stone, 4
BENSON, Foul Stone Cottage, 4
BENSON, Plough Inn, 7
BENTHAM, Askrigg Green, 2
BEWSHER, Smithy Cottage, 5
BOOTH, Cow Brow, 8
BOWSKILL, Smithy House, 5
BRACHEN, Cow Brow, 6
CAPSTIC, Foul Stone, 4
CHADWICK, Lupton Hall, 3
CLEMENT, Lupton High, 4
COWIN, Thompsons Fold, 4
CROSS, Thompsons Fold, 4
DODDING, Kitridding, 9
DODGSON, Pant End, 1
DODGSON, Lupton Hall, 3
DODGSON, Middle Fell House, 9
DOWBIGGIN, Smithy Cottage, 5
DUGDALE, Lupton High, 4
ECCLES, Cow Brow, 7
FALLON, Pant End, 1
FISHER, (Unnamed Place), 6
FLETCHER, Lupton Row, 1
FOX, Plough Inn, 7
GARDNER, Low Row, 1
GARDNER, Thompsons Fold, 4
GARNETT, Cow Brow, 7
GARNETT, Brow Foot, 8
GILLOE, Smithy Cottage, 5
GREN, Smithy Cottage, 5
GUY, Crab Tree, 9
HAMSON, Plough Inn, 7
HAYHURST, Lupton Mill, 5
HODGSON, Foul Stone, 4
HODGSON, Brow Foot, 8
JACKSON, Smithy House, 5
JACKSON, Middle Fell House, 9
KENDAL, Thompsons Fold, 4
KYLE, Askrigg Green Cottage, 2
LAMBERT, Green Side, 2
LISHMAN, Green Lane End, 6
MASON, Lupton Hall, 3
MASON, Lupton High, 4
MIDDLETON, Carlingwha, 3
MUSCHAMP, Lupton High, 4
NELSON, Foul Stone, 4
NELSON, Fell End, 8
NELSON, Fell House, 9
PARK, Green Side, 2
PARKIN, Green Lane End, 6
PROCTOR, Pant End, 1
RICHARDSON, Kitridding, 9
ROBINSON, Askrigg Green, 2
SANDERSON, Lupton Hall Cottage, 3
SHAW, Row, 1
SHAW, Foul Stone, 4
SHEPHERD, Brow Foot, 8
SIMPSON, School Cottage, 3
SIMPSON, Middle Fell House, 9
SMITH, Lupton Hall, 3
SQUIRES, Brow Foot, 8
STOTT, Cow Brow, 7
STRICKLAND, Green Lane End, 6
SWAINBANK, Green Side, 2
TALLON, Pant End, 1
TAYLOR, Cow Brow, 7
TAYLOR, Crab Tree, 9
WATSON, Plough Inn, 7
WILSON, Askrigg Green, 2
WILSON, Lupton Hall, 3
WILSON, Brow Foot, 8
WILSON, Low Fell House, 9
WRIGHT, Unnamed Place, 6

Uninhabited Locations:
Lupton Hall Cottage, 3 (one of two)
Lupton Villa, 3
Borrans, 3
Lupton Tower, 6

This information was compiled by Diane E. Speake Main
from Family History Resource File CDs of the 1881 Census.
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Last revised 08 February 2000.