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Monumental Inscriptions
Westmorland Church Notes. E. Bellasis 1888-9
transcribed by Sarah Reveley and team of Rootsweb Westmorland Listmembers

*  Mr. Bellasis first visited Morland with the Cumberland and Westmorland
Archælogical Society in 1875, and took a few inscriptions, and then again
17th August, 1886, with Mr. Crump. Mr. Matthew Gask and Captain Francis
Markham have most kindly gone over the ground and added to and corrected the
work of 1875 and 1886 up to June, 1889. "In the church there is a slab with
the matrix of a brass, but the brass has disappeared. In the churchyard
there is a headstone in a like state, and also another on the S. side of the
church and four altar tombs near the E. end, the inscriptions on which are
totally illegible." (Mr. Crump.)
  † On other pews here belonging to the Lord of the manor of Newby are
initials R- H.F.C.-R.K.-R.K.-T.H.-R. W .-J.D.-R. Y.-J. W.- T.H.-R.E.-T .
  One intramural inscription is hidden by pews, thus :- In this parish 2
Yeares His . . . S . . .
  Again, for example, outside E. of the church can be read this much
:-Sacred to the memory of .  .  . Oct.  . . .  AI . . .  RA Feb. . . . ED .
. . . TO. . . .T W
  An account of this church appears in the Kendal Mercury for 19th June,


A  .   .    .
  (N. altar tomb, now (1889) removed.  On pew S. transept).  R. A. A.1736.†
A  .   .    .
  (S).  R.A. 1862.  (See note, end of section).
  (S. altar tomb).  Near this place lie the Bodies of Robert Addison of
King.s Meaburn . . . April . . . Christopher. . . their Son. . . aged 72.
Elizabeth. . . Robert. . . . son who d. . . . Aged . . . Ann. . . Robert
Addison Son of the above Christopher Addison d. February the 29, 1788, Aged
  (S).  To m. Christopher Addison, junr., of Wickerfield who d. May 15th
1791 Aged 30 Y. And Ann Addison his wife who d. Jany. 17th 1791 Aged 29 Y.
Also Thomas Addison an Infant their son who d Jany. 1st 1788. And John
Addison their son who d. April 11, 1788 Aged 5 Y.
  (S).  S. to m. lay (sic) Interred the Remains of four Daughters of
Christopher and Elizabeth Addison of Wickerfield, viz : Peggy who D. April
the l0th 1772 Aged 8. Elizabeth who D. October the 7th 1772 Aged 14. Peggy
who D. July the 2nd 1787 Aged 7. Mary who D. August the 6th 1788 Aged 17.
(Other side.) Dinah the dr. of the said Christopher & Elizabeth Addison who
d. January the 18th 1790 aged 21.
  (N. cross rail).  I.H.S. S. m. Emilie Rose wife of Robert Addison of the
Friary and King's Meaburn. B. Sep. 11, 1812, d. Oct. 1, 1862. Also of Robert
Addison of the Friary and King's Meaburn. B. June 18, 1790, d. Feb. 21,
1880. Thy will be done.
  (S).  In m. John Addison of King’s Meaburn who d. December 16, 1830, aged
81 y. Isabella Moss his ,wife d. December 18, 1813. aged 60 y. Robert their
only son d. April 10, 1837, aged 55 y. Margaret his wife d. April 19, 1871,
aged 69 y. Rachel their da. d. May 31, 1871, aged 45 y. Isabella d. April
18, 1867, aged 34 y, Peggy d. November 24, 1871, aged 36 y.
  (In. S. transept, E).  Erected in m. Robert Addison, Esqre. of Crossrigg
Hall, son of Christopher & Elizabeth Addison of Wickerfield in this parish.
B. 18th October 1775. D. 6th April 1862. Arms.- Ermine, on bend gu, 3
annulets ar.  on chief az. 3 leopards faces of the 3rd. Crest.-Unicorn's
head erased, transfixed by arrow in bend sinister. Motto.-Esto quod esse
  (S).  In m. William Airey who d. Augst. 21st 1785 aged 66. Isabel Airey
his wife who d. Augst, 9th 1785 aged 73. John Airey who d. Augst. 20th 1812
aged 62. Revd. William Airey who d. July 11th 1816 aged 61. Elizabeth Airey
who d. March 14th 1831  aged 78. Betty wife of John Airey who d. Feb. 17th
1836 aged 68. John son of John Airey who d. June 4th 1808 aged 2.
  (N. altar tomb, 1875, now, 1889, removed). F.B,.A.25 Novr. 1864 (i.e., F.
B. Atkinson).
  (In. brass).  In m. Francis Baring Atkinson of Morland Hall, Esq. Deputy
Lieutenant & a Magistrate for the Counties of Cumberland & Westmorland who
d. Novr. 25, 1864 an: æt: 59. Also of Ellen Frances his wife who d. at
Hastings May 11th 1870 & was buried there.
  (S. altar tomb, with 3 small brasses).  H. S. J. Gulielmus & Margareta
Atkinson De Low Hall Qui Nomen a Majoribus derivatum Humane quantum! suis
Virtutibus Illustrabant : Quam boni dicant Vicini recolentes: Quam chari
Cognati desiderantes : Quam pii Liberi lugentes.
Suis supremum valedixit.

Hæc.                                                 July: 31 1775 æt: 81.
Ille                                                     Feb: 21 1781 æt:
Hoc Pietatis & Mæroris Monumentum P. Christopherus Atkinson.
  (2).  To m. Richard Atkinson, M.A., (Hill MSS.) grandson of the above. He
was born at Wakefield in Yorkshire and d. at Musgrave in this County on the
29th of January 1832, of which Parish he was 21 Y. Rector, aged 69. (3). To
record an Example of unaffected Piety & of every social Virtue worthy of
Imitation by Posterity This Monument is erected to the Memory of William
Camplin of Newby who d. Nov. 27th 1787 Aged 76 by his Relict Frances Camplin
whom nothing could separate but Death.
  (N. rail replacing altar tomb p. 192).  Until the day break and the
shadows flee away. To the dear memory of Francis Baring Atkinson Esquire of
Morland Hall who d. at Morland, Novr. 25th 1864, aged 59Y. Also of Ellen
Frances Atkinson widow of the above who d. at St. Leonards-on-Sea, May 11th
1870 and was buried there. Also of George Atkinson Esquire their eldest son
who d. at San Remo in Italy, March 3rd, 1874 and was buried there. Blessed
are the dead which die in the Lord for they rest from their labours.
  (N. rails).  Mary Jane Atkinson d. 6th Septr. 1872 aged 23 y. The maid is
not dead but sleepeth.
  (N). In a. r. Thomas Atkinson who d. Novr. 4th 1873 aged 72 y. Also of
Catherine his wife who d. March 27th, 1879 aged 76 y. Also of their daus.
Mary who d. January 23rd 1831 aged 3 y. Catherine who d. May 1st 1859 aged
20 y. Margaret wife of G. T. Wainwright who d, September 30th 1883 aged 51
y. Sarah wife of J. Storey who d. February 12th 1885 aged 43 y.
B  .  .  .  .
  (S).  In m. Ann B . . .
B  .  .  .  .
  (E).  M. 13. 1746. (See note at end of section).
  (In).  Prope hunc locum jacet Corpus Edvardi Backhouse de Morland Armig:
qui Obiit 15 die Janrij. Anno Salutis 1745 et Aetatis Suæ 86. Honeste
'vixit, Neminem Læsit, Cuique Suum tribuit, et hic Requiescit. In spe
Resurrectionis Ad gloriam Sempiternam. Vivit post funera virtus.
  (S. wall of chancel).  s. m. Jane the widow of Robt. Backhouse of the
Parish of Aldingham in the County of Lancaster. She came to reside with Mary
Her Da. Married to the Vicar of Morland. but survived her Journey only a few
Days & d. June ye 4th 1787 Aged 78 Y.
  (S. wall of chancel).  S, m. Mary Daur. of the late Jane Backhouse of
Leece and Widow of the Rev. John Jackson late Vicar of Morland who d. at
Workington 6th May 1815 aged 70 y.
  (N) . In a. r. James Balmer of Morland who d. Feb. 26th 1881 aged 59 y.
Also of Eleanor his wife who d, July 4th 1865 aged 41 y. Lost to Sight, to
Memory ever dear,
  (E. wall of s. transept. 2 brasses).  In m. Matthew Betham of Towcet,
Agent to the Earl & Countess of Suffolk for the Manor of Newby in this
Parish who d. xxviii. Aug: MDCCXCV. Aged lxx. Y. Also Sarah his Wife who d,
iv. September MDCCXCIX. Aged lxxxiii. Y.
The Toils of Life, the Pangs of Death are o'er,
And Care, & Pain, & Sickness are no more.
2.  Also of John Betham Son of the above Matthew who d. April 25th 1811 Aged
50 Y. Also of Elizabeth Da.. of the above named Matthe~ Betham who d. May
17th 1825 aged 73 y. Also of John Betham Son of the above John who d. Sepr.
23rd 1830 aged 30 y. Also Elizabeth Wife of the Above John Betham who d.
March 27th 1864 aged 94 y.
  (N. obelisk).  In m. Matthew Betham of Towcett, gentleman, who d, April
24, 1863, aged 65 y, Also of Edward his son who d. April 5. 1858, aged 5 y.
  (N. calvary cross).  I.H.S. In l. m. Sarah Betham of Towcett who d. at
Temple Sowerby Nov. 1st 1880 aged 78 y. " We look for the resurrection of
the dead and the life of the world to come."
  (E. Obelisk).  To m. Christopher Bird of Birdby who d. Nov. 17, 1814 aged
88 y. Margaret his Wife, Da. of Revd. D. Brocklebank who d. Aug. 20, 1822
aged 82 y. Eleanor their da. who d. July 4 1842 aged 71y. (2nd side). To m.
Ralph Bird of Sockenber, Son of Christopher Bird of Birdby, who d. Dec. 6,
1859 aged 88 y. Elizabeth his wife who d. Feb. 4, 1868 aged 83 y. Sarah
their Da. who d. Jan. 3, 1832 aged 15 y. Eleanor their Da. who d. Mar. 3,
1836 aged 13 y. (3rd side.) To m. Christopher Bird son of Ralph Bird,
Sockenber, Fell. of St. Joh. Coll., Cam., who d. Sep. 3, 1846, aged 26 y.
  (S. Porch).  Near this place lies Interred the Body of John Bird of
Sleagill who D. J anuaryl8th 1778 Aged 84. Also his Wife Deborah who D,
March the 11th 1793 Aged 77 y.
  (N).  In m. John Blacklin of Walk Mill who d. July 3rd 1869 Aged 73 y.
Also lsabella his Wife who d. Aug. 8th 1819 aged 75 y.
  (N). To m. Richard Blackstock of Greengill Bank, who d. March 31st 1861
aged 80 y. Also Hannah his wife who d. January 28th 1869 aged 94 y.
  (W).  S. m. Jane Wife of Thomas Bland of Newby who d. l. January 27th 1825
aged 39 y. Also the above-named Thomas Bland who d. at Knock on the 2nd of
June 1850 in the 80th y. of his age.
  (W).  In m. Mary wife of Henry Sayer of Close Houses and da. of Thomas
Bland late of Knock who d. l. Octr. 26th 1854 in the 38th y. of her age.
Also of Thomas her infant son , who d. Novr. 4th 1854 aged three weeks.
  (W)  In m. Robert Bland late of Knock , who d. January 2, 1866 aged 44 y.
Life's little day will soon be o'er,
When we shall meet to part no more.
  (Brass in vestry;on one side a knight & his son, the larger figure nearly
gone. Inscription at foot on other side). John Blythe lyvd here vycar of
this church by the space of xxxv y. xiiii days, and d. l(yfe) the xvi day of
January in the y. of Our Lord God MCCCCCLXII on whose soule Jesu have mercy.
Amen. {Kendal Mercury, 19 June. 1858).
  (N. altar tomb).  In l. m. Sarah the beloved wife of Thomas Borrowdale of
Morland who d. July 20th 1872 aged 54y. And of Thomas Borrowdale her husband
who d. June 24th 1878 aged 58 y.
  (S). In m. Ann Bousfield younger da. of the late Christopher Bousfield of
Midfield who d. at Morland April 28th 1878 aged 76 y. " I shall be satisfied
when I awake with thy likeness." - Psalm xvii. 15.
  (In.)  S. m. John Braithwaite of New Millflatt who d. l. December the 4th
1843 aged 87 y. Also of Hannah Braithwaite his da. who d. l. January the
25th l858. Also of Mary Braithwaite his da. who d. l. June the 25th 1873.

  (E).  S. M. of (sic) John Braithwaite of New Mill Flat who d. l. December
the 4th 1843 aged 87 y. Also of Hannah Braithwaite his Da. who d. l. January
the 25th 1858. Also of Mary Braithwaite his Da. who d. l. June the 25th
  (S. altar tomb).  This Stone is erected to the Sacred Memory of the
Reverend Daniel Brocklebank who d. Vicar of this Church 25th April 1773. And
M(argaret) . . . who d. . . . Bird. . . small tribute. . . parents. . .
daughter. . .
  (S).  In m. Joanna wife of James Brogdell of King's Meaburn and Da. of
Nicholas Dent Esq. of . . Do. . . . who d. l. June 29th 1811 Aged 30 y.
  (N).  In m. Alice Brown of Great Strickland d. May 8th 1859 aged 18 y.
  (S).  In m. Jane Brown of Great Strickland who d. May 24th 1800 aged 14 y.
Kind Angels watch her sleeping dust,
Till Jesus comes to raise the just,
Then may she wake with sweet surprise,
And in her Saviour's image rise.
Here lies the Body of Thomas Brown who d. the 21st of April 1806 aged 48.
Also Jane his widow who d. May 16th 1846 aged 85 y.
  (S).  S. m. Jane Brown, eldest Da. of William & Ann Brown of London who d.
at Morland August 4th 1838 aged 29 y. She lived beloved and died lamented by
all who knew her.
  (E. altar tomb).  Here lies the Body. . . Also the Body of John Brown of
Great Strickland who d. l. Decr. ye 16th (? 1756) Aged 76.
  (E. wall, S. transept).  Near this place lie the remaines (sic) of John
and Isabel Brown of Great Strickland . . . to whose memory this monument is
erected by an affectionate. . . .
  (S).  Erected in m. John Brownrigg of Morland Low Field whose remains were
interred June 21, 1822, aged 69 y. Hannah his wife November 5, 1809, aged 56
y. Mary their da. June 4,1809, aged 17 y. Ann their da. wife of Robert
Kendall, whose remains were interred near the chancel door July 19, 1825,
aged 44 y. Elizabeth their da. wife of Thomas Moses whose remains were
interred in another part
of this churchyard July 19, 1828, aged 41 y. John son of Robert and Ann
Kendall January 9, 1839, aged 36 y. Elizabeth wife of William Kendall of
Morland and only da. of the late Thomas Holme, Woodfoot, Crosby, July 11,
1850, aged 42 y. Hannah da. of Robert and Ann Kendall March 9th 1856 aged 48
y. James only son of Thomas and Isabella Sawer, who d. at Camdon (sic) Town,
London, Augt. I5, 1876, aged 25. Isabella Sawer widow, who d. at Morland
September 8th 1882 aged 71 y.
  (S. Porch).  In m. Thomas Brownrigg of Morland field who d. July 22nd 1802
aged 78 y. also of Elizabeth his Wife who d. Feby. 25th 1809 aged 72 y. also
of Elizabeth Brownrigg their Grand-da. eldest da. of John and Margaret
Brownrigg who d. September the 27th 1808 aged 10 y. & 11m. Also of John
Brownrigg who d. Jany. 27th 1835 aged 61 y. And of two of his daus. viz:
Agness who d. Feby. 17th 1835 aged 29 y. & Jane April 28th 1835 aged 27 y.
Also of Hannah, Wife of Thomas Brownrigg, who d. Novr. 19th 1835 aged 28 y.
Margaret relict of John Brownrigg who d. May 3rd 1855 aged 79.
  (S).  In m. William Burn of Morland who d. l. on the 23rd day of September
1848 in the 60th y. of his age, also of Margaret Burn his wife who d. l. on
the 16th day of April 1864 aged 72 y.
  (S).  Here lie the remains of John Burra of Reagill who departed this
mortal life on the 2nd day of Sepr. 1804 aged 60 y. Jane his Widow erected
this stone as a Testimony of Dutiful respect to his memory.
  (S).  King's Meaburn. Near this Place lies the Body of Robert Burra, who
d. March 1754 aged 40. Also Elizabeth Burra his Wife who d. June 1796 aged
81. Also James Burra Grandson of the above Robert who d. 4th Decr. 1808 aged
36. Also Robert Burra, Yeoman. Son of the above Robert who d. 7th Jany. 1823
aged 81. Also Jane Wife of the above named Roert (sic) Burra d. October 13th
1833 aged 88. Robert Burra b. 25th April 1767 at Roans, Crosby Ravensworth,
d. at Carshalton, Surrey, 28th Jany. 1846 aged 79. Mary his Wife b. 29th
July 1761 at Hill Top, d. at Carshalton 2nd Sepr. 1839 aged 78. Also of
Elizabeth their Da. who d. 5th Febry. 1843 aged 13 at Carshalton. All
interred at Carshalton.
  (S).  S. m. Robert Burra of Esher, Surrey, eldest son of Robert and Mary
Burra of Carshalton, Surrey, b. 13th Novr. 1793 d. 1st April 1872 aged 78.
(Other side). Also of Agnes Ann wife of Robert Burra of Esher and da. of
Thomas Fawcett of Gate House Sedbergh b. 13th June 1810 d. 24th March 1885
aged 74.
  (S. altar tomb).  In m. John Cooke of Morland who d. l. Oct. 9th 1836 aged
79 y. Mary his Wife who d. March 29th 1841 Aged 78 y. William their Son who
d. May 29th 1805 aged 18 y. Also of John Cooke of Morland tbeir son who d.
June 21st 1844 Aged 51 y. Mary his Wife who d. Sepr. 29th 1828 aged 30 y.
Also two of their children who d. in infancy. Also of Mary Sowerby their Da.
who d. Sep. 28, 1839, Aged 55 y.
  (N).  In l. m. George Cowin formerly of Newby End who d. Aug. 29th 1884
aged 78 y. Also Ann his wife who d. May 24th 1860 aged 46 y. Also Edward
their son who d. June 3rd 1860 aged 7 y.
D.   .   .   .
  (Window). J. D. 1759. (Kendal Mercury, 19 June, 1858).
  (S).  In m. Anthony Dent of Morland Field d. l. Augst. 1st 1788, aged 74.
Also Jane his wife d. Oct. 2nd 1786. Also of Margaret Robson their da. who
d. Feby. 23rd 1832 aged 87 y.
  (S).  Erected in m. George Dent of White Stone, Newby, who d. April 13th
1833 Aged 62 y. And Mary his wife d. April 23rd 1864 aged 74 y. Also Ann
their Da. d. in Infancy Sepr. 14th 1818.
(S). S. m. Jane Dent Wife of Nicholas Dent of Eden Grove who d. L. Feby.
18th 1787 aged 23. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. - Rev. xiv.
To this sad Shrine whoe'er thou art, draw near ,
Here lies the Friend beloved, the Daughter dear ,
Who ne'er knew Joy, but Friendship might divide,
Nor gave her Father Grief, but when she dy'd.
(5). S. m. Johanna Wife of Robert Dent of King's Meaburn who d. Jany. 19th
1806 aged 32 y. Also Ann Wife of Henry Dent who d. Novr. 10th 1806 Aged 66
y. Also of Henry Dent Husband of the above Ann who d. Sepr. 18th 1811 Aged
80 y. Also Robert Dent son of the above Henry and Husband of Johanna who d.
March 1st 1818, 52 y. (sic).
(S). In m. John Dent of King's Meaburn who d. Novr. 9th 1831 aged 80 y. Also
Mary his Wife who d. June 17th 1819 aged 65 and was burled at Asby.
(S). S. m. Nicholas Dent, Esqr., Major of the Loyal Appleby Volunteers who
d. l. April 10th 1805 aged . . . Also of four of  his children, Robert who
d. Sept. 13th 1804 aged 14, d. in their Infancy, Elizabeth March 4th. 1793,
Sarah Decr. 21st 1800, and William Jany. 15th 1804.
  (S)  Here lieth the Body of Robert Dent, of King's Meaburn, who d. July
the 13th 1779 Aged 82. Also his grandson Henry Dent d. July the 23, 1780
Aged 10.
  (S).  I.H.S. In m. William Dent Veterinary Surgeon who d, at King's
Meaburn 22nd Oct. 1883 aged 45 y.
  (In.)  In m. William Dobson of Sleagill who d. l. January 27th 1856 aged
32 y. Erected by Ann Thwaytes sister of the above as a tribute of affection.
  (S).  S. m. Hugh Docker of Morland, Surgeon, who d. August 27th 1815 aged
78 y. Also of Hilton Docker, Son of the above, many y. Surgeon in London, he
d. June 16th 1816 aged 42. Also Margaret Pattison who d. at Sunderland 1846,
daughter of the above, aged 37. Also Hilton his Son who d. at Caldbeck Decr.
23rd 1843 aged 32.
  (W. small obelisk).  S. m. John Docker of Howgill in this Parish, who d.
in February 1837 aged 81 y. and of Tamar his wife aged 74 y. who survived
her husband but one y. Also of their son John Docker who d. at Howgill on
the 1st of July 1863 aged 64 y. The hour is coming and now is when the dead
shall hear the voice of the Son of God. .
  (S). In m. Matthew Docker, of Nuby (sic) Yeoman, who d. May 28th 1812 aged
30 y.
  (S).  S. m. Robert Docker late of Newby formerly of Thornthwaite in the
Parish of Bampton. He d. in February 1806 Aged 80 y. Also to his Wife Agnes
Docker Da. of Joseph Law of Tarbullen in the Parish of Bampton. She d. in
July 1819 Aged 82 y. Also Mary Docker their Da. who d. January 9, 1844, Aged
61 y. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
  (N. W. cross, rail).  S. m.. Francoise Celest Caroline Dupont b. August
10, 1805, d. May 14, 1861.
  (On pews in nave, brass). 1. W. Egglestone, 2 seats. 2. W. Egglestone, 2
  (N).  In a. r. George Ewin of Newby who d. April 22nd 1883 aged 61 y. Also
of Mary his beloved wife who d. December 23rd 1875 aged 50 y.
  (Wall of s. transept).  Edward Fallowfield 1725. Death makes no
  (S).  In m. John Fallowfield of Ploverrigg who d. April l2th 1840 aged 74
y. Also of Isabella his wife who d. Decr. 18th 1839 aged 64 y. Also of
Deborah their da. who d. in her infancy. Jonah their eldest son who d.
January 17th 1847 aged 44 y. William their son who d. June 21st 1858 aged 44
y. Elizabeth their da. who d. Decr. 18th 1860 aged 62 y. Michael their son
who d. May 30th. 1870 aged 65 y. James their son d. Octr. 13th 1876 aged 62
y. Isabella their da. who d. Jany. 1st 1884 aged 73 y.
  (E. wall, brass on stone).  Near this Place lies interr'd March 5th 1758
Thomas Fallowfield of Great Strickland Aged 81. Novbr. 23d 1755 John
Fallowfield his 2d Son Aged 37. Decbr. 8th 1752 Thomas Fallowfield his 3d
Son Aged 24. Novbr. 18th 1754 Frances his 4th Da. Aged 34. April 7th 1757
Margaret his 5th Da. Aged 32.
  (E. 2 brasses on stone).  1. S. m. Thomas Fallowfield of Gt. Strickland
Yeoman and Sarah his Wife, of whom the former d. on the 14th day of May 1823
aged 66 y. and the latter on the 3rd day of May 1834 aged 81 y. Edmund their
Son who d. on the 26th day of Febry. 1806 aged 16 y. Thomas their Son and
Fellow of St. Pet. Coll. Cam., who d. on the 21st day of Octr. 1831 aged 45
y. 2. Also of William Fallowfield their eldest Son, Yeoman, who d. May 3rd
1838 aged 59 y. Mary Fallowfield their eldest da. who d. December l0th 1842
aged 60 y. John Fallowfield their second son late Incumbent of Oldham who d.
there March 17th 1846 aged 66 y. Ann Fallowfield of Great Strickland their
second da. who d. April 30th 1846 aged 58 y. Rev. Robert Fallowfield M.A.,
their fifth son who d. at Great Strickland Sepr. 17th 1851 aged 55 y. Sarah
the Wife of John Longrigg their youngest da. who d. at Great Strickland Aug.
30th 1859 aged 66 y.
  (In.)  Near this Place lieth the Body of Mrs. Mary Fletcher, da. of
William Whelpdale of Penrith Esq. She was first married to Mr. Lancelot
Dawes of Barton-Kirk, & after to Mr. Tho. Fletcher of Little-Strickland in
this Parish, Counsellor learned in the Lawes. She d. aged Ixxxviii. Yeares
A.D. MDCCXI. Blessed are they that die in the Lord. Her niece Mary Pattenson
of Penrith erected this monument 1713.

  (N).  In m. Mary Foster who d. July 25th 1869 aged 25 y. Robert her son d.
June 4, 1874 aged 6 y. John Foster husband of the above, who d. March 19th
1883 aged 41 y.
  (S). I.H.S. In m. the Revd. John Fothergill M.A. Vicar of Bridekirk
Cumberland (late Archdeacon of Berbice) who d. May 8th 1851 aged 43 y. also
of Elizabeth his wife who d. Octr. 9th 1858 aged 54 y.
  (S. brass on stone).  In m. John Fothergill who d. March 16th 1858 aged 82
y. Bridget Fothergill his wife who d. October 7th 1854 aged 72 y. Thomas
Fothergill their son who d. November 3rd 1876 aged 76 y. Erected by their
grandson John Fothergill of Canada.
  (N).  In m. Joseph Graham, King's Meaburn, who d. March 8th 1886. Also
Sarah his wife who d. February l0th 1869 aged 71y.
  (S).  S. m. John Hall of this Parish ,who d. March 19,1851 aged 90 y. Also
of Isabel his Wife who d. May 31,1825, aged 61 y. Also of Margaret their Da.
who d. February 17, 1804 aged 16 y. Also of George their Son who d. March
16, 1804, aged 4 y.
  (S).  In m. John Harrison who d. L. 20th of June A.D. 1751 Aged 60.
Elizabeth his Wife d. L. 4th of April 17(68 ?) Aged (80 ?) Mary Thwaites Da.
of the said John and Elizabeth Harrison and Wife of James Thwaites d. L. 1st
of November A.D. 1774 Aged 61. She was most strict, charitable, An
affectionate wife & tender parent, And a sincere Friend. Also near this
place lieth the Bodys of 8 of her children who d. L. in their Infancy. Also
d. James Thwaites, Husband to the said Mary Thwaites on the 19th Day of
October 1791 Aged 82.
  (E. Brass on stone).  Near this Place lies interr'd The Body of Richard
Hebson of Newby who d. the 11th of March 1782 aged 85 y. Likewise the Body
of Frances his first Wife who d. the 3rd of April 1743 aged 39. Also the
Body of Elizabeth his Second Wife who d. the 6th of August 1767 aged 65.
  (N) . In m. John Hodgson of Hesley who d. Nov. 9th 1862 aged 72 y. Also
Jane Hodgson his wife who d. May 9th 1876 aged 79 y.
  (S).  I.H.S. In m. Richard Hodgson who d. March 9th 1872 aged 40 y. This
Stone was erected by his wife Frances Hodgson of Thorney Croft.
  (S).  Erected to m. Robert Hodgson of. Great Strickland who d. March 28th
1839 aged 53 y. And Arabella his Wife who d. August 18th 1863 aged 73 y.
Also of William their Son who d. August 18th 1847 aged 34 y. Also of Richard
their Son who d. May 5th 1853 aged 17 y. Also of Joseph their Son who d.
March 15th 1855 aged 23 y. Also of John their Son who d. March 4th 1871 aged
59 y. Also of Daniel their Son who d. April 24th 1882 aged 66 y. Also of
Sarah their da. who d. May 2nd 1888 aged 68 y. Also of Elizabeth wife of
Daniel Hodgson who d. July 25th 1888 aged 71 y.
  (E. wall of s. transept. Brass on stone).  S. m. Henry younger Son of
Henry & Ann Holme of Sleagill in this Parish. This Stone was erected by
half-a Dozen of his Schoolfellows dispers'd in various parts of England in
token of Respect to the beloved Companion of their Youthful Years. He had
the first Rudiments of School Learning at Morland of which place he was
elected Schoolmaster at a very early age & acquitted himself with great
Credit & to general Satisfaction. For his further Improvement he removed to
Manchester & became a Student in the Academy there at which place He also
taught Some Boys recommended to his care with very great Reputation. But a
Sedentary Life added to Some hereditary weakness of Constitution obliged him
to return to his native Place, on account of his Health, where He lingered
awhile & d. June 23rd 1792 aged 24 to the great affliction of his Parents
and much lamented by this Neighbourhood.
On tombs encomiums are but vainly spent,
A virtuous life is man's best monument.
  (On stone).  Also near this Place lies (sic) interr'd Robert the Elder Son
of the aforesd. Parents who d. March ye 6th 1792 aged 32 y. Nanny their
Sister Wife of Thos. Whitehead who d. March ye 28th 1795 aged 31 y. Likewise
Ann Holme their mother aforesd. who d. June ye 30, 1795 aged 63Y.
  (E. Brass on stone).  In M. Robert .Hugill who d. l. the 22 day of June
1792 Aged 62 y. Also Betty his Da. Who d. l. the 26 day of Feby. 1777 Aged
19 Y.
Christ their Redeemer knew what Time was best
To ease their Pain and set their Heads at rest.
  (S).  John Jackson buried the 31 of March A.D. 1739. Elizabeth his wife .
. . 1740.
  (In).  Erected to the m. Rev. John Jackson Vicar of Morland The benefit of
whose Labours and Talents for Improvement will be long felt by his Reverend
Successors. He was a man of Learning and truly given to Hospitality. He d.
on the 27th of Jany. 1811 aged 66. after having held this Living upwards of
37 y.
(S). In m. Lancelot Jameson of Newby who d. August 1814 aged 55 y. Also of
Margaret Jameson his Widow third Da. of John Robinson of Plover-rigg who d.
June 17th 1845 Aged 84 y. Also of John Jameson their Eldest Son who d.
October 1809. Also of Mary Jameson their second Da. who d. August 1812. Also
of William Jameson their Second Son who d. January 28th 1853 Aged 59 y.
(N). Father, thy will be done. I.H.S. In m. Catherine the Beloved Wife of
William Johnson d. at Morland Feb. 21st 1875 aged 34 y.
(S). S. m. John Kendal late of Penrith who d. May 16th 1802 aged 64 y. And
of Grace his widow who d. April 4th 1827 aged 82 y. Also Mary the wife of
Daniel Hartleynand da. of the above who d. Sepr. 14th 1825 aged 52 y.
(E. Brass on stone). In m. the Following Persons whose Remains
are interred, viz : Robert Kendall Senr. of Newby End Feby. 22, 1740.
Elizabeth his widow March 11,1742. Also their three Sons William Kendall
August 23, 1772 aged 77. Robert Kendall Jany. 7, 1791 Aged 87. Thomas
Kendall of Towcet Dec. 11,1784 Aged 77. Tamar widow of Thomas Kendall May
11, 1801 Aged 86. Likewise John Kendall, Yeoman, of Newby End (son of the
above Thomas) April 23, 1844, aged 91. Ann wife of John Kendall August 24,
1821 Aged 76. John son of John & Ann Kendall March 31,1782 aged 2. John son
of John and Ann Kendall July 19. 1808 Aged 21. (Other side, on stone). In m.
Robert Kendall (Tablet in the Church) Thomas d. Jany. 12, 1858 aged 78.
William Rector of Marske, Yorks. d. September 2nd 1855 aged 72. Michael d.
April 16th 1868 aged 86. Henry Vicar of Startforth, Yorks. d. March 31st
1867 aged 77.
(In.) Erected as a tribute of respect to m. Robert Kendall of Morland by his
son William. Kind & affectionate in all domestic connexions & duties, mild &
inoffensive in his public transactions & engagements, he closed in the
triumph of faith & hope an exemplary life August 19th 1855 aged 78 y.
  (In.)  In m. Mary widow of Captain Kilner of Appleby who d. January 2nd
1824 aged 60. She was the only child of John Wilson of Mill Flatt Esquire
only son of Richard Wilson of Black Hall in Kendal Esquire & Mary his wife
only daughter & heiress of John Baxter of Thrimby Hall Esquire. The remains
of Mrs. Kilner are interred in Bongate Church, Appleby.
  (N).  In l. m. Thomas son of the Revd. Joseph Knight, Morland Vicarage who
d. March 7th 1888 aged 18 y. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away,
blessed be the name of the Lord.
  (E. wall of S. transept).  S. m. Edmund Lancaster of Townend, Great
Strickland, yeoman, who d. l. the 15th Feby. 1800 aged 39 y. Also of Joseph
Lancaster, Father of the above Edmund, who d. l. the 15th June 1807 aged 81
y. Also of Hannah widow of the above named Edmund Lancaster and Wife of
Thomas Taylor of Great Strickland who d. l. the 4th August 1811 aged 45 y.
Also of Isabella, Mother of Edmund & Relict of the above Joseph Lancaster
who d. l. the 5th July 1812 aged 78 y.
  (S).  In m. Edmund Lancaster late of Great Strickland who d. at Harrington
on the 9 day of April 1845 aged 82 y. Also of Isabella his Wife who d. March
31st 1839 aged 77 y.
  (S).  Redeemed with the precious blood of Christ. Here rests the body of
Charles Hastings aged 10 m. third son of the Rev. Matthew Henry and Louisa
Lee who fell asleep in Jesus June 11, 1867.
  (N. Brass on stone).  In m. John Longrigg of Great Strickland who d. Decr.
11th 1870 aged 81 y. Sarah his wife who d. Aug. 30th 1859 aged 66 y. Thomas
Fallowfield Longrigg their eldest Son who d. Novr. 16th 1874 aged 48 y. Mary
the Wife of their second Son John Longrigg who d. June 6th 1863 aged 33 y.
Rev. John Fallowfield Longrigg M.A. only son of the above John and Mary
Longrigg who d. Septr. 8th 1888 aged 28 y.
  (S).  S. m. Jane Wife of John Lough of Nuby (sic) who d. l. the 7th of
August 1805 aged 78 y. Her only Son John Lough Vicar of Iwade & Curate of
Milton in the Co. of Kent has erected this Stone as a Tribute of filial love
and affection for the best of Mothers. Also John the Husband of the above
Jane Lough who d. 8th of May 1817 aged 81.
  (In. S. transept).  S. m. Lieutenant-General Frederick Markham, C.B.
Commanding the 2nd division of the Army of the Crimea, who d. l. the 21st
day of November 1855 aged 50, deeply regretted by all who knew his many
noble & amiable qualities. This tablet is erected by his late brother
officers of the 32nd Reg. in token of their love & esteem for their old
commander who rose in the regiment from ensign & commanded it till promoted
to the rank of Major-General.
  (N. Brass on  stone).  Lt.-General Frederick Markham d. Nov. 21st 1855
aged 50 y.
  (N. Brass on stone).  Jane wife of the Revd. Wm. Rice Markham d. July 2nd
1871 aged 73 y.
  (N. Brass on  stone).  John Markham d. Janry. 23rd 1883 aged 81 y.
  (In.)  S. m. the Revd. William Rice Markham, B.A. for 48 y. Vicar of
Morland, b. 3rd Feby. 1803 d. 27th March 1877. Also of Jane his beloved
wife* who d. 2nd July 1871 aged73 y. sincerely  respected in the parish and
neighbourhood for their unbounded kindness and liberality and for their
gentleness and goodness to all ; this tablet is erected as an affectionate
and grateful tribute to their memory by the parishioners and other friends.
Crest. (Carved at foot). Lion of St. Mark holding harp.

 *  She was a Miss Clayton, of Chesters, Northumberland.

  (N. Brass on stone).  The Revd. Wm. Rice Markham Vicar of Morland d. March
27th 1877 aged 74 y.
  (N).  Erected in m. Deborah Martindale of Bradley who d. June 24th 1867
aged 23 y. George Martindale d. Decr. 18th 1871 aged 24 y.
  (S).  S. m. John Millican who d. at Morland January 12th 1835 aged 61 y.
Also Margaret relict of the above d. March 26th 1843 aged 67 y, Also the
following sons and daughters of the above, Joseph Primus d. March 31, 1810
aged 4 m. Robert d. in Ireland April 27, 1823 aged 20y. Mary d. April
26,1823, aged 22 y. Joseph Secundus d. March 12, 1826, aged 10 y. Henry d.
December 31, 1828, aged 17 y. Margaret d. at Liverpool March 31, 1837 aged
32 y. John d. at Leicester March 2, 1857, aged 54 y.
  (N).   In m. Jonathan Millican of Morland who d. l. March 23rd 1864 aged
56 y. Also of Mary Millican his wife who d. l. April 23rd 1867 aged 62 y.
Also of John their Son who d. August 12th 1869 aged 33 y.
  (E. 2 brasses on stone behind wall of old vicarage garden).  1. S. m. the
Revd. William Monkhouse, Vicar of Morland & late Rector of Ormside d. 12th
May 1828 aged 63.   2. Also of Joseph youngest son of the above, who d. at
Close House Longmarton April 21st and was interred here Apl. 25th 1878 aged
70 y.*

  * The Rev. W. M. was Vicar of Morland. He left orders that no monument was
to be placed to his memory except the stone formerly used as the door-step
of the Vicarage. This stone, showing the marks where the scraper was fixed,
is erected against the wall by the door leading to the old Vicarage. In
after years his son Joseph placed a brass on this stone to his memory. This
son Joseph died in 1878, and another brass was placed on the original stone
to his {Joseph's) memory. (Capt. Markham).

  (S).  In m. John Moore, Stone Mason, Junr. who d. July 6th 1833 Aged 31 y.
Also John his Son, Late Master of the Grammar School, Morland, who d. March
21st 1845 aged 19 y.
  (S).  S. m. Joseph Moses of Morland who d. April 30th 1833 aged 89 y. Also
of Joseph his son who d. Novr. 9th 1835 aged 56 y. Also of  William his son
who d. Decr. 10th 1808 aged 15 y. Margaret wife of Joseph Moses Senr. who d.
July 29th 1858 aged 90 y.
  (W).  In m. George Mounsey of Morland who d. l. Jany. 11th 1851 aged 77 y.
He held the office of Parish Clerk in this Parish upwards of 47 y. and the
office of Bailiff to the Right Worshipful the Dean and Chapter of Carlisle,
Lords of the Manor of Morland, upwards of  29 y. Also Jane Mounsey his wife
who d. Sepr. 7th 18I7 aged 44 y. Also George their Son who d. in Infancy.
Also Ann their da. who d. Feby.15th 1818 aged 7 y. Also of Thomas their Son
who d. Jany. 27th 1835 aged 31 y. And was buried at Liverpool. Erected by
George Mounsey the Son of the above George & Jane Mounsey as a tribute of
affection. George Son of the above who held the above offices d. June 2nd
1862 aged 45 y. Also Joseph their Son who d. Novr. 12th 1864 aged 62 y.
  (In. N).  In m. Elizabeth wife of Stanwix Nevinson Esqr. Lord of the
Manour of Newby. She was youngest sister of Francis Blake Esq. of Twisel
Castle in Norhamshire in the County of Durham & d. Feby. 1, 1766 aged 58.
Arms, ar. chevron between 3 eagles displayed az. impaling sa. chevron
between three garbs ar. Crest, talbot passant ppr. collared and with chain
deflexed over the back or.
  (In. chancel, N).  Near this Place is interr'd the Remains of Stanwix
Nevinson Esqr. Lord of the Manor of Newby. He d. the 22d of Feby. 1772 aged
70. He was twice married, 1st to Elizabeth 3d da. of Robt. Blake Esqr. of
Twisel Castle in Norhamshire in the County of Durham. His 2d wife Julia 3d
da. of John Gaskarth Esqr. of Hutton Hall in Penrith, Cumberland, Erected
this Monument to his Memory. Lord who shall dwell in thy Tabernacle, or who
shall rest upon thy Holy Hill : Even he that leadeth an uncorrupt Life &
doeth the thing which is right & speaketh the Truth from his heart.
  (S).  Here lies the body of John Nicholson the Son of William Nicholson .
. .
  (S). In m. William Nicholson who d. Nov. 27th 1869 aged 80 y. Also Frances
his wife d. May 19th 1847 aged 58 y. and Isabella their da. who d. Nov. 25th
1865 aged 32y.
  (W).  Erected in m. John Parker of Great Strickland who d. Nov. 3rd 1867
aged 85 y. Also James his son d. at Willington Durham April 11th 1872 aged
34 y.
  (S.)  Erected to m. Joseph Powley of Newby who d. June 13th 1818 aged 24
y. Also of William Powley who d. Jany. 10th 1853 aged 37 y. Also of John
Powley who d. Novr. 6th 1855 aged 37 y. Also of James Powley who d. July
27th 1856 aged 16 y. Also of Robert Powley who d. Jany. 10th 1859 aged 29 y.
Also Mary Taylor, Sister of the above who d. at Tunstall, Lancashire, Sepr.
8th 1855 aged 36 y. Erected by Thomas Powley brother of the above as a
tribute of affection. William Powley son of the above Thomas who d. in
Infancy. Also John Taylor his nephew who d. Novr. 20th 1863 aged 13 y. Also
of Agness (sic) Powley who d. August 18th 1862 aged 30 y. (Other side). Also
of William Powley of Newby who d. l. January 26th 1867 aged 73 y. Also of
Jane his Wife d. Octr. 22nd 1875 aged 83.
  (S).  To l. m. Mary wife of Joseph Pugmire of Morland d. March 3rd 1869
aged 63 y. Also Thomas their son, d. July 28th 1868 aged 31 y. And of the
above Joseph Pugmire who d. Sep. 6th 1881 aged 78y.
R  .  .  .  .  A .  .  .  .
  (In; on pews, S).  A. R. 5. S. 14, 1722.  W. A. 2. S. K. T. 1747.
  (N.obelisk). In m. Henry Richardson of Whitestone d. March 11th 1872 aged
79 y. Elizabeth Richardson who d. Jany. 15th 1866 aged 74 y. (2nd side). In
m. Robert Richardson who d. Sepr. 27th 1865 aged 39 y. Also Francis (sic)
his wife who d. Octr. 18th 1865 aged 33 y. (3rd side). Also Margaret da. of
Elizabeth Richardson who d. March 1st 1849 aged 18 y. Also Elizabeth her da.
who d. ]any. 12th 1852 aged 17 y. Thomas Richardson her son who d. April 9th
1857 aged 32 y. ROBINSON, BUSHBY.
  (S). Erected to m. Agness (sic) Robinson of Newby, Spinster, who d.
February 20th 1814 aged 81. For Industry and Economy she had few Equals.
This Monument was erected by her Niece Hannah Bushby as a Tribute of
Gratitude to an affectionate Aunt.
  (S).  To m. John Robinson of Ploverigg (sic) who d. l. May 31st 1783 Aged
53. Margaret Robinson his wife. Feb. 13th 1810 Aged 78. Robert Robinson
Esqre. their Son, an Alderman of Appleby & a Captain in the Army, May 4th
1814 Aged 57. Annas Robinson who d. April 4th 1828 Aged 77 y.
  (S).  This Monument was Erected by an Affectionate Nephew William Jackson
as a last Tribute and (sic) Respect to a Most Maternal Aunt, Elizabeth
Rumney, Wife of James Rumney of Morland Field who d. the 19th day of August
1819 aged 64 y. Who in Life lived Beloved and Respected, and in Death died
  (N).  In m. Charles Salkeld who d. at Gt. Strickland May 29th 1862 aged 61
y. Elizabeth his da. d. Jany. 18th 1869 aged 29 y. Charles his son d. March
8th 1877 aged 33 y. Sarah his da. d. April 5th 1877 aged 46 y. Frances his
Wife d. August 5th 1878 aged 76 y. John their son d. March 26th 1879 aged 43
y. William their son d. August 5th 1882 aged 47 y.
  (S).  1724 John Sanderson.
  (S).  In m. Lancelot Sanderson, yeoman, of Skeels, Great Strickland, who
d. May 31st 1834 aged 85 y. Also of Mary his Wife who d. Sept. 22nd 1827
aged 78 y. Also of John son of the above who d.

June 17th 1849 aged 75 y. Also of Sarah his wife who d. Dec. 5th 1847 aged
70 y. Also of Mary wife of Lieutenant Richardson who d. Jan. 9th 1846 aged
47 y. Also Lancelot Sanderson Son of John Sanderson who d. at Lancaster
Sept. 9th 1871 aged 69 y. Also of Ann wife of Thomas Swainson who d. Feb.
25th 1880 aged 64 y.
  (S).  Erected in m. Joseph Sarginson who d. l. at Newby January the 24th
1838 aged 48 y. Also Mary his. Da. who d. l. April the 16th 1835 aged 14
days. Also of Thomas his Son who d. l. February the 26th l847 aged 18y.
In youth we lived, in Youth we died,
Our'lives were asked but were denied,
So let our Parents think it best,
For now with Christ we are at rest.
Thomas was One of her Majesties (sic)  Clerks belonging to the Liverpool
Post Office. (Other side). Mary the wife of Joseph Sarginson who d. October
13th 1858 aged 63 y. Also Joseph their Son who d. June 7th 1856 aged 24 y.
  (N).  In m. Margaret wife of Jonathan Sill who d. at Morland July 8th 1878
Aged 52 y.
  (S).  In m. Abraham Simpson who d. Jan. 6,1840, aged 82 y. Also Mary his
wife who d. Nov. 19, 1841 aged 82 y. Also Abraham their Son who d. April 6,
1816 aged 28 y. Also William their Son who d. Feb. 23, 1866 aged 80 y. Also
James their son who d. April 23rd 1873 aged 77 y.
  (S).  In m. Thomas Simpson of Dallam Bank who D. July 5th 1761 Aged 65.
Also Deborah his Wife who D. May 25, 1762 Aged 35.
  (N).  In a.r. Ann the beloved wife of Thomas Slee of Newby who d. April
28th 1878 aged 68 y.
  (S. wall, foot of tower, W).  Here lie the Remains of Arthur Smith well
known in this Part of the County as a Teacher of Psalmody but most
particularly in this Church for the Space of more than fifty y. He had
naturally good Endowments for this Profession sufficient to have procur'd
him a decent Maintenance and Rank In Society, but inexperience, thoughtless
and intemperate disposition brought him into the Want of all the Comforts &
very Frequently the Common Necessaries of Life. In this Condition he liv'd
to the Age of eighty Y. & d. Novr. the 14th 1709.
  (S).  Here lie the Remains of two Daughters of Richard and Hannah Smith of
Angel Hill in this Parish. Margaret d. Sept. 28th 1771 aged 17 y. Isabella
on the 25th of March 1782 aged 19 y. & 9 m. Let not parents mourn for the
death of their children when their life is unblameable.
  (N).  William Steel of Morland who d. July 18th 1862 aged 49 y. Also
Thomas Steel who d. May 25th 1860 aged 8 y. Also Mary Ann Steel who d. April
1st 1866 aged 26 y. Also John Steel who d. Nov. 1st 1878 aged 37 y. Also
George Steel who d. March 29th 1879 aged 36 y. Anne wife of the above W.
Steel who d. at Penrith December 6th 1882 aged 71 y. (Other side). In m.
George Tyson of Morland who d. January 3rd 1879 aged 30 y. Esther Wilkinson
who d. at Penrith February 2nd 1883 aged 35 y. Also Mary Elizabeth Tyson who
d. June 24th 1876 aged 5 m.
  (E. wall, S. transept).  Here lies interr'd Edmond Stephenson of Woodside
who d. February the 25th 1754 aged 73 y. Also Edmond his son who d. June the
27th 1753 aged 35 y.
  (E).  In m. John Strong who d. June 13th 1862 aged 92 y. Also of Mally
Strong his Wife who d. l. May 15th 1867 aged 87 y.
  (S).  S. m. William Swall who d. Jany. 12th 1872 aged 52 y.
T . . .
  (E).  M. T.
  (E).  S. m. Thomas Taylor of Great Strickland who d. l. at Bassenthwaite
March 17th 1834 aged 61 y. And Hannah his Wife who d. August 7th 1811 aged
45 y. Also Edmund Taylor his Brother d. March 30th 1836 aged 60 y. And
Frances his wife who d. July 28th 1811 aged 29 y. Also William Taylor who d.
Decr. 7th 1839 aged 58 y. And Ann his Wife who d. Dec. 11th 1836 aged 55 y.
AlsoJohn Taylor who d. August 18th 1852 aged 78 y. And Agness his Wife who
d. Oct.28th 1822 aged 43 y. Also Mally Taylor only sister of the above who
d. at Chestnut Hill near Keswick on second of October 1861 aged 82 y.
Looking unto Jesus.
  (S. Brass on  stone).  To m. Elizabeth Ann da. of Richard & Elizabeth
Temple of London who d. l. May 24th 1820 aged 8 y. North of this Stone lie
the remains of Richard John Temple of King's Meaburn d. March 16th
184 --aged -Also further north Richard Temple their father who d. April 3rd
1856 aged 73; Requiescat in pace.
  (S. Broken column).  In a. r. Nicholas Abbott Temple, who d. at King's
Meaburn on the 4th of March 1874 aged 42 y. Also of Margaret Temple widow of
the above who d. Dec. 11th 1884 aged 45 y.
  (S. Not found, 1889). En hic jacet Joannes (? Th)ompson Junr. . . . . . .
  (IN).  Erected by his affectionate Widow The Sacred Memory (sic) of John
Thompson, King's Meaburn who d. July 24th 1863 aged 32 y. Blessed are the
Dead which die in the Lord.
  (S).  S. m. Thomas Thompson of Great Strickland who d. Jany. 22nd 1826
aged 57 y. And of Jane his wife who d. June 18th 1825 aged 59 y. Also
Christopher Thompson their son who d. Decr. 17th 1830 aged 33 y. Also of the
Reverend William Thompson Son of the abovenamed who d. l. December the 5th
1845 aged 50 y.
  (S).  In m. Henry Thornbarrow of Peaslands who d. l. January 19th 1845
aged 62 y. Also Margaret Thornbarrow of Peaslands d. l. July 21st 1858 aged
78 y.
W  .   .   .
 (Before door in S. wall of chancel. Not found 1889). C. W. 1730.
  (S).  In m. John Walker of Bolton Lane End who d. l. June 16th 1863 aged
61 y. Also of Sarah his wife who d. l. January 3rd 1866 aged 61 y. Also of
John their son who d. l. July 12th 1841 aged 3 y.
Go home dear children, shed no tears,
For you we have laboured many years ;
We have always strove (sic) to do our best,
And now we have gone to take our rest.
  (S. Brass on stone).  In a. r. John Wilson of Morland who d. 5th December
1849 aged 52 y. Also Agnes his wife who d. 1st January 1880 aged 80 y. Also
Christopher Bousfield their son who d. 31st July 1853 aged 21 y. Also
Frances Anderson their da. who d. 21st June 1857 aged 29 y. Also Sarah their
second da. who d. 27th October 1878  aged 46 y.
  (N).  In m. William Wilson who d. at Morland Field March 8th 1883 aged 77
y. (Other side). In m. Joseph son of William & Mary Wilson who d. at Morland
Field August 2nd 1878 aged 15 y. Also
John who d. at Morland Field August 19th 1878 aged 23 y. Also George who d.
at Morland Field May 30th 1879 aged 12 y. Also William who d. at Morland
Field June 24th 1854 aged 15 days.
  (S.)  In m. Jane Winter of Morland who d. December 1st 1793 aged 60 y.
Also of John Winter her Husband who d. Feb. 1st 1794 aged 63 y. Also of
Elizabeth their Da. who d. July 25th 1804 aged 45 y. Also of Ann Edger their
Da. who d. October 3rd 1820 aged 63 y. (Other side). S. m. John Walton of
Penrith who d. September 24th 1824 aged 52 y. Also of Isabella his wife who
d. Jany. 22nd 1837 aged 72 y.
  (S).  To m. John Winter late of Morland Field who d. l. April the 4th 1825
in the 81st y. of his age. Also Agnes his wife who d. Nov. the 22nd 1821 in
the 74th y. of her age.
Why do we mourn departed friends,
Or shake at Death's alarms,
'Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
To call them to his arms.
Also Elizabeth Winter their da. who d. l. June 11th (? 59) y.
  (E. wall s. transept, brass on stone). Near this stone lies John Woof
senior of Towset (sic) and Ann his wife, he was interred the 30th of January
1763, as also John Woof junior & Agnes his wife and Ann Woof his da.

 N.B.-(1).  By the kindness of the vicar the Rev. J. Knight.  Mr. Bellasis
is enabled to identify " R.A." (p. 191) as Robert Addison to whom there is a
monument in south transept. " M.H." (p. 193) as Mary d. of Thomas Bewley, of
Newby, died Nov. 25, 1746.
  N.B.-(2).  The parish registers do not identify the initials C.W, at p.
212, there being no burial with those initials in year 1730.

Transcription by Sarah Reveley and team of Rootsweb Westmorland Listmembers. ©  2003