Ravenstonedale census 1841, 1891


Ravenstonedale 1841 & 1891 Census Transcripts

Transcription of heads of household from the 1841 & 1891 censuses for Ravenstonedale, Westmorland.
Transcribed from original images May 2008 by Janis Garcia

This is a complete list of Place/House Names and Heads of each household (only the heads are listed here). All four angles are listed, as taken in the census (Districts 8-11). When only a place is listed (e.g., Newbiggin or Coldbeck), the residence is not necessarily the same from one census to the other. So, don’t assume that the house in Coldbeck in which Jonathan Metcalfe lived in 1841 is the same as the one in which John Butt lived in 1891. There is no way of knowing which houses were which in either census, unless a house name is given.

© Janis Garcia 2008


ColdbeckThomas HunterThomas Hunter
King’s Head Inn John Dent
Coldbeck (Innkeeper)William Hunter 
ColdbeckJonathan MetcalfeJohn Butt
Coldbeck Thomas Hunter
Coldbeck John Thompson
Garshill, Garths HillWilliam DawsonJohn Pratt
GarshillAnn HunterThomas Johnston
Garshill Edmund Buck
Vicarage, Vicarage HouseThomas MossRobert W. Metcalfe
TownMargaret FothergillLawrence Christie
TownAgnes NicholsonRobert Alderson
Black Swan Inn John Richardson
Town (Innkeeper)Thomas Robinson 
TownDorothy RobinsonJames Fawcett
TownEleanor PotterHenry Eglin
TownSusannah? FawcettWilliam Thompson
TownAnne IrelandWilliam Pace
TownAnn BrunskillRichard Hunter
TownFrances TaylorThomas Potter
TownAgnes HaleMary Clayton
TownJohn BirtleJohn Birtle
TownRobert FawcettElizabeth Wolmsley
TownEleanor FawcettWilliam Grisdale
TownWilliam FurnassCatherine Guy
TownEleanor FawcettAgnes Dawson
TownThomas ThompsonWilliam Handlay
TownThomas MilnerPhoebe Shaw
TownSarah RelphEdward Bainbridge
TownJohn LawRichard Bell
Croft House Edward Beck
Elm Lodge Thomas A. Metcalfe-Gibson
TownJohn Gaddas?John Beck
TownJohn ThompsonMary Leach
TownAgnes BirtleNancy Thompson
TownThomas ShawAnn Birtle
TownJohn BuckMichael Wilkinson
TownGeorge WilsonEdmund Cowperthwaite
TownWilliam StubbsEdward Rudd
TownWilliam PotterJohn Blades
TownWilliam BirtleRichard Banks
TownJoseph ChamberlainJohn Whitfield
TownSimon AldersonAllan Dodd
TownJane FawcettElizabeth Campbell
TownJames HaygarthJohn Harrison
TownMargaret DentRobert Nicholson
TownWilliam SedgwickAnn Bradberry
TownAnn ChamberlainJane Milner
TownMargaret HewetsonBenjamin Hewetson
TownJames FurnessJoseph Whitelock
TownJames FawcettMatthew Birtle
TownThomas StubbsRobert Whitfield
TownThomas HewetsonElizabeth Stubbs
TownJonathan BrunskillAnn Handley
TownUzzi RobinsonJoseph Wearmouth
The Manse Charles Illingworth
TownWilliam FawcettWilliam Birtle
TownJames FawcettJohn Beck
TownWilliam ThompsonRichard Shepherd
TownThomas HunterJoshua Brunskill
TownJohn ShepherdEleanor Haygarth
TownAlice Batty?Robert Birtle
TownWilliam Batty?John A. Leach
TownIsabella AireyRobert Blackett
TownWilliam ThompsonRichard Potter
TownLydia HewetsonWilliam Braithwaite
TownJohn Fawcett 
TownWilliam Page 
TownMark Walker 
TownMary Beck 
Back LaneDorothy Coupland 
Back LaneHenry Nelson 
Back LaneRobert Noddle 
Kilnmire?Mary Hunter 
GreenBenjamin Hewetson 
ArtlegarthElizabeth FawcettHenry Beck
ArtlegarthChristopher Becket 
ArtlegarthNancy Becket 
BanksThomas Thompson 
ShawmireJohn Knewstubb 
Hill View, HillJohn DawsonAnthony R. Fawcett
Raw Foot George Airey
Piper Hole John Bell
Lockholm FootRobert Hewetson 
LockholmRobert Hewetson 
LockholmeStephen HunterAnthony G. Capstick
Lockholme HallMiles TurnerJoseph Capstick
Stouphill GateAnthony MorlandJames Knewstubb
Cross BankNancy ShawJohn Dickinson
Lockholme HeadGeorge ToddGeorge Law
EllergillJohn Hewetson 
EllergillAbram ChapmanWilliam Buxton
Toll Bar (Gatekeeper)Thomas Whitwell 
Street Farm, StreetThomas BradberryWilliam Bradberry
The StreetHenry HewetsonWilliam Nevison
White House Robert Nelson
Low StennerskeughWilliam HodgsonGeorge Todd
Low StennerskeughRobert BrownThomas Capstick
Low StennerskeughRichard Airey 
Low StennerskeughRichard Todd 
High StennerskeughWilliam Birkett?Peter Hutchinson
High StennerskeughJohn BradberryJames Bradberry
The Flass William Fothergill
Low FlassMary Hunter 
High FlassJames Fothergill 
Tarn HouseChristopher AldersonAnn Akrigg
Lythside, LythesideWilliam ShawGeorge Alderson
LythsideRichard ThompsonIsabella Thompson
Brunt Hill, Burnt HillIsabella ToddElizabeth Hewetson
CrooksbeckJohn HewetsonJames Harker
CrooksAnn Metcalfe 
ClaylandsNancy HewetsonWilliam Banks
BleaflattJohn Banks 
BleaflattWilliam BousfieldJane Bousfield
AshfellJohn Robinson 
AshfellRobert RennisonJoseph Wilson
AshfellJames RennisonJohn Robinson
AshfellEdward MetcalfeJames Metcalfe
SchoolhouseChrist’r Renniston 
BowberheadJames RennisonJames Airey
BowberheadRobert ThompsonHolmes Handley
Slept in a Barn David Wilson
Cold Keld Richard Shaw
DovengillRobert HunterMary Parkin
Dovengill, DovingillIsabellah ShawRobert Hird
DovingillMartins Hayson 
DovingillRobert Tunstel 
Elm Pot, Alm PotRobert ThompsonCatharine Tunstall
Ash Pot Mary Fawcett
Street SideJames WilsonThomas Askew
Street SideAnn Hunter 
GreenslackDeborah BirtelAnnie Clark
FoggygillIsaac HandleyNathan Martindale
Brigg Thomas Sanderson
Wray GreenEdward KnewstubbJames Fothergill
TarnJohn FawcettJohn Fawcett
New HouseThomas RichardsonJohn Hird
Needle HouseRobert ThompsonMatthew Sedgwick
EllerhillGeorge Handley 
White Green William King
NarthwaiteIsaac HandleyIsaac Handley
NarthwaiteJohn HandleyMyles Jackson
NarthwaiteJohn Handley 
Mountain View Ralph Thompson
AdamthwaiteMary NicholsonJames Huck
WandaleJohn DentJohn Sedgwick
WandaleGeorge UlversonJohn Huck
WandaleJoseph Womsley 
Brick SideJohn Akrigg 
Brick SideThomas Hird 
MurthwaiteMary DenWilliam Dent
MurthwaiteWilliam ThextonJohn M. Martindale
MurthwaiteBill ParkinsThomas Brown
MurthwaiteGeorge FawcettWilliam Hunter
MurthwaiteRichard Brunskill 
Rentha? BridgeElinor A. Denton 
High SprintgillMargaret HunterElizabeth Thexton
Low SprintgillThomas ThaxtonWilliam Thexton
SandbedIsabella HirdJoseph Thexton
StudfoldJohn Kirkland?James Fishwick
StudfoldRobert Johnson 
SolkeldThomas Kirkland? 
Bridge House Ann Garside
Cross GatesJohn Wilson 
ColdbeckJohn Allen 
ColdbeckGeorge SpencerCuthbert Kirk
ColdbeckAnthony DawsonJames Christie
ColdbeckThomas RennisonRichard Burton
Coldbeck House Anthony Metcalfe-Gibson
GreensideEdward MasonGeorge M. Beck
GreensideMary MilnerJonathan S. Grey
GreensideThomas AtkinsonRobert Lindsay
GreensideSarah FothergillJames Winder
GreensideJames WinderRobert Thompson
GreensideAlice Hewetson?Joseph W. Ewbank
GreensideStephen ChamberlainThomas Bainbridge
The Hole, Hole HouseJames Wharton“Uninhabited”
BeckstonesStephen ScarbroughHenry Tunstall
BeckstonesThomas Dent 
BeckstonesGeorge Medcalfe 
NewbigginThomas MurthetStephen Milner
NewbigginMichael NelsonRobert Walker
NewbigginChristopher WhiteMichael Talor
NewbigginChristopher DixonJohn Darque
NewbigginGiles RobinsonRobert Murray
NewbigginThomas WinderElizabeth Nelson
NewbigginSimon ThwaiteThomas Fothergill
NewbigginJames HallMatthew Bell
NewbigginRichard BanksWilliam Steel
NewbigginJoseph BreaksRobert Mounsey
NewbigginJohn FawcettThomas Bousfield
NewbigginJohn MurrayThomas Walker
NewbigginJohn EllisLucy Wharton
NewbigginSarah WilsonMichael Thompson
NewbigginFrances IrelandElizabeth Harper
NewbigginEdmund BrownJane Fent
NewbigginMargaret BreaksMargaret Hunter
Oddfellows Arms (Pub) Irving Elliott
NewbigginChristopher HillThomas Cowperthwaite
NewbigginMargaret BirtleMary Cooper
NewbigginThomas TaylorEdward Cooper
NewbigginRichard ThompsonRichard N. Carrick
NewbigginJohn MilnerThomas L. Buck
Newbiggin Moses F. Howson
Newbiggin William Murray
Newbiggin Robert Bousfield
Newbiggin Thomas Dixon
Newbiggin Margaret Crowther
Newbiggin William Airey
Newbiggin Robert Hall
Newbiggin William Buck
Causeway EndRichard DixonWilliam Dixon
Whin Hall Thomas Airey
Framrey HillMatthew BirtleThomas Taylor
Framrey HillRichard LindsayElizabeth Taylor
SandwathMargaret BeckRichard Beck
Hill TopMargaret FawcettAnn Fothergill
Low LaneRichard HewetsonMatthew Tinkler
Low LaneJames Cleasby 
Low LaneThomas SandersonThomas Brown
Station House “Uninhabited”
High LaneSarah MedcalfeNathan Martindale
High LaneSimon ThwaiteJohn Ellis
High Lane Thomas Hewetson
Graystainmoor?Sarah Fairer 
Graystainmoor?Margaret Brown 
BrackenberJames BellJoseph Richardson
BrackenberThomas Taylor 
IntackJames BirtleJohn Bainbridge
Intack HallJoseph Rennison 
The Cottage John W. Fothergill
BrownberRichard FothergillJohn Fothergill
BrownberJonathan GreyJohn Woodhouse
Brownber John Beck
BentsJames WilsonThomas Calvert
Friersbotton, FreerbottomEdward WalkerRobert Bousfield
Park HouseAnthony MedcalfeMichael Moore
Franmoor Michael Taylor
The LaneHenry EglinRuth Chamely
The LaneThomas ClaytonThomas Harper
The Lane Two “uninhabited”
WeasdaleJohn ThompsonJames Wharton
WeasdaleSeptimus UdaleThomas Whitfield
WeasdaleIsable Wilson“Uninhabited”
WeasdaleJohn BousfieldRobert Udale
Weasdale Ann Dixon
CowbankJoseph UdaleWilliam Wharton
ScarsykesThomas HornJames Metcalfe
BowderdaleWilliam AllanJohn Allan
BowderdaleThomas PrestonSusannah Preston
Brow FootJohn Taylor 
GarsGeorge RobinsonMatthew A. Patterson
WathWilliam FothergillJane Fothergill
WathThomas GibsonJames Akrigg
Riggend John Raine
Paddock MoorJohn Murthwaite 
RiggsThomas Lindsay 
RiggsRichard Bell 
DubbsRichard GibsonJohn Bellas
DubbsMary Beck 
DubbsElizabeth BeckRobert Beck
MossJames MedcalfeThomas Chapman