Shap 1841 Census Transcript


Transcription by household of the 1841 Census for the Hundred, Wapentake, Soke or Liberty of West Ward, Parish of Shap [HO107/1162] by Virginia Gretton.

Abbreviations: Ag (agricultural), Ap (apprentice), F (female), Ind (living on independent means), FS (female servant), I (born in Ireland), J (journeyman), Lab (labourer), M (male), MS (male servant), N (born in a county other than Westmorland), NK (not known)S (born in Scotland), Sh (shopkeeper), Shoe m (shoemaker),
Y (born in Westmorland). Figures indicate age in years unless otherwise stated.


Shap (East & North East of the Turnpike Road leading to Bampton)


Thomas WILKINSON, M, 44, Farmer, Y
Thomas HOLME, M, 43, MS, Y
Francis RICHARDSON, M, 18, MS, Y
Ann SALKELD, F, 55, FS, Y
Margaret NIVISON, F, 20, FS, Y


John SARGINSON, M, 47, Mason, Y
Mary SARGINSON, F, 47, Y
Edward SARGINSON, M, 20, Y
Thomas SARGINSON, M, 14, Y
Agness SARGINSON, F, 11, Y
Richard SARGINSON, M, 3, Y

John WILSON, M, Ag Labourer, Y
Mary WILSON, F, 30, Y
Richard WILSON, M, 9, Y
Margaret WILSON, F, 7, Y
Thomas WILSON, M, 4, Y
Elizabeth WILSON, F, 3 months, Y

Richard WILSON, M, 75, Ag Labourer, Y
Richard KNOX, M, 34, Ag Labourer, I

John STEWARDSON, M, 59, Farmer, Y
Margaret BENSON, F, 33, FS, Y
Mary BENSON, F, 5, Y
Robert TODD, M, 20, MS, Y

John STEWARDSON, M, 29, Ag Labourer, Y
Ester STEWARDSON, F, 27, Y
George STEWARDSON, M, 7, Y

Ann HUNTER, F, 46, Ind, N
Robert SMITH, M, 12, N

John FELL, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Ann FELL, F, 30, N
John FELL, M, 1, Y
Mary FELL, F, 8 weeks, Y
Phillis WILKINSON, F, 12, FS, N

George NICHOLSON, M, 40, Grocer, Y
Sarah NICHOLSON, F, 40, Y

Margaret STEWARD, F, 76, Ind (pauper crossed out), Y

Thomas COATS, M, 27, Blacksmith, Y
Isabella COATS, F, 27, Y
Thomas COATS, M, 1, Y
John WELDYON, M, 71, Labourer, N
John HEATH, M, 60, Hatter, N

Thomas SCOTT, M, 29, Farmer, N
Mary FORSYTHE, F, 55, FS, Y
Robert HARRISON, M, 40, MS, Y

William WILSON, M, 52, Clogger, N
Sarah WILSON, F, 50, Y
John AINSLEY, M, 25, Ag Labourer, Y

James ASKEW, M, 35, Cordwainer, Y
Sarah ASKEW, F, 35, Y
John ASKEW, M, 10, Y
Agness ASKEW, F, 7, Y
William ASKEW, M, 3, Y

Mary BURTON, F, 70, Ind, Y
William STEWARDSON, M, 68, Slater, Y

Edwd HAWKSWORTH, M, 53, Farmer, Y
Sarah HAWKSWORTH, F, 42, Y
Sarah HAWKSWORTH, F, 19, Y
Agness HAWKSWORTH, F, 16, Y
Edward HAWKSWORTH, M, 14, Y
William HAWKSWORTH, M, 12, Y
Margaret HAWKSWORTH, F, 5, Y
Charles ATKINSON, M, 23, MS, Y

William FORSYTHE, M, 30, Grocer, Y
Jane FORSYTHE, F, 37, Y
Mary FORSYTHE, F, 7, Y
Betsy FORSYTHE, F, 6, Y
John FORSYTHE, M, 4, Y

Thos HODGSON, M, 22, Tailor, Y
Martha HODGSON, F, 17, Y
Joseph LAVERICK, M, 17, Tailor J, Y

Michael COPLEY, M, 47, Sadler, Y
Mary COPLEY, F, 45, N
George COPLEY, M, 9, Y

Walter THOMPSON, M, 81, Ind, Y
Mary THOMPSON, F, 62, Y

Robert THOMPSON, M, 26, Publican, Y
Annas THOMPSON, F, 26, Y
Robert THOMPSON, M, 1, Y
George THOMPSON, M, 5 weeks, Y

Christopher STORROW, M, 36, Joiner, Y
Betty STORROW, F, 36, Y
Mary STORROW, F, 9, Y
Ann STORROW, F, 7, Y
Edward STORROW, M, 4, Y
Henry STORROW, M, 1, Y
Christopher STORROW, M, 1, Y

Elleanor ROBINSON, F, 45, Ind, Y
Richard ROBINSON, M, 25, Ag Labourer, Y
John ROBINSON, M, 10, Y
Jane ROBINSON, F, 7, Y

John LOWISE, M, 30, Ag Labourer, Y
Jane LOWISE, F, 25, N
Richard LOWISE, M, 5, Y
Charles LOWISE, M, 4, Y
Joseph LOWISE, M, 2, Y

John HUTCHINSON, M, 46, Cordwainer, Y
Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, F, 45, Y
James DIXON, M, 14, Y
John MARSHALL, M, 45, Shoe m J, N
John STEWARDSON, M, 18, Shoe m Ap, Y
Robert DENT, M, 14, Shoe m Ap, Y
Mary CASTLEY, F, 17, FS, Y
William DOBSON, M, 60 Waggon Driver, Y

John TODD, M, 30, Blacksmith, N
Mary TODD, F, 30, Y
Isabella TODD, F, 8, Y
Mary TODD, F, 1, Y

Thos ROBINSON, M, 40, Cooper, Y
Margaret ROBINSON, F, 40, Y
Selina ROBINSON, F, 10, Y
Thomas ROBINSON, M, 8, Y
John ROBINSON, M, 5, Y

Thos RUDDAM, M, 35, Ag Labourer, Y
Ester RUDDAM, F, 38, Y
Robt RUDDAM, M, 10, Y
Isabella RUDDAM, F, 8, Y
John RUDDAM, M, 6, Y
Ann RUDDAM, F, 4, Y
William RUDDAM, M, 2, Y

Margt TEASDALE, F, 71, Ind, Y

William SIMPSON, M, 73, Labourer, Y
Sarah SIMPSON, F, 58, Y
Joseph DODD, M, 56, Ind (pauper crossed out), Y

James LAMBERT, M, 40, Publican, Y
Mary LAMBERT, F, 39, Y
Mary LAMBERT, F, 16, Y
Elizabeth LAMBERT, F, 13, Y
Agness LAMBERT, F, 11, Y
Thomas LAMBERT, M, 9, Y

Jos FURNASS, M, 55, Carpenter, Y
Grace FURNASS, F, 55, Y
Joseph FURNASS, M, 20, Y
Sarah FURNASS, F, 18, Y
Margarett FURNASS, F, 15, Y

Anthy ROBINSON, M, 57, Ind (yeoman crossed out), Y
Mary ROBINSON, F, 59, Y
Isabella ROBINSON, F, 25, Y
Grace ROBINSON, F, 15, Y

Thomas WALKER, M, 55, Ag Labourer, Y
Jane WALKER, F, 50, Y
Mary WALKER, F, 14, Y
Sarah WALKER, F, 9, Y
Isabella WALKER, F, 6, Y

Ann MOUNSEY, F, 60, Ind (pauper crossed out), Y
Margt MOUNSEY, F, 35, Y

Mary FURNASS, F, 68, Ind (pauper crossed out), N
Joseph FURNASS, M, 12, Y
Thomas FURNASS, M, 8, Y
Hannah FURNASS, F, 4, Y

Adam POTTS, M, 52, Ind (yeoman crossed out), N
Sarah POTTS, F, 50, Y
Elizabeth POTTS, F, 17, Y
Robert ROW, M, 25, MS, Y
James SIMPSON, M, 21, School Master, Y

John ROWLANDSON, M, 45, Clergyman, Y
Elizabeth ROWLANDSON, F, 45, Y
Dorothy GARNETT, F, 25, Y
John GARNETT, M, 65, Nail Contractor, Y
Richd ROBINSON, M, 20, MS, Y
Sarah HARRISON, F, 15, FS, Y
Cain FARRER, M, 15, MS, Y

Jonathan HUTCHINSON, M, 30, Ag Labourer, Y
Joseph HUTCHINSON, M, 3, Y

William BLAND, M, 68, Ag Labourer, Y
Mary BLAND, F, 69, Y
John BROWN, M, Tailor, Y

Chr AIREY, M, 70, Ag Labourer, Y
Geo AIREY, M, 30, Y
Ester AIREY, F, 1, Y
Richd SARGINSON, M, 11, Y

Richd STEWARDSON, M, 60, Ag Labourer, Y
Hannah STEWARDSON, F, 60, N
Elizabeth STEWARDSON, F, 25, Y
Richd STEWARDSON, M, 7 months, Y

Mary MACKERETH, F, 40, Ag Labourer, Y
Emanuel MACKERETH, M, 12, Y

John SCOTT, M, 30, Ag Labourer, Y
Mary SCOTT, F, 25, Y

James LOWISE, M, 50, Ind (yeoman crossed out), Y
Dinah LOWISE, F, 50, Y
Mary LOWISE, F, 20, Y
Marg LOWISE, F, 18, Y
Michael LOWISE, M, 15, Y
Thomas RIGG, M, 25, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth RIGG, F, 21, Y
John MACKERETH, M, 18, MS, Y

John SIMPSON, M, 65, Farmer, Y
Sarah SIMPSON, F, 28, Y
Elias SIMPSON, M, 18, Y
Christopher SIMPSON, M, 15, Y
Mary WALLIS, F, 16, FS, Y

John WHARTON, M, 35, Ag Labourer, Y
Mary WHARTON, F, 69, Ind (pauper crossed out), Y
Ann LANGHORN, F, 60, Ag Labourer, Y

John COCKBURN, M, 30, Ag Labourer, Y
Ruth COCKBURN, F, 30, Y
Jane COCKBURN, F, 11, Y
Thomas COCKBURN, M, 8, Y
William COCKBURN, M, 6, Y
Mary COCKBURN, F, 4, Y
James COCKBURN, M, 2, Y

Agness WILLAN, F, 60, Ind, Y
Robt WILLAN, M, 30, Clerk, Y
Elizabeth WILLAN, F, 25, Dressmaker, Y

Ruth MOSS, F, 50, Ind, Y
Ruth MOSS, F, 20, Y
Margt MOSS, F, 15, Y
Ann MOSS, F, 13, Y
Thomas MOSS, M, 10, Y

Thomas RELPH, M, 30, Ag Labourer, Y
Charlotte RELPH, F, 28, Y
Thomas ARNISON, M, 10, Y
James SHANNON, M, Sailor, I

Joseph FARRER, M, 65, Ag Labourer, Y
Ann FARRER, F, 60, Y
Richard FARRER, M, 20, Y

John ROBINSON, M, 87, Ind (yeoman crossed out), Y
Mary HAYTON, M, 75, FS, Y
Mary ATKINSON, F, 29, FS, Y


Ruth LANCASTER, F, 80, Ind, Y
James LANCASTER, M, 55, Ind (yeoman crossed out), Y
Jane LANCASTER, F, 30, Y
George LANCASTER, M, 25, Y

Thomas HOW, M, 50, Ostler, Y
Mary HOW, F, 49, Y
Mary HOW, F, 13, Y
Ralph HOW, M, 4, Y

Mary HUDSON, F, 70, Ind, Y
Isabella HOW, F, 14, FS, Y

Toll House

Edward CUMMINGS, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth CUMMINGS, F, 40, Y
Mary CUMMINGS, F, 15, Y
Elizabeth CUMMINGS, F, 13, Y
George CUMMINGS, M, 12, Y
Rebecca CUMMINGS, F, 10, Y
William CUMMINGS, M, 8, Y
Hannah CUMMINGS, M, 5, Y
Robert CUMMINGS, M, 2, Y
Jane CUMMINGS, F, 8 months, Y


William RICHARDSON, M, 48, Innkeeper, Y
William RICHARDSON, M, 11, Y
George RICHARDSON, M, 7, Y
Agness RICHARDSON, F, 2, Y
William GARNETT, M, 60, MS, Y
William LOWISE, M, 25, MS, Y
Robert COPLEY, M, 18, MS, Y
Jos SWINDLOW, M, 35, MS, Y
John WANE, M, 30, MS, N
Joseph WREAY, M, 16, MS, N
Betsy HARTLEY, F, 35, FS, N
Agness ESKRIGG, F, 25, FS, Y
Sarah WHITFIELD, F, 20, FS, N
Betty ADDISON, F, 14, FS, Y
NK, M, 20, Not stated
NK, M, 20, Not stated
Thomas RICHARDSON, M, 45, Butcher, N
Charles HOBKIRK, M, 35, Sh, N

Agness AIREY, F, 75, Ind, Y
Alice AIREY, F, 30, Y


John ARNISON, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Mary ARNISON, F, 37, Y
William ARNISON, M, 9, Y
Thomas ARNISON, M, 5, Y
Jane ARNISON, F, 13, Y
Mary ARNISON, F, 12, Y
Martha ARNISON, F, 7, Y
Hannah ARNISON, F, 8, Y
William HINDSON, M, 65, Ind, Y


James RUDDICK, M, 59, Ag Labourer, Y
Jane RUDDICK, F, 59, Y
James RUDDICK, M, 19, Y

Chr AIREY, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Betty AIREY, F, 30, Y
Henry AIREY, M, 1, Y
Margt BIRBECK, F, 30, FS, Y
William HERRING, M, 15, MS, Y
John WILMAN, M, 11, MS, N

Chr THOMPSON, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth THOMPSON, F, 40, Y
Mary THOMPSON, F, 14, Y
Thomas THOMPSON, M, 11, Y
Elizabeth THOMPSON, F, 7, Y
Allice THOMPSON, F, 5, Y

Joseph BARNS, M, 25, Carpenter, Y
Elizabeth BARNS, F, 29, Y

Anthy FURNASS, M, 70, Farmer, Y
Jane FURNASS, F, 70, Y
Joseph DODD, M, 21, MS, Y
Agness NIXON, F, 19, FS, N

Thos DEWHURST, M, 55, Farmer, N
Agness DEWHURST, F, 53, Y
Thomas DEWHURST, M, 22, Y
Richard DEWHURST, M, 20, Y
Isabella DEWHURST, F, 14, Y
Dorothy DEWHURST, F, 11, Y
Robinson DEWHURST, M, 11, Y
Christopher DEWHURST, M, 7, Y
Allice DEWHURST, F, 6, Y

John LOWISE, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Martha LOWISE, F, 30, Y
Mary LOWISE, F, 7, Y
Hannah LOWISE, F, 5, Y
Elizabeth LOWISE, F, 3, Y
Agness LOWISE, F, 1, Y

Trainrigg House

Henry SMITH, M, 55, Farmer, Y
Ester SMITH, F, 28, Y
Henry SMITH, M, 2, Y
John SMITH, M, 1, Y
Richd LANGLEY, M, 19, MS, Y
Thos LANGLEY, M, 12, MS, Y
Hannah LANGLEY, F, 14, FS, Y

Shap (south and southwest of the turnpike road leading to Bampton)

William SARGINSON, M, 45, Mason, Y
William SARGINSON, M, 15, Y
Mary SARGINSON, F, 14, Y
Isabella SARGINSON, F, 7, Y
Matthew SARGINSON, M, 4, Y

Thomas SMITH, M, 50, Grocer, Y
Isabella SMITH, F, 30, Y
Mary SMITH, F, 8, Y
Joseph SMITH, M, 5, Y
Jane SMITH, F, 2, Y

Joseph ABBOTT, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Ann ABBOTT, F, 25, Y
Mary Ann ABBOTT, F, 4, Y
John ABBOTT, M, 2, Y

William CASTLEY, M, 50, Carpenter, Y
Sarah CASTLEY, F, 50, Y
William CASTLEY, M, 4, Y

James ROBINSON, M, 30, Surgeon, N
Ann ROBINSON, F, 30, Y
John WILLAN, M, 15, Surgeon Ap, Y
Ann SIMPSON, F, 15, FS, Y
William RAWES, M, 11, MS, Y

Thomas LANGHORN, M, 55, Ind (yeoman crossed out), Y
Agness LANGHORN, F, 20, FS, N

Edward COATES, M, 60, Blacksmith, N
Elizabeth COATES, F, 62, Y
Richard COATES, M, 16, Blacksmith Ap, Y
Sarah LUKAS, F, 30, Y
Elizabeth LUKAS, F, 4, Y
Hannah LUKAS, F, 2, Y
James SHEPHERD, M, 45, Spinner, N
John HIGGINS, M, 25, Collier, I
James OBERINE, M, 55, Salor, I
William SHEROW, M, 55, Sailmaker, I
George GRIFFIT, M, 23, Pipemaker, N
Hannah ROBINSON, F, 70, N
Nancy FIN, F, 21, I
Mary GRIFFIT, F, 27, N
Margret BROWN, F, 70, I

John SIMPSON, M, 70, Ag Labourer, Y
Mary SIMPSON, F, 79, Y
Joseph SIMPSON, M, 53, Y

James LIGHTON, M, 28, Shoe Maker, N
Agness LIGHTON, F, 25, N
Mary LIGHTON, F, 5, N
Henry LIGHTON, M, 3, N
Thomas LIGHTON, M, 9 months, Y
Thomas CASTLEY, M, 15, Shoe Maker Ap, Y
Mary ROBINSON, F, 13, FS, Y

William JOHNSTONE, M, 45, Farmer, N
Agness JOHNSTONE, F, 45, Y
John JOHNSTONE, M, 20, Y
Robert JOHNSTONE, M, 15, Y
William JOHNSTONE, M, 10, Y
Anthony JOHNSTONE, M, 7, Y
James JOHNSTONE, M, 4, Y
Sarah JOHNSTONE, F, 6, Y
Elizabeth PARK, F, 25, FS, Y
John RELPH, M, 70, Carpenter, Y
James RELPH, M, 40, Ag Labourer, Y

Mary ION, F, 65, Grocer, Y
Ann ION, F, 30, Y
Robert ION, M, 20, Y
Mary Ann ION, F, 1, Y

Jane NOBLE, F, 60, Grocer, Y
Margret NOBLE, F, 35, Y
Grace NOBLE, F, 25, Y
Thomas NOBLE, M, 1, Y

William JACKSON, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Jane JACKSON, F, 35, Y
John JACKSON, M, 14, Y
William JACKSON, M, 12, Y
Robert JACKSON, M, 9, Y
Ann JACKSON, F, 6, Y

Anthoney SHEARMAN, M, 35, Inn Keeper, Y
Elizabeth SHEARMAN, F, 35, Y

Thomas REBANKS, M, 38, Blacksmith, N
Ann REBANKS, F, 35, N
Ann REBANKS, F, 7, N
Thomas REBANKS, M, 5, Y
John REBANKS, M, 2, Y
William REBANKS, M, 3 months, Y

Richard CASTLEY, M, 47, Joiner, Y
Ann CASTLEY, F, 47, Y
John CASTLEY, M, 19, Joiner, Y
Jane CASTLEY, F, 11, Y
Joseph CASTLEY, M, 5, Y

Elizabeth WILSON, F, 60, Lodging House Keep, N
Robert WILSON, M, 4, Y
William WARD, M, 30, Ag Lab, N
Mary WARD, F, 25, N
John SWALE, M, 85, N
John HOWEL, M, 40, N
William LAKE, M, 50, I

Thomas POLLARD, M, 55, Publican, N
Jane POLLARD, F, 55, Y
Joseph RICHARDSON, M, 25, Post Boy, Y
Elias CASTLEY, M, 20, Joiner, Y

Thomas Walter PARKER, M, 50, Ind (yeoman crossed out), Y
Mary PARKER, F, 34, Y
Thomas PARKER, M, 23, Y
Michael PARKER, M, 21, Y
John PARKER, M, 17, Y
Elinor PARKER, F, 11, Y
Ainsley PARKER, M, 9, Y
Margret PARKER, F, 7, Y
Mary PARKER, F, 5, Y
Jane PARKER, F, 3, Y
Charles PARKER, M, 7 months, Y
John AINSLEY, M, 76, Indpendent, N
Jane AINSLEY, F, 60, N
Hannah NEWTON, 25, FS, Y

Agness HAIN, F, 35, Grocer, Y
John HAIN, M, 12, Y
Agness HAIN, F, 6, Y
Thomas HAIN, M, 2, Y
James RILEY, M, 12, Y
Ellen CARTMELL, F, 24, School Mistress, Y

John ROPER, M, 35, Saddler, N
Hannah ROPER, F, 8, Y
John Deighton ROPER, M, 7, Y
Benjamin Aaeon ROPER, M, 5, Y
William Bigham ROPER, M, 3, Y

Mary DENNISON, F, 55, Hawker, Y

John ROWLANDSON, M, 25, Tea Dealer, Y
Elizabeth WALKER, F, 3, Y
Hugh McEWIN, M, 20, Groom, S

Samuel MOSS, M, 25, Blacksmith, Y
Ann MOSS, F, 25, Y

Richard BANKS, M, 40, Taylor, Y
Elizabeth BANKS, F, 39, Y
Elizabeth BANKS, F, 17, Y
Robt BANKS, M, 15, Y
Jane BANKS, F, 13, Y
Richard BANKS, M, 9, Y
William BANKS, M, 7, Y
Grace BANKS, F, 10, Y
John BANKS, M, 2, Y

Joseph LANCASTER, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Mary LANCASTER, F, 14, Y
Ruth LANCASTER, F, 11, Y
William LANCASTER, M, 9, Y
Elizabeth LANCASTER, F, 7, Y
Hannah LANCASTER, F, 5, Y
Thomas LANCASTER, M, 3, Y
Robert HERRING, M, 20, MS, Y

Ann TEASDALE, F, 35, Ag Labourer, Y
John TEASDALE, M, 11, Y
Isaac TEASDALE, M, 9, Y
Joseph TEASDALE, M, 5, Y
Sarah TEASDALE, M, 2, Y
James TEASDALE, M, 53, Ag Labourer, Y

John BREAKS, M, 45, Horse Keeper, Y
Elizabeth BREAKS, F, 45, Y
John BREAKS, M, 14, Y
Richard BREAKS, M, 13, Y
Elizabeth BREAKS, F, 7, Y
Jane BREAKS, F, 3, Y

Gerrard RAWES, M, 60, Ag Labourer, Y
Elizabeth RAWES, F, 55, Y
Joseph RAWES, M, 25, Post Boy, Y

Thomas GARSIDE, M, 55, Innkeeper, N
Mary GARSIDE, F, 48, Y
Thomas GARSIDE, M, 13, Y
Robert GARSIDE, M, 11, Y
Richard GARSIDE, M, 9, Y
Joseph HALL, M, 20, Ostler, N
Elizabeth COWARD, 18, FS, Y
Isabella COWARD, F, 14, FS, Y
Thomas FLEMMING, M, 3, Y

Christopher FARRER, M, 50, Groom, Y
Grace FARRER, F, 45, Y
Able FARRER, M, 14, Y
Thomas FARRER, M, 12, Y
Joseph FARRER, M, 10, Y
Hannah FARRER, F, 7, Y

Robert DENT, M, 46, Ag Labourer, Y
Hannah DENT, F, 46, Y
John DENT, M, 20, Y
Henry DENT, M, 11, Y
Hannah DENT, F, 8, Y
Elizabeth DENT, F, 6, Y
William DENT, M, 16, Blacksmith Ap, Y
Christopher DENT, M, 45, Ag Lab, Y
Margret DENT, F, 50, Y
Agness DENT, F, 12, Y
John CARTER, M, 40, Lodger, N

Elizabeth SEWELE, F, 55, Ag Labourer, Y
Margret SEWELE, F, 30, Y
William SEWELE, M, 8, Y
James SEWELE, M, 6, Y
Elizabeth SEWELE, F, 1, Y

Mary SMALLWOOD, F, 40, Y
Mary SMALLWOOD, F, 12, Y

John DENT, M, 72, Ag Labourer, Y
Mary DENT, F, 75, N

William ELLIDOOD, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Ann ELLIDOOD, F, 40, Y
Jonathan ELLIDOOD, M, 15, Y
John ELLIDOOD, M, 14, Y
Thomas ELLIDOOD, M, 12, Y
William ELLIDOOD, M, 10, Y
Mary ELLIDOOD, F, 6, Y
James ELLIDOOD, M, 4, Y
Joshua ELLIDOOD, M, 1 month, Y

Thomas COWARD, M, 45, Game Keeper, Y
Elizabeth COWARD, F, 40, Y
Hannah COWARD, F, 15, Y
Rebecca COWARD, F, 10, Y
Mary Ann COWARD, F, 7, Y
Joseph COWARD, M, 5, Y
Jane COWARD, F, 6 months, Y

Ullsmoor Township

John PEARSON, M, 66, Ind (husbandman crossed out), N
Margt PEARSON, F, 60, N


Joseph SMITH, M, 53, Farmer, Y
Jane SMITH, F, 43, Y
Jane SMITH, F, 5, Y
Thomas LOWTHIAN, M, 16, MS, Y

Crags Mill

Thomas ROBINSON, M, 65, Miller, Y
Susan ROBINSON, F, 65, N
Thomas GIBSON, M, 15, Y
Robert GIBSON, M, 10, age repeated


Robert DEWHURST, M, 29, Farmer, Y
Isabella DEWHURST, F, 35, Y
John DEWHURST, M, 9 months, Y
Elizabeth DEWHURST, F, 25, FS, Y
Elinor WILLAN, F, 25, FS, Y
Andrew NICHOLSON, M, 16, MS, N

John WINDER, M, 60, Ag Lab, N
Mary WINDER, M, 55, Y
Jonathan WINDER, M, 85, Lodger, Y

John CLARK, M, 60, Farmer, N
Hannah CLARK, F, 55, N
Mary CLARK, F, 30, N
Frances CLARK, F, 10, Y
Sarah CLARK, F, 10, Y
James CLARK, M, 6, Y

Henry RIGG, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Hannah RIGG, F, 25, N

Robert SCAIF, M, Ind (yeoman crossed out), Y
Esther SCAIF, F, 65, Y
Frances SCAIF, F, 30, Y
Thomas SCAFE, M, 3, Y

William NOBLE, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth NOBLE, F, 50, Y
Thomas NOBLE, M, 15, Y
Mary NOBLE, F, 12, Y
John NOBLE, M, 10, Y

John WILKINSON, M, 70, Farmer, Y
Elinor WILKINSON, F, 26, Y
Cathrine WILKINSON, F, 24, Y
Mary WILKINSON, F, 6 months, Y

Thomas NOBLE, M, 45, Yeoman, Y
Deborah NOBLE, F, 45, Y
Elizabeth NOBLE, F, 75, Y
Richard NOBLE, M, 19, Y
Elizabeth NOBLE, F, 17, Y
William NOBLE, M, 14, Y
Mary NOBLE, F, 10, Y
Ann NOBLE, F, 7, Y
Lanclot NOBLE, M, 3, Y
John WILSON, M, 20, MS, Y

Margt HUDSON, F, 40, Farmer, Y
William HUDSON, M, 17, Y
John HUDSON, M, 14, Y
Joseph HUDSON, M, 11, Y
Thomas HUDSON, M, 8, Y
Isaac RAWES, M, 30, MS, Y


Ralph ATKINSON, M, 30, Y
Mary ATKINSON, F, 25, Y
William ATKINSON, M, 9, Y
Ralph ATKINSON, M, 8, Y
Thomas ATKINSON, M, 4, Y
John ATKINSON, M, 1, Y

John LANCASTER, M, 35, (idiot crossed out), Y
William LANCASTER, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Richard LANCASTER, M, 27, MS, Y
Edmund LANCASTER, M, 25, MS, Y
Matthew LANCASTER, M, 20, MS, Y

Robert WILKINSON, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Ruth WILKINSON, F, 25, Y
Cathrine WILKINSON, F, 1, Y
Mary SOWERBY, F, 15, FS, N

Mill Beck

John LOWIS, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth LOWIS, F, 40, Y
Elizabeth LOWIS, F, 20, Y
John LOWIS, M, 15, Y
George LOWIS, M, 13, Y
Mary LOWIS, F, 11, Y
Margaret LOWIS, F, 9, Y
William LOWIS, M, 6, Y
Ann LOWIS, F, 4, Y
Dinah LOWIS, F, 2, Y

Steps Hill

Joseph HERRING, M, 55, Farmer, N
Elizabeth HERRING, F, 55, Y
John HERRING, M, 20, Y
Joseph HERRING, M, 15, Y

Copy Hill

Joseph DOBSON, M, 65, Y
Mary DOBSON, F, 32, Y
Joseph DOBSON, M, 11, Y
Jane DOBSON, F, 9, Y
Thomas DOBSON, M, 7, Y
William DOBSON, M, 5, Y
Robert DOBSON, M, 3, Y
Thomas DOBSON, M, 70, Y


Thomas MOFFET, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth MOFFET, F, 35, Y
Richard WILSON, M, 10, Y
John WILSON, M, 5, Y
Thomas BURN, M, 5, Y

Joseph LATTON, M, 45, Ag Labourer, N
Richard LATTON, M, 48, Farmer, N
Mary LATTON, F, 45, Y
Joseph LATTON, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y
William LATTON, M, 20, Saddler, Y

Isabella NICHOLSON, F, 60, Ind (poor woman crossed out), N
Thomas NICHOLSON, M, 35, Ag Lab, Y
Richard NICHOLSON, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y

Thomas ROBINSON, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Esther ROBINSON, F, 25, Y
Thomas ROBINSON, M, 4, Y
Robert ROBINSON, M, 2, Y
Margaret ROBINSON, F, 8 months, Y
Martha LOWIS, F, 14, FS, Y


Joseph LOWIS, M, 50, Waler, Y
Frances LOWIS, F, 50, Y
Sarah LOWIS, F, 12, Y
Richard LOWIS, M, 80, Waler, Y

James MONKHOUSE, M, 30, Ag Lab (husband man crossed out), Y
Alice MONKHOUSE, F, 3, Y
William FAWCETT, M, 9, Y

Isaac BAINBRIDGE, M, 30, Ag Lab, Not Stated
Sarah BAINBRIDGE, F, 25, Y
Elizabeth BAINBRIDGE, F, 5, Y
Margrt BAINBRIDGE, F, 3, Y

Thomas EUBANK, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Ann EUBANK, F, 45, Y
Margret EUBANK, F, 14, Y
Ruth EUBANK, F, 12, Y

Robert RAWES, M, 70, School Master, Y
Mary RAWES, F, 65, Y

Thomas RAWES, M, 50, Farmer, Y
Elinor RAWES, F, 45, N
Isaac RAWES, M, 20, N
William RAWES, M, 15, Y
Thomas RAWES, M, 10, Y
Ann RAWES, F, 5, Y
Thomas COATES, M, 70, MS, N

Edward STEPHENSON, M, 35, Ind (yeoman crossed out), Y
John STEPHENSON, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth STEPHENSON, F, 30, Y
Elizabeth BENNET, M, 5, N
Henry BENNET, M, 2, N
George RICHARDSON, M, 15, Y

Abraham GARNET, M, 63, Ag Lab (husband man crossed out), Y
Ann GARNET, F, 55, Y
William GARNET, M, 10, Y

Alice THOMPSON, F, 80, Independent, Y
George THOMPSON, M, 35, Farmer, Y

John ABBOTT, M, 70, Ag Lab (husband man crossed out), Y
Mary ABBOTT, F, 30, Y

Annas HOLME, F, 70, Ind (poor woman crossed out), Y

Hannah LOWIS, F, 70, Independent, Y

Ruth EUBANK, F, 70, Independent, Y

Edward HOLME, M, 40, Ag Lab, Y
Ann HOLME, F, 35, Y
Barbara HOLME, F, 10, Y
Robert HOLME, M, 6, Y
Thomas HOLME, M, 3, Y
Ann HOLME, F, 1 month, Y

Shap Abby

Thomas CLARK, M, 34, Farmer, Y
Jane CLARK, F, 28, Y
Mary Anne CLARK, F, 3, Y
Frances CLARK, F, 2, Y
Elizabeth CLARK, F, 11 weeks, Y
Frances WILKINSON, F, 36, Independent, Y
Hannah HEWATSON, F, 20, FS, N
Margret SIMPSON, F, 15, FS, Y
Sarah FORSYTHE, F, 10, FS, Y
John SARGINSON, M, 34, MS, Y
William NOBLE, M, 20, MS, Y
Richard, LATTON, M, 15, MS, Y
Christopher BIRBECK, M, 10, MS, Y

High House

Robert TAYLOR, M, 25, Shepherd, Y
Hannah TAYLOR, F, 25, Y
Sarah GOODE, F, 10, FS, Y

Wasdale Head

John MEDCALF, M, 45, Shepherd, Y
Elizabeth MEDCALF, F, 45, Y
John MEDCALF, M, 14, Y
Christopher MEDCALF, M, 11, Y
Mary MEDCALF, F, 75, N


John TOPPING, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Sarah TOPPING, F, 50, Y
John TOPPING, M, 20, Y
Thomas TOPPING, M, 5, Y
Margaret DENT, F, 15, FS, Y
Mary HINDSON, F, 70, Ind, Y

Jonathan SARGINSON, M, 30, Farmer, Y
Mary SARGINSON, F, 30, Y
Catharine SARGINSON, F, 5, Y
Henery SARGINSON, M, 1, Y
Mary ASKEW, F, 14, FS, Y

Frances ABBOTT, F, 35, Ind, Y
Martha ABBOTT, F, 30, Y
Frances ABBOTT, F, 20, N

George TEASDALE, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Margaret TEASDALE, F, 35, Y
Matthew TEASDALE, M, 11, Y
Elizabeth TEASDALE, F, 10, Y
Robert TEASDALE, M, 8, Y
John TEASDALE, M, 7, Y
Margaret TEASDALE, F, 5, Y
Richard BOWSEN, M, 30, MS, NK

Joseph CASTLEY, No further details enumerated
Elizabeth SIMSON, F, 35, Ag Lab, N

John CASTLEY, M, 35, Ag Lab, Y
Margaret CASTLEY, F, 25, Y
Mary CASTLEY, F, 11, Y
Isabella CASTLEY, F, 9, Y
Mark CASTLEY, M, 6, Y
Sarah CASTLEY, F, 4, Y
Margaret BECK, F, 65, Widow, Y

Matthew WILKINSON, M, 55, Farmer, Y
Anthony WRIGHT, M, 25, MS, Y
Elizabeth WRIGHT, F, 20, FS, Y
Thomas HARRISON, M, 11, MS, Y

Elizabeth HARRISON, F, 30, Ag Lab, Y
Ruth HARRISON, F, 6, Y
John HARRISON, M, 5, Y
Isabella HARRISON, F, 2, Y

Jane WRIGHT, F, 90, Ind, Y
Jane WRIGHT, F, 50, Y

John HINDSON, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Ann HINDSON, F, 35, Y
John HINDSON, M, 11, Y
Mary HINDSON, F, 9, Y
Esther HINDSON, F, 6, Y
Thomas HINDSON, M, 4, Y
Agness HINDSON, F, 1, Y

William PRIESTMAN, M, 50, Carrier, Y
Margaret PRIESTMAN, F, 50, N
George PRIESTMAN, M, 20, N

Henery SWAINSON, M, 30, Publican, Y
Ann SWAINSON, F, 30, Y
William SWAINSON, M, 11, Y
John SWAINSON, M, 6, Y
Henery SWAINSON, M, 1, Y
Mary LAMB, F, 14, FS, Y

Thomas CASTLEY, M, 45, Relieving Officer, Y
Elizabeth CASTLEY, F, 40, Y
John CASTLEY, M, 18, Y
William CASTLEY, M, 15, Y
Margaret CASTLEY, F, 15, Y
Isabella CASTLEY, F, 13, Y
Henery CASTLEY, M, 7, Y
Joseph CASTLEY, M, 4, Y
Elizabeth CASTLEY, F, 2, Y
Sarah Ann CASTLEY, F, 5 months, Y

Margaret CASTLEY, F, 80, Ind, Y
Mary CASTLEY, F, 11, Y
Elias CASTLEY, M, 6, Y

Joseph UBANK, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Nancy UBANK, F, 30, Y
Margaret BLAND, F, 13, Y

John RELPH, M, 50, Carpenter, NK
Elizabeth RELPH, F, 60, Y
William RELPH, M, 20, Joiner, Y
Elizabeth RELPH, F, 15, Y
Edward RELPH, M, 15, Y

William NICHOLSON, M, 80, Ag Lab, Y
Sarah NICHOLSON, F, 25, Y
Margaret NICHOLSON, F, 4, Y

Thomas MOFFAT, M, 60, Ag Lab, Y
Agness MOFFAT, F, 65, Y

John COOPER, M, 45, Mason, Y
Jane COOPER, F, 55, Y

Mary GROVES, F, 70, Ag Lab, Y
Ann GROVES, F, 50, Y
Margaret GROVES, F, 35, Y

Thomas HINDSON, M, 42, Farmer, Y
Jane HINDSON, F, 39, N
William HINDSON, M, 15, N
Thomas HINDSON, M, 12, Y
Elizabeth HINDSON, F, 10, N
Isabella HINDSON, F, 8, Y
James HINDSON, M, 5, Y
Jonathan HINDSON, M, 2, Y
NK, M, NK, Y

William HARRISON, M, 21, MS to T HINDSON, N
John RAWES, M, 21, MS, Y
James HARRISON, M, 15, MS, Y
Ann LAMB, F, 20, FS, Y
Betsey ARNISON, F, 15, FS, N

Joseph EDMUNDSON, M, 55, Miller, Y

Christopher ELLISON, M, 70, Ind, Y
Mary ELLISON, F, 70, Y
Thomas LEACH, M, 43, Y


Francis BURTON, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Sarah BURTON, F, 60, N
Mary BURTON, F, 28, Y
John BURTON, M, 15, Y
Joseph RUDD, M, 20, MS, N

John KITCHING, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Mary KITCHING, F, 30, Y

Robert COOPER, M, 65, Farmer, Y
Isabella COOPER, F, 60, Y
William COOPER, M, 15, Y
William GROVES, M, 15, MS, Y
Miles STORROW, M, 12, MS, Y
Mary FERGUSON, F, 20, FS, Y
Elizabeth COOPER, F, 7, Ind, Y
Mary COOPER, F, 3, Y
Isabella COOPER, F, 5, Y

Backet Hill

John STEPHENSON, M, 60, Farmer, Y
Isabella STEPHENSON, F, 55, Y
Isabella STEPHENSON, F, 25, Y


Joseph SARJANT, M, 55, Farmer, N
Margaret SARJANT, F, 55, Y
William SARJANT, M, 30, Y
Mary SARJANT, F, 20, Y
Ann SARJANT, F, 20, Y
Thomas SARJANT, M, 15, Y

Richard BRYHAM, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth BRYHAM, F, 40, Y
Jane BRYHAM, F, 15, Y
John BRYHAM, M, 15, Y
Nancy BRYHAM, F, 13, Y
Margaret BRYHAM, F, 11, Y
William BRYHAM, M, 8, Y
Elizabeth BRYHAM, F, 7, Y
Richard BRYHAM, M, 4, Y
Mary BRYHAM, F, 9 months, Y
Ann ION, F, 20, NK

John STRONG, M, 60, Baker, N
Ann STRONG, F, 65, Y
Mary Ann STRONG, F, 3, Y

Joseph HERRING, M, 55, Farmer, Y
Agness HERRING, F, 50, Y
William BALLANTINE, M, 40, MS Ag Lab, Y
William BALLANTINE, M, 15, Y
Nancy BLAND, F, 15, FS, Y

John HALL, M, 55, Farmer, Y
Ann HALL, F, 50, Y
John HALL, M, 15, Y
Mary HALL, F, 13, Y
Henery HALL, M, 11, Y
Isaac NEWTON, M, 20, MS, Y

Raceit and Tailbert

Robert EWBANK, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Agness EWBANK, F, 45, Y
Jane EWBANK, F, 12, Y
Thomas EWBANK, M, 10, Y
Nancy EWBANK, F, 7, Y
Margaret ASHWORTH, F, 65, Widow, Y

John WRIGHT, M, 70, Farmer, Y
John WRIGHT, M, 25, Y
Mary WRIGHT, F, 20, Y
Elizabeth SIMPSON, F, 20, FS, Y
Margaret WILKINSON, F, 60, Y

Richard LOWIS, M, 25, Farmer, Y
Agness LOWIS, F, 30, Y
Sarah LOWIS, F, 9, Y
John LOWIS, M, 7, Y
Elizabeth LOWIS, F, 4, Y
Agness LOWIS, F, 4 months, Y

William PEARSON, M, 70, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth PEARSON, M, 65, N


Margaret WALKER, F, 70, Ind, Y
Betty WALKER, F, 30, Ind, Y
Stephen WALKER, M, 60, Clerk, Y
Thomas WILKINSON, M, 45, MS, Y

William WINDER, M, 50, Farmer, Y
Mary WINDER, F, 60, Y
John WINDER, M, 20, Y
Frances EBDALE, F, 35, FS, Y
Mary BURTON, F, 2, Y

William WHITESMITH, M, 68, Schoolmaster, Y
John SANDERSON, M, 60, Ag Lab, Y
Elizabeth SANDERSON, F, 45, Y
Mary SANDERSON, F, 14, Y
William SANDERSON, M, 11, Y

Robert KENDALL, M, 40, Farmer, Y
Jane KENDALL, F, 50, Y
Margaret KENDALL, F, 15, Y
Mary HILL, F, 10, Y
Mithan RICHARDSON, M, 5, Y


Ann BROWN, F, 65, Widow, Y
Margaret CHAPELHOW, F, 25, Widow, Y
Margaret CHAPELHOW, F, 6 months, Y

Henery BURTON, M, 25, Farmer, Y
Agness BURTON, F, 20, Y
John BURTON, M, 3 months, Y

Elizabeth SMITH, F, 55, Ag Lab, Y
Mary RAWES, F, 7, Y

Richard HINDSON, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth HINDSON, F, 40, Y
Mary HINDSON, F, 10, Y
Elizabeth HINDSON, F, 8, Y
Agness HINDSON, F, 6, Y
Isabella HINDSON, F, 4, Y
Margaret GREEN, F, 13, FS, Y

Thomas CASTLEY, M, 40, Schoolmaster, Y
Jane CASTLEY, F, 45, Y
Jane CASTLEY, F, 16, Y

John FELL, M, 85, Farmer, Y
Mary FELL, F, 70, N
Mary THOMPSON, F, 30, Dressmaker, Y
John THOMPSON, M, 9, Y
Robert THOMPSON, M, 23, Molecatcher, Y

Margaret SEWELL, F, 80, Farmer, Y
James SEWELL, M, 61, MS, Y
John SEWELL, M, 15, MS, Y
William SEWELL, M, 14, MS, Y
Mary TINKLER, F, 14, FS, Y

Lanncelot RAWES, M, 50, Miner, Y
Elizabeth RAWES, F, 45, Y
Sarah RAWES, F, 11, Y
Isabella RAWES, F, 7, Y

Gerrard RAWES, M, 55, Farmer, Y
Mary SMITH, F, 40, Y
Mary SMITH, F, 15, Y
William SMITH, M, 15, Y
Robert SMITH, M, 14, Y
John SMITH, M, 10, Y
Hannah SMITH, F, 9, Y
Isabella SMITH, F, 6, Y


Joseph GREEN, M, 25, Ag Lab, Y
Margaret GREEN, F, 25, Y
Agness GREEN, F, 70, Ind, Y
Agness GREEN, F, 4, Y
Thomas GREEN, M, 2, Y
Sarah THOMPSON, F, 9, Y
John WILLIAMSON, M, 30, Ag Lab, Y


John HOLME, M, 35, Farmer, Y
Anne HOLME, F, 60, Ind, Y
Richard MARTINDALE, M, 6, Y
John JAQUES, M, 20, MS, Y
William PEARSON, M, 15, MS, Y
Elizabeth DOUTHWAITE, F, 20, FS, Y
Henry DOUTHWAITE, M, 30, Carpenter, Y
Joseph RAWES, M, 25, Slater, Y


Aron MAWSON, M, 70, Farmer, N
Margaret MAWSON, F, 80, Y
Aaron MAWSON, M, 40, Y
Agnes MAWSON, F, 35, Y
Ann MAWSON, F, 8, Y


George MAWSON, M, 45, Farmer, Y
Elizabeth MAWSON, F, 25, N
George MAWSON, M, 2, Y
Jane MAWSON, F, 1, Y
Margaret MAWSON, F, 6 weeks, Y
George HARRISON, M, 20, MS, Y

William TOWERS, M, 35, Publican, N
Mary TOWERS, F, 40, N
Ann TOWERS, F, 30, Y
Mark TOWERS, M, 15, Y
Mary TOWERS, F, 4, Y

Brackin How



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