Westmorland - Military History

  • Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
    Better by far a Cumberland Hussar : A history of the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry 1819-1967. Bardgett, Colin. Hayloft Pubs, 2001

    The museum is situated at Dalemain

  • Westmorland militia records in National Records Archive catalogue.

  • 9th Westmorland (Lakes) Battalion Home Guard records in National Records Archive catalogue.

  • 34th Regiment  Regiments.org
  • 55th (the Westmoreland) Regiment of Foot  Regiments.org

  • The Border Regiment  Regiments.org
  • The King's Own Royal Border Regiment Regiments.org
    • Cumbria's Museum of Military Life (Carlisle Castle) 

      1.  Like most regimental museums the Museum does not have a complete list of
      all the officers and men who have served in the Border Regiment. 
      In WWI alone some 35,000 served.

      2.  The Museum does not hold copies of individual Soldiers' Service records,
      apart from a small number of  documents donated to our archives by
      individual or their descendants.

      3.  Officer's records - the Museum does not hold copies of Officers' records, but can
      trace all officers through the Army Lists for the period.  Officers' names
      are often mentioned in other documents in the archives.

      4.  The Museum has a growing database of 20,000+ names of soldiers including
      the Roll of Honour of all those who were killed in the Border Regiment during
      WWI.  This roll gives the full name, regimental number, battalion, place of
      birth and enlistment (in most cases) and date of death, plus Commonwealth War
      Graves Commission print-out details of where soldiers are buried, or if they
      have no known grave, on which Memorial they are commemorated.  There are
      Battalion War Diaries, some Battalion embarkation, draft and casualty lists
      (wounded and sick) and general paperwork, all of which include names with
      regimental numbers and other details.  There are trench maps, a good
      Regimental History covering the service of all battalions during the War; and
      a copy (CD-ROM) of HMSO's Soldiers and Officers' Died in Great War for the
      whole Army.

      5.  Gallantry awards - VC, DSO, DCM, MC, MM, MiDs (Mentions-in-Despatches), foreign and other awards - details including some citations (not MM or MiD) and date of publication in the London Gazette

      6. Photographs - The Museum holds several hundred WW I period photographs, very few of which are named.
  • LNER Wartime Evacuation Documents (N.EVAC 2 and N.EVAC 3) are provided by Brian Pears 
    describing arrangements for evacuating children from Newcastle and Gateshead to rural parts of Northumberland, Co Durham, Yorkshire, Cumberland and Westmorland.
    The second document includes lists of schools with details of their places and times of departure and their destinations.