Magna Britannica et Hibernia


Volume 6: Westmorland

by Thomas Cox (Vicar of Bromfield, Essex) 45 pages, printed in 1731.

[It is bound with a leather ledger book cover, with a paper label applied that says Westmorland, Magna Britannica,
as if someone had pulled it from a larger book then rebound it.]
  • 1-30 History & Gazetteer
  • 31-33 Lords & Earls of Westmorland; Gentlemen of Note
  • 34-36 Natural History
  • 37-39 Ecclesiastical History; Monasteries; Martyrs; Divines
  • 40-45 Table (Index)



Transcription by Sarah Reveley,  Joan Fisher and Lisl Schoenwald. (Rootsweb Westmorland Listmembers)  ©  2003