Brinkworth - Wills from Earliest Times - 1650


I (Clive Henly) have compiled this document as part of my research into the social history of Brinkworth and the surrounding area. I propose to update this collection as I transcribe more wills for the period, and also to publish further collections for later periods.

In addition to these wills, I have also collated a large amount of information about the area and have transcribed several manorial documents, dating back to the mid-sixteenth century. I am always happy to exchange information or to help fellow researchers where possible.

This collection is in three parts:

  1. A List of Wills of Brinkworth residents up to the year 1650 (this webpage). This covers Wills proven at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), Archdeaconry of Wiltshire (ADW) and the Consistory Court of Sarum (CS)

    Because of the organisation of the calendars for these courts, this was not an easy list to compile accurately. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that it is complete.

  2. Transcripts of some of the Wills listed in Section 1. Those wills fully transcribed have been marked with an asterisk (*) in the right-hand margin in the List. Those wills for which only an extract have been taken have been marked with the letter 'E' in the margin.

  3. Index of People mentioned in transcribed Wills.

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Last update February 1994.

List of Wills

Surname Forename Year Type Court  
AUSTIN William, blacksmith 1615 W ADW  
AYLIEF Richard esquire 1609   PCC  
AYLIFFE Arthur, gentleman 1646 WIA CS *
AYLIFFE John, of Grittenham 1635 W ADW *
AYLIPHE John esquire 1580   PCC  
BAKER William 1635 WI ADW  
BARNES Alice 1615 B ADW  
BARNES Andrew 1563 W CS *
BARNES John 1614   PCC  
BARNES Richard, husbandman 1570 W CS *
BARNES William 1619   PCC  
BARNES William, yeoman 1638 WI ADW *
BEALE Anthony, husbandman 1639 WI ADW *
BEALE Christian 1573   PCC  
BEALE Christopher 1591   PCC  
BEALE Elinor, widow 1605 WI ADW *
BEALE John, tailor 1606 WI CS  
BEALE John 1650   PCC  
BEALE Robert 1612   PCC  
BEALE Robert 1619 IBA ADW  
BEALE Thomas 1602 W ADW *
BEALE William, yeoman 1628 WIB CS  
BEALE William, senior 1601   PCC  
BENDRY John, yeoman of Grittenham 1616 WIC ADW  
BENDRY Margerie, widow 1629 WI ADW  
BENNETT Thomas 1647 WI CS  
BUTCHER Edward, of Grittenham 1612 WI ADW  
CLARK Alice, widow 1629 WIB ADW  
CLARK Jeffery 1636 IA ADW  
CLARK William the Elder, yeoman 1639 WI ADW  
CLARKE Agnes, widow 1640 WI ADW *
CLARKE Geoffery, husbandman 1611 WI ADW *
CLARKE Henry 1628   PCC  
DAVIS als TAYLOR Edmund 1646 IB CS  
DAVIS als TAYLOR Thomas 1633 Act ADW  
DAVIS als TAYLOR Thomas 1639 WI ADW *
DAVIS als TAYLOR William, yeoman 1619 WI ADW *
DAVYS als TAYLOR James 1597   PCC  
DIRHAME Richard 1631 WI ADW  
DISTON Giles 1619   PCC  
DIXON Thomas 1619   PCC  
DOBBES Agnes, widow 1603 WI ADW *
EATON John 1628   PCC  
EATON Robert 1621   PCC  
FOSCOTT Elizabeth 1584 W ADW *
FOSCOTT Elizabeth, widow 1615 WI ADW  
FOSCOTT Walter 1618 IBA ADW  
FRY Anthony, mercer 1636 WI ADW *
FRY John the Elder, husbandman 1630 WI ADW *
FRY Michael 1628 IBA ADW  
FRY William 1625 I ADW  
GELE William 1563 W CS *
GERINGE Anthonie 1502   PCC  
GLEEDE Margaret 1624   PCC  
HAYES John, husbandman 1607 W ADW *
HAYWARD Christian 1627 AB ADW  
HEALE Michell, yeoman of Grittenham 1571 W CS  
HEALE Peeter 1606   PCC  
HEALE William, mercer 1612 W ADW  
HENDLY William, yeoman 1618 WI ADW *
HENLY Jeffery, yeoman 1638 IBA ADW *
HUMBER Anthony 1641 IB ADW  
HUTCHINS Edward 1629   PCC  
HUTCHINS Thomas 1630 IBA ADW  
JONES George 1605   PCC  
KENT als WALSBURNE Thomas, husbandman 1623 WI ADW  
KITE Walter 1599   PCC  
LEWEN David, weaver 1619 WI CS  
LEWEN David, Senior, weaver 1612 WI ADW *
LEWYN Robert 1580   PCC E
LONGE James, fuller 1619 WI CS  
MESSETER William 1617   PCC  
MOODY John the Younger 1638 WI ADW  
NORBORNE Jone 1572 W CS *
ODY Alice, widow of Grittenham 1614 WI ADW  
ODY Thomas, yeoman of Grittenham 1606 IBA CS  
PEACOCKE John, yeoman of Grittenham 1647 WI CS  
PHILLIPPS John 1605   PCC  
PINELL Jane, widow 1650 WI CS  
PINNELL John, wheeler 1570 W CS *
PINNELL Margaret 1622 A ADW  
PINNELL Richard, husbandman 1619 WI CS *
PINNELL Thomas, of Grittenham 1623 IBA ADW  
PLAYER William, husbandman 1617 WI ADW  
PLAYER William, husbandman 1623 WI ADW  
PRIAR George 1628   PCC  
PROVENDER George, gentleman 1644 BA CS  
PYNNELL Henry 1618   PCC E
PYNNELL Margery 1618 WIB ADW *
PYNNELL Raphe 1609   PCC E
RICHMAN John, gentleman 1626 WI ADW *
RICHMAN Sylvester 1639 AB ADW  
SCULL Alice, widow 1619 WI CS *
SHEARER Anne, spinster 1614 IA CS  
SHEARER Robert 1614 IBA CS  
SHERER John 1626 IB ADW  
SHERER Richard, Husbandman of Grittenham 1629 WI ADW *
SHERER Thomas senior 1604   PCC  
SHERER William 1618   PCC  
SHERER William 1644 IB CS  
SHERRAR John 1650   PCC  
SHERRER Edward, yeoman of Grittenham 1639 WI ADW *
SKULL Geoffery of Grittenham 1619 WI ADW *
SKULL John the Elder, Yeoman 1610 W ADW *
SKULL Jone, widow 1640 WI ADW *
SMITH Susan 1630   PCC  
SMITH Thomas 1642 IBA ADW  
SMITH William 1597   PCC  
SMYTH Anthony, tailor 1634 WI CS  
TARRANT Oliver 1639 IBA ADW  
THORNE Michell, Husbandman 1570 W CS *
VEN Edith, widow of Grittenham 1618 WI ADW  
VEN John 1601 W ADW  
WAITE Edmund, husbandman of Grittenham 1621 WI ADW  
WAITE Elinor, spinster 1645 WI CS  
WAITE Harry, husbandman of Grittenham 1606 WI ADW  
WAITE Jeffery 1626 IBA ADW  
WAITE John 1637 IBA ADW  
WAITE Margery, widow of Grittenham 1623 WI ADW  
WAITE William, husbandman of Grittenham 1641 WI ADW  
WALKER Alice, widow 1640 WI ADW  
WALKER Thomas, husbandman 1626 WI ADW  
WALKER William 1650 WI CS  
WALLIS Edmund 1613   PCC  
WAYTE John the Younger 1616   PCC E
WEARE Bennet, blacksmith of Grittenham 1633 WI ADW  
WEBB Jone, widow 1592 WI CS *
WEEKES Roger, yeoman 1620 WI CS  
WEYTE Thomas the Elder 1479   PCC  
WILSHER George, husbandman 1602 W ADW *
WYTE William 1614   PCC  
YOUNG Robert 1624 I ADW  
YOUNG Robert 1625 IB CS  

The transcripts and indexes provided here are the copyright of:

C.R.G. Henly, 9 Renfrew Drive, Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 2FX.

They are made available for the private use of genealogical researchers who may copy them and extract data from them for their personal use. They are not to be reproduced or republished in any other form whatsoever.