Wiltshire - Ship Money List



This document is taken from an article which appeared in the newspaper "The Swindon Advertiser" on 7th and 14th November 1885.

An explanation of the tax called Ship Money and the schedules printed here, may be found in the article, which is reproduced in full on the following page. The original article grouped people within parishes - here they are listed alphabetically by name, with their parish listed to their right. The far right column gives the amount of tax (in pounds, shillings and pence) they were charged.

The following parishes and tythings were covered by the article:

Cleeve Peper
Hilmarton Parish
Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall
Lyneham Parishe
Tockenham Weeke
Wootton Bassett
Transcribed by:  Clive R.G. Henly
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Ship Money 1635Page 1Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994



One of the ancient forms of Taxation about which we, through the writings of the historian, know the most, was called "Ship Money", which was an imposition aciently charged upon the ports, towns, cities, boroughs and counties of the realm, by writs commonly called ship writs, under the great seal of England, for the providing and furnishing certain ships for the King's service. This imposition was revived by King Charles I, in the years 1635 and 1636; but by Statute 17 Carolus I, it was declared to be contrary to the laws and statutes of the realm, claim of right, liberty of the subject, etc. Before this was done, however, the imposition had led to most momentous consequences, and ultimately to the desposition of the King and the establishment of the Commonwealth.

Thomas Carlyle in his own quaint way refers to this "Ship Money" as follows:- "Two obscure individuals, Peter Aldridge and Thomas Lane, Assessors of Shipmoney, over in Buckinghamshire, had assembled a Parish Meeting in the Church of Great Kimble, to assess and rate the Shipmoney of the said Parish. There, in the cold weather, at the foot of the Chiltern Hills, 11th January 1635, the Parish did attend. John Hampden, Esquire, at the head of them, and by a Return still extant, refused to pay the same or any portion thereof - witness the above Assessors, witness also two Parish Constables whom we remit from such inexpected celebrity. John Hampden's share for this Parish is thirty one shillings and sixpence, for another Parish it is twenty shillings, on which latter sum, not on the former, John Hampden was tried." A little further on in his Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, Carlyle returns to the subject as follows:- On the 6th of November 1637, this important Process of Mr Hampden's began. Learned Mr St John, a dark tough man, of the toughness of leather, spake with irrefragable law-eloquence, law- logic, for three days running, on Mr Hampden's side; and learned Mr Holborn for three other days:- preserved yet by Rushworth in acres of typography, unreadble now to all mortals. For other learned gentlemen, tough as leather, spoke on the opposite side; and learned judges animadverted, at endless length, amid the expectancy of men. With brief pauses, the Trial lasted for three weeks and three days. Mr Hampden became the most famous man in England, by accident partly. The sentence was not delivered till April 1638; and then it went against Mr Hampden: judgment in Exchequer ran to this effect, "Consideratum est per eosdem Barones quod pr`dictus Johannes Hampden de issden viginiti solidis oneretur", - He must pay the twenty shillings, - "et inde satisfaciat". No hope in the Law Courts, then; Petition of Right and Tallagio non concedendo have become an old song.

In the County of Wilts the Tax was liked no better than ot was in Buckinghamshire, but the people appear to have done what they have done ever since - Namely, exercised the Englishman's privilege of paying and grumbling so that nothing more came of it.

In one of the schedules sent by Charles I, to the Sheriffs of counties for raising this Ship Money the following apportionment appears to have been made between several of the leading cities and boroughs of Wiltshire as follows:-

The city of New Sarum (besides the Close)£192
The borough town of Marlborough60
The borough of Devizes50
The borough of Chippenham30
The borough of Wilton5


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The collection of Ship Money, however, was not confined to cities and boroughs: it was carried on in every parish and hamlet in the country, no one who had property that could be taxed being allowed to escape. And this being so, these Ship Money schedules have always been accepted as a favourite medium for estimating the comparative importance of towns and places two hundred and fifty years ago, with each other, and then for seeing how huch the place has progressed or gone back. For instance, Waylen in his History of Marlborough remarks:- "The comparative wealth and importance of places, as exhibited by these schedules, contrast remarkably with their condition in modern times. Liverpool for instance was rated at an amount which was hardly the eighth part of the assessment on the city of Salisbury, and less than half of that imposed on the borough of Marlborough. The city of Bath appears to have been but very little larger than Marlborough, and less than the eleventh part of the size of Bristol. bristol was the second city in the kingdom, and alone was assessed for a ship of the value of £800. Newcastle-upon-Tyne appears to have come next, being valued at £700. No other provincial towns approached these two in importance."

These schedules, however, would seem to be of more than usual interest and importance when they embrace a complete district of a county, or division of a county, for then they serve to give not only a perfect assessment of the property, but also a census of the inhabitants, with their relative social positions. Following this we purpose by giving a copy of what is probably one of the most perfect of these Ship Money Schedules extant, for the Kingsbridge Hundred, which includes the parishes of Swindon, Wootton Bassett, and a considerable district around. The schedule from which we copy is an original document, in excellent preservation, and which has, we believe, remained in the possession of the descentants of those to whom it was originally addressed, and to whom we are indebted for the courtesy of being allowed to take a copy.

Ship Money 1635Page 3Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
AcremanWilli: Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
AddamsGeorge Wanborough0-1-2
AlexanderJeffery Clacke0-1-0
AllinHenry Liddington0-5-4
AllworthGylesfor WhithillLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall2-3-4
AllworthGyles (Mr)for SouthleaseElcombe2-0-0
Allworth als AlderJohn Swindon0-5-0
ArcharAdam Lyneham Parishe0-10-0
ArmanJo: Wootton Bassett0-4-0
ArnoldWilli: Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
ArnoldeJo: Clacke0-3-0
AvenillWilli: Swindon0-1-0
BadburyEllenWidowLyneham Parishe0-2-0
BakerRichard Ufcott0-3-0
BakerRobert Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-5-0
BakerThomas Ufcott0-3-0
BarnardHenry Hilmarton Parish0-10-0
BarnardHumfry Hilmarton Parish0-10-0
BarnardJohn Swindon0-5-0
BarnesTho: Lyneham Parishe0-5-0
BartlettWilli: Woodlockshaye0-3-6
BartlottWilli: Clacke0-0-6
BaskervndMrsfor Uper Oadhill and CupesCleeve Peper1-3-0
BatheJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-8-4
BatheRichard Wootton Bassett0-16-0
BatheRobertSeniorWootton Bassett0-5-0
BattenRichard Wootton Bassett0-6-0
BaylyJoffreyof WroughtonSwindon0-3-4
BaylyJohn Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
BaylyTho: Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
BaynardEdwardgentHilmarton Parish3-0-0
BellHenry Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
BennetMrsee Nicholas ChurchesBadbury 
BlissettRichard Wanborough0-3-6
BlissettWilli: Broadtowne0-4-0
BlomerJohn (Mr) Wanborough0-12-8
BloxsamHenry Liddington0-2-4
BoxallJohn Wootton Bassett2-0-0
BrewerTho: Hilmarton Parish0-10-0
BriendJohn Wanborough0-6-4
BriendJohn (Mr) Wanborough1-2-0
BriendJohn (Mr)for Sir Humfry Foster's landWanborough1-3-4
BriendThomas (Mr) Wanborough0-13-0
BrinsdenJo: Wootton Bassett0-4-0
BrinsdenTho: Wootton Bassett0-18-0


Ship Money 1635Page 4Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
BrinsdenWilli: Wootton Bassett0-10-0
BristowAnthonyfor his stockeBadbury0-1-0
BristoweHenry Liddington0-10-8
BrookeD. Broadtowne0-4-0
BrookesJo: Clacke0-5-6
BrookesRobert Lyneham Parishe0-4-0
BrowneElizabethWidowLyneham Parishe0-6-0
BrowneHenrySeniorLyneham Parishe0-12-0
BrowneHenryJuniorLyneham Parishe0-3-0
BrowneJo: Tockenham Weeke0-2-0
BrowneTho:for Huntleye'sTockenham0-5-0
BrowneTho: Tockenham Weeke0-8-0
Browne als WeareRichard Ufcott0-3-0
BuckeridgeAnthony Chiseldon1-14-6
BuckeridgeThomas (Mr) Chiseldon1-14-6
BunceRobertfor his stockeBadbury0-1-0
BunsellOliver (Mr) Midghall0-2-0
BurchallEdmundSeniorLyneham Parishe0-5-0
BurchallEdmundJunior, for Gaye's LivingLyneham Parishe0-7-6
BurchallElizabethWidowLyneham Parishe0-10-0
BurchallJo: Lyneham Parishe0-5-0
BurchallNathaniell Lyneham Parishe0-10-0
BurfordMrfor the farmeThornhill1-12-0
BurfordeMrfor the VicaridgeCleeve Peper0-16-0
BurgesWilli: Thornhill0-8-0
BusheAdam Tockenham0-1-0
ButcherHumphry Tockenham Weeke0-4-0
ButtonWilliam (Sir) Hilmarton Parish0-10-0
ButtonWilliam (Sir)Kt and BarronettTockenham5-5-0
ButtonWilliam (Sir)for his ParsonadgeTockenham0-15-0
ButtonWilli: (Sir)for Roger ReevesLyneham Parishe0-6-0
CambreyRichard Wootton Bassett0-8-0
CarpenterEdward Woodlockshaye0-5-6
CarpenterJo: Hilmarton Parish0-15-0
CarpenterRobert Swindon0-2-0
Carter see John and Thomas DearhamChiseldon 
CarterJohn Chiseldon0-8-4
CattleAlexander Swindon0-2-6
CawleyMrswidowHilmarton Parish0-10-0
CawleyRogergentHilmarton Parish2-0-0
CawleyWilli:for CoxesClacke0-6-0
CawleyWilliam (Sir)knightChiseldon10-6-3
CawleyWm (Sir)for ye farmeOvertowne3-13-4
ChadwellMrfor ye farmeOvertowne3-13-4
ChanndlerTho: Swindon0-0-0
ChapperlayneHenry Tockenham0-3-0
CheesemanJohn Wootton Bassett0-2-0
ChestermanJo: Cleeve Peper0-8-0
ChestermanMichaell Cleeve Peper0-1-0


Ship Money 1635Page 5Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
ChristopherSamuell Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-2-0
ChurchNicholasfor his stockeBadbury0-3-0
ChurchNicholas Bincknoll0-10-0
ChurchRichard Tockenham Weeke0-2-0
ChurchRobert Midghall0-4-0
ChurchWilli: Wootton Bassett0-10-0
ChurchWilliam Cleeve Peper0-3-0
ChurchesNicholasfarmer, Mr BennetBadbury1-9-0
ClarkeJohn Wanborough0-5-8
CleeterChristopher Ufcott1-0-0
CleeveAlexanderfor InlandsWanborough1-15-4
CleeveAlexander Wanborough0-5-0
ClementsRobert Hilmarton Parish1-10-0
CollettHenry Badbury0-14-3
CollingsWilli: (Mr) Swindon0-10-0
CollmanGeorge Elcombe0-2-0
CollmanLyonell Broadtowne0-2-0
CombeAlexanderfor his stockeBadbury0-2-0
CombeRobert Chiseldon0-8-4
CombeWilliamand his sonneChiseldon0-5-2
CooperWidow Thornhill0-2-0
CorlisJohn Swindon0-2-6
Costowe Farme  Midghall2-13-4
CoventreyJohn Wanborough0-2-6
CoventreyWidow Wanborough0-2-6
CowlesRichard Clacke0-0-6
CowlesRichard Tockenham Weeke0-5-0
CowlesRobert Tockenham Weeke0-6-0
CoxJohn (Mr) Wanborough0-17-0
CoxKathrine Wanborough0-6-0
CoxThomasof the West SideWanborough0-0-6
CripseTymothy Wootton Bassett0-4-0
CrookeTho: Badbury0-6-3
CrosbyJohnCarpenter, for his stockeBadbury0-2-6
CroslyJohn Badbury0-11-6
CroslyThomas Badbury0-11-6
CruseGabriell Wootton Bassett0-4-0
CurtisRichard Wootton Bassett0-2-0
DalyJohn (Mr) Wanborough0-4-9
DanversMr Tockenham Weeke1-0-0
DearhamJohn Chiseldon0-5-2
DearhamJohnfor Carter's livingChiseldon0-4-2
DearhamThomas Chiseldon0-5-2
DearhamThomasfor Carter's livingChiseldon0-4-2
DensonWilli: Clacke0-0-6
DicaridgeTho: Wootton Bassett1-10-0
DierWilli: Swindon0-10-0
EarleJo: Clacke0-2-0
EarleJo: Woodlockshaye0-1-0
EdneyThomas Swindon0-13-4


Ship Money 1635Page 6Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
EdwardsAnthonyfor the Greate CargayneWanborough2-10-8
EdwardsAnthony Wanborough0-4-0
EdwardsMrs Liddington0-9-4
EdwardsThomas Wanborough0-8-10
EdwardsWilliamof the StreeteWanborough0-3-6
EliottWidow Wanborough0-11-2
ElliottThomas Wanborough0-6-0
ElmesThomas Wanborough0-0-9
EnglefieldFrances (Sir) Thornhill0-7-0
EnglefieldFrances (Sir)BarronettWootton Bassett5-0-0
EnglefieldFrances (Sir)deceased, his executorsWootton Bassett15-0-0
EssingdonRobert Hilmarton Parish0-6-0
EueridJohn Chiseldon1-11-3
EueridJohnfor Mr King's livingChiseldon0-16-9
EueridNoahe Chiseldon1-11-3
EvansLewes Chiseldon0-1-0
EvensThomas Liddington0-1-4
EwenRoger Swindon0-3-4
EwenTho: Swindon0-1-0
EwenWilli: Swindon0-6-8
FewtwillEdward Swindon0-3-4
FisherHenry (Mr) Liddington3-4-0
FisherHenry (Mr) Wanborough2-18-0
FisherWilliam (Mr) Senior Liddington1-12-0
FisherWilliam (Mr) Junior Liddington2-8-4
FisherWilliam (Mr) Wanborough0-4-9
FluceJo: Swindon0-2-0
FluceWilli: Swindon0-1-0
FosterHumfry (Sir)see Mr John BriendWanborough 
FranklineMrfor the tyth of these
fower tything
FranklineWidow Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-3-4
GaeleJo: Clacke0-4-0
GaeleJohn Woodlockshaye0-0-6
GaeleRichard Cleeve Peper0-6-0
GaleJo: Hilmarton Parish0-15-0
GallimoreMrfor his ParsonageChiseldon0-10-0
GallimoreTho: Ufcott0-3-0
GardinerAnthony Liddington0-10-0
GardinerJo: Wootton Bassett0-2-0
GardinerJohn Wanborough0-3-0
GardinerJohn Wanborough0-2-0
GardinerJoyce Liddington0-5-4
GarlickeRobert Broadtowne0-8-0
GarlickeTho: Broadtowne0-3-0
GarlickeWilli:for Little Towne FarmeBincknoll0-16-0
GarrardAnthony (Mr)for the farmeBroadtowne1-4-0
GarrardTho: (Mr) Thornhill0-8-0
Gaye see Edmund BurchallLyneham Parishe 


Ship Money 1635Page 7Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
GeorgeThomas Wanborough0-3-0
GeorgeThomasfor grasebreacheWanborough1-3-4
GillhamGilesfor Mr Surbye's landBincknoll0-19-3
GoddardEdward (Mr) Wanborough0-3-8
GoddardMr Cleeve Peper0-6-0
GoddardThomas Esq. Liddington4-0-0
GoddardThomas Esq. Swindon5-0-0
GodwinRobert Liddington0-10-8
GoffeTho:for his stockeBadbury0-1-0
GoffeThomasRobert King's farmerChiseldon0-4-2
GoldsmithJo:of Witcombe, gentHilmarton Parish3-0-0
GoodmanHumphy Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
GoodmanRobert Clacke0-0-6
GrauntJohn Tockenham0-0-6
GrayHenry Liddington0-5-4
GrayJohn Liddington0-2-0
GreenawayJo: Ufcott0-15-0
GreenawayJohn Wanborough0-1-0
GreenwoodJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-4-0
GreenwoodJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-2-0
GregoryWilliam Tockenham Weeke0-2-0
GriffinWidow Thornhill0-2-0
GybbonsJo: Lyneham Parishe0-1-6
GybbsHenry Clacke0-1-0
GybbsJohn Badbury0-12-6
GybbsWilliam Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-4-0
HaggardHenry Liddington0-5-4
HaggardHenry Wanborough0-5-4
HaggardSamuell Swindon0-1-0
HaggardeEdward Wanborough0-8-3
HallRichard Wootton Bassett0-10-0
HamamHenry Liddington0-5-0
HamanHenry Wanborough0-4-2
HamanWilli:see Richard MorseBadbury 
HancockJohnfor the Greate CargayneWanborough2-10-8
HancockeWilliam Wanborough0-1-2
HardingNicholas Badbury0-9-5
HardingOliver Wootton Bassett0-2-0
HardingRichard Badbury0-11-6
HardingTho: Badbury0-11-6
HarperEdward Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
HarrisRoger Swindon0-5-0
HarteWilli:of PennHilmarton Parish0-10-0
HaukesEmma Liddington0-5-4
HaukesPaull Liddington0-8-8
HaukesRaphe Liddington0-2-0
HaukesWilliam Liddington0-5-4
HaynesThomas (Mr) Wanborough0-11-6
HaywardEdward Hilmarton Parish0-10-0


Ship Money 1635Page 8Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
HaywardThomas Cleeve Peper0-6-0
HeadThomas Wanborough0-0-6
HealeGeorge Wootton Bassett0-3-0
HearingJohn Wanborough0-3-6
HearingJohn Wanborough0-5-0
HearingMargary Wanborough0-5-0
HearingThomasfor the Greate CargayneWanborough2-10-8
HearingThomas Wanborough0-4-2
HearingWilliam Wanborough0-4-6
HeathWilliam Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
HenleyJeffery Wootton Bassett0-4-0
HillWidow Cleeve Peper0-8-0
HintonMartha (Mrs) Wanborough2-18-0
HollisterJo: Wootton Bassett0-2-0
HollowayJo:for his owne livingClacke0-5-0
HollowayJo: Woodlockshaye0-3-0
HollowayJohnfor BradenstockeClacke1-15-0
HollowayJohn Swindon0-5-0
HollowayMiles Swindon0-2-0
HollowayNicholas Swindon0-2-0
HollowayRichard Clacke0-5-0
HollowayWidow Cleeve Peper0-10-0
HopkinsEdwardof CleevancyHilmarton Parish1-0-0
HopkinsJo: Hilmarton Parish1-0-0
HopkinsRichard Swindon0-2-0
HorneJo: Swindon0-3-4
HorneThomas Wanborough0-7-0
HowellsJohn Liddington0-2-0
HughesFerdinand Liddington0-6-8
HumberLancelot Cleeve Peper1-4-0
HuntleyTho: Lyneham Parishe0-5-0
HuntlyRichardSeniorLyneham Parishe0-5-0
HuseBartholomew Badbury0-10-5
HuseJohn Swindon0-13-4
JacobThomasfor the land he holds,
late Sir Frances
Wootton Bassett5-0-0
JacobWilli: Tockenham Weeke0-12-0
JacobbJohn Wanborough0-12-0
JacobbRichard Tockenham Weeke0-7-0
JacobbRobert Midghall0-0-11
JefferyJohn Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
JonesTho: Thornhill0-4-0
KemmeAnthony Bincknoll0-8-3
KemmeRichardfor the parteElcombe1-0-0
KemmeRichardfor his 5 yard landsElcombe0-16-8
KentWidow Bincknoll0-7-0


Ship Money 1635Page 9Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
KentWidow Midghall0-8-4
KibblewhitePeterfor MeighingtonLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall3-6-8
KimberAnthony Badbury0-7-4
KimberJohn Badbury0-7-4
KingJaneof Penn, widowHilmarton Parish0-10-0
KingMr see John EueridChiseldon
KingRobert see Thomas GoffeChiseldon
KingRobertof PennHilmarton Parish0-10-0
KingTho: Hilmarton Parish0-10-0
KingThomasand his sonneChiseldon0-9-5
KingstoneJo:for RosiersCleeve Peper0-4-0
LamborneWilliamand his sonneBadbury0-8-4
LanfordHenry Lyneham Parishe0-10-0
LanfordWidow Tockenham0-2-6
LangtonOliver Midghall0-2-0
LanneSamuell Swindon0-3-4
LaranceWilli: Swindon0-15-0
LatheRobert Wootton Bassett0-8-0
LaweRogerfor ToothillLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall3-6-8
Lecy als HedgesHenry Wanborough3-1-8
Lecy als HedgesJohn Wanborough0-1-0
LongJane (Mrs) Clacke0-4-0
LongJane (Mrs)for her ParsonadgeLyneham Parishe0-5-0
LongRichard Esq.for his temporalsLyneham Parishe2-0-0
LongRichard Esq.for his Parsonadge of Lyneham and ClackeLyneham Parishe0-10-0
LookerJo: Swindon0-6-8
LookerTho: Swindon0-5-0
LordJohnand his sonneChiseldon0-13-9
LovdayWilliamfor InlandsWanborough1-15-4
LovedayAnthony Liddington0-3-4
LovedayEdmond Wanborough0-3-2
LovedayJohn Wanborough0-7-9
LovedayThomas Wanborough0-2-4
LovedayThomas Wanborough0-5-0
LovedayWilliam Wanborough0-5-0
LovelockeWilliamfor his stockeBadbury0-1-0
LyddallRobert Wootton Bassett1-0-0
MacyDavid Hilmarton Parish0-15-0
MarloeMrArchdeaconLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall2-10-0
MartinEdward (Mr)of UphamSwindon0-3-4
MartinHenry (Mr) Swindon1-0-0
MartinJane Liddington0-6-8
MartinRichard Swindon0-4-0
MaskelineJane Wootton Bassett0-6-0
MaskelineMrfor the ParsonageUfcott0-16-0
MaskelineRobert Wootton Bassett0-6-0
MaskelyneAnneWidowWootton Bassett0-10-0
MathewWilliam Liddington0-3-4
MayJo:of PennHilmarton Parish0-5-0


Ship Money 1635Page 10Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
MillerWilli: Broadtowne0-6-0
MillsJohnand his motherWanborough0-4-0
MorecockeThomas Liddington0-4-8
MorecockeWidow Wanborough0-0-11
MorecockeWilliam Wanborough0-3-2
MorseHenry Liddington0-6-0
MorseRichardhis farmer Willi: HamanBadbury0-8-0
MorseRichard Liddington0-10-0
MorseRobert Liddington0-2-4
MorseTho:for OadhillCleeve Peper2-0-0
MorseWidowand her sonneBadbury0-11-7
MorseWilliam (Mr)1-11-0Badbury 
MorseWilliam (Mr) Liddington0-5-4
MoyseAdamClarkeLyneham Parishe0-2-0
NevillThomas Elcombe0-3-4
NewcombeThomas Lyneham Parishe0-3-0
NewntonEdward Tockenham Weeke0-2-0
NorborneJo:gent of GotacreHilmarton Parish1-10-0
NordneMrhis farmersBadbury3-15-0
NorrisCharles Wootton Bassett0-3-0
NorrisTho: Broadtowne0-10-0
NorrisThomas Wanborough0-5-0
NorrisWidow Elcombe0-1-8
NortonWilliam Midghall0-2-0
NutheMarke Wootton Bassett0-2-0
OrchardJo: Thornhill0-6-0
PalmerRichardof PennHilmarton Parish0-10-0
PalmerWilli:clarkeHilmarton Parish1-0-0
PannellEdward Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-0-8
PannellJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-1-8
PannellJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-1-4
ParkerAnne Wootton Bassett1-0-0
ParrisWidowand her son EdwardBincknoll0-9-6
The Parsonadge  Liddington2-0-0
ParsonsJo:for ye remayning parte
of Bincknoll Farme
ParsonsJo: Broadtowne0-8-0
ParsonsRichard Thornhill0-8-0
PayneWilli: Hilmarton Parish0-10-0
PerkinsDanielof WordyeSwindon0-0-9
PerkinsGylesfor a copyhold he rents at CotmseBincknoll0-12-10
PerkinsGylesfor ye half-yard landBincknoll0-3-11
PerkinsGyles Bincknoll0-11-6
PerkinsJo:for Sir John St John landLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall4-6-8
PerkinsJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-6-8
PervierJo: Thornhill0-2-0


Ship Money 1635Page 11Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
PhillipsHenry Wanborough1-0-0
PhillipsOwenfor parte of Bincknoll FarmeBincknoll2-4-11
PhillipsRichardof WanborougheSwindon0-2-6
PhillipsRichard Wanborough0-3-0
PhillipsWidowfor the farmeCleeve Peper1-12-0
PhillipsWilli:of LitlecotHilmarton Parish1-0-0
PhillipsWilli: Thornhill0-6-0
PickeChristopher Bincknoll0-8-4
PlayerJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-2-0
PleydellCharles (Sir)Kt for his demaynesMidghall12-11-0
PlottTho: Wootton Bassett0-2-0
PontingEdward Hilmarton Parish0-4-0
PontingJames Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
PorterWidow Hilmarton Parish0-10-0
PoundJohn Wanborough0-3-2
PoundMathew Ufcott0-3-5
PraterRichardfor Sir John St John landLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall2-10-0
PraterRichard Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-8-4
PratorWilli: Wootton Bassett0-2-0
PullinThomas Tockenham0-7-0
PyleFrancis (Sir)see Roger SpackmanBroadtowne 
PyleFrancis (Sir) Cleeve Peper0-3-5
QuintinWilli:of Corton, gentHilmarton Parish2-10-0
QuintyneEdmund Tockenham Weeke0-4-0
ReadeJoh. Wanborough0-17-6
ReadePhillis Wanborough0-4-9
ReadeThomas Liddington0-2-8
ReadeThomas Wanborough0-5-0
ReasonRichard Wanborough0-1-3
ReasonWilliam Wanborough0-0-5
ReeveTho: Clacke0-0-6
ReevesRogersee Sir Willi: ButtonLyneham Parishe 
ReevesWidow Tockenham1-5-0
RestiropWidow Swindon0-3-4
RichmanNicholas Chiseldon0-4-2
RichmanNoahe Badbury2-15-0
RichmanRichardfor his stockeBadbury0-6-3
RichmanRichard Chiseldon0-13-8
RichmanThomas Chiseldon0-13-8
RichmanThomas Hilmarton Parish1-10-0
RichmanToby Bincknoll0-10-4
RichmanTobyfor BlagrovesElcombe2-13-4
RobbinsSimon Wootton Bassett0-5-0
RobinsJo: Hilmarton Parish0-5-0


Ship Money 1635Page 12Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
RobinsMargretwidowHilmarton Parish0-5-0
RogersFrances Ufcott0-3-6
RolfeJohn (Mr) Wanborough1-0-0
RomayneJo: Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
RomayneMargaretwidowHilmarton Parish0-5-0
RymellWilli: Clacke0-0-6
SadlerJo: Broadtowne0-6-0
SadlerJo: Wootton Bassett0-8-0
SadlerJohngentHilmarton Parish0-10-0
SadlerJo: (Mr)SeniorOvertowne1-16-8
SadlerJo: (Mr)JuniorOvertowne1-16-8
SadlerJo: (Mr)for ChiltonWestlecot2-0-0
SadlerMaryWidowWootton Bassett0-3-0
SadlerTho: Wootton Bassett1-0-0
SadlerWilliam (Mr) Elcombe0-16-8
SandersAmbrose Bincknoll0-8-3
SargeantJeremy Liddington0-6-8
SaundersWilli: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-6-8
SaundersWilli:for RachelleLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-10-0
SayJo: Wootton Bassett0-6-0
SayJoaneWidowWootton Bassett0-6-0
SaymoreJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-6-8
ShaileRichard Wanborough0-1-6
ShepheardMarywidowLyneham Parishe0-2-0
SherurJo: Tockenham Weeke0-6-0
ShifferdeJohn Wanborough0-5-0
ShorteTho: Wootton Bassett0-4-0
SimpsonJo: Badbury0-16-9
SimpsonWilli: Badbury0-16-9
SkeateJo:SeniorWootton Bassett0-12-0
SkeateJo:JuniorWootton Bassett0-5-0
SkillingHenry Swindon0-5-0
SmarteEdward Wanborough0-1-0
SmithJo: Thornhill0-9-0
SmithJo:for BarnehillWootton Bassett0-12-0
SmithJo: Wootton Bassett0-2-0
SmithThomas Wanborough0-11-0
SmithTho: (Mr) Cleeve Peper0-9-0
SmithWilli: Swindon0-3-4
SmithWilli: Thornhill0-6-0
SnettEdwardgentHilmarton Parish0-10-0
SottonMr Swindon0-3-4
SpackmanEdmond Bincknoll0-10-0


Ship Money 1635Page 13Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
SpackmanEdmundfor the halfe-yeard landsBincknoll0-2-0
SpackmanRoger Broadtowne0-8-0
SpackmanRogerfor Sir Francis Pyle's farmeBroadtowne0-13-0
SpackmanRoger Thornhill0-4-0
SpackmanTho: Cleeve Peper0-2-0
SparrowRobert Lyneham Parishe0-10-0
SpenceWilli: Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
SpencerWilliamfor QuidhamptonSalthrop2-0-0
SpensenRichardfor the farmeElcombe1-13-4
SpicerEdward Ufcott0-18-0
StichallJo: Swindon0-1-0
StichallJohn (Mr) Swindon1-0-0
StichallLewrnce Swindon1-0-0
StichallThomas Swindon0-2-0
StillMr Tockenham Weeke0-8-0
St JohnJohn (Sir)Kt and Barronett, for his landLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall2-3-5
StouteWilliam Wanborough0-4-0
StreeteAnthonie Swindon0-5-0
StrongSamuell Swindon0-1-0
StrongWilli: Elcombe0-1-8
StrongeAnthony Elcombe0-3-4
Studley Farme  Midghall5-6-8
SurbyeMrsee Giles GillhamBincknoll 
SymmonsJames Wootton Bassett0-8-0
TailorThomas Chiseldon0-4-2
TannerThomashis farmerBadbury0-6-0
TarrantOliver Lyneham Parishe0-6-0
TaylerBenedicke Badbury0-4-2
TaylerRichard Tockenham Weeke0-4-0
TaylorAmbrose Swindon0-1-0
TaylorTho: Badbury0-12-6
ThrusheEdward Swindon0-1-0
TuckeAdam Lyneham Parishe0-10-0
TuckeAdam Woodlockshaye0-1-0
TuckeJo: Lyneham Parishe0-5-0
TuckeJohn Hilmarton Parish0-10-0
TuckeMargretWidowLyneham Parishe0-12-0
TuckeRichard Ufcott0-3-0
TuckeRobert Lyneham Parishe0-9-0
TuckeyRichard Swindon0-3-4
TuffeJohn Chiseldon0-3-4
TuffeWilliam Chiseldon0-3-4
VennTho: Lyneham Parishe0-0-6
The Vicaridge  Liddington0-12-8
VinesHenry Clacke0-0-6
VioletRich: (Mr)for WestleazeWestlecot3-13-4
ViolettArthur Swindon0-15-0
ViolettThomas Swindon1-15-0
WakeJohn Wanborough0-2-0
WakehamEdward Hilmarton Parish0-10-0


Ship Money 1635Page 14Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
WalterThomas Liddington0-5-4
WalterThomas Tockenham Weeke1-14-0
WarmanAnthony Wanborough0-2-0
WarmanChristian Wanborough0-2-0
WarmanJohn Wanborough0-3-6
WarmanThomas Liddington0-5-4
WarmanThomas Liddington0-1-4
WarmanWilliam Liddington0-2-8
WarmanWilliam Liddington0-5-4
WarrenWilliam Wanborough0-12-0
WatsonJo: Lyneham Parishe0-1-6
WayteJohn Tockenham Weeke0-4-0
WayteWilli: Clacke0-1-6
WayteWilli: Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
WayteWilli: Hilmarton Parish0-5-0
WebbEdward Thornhill0-1-3
WebbFrances Wootton Bassett0-2-0
WebbHenry Wootton Bassett0-6-0
WebbJo: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-6-0
WebbJohnof WanborougheSwindon0-2-6
WebbNoaheof DraycotSwindon0-3-0
WebbRichardSenior, of DraycottSwindon0-0-9
WebbRobert Chiseldon0-4-2
WebbRobert Liddington0-18-0
WebbTho: Thornhill0-3-0
WebbThomas Wootton Bassett0-18-0
WebbWilliam Liddington0-4-8
WeekeEdithWidow, PrestonLyneham Parishe1-0-0
WeekesJo: Tockenham Weeke0-2-0
WeekesRogerfor parte of Bincknoll FarmeBincknoll2-12-8
WeekesThos Wootton Bassett0-16-0
WeeksGeorge Tockenham Weeke0-4-0
WellsJohn Wanborough0-2-8
WelstedRoger Thornhill1-0-0
WestJohnfor EastblagroveElcombe2-0-0
WestJohn Wanborough0-3-6
WheelerEdward Wootton Bassett0-18-0
WheelerJo: Wootton Bassett0-6-0
WheelerThos Wootton Bassett0-8-0
WhigRobert (Mr) Liddington0-12-0
WhiteTho: Thornhill0-8-0
WhiteTho:for ye farmeWestlecot2-13-4
WholfordeFrances Wanborough0-1-6
WildeMiles Swindon0-2-0
WildeTho: Swindon0-1-6
WilkesHughe Elcombe0-6-8
WilkesWidow Elcombe0-5-0
WilkinsAmos Swindon0-1-0
WilkinsWidowof HorpitWanborough0-3-0
WillisThomas Tockenham Weeke0-8-0
WilshireWilliam Wootton Bassett0-2-0
WittEdmond Broadtowne0-6-0
WittTho: Broadtowne0-6-0
WixeAlexander Chiseldon0-9-4


Ship Money 1635Page 15Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994


Last Name:First Names:Notes:Parish:Tax Charged:
WoolfordeHenry Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-5-0
WoolfordeWilli: Lyddyard Tregoze and Midghall0-3-4
WyldeRichard Swindon0-1-0
WythersJo:of PennHilmarton Parish0-10-0
YeatallJo: Midghall0-1-4
YeatallJo:for Reeve's landWootton Bassett0-8-0
YongJo: (Mr) Lyneham Parishe0-2-0
YorkeJo:for Sir John St John landLyddyard Tregoze and Midghall1-14-0
YorkeJohn Wanborough2-0-4
YorkeWilliam (Mr)for SalthropSalthrop2-10-0
YorkeWilliam (Mr)for CancourtSalthrop3-0-0


Ship Money 1635Page 16Copyright C.R.G. Henly 1994

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