Notes from the 1821 Census - Worcestershire


Abstract of Population 1821 - Census Statistical Returns 1822.
"Items of Interest in the Notes"

A compilation of the significant increases, or decreases in population since 1811,
transcribed by Alan Longbottom. © 2000

Note: Most Census returns between 1801 and 1831 amounted to little more than 'head counts'. This account (compiled in 1822) simply suggests reasons for local population changes, based on a comparison of those counts. Names of individuals were not recorded.

Halfshire Hundred Lower Division - Dudley Parish

Dudley is locally situate in Offlow Hundred Staffordshire. Additional coal-mines and iron-stone mines have been opened, and a correspondent number of iron-works erected since the year 1811 which accounts for the increase of Population, although other trades are in a depressed state at Dudley.

Oswaldslow Hundred Lower Division - Claines Parish and Whistons Tything.

The Entire Parish of Claines contains 3,853 inhabitants. A Branch of the Birmingham and Worcester Canal has greaatly increased the Population of this Parish. A new gaol at Whistons has a similar tendency.

Oswaldslow Hundred Lower Division - Wolverley Parish

Wolverley Parish extends into Upper Halfshire Hundred, and forms a detached portion of Lower Oswaldslow Hundred near Bewdley. The iron and tin manufactures have increased there.

Pershore Hundred Lower Division - Hanley Castle Parish

The resort of invalids and others to Malvern Wells, has greatly increased the Population of the Parish of Hanley Castle, in which these Wells are situate.

[Transcribed by Alan Longbottom in February 2000 from returns at the PRO, and made available with permission]