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Help and advice for Inns, Taverns, Hotels and Public Houses in Pigot's Directory of Worcestershire, 1830

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Inns, Taverns, Hotels and Public Houses in Pigot's Directory of Worcestershire, 1830

Transcribed by Robert Deloyde © 2000

Please note the information on this page is provided and as a guide for further research only.
We are unable to supply additional information on any of the names mentioned.

Listed on this page are the principal Towns:
Bewdley, Blockley, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Dudley, Evesham, Feckenham, Kidderminster, Great Malvern, Pershore, Redditch, Shipston, Stourbridge, Stourport, Tenbury, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester.


George - Thos. & Edw. Ree, Load Street
Wheat Sheaf - William Godsall, Load Street

Anchor - Elizabeth Tyler, Welch Gate
Angel - James Coles, Load Street
Barley Mow - Francis Jefferies, High Street
Bell - James Watkins, High Street
Black Boy - William Pooley, Wyre Hill
Black Boy - John Taylor Welch Gate
Black Boy - Samuel Tyler, Wribbenhall
Blue Ball - Ann Hill, High Street
Cock & Magpie - Jane Crump, Sevem Side
Dog and Wheel - Benjamin Draper , Dog lane
Duke William - Peter Tyler, Severn Side
Fox - Sarah Griffin, Load Street.
Hole-in-the-Wall - Jane Hume, Welch Gate
Hop Pole - Edward Lucas, Load Street
King of Prussia - Hannah Clark, Load Street
King's Head - Joseph Childley, High Street
Labour-in-Vain - Samuel Lloyd, Severn Side
Mug House - John Smith, Severn Side
Pack Horse - John Court, Welch Gate
Pack Horse - Thomas Hutton, High Street
Peacock - Thomas Evans, Lower Park
Red Lion - John Hill, Wribbenhall
Saracen's Head - M Wigmore, Severn Side
Star & Garter - John Owens, Welch gate
Sun - John Taylor, Severn Side
Swan - Francis Jeffries, Load Street
Waggon & Horses - Chas. Brown, Welch Gate


Bell - John Humphries
Crown - Elizabeth Gilson


Crown - Michael Cullwick, High Street
Golden Cross Royal & Commercial Hotel - Charles Piper, High Street
Golden Lion - George Wheatley, Worcester Street
Star and Garter - William Hayden, High Street

Bird-in-Hand - Mary Bunn, High Street
Black Cross - John Green, Worcester Street
Crab Mill - Edward Watton, Strand
Crown - Thomas Smith, Catshill
Ewe & Lamb - Wm Knight, Stoke Prior
George - Mary Gabb, High Street
Green Dragon - John baker, High Street
Hop Pole - John Irish High Street
King's Head - Wheeler, High Street
Lower Dolphin - William Rose, High Street
Mitre - Charles Wright, High Street
Plymouth Arms - Jno. Durham, Tardebigg
Red Lion - Mary Tilt, Worcester Street
Roe Buck - James Ward, High Street
Sampson - Ann Witherford, Worcester Street
Shoulder of Mutton - Catherine Bourne, St John's Street
Swan - Charles James, Upton Warren
Upper Dolphin - Sarah Swift, High Street
White Horse - Anthy. Wild, Worcester Street


George Hotel and Commercial Inn ( & Posting House) - Mary Bowles
New Hotel & Commercial inn ( & Posting house) - William Ellis

Barley Mow - John maule
Crown - John Burrows
Golden Cross - Richard Corbett
Hole-in-the-Wall - Elizabeth Perry
New Rising Sun - John Aldridge
Old Cock - William Wood
Old Rising Sun - Sarah Bourne
Star and Garter - Thos. Robins
Talbot - John Williams
Wheat Sheaf - Edward Edwards
White Hart - John Butler


Dudley Arms ( & Posting House and Excise Office) - Joseph Smith, High Street
Old Bush - James Cartwright, High Street
Swan - Arnold Shipman, High Street

Angel - John Hobson, Castle Street
Apollo - James Inston, New Street
Barrel - Obadiah Shaw , High Street
Bird-in-Hand - Mary Collins, Snow Hill
Bird-in-Hand - Thomas Lebon, New at
Birmingham Tavern - Willian Hale, Hall Street
Black Horse - Humphry Hartle, High Street
Blue Bell - Edward Berryman, High Street
Blue Gate - Robert Garrett, Church Street
Blue Pig - Wm. Hughes, Stone Street
Britannia - John Wilkinson, New Street
Bull's Head - William Adams, Stone Street
Bull's Heads - James Ashton, Hall Street
Bush - Samuel Garratt, Dixon's Green
Bush - Ann Hollis, Oaky Well Street
Castle - John Cartwright, Castle Street
Castle - James Hancox, Wolverhampton Street
Coach & Horses - Eli Blackham, Wolverhampton Street
Commercial - William Whatmore, Wolverhampton Street
Crown - John Brown, Bond Street
Crown - John Stokes, Queen's Cross
Crown & Anchor - Thos Webb, Hall Street
Currier's Arms - Joseph Shaw, Hall Street
Dolphin - Benjamin Southall, New Mill Street
Druid's Tavern - Henry Rolfe, High Street
Duke of York - Wm. Beddard, Snow Hill
Duke of York - Samuel James, King Street
Feathers - Charles Granger, High Street
Five Ways - Luke Price, Five Ways
Fox - Edw. Harrison, Wolverhampton Street
George - Thomas Bishop , High Street
George & Dragon - John Price, Hall Street
Golden Cross - Wm. Powell, Queen's Cross
Golden Lion - John Parkes, High Street
Green Dragon - Thomas Glaze, King Street
Green Man - Joseph Jewkes, Castle Street
Griffin - Ann Fullwood, Stone Street
Hare & Hounds - Wm. Croft, Birmingham Street
Hearty Good Fellow - Joseph Shaw, Birmingham Street
Holly Bush - Thos. Paskin, Dixon's Green
Horse & Jockey - Thos. Worrad, King Street
Horse Shoe - Charles Cox, Hall Street
Jolly Collier - Joseph Morris, High Street
King's Head - Henry Adshead, Porter Street
King's Head - Hannah Johnson, King Street
Legs of Man - Ebenezer Hutchings, Flood Street
Lord Wellington - James Burton, Tower Street
Marquis of Granby - Ts. Banister, new Street
Mason's Arms - Joseph Guest, Salop Street
Mine Engine - Daniel Parkes, Long Entry
Miner's Arms - Joseph Harper, Queen Street
Nag's Head - Benjamin Jordan, New Street
Old Hen & Chickens - Elizabeth Bennett, Castle Street
Old Inn - Ann Cardo, Snow Hill
Pack Horse - Thos. Morris, Birmingham Street
Peacock - George Few, High Street
Roe Buck - Job Fisher, Stone Street
Royal Exchange - Harriet Pinnock, Church Street
Royal Oak - Joseph Storey, King Street
Saracen's Head - Ann Palmer, Stone Street
Seven Stars - James Timmins, Hall Street
Shakespeare's Head - My. Timmins, Hall Street
Somer's Arms - John Dudley, Salop Street
The Struggling Man - Ts. Marsh, Salop Street
Three Crowns - Pharoah Shaw, High Street
Vine - Joseph Smith, Wolverhampton Street
Wagon & Horses - Joseph Lear, Hall Street
Windmill - James Brookbanks, Mill Street
Woolpack - Thos. Allender, High Street
Wren's Nest Hill Quarry - John Woodward, Salop Street


Crown (posting) - Chas. Stockford, Bridge Street
Northwick Arms (posting) - John Mayfield , Bengeworth
White Hart (commercial) - William Smith, Bridge Street
Woolpack - Sarah Doyle, Bengeworth

Anchor - Enoch Smith, Bewdley Street
Angel - John Mills, Bengeworth
Angel - Robert Vince , Bengeworth
Angels - John Skey, Bengeworth
Bell - Edward Sears, High Street
Bear - Margaret Walker, Bengeworth
Cross Keys - Wm. Trotman , High Street
Duke of York - Jas. Buckner, Bridge Street
Farrier's Arms - John brown, Vine Street
Fleece - Benjamin Padgett, Bridge Street
Fox - Richard Parsons, Bridge Street
Gardener's - James Hand, Vine Street
George & Dragon - Jno. Tompkiss, Bewdley Street
Golden Heart - John Bedsham, Cole Street
Green Dragon - Wm. Stephens, Oat Street
Horse & Groom - Thos. Jarrett, Vine Street
King's Head - William Grove, High Street
Lamb - Richard Arkless, High Street
Nelson - John Cook, Bengeworth
Plough - Edwin Haines, Vine Street
Red Lion - John Smith, Market Place
Rose & Crown - Mary Gulon , High Street
Royal Oak - William George, Vine Street
Swan - John Bryd, Bengeworth
Trumpet - Sarah Dobins, Green


Black Boy - Elizabeth Gardner, Feckenham
Crown - Ann Sanders, Feckenham
Rose & Crown - Francis James, Feckenham
White Lion - Thomas Richards, Attwood


Black Horse - Charles Cole, Mill Street
Lion Hotel - Henry Godfrey, High Street

Anchor - Morrall Fletcher, Worcester Street
Angel - Samuel Renny, Worcester Street
Barley Mow - John Rook, Bewdley Road
Bear - James Rogers, Broad Waters
Bell - William Walters, Coventry Street
Bird-in-Hand - John George ,Queen Street Rd.
Black Bull - Edward Harper, Swan Street
Black Star - Richard Cooper, Blackall Street
Boar's Head - Thos. Thatcher, Worcester Street
Bridge Inn - James Humphries, Mill Street
Coach & Horses - Francis Loton, Mill Street
Cock - Elizabeth Roberts, Horsefair
Compasses - James Willey, Coventry Street
Cross - William Tyther, Worcester Street
Cross Keys - George Oakes, Worcester Street
Crown - William Humphries, Worcester Street
Dolphin - Job Medlicott, Worcester Street
Duke of York - Joseph Flinn, Paradise Row
Fish - Richard Coates , Fish Street
Fortune-of-War - Thomas Broad Shore, Blackhall Street
Fox - George Birks, Fox Street
Freemason's Arms - Rt. Hutchison, Lion Street
George & Dragon - William Davies, Bull Ring
Green Man & Still - Edward Bradley, Worcester Street
Horn & Trumpet - Thomas Barlow, Park Butts
Leopard - Thomas Chapman, Worcester Street
Lyttleton Arms - Christopher Clark, Mill Street
New Inn - Thomas Child, Horsefair
Park Gate - William Chidley, Mill Street
Peacock - Walter Searle, Horsefair
Pheasant - Benjamin Talbot, Mill Street
Pied Bull - Thomas Crowther, Mill Street
Plough - Jas. Thurston, Church Fields
Red Lion - John Nettleship, Mill Street
Rose & Crown - Jno. Pendlebury, Blackhall Street
Royal George - Ann Pitt, New Street
Seven Stars - Thos Jevons, Coventry Street
Shakespear - Jos. Allbut, St George's Street
Stag - John Southern, Mill Street
Sun - Richard Underwood, Horsefair
Swan - John Edwards- Swan Street
Talbot - Thomas Lucy, Worcester Street
Tap House - Thos. Walton, Bewdley Street
Three Tuns - Sarah Maer, Vicar Street
Union - John Wynn, Worcester Street
Wharf Inn - Thos. Stanley, Wharf Hill
Wheat Sheaf - Jas. Nicholls, Worcester Street
White Horse - George Head, Union Street
Woolpack - George Perks, Broad Street


Belle Vue - John Beard
Crown - Andrew Morrison,
Essington's - Mary Essington, Wells
Foley Arms - Joseph Downs
Well House - Mary Steers, Wells

Fermor Arms - William Harrison
Red Lion - Henry lane
Unicorn - Samuel Roe


Angel (& Posting) - William Giles, High Street
Bell ( Commercial) - George Collett, High Street
Coach & Horses ( & Excise Office) - William Workman, High Street

King' Head - James Freeman, High Street
Plough - Richard Tomlins, High Street
Punch Bowl - Wm Jackman, High Street
Quiet Woman - Wm. Kerby, High Street
Shepherd - William Kings, High Street
Ship - Thomas Bowen, High Street
Talbot - James Gwilliam, Broad Street
Three Tuns - Thomas Hope, High Street
White Hart - William Smith, Newlands
White Horse - William Bunn, Church Street


Bear - Rchd. Hunt Alvechurch
Crown - Jos. Davies , Fish Hill
Crown - John Penzer, Alvechurch
Fox & Goose - George Fowkes
Red Lion - John Jones, Alvechurch
Red Lion - Herbert Willies
Unicorn - Geo. Hemming, Unicorn Hill
White Horse - Ts.Parsons, Alvechurch


Bell (commercial) - Thos. Payne Sheep Street
George - John Starling, High Street
White Horse (and Excise Office) - Richard Brain, Church Street

Black Bear - William Mayou, High Street
Black Horse - William Ashfield, Husbandman's End
Black Swan - Stephen Marshall, West Street
Coach & Horses - Jeremiah Howes, New Street
Crown - William Marshall, Sheep Street
Dog - William Nelson,Butcher'sRow
Harrow - John Reeve, SheepStreet
Plough - James Mace, New Street
Red Horse - Daniel Hemings, High Street
White Bear - John Green, High Street
White Lion - William Salmons, New Street


Crown (& Posting-House) -John Moseley, High Street
Falcoln - John Woodhouse, Rye market
Foley Arms - Thos. Kings, High Street
Talbot ( & Posting House) - Robert Loverock, High Street
Vine - Francis Richards, High Street

Anchor - Mark Tench, Coventry Street
Angel - Joseph Venables, Coventry Street
Bear - Joseph Iddess, High Street
Bell - Thomas Jones, Rye Market
Bell - Thomas Mees, Brierley Hill
Blue Ball - Joseph hawkeswood, Thorns
Board - Phoebe Darby, Cradley
Boat - Wm. Fisher, Canal Side, Oldbury
Boat - (..) Payton, Wordsley
Britannia - Thomas Gardener, Coventry Street
Britannia - William Lee, Delph
Brown Lion - Jno. Cheshire, Birmingham Street, Oldbury
Bull's Head - Richd. Duce, Birmingham Street, Oldbury
Bull's Head - Abel Tate, Cradley
Bull's Head - John Turley, Brock Moor
Bush - Abraham Evans, Common Side
Bush - Edward Forrest, Cradley
Bush - Elizabeth Woolridge, Waste
Cart and Horses - Thomas Collins, West Bromwich Street, Oldbury
Cat - George Cooper, Wordesley
Chequers - Thomas Biven, High Street
Coach & Horses - Elias Barlow, High Street
Cottage of Content - Benj. Parkes, Wordesley
Crab Mill - Edw. Hartle, Upper Swinford
Crispin - Francis Shaw, Windmill Street
Cross - George Cale, Upper Swinford
Cross - William Cox, Lye
Cross - Isaac Mullett, Brockmoor
Crown - Thomas Slim, Oldbury Green
Crown - Francis Westwood, Brettell Lane
Crown & Anchor - Jas. Potter, Birmingham Street, Oldbury
Dudley Arms - Sarah Round, Waste
Duke William - David Higgs, Delph
Duke William - Ths. Prescott, Coventry Street
Duke of Wellington - John Edwards, Wordsley
Duke of York - John Witton, Hay Green
Fish - John Evers, Coalbourn Brook
Fish - Eliz. Harrison, Cradley
Flower Pot - Jos. Green, Halesowen Street
Forge Hammer - Jno. Cox, Stomber Mill
Fortune of War - Geo. Pearson, Brierley Hill
Fox - John Edkins, High Street
Gate - Daniel Mole, Cradley
George - (...) Edwards, High Street
George & Dragon - Benj. Sambrook, Halesowen Street, Oldbury
George III - Hannah Sutton, Wordsley
Hare & Hounds - Wm. Coley, Careless Green
Hole-in-the-Wall - Thos Careless, High Street
Horse Shoe - William Adderley, High Street
Horse Shoe - Ann Pearsall, Brierley Hill
King's Head - John Andrews, High Street
King's Head - Joseph Hobson, High Street
Malt Shovel - Ts. Yardley, Lower Swinford
Marquis of Ormsby - Hy. Moody, Audnam Brook
Mitre - William Webb, High Street
Mouth-of-the-Nile - Jas. Pagett, Brierley Hill
Nag's Head - Richard Worrall, new Street
Navigation - Rhoda Wood, High Street
New Inn - John Attwood, Waste
New Inn - Thomas Cooper, Crown Lane
New Inn - Edward Darby, Wordsley
New Inn - Ann Jones, Lower Swinford
New Inn - Thomas Stanley, Birmingham Street, Oldbury
New Inn - Thos. Tomlinson, Brierley Hill
Pig - Henry Corns, Coventry Street
Pipe - Hannah Blew, High Street
Plough - Thos. Green, Coalbourn Brook
Red Cow - Jos. Bate, Church Street, Oldbury
Red Lion - Andrew Newton, New Street
Red Lion - James Pagett, Brettell Lane
Rising Sun - Benj. Beesley, near Cradley
Rising Sun - William Jinkes, Cradley
Rose & Crown - Jos. Tompkiss, Audnam Street
Rose & Crown - Jas. Wellings, Wordsley
Round Oak - John Bowater, Brierley Hill
Royal Oak - Ed. Shearstone, Holloway End
Saracen's Head - John Wall, High Street
Serjeant - Diana Edwards, High Street
Seven Stars - Francis Palmer, Rye Market
Seven Stars - Isc. Parkes, Canal Side, Oldbury
Shakespear - Thomas Thomas, New Street
Star - Samuel Brookes, High Street
Star - George Randle, Coventry Street
Star - Samuel Thompson, Brierley Hill
Star - Joseph Williams, Upper Swinford
Star & Garter - John Griffin, Heath
Swan - Jas. Dudley, Church Street, Oldbury
Swan - Mary Yardley, Waste
Talbot - Sarah Parish, Birmingham Street, Oldbury
Talbot - Benj. Wellings, Brettell Lane
Three Crowns - Thos. Jones, High Street
Three Crowns - Wm. Stanley , Hay Green
Three Tuns - Sarah Thatcher, High Street
Turk's Head - Margt. Homer, Audnam bank
Wagon & Horses - Thos Powell, Church Street, Oldbury
Waterloo - Edw. Pardoe, Lower Swinford
Waterloo - John Shaw, Brierley Hill
Wellington Arms - Sl. Edge, Brettell Lane
Wheat Sheaf - Abraham Pritchett, brown, Coventry Street
Wheat Sheaf - John Darby, Wordsley
Wheat Sheaf - James Tart, Delph
Whimsey - Isaiah Dawes, Brierley Hill
Whimsey - Samuel Holland, Halesowen Street, Oldbury
White Hart - Thomas Weaver, Wordsley
White Horse - Joseph Brettell, Church Street, Oldbury
White Horse - Thomas Parkes, Heath
White Horse - Di. Taylor, Brettell Lane End
White Lion - Elizabeth Hall, Mill Street
White Lion - Edward Lee, Rye Market
White Lion - Joseph Simpson, Birmingham Street, Oldbury
Windmill - Isaac Parkes, Cradley
Woolpack - Samuel Bate, High Street


Bell - William Bird, Lion Hill
Black Star - George Green, Lower Mitton
Bridge Inn - James Miller, Bridge Street
Cross - John Glover, Severn Side
Crown - William Carey, Bridge Street
Forge Hammer - William Knibbs, Worcester Road
Lord Nelson - John Lane, York Street
Red Lion - John Tolley, Lower Mitton
Stourport Inn - Jno. Timothy, Hop Market
Swan - Thomas Shaw, High Street
Union - Richard Nickells, Lichfield Street
Virgin's Inn - Widow Stringer, Severn Side
Wellington Arms - Samuel & Thomas Perkins, York Street
White Lion - Thos. Jones, Lion Hill


Royal Oak - Thos. Drew, Cross Street
Swan Hotel (and Posting House) - William Grove, Ludlow Road

Bay Horse - Sophia Evans, Teme Street
Bell - John Andrews, Cross Street
Crow - Jobn Griffiths, Teme Street
Crown - Richard Deakin, Teme Street
King's Head - Philip Pound, Cross Street
Ship - George Jukes, Teme Street


Anchor - Thomas Cale, High Street
Bell - William Cleveley, New Street
Black Boy - Thomas Watlis Ross, New Street
Black Swan - Thomas Thacker, Quuen Street
Boat - Richard Watkins, Queen Street
Cross Keys - Luke Day, Old Street
Crown - William Page, Old Street
Nelson - Wm. Pumfrey, Bridge End
Oak - John Crees, Pig Market
Red Cow - Henry Pitt, Old Street
Seven Stars - Thos. Hancock, Old Street
Severn Trow - John Pratt, Queen Street
Star - William Symonds, High Street
Swan - Thomas Cheshire, Hanley
Talbot - William Hill, High Street
Wheat Sheaf - Thos. Tinkler, Church Street
White Lion (Posting Inn) - Thomas Benbow, High Street


Bell - Edward Howell, Broad Street
Crown - James Sayer, Broad Street
Diglis Boarding House and Family Hotel - Mary Boucher, Diglis Street
Guildhall Coffee House and Family Hotel - Wm.Dixon Dalson, High Street
Hop Market - Edw. Perrins, Foregate
Hop Pole - Isaac Jones, Foregate
Imperial Shades Tavern - (.....) Mealcheapen Street
Rein Deer - Edw. Burnage, Mealcheapen Street
Star & Garter - Jno Jones, Foregate
Talbot - Thos. Severn, Paradise Row
Unicorn - Thomas Reeves, Broad Street

Albion - William Smith, Bath Road
Angel - james Edwards, Silver Street
Angel - Samuel Smith , St John's
Angel - John Thornes, Sidbury
Apple Tree - John Allen, Turkey Street
Archangel - Thomas Burgess, Fish Street
Barley Mow - Robert Spooner, Sidbury
Bay Horse - Elizabth Evans, Bank Street
Bear - Skinner Caswell, Turkey Street
Bell - Thomas Spilsbury, St John's
Bird-in-Hand - Richard Evans, Cross
Black Boy - Samuel Chipp, Leech Street
Black Horse - William Day Lowes Moor
Boar's Head - Mary Kempson, Newport Street
Boat - James Taylor, Lowes Moor
Bowling Green - Thomas Butler, Tything
Bridge Inn - William Payne, Bridge Street
Bull & Sun - Edward Prosser, Bull Entry
Bull's Head - Thomas Dutton, High Street
Bush - John Webb, St Clement's
Butcher's Arms - John Mence, Shambles
Castle & Falcoln - Samuel Otley, Broad Street
Chequers - Richard Eginton, King Street
City Arms - Samuel Wooley, Church Street
Coach & Horses - Jon Chesterton, Shambles
Coach & Horses - Edwd. Kettle, Tything
Cock - Thomas Calder, Copenhagen Street
Cock - Jas. Glover, Cripplegate St Clement's
Coventry Arms - Thomas Poole, Friar Street
Cross Keys - William Otley, Sidbury
Cross Keys - Geo. Warmington, Friar Street
Crown - William Bury , Friar Street
Crown - Thomas Danby, Droitwich Road
Crown - James Thould, Kempsey
Crown & Anchor - Chas. Webb, Henwick Hill
Crown & Anchor - Ts. Williams, Silver Street
Currier's Arms - Letitia Lowe, Angel Street
Dog - George Lyndon, Kempsey
Dog & Duck - Wm. Bunn, Ferry House
Dolphin - John Sanders, Copenhagen Street
Don Cossack - James Allen, Doldy Street
Druid's Head - William Steele, Merry Vale
Duke of Wellington - S. Chandler, Birdport
Duke of York - Jos. Clark, Little Angel Street
Duke of York - Ezekiel Gummery, Leech Street
Ewe and Lamb - Mary Dance Angel Street
Farrier's Arms - James Jones, Butts
Fish - Sarah Jenkins, High Timber Street
Fish - Mary Summerfield, Friar Street
George & Dragon - Jas. Whittaker, Tything
Gloucester Arms - Wm Hay, Copenhagen Street
Glover's Arms - Luke Wells, Merry Vale
Golden Heart - William Turvey, Sansom Street
Golden Lion - William Price, High Street
Green Dragon - Richd. Butler, Newport Street
Green Man & Still - William Underhill, Tything
Gun Tavern - Wm. Bagshawe, Newtown
Hare & Hounds - Sml. Pettipher, College Street
Hen & Chickens - John Groves, Merry Vale
Hole-in-the-Wall - Sml. Barnes, Merry Vale
Holly Bush - Thomas Turner, St Nicholas' Street
Hope & Anchor - Geo. Martin, Newport Street
Horn & Trumpet - Richard Ricketts, Angel Street
Horse & Jockey - Jas. Williams, Pump Street
King's Head - James Godwin, Sidbury
King's Head - Ann Matthews, St John's
Lamb & Flag - Jas. Eaton, Tything
Leather Dresser's Arms - Thos. Holder, Birdport
Leopard - Mary Calder, Broad Street
Lion - Henry Hillman, Lower Wick
Lord Nelson - Joseph Worton, Birdport
Masons' Arms - Joseph Arnold, Diglis Street
Mouth-of-the-Nile - William Williams, Copenhagen Street
Mug House - Joseph Brommage, Hylton Street
Navigation Inn - John Jeremy, Lowes Moor
New Greyhound - William Jenkins, New Street
New Inn - Sarah Hiam, Shambles
Old Crown - William Leicester, Pump Street
Old Falcoln - Richd. Newland, Sansom Street
Old Farriers' Arms - Ts. Maybury, Quay Street
Old Greyhound - James Durnford, New Street
Old Mitre - Thomas Francis, Leech Street
Old Wheat Sheaf - James Matthews, Corn Market
Pack Horse - Edward Wilson, St Nicholas' Street
Painters' Arms - Moses Turner, Powick Lane
Peacock - William Teague, Queen Street
Pheasant - Mary Cook, Quay Street
Pheasant - Thomas Trimmell, New Street
Plough - James Cross, Fish Street
Plumbers' Arms - Wm. Masters, Friar Street
Plume of Feathers - William Hobro, Copenhagen Street
Porto Bello - Ann Lloyd, Henwick Hill
Punch Bowl - John Stanley, College Street
Queen Caroline - Chas. Shepherd, Quay Street
Queen's Head - Jon. Tipples, Foregate Street
Ram - Edward Davies, Rose Hill
Raven - James Smith, Droitwich Road
Red Lion - Thomas Moore, Powick
Red Lion - Thomas Wormington, Sidbury
Rising Sun - William Evans, Cripplegate
Royal George - Joseph Lloyd, Hylton Street
Royal Oak - Matthew Mason, Carden Street
Saracen's Head - Thomas Butler, Tything
Sebright Arms - John Curnock, London Road
Seven Stars - Wm Jackman, Quay Street
Severn Trow - William Morris, Hylton Street
Shades - John Johnson, Diglis Street
Shakespear - Henry Harrison, Angel Street
Sow & Pigs - James Gummery, Doldy Street
Star - Susannah Webb, St John's Green
Swan - Richard Brindley, St John's
Swan-with-Two-Necks - Geo. Burrow, New Street
Talbot - George Lyndon, Kempsey
Talbot Inn - Thomas Colston, Sidbury
Three Tuns - Richard Heming, Salt Lane
Union - Thomas Green, Union Street
Union Tavern - Jos. Ward, Lowes Moor
Waggon & Horses - Edward Fideo, Angel Street
Waterloo Tavern - Sophia Dovey, Waterloo Wharf
Wheat Sheaf - James badger, London Road
Wherry - Charles Wrentmore, Quay Street
White Hart - Robert Gell, College Street
White Horse - Jas. Chesterton, Silver Street
Woolpack - John Underwood, Doldy Street

[This information was prepared for GENUKI by Peter Abbott, and last modified 16 Apr 2004.
It is believed to have been transcribed by Robert Deloyde in early 2000]