Commissary Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634) Surnames T-Y



TACKLEY, Edith - Fleetstreet, London, widow (f44)

dtrs Kath & Alice; houses in Fleetlane & St Giles in the Fields; dtr Joan & her husb; cousin Joan Randall widow; sis Rawl & her 2 sons; wife of Francis Acton; exec bro Jn Warner Dr in divinity; overs Mr Josias Harris apothecary; wtns Dan Potter, Peter Suerch & Edward Raven


TALL, Edward - citizen and dyer (f283)

bur St Martin Orgar; sons Henry & Jn ; dtr Anne Frizwith; dtr Susan T exec; wtns Rich Selbery


TANCE, Mary - Blackfriars, London, widow (f34)

Mr Simon Duvall Dr of Physics; son Isaac T & his son; wtns Jn Peirse & Clara Rousell


TANFEILD, Solomon - Blackfriars, London, brasier (f487)

dtr Eliz wife of Thos Cooper; Wlm & Rebecca Gastard & their bro Jms; wife Sara exec; overs Roger Collins & Rob Cordwell; wtns Eliz Benge & Geo Brome


TAYLOR, Jonas - Enfield, Mdx (f10)

sons Edward, Henry & Jn; bros Wlm, Jn & Rob T; execs prsnt wife Alice & son Thos; overs Thos Mayhewe; wtns Rich Ward


TAYLOR, Robert - Little Ealing, Mdx, yeo (f332)

knsmn Jn Taylor of Old Brentford baker; godson Rich Peirsonne; Rob son of knsmn Thos Taylor yeo; Eliz, Jane, Thos, Mary, Jn & Sam chldr of Thos & Joan Pate; Mary dtr of Wlm Maynard tanner; Rob son of Edward Langly yeo; knsmn Simon Taylor of Iver [co Bucks] cordwayner; Thos Butterfeild & Jn Taylor, cordwayners; Susanna wife of Affable Battle; Anne, Mary, Eliz, Jn & Susanna chldr of knsmn Clement Taylor; Francis Cole; Thos WIggins; Thos Inward; Rob son of knsmn Phil Taylor; 4 chldr of Rob Wilkin of Hanwell decsd; Eliz wife of Wlm Vincent gent of Willesdon; Jn Pate of Acton Mdx; Jn Lawrence waterman; Jn Browne of Hanworth Mdx; Isbl, Alice & Kath dtrs of Anne Lawrence widow; Anne dtr of Jn Ravener; Rob Punter jr; Rebecca Arnoll; Mr Rich Taverner preacher; Bridget wife of Mr Rich Clarke of Hoddesdon, Hertford gent; wife of Rob Burtredge; Eliz dtr of Wlm Wilkin; wife of Henry Marey; Alice dtr of Nichls Assetur decsd; Anne Louse of Cobham, Surrey; svt Joan Johnson; wife Margt exec; overs Thos Pate of Wilesdon Mdx gent, Wlm Wilkin of Hanwell, Wlm Maynard & Henry Loared of Acton; wtns Fr Rowden, Rob Thompson & David John


TAYLOR, Steven - London, haberdasher (f141)

decsd sis Anne & her son Jn Wetherall; Rich & Eliz Taylor; sis Margt Boxe & her 6 chldr; Anne wife of Rob Beacham; poor of Witney [Oxford]; bro in law Geo Box; Magdalen Box; exec sis Margt Box; overs Chris Hurt of Cattesloe, Oxford, yeo & Wlm Ring of Coggs, Oxford yeo; wtns Michael Forster & Wlm Higgins


TAYLOR, Susan - London, widow (f356)

bur near chldr Ralph & Sibyl in St Peter the Poor; son Thos Francknell; son Jms T; son in law Jn Taylor; dtr Eliz Ford, Susan Chibball & Dorothy Shaker; grandson Sam Ponndage; exec dtr Kath Francknell; wtns Dan Collins, Jn Buxton & Sibyl Collins


TAYLOR, William - Waltham Holy Cross [Essex] barbersurgeon (f424)

bro Mr Thos T; chldr Agn, Wlm, Jn, Joseph, Rich & Rob; son Thos & his son Thos; dtr Mary & her dtr Mary Barnet; Sarah Barnet; wife Agn exec; overs Thos Sawdrey & Nichls Brewitt; wtns Jn Cooke


TENBY, John - Stepney, Mdx, citizen and leatherseller (f501)

house in Wapping; sis Ellen Sm-- widow; dtr Susan Joyne; Jn Smith; prsnt wife Isbl exec; wtns Dan Cooper, Henry Stamers & Joseph Surbutt


TEWE, Susan - london, widow (f355)

chldr Josias, Mary, Susan, Ralph & Nichls; Caleb & Eliz chldr of dtr Eliz Huggins; Mrs Clarke; son Huggins; execs Mrs Margt Jordan & cousin Rob Hanch; wtns Susan Hanch & Alice Kerkman


THICKNES, Richard - St Pulchers without Newgate, citizen and whitebaker (f324)

dtr of bro Edward; 3 chldr of Ellen widow of bro Ralph T; cousin Geo Thickness; svt Wlm Gee; dtrs Eliz, Mary, Susan, Alice & Margt; unborn child; house in St Giles without Cripplegate; wife Susan exec; wtns Geo Rowley, Edward Brooks & Jn Guy


THOMAS, Morgan - citizen and merchantaylor (f312)

bur St Botolphs without Bishopsgate; sis Mary Morgan spinster; Thos son of Edward Jeffordson; Jn son of Rich Husband cordwayner; wife Ellen exec; wtns Wlm Skipwith, Wlm Cooper & Rob Jennings


THOMAS, William - Cowcrosse, Mdx, yeo (f83)

son in law Thos Godfrey; Wlm Potter of Easendon, co --, maltman; Rich Trigg; wife Margt exec; wtns Wlm Pretty, Edward Figg, Rich Merydale & Jn Bryan


THOMPSON, Clement - Whitechapel, Mdx, chandler (f563)

son in law Jn Bull; bros Isaac, Stephen & Rob T; bro in law Martin Chappell; wifes mother Eliz Chappell; sis Sibyl wife of Rob Bridgman; cousin Ralph Thompson; Jn Batcheler; wife Jane exec; wtns Thos Lander & Wlm Ford


THORNETON, Paul - Walthamstowe, Essex, bachelor (f348)

sisters Dorcas, Jane & Judith T; Morgan Hodwell; Wlm Sherman; Thos Gane; Kath Baker; bro Rich exec; wtns WInifred Ramsey


THORPE, Joan - Whitechapel, Mdx, widow (f301)

bro Thos Andrewes; Jn & Eliz Edwards; dtr Margt Shepard; wtns Margt Hallowell & Ellen Blackburne


THORPE, John (f525)

sis Susan Boorer; sis Eliz Bower; aprnts Rob North & Thos Bland; cousin Jn Mathews; svt Ellen Hanton; sis in law Alice Flint; wife Kath exec; wtns Adam Ferman, Jms Pitt & Thos Kinge


TOMPSON, Christopher - St Stevens Coleman Street (f69)

bros Michael & Jn ; sisters Margery & Anne; bros Thos & Francis Clarke; chldr Thos & Mary; wife Mary exec; overs Mr Thos Kadwalleder & Thos Jarvis; wtns Joan Ferman & Henry Brooke


TORRY, Rebecca - Christchurch, widow (f309)

son Simon Coles by first husb; Jn son of bro in law Jn Torrey; execs chldr Ben, Thos & Sarah T; overs Roger Straker, son Simon Coles & Francis Goffe mercer; wtns Anthony Hudson, Jn Mercer & Wlm Clark


TOTNELL, John - Harefield, yeo (f400)

grandtr Mary Hull; wife Luce exec; wtns Jn Pryer


TOULLER, Margaret - St Martin, Ironmongerlane, widow (f60)

cousins Henry, Dan, Jn & Esay Vincent; cousins Henry Jackson, Thos Skynner, Ben Charke & Henry Burton; cousin Ezekiel Charke & his son Ezekiel; pasture in Westham, Essex; 2 dtrs of cousin Fiske; Mrs Eliz Coningsbye; Anne dtr of Phil Meantys & her uncle Mr Thos Meantys; Mr Armers wife; Jane Perry; Henry Colbron; Rebecca, Abigail & Jeremy Vincent; Sara & Thos Jackson; Wlm son of Ben Charke; Jms Pouner; Mr Castleton minister; prisoners in Newgate & Ludgate; Mr Squire & Mr Lee of St Steven Colemanstreet & St Leonard in Shoreditch; Mr Farnaby clerk of St Olaves in the Jewry; Thos Toullers dtr; Mrs Margt Muschampe wife of Mr Byall; Mr Francis Meantys; husbs legacies to chldr of cousin Jordan & town of Newmarket; comp of embroiderers; exec cousin Ben Charke; wtns Rob Mollen, Jn Wright & Rich Somersall


TOVEY, John - London, cordwayner (f490)

sis Anne wife of Wlm Patience; Eliz wife of Mr Lawrence Netmaker & their son Nathaniel & dtr Eliz wife of Wlm Ridiard; svt Eliz Edgerly; exec Lawrence Netmaker; wtns Rich Netmaker & Chris Clarke svt of Rich Greene


TRANSHAM, William - Wapping, Mdx, pullymaker (f275)

bros Michael, Rich & Thos T; sisters Mary, Prudence, Bridget wife of Jn Taylor & Sarah wife of Henry Munday; wife Margt exec; wtns Wlm Norris, Wlm Rawnce & Rob Marson


TRAPHAM, Joan - Lymehouse, Mdx, widow (f86)

cousin Thos Scarlett; Anna & Mary dtrs of Alice Perrin widow; Mr Edgeworth, Mr Jackson & Mr Edwards, ministers; exec dtr in law Eliz Trapham; overs Alice Perryn & Agn wife of Jn Severne mariner; wtns Laurence Spence & Rachel Bradfeild


TREATON, Sibyl - Edmonton, Mdx, widow (f336)

son Jn Boulton; grandchldr Jn, Eliz, Thos, Alice & Maudlyn Boulton; grandchldr Rich & Mary Tyner; dtr Margt Savage; exec son in law Geo Peace exec; overs Jn son of Thos Marten of Bowes yeo; wtns Jn Barber


TREHANKE, Joseph (f560)

master of ship Faulcon of London leaving Portsmouth; cousin Jn Hunt; godtr Frances Helgone; wife Eliz exec


TRISTRAM, John - citizen and cutler (f317)

chldr Thos, Jn & Alice; wife Joan exec; overs uncle Thos Wilbert & Wlm Hall; wtns Henry Paman & Jn Wilkes


TUNGATE, Anne - St Mary Whitechapel, widow (f1)

Anne wife of Thos Goodman of London, pewterer; Jms son of Thos Wood decsd of St Olaves, Southwark,yeo; Anne Gamlyn spinster of London; Joan Whittaker; exec Edward Lowe ctz & marchantaylor; wtns Roger Robinson, Rob Shadbolt, Anthony Bodie & Wlm Symonds


TURNER, Alice - Christchurch, London, widow (f11)

keeper Dorothy Fanne; Eliz Rolfe; Joan Sith; Mary Brawne; exec Geo Swanne; wtns Eliz Rogers


TURNER, James - Old Brentford, Ealing, Mdx (f32)

wifes dtr Eliz Wright; exec cousin Rowland Williams; wtns Hester wife of Nathaniel Andrewes


TURNER, Nicholas - St Sepulchre without Newgate, citizen and armourer (f439)

bros Wlm T yeo & Chris T tyler of Kendal, Westmoreland; sis Margt Dawson widow in Westmoreland; wifes sis Anne wife of Thos Cotton salter; wife Susan exec; overs bros in law Anthony Bell & Thos Cotton; wtns Jn Smith, Jn Marriatt & Anthony Hudson


TURNER, Walter - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, London (f519)

aunt Joan Ford; wife Joan exec; wtns Jn Everet


TURVELL, Thomas - Bethnall Greene, Stepney, Mdx, yeo (f176)

wife Mary exec; wtns Geo Knowles, Thos Wheatly & Wlm Gilberd


TWINN, Samuel - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, cooper (f478)

wife Mary exec; wtns Jacob Beale & Henry Drury


TYLER, Alice - Limehouse, Mdx, widow (f228)

Lettice wife of Pashly of Radcliffe, mariner; Alex Harwood at the Postern, cheesemonger; knsmn Jeff Thurnborne; cousins Martha Bishop & Joan Edwards widow; sis Barbara Harwood; Edmund & Sara chldr of Edmund & Rose Silvester; Mary Marshingham dtr of widow Shippin; Eliz wife of Wltr Hopgood shipwright; Mr Edgeworth curate of Stepney; Wlm Symons; chldr of bros & sis; exec Wlm Pulman ropemaker; wtns Edward Singleton


TYSON, John - Nazeing, Essex, yeo (f223)

bapt & 1st married in Broxbourne, Hertford; Mary Thorowgood of Cheshunt, Hertford; Alice Stones of London; son of Henry Woodland & Mary Cley of Epping Essex; Jn Read; Rob Sardell of Waltham Abbey; wife Margt exec; wtns Edmund Parlett, Rich Broxborne, Jn Waylott & Henry Hamond


VAN DER HULST, Peter - St James Duke Place, shoemaker (f64)

born in county of Henegon [Hainaut] overseas; poor of Dutch church in London; son Abrm V & his son Jms & Jms' maternal grandfather Jms Platell of Memering, co Dergoos, Ireland (?); security at Middelburg, Zeeland; chldrns grandfather Winterbeecks; decsd dtrs Joanna & Magdalen; chldr Lucas, Peter, Cath, Jane, Mary & Tobias; sisters Cath & Martyn; niece Martyns dtr; wife Susan exec; overs Jn Stevens & Martyn Dreeshout; wtns Jn Holmes & Peter James


VAN GAYLE, Adrian - of Turnhout, Flanders [Belgium], taylor, now of London (f434)

poor of Dutch church; cousin Susan Van Den Broeke widow of Chas De Camp; Helena De Camp; Jms son of Josias Wissel; Jan son of cousin Adrian Van Den Broeke; exec Susan Van Den Broeke; wtns Rich Adams & Giles Parmentier


VANNABEALE, John (f131)

poor of French church; execs son Jn V & wife Abigail Gooder


VERDON, Alice - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, widow (f430)

late husb Wlm V; bro Jn Pippitt in co Somerset; bros Thos & Jonas Pippitt; sisters Deanes & Cicely; 1st husbs knswmn Margt Williams; Anne wife of Wlm Woodcocke; Jn Gwin svt of Mr Hurst locksmith; husbs godson Verdon Fossett; relatives Wlm & Eliz Pippitt; Mr Herbert Finch; Margt Dillan dtr of husbs sis; Patrick Welch; Wlm Smyth taylor in Seacole Lane; knswmn Christian Sherman; exec bro Rich Pippitt; overs Wlm Fox draper & Jn May scrivener; wtns Wlm Browne & Isaac Rowlett


VINT, Robert - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, innholder (f157)

bros Jn, Rich & Ambrose V; sis Ellen V; knsmn Jn Vint aprnt of Mrs Gunthropp widow; wife Alice exec; wtns Chris & Geo Wilkinson & Ambrose Stubbes


WALFORD, Thomas - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, citizen and clothworker (f551)

Joan Pearce widow; exec father Roger W of Bowe Lane clothworker; overs Mr Rich Hewes silkthraster; wtns Thos Evans, Thos Stonard, Thos Driver & Wlm Symons


WALKER, Thomas - citizen and weaver (f358)

bur near 2 sons in St Katherine Creechurch; land in Mile End, Stepney; dtrs Eliz, Mary & Abigail; wife Joan exec; wtns Jn Bell, Anthony Wood, Lawrence Durstone & Wlm Harsewell


WALL, John - citizen and haberdasher (f565)

Thos Beedon cutler & his chldr Thos, Francis, Jn & Mary wife of Abrm Short; wife Mary; exec son Rich W ctz & cutler; wtns Phil Sanerford, Rob Willis & Thos Beason


WALLATT, Thomas (f264)

Joan Brewer; bro Rich W exec; wtns Thos Waylatt


WALLE, Paul (f79)

bro Lewis W; poor of French church in London; exec Jn Amos; overs Peter Mouvier; wtns Jn Laquesne & Jn Pouchey


WALTERS, John - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, butcher (f75)

gessips Price & Wessell; sis Carter; wife Bathsheba exec; wtns Rich Paxton & Rich Griffithe


WARD, William - citizen and armourer (f479)

chldr Nathaniel, Ben, Joseph & Mary W; dtr Sara Felle; wife Sara exec; overs Thos Bateman & son Sam W; wtns Henry Jackson, Jms Cole, Thos Came & Abrm Watfeild


WARMAN, William - citizen and cook (f379)

bur St Michael in Cornhill; Alice & Margt dtrs of son Wlm & his wife Frances; chldr Geo & Violet; Francis Ashwell & his sis Eldershey; son Steven W exec; overs bro Wlm Hoskins cooper & Thos North grocer, ctzs; wtns Rob Glover


WARNER, Alice - Hornsey, Mdx, widow (f289)

execs dtrs Eliz, Mary & Anne W; overs Dr Westfeild & Mr Chambers; wtns Rich Smethurst, Geo Taylor & Joan Nuna


WARNER, Francis - Epping, Essex, maltman (f193)

sons Andrew, Francis & Rich; dtr Sibyl Clarke; dtr Grace wife of Jn Neale; dtr Margt wife of Wlm Neale; wife Bennitt exec; wtns Jn Stace & Geo Spranger


WARREN, Thomas - St Brides, London, gent (f308)

Susan Stephens svt of cousin Abigail wife of Jn Groome barber; 2 chldr of Eliz wife of cousin Jn Taylor; Jn Barfeild; Alice wife of Thos Benton; 2 sisters; exec Jn Taylor; overs Jn Swan & Thos Benton; wtns Thos Forrester & Thos Bennett


WASTFORD, Mary - St Martins in the Vintry, London, spinster (f53)

Richarden wife of Henry Collison mariner; mother; wtns Sara wife of Mr Melcome clerk


WATTERMAN, Reynold - Ratcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, waterman (f214)

chldr Wlm, Sam, Sara, Judith & Mary; wife Mary exec; overs bro Jn W of Shadwell shipwright & uncle Rich Sedgwicke of Limehouse Mdx brewer; wtns Rob Norcocke


WEALCH alias WELSH, John - Edmonton, Mdx, brewer (f546)

land in Tottenham; land in Friern Barnet to son Thos; son Henry; land in Enfield to son Wlm; land in Cheshunt, Hertford to son Rob; Anne wife of bro Wlm; dtr Anne wife of Edward Broxupp ctz & upholster; Rob Rowdon ctz & salter; sis Grace wife of Wlm Trott; wife Eliz; relatives Susan & Wlm Merres; son Jms exec; overs bro Wlm W; wtns Rob Estrye & Rich & Jn Nicholls


WEBB, Edward - Wapping Wall, Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f520)

on the ship Trall of London with Mr Rob Merrit, to Russia; Mr David Jackman of St Andrew in High Holbourne taylor; prsnt wife Mary; sis Kath Burges of Tavistock [Devon] widow; sis Joan wife of Jn Rawe of Laskeard [Cornwall]; sis Eliz wife of Mathias Willcocke of Southill [Cornwall]; godchldr Martin Brook, Rich Leake & Grace Sampson; cousin Sampson Webb of Southill [Cornwall]; son Edward exec; overs Andrew Oxenby, Gilbert Collins & Jn Morgan; wtns Edward Heaward


WEBB, Robert - St Anne Blackfriars, London, shoemaker (f176)

sons Rob & Nathaniel; mother Anne W widow; bros Wlm & Rich; wife Cicely exec; wtns Thos Poke, Thos Kempe, Sidnam Lukius svt of Wlm Childe


WEECKES, Lancelot - Finchley, Mdx, husb (f556)

wife Anne; exec dtr Susan Newell; wtns Jn Ruslen & Nichls Roffes


WEEDON, Edward - Allhallows Barking, citizen and weaver (f517)

bro Geo & his chldr Jn, Geo & Mary wife of Jn Hensloe; Rich Deane of Great Misendon, co Bucks; Anne Mayne dtr of Hugh Weedon; wife Kath exec; overs Mr Jn Beck gent & Mr Rich Penree; wtns Rich & Simon Greene, Obadiah Stannard & Rich Linley


WELBELOVE, Annis - Hamworth, Mdx, widow (f48)

chldr Rich, Agn & Frances W; execs Jms Stile & Wlm Laurance; overs bro & cousin Rich Ride senr & Roger Urlyn; wtns Thos Walker & Alice Rowland


WESTCOMBE, Mary - St Matthew Friday Street, London, widow (f157)

aprnts Lancelot Francklyn & Jn Dover; bros Ben & Jms Cockayne; mother Judith Cockayne; sis Margt Woollis; exec son Rich W; overs Rich Clay & Wlm Porter goldsmiths; wtns Francis Dawson & Rob Hanson svt of Jn Evans


WHITE, Hanna - Great Greenford, Mdx (f361)

father Thos W grocer; mother Honoria Cason alias White widow; bros; wtns Agatha Holliday & Susan Hancocke


WHITE, John - St Dunstan in the West, London, tailor (f384)

son Jn; wife Ellen exec; wtns Mr Griffith Edwardes minister


WHITE, William - Lymehouse, Stebonheath, Mdx, mariner (f58)

voyage on ship the Globe of Poole; dtr Jane Jarman; wife Jane exec; wtns Barnard Peverell, Jn Essom & Jn Waltar


WHITE, William - Limehouse, Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f459)

sis in law Judith Woodward; wife Frances exec; wtns Lawrence Spence & Thos Cutler


WHITEHEAD, Nicholas - Stewardston, Waltham Holycross, Essex, yeo (f339)

wife Margt; wtns Thos Poore & Rob & Jn Stocke


WHITEHEAD, William - Fulham, Mdx, fisherman (f429)

son Thos; son Jms Gylles & his wife Jane; wife Alice exec; overs son Wlm W & Wlm Eaversbe; wtns Jn Blee, Jn Boden, Jn Georg & Geo Woles


WHITFEILD, John - citizen and carpenter (f458)

house in Wapping Wall to Jn Blenkarne ctz & carpenter; Margt widow of Matt Whitfeild; 5 sons of Jn Whitfeild of "Dewes Greene" co Northumberland; wife Anne


WHITTON, George - Finchley, Mdx, yeo (f503)

chldr Geo, Jn, Roger, Joan, Mary & Helen W; son Wlm exec; overs Tim Taylor & bro in law Henry Ray; wtns Ri Taylour, Alice Saunders & Joan Haughton


WHORWOOD, Humphrey - All Saints Barking, London, clerk (f55)

wife Kate exec; wtns Rob Lowell curate & Rob Sheram sexton


WHYTE, James - Stepney, sailor (f445)

wife Margery; wtns Edward Hall & Edward Bottell


WIGG alias WOOD, Anne - St Mary Whitechapel (f398)

chldr of sis Ellen Symond; cousin Thos Thorrowgood at Bishopsgate


WILKINS, Robert - St Sepulchre without Newgate, paintmaker (f331)

bur near wife; cousins Thos & Rich Wilkins of Maidstone, Kent, carpenters; knsmn Isaac Wilkins of Limehouse Mdx; svts Anne Underwood & Dan Dickenson; cousin Jn Wilkins; knswmn Sara Wilkins; Rob Yea; Eliz dtr of Temperance Gardner; exec Temperance Gardner of Limehouse widow; overs Marmaduke Parsons & Geo Cleaver; wtns Rich Chernock & Jn Creame


WILKINSON, Iretrude - Gabriel Fanchurch, London, widow (f154)

cousin Mr Thos Dodson merchant living overseas; Martha Spiller scholar; Mrs Hill; execs Jn Spiller & knswmn Anne Dodson; wtns Henry Phelpes & Alice Kenyng


WILLCOCKES, Samuel - Tottenham, Mdx, gent (f411)

born & bur St Magdalens near London Bridge; land in Mickfield & Ipswich, Suffolk to sis Sarah wife of Peter Daniell; cousin Mary Denton; land in "Plany" Shropshire to bro Thos; sis Barkeham; Mr Dymocke of Grays Inn; execs bro Nathaniel W & sis Dorcas; overs Mr Arthur Ley of London Bridge, haberdasher; wtns Jonas Shute & Cressy Dymocke


WILLIAMS, Anne - Lymehouse, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f188)

sons Wlm & Anthony W; dtr Grace W exec; wtns Thos Bennett, Mary Norris widow & Anne Ford


WILLIAMS, Robert - Allhallows Barking, London, mariner (f538)

bur near wife & chldr; Judith & Anne dtrs of bro Wlm W; uncle Matt Williams; ships Desire of Dover, Elizabeth, Fortune and John; Jms Ireland mariner; mother in law Sara Mitchelson widow & her dtr Lucretia Baker & knswmn Mary wife of Rich Sampson of East Smithfield; svt Jn Warryner; Mr Lovell minister; bro Wlm W exec; wtns Owen Bett & Jms Coston


WILLIAMSON, Francis - St Albans, Woodstreet, London (f54)

Margt Lister; exec svt Hugh Shipley; wtns Nichls Darnell & Nichls Bonner


WILLIAMSON, Humphrey - Bridewell, yeo (f562)

Mr Henry Coles gent; Mr Ketle steward of Countess of Leicester; exec Mr Wlm Freeman; wtns Cuthbert Bell, Jn Swann & Diane Wake


WILLIS, Joan - St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London, widow (f117)

sis Eliz wife of Bart Grymett; dtrs Jane, Anne & Joan W; exec Wlm Tuchin; overs Wltr Stone & Bart Grymett; wtns Tim Lovell, Clement Cottsbrucke, Jn Neele & Hugh Sone


WILLIS, Margaret - St Antholins, London, widow (f511)

son Nathaniel W; dtr Eliz W exec; wtns Susan Newitt & Geo Cockesden


WILLIS, Samuel - St Bennett Pauls Wharf (f293)

son; wife Alice; wtns Nathan Walworth & Jn Harris


WILSON, Martha - widow (f240)

Eliz Simes; Kath, Sarah, Jn, Rob & Benedit Barfoot; Sara Marlowe; Eliz Fenricus; sis & bro Skelton; bro Jms Wilson; Helen Smith; widows Fisher & Weamon; son Josias; sis Lyster & her dtr Jane & her sis North & her son Jn Williams; Mary North; writings from Ezekiel Culverwell; execs Jn & Sarah Simes; wtns Jms Cole, Geo Hopburne & Arthur Reeve


WISE, John - Allhallows Staining, citizen and cordwayner (f201)

chldr Matt & Abigail; sisters Dorothy Morchen & Margt Robyns; Bethia & Anne dtrs of Jms Beard ctz & cordwayner; Eliz wife of Mr Jn Holmes ctz & cordwayner; Mary dtr of Jn Rudson ctz & cordwayner; Adoniram Byfeild preacher; Hanna wife of Thos Cawkett ctz & goldsmith; Nichls Lockyer student at Oxford; land in St Dunstan in the East & Tottenham, Mdx; execs wife Kath, Jn Holmes & Jn Rudson; wtns Jms Beale, Geo Plockwell, Thos Ayerell & Geo Partrich


WITT, Ellen - London, widow (f162)

cousin Margt wife of Wlm Dodd ctz & carpenter & their chldr Joan, Wlm & Judith; Rich & Rob sons of Mr Rich Bladwell of St Michael Bassishawe merchant; Mr Painter schoolmaster; kinswmn Eliz Rossell; Rich & Jn sons of Thos Newton chandler; Eliz Evans of St Sepulchre without Newgate widow; house in St Stephen Coleman St; svt Anne Fordham; exec cousin Margt Dodd; wtns Dan Baker, Peter Newton, Rich Horner & Wlm Andrewes


WOLSTENHOLME, Margaret - widow (f527)

bur near husb Henry W esq in All Hallows Barking; sis Ellen West & Joan Dawson; nephews Jeff & Jn Wolstenholme; Eliz wife of nephew Jms Wolstenholme; niece Anne wife of Michael Burton; niece Ellen wife of Thos Burton; bro Sir Jn Wolstenholme knt; exec knsmn Henry Wilkin exec; overs nephews Michael Burton & Jms Wolstenholme; wtns Simon Jue & Tristram Mathewe


WOOD, Margery - Wapping, St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, widow (f432)

Mr Sedgwicke preacher; Mr Randall; svts Thos Irish, Jn Cobb, Rich Catlyn & Abigail Catwyn; cousin Phyllis Sheppard; Thos, Jane & Wlm Cobb; late cousin Anthony Wood & his dtr Sara Blunt & his bro Jn; Martha widow of Anthony Wood, now wife of cousin Mr Rob Wood ctz; late husb Rob W; execs Rob Wood, Thos Cobb senr, shipwright & Nichls Woodcocke mariner; wtns Rich Williamson svt of Thos Abbott


WOOD, Thomas - Hendon, Mdx, husb (f195)

son Thos; execs Ralph & Eliz Sex; overs Jn Brent of Brentstreet & Wlm Francklyn; wtns Rich Nicholl


WOOD, William - Epping, Essex, yeo (f184)

knsmn Wlm Wood; sis Joan Stracie; svt Jn Benton; cousin Rob Wood & his chldr Thos & Joan; bro Wlm Stracie & his son Jms; bro Jn W & his son Jn; land in Great & Little Parndon, Essex; dtrs Mary, Sarah & Martha; land in Hunsdon, Hertford to son Jn; son in law Jms Beard & his chldr Mary, Martha & Jms; dtrs dtr Mary Beard; wife Mary exec; overs bro Jn W & Wlm Stracye; wtns Thos Denne & Jn Stracye


WOOD, William - St Bennett Fink, citizen and cordwayner (f514)

Mr Roger Warfield parson; chldr Wlm & Frances; unborn child; wife Eliz exec; overs Mr Wlm Cokaine of Austen Fryers merchant; wtns Jn Hamond, Wlm Warner & Henry Huchenson


WOODHAM, Thomas - Enfield, Mdx, yeo (f248)

wifes mother Frances Musridge; bros Wlm & Jn W; sis Bridget; sisters Susanna Sabbin, Barbara Chandler & Eliz Newton; wife Eliz exec; overs Thos Vaughan gent & Wlm Parnell yeo; wtns Francis Gardner, Edward Arris, Jn Perkham & Jo Lambert


WOODHOUSE, Mary - St Stevens Coleman St, London, widow (f544)

cousin Clarke; goodwife Brundidge; Jane Clarke; exec Gabriel Miller; wtns Rob Mansell, Kath Wynne, Margt Littlewood, Bridget Nicholas & Kath Dickensonne


WORCETER, Thomas - citizen and ironmonger of London (f136)

Edward, Thos & Wlm sons of decsd bro Wlm; chldr of Jn Gregory of Wilstone, Tring, Hertford; born in Ashton Clinton, Bucks; poor of Christchurch; execs Wlm Feild ctz & vintner & Rich Briggenshawe ctz & cutler; wtns Wlm Hollyman, Wlm Keene & Arthur Vizer


WORTHINGTON, Alice - Hackney, Mdx, widow (f3)

dtr Livia wife of Mark Brigham & her dtr Eliz wife of Rich Battridge; Rich son of grandtr Eliz Battridge; dtr Livias sons Rich & Wlm Boswell; execs dtr Livia & Rich Battridge senr; wtns Rob Chippe & Edmund Arther


WOTTON, William - St Sepulchre without Newgate (f62)

died in Aldenham, Hertfordshire; master Jn Harryson & his wife; wtns Grace wife of Wlm Higby


WRIGHT, Henry - St Sepulchre, London, citizen and cutler (f558)

sis Alice Wilkenson; Mr Lever lecturer; wife Eliz exec; wtns David Jones, Jms Preist, Rich Milton & Dorcas Watts


WRIGHT, Jane - London, widow (f436)

grandchldr Jn & Valentia Croswell; cousin Thos Marsh; Rob Webb; Thos Smith; overs Arthur Yourth & cousin Jn Killingworth; wtns Eliz Pickeringe & Eliz Pegge


WRIGHT, John - citizen and horner (f170)

knsmn Jn Wright; aprnt Jn Seaton; prsnt wife Mary; son Rob W exec; overs Jn Wood ctz & marchantaylor & Jn Gouagh ctz & clothworker; wtns Thos Vaecle, Wlm Simonds & Anthony Bodie


WRIGHT, Susan - St Albans Woodstreet, London, widow (f132)

late husb Francis W; sons Jeremy & Henry W; dtrs Eliz Sherston, Philadelphia Smith & Margt Madding; grandtr Susanna Sherston; exec son in law Thos Sherston; wtns Wlm Oglethorpe


WYMURD, John - Hackney, Mdx, brewer (f30)

son Jn; father Elizeus W of Enfield, maltman; wife Anne exec; wtns Wlm Barnard minister, Geo Wilkinson, Jn Nycols & Wlm Bentem


YARWORTH, William - citizen and cooper of London (f161)

dtr Cicely wife of Jn Partridge; wife Cicely exec; wtns Edward Mathewe & Foulke Parry


YOUNG, Anne - St Brides alias Bridgett, London, widow (f120)

Edward, Matt & Rob sons of Matt Grace ctz & joyner; Mr Rich Hanson; Margt Beinfant widow; Mrs Wood & her grandson Geo Millett; godtr Anne Hill; Jn Higden son of Mary Warren widow; Anne Boshford widow; Edward Lewes; Margery Price; execs sis Joan & her husb Rob Bumpsted ctz & grocer; wtns Sara Lewis


YOUNG, Henry - St Andrew Undershaft, London, stationer (f74)

3 dtrs; 2 sons; execs eldest son & wife Alice; wtns Jn Merrick & Rob & Mary Davies


YOUNGE, Roger - Ratcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, citizen and clothworker (f562)

Land in Walton, Surrey; sons Jn & Roger; wife Martha exec; wtns Jn Morgan, J Wedderburne, Jms Younge & Gilbert Lyone


YOWE, Edward - of the ship Jonah (f142)

mother Marian Yowe of Caswell, Devon; sis Mary & Pentecost; son Edward to serve in East India Co; dtr Susan; Edward George; Abrm Porter; Alex Gullyford chirurgion; poor of Diptford & Kingskerswell, Devon; wife Mary; witns Francis Carter, Rich Garlicke & Phil Tawton


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