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Consistory Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 8 (1621-1630) Surnames E-J


EARLE, John - Great Parndon, Essex, smith (f316)

chldr; wife Mary; wtns Henry Loggis, Francis Shelley & Geo Harrison


EDISON, Leonard - St Margaret in Lothbury, London, citizen, tyler and bricklayer (f259)

bro Jms E; wife Alice exec; wtns Rob Mollen, Thos Thompson & Rich Chandler


EDMONDS, Thomas - Netherbury, Dorset, sailor (f128)

voyage to East Indies in ship Palsgrave; exec Rob Wilson of Limehouse, Mdx yeo; wtns Jms Hull, Jms Bamforth, Henry & Jn Thomas & Wlm Davis


EDWARDS, Robert - Toppesfield, Essex, yeo (f244)

chldr Rob, Jn, Sam, Kath, Mary, Eliz & Martha; wife Kath exec; overs bros Thos & Sam E & bro in law Rich Webb; wtns Rob Wantford & Parnell Hogg


EGERTON, Stephen - Blackfriars, London, minister (f109)

bro Mr Thos E; niece Mrs Anne Gibson; cousin Mary Smyth; svt Chris Smyth; wife Sarah exec; overs Mr Rich Stocke, Mr Wlm Gouge ministers & Mr Ralph Bovey & Mr Jn Badger gents & attorneys


ELLIS, Richard - rector of Moze, Essex (f262)

wife Dorce exec; wtns Henry Andrewes & Dorothy Ward


ELIOT, James - Rayleigh, Essex, clerk (f121)

svt Anne Howlet; chldr Judith, Susan, Mary, Phil & Jms; land in Hockley; Effe wife of bro in law Edward Hetham of Hunsdon [Hertford]; prsnt wife Eliz exec; overs Mr Syme & Mr Jn Wilson; wtns Harry Burnes & Henry Broadwater


EMERSON, George - Wapping, Whitechapel, Mdx, chandler (f218)

cousin Jn Bell; godson Jn Roberts; dtr Mary; wife Joan; bro Arthur E; sis Margt; Mr Wlm Holbrooke; exec Mr Rich Sedgewicke; wtns Henry Bond & Aron Convert


ESTO, Thomas - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, cook (f150)

mother Eliz E of Bullingford, Norfolk widow; bros Peter & Henry; sis Jane, Bridget & Eliz E; sis in law Sara & Mary Clarke; Francis Surlyn gent; svt Mary Stepping; prsnt wife Bridget exec; wtns Geo Sparkes, Francis Gur & Jn Penbell


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FALE, Theodore - Roydon, Essex, bound to East Indies in the ship Palsgrave (f114)

Jn Watts of Ware, Hertford esq; Jms Houlye of London marchantaylor; Captn Camowaye; bros Thos & Sam F; exec mother Frances F of Roydon widow; overs Mr Hatch; wtbs Jn Collyns & Phil Garland


FISHER, Jane - widow (f191)

Rich & Juliane Travell; cousin Lothertoone; sis Mary; Edward son of bro Williames; Abrm Harding


FITCH, Anne - Steeple Bumpstead, Essex, widow (f211)

nephew Phil Jacob preacher; Simon & (Opian?) sons of bro Jn Rewse; Zachary & Eliz chldr of bro Ralph Fitche; 3 dtrs of sis Tane; Simon Rewse of Stoke [by Clare], Suffolk; Eliz & Margt dtrs of bro Simon Rewse; dtrs of bro Thos Car; Frances Parkinson dtr of Frances dtr of sis Chapman; dtrs of Geo Stretton & Thos Crane; Jn son of Jn Chapman of "Kitton"; Anne, Hester & Susan dtrs of Jn Ayer; Thos, Rich, Jn, Joshua, Nathaniel, Mary & Eliz chldr of bro Ralph Fitche; chldr of Judith Fran; chldr of sis Allen; godtr Anne Hord; Anne & Dorothy dtrs of bro Rob Fitch decsd; Rob son of sis Petitt; Eliz Snowe; exec bro Ralph Fitche; wtns Jn French


FITCH, Margaret - Felstead, Essex, widow (f255)

late husb Jn F; Francis, Thos & Jn Rowdon & Margt wife of Wlm Maplesden of London gent, all chldr of dtr Mary widow of Francis Rowdon of St Clement Danes, Mdx gent; dtr Martha wife of Pleasure Jolly ctz & marchantaylor; Eliz dtr of Roger Forster of Chigwell gent; Thos son of Jn Fitch; svts Mary Adams & Thos Coleman; dtr Mary Rowdon exec; overs Thos Fitch, Pleasure Jolly & Thos Rowdon; wtns Bart Cavell


FLANKE, Joan - Radwinter [Essex] (f224)

chldr Jn, Jane, Thos, Mary & Anne; grandson Jn Flancke; Jn Wakeline; grandtr Mary Fann; exec Mr Wlm Fann clerk; wtns Thos & Wlm Cornewell


FLINTE, Roger - citizen and goldsmith (f178)

cousin Margt Blayne; bro Bowen; wife Margt exec; wtns Wlm Blayne & Sidenham Lukins


FLOUD, Evan - sailor in the James Royall (f37)

Patrick Copeland minister; Jn Dod cooper; Wlm Carne, Wlm Morsley & Andrew Mittlecott sailors; Jn Winter; Nichls Onge; Caleb Satter; Tobias Paris steward; Henry Heynes swabber; 2 chldr; exec wife Alice in St Thomas Apostles, London; wtns Henry Smith


FLUD, John - sailor in the ship Exchange (f138)

bro Matt F; Jn James; Jn Haynes; Chris Williams; exec bro Alex F; wtns Ralph Cartwright purser, Thos Reynolds & Rowland Benson


FLYNDELL, Thomas - St Albans, Hertford, shoemaker (f263b)

chldr Anne & Thos; wife Joan exec; overs bros in law Mr Thos Creswell, Thos Kynder & Thos Bartlett; wtns Jn Ellis & Edw Parrett


FOSTER, Lionel - Lamarsh, Essex, clerk (f109)

Thos Beauld; Giles Lowe; Nichls Neate; Wlm & Rob Moore; Henry Bynds; Wlm Barns; Jn Corner; Jn Fisher; widow Orbill; wifes chldr; 3 chldr of wifes dtr Mary; Barnaby Walbancke; son Ben More & his son Ben; land in Halstead; chldr of son in law Thos Childe; wife Anna; grandtr Mary Childe; dtr Eliz; svt Joan Edwards; grandsons Lionel Coole & Lionel Allen; bro Thos F; exec Thos Childe; overs Mr Rob Sadford esq; wtns Wlm Simson & Wlm Whight


FOSTER, Michael - Felstead, Essex, yeo (f209)

wife Disere; chldr Anne, Mary, Sara, Jn, Thos, Jms, Henry & Joseph; son Andrew exec; wtns Wlm Tanner, Rich Lucke & Wlm Owen


FOXE, Henry - Stepney, sailor (f77)

chldr of cousin Thos Cocker; sis Ellen & Eliz F; Jn Frieth; Chas Ellerye; Thos Bowers; Rob Thacker; wtns Andrew Coggins & Thos Wood


FRANKLYN, William - Edgeware, Mdx, taylor (f232)

son Jn; grandtrs Eliz, Margt & Mary dtrs of Wlm Jackett; svt Grace Brown; bro Jn F; exec son in law Wlm Jackett; wtns Dan Taylor, Rob Birt & Jn Stronge


FRENCH, Thomas - Birchanger, Essex, minister (f173)

bros sons Godfrey, (Falbe?) & Geo F; cousin Joan Greenlease & her dtr Susan Bishopp; cousin Rich Greenlease; Hester Brockishe; wife Ellen exec; wtns Jn Bates & Henry Savell


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GAEGG, Mary - widow of George G of St Botolphs without Bishopsgate (f154)

bro Jn Smith of Peterfield, Hampshire; Mary dtr of sis Jane wife of Jn Watkins, minister of Chertsey, Surrey; husbs father Wlm G of Baydon, Wiltshire; land in St Martins in the Fields; exec sis Jane Watkins; overs Wlm Fowler girdler & Edward Lettice feltmaker, ctzs; wtns Abrm Fitzwaters, Rob Evans & Sara Stockewell


GAMBALL, John - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, London, whitebaker (f185)

Henry son of bro David G; chldr of bro in law Ben Nicolas; wife Frances exec; overs Wltr Hunt, Dominick Turner & David Sarney


GATES, Robert - East Barnet, Hertford, yeo (f193)

chldr Eliz, Rose, Kath, Anne, Mary, Susan & Rob; wife Cath exec; overs Wlm Page & Jn Larne, husbs of Finchley, Mdx


GEORGE, Augustine - Althorne, Essex, yeo (f80)

house in Burnham; dtr Sarah wife of Peter Herrington; dtr Anne Lorkin; son Jn; grandtr Anne dtr of Rob Tiffin; Sam Giffard minister; execs wife Jane & son Augustine; wtns Edmund Oates & Henry Richards


GIDWYN, Thomas - boatswain of the ship Unity (f140)

svts Peter Chapman & Jn Hall; Job Sipinge; Wlm Hore; Jn Croswell; Rich Norgrave purser; legacy from Thos Harries; residence in [Great] Oakley, Northampton; East India Co; sis Mary G; Thos Browne of Tower Wharf; exec sis Eliz G; overs Mr Cendall & Mr Smith surgeons; wtns Wlm Kendall & Michael Smith


GILBARD, Thomas - East Smithfield, mariner (f71)

Wlm Richards of East Smithfield yeo; voyage to East Indies; wtns Nichls Kennett, Rob Raymond, Jn Mosse & Henry Beale pursers mate of the Hope


GILLMAN, Richard - Bulphan, Essex (f259)

5 chldr; wife Frances exec; overs Jn Hale & Wlm Dowsett


GLADMAN, Alice - Watford, Hertford, widow (f29)

Alice dtr of Jn Taylor; Alice & Jn Gladman; Joan Taylor; exec Henry Gladman; wtns Phil Burges


GLASCOCKE, Bartholomew - Bobbingworth, Essex, clerk (f117)

Jn, Geo, Rob & Barth chldr of son Bart & his wife Eliz; 4 chldr of dtr Grace; son in law Francis Ward; execs sons Rich & Geo; overs Mr Pemberton of High Ongar & cousin Weston Eve of Abbess Roding; wtns Thos Poole, Nichls Chapman & Jn Pepper


GLOVER, Richard - sailor in the Moone (f48)

Jn Willowbye; Wlm Pettell; exec Jeremy Hall; wtns Thos Bond, Wltr Keale & Jn Nene


GOODSON, Constance - Harwich, Essex, widow (f214)

son in law Sam Goodson; late husb Clement G; dtrs in law Eliz & Joan G; Mary Gates; dtrs Mary, Susan & Grace G; execs Stephen Munt grocer & Ursula Woodward of Dovercourt widow; wtns Rob Pascall, Jane Meadows & Thos Webb


GOODYERE, Andrew - citizen and vintner (f1)

bur St Anne & Agnes by Aldersgate near wife; poor of Bridewell; cousins Jms Goodyere & Jane Turner; svts Joan Ten.. & Susan Chapman; decsd bro Jn G & his chldr Edward & Joan G & Anne Wright; land in co Kent & Crondall, Hampshire; cousin Andrew Goodyer; Edward son of Matt Terrye; poor of St Olave in Silver St; Matt Terrye vintner & Jms Goodyer scrivener, ctzs; exec grandson Wlm Goodyer; overs Wlm Frith vintner; wtns Henry Breres & Francis (Gassel?)


GOSLING, Thomas - St James, Colchester, Essex, clothier (f236)

wifes son Jn Crosse; Sara wife of son in law Thos Walker of South Weald tanner; Jn Crosse of Dedham clothier; wife Margt exec; wtns Thos Crosse, Jn Stane & Nichls Browne


GOSSON, Stephen - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, London, rector (f144)

bur near wife Eliz & dtr Eliz; poor of Great Wigborough, Essex; poor of Sandridge, Hertford; poor of Stepney & St Martin Ludgate; sis Dorothy wife of Wlm Wansworth of "Newcastle"; niece Dorothy Wansworth; svt Mary Judkin; Mr Dunvell curate; Paul Bassan; cousin Margt Oxenbridge; Rich Wylye cook; sexton Sparrowe; exec bro Wlm G; overs Anthony Jeffes; wtns Rich Rochdale


GOSTLIN, John - Wix, Essex, farmer (f14)

chldr Wlm, Alice & Jn; Rich son of dtr Annah Downes; bro Thos G; wife Mary exec; wtns Rob Ortrye


GRAVE, Henry - Willingdale Spain, Essex (f315)

son Henry; prsnt wife Jane exec; overs Gilbert Hutly; wtns Gilbert Holt, Henry Jaurit, Jane Scane, Edward Bosie & Jn Sapford


GRAVE, Weston - Matching, Essex, yeo (f106)

son Rich; 3 dtrs; execs wife Joan & Thos Beard of Chipping Ongar shoemaker; wtns Ro Snell, Ric Ewe & Sach. Bell


GRAVENER, Walter - stearemate in the ship James Royall (f56)

Henry Smith purser; Toby Paris steward; Evan Floud; Wlm Waller sailor; Nichls Cage swabber; sis Sara G; bro Michael G exec; wtns Jms Faulconer


GREENE, George - Limehouse, Mdx, house carpenter (f77)

Randall Haulinge; Ottewell Smith; Mrs Miller of Blackwall; svt Wlm Chanler; wtns Joshua Baynbrigg purser & Jn Shutes


GRETTIDE, John - St Michael Bassishaw, citizen and marchantaylor (f48)

Mr Thos Dobson ctz & skinner; Mr Rob Ducy alderman; Anne dtr of Mary wife of Peter Danford merchant; Kath Jenings; Ester wife of Jn Brookes clothworker; Alice Drurye; Sara Joanes & Eliz Bromley svts of Eliz Blith widow; Marmaduke son of bro Chris G; exec Wlm Northage ctz & tallowchandler; wtns Jn Treagle svt of Thos Smith


GROVE alias GOLD, Robert - Dagenham, Essex, labourer (f112)

Jn Trewelove; Rich Francis; dtr in law Penelope Higgins; wtns Henry Cooke


GRUBB, John, senr - West Ham, Essex, miller (f203 and f216)

son Jeremy; dtr Frances wife of Rob Cooke husb; son Jn G exec; wtns Thos Austen, Wlm Benbow & Jn Cooke alias Locley


GUNNE, William - St James in Vintry Wood, London, wineporter (f186)

poor of "Wittin", Oxford; Henry Gilles of "Wittin"; cousin Jms Banister; cousin Forde; bro Chris Atkinsonne in Yorkshire; cousin Jn Banister of Guildford [Surrey]; sis Margt wife of Jn Cheversone; sis Kath Skeyton, Mary Bartlet & Joan Rossill; Mr Andresonne; bro Thos Stockine of Southwark [Surrey]; Mothers Goodman & Healer; wife Elnr exec; overs Mr Thos Crouder &


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HAILES, Christopher - St Leonard Shoreditch, Mdx, porter (f187)

dtr Eliz wife of Thos Denman; bro Rob H; chldr; wife Eliz exec


HAMAN, John (f307)

bur Aveley [Essex]; Thos, Jn, Anne, Martha & Hannah chldr of bro Thos H; Jn & Ralph sons of sis Kath Bunting; aprnt Jn Malyn; wife Anne exec; overs Wlm Godney & Wilfred Fyloll


HAMAT, Edward - in Barbary [Algeria] (f56)

on ship Indies; Wltr Nunn of Wapping, Mdx yeo; wtns Thos Stoke & Rob Syton


HAMMOND, John - Colchester, Essex, bayemaker (f15)

poor of St James Colchester; co of clothiers; wife Joan; son Edward; Priscilla wife of Edward Crosse of Dedham clothier; dtr in law Eliz wife of Thos Arnold; land in Withersfield & Oulton, Suffolk; sis Joan wife of Jn Boolie; bro Wlm H; son Wlm exec; wtns Jn Badcocke, Rich Colman & Thos Beard


HAMOND, Edward - Finchingfield, Essex, yeo (f18)

chldr Jn, Thos, Giles, Joseph, Jms, Anne, Edward & Arthur; land in Castle Camps, Cambridge from decsd bro Arthur H; dtrs Susan Mildman & Mary Bridgeman; wife Mary exec; wtns Rob Harrington, Wlm Boules & Thos Mildmaye


HARRINGTON, Thomas - Great Dunmow, Essex (f90)

chldr Henry & Sara; dtr Rose & son in law Sam King; wife Ellen exec; wtns Jn Fleminge


HARRIS, George - Great Chishall , Essex, yeo (f27)

chldr Wlm, Grace, Jn, Sam, Matt & Thos; wife Grace exec; wtns Henry & Jonathan Minott & Wlm Thorne


HARRISON, Thomas - East Barnett, Hertford (f1)

son Jn; dtr; wife exec; wtns Mathias (Mitchell?), Jn Rolfe, Wlm Graves, Bennet Mountston & Freeman Nicolls


HARRYS, Wiliam - Whitechapel, Mdx (f58)

Thos Lynsey; Thos Bell; Sam Christop; mother Judith H; sis Sarah & Judith H; wtns Henry Harte


HARVEY, William - North Shoebury, Essex, clerk (f331)

chldr Wlm & Eliz; wife Mary exec; overs Rob Holland; wtns Rich Wilde & Josias Hare


HARWOOD, Samuel - carpenters mate of the ship Olave (f137)

execs wife Anne & bro Jn H; wtns Rob Farrer, Jn Willson & Jn Comtonn


HATFEILD, Ralph - Doctor of Divinity, parson of Trinity the Less, London (f153)

3 chldr decsd; bro Edward H exec; wtns Thos Browne & Margt Han


HAULL, Mary (f39)

sisters dtr Joan; Eliz dtr of cousin Jms Haull; Alice Swifte; goodwife Jasper; Margt Comes; Jane Blunte; Thos Toovey; Anne Ward; Judith Rice; Mrs Eliz Wethered; Lewis Price; cousin Jms Haull of Berkhamsted, Hertford; wtns Mrs Josse & Rob Cannon


HAVERS, Joan - Debden, Essex, singlewoman (f262)

bro Rob H; Abrm son of bro Jn H decsd; exec Chas son of bro Jn H decsd; wtns Jn Perry & Rob Yealdam


HAWKINS, Richard - of the ship Dymon (f130)

mother Bridget H; sis Welthian & Luce; father Rich H exec; wtns Stephen White, Simon Rudd & Edward Grant purser


HEADLEY, William - West Ham, Essex, yeo (f7)

chldr Jn & Sarah; late father Jn H; Mr Rob Jennings vicar; wife Joan exec; wtns Wlm Feeke & Edward Brockis


HEARNE, Roger - Stepney (f63)

Rich Ladler miller & goodman Baker sculler, of St Katherines; Eliz Ilgrave of Wapping; Jn Androe shoemaker of Southwark; Rob Hodson & Jms Vincent swabbers; Eliz Elgar alias Ilgar; Rich Story of the Peppercorne; overs Abrm Lowe & Michael Wells; wtns Wlm Coulston & Wlm Todd


HEATH, Thomasine - Langford, Harmondsworth, Mdx, widow (f309)

widows Harbour, Candrie, Newton, Wild, Westbrooke, Harwell, Barnes, Buck, Birch & Noyer; Tonchor Giddon; Jn Oliver; Gillian Wiseman; Ralph Hill; Thos Appleton; Wlm Jeffe; Thos Smith; Jn Hall; poor of St Andrews Holbourn; goodwives Carter & Dowe; goodman Pagett; Rob Birch; Jane Nenes; Mary Miller; Mr Smith chandler; Chas & Anne chldr of knsmn Hugh Yowe; chldr of bro Jn Armuskin; svt Joan Dumbleton; Rich son of Thos Birch of St Andrews Holbourn; knsmn Thos Thorneworke; Francis, Susan, Judith & Anne Thorneworke; exec cousin Margery Thorneworke; overs Dan Banckys of Aldersgate St, London gent & Edward Waulers haberdasher of Chancery Lane; wtns Ema Hodges & Wlm Smithe


HECKFORD, John - St Giles, Colchester, Essex, yeo (f103)

land in East Mersea; sons Joseph, Jonathan, Sam & Jn H; wife Philip exec; wtns Jn Smyth, Rich Dearesley & Thos Beard


HELEY, Israel - Stepney (f65)

Wlm Fairewether; bros Jms & Sam H; Peter Borrowe; wtns Jn Wills & Rich Croft


HEWES, John - sailor of the ship Palsgrave (f132)

sis Mary Kent alias Arnold of Wapping; East India Co; Jn Streets, Lawrence Butcher & Wlm Brockenburye of the Palsgrave; exec bro Thos H of Maidenhead [Berks]; wtns Dan White purser, Mr Rob Noddinge & Wlm Coe


HEYWARD, Ellen - Bassishaw, London, widow (f254)

bur near last husb; sisters dtr Kath Patchy; cousin Sara wife of Rich Beedall; bros sons Tim & Edward Jackson; godson Jonathan Baker; grandson Hmfry Ayres; son in law Wlm Ayres; execs Edward Jackson & cousin Edward Allibone; overs Thos Stanhurst & cousin Rich Beedall; wtns Greg Gray, Jn Taylor & Roger Harris


HICKMOUGHE, Richard - sailor (f134)

Mr Andrew Coggines; bro Toby H; wtns Rob Prise purser, Wlm Glantfeild & Phil Bardnedge


HILL, William - London, cooper (f28)

father Edward H; sis Christian wife of Thos Daye of Wapping; execs wife Anne & chldr Edward & Anne; wtns Edwin Guye & Henry Verchilde


HINDES, James - Maldon, Essex, taylor (f81)

chldr Eliz, Rob & Sarah; dtr Anne wife of Henry Palmer; son Jn in London; poor of St Peter Maldon; wife Anne exec; overs Jn Soane & Geo Paras; wtns Thos Wells & Henry Symond


HOBBES, William - Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire, husb (f264)

son Wlm; dtr Alice wife of Geo Hickes; wife; son Thos exec; wtns Jn Harris, Rich Cooper & Rob Turney


HOBBS, Richard - boatswain in the ship Royal Exchange (f129)

sis Joan H; child; Thos Burgen; Henry Thomas; Vincent Cadberrye; Wltr Parry; wife Cath exec; overs father Edward H of Bodmin, Cornwall; wtns Rob Haynes, Wlm Hamnett & Rich Humfrey pursers mate


HOCKLEY, John - Elsenham, Essex (f263a)

mother Eliz H; sons Rob, Wlm & Jms; wife Mary; Wlm Olyver; Thos Laysy; son Jn exec; wtns Geo Willson


HODSONNE, Alice - St Botolphs, Colchester, Essex, widow (f78)

chldr Jn, Jacob, Thos & Rob H; 5 chldr of dtr Anne Labee; 3 chldr of dtr Hester wife of Jn Pullyn; dtr Mary wife of Geo Searle; Alice dtr of Rob Hodsonne; execs Anthony Farryer & son Isaac; wtns Jn Simson & Wltr Smith


HOOKER, Owen - St Martin in the Fields, Mdx, shoemaker (f189)

bros Henry & Wlm H; aunt Anne wife of Rich Cooper of East Greenwich, Kent yeo; mother Eliz H; wife Judith; execs Edmund Riggbie cordwainer & father Jn H


HOPKYNS, Edmund - Danbury, Essex, clerk (f111)

chldr Edmund, Alice, Thos, Wlm & Mary; wife Alice exec; overs bro in law Mr Andrew Cooke


HORROX, John - Southfambridge, Essex, clerk (f177)

bur Ashingdon; Wlm son of bro Thos H; Wlm son of bro in law Jn Horrox; Jn Hardman; Ellen Horrox & her bros Jn & Thos; Mary dtr of bro in law Geo Smith; Ellen, Anne, Mathin & Alice dtrs of bro in law Wlm Sedden; sis Ellen; Rob Lever ctz; Jn son of Peter Cleare of Ashingdon; poor of Hackney, Hockley & Hawkwell; godson Chris Scott; Rob Dandy; Jeremy Haux; exec bro Rob H of Ainsworth, Lancashire; wtns Wlm Palley & Thos Barwicke


HORTON, Katherine (f224)

dtr Sara Connant; grandtr Eliz Wallis; grandchldr Caleb & Sara Connant; cousin Kendall; sis Mary Stownehowse; cousin Kath wife of Jn Kidder; godtr Kath Clarke; exec dtr Parnell wife of Jms Wallis; wtns Sarah Jones, Eliz May & Jn Monger


HOWE, John - Stepney (f69)

East India Co; Wlm Middleton; Thos Wollman; Jn Silver; Joan & Thos Bostock; Thos Leastone; Thos Kackell; Thos Doughtye; overs Francis Cherkell & Caleb Taylor; wtns Adam Denton, Francis Jerkell & Thos Leeson


HUETSON, Robert - recotr of Pitsea, Essex (f328)

bur near wife Ellen; sons & dtr Eliz by 1st wife; Sara & Eliz dtrs of son Abrm; Ellen, Susan & Hester dtrs of son Rob H decsd; Rob Rayment parson of Bowers Gifford; exec Thos Dore; overs Isaac Hayle; wtns Lancelot Carter & Jn Hatch


HYDE, Anne - "Horsnett", Essex, widow (f215)

Eliz & Rich chldr of sis Anne wife of Thos Comton; Jn Burnett oatmealman; Thos son of Rob & Jane Graves; execs sis Anne Compton & Rob Graves; wtns Jn Nenne, S Pearles, Rose Thomas & C Braughton


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JACKSON, Jane - Cheshunt, Hertford, widow (f189)

Jn Bird; Wlm Cheney of Waltham Abbey, Essex; Jonas son of Mr Wlm Parnell of Parepoole Lane by Greys Inn; decsd husb Roger J; bro in law Edward Coleboure of Watford, Hertford; svt Anne Lowen; exec dtr Eliz wife of Wlm Edwards


JACKSON, John - East Smithfield & St Botolphs without Algate, London, pewterer (f40)

son Starlup J; wife Joan exec; overs Rennald Tompson & Jn Felles


JACOB, Robert - St Clement Danes, Mdx, curate (f150)

parents Wlm & Eliz J; advowson of "Wootton", Dorset from aunt Chubbe; bros Wlm, Thos & Chris; sis Anne Derby; Dr Bates; Mr Wlm Douch; exec Jn Gibbons; wtns Jn Reeve & Wltr Isreiste


JENINGES, Edward - Matching, Essex, yeo (f92)

wife Marian; son Thos J exec; overs Rob Snell & son in law Edward Tagell; wtns Edward Burley & Edward Boram


JENKINSON, William - servant of Captain Parker, going to East Indies (f37)

lease in Ficketsfield; mother Ellen J; bro Edward J; chldr of sis Alice; cousin Penelope Graye; exec Jn Waterhouse; wtns Jn Ward, Wlm Panckidye & Edward Theaker


JENNINGS, Robert - clerk vicar of West Ham, Essex (f331)

Son Thos; dtr Sara wife of Gabriel Weaver; dtr Eliz wife of Jn Harrygate of London staconer; sis Kath Seldon of London widow; svt Margt Dawes; wife Mary exec; wtns Hugh Rosse, Edward Buckes & Ed Birdeley


JOANES, David (f33)

bur Little All Hallows, Thame St; execs wife Rose & dtr Margery; overs Thos Fynche & Hmfry Sharde; wtns Rice Davys


JOANES, Edward - St Michael Queenhithe, citizen and marchantaylor (f6)

cousin Wlm Joanes of St James Worcester; cousin Eliz Harbert & her bros Rich & Edward H of Much Malvern, Worcester; chldr of cousin Margt Henshawe; Mr Johnson vintner; godson Morgan Turner; wife Joan exec; overs Gilbert Mintham of St Mary Somerset plummer & Peter Collyns of St James Garlickhithe marchantaylor, ctzs; wtns Jn Greene & Arth Juxon


JOHNSON, Hugh - White Colne, Essex, yeo (f85)

chldr Rob, Henry, Hugh, Margery & Rachel; son Edward exec; wtns Jn Posson, Wlm Dashe & Joseph Harvey


JOHNSON, Michael - Wapping, Mdx, mariner (f132)

sons Hance & Michael; dtrs Anne & Heminge; wife Martoe; svt Jn Dawson decsd; svt Jn Lowes; exec Ezekiel Mountenacke; wtns Roger Postlett, Sibthorp Rotherham & Nichls Wolley


JOHNSON, Richard - in the ship Dymon (f129)

Jn Rice sailor; Water Spurger; Thos Kee; Jn Browne; Owen Robarts; sis Eliz J of Nitingale Lane; chldr of Jn French of London Stone; overs Jn Fynch & Edward Grante purser; wtns Stephen White, Jn Chelsey & Mr Wlm Bools surgeon


JOHNSONNE, Ambrose (f132)

bro Ezekiel Mountenake; Nichls Brothers; Jeremiah Daye; Mr Hedlan; Mr Wilson surgeon of the James; father Jn J; wtns Rowland Smyth


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