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Consistory Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 8 (1621-1630) Surnames K-R


KETTELL, William - Dunton, Essex, clerk (f94)

svts Thos Thonge alias Edgate & Wlm Hamon; widow Hawkes; Becketts wife; Ansells wife; chldr of bro Thos K; wifes son Worthington; wife Anne exec; overs Mr Rob Bradlye, Wlm Letton &


KEYFAR, Elizabeth - St Botolph without Algate, London, widow (f219)

sisters son Peter Archer; cousin Wlm Richards; cousin Mansfeilds dtr Lucrece; Eliz Reynolds in Coleman St; husbs knsmn Rich Keyfar; Sara dtr of Eliz Lawfeild; 2 chldr of cousin Pitman; cousin Susan Daunes widow; Jn Willoughby; Mr Harry Dance; Thos Gamage; 3 chldr of Rob Skinner; Dorothy (dtr of Peter Pinder decsd) in Bermuda; Alice dtr of Edward Charnock; Mary Mills; knsmn Peter Richards; exec Edward Ansley ctz & armourer; overs Wlm Cox & Wlm Dawston; wtns Thos Buckoke


KILGORE, William - Ratcliffe, Mdx, mariner (f57)

on voyage to East Indies on ship Royall James; exec Mary wife of Jn White of Ratcliffe mariner; wtns Jn Dore & Jeremy Wright


KING, Bartholomew - All Saints, Maldon, Essex, gent (f82)

land in St Lawrence, Steeple & Cold Norton; chldr Bart, Edmund, Sarah & Abrm; decsd bro Rob; wife Sarah exec; overs uncle Edmund King & Jn Soan gents; wtns Abel Death, Winifred Jowles widow & Thos Cheese


KING, William - High Laver, Essex, clerk (f158)

chldr Wlm, Simon, Rob, Eliz, Anne, Mary, Sara, Thos, Margt & Ellen; bro in law Wlm Shipton; sis Sibthorpe; poor of Matching; wife Ellen exec; wtns Edward Sumpnr, Geo Harrison & Stephen Cowle


KINGE, William - Magdalen Laver, Essex, yeo (f108)

sons Jn & Wlm; unborn child; wife Mary exec; wtns Edward Sumpnr, Nichls Chapman & Rob Waylat


KNIGHT, Thomas - citizen and merchantaylor (f157)

Anne, Sarah & Jn chldr of bro Francis K; Margt Bigges widow; wife Sara; overs Rich Hodgenson; wtns Rich Lane


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LANCASTER, Matthew - Stepney, sailor (f64)

Miles Wringstead; Jms Vincent; Rob Hodgson; bros Jn & Jms L of Newmarket [Suffolk]; wtns Wlm Coulston & Thos Wood


LANDY, William - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, marchantaylor (f77)

knswmn Eliz Read; Thomasine wife of Thos Morley; Martha dtr of bro Lionel L; Jn & Martha chldr of Thos & Alice Cliffe; Thos Potter ctz & sadler; exec Thos Cliffe pewterer; wtns Rob Hanburye, Sam Ball, Hugh Lewis & Rich Rothwell


LAUGHTON, Edmund - Royston, Hertford, ironmonger (f195)

grandson Wlm son of Wlm & Sara Laughton; land in Melbourn, Cambridge; Joan & Mary chldr of dtr Mathew wife of Hamlett Adshed; grandson Jn Laughton; wife Cath; Wlm Boyd; land in Barkway; dtr Luce L exec


LAWNE, John - citizen and vintner (f259)

bur St Bartholomew the Less; sis Eliz & Isbl of city of York [Yorkshire], seamsters; Mr Tuball preacher; wife Joan exec; wtns Elias Corchenir & Rich Cartwright


LEA, Mary - London, widow (f202)

bur St Christopher near the Stocks near husb Rice Webb; chldr Rob, Nathaniel, Jonathan & Mary Webb; Jeremy Pyne ctz & haberdasher; Thos Travilliam ctz & barbersurgeon; execs Jn Hill ctz & marchantaylor &


LEECH, Lawrence - St Anne Blackfriars, steward of the ship Globe (f58)

sis Susan, Dorothy & Jane L; nephew Jn Dale; dtr of bro Rob L; sis Mary Dale; Mr Jn Rolwell; overs Rich Weekes & Jn Harbrent purser


LEMING, Henry - citizen and marchantaylor (f330)

Gervase Staynrodd ctz & marchantaylor; wtns Wltr Danwell & Wlm Matthew


LEWES, Jane - Abbots Langley, Hertford, widow (f252)

decsd father Jn Smith of Stansted Abbots blacksmith; chldr Sara, Jane & Henry; son Ralph & his son Jn; execs sons Ralph & Chris L; overs Thos Greenehill & Rob Kentish of Nash Mills [Hemel Hempstead] yeo


LISSETT, Francis - citizen and clothworker (f199)

dtr Hester; land in East Ham, Essex; mother Eliz Grigorie & her dtrs Hester, Eliz, Anne & Jane; Ben Decrowe; wife Alice exec; overs in laws Jms Grigorie ctz & clothworker & Wlm Turner ctz & cooper


LOE, Amos - Braintree, Essex, clothworker (f19)

land in Great Dunmow; exec bro Rob L of Much Hadham, Hertford, yeo; wtns Chris Taylor & Jms Horton


LOTHROP, Thomas - Dengie, Essex, clerk (f324)

dtrs Anne, Jane, Eliz & Mary; land in Tillingham, Althorne & Southminster; bro in law Wlm Alcott of Leconfield, Yorkshire; sis Mary wife of Jn Gallant; bros Jn & Wlm L; Isaac Martindale; svt Eliz Barnard; exec wife Eliz; overs Edward Jenkinson of Panfield clerk & Enoch Reeve of Southminster yeo; wtns Wlm Grayes, Thos Harper & Henry Browne


LOVE, John (f55)

Jn Seabrooke; Henry Foster; Peter Gates; wtns Wlm Coulston & Henry Dunn


LUDDHAM, Alice - Wethersfield, Essex, widow (f104)

Jane, Jms & Francis chldr of dtr Prudence Clarke; exec grandtr Jane Clarke; overs Jn Cleveland; wtns Wlm Ruskoe, Henry Clarke & Nathaniel Waight


LUMLEY, Robert - citizen and clothworker (f72)

bur near wife in St John Baptist; dtrs Sarah & Mary; execs chldr Jn & Eliz; overs Mr Rob Makyn preacher, Mr Wlm Clark & Mr Elias Lavender; wtns Henry Colbran


LUTHER, William - Bobbingworth, Essex, yeo (f99)

chldr Thos, Susan & Eliz; wife Eliz exec; overs Rob Regginald; wtns Wlm Greene & Nichls Chapman


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MALLARD, Andrew - sailor in the James Royall (f112)

exec uncle Jn Boham sailor in the Hound; wtns Henry Smith & Thos Meredeth


MAN, James - citizen and juner (f44)

bro Wlm Alcock; Sara dtr of sis Alcock; aprnt Rich Brasee; co of Artillery Garden; mother Joan M exec; wtns Rich Muscell & Jn Smyth


MANN, Thomas - carpenters mate in the ship Clowese (f61)

Ellen Pretch; 2 chldr of Mr Cullimor; Eliz Moore; bro Jn M; Mr Bush in St Martins, London; bro Rob M exec; wtns Henry Bisvile & Jms Troughton


MANNING, George - Felstead, Essex, clerk (f249)

chldr Jn, Jeremiah, Sara & Rebecca; land in Lawford; dtr Mary wife of Jn Munt; niece Sara Fowle; son Thos exec; wtns Sam Wharton & Jn Dane


MARSHALL, Robert - sailor in the London (f131)

sis Jane Harris; knsmn Rob Marshall; Eliz Poope & Jn Hobbes of Deptford [Kent]; Rob Williams taylor of St Bartholomews; Allen Terrante of Greenwich [Kent]; chldr of Jms Marshall of St Gilley; chldr of bro Jms M; execs Wlm Batts & Wlm Andrewes; wtns Rob Gosnell & Jn Darell


MARTIN, James - sailor (f68)

East India Co; poor of Stepney; Jn Davies; ship Bee; Nichls Parker; Nichls Medland; Edward Sarny purser; cousin Thos Thomas in Ratcliffe; Mary & Margt dtrs of Jn Triggs of Ratcliffe; exec bro in law Jn Triggs; wtns Wlm Cornet, Jn Hill & Nichls (Fridens?) surgeon


MARTINDALE, Hugh - St Margaret New Fish St (f162)

execs wife Margt & son Hugh; wtns Margery Butterton & Wltr Morris


MATHEW alias WIKES, William - Belchamps Water, Essex, husb (f210)

sis Bryant; Jn & Susan Bryant; Rich & Rob sons of sis Mathew widow; Margt & Henry Fisher; 3 chldr of Wlm Matthew of Rivenhall; Margt, Anne, Eliz, Thos, Jn & Rob chldr of bro Jn M; bro Giles; Thos, Wlm, Susan & Margt chldr of Thos Ayton; Jn Distar of Glemsford [Suffolk]; Wlm, Thos & Rob sons of bro Thos M; Wlm son of bro Rich M; execs bros Rob & Thos M; wtns Rich Yeldam & Edward Thompson


MAYCOCKE, William - St Botolphs Algate, London, clerk (f139)

son Ben; bro Austen M; bro Simon Wanstall; wifes dtr Grace Richardsonne; execs dtr Eliz & wife Abigail; wtns Jn Okeley, Thos Goffe, Rob Pyke & Thos Eveley


MAYER, James - Wivenhoe, Essex, sailor (f93)

exec Rich Baineham gent; wtns Jn Gibson svt of Henry Burneley, Thos Gibson & Wlm Bayneham


MAYLONER, Edmund - St Martins in Vintry, London, yenbroderer (f150)

dtr Christian M; house in Garlicke Hill; wife Rebecca exec; wtns Thos Hill, Thos Minchin & Thos Haddocke


MEAKIN, Robert - clerk parson of Great Yeldham, Essex (f326)

father Thos M; bro Randall M; Wlm Dandie clerk; patron Mr Sam Plume; Mr Nathaniel Shute; Mr Josias Shute; Mr Jms Arches; Mr Rich Berrington; Mr Rich Elcocke clerk; sis Parsons & Chapman; Mr Clarke; Mr Carthway curate; Mr Pickering decsd; Mr Wlm Houghton minister; wife Sarah exec


MEDOWES, Joseph (f172)

father at Rettendon [Essex]; sisters husb Jn Cretton; sis Susan & Jackemin; wife Anne exec; wtns Henry Wright & Jn Robjohn


MELBOURNE, Thomas - East Ham, Essex (f268)

wife; execs dtrs Mary, Awdry & Dorothy; overs Tobias Dixon & Wlm Heydon; wtns Henry Twitchett, Thos Huthit, Nathaniel Juggle & Chris Newton


MERCER, Audrey - Tower Hill, London, widow (f151)

execs dtrs Anne Walter & Eliz White; wtns Sam Orton & Jn Leicester


MEREDYTH, James - St Albans Wood St, London (f201)

bro Francis M of Overton, co Flint; sis Margt M; aprnt Jn Dawed; Joyes Bigley; cousin David John Roberts; Jn Davies; Joan Bigley of Linson widow; Elnr Watens of St Olaves Southwark; Jane wife of Mr Francis Juilley; exec Mr Francis Pulley


MIDDLETON, Humphrey - London, mariner (f129)

voyage to East Indies; exec father Jn M ctz & goldsmith; wtns Wlm Rawlines, Wlm Yeavanson & Jn Ducye


MILLNER, George - Poplar, Stepney, Mdx, carpenter (f250)

dtr Judith wife of Wlm Willson surgeon; son Francis exec; wtns Barnard Peverell, Rob Ward, Rich Adams & Jn Harrall


MITCHELL, Thomas - carpenter in the London (f126)

bro Wlm Austen carpenter of Chatham [Kent]; Chris Mallom carpenter in Rochester [Kent]; Jn Setcole carpenter in Ratcliffe; exec father Wlm M of Chatham, Kent; wtns Rob Gosnell, Peter Levers & Stephen Miller


MOORE, Peter - Aveley, Essex, gent (f74)

Mr Rich Offley; widow Bonden; Anne Bruman; Thos Millner; exec Sir Edward Barrett knt


MORLEY, Elizabeth - widow of John M, of St Olaves, London (f220)

son Jn M; bros dtr Rose Powell; bro Moses Powell; exec knsmn Phil Singleton; overs Rob Butterman taylor & Wlm Watson of Tower Liberty; wtns Vincent Gatward & Anne Hagitt


MORRICE, Eleanor - St Giles, Colchester, Essex, widow (f95)

son Jn Ball; Jn son of dtr Margery wife of Rich Harrison; execs dtrs Anna & Prudence; wtns Zachary Lucken, Rob Vigorons & Wlm Merrell


MORSON, Robert - Stepney (f59)

Thos Sares; David Porter swabber in the Unicorne; Jn Fryth; Jn Wilcocks; Thos Hagge; Francis Browne; wtns Wlm Wise & Nichls Overton


MOSIER, Dorothy - London, widow (f72)

son Geo M; goods in Bromley, Kent; dtr Anne Rumney & her dtr Susan; house in New Fish St; Mary dtr of son Wlm; Mary dtr of son Jn; land in Blackbrooke; execs sons Thos, Jn & Stephen M; wtns Jn Bennat & Thos Stivens


MOTT, Henry, senr - Abridge, Lambourne, Essex, tanner (f8)

chldr Eliz, Joan, Jn, Wltr, Thos & Sam; son Henry exec; overs Wlm Wayllett; wtns Jn Houll & Thos Vyne


MUFFETT, Ralph - Theydon Bois, Essex, husb (f244)

knsmn Ralph Muffett; cousins Margt, Gabriel & Jane Muffett; Ralph Burton; Jn Bredly; Rob Loam; Eliz Curtowes; Mary wife of Jn Tyler; exec cousin David Curtows; overs Phil Bamfeild; wtns Jn Sweeteman


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NEALE, Edward - [Chipping] Barnett, Hertford, wheelwright (f226)

land in Harpenden; land in Luton, Bedford; mother Agn N; dtrs Eliz, Sara, Lettice & Mary; wife Sarah; overs father Geo N; wtns Thos Ginns, Jn Willsonn & Jms Winstanley


NEWMAN, Thomas - Canewdon, Essex, clerk (f184)

Thos Ellis of "Atham", Kent; Augustine Steward of St Leonard Shoreditch, Mdx esq; Sir Thevage Finch kings sgt at law; Mr Edward Harre of Lincoln Inn esq; Mr Rich Lanne of Chancery Lane gent; Mrs Alice Wood of Lime St, London widow; Henry Pitchford of London cook; Dr Consson; Sam Consson; svt Providence Moore; Frances wife of Thos Eagles; Anne Lothrop of "Daunty"; Margt Puttipoole; chldr of bro Martin N; Thos Peeke; Stephen Vincent; wtns Anthony Barber & Jn Sarnell


NICHOLLS, Edward - Great Dunmow, Essex (f24)

chldr Nichls & Eliz; wife Margt exec; overs Jn Baldwyn; wtns Wlm Watson & Edward Ramsey


NICHOLLS, Richard - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, miller (f165)

Mr Moore preacher; chldr of Mr Rich Bigge; sis Jane Elliot of Westminster widow; Francis Kitchin; execs Mr Thos Davis & Mr Seygood of Queen St; wtns Wlm Moore


NICKOLES, Elizabeth - citizen and silkweaver (f234)

grandsons Jn & Wlm Newett; dtrs Sara Newett & Mary Browne; Mrs Susan Wilkinson; svt Anne Hinger; land in Hackney; execs son Edward Browne & son in law Wlm Newett; wtns Elnr Taylor & Ephraim Thorne


NOBBS, John - parson of Stondon Massey, Essex (f174)

chldr Jn, Wlm, Edward, Mathias, Martha, Anne, Roger, Mary, Prudence & Ellen; svt Alice Stacie; lunatic wife Prudence; bro in law Thos Everard of Great Waltham yeo; overs Rob Dowsett husb; wtns Wlm Quilter, Allen Halls & Thos Gurnard


NORTH, John - clerk (f142)

mother in law Mary Savadge; son in law Jn Williams & his bro Joshua decsd; chldr Jn & Mary; Jane Lister; Josias son of Martha Wilson; Sarah Hudson; Elnr Skilton; decsd bro Thos Savadge; bro Thos N overseas; bro Hugh N; Jn More & his bro Thos; kinswmn Elvish; wife Mary; exec Thos Moore gardener; overs sis Martha Wilson & bro Henry Skilton


NORWOOD, Valentine - citizen and grocer (f47)

Jn, Anne, Eliz, Geo, Sara & Wlm chldr of aunt Eliz Peacock; sis Eliz, Mary, Joan & Margery N; bro Ben; exec uncle Wlm Peacock; wtns Dan Le Blanck & Joseph Norwood


NOTT, Edward (f136)

Jn son of Nichls Beale of St Mary Hill; Wlm Cortayne; Thos Bromelye; Isaac Wilbourne; Joseph Leister; Wlm Weekes; voyage to East Indies; Rob Hunt; Geo Newton; execs Thos Spittye surgeon & Nichls Beale; wtns Peter Burrowe


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OSBORNE, William - citizen, bricklayer and tyler (f265)

lease in Blackfriars; church of Havering atte Bower, Essex; Mr Mowse minister of Romford, Essex; cousin Henry Osborne of [South] Ockendon, Essex; exec dtr Alice wife of Jn Aurelius of London, notary publique; wtns Ezekiel Maior & Thos Reasoner


OVERILL, Thomas - St Botolphs without Aldersgate, citizen and cook (f6)

chldr Anne, Thos & Eliz; wife Thomasine exec; wtns Clement Poole, Jn Wright & Peter Hughes


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PAGE, Isabel - St Leonard Bromley, Mdx, widow (f229)

grandchldr Rich, Jacob, Rob, Purtesia & Sara chldr of Rich & Sarah Saltmarsh; exec dtr Sarah Saltmarsh; wtns Jo Nusum, Wlm Pones & Wlm Fowlle


PAINE, John, Jr - Hutton, Essex, gent (f264)

unborn child; land in Buttsbury & Great Burstead; chldr Mary & Jn; bro Wlm P; sis Susan wife of Wlm Norris; father Jn P; wife Eme exec; overs bro Rob P & bro Thos How; wtns Phil Saunders, Thos Milles & Jn How


PAINE, Robert - Laindon, Essex, yeo (f322)

chldr Wlm, Rob & Kath; land in Little Burstead, Shenfield & Mount Nashing; knsmn Rob Paine of Chelmsford; svt Susan Hutt; son Jn exec; wtns Wlm Hayle & Rob Oarby


PARAMORE, Vincent - of the ship Hart to the East Indies (f127)

born Eastry, Kent; bro Simon P of Eastry; mother Ellen P; sis Jane P; bro Rob P; wtns Edward Ower, Thos Payne & Roger Frennd


PEEROTH, John - on ship Peter Bonaventure (f173)

Greenland Co; Wlm Greene; wtns Michael Wharton & Rich James


PEGLOWE, James - Stepney (f70)

Chris Johnson dutchman of St Katherines; Jn Waller; Hans Marten; wtns Edward Worsop, Jn Lake & Jn Payne


PEIRCE, John - Little Warley, Essex (f 233)

bur near wife; sis Mary P; mother & father Bawcocke; bro Anthony P; cousin Jn Pearche; dtr Anne P; exec mother Margt P; wtns Henry Bartlett, Jeremy Burd & Sara Gyatt


PERRYE, Thomas, senr - Harlow, Essex, taylor (f26)

decsd bro Solomon P & his sons Jn & Thos & dtrs Anne wife of Jn Sewallone senr, Mary wife of Rob Browne & Eliz wife of Edward Dixon; Mary dtr of Wlm Thompson; exec Thos Perrye weaver; wtns Rob Kinge & Geo Harrison


PERRYE, Thomas - Farnham, Essex (f28)

chldr Jn, Mary, Joan, Sara & Alice; Jn Cullen; Hisechius Josselin; wife Mary exec


PETERS, Martin - of Stockholm, Sweden, bound to East Indies on the ship Newyeares Guift (f57)

exec Hmfry Fludd of Wapping Wall, Mdx; wtns M Ayrfax


PICKERINGE, Edward - St Botolphs without Algate (f58)

Henry Pulman; Edward Harris; Anthony Fynch purser; Geo Toplye; Rob Hodson; Jms Vincent; bro Tobias P exec; wtns Wlm Coulston & Rich Homys


PITKYN, Thomas - Grandborough, Buckinghamshire, husb (f263b)

2 chldr of son Thos; dtr Joan Steevens; Geo Stevens; dtr Joan Perryn; Jn Perryn; son Jn P exec; wtns Peter Fyge, Jn Rowland & Henry Steevens


PLANCKNEY, Elizabeth - London, spinster (f40)

cousin Anne wife of Chris Williamson clothworker; Mrs Kath Paynter of St John St gentwmn; Audrey Mercer of Towerhill widow; Eliz wife of Thos East clothworker; Anne Strawtton; Rob & Eliz chldr of Wltr Britton; godchldr Eliz Porter & Thos Wood; Geo son of Geo Haukings; exec Geo Haukings of Purleigh, Essex bricklayer & tyler; wtns Thos Porter, Roger Bate, Theophilus Watt & Henry Joanes


PLUME, Robert, senr - Tilbury [Juxta Clare], Essex, yeo (f208)

chldr Etheldred, Frances, Hanna & Jn; granchldr Eliz French, Rob Sparrow & Jn Upcher; land in Bulmer & Upper Yeldham; wife Benedict; Jn son of Jn Mills preacher in Sudbury; Mr Sephyrre, Mr Peachie & Mr Blackerby preachers; Hmfry & Wlm sons of Mr Mannings decsd minister of Brettenham, Suffolk; poor of Lower Yeldham; son Rob exec; overs cousin Jn Roope of Denston [Suffolk]; wtns Thos Purkas & Thos Ridgwell


POULTOCKE, Richard - Wilsdon, Mdx, yeo (f245)

sis Jane wife of Jn How; chldr of bros Jn & Geo P; Edward Spencer & Wlm Parkings of Wraysbury, co Bucks; Jn Barbery; Edward Batchelor; Cath wife of Rich Batcheler; Mr Roberts esq; Anne Redding; Edward Ryne bailiff; Jn Hambleton; Rich Bidle; Thos Sanny; Thos Lynbrow; execs Rich Jennings & Rich Batchelor; wtns Thos Goodere


PRESTON, John - clerk parson of Allhallows in Honey Lane, London (f155)

house in Dagenham, Essex; chldr Jn, Mary & Eliz; sis Anne Smith & Mary Kene; wife Jane exec; wtns Cutbert Farbecke, Jms Raimond & Rich Saywell


PRICE, David - vicar and minister of Great Bentley, Essex (f155)

Mr Willis preacher; bro Edward Griffin of Abermule, co Montgomery yeo; exec bro Owen P; wtns Dan Sparhawke, Wlm Leedes & Thos Biggs


PURNELL, Thomas - Chewton Mendip, Somerset, sailor (f138)

Bart Symonds surgeon of the London; Jn Dorrell & Jn Edwards surgeons mates; Jn Davyes; Geo Browne; Rob Porter; Jn Musket; Stephen Miller; East India Co; Thos Johnson; execs Henry Virchild & Jn Davyes; wtns Nichls Crispe


PUTTE, Lawrence - Springfield, Essex, husb (f13)

son Lawrence; wife Alice exec; overs Oliver Higham, Lawrence Rochell & Thos Stane; wtns Wlm Taylor, Michael Collen & Eliz Ellis


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RAMSIE, Alexander - masters mate, going to East Indies (f125)

Mr David Ramsey kings clockmaker; wtns Jn Johnson, Jn Dixson & Rob Godfree


RANDE, John - Dedham, Essex, yeo (f235)

chldr Jn & Eliz; bro Rob R; land in Stratford [St Mary, Suffolk]; execs wife Alice & bro Rich Sewell; wtns Jn Upcher & Joseph Morse


RAYMOND, Daniel - Great Dunmow, Essex, gent (f90)

chldr Jn & Joan; bro Rich R; Dan son of bro in law Jn Drywood; wife Philip exec; overs bro Francis R; wtns Henry Raymond & Rob Calthorp


REEVE, Andrew - Hatfield Peverel, Essex, husb (f215)

Alex Flake; Grace Payer; Anne Seach; bros Rich & Matt R; exec bro Jn R; overs Henry Bird; wtns Rob Carnell


REEVE, Gilbert - Fyfield, Essex, yeo (f243)

chldr Gilbert & Ellen; execs wife Elnr & son Thos; overs Hmfry Poole senr; wtns Jn Alban


REEVE, William, jr - High Easter, Essex, miller (f83)

chldr Jeremy, Joan, Jms, Judith & Jane; father Wlm R; wife Joan exec; wtns Jn & Philemon Brewer


REVELL, William - Great Easton, Essex, yeo (f301)

chldr Rob, Sam, Ellen, Frances, Susan & Mary; son Wlm exec; wtns Wlm Paney & Andrew Gyner


REYNOLD, John - Brentwood, Essex, taylor (f260)

land in Sawbridgeworth, Hertford; unborn child; dtrs Eliz, Anne, Julian & Jane; Thos Goulding; Rob Smithe sadler; Francis Horne of Shenfield yeo; Julian Fryer decsd widow & her grandchldr Thos & Thomasine Greathead & Jn & Anne Heard; wife Jane exec; overs Thos Walker & Rich Sanford; wtns Eliz Goulding, Jn Allen & Zachary Reynold


RICHARDSON, John - Wimbish, Essex, yeo (f92)

chldr Abrm, Michael, Isaac, Edward, Agn, Jn, Thos, Wlm & Mary; dtr Ellen wife of Rob Boarden; wife Margt exec; overs bro Michael R; wtns Jn Ausworth, Jn Healle & Wlm Head


RICHARDSON, Richard - [Great] Dunmow, Essex (f107)

chldr Joseph, Sarah & Mary; Jn & Susan Sawell; wife Joan exec; wtns Jn Richardson & Dan Thorne


RICHARDSON, Robert - Stepney (f69)

Anne & Eliz Bennett; Thso Death; Jms Beard in St Mary Maudlin; Isaac Everist of Catherine Wheel, Southwark; Cornelius Chapman of Hope, Thame St; Wlm Weekes & Nichls Dawson surgeons of the Charles; Jn Bullock; Rich Moore; Henry Crosby; wtns Rich Croft


RICHARDSON, Thomas, Mr - St Bennett Finks, London, minister (f153)

Thos Browne of St Anthonys school; son Thos; kindred in Wigston, Leicester; wife Anne; execs Jn Woodhall & Phil Holman; overs Francis Thriscrosse; wtns Jn Goughe, Ized Parkinson & Thos Woodhouse clerk


ROBARTS, Edward - citizen and leatherseller (f20)

wife Joan; bros Wlm & Rich; chldr Susan, Joan, Edward & Mary by 1st wife; bro Wlm Tinver ctz; Geo Predde ctz; chldr Dorothy & Jms by prsnt wife; Thos son of Thos son of bro Jn R; svt Jane Jarman; dtr wife of Rich Peirce; farm in Great Easton, Essex; Dorothy dtr of son Jms; execs bros Rob Clerke & Rich Coe; overs cousins Thos Tinver, Jn Moncke & Stephen Guye; wtns Thos Ennyver, Jn Blatche, Jn Wright & Thos Cooke


ROBINSON, Henry - clerk parson of Fairstead (f165)

chldr Elias, Michah, Wlm, Eliz, & Deborah; house in Terling to Jn son of dtr Jane by Thos Bedell; Henry & Francis chldr of dtr Margery Chapman; Eliz, Mary & Sarah dtrs of dtr Mary wife of Thos Birchard; Priscilla dtr of Rob & Anne Savadge; Kath dtr of Jn & Deborah Holmested; dtr Anne Savadge & her dtr Anne; Kath wife of Rich Birchall of Terling; Jn, Wlm, Eliz, Anne & Priscilla chldr of Wlm Robinson of Witham; execs chldr Reuben & Priscilla; wtns Rob Mawte, Thos Ramtred, Sam Browne, Rob Wilkes & Francis Bedell


ROBINSON, John - East Hanningfield, Essex, oatmealmaker (f12)

wife Margery; dtr Susan; wifes sons Rich & Jn Browne; Nathaniel Bundocke; widow Bundocke; Geo Blewit; svt Mary Haye; son Jn exec; overs Ben Griggs of Sandon; wtns Edward Draper


ROBINSON, Michael - of the ship Dolphin (f130)

wife Cath; dtr Eliz; overs Geo Barker & Thos Porye; wtns David Gillye & Edward Harrington


ROBINSON, Thomas (f25)

sis Blanche Horsman alias Robinson; sis Besse R; Rob & Wlm sons of bro Rich Horsman; Rob son of Henry Bridges; father Rob Robinson alias Horseman; wtns Wlm White, Wlm Rache, Joseph Wright & Geo Foster


ROE, John - Norton Mandeville, Essex, yeo (f310)

land in Basildon & Nevendon to cousin Isaac Bennett & his sis Anne B; Eliz & Abara Stane dtrs of sis Abara; bro Jonathan; sis Eliz White; cousins Thos & Eliz Roe; aprnt Rich Radley; sis Anne & her sons Jonathan, Isaac & Moses Bennett; Mr Joyner preacher; sis Bridget Stone; svts Mary Chapman, Jn Page & Anne Reeve; wife Eliz exec; overs cousin Thos Roe & bro Jn Stane; wtns Thos Naylor & Henry Grime


ROE, Lancaster - Stepney (f69)

bro Thos R; aunt Mary Lancaster; sis Anne R; Rob Lea sailor of Cole Harbour; Henry Eatonhead; Wlm Knight of the James Royall; Rob Baldine; Rich Bassett cooper & Peter Elliott, of the Hound; Wlm Beast of the Prinesse Frances; Wlm Caurlen surgeon; Francis Worler; poor of Walton, Suffolk; Rich Nash bosun of the Solomon; overs Jn Sanderson & Jn Beese; wtns jessoppe Prett, Thos Igardson & Jn Howe


ROEM, Flower - sailor (f59)

East India Co; Jn Edwards; wife Sara exec; wtns Geo Christmas & Wltr Barker


ROGERS, Thomas - Long Lane, Great St Bartholomews, West Smithfield, London, yeo (f221)

bur near mother in law Rosa Morris; dtrs Mary, Eliz & Margt; sis Joan wife of Rob Hill carpenter; Thos Backe; cousin Edward Gough; wife Deeringe exec; wtns Matt Brookes


ROTCHELL, Margaret - Springfield, Essex, widow (f314)

chldr Lawrence, Margt, Rob, Jn, Frances, Joan & Susan; legacy from Rob Robinson; Nathaniel Bownde; Isaac Joyner; Jn Stansted; wtns Rich Churche & Henry Feild


ROYSTON, Valentine - Layston, Hertford, yeo (f316)

chldr Joan, Margt & Rob; wife Margt exec; wtns Jn Meriton, Alex Strange vicar & Anthony Garrett


RUFFORD, Anne - Little St Bartholomew, London, widow (f28)

son in law Thos Vaughan; wtns Mr Henry Smyth & Jms Coumyn


RUGE, John - Teignmouth, Devonshire, sailor in the London (f126)

wife Joan; sis Joan & Wilmoth; Wlm Morse cook, Edward Smith gunner & Thos Williams, Jn Coxe & Phil Fowler sailors in the London; Rob Scalfe sailor; exec Joan wife of Rich Lescom of Wapping Mdx; wtns Rob Gosnell & Rob Leeke


RYLAND, Anne - London, widow (f257)

poor of Whitechapel, Fanchurch & St Augustines; Jms son of cousin Anne wife of Jms Millington shoemaker; cousin Jane Marshall; Susan wife of Roger Harris ctz & marchantaylor & their chldr Susan, Jn, Dan & Mary; goodwife Price of Shipp Alley; exec Roger Harris; wtns Arthur Viser & Rich Aldy


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[Material supplied by Mr Leslie Mahler, San Jose, California]