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Consistory Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 8 (1621-1630) Surnames S-Y


SADLER, Jeffrey - sailor in the Guifte (f66)

Mr Joseph Boreman surgeon; Mr Jn Garrett; Mr Wlm Massam; Jn Frith cook; Jms Vincent & Rob Hodgson swabbers; Rob Moore; Jn Brookes; Mrs Sadler in Deptford [Kent]; Jms Bostocke of Philpott, London; goodwife Mitchell of Limehouse; Susanna Dolton in Hull [Yorkshire]; sis Jane & Elnr S; preachers in Hull; poor of Selby, Yorkshire; bro Thos S exec; wtns Anthony Fynch purser & Wlm Coulston


SAGGER, Dionise - High Easter, Essex, widow (f25)

dtr Rose S; grandtr Lidye Harwood; dtr Mary Harwood; chldr of Jn Harwood; sons Griffin & Wlm S execs; wtns Rich Rowlye & Jn Johnson


SAMPFORD alias SANFORD, John, senr - Elsenham, Essex, yeo (f21)

chldr Jn, Eliz & Susan; married chldr Thos, Agn, Mary & Prudence; wife Prudence exec; overs son in law Jn Bucke; wtns Wlm Waylet, Sam Deane, Thos Lacye & Thos Barnard senr


SAPPHOLL, Elizabeth - Wickham Bishops, Essex, widow (f101)

chldr Dan, Eliz, Jms, Edward & Grace; exec son in law Jn Burett; wtns Rich Bramod & Jn Upcher


SATCHFEILD, William (f65)

Mr Laurence; Mr Pring; Mr Holland apothecary in Bucklers Bury; Jn Dod cooper, Jn Long surgeon & Wltr Roberts sailor, of the James Royall; Thos Butler surgeons mate; Wlm Walker; Tobias Parris; Jn Sayer sailor; Simon Dawes cook; Nichls Morgan; exec Wlm Jackson of Combe Hay, Somerset; wtns Henry Smithe


SCARRBOROW, Gervase (f330)

chldr Jn, Gervase, Chas & Joseph; wife Anne exec; overs cousin Wlm Scarborow, Mr Abrm Becke & Mr Auger schoolmaster of Mercers Chapel


SCOTT, Thomas - West Hanningfield, Essex (f9)

grandtrs Susan Lowles & Eliz Greene; money at Cranham; 3 chldr of cousin Jn Yonge; Rob, Eliz, Jn & Thos chldr of dtr Nicholson; Jn, Jane, Joan & Henry chldr of dtr, wife of Chris Pryor; 4 chldr of dtr Frideswide wife of Jn Greene; 7 chldr of dtr Agn Savell; 6 chldr of dtr Dionise Haselton; land in Great Baddow; Thos son of bro Chris S; godtrs at Wakefeilds & Banckes; wifes chldr Isaac, Jn & Sara Palmer; sis wife of Jn Young; Thos son of cousin Rob Scott; wife Ellen exec; overs bro Jn Younge & son in law Chris Pryor; wtns Hmfry Veale of Orsett & Wlm Archebolde


SEAGRAVE, Julian - London, widow (f258)

sis Joan Deards widow of Gravesend [Kent] & her grandchldr Joan, Thos & Rich Rogers; Abednego & Jn sons of Roger Childe of Shadwell; 2 chldr of cousin Lewis Price in Bermondsey St; cousin Mary Ockenfall; Wlm son of Wlm Lane of Canterbury [Kent]; exec sis Marian Robinson widow; wtns Wlm Dixon, Tobias Hume & Stephen Haw


SEAMARKE, Adam - St Peter, Colchester, Essex, glasier (f20)

chldr Adam & Eva; execs wife Joan & Wlm Mereton of Lexden, Essex yeo; wtns Jn Williamson, Thos Tyrrell, Thos Spillslye, Bryant Derricke & Joseph Crickscholl


SEARLES, John - Little Braxted, Essex, yeo (f84)

wife Amy exec; wtns Edward Salter, Vincent Tylar & Wlm Bickmer


SEAWELL, Jane - Feering, Essex, widow (f303)

Anne, Cath, Jane & Alice dtrs of son Jn S; land in Halstead; son in law Thos Belfeild; grandtr Jane Belfeild; execs dtr Jane Belfeild & grandson Geo Belfeild; wtns Jn Browne, Mary Roaley & Bryan Shrimsley


SEELY, John - Thaxted, Essex, husb (f205)

land in Henham; bro Rich S; wife Anne exec; wtns Rob Fann, Thos Johnson alias Hubbert & Henry Sells


SELMAN, Matthew - St Dunstans in the West, London, stationer (f219)

bro Thos S; Joan dtr of bro Ellis S; 1st wifes knsmn Peter Rosse; wife Jane exec; overs Edward Palmer girdler & knsmn Bryan Cole merchantaylor; wtns Rob & Jn Goodwin & Rich Ferrers


SEMEAYNE, George - born in Dunkirk [France] (f137)

Clement Norttone of East India Co; Jn Burd masters mate of the Moone; Sir Thos Dalle naval commander in India; exec Chris Gardiner steward; overs Wlm Bennett of Japara & Aquila Searle; wtns Jn Blisse & Wlm Kendall


SHAWE, John - St Botolph without Bishopsgate, citizen and carpenter (f172)

knsmn Thos Shawe; bro in law Edmund Udall carpenter; Jn Udall svt of Henry Harris ctz & cordwainer; wife Anne exec; overs Henry Harris & Henry Simpson ctz & sadler; wtns Anthony Barber, Jn Quicke & Anne Cartell


SHEWELL, John - Kensington, Mdx (f233)

2 chldr; exec wife Sara Cheswell; wtns Mary Lorking & Agn Norton


SIBTHORP, Richard - Widford, Hertford, yeo (f95)

dtrs son Rich Duke; chldr Rob, Rich, Chris & Mary; bro Chris S; wtns Rowland Backhouse ctz & mercer & Jn Payton clerk


SIMPSON, William - St Martin in the Fields, Mdx, innholder (f94)

execs chldr Jn, Anne & Eliz; overs Geo Barnes & Nathaniel Lumsden


SIZELYE, Richard - of the ship Palsgrave (f135)

Edmund Watts & Wlm Ames sailors; East India Co; Thos Lesson stewards mate; Rich Thorneburye surgeons mate; Bart Ayle boatswain; exec mother Joan S of "Horsidonne"; wtns Jn Wilson pursersmate & Jn Stokes


SLIPPER, Jonathan - of the ship Palsgrave (f135)

East India Co; Margt wife of bro Jn S of "Theslup"; bros Nichls, Arthur & Wlm; exec father Rob S of Woolage [Kent?]; wtns Jn Wilson pursers mate


SMITH, Daniel - Great Coggeshall, Essex, combmaker (f212)

Eliz dtr of sis Eliz Bush; nephew Rob Bush; Anna dtr of Thos Wade of Shalford yeo; Rob son of Wlm Goodie; Thos Radley; Wlm & Dan Smith; Joan wife of bro Thos Powlter; Priscilla Barnes; Jn, Eliz & Mary chldr of bro Jn S; execs Thos Polter & bro Jn S; wtns Jn Picknett jr, Thos Crofte & Rob Cunliffe


SMITH, Justus - Shenfield, Essex, yeo (f319)

bro Reinold S; Nichls, Alice, Mary & Anna chldr of bro Rich S; Thos son of sis Anna by Edward Hammond; Jane & Debora dtrs of cousin Jn Reynolds; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Crampe; wtns Steven Wharton


SMITH, Thomas - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, yeo (f252)

wife Luce exec; wtns Henry Gilles, Wlm Seares & Wlm Keble


SOMERSON, John - Elmstead, Essex,yeo (f86)

land in Weeley; chldr Sara, Margt, Henry, Mary & Kath; Jn & Ralph sons of dtr Anne; Eliz Giller; wife Barbara; execs sons Arthur & Thos; wtns Jn Baber & Rob Dunton


SPENCER, John - Enfield, Mdx, maltman (f190)

Susan dtr of bro Wlm S; wife Luce; wtns Deborah wife of N Akers & Anne wife of Rob Browne


SPENCER, William - clerk parson of St Margaret Patton, London (f156)

bur near Mr Moore; land in Buckminster, Leicester; father Thos S of Melton Mowbray, Leicester; Jn Longfoole of Melton Mowbray; chldr; wife Eliz exec; overs cousin Mr Rob Hudson of London Stone; wtns Andrew Bilton, Thos Smith, Jms Bayle & Geo Wright


SPITTIE, Thomas - surgeon of the ship Palsgrave (f134)

Dan White purser; Rich Thorneburye surgeons mate; Jn Brewer, Rob Pickeringe, Jn Miller surgeon, Bart Ayle boatswain & Arthur Hatch preacher, all of the Palsgrave; Thos Bardle plomer of Tower St; Joan widow of Thos Leake of Rotherhithe [Surrey]; poor of St Brides; Thos Bincks of St Clement at Temple Bar; Israel Wolfe apothecary of Fanchurch St; Jn Chapman shoemaker of East Smithfield; execs parents Thos & Isbl S of Newington Butts [Surrey]; wtns Wlm Kendall & Rob Browninge


STANTON, Robert - of the ship Hart of the East India Co (f113)

Rob son of bro Edward S; 2 dtrs of sis Elnr wife of Wlm Fynche of Hayes by London; sis Kath wife of Jn Kinge of Newgate Market, London; bro Wlm S; niece Eliz Kinge; Henry Kett swabber; Nichls Hayward; overs Mr Thos Kerridge; wtns Nathaniel Best, Thos Thorneburoughe & Wlm Blundeston


STAPLETON, Richard - Colchester [Essex], brasier (f214)

dtr Eliz; wife Bridget; dtr Anne wife of Arthur Condar; son Wlm exec; wtns Thos King & Rob Rosse


STARLING, Matthew - Widdington, Essex, yeo (f237)

Matt, Rob, Jn, Thos & Joan chldr of dtr Mary Powle; land in Quendon; bro in law Rich Woodcocke of Clavering; son in law Ben Scott; exec wife Tabitha; wtns Peter Hagger & Wlm Taman


STEWARD, John (f131)

East India Co; wife Margt; overs Wlm Hauckeridge; wtns Wlm Pybourne & Wlm Blurton


STOCKER, John - Stepney, Mdx, on ship Moone (f55)

Boniface Tatam surgeons mate; Thos Joanes; parents Anthony & Eliz S of Wapping Wall; sis Alice S


STONNE, Charles - boatswain in the ship Dymon (f138)

legacy from Wltr Androsse; bros Jn & Thos S; Wltr Spriege; Owen Robarts swabber; Matt Dincock; Rich Man; Sam Dyer; Mr Wlm Booth surgeon; exec mother Mary S of Bristol [Gloucester]; wtns Thos Keetch, Sam Fenton & Edward Gant purser


STRETON, George - Sturmer, Essex, yeo (f302)

chldr Eliz, Frances, Sara, Anne, Debora, Geo & Sam; mother Chapman; wife Sara exec; wtns Ralph Fitche, Matt Deke & Jn Smith


SYMOND, Elizabeth - St Botolph Aldersgate (f190)

Kath Herste; Eme Croune; Eliz Messenger; exec Herculas Smyth


SYMONDS, William - citizen and marchantaylor (f251)

mother Ellen S of Enfield, Mdx widow; sons Wlm & Jn; execs wife Anne & cousin Thos Batts hatbandmaker; wtns Wlm Andrewes, Lawrence Wilrally, Jn Sharpe & David Rogers


SYMONS, Richard - Great Yeldham, Essex, gent (f197)

bur near wife; Mr Geo Harlakenden minister; bro Jn Sorell; bros Rob & Edmund Plome; bros Francis & Roger; 3 sisters; Margt, Mary, Thos & Edmund chldr of dtr wife of Edmund Eyre gent; 3 dtrs in law; land in Hedingham to son Jn; son Rich Fitz Symons & his study at Lincolns Inn; sons Edward, Sam & Thos; land in Toppesfield; Thos Potter; manor of Nicholls in Shalford; Henry Cooke; son Jn S exec


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TAVERNER, Robert - Morrell Roding [in White Roding], Essex, yeo (f45)

land in Hatfield Broadoak; dtrs Martha, Penninah, Kath, Anna, Sara, Prudence, Amy & Mary; Francis son of Rich Sumpner; execs son Sam & Rich Sumpner; overs Henry Bancks yeo; wtns Mich Pipple & Henry Ingold


TAYLOR, John - Buttsbury, Essex, clerk (f160)

sis Anne Pre; sis Prudence & Margery; cousin Geo Taylor; exec bro Wlm T; wtns Jn Grimesditch & Henry Taylor


TAYLOR, Richard - sailor (f13)

legacy from Wlm Carter; Thos Crouch; goods in Pulau Rum [Bandas, Indonesia]; Rich Heanedge; East India Co; 3 bros; execs Jn English & Jn Beather; wtns Phil Badnedge, Giles Cole & Isaac Johnson


TAYLOR, Richard - rector of Vange, Essex (f171)

sis Anne Gabes of Rotherham, Yorkshire widow; mother; cousin Rich Fisher; late wife Rebecca widow of Jeremy Wright; Jn Read of Fairstead; wifes sis married to Thos Adams of Chelmsford; chldr of bros & sis; execs dtrs Anne & Eliz; overs Rich Bristowe esq & bro in law Mr Thos Fuller clerk; wtns Francis Bristowe & Jn Wood


TAYLOR, William - Springfield, Essex, clerk (f101)

poor of Chelmsford; land in Nayland, Suffolk to dtr Martha; Martha, Anne, Wlm & Susan chldr of dtr Stames; land in Panfield; exec wife Martha; overs Rob Vigerans & Isaac Allen gents; wtns Thos Stames & Rob Robinson


TEMNS, John - of "Hanbery", on the ship Assurance (f171)

Marmaduke Kempe; wtns Henry Bowers & Jms Hawkins


TENCH, William - Cursitors Alley, St Dunstans, London (f186)

bros & sisters; wife Jane exec; overs Edward Pargiter of St Andrews Mdx cordwayner


TERRYE, John - Stepney (f59)

Francis Browne; Rob Waulesse; Jn Fryth; Wlm Wood


THEEDHAM, Edward - Layer Marney, Essex, clerk (f327)

land in Langham; chldr Edward, Joan, Anne, Mary, Eliz & Sara; Wlm Swen of Layer Bretton clerk; Jn Philipps of Great Birch yeo; wife Ursula exec; wtns Jms Snowe


THIRTLE, Stephen - of the ship Palsgrave, sailor (f139)

Lawrence Butcher; East India Co; Jn Newporte; Sam Price sailor; Alice Noakes; Dan White purser; exec Thos Botts


TICE, Robert - Ware, Hertford, minister (f120)

land in Cookham, Berks; mother Joan T widow; chldr Isaac, Jacob, Mary, Ruth & Martha; prsnt wife Mary exec; wtns Jn Ingol, Jn Browne, Isaac Heath, Rob Skingle & Hmfry Spencer


TIMBERMAN, John - Stepney, sailor in the James Royall (f70)

countrymen from Flanders; Hans Marten sailor; wtns Henry Smyth, Jn Dod cooper, Wlm Chambers & Henry Gynnis


TOMSON, Robert - Hillingdon, Mdx, mealman (f267)

chldr Wlm, Mary, Jn & Thos; dtr Margt wife of Geo Wuds; wife Ursula; son Penard T exec; wtns Rich Brurne, Wlm Minsey, Rich Rutland & Thos Flie


TOTMAN, Abraham - Castle Hedingham, Essex, 'paylemaker' (f188)

wife Cecilia; execs sons Phil & Jn; overs Geo Wright taylor


TOUCKS, Benjamin - Finchley, Mdx, clerk parson (f68)

wife Winifred; chldr Sam, Hanna & Mary T; wtns Mr Roger Smyth gent & Thos Ripper yeo


TOWENSON, Thomas - Ruislip, Mdx, carpenter (f191)

son Jn; dtr Mathewe; wife Agn exec


TRADEMICKE, Walter - sailor in the Royal Exchange (f131)

Rowland Benston; Henry Couch; Jn Coulsberrye; Ralph Cartwright; exec Rich Hobbes; wtns Rich Naundye pursers mate & Auwnst Hartler


TUER, John - Elsenham, Essex, vicar (f91)

Joan of Withington; sons in law Thos & Jn Claidon; grandtr Mary Feild & her late mother Anne F; widow Woodley; decsd wife Alice; Rob Claidon decsd; nephew Thos Tuer; godson Tuer Wade; books in London & Drs Commons; exec bro Abdias T of Sawbridgeworth, Hertford; wtns Edmund Tillingham & Jms Thwaits


TUKE, Parnell - St Mary Aldermanbury, London, widow (f178)

dtr Rose wife of Arthur Barkewell or Blackwell; grandtr Margt Blake alias Blange; exec son in law Roger Fleete; wtns Jn Millington glasier


TUNN, Robert - Newport, Essex, husb (f196)

Thos, Francis, Rich, Jn, Andrew & Alice chldr of bro Thos T; sis Margery & Anne; Edward, Thos & Jn sons of Jn Farnham husb; wife Mary exec; wtns Peter Wiks & Athanasius Burowe


TUNSTALL, James - of the ship Jonas, swabersmate (f26)

bur Hormuz [Iran]; execs Thos Miller & Rob Covert of Fanchurch; wtns Jn Underwood & Jms White


TURBERVILE, Samuel - Kensington, Mdx, yeo (f43)

dtrs Mary & Rebecca; sis Margery Dowles; nephew Thos Turbervile; niece Mary Turbervile; Grace Longe; svts Henry Dyer & Henry Ragland; execs wife Anne & son Sam; overs Rob Fenn esq & Abednego Seagrave arborer; wtns Jn Stevens


TURNER, Richard - Greys Inn, yeo (f48)

son Edward; Jms Turner; wife Gertrude exec; wtns Jacob Nelson, Rich Howell & Jn Robinson


TWITCHETT, Henry - Watford, Hertford, yeo (f191)

land in Bushey; chldr Jn, Henry, Mary, Jeremy & Isaac; sis Ellen Foster; wife Mary exec; wtns W Leonard & Roger Durrant


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VICCARS, Marian - St Mary Somerset, London, widow (f62)

Geo Cooper blacksmith; knswmn Eliz Gardner of Wapping widow; son Jn V overseas; execs Mr Henry Birkett senr & Wlm Barwell ctz & draper; wtns Edward White, Leonard Wallworth, Wlm & Ruth North & Rob Hilliard


VINTON, Joan - Farnham, Essex, spinster (f223)

exec Jn Roberts senr taylor; wtns Wlm Daniell & Jn Wood


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WACKETT, Robert - Southminster, Essex, yeo (f317)

grandson Nathan Holding; Nathaniel, Jn, Sam & Mary chldr of bro Jn W decsd of East Hanningfield; Judith dtr of N Wiseman of Braintree cordwainer; Jn son of Wlm Rowe; Susan Grante widow; Nathaniel Whiter; wife Mary; exec Sara wife of Jn Rawley; overs Wlm Gray, Allen Ham & Henry Charles; wtns Edward West & Jn Leaper


WAIGHT, Henry - Sible Hedingham, Essex, yeo (f235)

chldr Jn, Love, Wlm & Rob; son Henry & his son Henry; Isaac Chandler son of dtr Amy; chldr of dtr Mary; Rich Fitch son of dtr Sara; execs sons 4 sons & wife Love; wtns Jn Hurroll, Wlm Cooke & Thos Paynell


WAKELIN, John - Little Tey, Essex, clerk (f332)

chldr Edward, Ishboseth, Thos, Grace, Eliz, Mary, Alice, Margery & Anne; wife Eliz; execs Wlm Stebbing & Rich Porter; wtns Steven Underwood, Jn Leyes & Francis Johnson


WALKER, John - Harlow, Essex, bricklayer (f239)

chldr Jn, Thos, Wlm, Frances, Joan, Anne & Mary; wife Eliz exec; wtns Henry Haver & Geo Harrison


WALLER, Robert - Stepney (f65)

Wlm Colliway; Thos Bloyse; Harry Morgan; Wlm Belford; Thos Specte; Rob Wilson; wtns Jms Sculler


WALLPOLE, Casar (f238)

chldr Rob, Sara & Kath; Casar son of Casar & Isbl Willis; Syon College; son Sam exec; wtns Edward Cockin, Jn Treagle, Jn Davies, Henry Backer, Michael Gifford, Jn Vickers, Wlm Boswell, Jn Squire & Matt Griffithe


WARD, Margaret - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, London, widow (f253)

bur near husb & chldr; grandchldr Thos & Margt Horne; exec dtr Eliz wife of Jn Archer; overs Wlm Hobby brewer & Thos Archer cook; wtns Jn Leaves


WATSON, John - Halstead, Essex, Dr of Divinity (f169)

bur near 1st wife Eliz; Jn son of Thos Goodeve; land in Stisted to son Darcy; chldr Stephen, Hannah & Elnr; land in [Great] Oakley to son Jn; svts Wlm Till & Mary Clanfance; land in Colchester to dtr Mary; bro Rayner; 3 dtrs of dtr Eliz Burrell; Mr Edmund Tillingham; Thos Dash curate; dtr Jane Goodeve; wife Elnr exec; wtns Rob Baxter & Francis Baldw


WATTS, Edward - St Martins in the Fields, Mdx, coachman (f246)

bro Jn Hamond; Audrey wife of Thos Griffin coachman; exec mother Susan Hamond; wtns Jn Bailey, Thos Gilbert & Jn Johnson victualler


WEBB, Samuel - Halstead, Essex, pettychapman (f89)

chldr Wlm & Margt; wife Amy; son Jn exec; wtns Rich Adkin, Rich Doughtie, Jn Mixer & Isaac Morsse


WEBB, Thomasine - St Peter Cornhill, widow (f60)

bur near husb Michael W; Rich & Margt chldr of bro Chris Fell in Lancashire; sis Margt Turner; Jms son of bro Rich Fell of London; bro Sam Webb; aunt Cath Caunt; Jn & Mary chldr of Anne Kellett; Alice dtr of cousin Isbl Scott; Margt Webb sis of Helen wife of Rich Fell; Thos Jones barber; Anne Holshipp; Peter Parker; lease in Kingsbury, Mdx ; exec sis Eliz wife of Anthony Turner ctz & marchantaylor; wtns Thos Gainsford, Wlm Holdernes, Martin Fawsett & Ralph Barker


WEEKES, Walter (f152)

master Jn Eland; exec sis Susan dtr of Hmfry W; wtns Jn Mason & Joshua Hallpeny


WHEELHOUSE, James - Little Baddow, Essex, clerk (f21)

sisters dtr Frances Thomson; wife Rachel; wtns Jeremy & Joan Nicholls


WHETTELL, Thomas - Clements Inn, Mdx, gent (f74)

Eliz widow of Jn Brockett gent of Fetterlane, London; Ellen wife of Arthur Parker ctz & skinner; exec sis Eliz Coldwell of Cropredy, Oxford widow; wtns Wlm Andrewes, Jms Goslinge, Geo Whettell & Henry Shawe


WHITE, John - Feering, Essex, clerk (f167)

Mr Wakelin rector of Little Tey; nephew Jn White of "Neign"; Mr Avell; Mrs Wakering of Kelvedon; Mrs Churchman; dtr in law Mrs Thomson; wife Margt; Mr Wlm Aylett; Mr Purbins; cousin Thos Griffith; Mr Nehemiah Dodd; Dionis Nabering; Peter Golding; Wlm & Rebecca Miller; Matt Mansfeild; chldr of sis Margt Madrin; chldr of bros Wlm & Rowland; chldr of sis Kath; dtr in laws child Eliz Haws; Eliz dtr of Thos Griffith senr; wifes nephew Jn Ithell; chldr of Thos Freeborne; Jn White of "Domesey"; chldr of Anthony Coaper; svt Sam Geerford; Jms son of widow Selscate; chldr of son in law Wlm Eurewood; Henry son of bro Rob W; Sarah Leech; execs Mr Beard & Sam Keies; overs Rob Aylett Dr of Law, Jn Wakering esq, Thos Griffith senr, Jn Dodd & Jms Parkinson clerk; wtns Ben Leech, Rob Smith, Rob Creed & Francis Havers


WHITING, Anthony - Dedham, Essex, clothier (f326)

chldr Simon, Phoebe, Jn & Susanna; son Anthony & his wife Mary; bros Henry & Ezekiel Shereman; land in Langham; dtr Anne Loveran; Mr Rogers; Mr Cottesford; poor of Stanway; Mr Lawrence How; wife Anne exec; wtns Lionel Chewte


WILLIAMS, Bartholomew - of the ship Exchange (f143)

2 chldr; wife Mary Hills exec; wtns Ralph Cartwright purser, Edward Carye & Joseph Cooke


WILLIAMS, William - of the Kings Wineseller, gent (f33)

Kath Hughes widow; nephew Rowland Williams & his bro Wlm W svt of Sir Thos Compton; sis Dorothy & Cath; bro Thos W; Mrs Anne Griffyth & her sis Susan; Mr David Owen; Thos Edwards; cousin Jn Price garnitor to the Prince; Mrs Dorothy Moore; Mr Jn Duncomb of his majestys Robes; Mr Jn Terry, Mr Cooke, Mr Jms Hall, Mr Jn Lynett & Mr Thos Morris of his majestys privy kitchen; Mr Thos Powell; Mr Griffith Hughes; Edward Kinge scrivener; Gabriel Marshe svt of Lord Buckingham; exec Mr Rice Griffith one of his majestys foolemen; wtns Jn Coners


WILLSON, John - Rochford, Essex, clerk (f327)

Rebecca widow of bro Rob W of Wainfleet All Saints, Lincolnshire; chldr Jn & Susan; legacy from Luce Brewer widow; wife Susan exec; wtns Jn Nuttalke, Jo Craxton & Jn Brande


WINTER, Mariana (f213)

dtrs Mary & Rose; Wlm son of Jn Cosen; rent in Suffolk; Thos Cosens; Geo Cosen; exec son Jn Cosen; wtns Sam Hore & Jacob Beghett


WISELAD, Ralph - Stepney (f71)

East India Co; sis Joan & Susan W; mother Susan W; bro Henry W; wtns Geo Christmas & Nichls Wiselad


WOLFREY, George - armourer of the ship Globe trading to East Indies (f47)

Jn Seamans; Henry Graye; Nichls Buckle; Rob Blore; Wltr Starr; Marmaduke Cotton surgeon; exec Judith Harrington of East Smithfield; overs Edmund Morris, Jms Singleton & Jms Simson gunner


WOOD, Michaiah - Great Oakley, Essex, clerk (f250)

land in Great Clacton, Walton & Kirby [le Soken]; Sam son of bro Thos W of Abbess Roding; Rob, Judith & Mary chldr of bro Rob W of Harlow; sis Mary wife of Jn Scott of Hatfield Broadoak; bro Sam W; svt Jn Rolfe; wife Martha exec; wtns Wlm Pipple, Thos Stutfeild & Wlm Rolf


WRIGHT, Robert - St Katherines Coleman, London, clerk (f163)

chldr Thos, Sarah, Abigail, Jn, Mary & Margt; Mr Simon Thelwell; wife Margt exec; wtns Jn Bangrand


WRIGHT, Thomas - High Laver, Essex, yeo (f98)

sons Jn & Anthony; wife Alice exec; overs Jn Savill & Rich Nicholas; wtns Rich & Wlm Wright, Wlm Cotterall & Geo Harrison


WYLYE, John - Ugley, Essex, husb (f268)

land in Stansted [Mountfitchet]; sis Cath Barber; Thos Hauller of Littlebury weaver; execs wife Joan & son Matt; wtns Rich Wordley senr & Jms Woodley


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YATE, Michael - Cowley, Mdx, clerk (f321)

house in Great Hillingdon; bro Thos Raynes; uncle Mr Wlm Abram; sis Charity Cobb; sis Eliz & Anne Y; Mr Pennyfather of London merchant; chldr Rob, Alice & Thos; bros Jn, Wlm & Thos Y; grandmother Martin; knsmn Jn Yate; svt Thos Hall; Mary Samson; sis Paciene; wife Alice exec; overs Mr Michael Webb of Uxbridge; wtns Jn Rayns & Geo Brooke


YOUNGE Andrew - Braughin, Hertford, gent (f232)

land in Standon; land in Clavering, Roxwell & Writtle, Essex; chldr Eliz, Anne, Margt & Rob; sis Mrs Anne Hale; sis Eliz & Mary Y; execs mother Eliz Y, uncle Mr Rich Younge & bros Edward, Rob, Francis & Henry Y; overs knsmn Mr Rich Dobbes & bro Mr Ralph Everard; wtns Thos Jacob & Rich Black


YOUNGLOVE, John - Great Dunmow, Essex, wheelwright (f323)

sons Jn, Simon & Thos; wife Margt exec; overs Joan Hamount of "Apesden"; wtns Jn Remington, Thos Barnard & Thos Scrivener


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