Askham Bryan parish:


Askham Bryan, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in St. Nicholas's Church, Askham Bryan.

in Charge and Incumbents - Askham Bryan
Up to the 16th Century
The Chapelry of St. Nicholas appears to have been served by St. Mary's
Abbey, York, which held the rectorial rights. Early Lords of the Manor,
Allan Rufus and Allan Niger were original benefactors of the Abbey
and one of them may have built the Church here and handed
it and its rights straight over to the Abbey. The Cayiella de Askham
Bryan is mentioned in 1294. Dom Thomas occurs in 1433. In 1510 Seth
Clayton was appointed chaplain by the Abbot of St. Mary's,
then the Dissolution 1539.
1553 Sir William Frybie, curate.
From 1565-1737
The Parish was served by the Vicars of Askham Richard
Archbishop Sharp 1691-1714 says this was hitherto a chapel to Askham Richard

Dates VicarsPatrons
1756-1767 William BarrettSamuel Clarke
1762-1772 John Preston who was Rector of Long Marston and Prebendary of York often officiated. He resided at Askham Bryan.
1782-1796 John Walker, curate
1796-1807 Thomas SchaakStephen Croft - des from Sam Clarke ?????
1807-1862 Robert Stephen Thompson. He was also instituted to the Vicarage of Askham Richard in 1816 remaining until 1862
1862-1866 William WhalleyHarry Croft
1866-1887 John MorrisW. Morris
1887-1892 James Shepherddo
1892-1913 George Nussey WardRev. G.N. Ward
1913-1930 John Morgando
1930-1938 John Robert GumleyExors G.N.Ward
1938-1949 Walter Douglas Andendo
1949-1951 Rupert Lord (also Rector of Bilbrough in plurality)do
 From 1951 to 1954 Interregnum, during which time the parish was in charge of the Rev. John Michie, Vicar of Rufforth
1954-1958 Harold Norman Pobjoy (also Vicar of Askham Richard in plurality)do
1959-1962 Frank Leslie Sergeantdo
1962-1969 Hubert Edward Sylvester Meanleydo
1969-1978 Eric Stepen Daledo
1978-1982 Joseph Martindo
1982-1991 John Anthony Corkerdo

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson