Bilton parish:


Tockwith, Roll of Honour transcription:

The World War I Roll of Honour in the Church of the Epiphany, Tockwith.

Roll of Honour
Men and Women of this Parish
Who Served in the Great War
1914 - 1918

1914 Pte. Poole, Alfred2nd Cheshires Pte. Steele, Edward W.Devons.
Lieut. Alderson, GreyR.A.F. Sgt. Poole, ErnestR.F.A. † Pte. Walker, Thomas GeorgeW.Y.
† Driver Bradley, HarryR.G.A. Pte. Pursey, Edward1st R. Dragoons 2nd A.C. Wood, Charles Ed.R.A.F.
† Pte. Bradley, TomY.L.I. Bombr. Prentice, WalterR.F.A. Lce.-Cpl. Wilson, HaroldR.E.
Pte. Bradley, Richard R.Marines Nurse Squires, AnnieV.A.D. Gunr. Wilson, Albert VictorTank C.
† Lce.-Cpl. Buckle, LeonardW.Y. Lieut. Steele, Richard P.D. Infantry Driver Young, CharlesR.F.A.
Sgt. Dodsworth, MauriceR.E. Gunr. Smith, William RobertR.G.A. 1917
Sgt. Gardiner, AlfredR.F.A. Signalman Wood, John S.R.N.V.R. Gunr. Chapman, James P.Tank C.
Gunr. Ibbotson, BertieR.F.A. Sapr. Wilson, GeorgeR.E. Hall, Sarah JaneW.A.A.C.
Gunr. Johnson, William E. (1906)R.F.A. Gunr. Wilson, John WilliamR.G.A. † Pte. Harrison, John WilliamW.Y.
Pte. Milner, CharlesA.S.C. 1916 Pte. Kirk, William6th Leicesters
A.B. Mouncey, Bertie (1912)R.N. Pte. Britton, WilliamW.Y. Gunr. Metcalfe, George R.F.A.
† Pte. Myers, George WilliamY. & L. † Lce.-Cpl. Buckle, TomK.R.R. Pte. Norfolk, Jas. N.S. Highlanders
Sgt. Pursey, John FrederickA.V.C. Pte. Barker, ArthurY.R. Pte. Parker, EdwinM.G.C.
† Driver Steele, FrankR.F.A. Cpl. Barker, HebdenYork. & Lanc. Pte. Pawson, TomD.L.I.
Sgt. Wilson, WilliamA.C.C. A.B. Backhouse, WilfredR.N. 1918
1915 † Pte. Grasby, JosephScots. Rifles Stoker Buck, PercyR.N.
Sgt. Arnold, ArthurY.R. Pte. Gelder, Clifford12th S. Staffs. Pte. Hall, GeorgeNorth Staffs.
Sgt. Buckle, HoraceA.S.C. Pte. Hayton, J. WilliamLabr. Batt. Lee, ElsieN.A.C.B.
† Rifleman Buckley, PercyW.Y. Gunr. Hemsley, Wm. SherwinR.G.A. Bombr. Liversidge, EdwardR.F.A.
Pte. Barker, HarryW.Y. Pte. Hewick, TomW.Y. A.B. Metcalfe, FredR.N.
Pte. Carlill, Arthur WilliamA.S.C. Pte. Ibbotson, RupertG.G. Pursey, OliveW.A.A.C.
Pte. Hodgson, John JamesD.of C's L.I. † Lambert, HerbertW.Y. Gunr. Parker, AlfredTank Corps
Driver Harrison, JosephR.G.A. Pte. Lambert, Charles HenryW.Y. Pursey, ElsieW.A.A.C.
Pte. Lee, WilliamG.G. Cpl. Leach, ArthurW.Y. Robinson, MarianN.A.C.B.
Lce.-Cpl. Parker, WilliamA.S.C. Pte. Milner, TomW.Y. Pte. Smith, Alfred3rd Yorks.

Those marked † gave their lives.

Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
But unto thy Name give glory.

Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson