Data from the 'Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum' from the year 1842.

The place: TADCASTER.     Church dedication: ST. MARY.     Church type: Discharged Vicarage.

Area, 6,100 acres. Barkston Ash and Ainsty wapentakes, U.D *1. -Population, 2,855 *2; Church-room, 800; Net value, £240. - The town and manor of Tadcaster were anciently parcel of the possessions of the house of Percy, Earls of Northumberland, who held the town, containing four carucates of land (where 10 made a knight's fee), of the King, in capite, paying 4s. per annum to the sheriff's fine.

In the 24th Edw. III. Henry Lord Percy obtained a charter of free warren in all his demesne lands within the manor of Tadcaster.

The Church was appropriated to the Abbey of Sallay by the Lady Maude de Percy, Countess of Warwick, and a Vicarage was ordained therein, 7th Id. August 1290.

There were three Chantries in this Church.

See the particulars of the ordination in Torre's MS. It is very special, and gives the Vicar " the tithe of servants in Lent, viz, of mercenaries, merchants, bakers, carpenters, stone-diggers, masons, cupars, and lime-burners, within the parish. Also of Carta Nova, malt-makers, together with bread offered at the altar, also the tithes of the consecrated bread, with the sirage and candles offered on the feast of the Purification."

Patron, the Earl of Egremont. Impropriator, T. Shann, Esq.

A Chapel at Catterton is named in the endowment.

26th August, A.D. 1414, licence was granted to the Abbot and Convent of Salley to have the dedication of this Church translated from the 28th August, whereon the said feast was, over to the Sunday next after the feast of St. John the Baptist's decollation, then to be solemnly celebrated every year, because of harvest-time, in which it happened before.

1st January 1399, a chantry was founded at the altar of St. Nicholas in this Church, by William Barker of Tadcaster, and Agnes his wife.

The Church is valued in Pope Nicholas's Taxation at £36. 13s. 4d., which in the New Taxation was reduced to £28. 6s. 8d. and the Vicarage at £6. 13s. 4d. and in the King's Books at £8. 4s. 7d. per annum. Synodals, 4s. Procurations, 7s. 6d.

In the Parliamentary Survey, vol. xviii. page 259, at £25 per annum, including a rent of 16s. 8d. out of Hesslewood. The Commissioners add, " Mr. William Warren is Vicar, a constant preaching minister. There is only one chapel in the parish, called Hazelwood Chapel, about a mile and a half distant from the parish Church, which, because it is an ease to some few inconsiderable number of inhabitants at Hazelwood, we think fit to continue it as it is. The said Mr. Warren bestoweth his pains sometimes at Hazelwood Chapel."

Augmented in 1730 with £200 to meet benefaction of £200 from the Rev, Henry Robinson.

A brief was granted in 1759 for this Church.

6th November 1766, faculty to erect a gallery.

23rd October 1802, faculty to erect another gallery.

An Inclosure Act was passed 31st Geo. III.

The glebe house was returned, in 1818, as fit for residence ; but, in 1834, is returned as unfit.

Torre gives a close catalogue of the Vicars to 1662: he also describes the monuments.

The Register Books commence in 1570. Some chasms.

School and Hospital or Almshouse, founded by Dr. Owen Oglethorpe, Bishop of Carlisle, 7th May, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary, to lodge 12 poor people, with a common hall and common kitchen, and for a school. The Archbishop and Dean of York are the visitors. The schoolmaster to be a graduate, and without cure of souls, unless as Vicar of Tadcaster ; and he is to instruct the children of the parishioners, or any other coming to him, gratis. The usual number of scholars in Latin has been from three to six, and for many years only one scholar. Endowed with 154 acres of land, and a rent-charge of £5. 4s.

Henrietta Dawson's charity, by will, dated 30th July 1795. Dividends of £11,629. 14s. 5d. reduced, and £915. 18s. consols, to be applied as follows, viz. £15 a piece to 10 women of creditable and respectable families, and £10 -a piece to 10 other women, also of creditable and respectable families ; £1. 17s. 3¼d. to each of the said 20 women for rent; £12 allowance for coals, to be divided amongst them ; 10s. each for green stuff for clothing ; £10 for a medical attendant; £10 to the Vicar for two sermons, on the days when the trustees hold their meetings, and to four of the women ; £19. 14s. amongst, them for teaching 40 children to read and write. The women to be spinsters or widows, unless relatives, and not under 30 years of age.

Jane Stainburn's benefaction, by will, dated 29th May 1752. Interest of £4 to poor widows of the township of Stutton. -Vide 10th Report, page 722.

A post town.

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*1 Part of the parish is in the Ainsty, and part in the West Riding. The township of Tadcaster extends into the liberty of St. Peter of York.

*2 Viz. Catterton, 62; Oxton, 60; Stutton with Hazelwood, 330; Tadcaster, in the Ainsty, 737 ; ditto, in the county, 1,666. The church is in the county. In 1834, the Population was returned at 2,864.

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