York Minster Burials 1814-1836, from Register Vol V.

(268). 1814, April 27. Naomi the wife of Sir John Royds, Knight, of the parish of Saint Giles in the suburbs of the city of York. Age 59.

APRIL 21st 1814,
AGED 59.

Dame Naomi Royds, who died s. p. at her residence in Bootham, was the only daughter of Robert Royds, esq. of Halifax and London, merchant, and sister of Robert Royds, esq. of Elvington (see No. 270). In 1781, she married her cousin, John Royds, esq. (eldest son of John Royds, esq., of Halifax, brother of the first mentioned Robert), who was knighted 15 July, 1801, on being appointed one of the judges of the Supreme Court at Bengal, where he died 24 Sept. 1817. His sister Ann died unmarried at York in the same year. See No. 272.

(269). 1814, Sept. 15. Peregrine Dealtry Esqr, son of John Dealtry, M.D. of Bradenham House in the county of Buckingham. Age 52.

On 21 Nov. 1814 administration of the goods of Peregrine Dealtry, esq. of Bradenham House near Wycombe, co. Bucks, deceased intestate, was granted to Elizabeth and Jane Dealtry, spinsters, his sisters and only next of kin.-See No. 216, 267.

(270). 1815, Feb. 17. Robert Royds, Esq. of the parish of Elvington in the East Riding of the County of York. Age 56.

Robert Royds, esq. of Elvington, formerly of Easthorpe Park, died 10 Feb. 1815, aged 57 (see No. 266). In his will, dated 10 May, 1814 [Pro. 2 March, 1815], he desires "that wheresoever I may happen to die, I may be buried in the same grave with my late dear wife in York Minster, privately, and in the morning."

He was the only son of Robert Royds, esq. of Halifax and London, merchant (by Ann, his wife), and brother of Dame Naomi Royds (see No. 268). He married at St. Martin's, Micklegate, York, 20 Nov. 1786, Mary, daughter of Boynton Langley, esq. of Wykeham Abbey. She died without issue in 1811. See No. 266.

(271). 1817, Feb. 5. Richard Langley Esq, Wykeham Abbey in the North Riding of the County of York. Age 53.

Aged 55 Years
DIED 27 JANUARY, 1817.

13TH OF APRIL 1824

Richard, eldest son of Boynton Langley, esq. of Wykeham Abbey, by Mary, youngest daughter of Sir William Foulis, bart. of Ingleby Manor. Succeeded his father in 1772. Married at Birdsall, 17 Nov. 1784, the honorable Dorothy Willoughby, eldest daughter of Henry lord Middleton (see No. 278), by whom he had no issue.

Mr. Langley was High Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1786. His father had filled the same office in 1763.

(272). 1817, March 11. Mrs. Anne Royds, of the Parish of Saint Helen's in the City of York. Age 63.

DIED 3rd MARCH 1817,
AGED 63.

Anne Royds, spinster, daughter of John Royds, esq. of Halifax, and sister of Sir John Royds, knt. See No. 268.

(273). 1817, May 5. Mrs. Frances Langley, of the Manor, in the Parish of Saint Olave, Marygate, in the North Riding of the County of York. Age 79.

Frances Langley, of the Manor House, died unmarried 28 April, 1817, (see No. 257). She was the daughter of Richard (Hutchenson) Langley, esq. of Wykeham Abbey, by Elizabeth, eldest daughter and coheiress of Boynton (Appleyard) Boynton, esq. of Rawcliffe. Two of her sisters are buried in the Minster. See Nos. 257 and 267.

(274). 1818, Dec. 9th. Mrs. Mary Burgh, Relict of William Burgle, Esq., of Bootham, in the Parish of Saint Olave, Mary-gate, in ye North Riding of the County of York. Age 79.

"Mary Burgh of Bootham in the Suburbs of the city of York, now alas a widow," made her will 6 Dec., 1813.-To the two Miss Burghs (" the beloved sisters of my late revered husband "), or the survivor of

them, "all my books not disposed of by bequest or otherwise, unless the Dean of York, Doctor Markham, to whom I desire the offer*41 to be made, should chuse to accept of any of them on religious or theological subjects for the York Minster Library."-" I request that John Bacon Sawrey Morritt, Esquire, will accept of a fine Miniature of Milton, painted by Cooper, bequeathed to my late dear husband by the late Reverend William Mason, now in my possession." " I desire that I may be privately interred in the vault with my dear husband and mother*42 in the Cathedral Church of York." [Pro. 16 Feb. 1819.]

The testatrix was the daughter and heiress of George Warburton, esq. of Firmount, co. Kildare, and widow of William Burgh, esq. LL.D. of York (see No. 264).

*41 The offer was readily accepted, and several hundred volumes which belonged to Dr. Burgh now form part of the library of the Dean and Chapter. (A Memoir of the York Press, by Robert Davies, F.S.A.)

*42 I am unable to identify this lady. The name of Warburton does not occur in the Register of Burials.

(275). 1820, Novr 24th. John Croft Esqr, of the Parish of Saint Cuthbert in the City of York, which was formerly St. Helen's-on-the-Walls. Age 88.

John Croft, wine-merchant, third son of Stephen Croft,*43 esq. of Stil lington (great-grandson of Sir Christopher Croft, knt., lord mayor of York in 1629 and 1641), by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edmund Ander son, bart. of Broughton, co. Linc. Born 28 Feb. 1732 ; chamberlain of York in 1772, and sheriff in 1773-4. On 16 June, 1774, he married Judith, daughter of Francis Bacon, alderman of York, but left no issue by her (see No. 279). Mr. Croft died at his residence in Aldwark, 18 Nov. 1820 (see No. 262). He was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and the author of "A Treatise on the Wines of Portugal," "Excerpta Antiqua," "Annotations on Plays of Shakspeare," and other tracts. " One*44 who was well acquainted with him between the years 1806 and 1809 has thus described him:-' His personal appearance was singularly grotesque. A figure made by one of Nature's journeymen was usually invested in a dress half English, half Portuguese ; but under this ex terior there was a certain kind of elegance, and an extraordinary avidity for information, especially historical and Shakespearian. He was a great questionist, and every third question which he asked was Unde derivatur? It seems to have been his habit to put down in his note-book at home whatever anecdotes and criticisms he could collect in his walks abroad. He was to be seen at every book-auction, where his biddings were regulated by a strict regard to economy; and if met in the streets the chance was that to his outre figure was to be added that he had an Elizabethan quarto under his arm. "'-A Memoir of the York Press, by Robt. Davies, F.S.A.

To this account Mr. Davies adds:-" My own recollection of Mr. Croft at a later period of his life brings to my mind's eye the figure of an aged man of low stature, but high round back, dressed in a loosely-fitting and well-worn suit of brown cloth, with short breeches, black stockings, and silver-buckled shoes,-an old-fashioned cotton umbrella under his arm,-and his face much begrimed with snuff, which he took in large quantities."

*43 The friend and correspondent of Sterne, the author of " Tristram Shandy."

*44 The late Rev. Joseph Hunter.

(276). 1823, Octr. 21st. The Revr George De' Smeth Kelly, Can. Res., Stonegate, York. Age 63.

In Memory of
The Revd. George Desmeth Kelly M.A.
for 25 years Canon Residentiary of this Cathedral
who departed this life
Octbr. 23rd 1823 aged 63.

On 12 April, 1824, administration of the goods, etc. of the Rev. George De Smeth Kelley, heretofore of the Residentiary, but dying in the parish of St. Michael-le-Belfrey (intestate), was granted to Daniel Goodson Adey (the Rev. Geo. Kelley, the Rev. Hen. Kelley, clerks, Charles Kelley, Catherine and Elizabeth Kelley, spinsters, his sons and daughters, in no wise appearing, and William Kelley and Edward Kelley, his sons, being in parts beyond the seas).

George Desmeth Kelly, clerk, M.A., was licensed to serve the cure of Doncaster, 15 July, 1786. On 29 Nov. 1788, he was collated to the stall of Normanton at Southwell. On 3 Jan. 1789, he was instituted to the vicarage of Featherston, co. York, which he held until his death. On 24 Jan. 1791, he was instituted to the vicarage of Darrington, which he ceded in 1815. On 29 July, 1801, he was collated to the stall of Botevant at York, resigning it 13 April, 1802. On 9 April, 1802, he was instituted to the vicarage of Ampleforth, and collated to that of Silkstone on 26 June, 1804.

(277). 1824, Feby 5th. Margaret Caroline, Countess of Carlisle, of Castle Howard, in the County of York. Aged 70.

The Lady Margaret Caroline, 2nd daughter of Granville Leveson Gower, 1st marquis of Stafford (by his second wife, the lady Louisa Egerton, daughter of Scroope, 1st duke of Bridgewater), married, 22 March, 1770, Frederick, 5th earl of Carlisle, and died 27 Jan. 1824.

(278). 1824, April 2191. The Honble Dorothy Langley, Wykeham Abbey, in the County of York. Age 66.

APRIL 13, 1824



Arms.-Quarterly, 1st and 4th paly of six argent and vert, a canton gules (Langley) ; 2 and 3 or a fess between three crescents gules (Boyn ton) ; impaling Quarterly, 1st and 4 or, fretty azure (Willoughby of Par ham); 2 and 3 vert on two bars or three water bougets sable (Willoughby of Middleton).

Dorothy, eldest daughter of Henry Willoughby, 5th lord Middleton, of Birdsall (by Dorothy, daughter and coheiress of George Cartwright, esq. of Ossington, co. Notts). Born 13 July, 1758, baptized in York Minster 17 Aug. seq.; married at Birdsall, 17 Nov. 1784, Richard Lang ley, esq. of Wykeham Abbey (see No. 271), where she died, without issue, 13 April, 1824.

The following children of the above-mentioned Henry Willoughby and Dorothy, his wife, were baptized in the Minster :-Henry (who succeeded as 6th baron), born 24 April, 1761, bap. 28 May seq. ; Henrietta (after wards countess of Scarborough), born 30 June, 1766, bap. 22 July seq. ; Cassandra, born 1 April, 1770, bap. 9 May seq.

(279). 1824, June 26th. Judith Croft. Aldwark, in the Parish of Saint Cuthbert, in the City of York. Age 78.

Judith, widow of John Croft, esq. (see No. 275), and daughter of Fran cis Bacon, alderman of York, lord mayor in 1764 and 1777 (by his second wife Catherine, daughter of the Rev. John Hildrop, D.D., rector of Wath). Married 16 June, 1774 ; died 17 June, 1824.

(280). 1835, April 18th. Anne Thompson. Fisher-Gate, in the Parish of Saint Lawrence, in the Suburbs of the City of York. Age 88.

Anne Thompson, of York, spinster, the only surviving daughter of the Rev. Richard Thompson, of Kilham (see No. 245), in her will dated 8 Feb., 1825, particularly desires "that my body may be interred as privately as possible in the cathedral church of York, as near my deceased parents as may be, and my name and age, and the time of my death, to be added to the monument erected to their memory. But although I have ordered my funeral to be private, I wish proper attention to be paid to the clergyman and mourners, my intention being to have nothing ostentatious or unbecoming a humble Christian."-She bequeaths five guineas to each of her tenants at Kilham,-twenty-five guineas each to the York County Hospital, the Lunatic Asylum, the Blue Coat School, the Grey Coat School, and the Spinning School in Saint Andrewgate, and ten guineas to the Widows' Hospital in Coliergate.-All her real estate she leaves to her cousin Grace Thompson (lady of the manor of Rufforth, near York) and the Rev. Thomas Jessop of Bilton, whom she appoints residuary legatees and joint executors [Pro. 7 May, 1835]. See No. 237.

(281). 1836, May 30th. Albinia Chaloner. St. Michael, Spurrier-Gate, in the City of York. Age 45. [The last burial in York Minster.]

In her will, dated 12 Nov., 1830, Albinia Chaloner, of Low Ousegate, in the city of York, spinster, desires to "be interred in the Cathedral Church of York, next to my Aunt Mrs. Elizabeth Chaloner (see No. 250), and that a plain Monument be erected to the memory of both by my executor hereinafter named."-All to Marian, wife of Geo. Woodall, of York, woollen-draper.-Said Geo. W. sole exr. [Pro. 11 Feb. 1837.]

The testatrix, who is not named in the pedigree of the Chaloners of Guisborough, in Ord's Cleveland, was probably the daughter of Capt. Edward James Chaloner, of Lincoln, a younger son of William, Chaloner. esq. of Guisborough.

Transcribed from
The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal Vol. I, 1870
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