York parish:


York, War Memorial transcription:

The War Memorial for the men who died in the South African War in 1899 - 1902.

The front of the Memorial (see also Photo)

In Memory Of
The Officers
Non Commissioned Officers and Men
of the Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own
Yorkshire Regiment
Killed in Action or Died of Wounds or Disease
During the South African War
In 1899 - 1902

First Battalion - Killed in Action
2nd Lt.A.C. Neave PrivateH. Johnson
Gr. Sgt.P. Hughes PrivateF. Jones
Gr. Sgt.F. Roberts PrivateW. Mulligan
Sergt.B. Richardson PrivateR. Raw
Sergt.R. Tate PrivateA. Robinson
L?. Sgt.B. Jamieson PrivateW. Rodgers
Corpl.T. Duffy PrivateH. Royston
Corpl.J. Frankland PrivateW. Rushworth
Corpl.J. Kearns PrivateG. Scruton
L.Cpl.W. Dullingham PrivateA. Smith
BandsmanW. Davis PrivateC. Smith
PrivateW. Allen PrivateD. Smith
PrivateG. Birks PrivateJ. Swales
PrivateJ. Brown PrivateT. Trander
PrivateF. Carley PrivateR. Tinkler
PrivateC. Chaplin PrivateT. Turvey
PrivateJ. Clarke PrivateW. Varlow
PrivateC. Coldwell PrivateE. Ward
PrivateJ. Cram PrivateW. Ward
PrivateW. Diplock PrivateJ. Watson
PrivateB. Duffy PrivateJ. Webb
PrivateT. Dunn PrivateJ. Wilkinson
PrivateS. Greetham  
PrivateA. Grigg Died of Wounds
PrivateR. Hardy Sergt.A. Atkinson V.C.
PrivateC. Harrison Drum'rA. Coombs
PrivateJ. Harwood PrivateC. Benson
PrivateD. Horton PrivateJ. Bolton
PrivateE. Horton PrivateA. Bruce
PrivateC. Humphries   

Erected by Their Comrades

The Right hand side of the Memorial (see also Photo)

First Battalion - Died of Disease
Band Sgt.W. Hall PrivateH. Lowe
Corpl.J. Bailey L.Cpl.E. McCardle
Corpl.J. Buxton PrivateH. Marrow
Corpl.D. Smithies PrivateC. Mathews
Corpl.A. Tribe PrivateG. Newton
  PrivateJ. Nixon
L.Cpl.J. McHale PrivateJ. Pattison
L.Cpl.W. Stead PrivateJ. Pease
  PrivateJ. Pinnock
PrivateC. Appleton PrivateR. Portbury
PrivateW. Baines PrivateJ. Pullan
PrivateA. Benson PrivateJ. Purvis
PrivateC. Birmingham PrivateS. Pye
PrivateC. Bryant PrivateA. Rolfe
PrivateJ. Cameron PrivateW. Rose
PrivateG. Carlile PrivateF. Rouse
PrivateJ. Carpenter PrivateW. Simmons
PrivateP. Carroll PrivateJ. Smith
PrivateH. Cavanah PrivateJ. Sollars
Corpl.G. Collings L.Cpl.R. Stanton
PrivateJ. Conroy PrivateJ. Stephenson
PrivateA. Dawson PrivateG. Sullivan
PrivateG. Dibble PrivateW. Sykes
PrivateH. Fitton PrivateW. Tighe
PrivateJ. Cains PrivateC. Trickett
PrivateW. Gibbons PrivateG. Turton
PrivateR. Goodwill PrivateR. Walker
PrivateA. Gosling PrivateH. Webb
PrivateH. Hobson PrivateG. Webster
PrivateF. Horton PrivateR. White
PrivateR. Johnson PrivateA. Wilkinson
PrivateT. Kenny PrivateC. Wilson
PrivateR. Leeming PrivateA. Woollett
PrivateG. Lofthouse PrivateG. Warne

The left hand side of the Memorial (see also Photo)

Third Battalion
Killed in Action Died of Disease
PrivateT. Lancan PrivateF. Blazard
PrivateJ. McHale PrivateT. Bowman
PrivateH. Newton PrivateJ. Butterworth
PrivateO. O'Shaughnessy PrivateM. Cavanagh
PrivateC. Sowerby PrivateC. Currie
  PrivateG. Dunford
  PrivateM. Dunn
Died of Wounds PrivateJ. Elliott
  PrivateG. Fenton
PrivateB. Baggaley PrivateT. Hagan
PrivateT. Burton PrivateT. Holmes
PrivateT. Cafferty PrivateH. Hunt
  PrivateH. Kettlewell
  PrivateJ. Larkin
Died of Disease PrivateA. McDuff
  PrivateD. Mullaney
Gr. Sgt.H. Battye PrivateJ. Murray
Gr. Sgt.C. Stephenson PrivateC. Newman
Sergt.W. Cooper PrivateS. Ogden
Sergt.R. Eclington PrivateE. Perkins
Sergt.H. Lee PrivateW. Preston
Drum'rH. Haines PrivateD. Price
Corpl.W. Kaye PrivateH. Robinson
L.Cpl.W. Chaplin PrivateC. Smith
  PrivateP. Sullivan
PrivateR. Adamson PrivateG. Townes
PrivateA. Allen PrivateT. Watkinson
PrivateH. Arnold PrivateJ. Ward
PrivateH. Ashley PrivateA. Wilson
PrivateE. Behanel PrivateF. Wood

The rear of the Memorial (see also Photo)

Fourth Battalion - 1st and 2nd V. Batallion
Killed in Action Died of Disease
PrivateB. Nash Corpl.A. Stephenson
  PrivateJ. Frost
Died of Disease PrivateJ. Milner
  PrivateE. Outhwaite
Sergt.J. Stevens PrivateA. Sewell
PrivateJ. Ackroyd PrivateJ. Stubbs
PrivateA. Drysdale  
PrivateJ. Flaherty Killed in Action
PrivateP. Hurrell  
PrivateM. Mohan CaptainC.J.H.H. Noble
  Manchester Regt.
First Battalion [Late Yorkshire Regt.]
Died of Disease   
Corpl.J. Naccington   
PrivateH. Brummage   
PrivateA. Giles   
PrivateP. Foley   

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson