York parish:


York, Memorial Plaque transcription:

The Boer War Memorial Plaque in York Minster.

To The Glory of God and to the
Memory of the Following
Officers, N.C.O.'s and Men who Lost
Their Lives Whilst Serving
With the Above Regiment
During the South African War
1899 - 1900 - 1901 and 1902

2nd Battalion
Major H.T. DeChobbs, Captains: T.H. Berney, C. Ryall
Lieut. M.G. Cantor, 2nd Lieut. L.P. Russell

Sergeants Privates Privates Privates
C. Greensmith S. Beresford J. Hall J. Roberts
A. Mountain E. Bradbury W. Hall G. Rodwell
F.H. Poplar W. Brass R. Hambeton E. Rolfe
Lance Sergeant T. Brown J. Hammond A. Rudd
W. Hammond W. Brown J. Harrison A. Russell
Corporals W. Buckle W. Heardy C.B. Ryder
G. Anderson T. Callaghan G. Hemley H. Schulze
M. Barwell W. Chapman R. Hemsley J. Scott
F. Beclow J. Clapham W. Hope A. Sear
J. Gilling H. Clarkson R. Hobson H. Skilliter
T. Hey T. Cooper J. Howett A. Smith
B. Martlew C. Copley J. Hutchinson J. Smith
B. Mostyn J. Cotter M. Hurton W. Smith
J.H. Silcock J. Crosby J. Jackson W. Smith
H. Taylor F. Crosier L. Kelly W.A. Smith
Lance Corporals J. Crowther G.M. Kelly J. Snead
T. Dodd E. Cupitt E. Kershaw W. Stead
W. Fryer M. Curley W. Killarney A. Stevenson
J. Mathers J. Dawson M. Langan P. Stephenson
C.H. Montressor G. Deverson S. Lindley H. Stokes
M. Till A. Dixon J. Loftus T. Taylor
S. Turner H. Dyson W. McGuire G. Thornton
W. Walker J. Dockray H. Marsh G. Thornton
S. Weston M. Flannaghan T. Marshall J. Thornton
H. Whiteley W. Fletcher J. Merry W. Tigell
Drummers A. Foster A. Middleton T. Tobin
H. Russell F. Freele W. Morgan J. Vaughan
Privates W. Cascoigne J. Myers M. Ward
A. Ackroyd W. Gibbs J.W. Newton W. Whitehead
J. Anderson W. Greenwood H. Onslow R. White
R. Atkinson W. Hague F. Owen W. Witten
J. Banks W. Hawksby H. Page W. Wilson
G.D. Bell W. Hayes J.W. Prest L. Wood
J. Benson   P. Redmond  

3rd Battalion

PrivatesJ. MyersJ. TaylorG. Thornton

4th Battalion

Lance Sergeant Privates Privates Privates
W. Hewitt J. Chadwick G. Kitchin W. Shaw
Lance Corporal W. Crooks B. Knight C.W. Thompson
F. Newsome J.W. Fox W. Leigh S. Travis
Privates T. Harran J. Lynch J. Wilson
L. Booth M. Heveran T. McManus J.S. Wilson

Volunteer Service Companies

PrivatesJ.W. AcasterG. JacksonH. Wrigglesworth


Data transcribed by
Haydn Scott.
from photography by Colin Hinson