York Holy Trinity Micklegate parish:


York Holy Trinity Micklegate, Incumbents transcription:

The List of Incumbents in Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate, York.

The Priory Church of the Holy Trinity
Priors of Holy Trinity

No. of
DateName of Prior
1occurs 1100 - 1104Hermarus [Hiemarus]
2before 11 October 1122Martin
3occurs 1130Robert
4resigned 1143Helias Bagnell
5ante 1154 - occurs 1175Philip
6occurs 1200 - 1210Robert
8admitted 1231 - occurs 1237Stephen
9custos 1248W.
10occurs 1252 - 1254Geoffrey
11occurs 1258 - 1263Roger Pepyn
12circa 1263William Wenge
13occurs 1265 - 1273Hamo [Aymo]
14circa 1273Bartholomew
15circa 1273Theobald
16occurs 1276 - 1281Geoffrey de BelloMonte [or Gilbert de Beaumont]
17occurs 1283 - 1304John
18occurs 1307 - 1308Oliver de Sages [or de Cogs]
19occurs 1318 - 1323Geoffrey
20occurs 1327 - 1331Hugh Aulyn
21occurs 1335 - 1338John
22occurs 1341Hugh [or Eudo]
23occurs 1356 - 1363John de Chesiaco
24occurs 1369Peter
25custos 1388Walter Skirlaw [Bishop of Durham]
26post 1291 - post 1341Robert
27appointed 1383 - occurs 1414John de Castello [Eschall or Castell]
28occurs 1435John
29occurs 1449 - 1454John Burn
30occurs 1455William Pykton
311465 - 1467John Parke
32occurs 1473Thomas Darnton
33occurs 1472Robert Huby
341478 - 1503Robert Hallowes
35occurs 1531 - 1538Richard Speght [alias Hudson] - died September 1545 then a Priest in the Parish

Rectors or Vicars
of Holy Trinity
& Vicars of S.Nicholas

No. of
Date of InstitutionName of IncumbentT=Trinity
1occurs 1260Gilbert T
22nd November 1280Jordan BullyN
326th October 1304Gilbert de GaudibusN
425th October 1316Robert de NeubyT
59th March 1320Robert de WayleT
64th August 1330Will de HugateT
77th September 1372Ric. De KillyngsN
8appointed 9th March 1380John TournourT
9appointed 26th June 1380Richard BillyngT
105th December 1408Thomas WyottN
11occurs 1427 - instd 12th June 1430John WyottN
1214th December 1430Ric. LedeoN
13occurs 1453William BemptonN
14post 1579 - ante 1595 ? James Frost ?T
15died 1586Thomas PounderT
161586 - 1604Anthony HartforthT
17occurs 1633 - 1639Henry RogersT
1818th June 1670John BridgesT
1923rd January 1673Humphrey Simpson B.A.T
207th August 1675Mathew Burlley M.A.T
216th August 1681John Thomlinson A.M.T
2216 November 1727 - occurs 1746Richard Mosley A.M.T
2331st July 1754 - occurs 1788Philemon MarshT
24occurs 1788George BrownT
25occurs 1818Thomas FiremanT
2619th September 1822John Baines GrahamT
271860 - 1869Samuel WainwrightT
281869 - 1884John Metcalfe M.A.T
291884 - 1889Edward RookeT
301890 - 1895Wm.Hy. Fraser Bateman M.A.T
311895 - 1910John Solloway B.D.T
321910 - 1927Noel Storrs Fox M.A.T
331927 - 1947Arthur Robert LeeT

Rectors of Holy Trinity
with Saint John's
& Saint Martin's

341947 - 1963Basil Alec Smith
351963 - 1966Charles Robert ForderT
361967 - 1971Laurence William TwelvetreesT
371971 - 1984Harry FallT

Principal Events

741First Church probably built on Roman Foundations
741First Church burnt down
782Second Church [a Basilica] consecrated
1086Second Church mentioned in Domesday under double dedication Ch. Ch. & Holy Fr.
1089Second Church , House of Secular Canons, re-endowed as
Alien Benedictine Priory - Afterwards, Third Church Built
1137Third Church burnt down
1137Fourth Church built
1258Great disturbance at Priory
1294Prior excommunicated
1319Procession & Litany at Priory for success in Scotch War
1388Bp.Walter Skirlaw custodian of Priory
1403Priory exwempted at Alien suppression
1426Priory, hitherto Alien, now naturalized
1453St.Nicholas Tower, the present one, built on West bay of North Aisle of Priory Church
1455St.Nicholas Church appropriated to Priory
1474Thomas Nelson Chantry Founded
1478Prior seeks relief from Duke of Gloucester
1526Tickford Priory, a cell of Trinity Priory given to Cardinal Wolsey
1531Robert Constable became Priory steward
1538Dissolution: Priory surrendered by Prior Richard Speght & 10 Priests.
1543Priory site sold to Sir Leonard Beckwith
1545Last Prior died
1547Thomas Nelson chantry suppressed
1551Central Tower [Campanite] Fell in a storm
1552Bells, Lead, Stone, Glass, given to A.Waade
1566Ex-prioress Isabel Warde conveys Jacobs Well to Feoffees
1569Isabel Warde dies
1585Holy Trinity & S.Nicholas united
1586Church Registers commence
1639Rectory built
1686Effigy of Lucuius Duccius found upon site
1709Church Roof damaged by Violent Blast
1716Church Floor levelled
1722New Vestry built at West End
1723New Font provided
1732Flat and underdrawn ceiling built
1771Dr John Burton Author of Monastican Ebaracense and reputed original
of Dr Slop in Tristram Shandy, buried at Holy Trinity
1781New Weathercock put up
1829West Gallery erected
1850South Aisle Built
1853Dringhouses separated from Trinity Parish
1854Priory Gateway demolished
1865-1870Trinity Ghost rampant
1885Chancel & Vestry built
1894Reredos erected
1897New Rectory built
1898Painted Panels inserted in Reredos
1902-3Church restored. 1) West Wall rebuilt; 2) Tower repaired; 3) Gallery to be removed;
4) Flat Ceiling; 5) Nave Floor Lowered
1903Stained Glass Windows presented. 1) West lancets; 2) Vesica; 3) N & W lancest [tower]; 4) N.E. Nave Window

Data transcribed by
Jack Parry.
from photography by Colin Hinson