York St. Crux Parish Registers - Baptisms 1540-1716.


Transcription of the York St. Crux Registers - Baptisms 1540-1716.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateName(s) and relationship1540
04/01/1540Wm Colyer was bapt. the 4 of Januarye.
12/01/1540John Taylor was bapt. the 12 of Januarye.
28/02/1540Barbara wilkinson, the 28 of February.
21/05/1540Dorathie willan, the 21 of Maye.
26/12/1540James Skott, the 26 of December.
30/12/1540Richard Hollidaye, the 30 of December.
29/03/1540Anno dni Katherin Cooke was bapt. the 29 of March.
20/06/1541Marye Ellwicke the 20 of June.
05/11/1541Wm Tennant the 5 of November.
10/05/1541Peter Best the 10 of Maye.
14/08/1541Thoms Smyth the 14 of August.
25/09/1541Anne Trowtbecke the 25 of September.
18/12/1541Dorothie Taylor the 18 of December.
06/01/1541Alison Cowper the 6 of Januarye.
16/04/1541Anno dni Henrye Lepington was bapt. the 16 of Aprell.
09/07/1542Robt. Storye the ixth of Julye.
27/07/1542Ann Hall the 27 of Julye.
03/08/1542Willm Steelle the 3 of August.
11/08/1542Leonarde Saghill the 11 of August.
19/10/1542Xpofer Thornton the 19 of October.
23/10/1542John Pax the 23 of the same.
23/10/1542Thoms Iles the same daye.
26/10/1542Margarett Jackson the 26 of the same.
10/11/1542Wm Temple the 10 of November.
18/11/1542John ffoster the 18 of November.
25/11/1542Robt. Bolton the 25 of the same.
09/12/1542Thoms welborne the 9 of December.
11/12/1542Elyne Girdler the 11 of the same.
16/02/1542Richard Marson the 16 of Februarye.
13/03/1542Kathoren Buckshew the 13 of Marche.
10/06/1543Edmounde Nelson was bapt. the 10 of June.
23/08/1543Willm Hall the 23 of August.
24/08/1543Peter ffoster the 24 of August.
25/08/1543Margarett Trowtbeck the 25 of the same.
28/08/1543Jane Steelle the 28 of August.
29/08/1543Robt Kaye the 29 of August.
05/09/1543Raulph Olyve the 5 of September.
14/12/1543James Jackson the 14 of December.
15/12/1543Isabell Fowthrope the 15 of December.
20/12/1543Reynold Kilborne the 20 of December.
25/12/1543Alison Foster the 25 of December.
08/03/1543Jane water the 8 of Marche.
24/03/1543Alice Carricke the 24 of March.
23/03/1543Anne Wilkinson the 23 of March.
07/04/1543Anno dni Anthoney Clerke was baptized the 7 of Aprill.
14/04/1544Margarett Thornton the 14 of Aprell.
27/04/1544Katherine Marston the 27 of Aprill.
28/08/1544Marie Beckwth the 28 of August
25/08/1544George Jeffersson the 25 of August.
06/09/1544Anthoney Welborne the 6 of Sept.
20/09/1544Wm Watson the 20 of September.
21/09/1544Robte Water the 21 of September.
30/09/1544Alison Kilborne the 30 of September.
10/11/1544Margarett Browne the 10 of November.
14/11/1544Peter Porter the 14 of November.
21/11/1544John Lyon the 21 of November.
05/12/1544Elizabeth Allen the 5 of December.
21/03/1544Anne Weddell the 21 of Marche.
24/03/1544Jane Buckshawe the 24 of March.
28/03/1544Anno dni James Steelle was bapt. the 28 of Marche
02/04/1545Alice Thornton the 2 of Aprill.
04/04/1545Bartholomew Clerke the 4 of Aprill.
23/04/1545Edmounde Lulley the 23 of Aprill.
03/09/1545Thoms Harison the 3 of September.
25/10/1545John Willson the 25 of October
26/10/1545John Phillipps the 26 of October.
27/10/1545Wm Hewerley the 27 of October.
25/11/1545John Robeson the 25 of November.
27/11/1545Jenett Darbie the 27 of November.
24/12/1545Wilim Tomson the 24 of December.
25/12/1545Isabell Wadsworth the 25 of December.
27/12/1545Elyne Dent the 27 of December.
28/12/1545Margarett Brande the 28 of December.
09/03/1545Elizabeth Sadler the ixth of March.
08/04/1545Anno dni Gilbert Burden was bapt. the viijth of Aprill.
23/05/1546Jenett Nolson the 23 of Maye.
24/05/1546John Beckwth the 24 of Maye.
02/06/1546Jane Foster the 2 of June.
16/06/1546Isabell Marston the 16 of June.
20/07/1546Leonarde Barnarde the 20 of Julye.
28/07/1546Wilim Pearson the 28 of Julye.
08/08/1546Raulph Greneburye the 8 of August.
11/08/1546Jane Biggen the xith of August.
18/08/1546Margarett Clerke the 18 of August.
06/09/1546Elizabeth Bowler the vith of September.
14/09/1546Isabell Thornton the 14 of September.
10/10/1546Jennett Greneburye the 10 of October.
28/11/1546John Thomson the 28 of November.
12/12/1546Anne Jackson the 12 of December.
09/03/1546Thoms Cowper the 9 of Marche.
16/03/1546Edmound Sawthorpe the 16 of Marche.
20/03/1546Willm Sugden the 20 of Marche.
07/04/1547Agnes Sander was bapt. the 7 of Aprille.
19/04/1547Richard Browne the 19 of Aprell.
03/05/1547Anne Clayton the 3 of May.
14/05/1547Jennett Locksmyth 14 of May.
04/06/1547Jennett Hill the 4 of June.
26/07/1547James Boyes the 26 of Julye.
28/08/1547Willm Gamle the 28 of August.
28/05/1547Agnes Garnett the same day.
04/01/1547Robt Horner the 4 of Januarye.
18/03/1547Emmott Marston the 18 of March.
09/03/1547Willm Biggin the z9 of Marche.
20/03/1547Thoms Moorr the 20 of Marche.
10/04/1548Edmound Swadon was bapt. the 10 of Aprill.
12/04/1548Richard Greneburye the 12 of Aprill.
16/06/1548Ursela Ellwick the 16 of June.
19/07/1548Fraunce Cowper the 19 of Julye.
30/07/1548Oswald Thornton the 30 of July.
16/08/1548Katheryn Lullye the 16 of August.
06/09/1548Nicholas Boye the 6 of Septemb.
15/12/1548James Fowthorpe the 15 of December.
30/12/1548Robt Fawdon the 30 of December.
20/02/1548George Weddell the xx of February.
20/02/1548James Newbie the 20 of Febr.
28/02/1548Thoms Browne the 28 of Febr.
16/03/1548Anne Cleyton the 16 of March.
12/05/1550Alice Porter was bapt. the 12 of Maye.
16/05/1550Robt Byggyn the 16 of Maye.
09/07/1550Tristram Buckshawe the 9 of Julye.
20/11/1550Willm Gryneburye the 20 of November.
12/12/1550Mawde Best the 12 of December.
12/03/1550Isabell Marston the 12 of Marche.
18/06/1551Alice Beckwith was bapt. the xviii of June.
26/06/1551Humfray Hall the 26 of June.
27/06/1551George Watson the 27 of June.
19/07/1551Elizabeth Mason the 19 of Julye.
16/08/1551Thomas Fawdon the 16 of August.
02/09/1551Elizabeth Sutton the 2 of September.
01/09/1551Leonarde Grineburye the 1 of September.
25/09/1551James Bowsvell the 25 of September.
02/10/1551George Foster the 2 of October.
13/10/1551Thoms Horner the 13 of October.
30/12/1551John Harper the 30 of December.
22/02/1551John Marston the 22 of February.
16/03/1551George Fowthorpe the 16 of March.
24/03/1551Anne Weddell the 24th of March.
16/04/1553Margarett Garnett was bapt. the 16 of Aprill.
06/05/1553Willm Weddell the 6 of Maye.
20/05/1553Willm Burden the 20 of Maye.
23/05/1553Thoms Foster the 23 of Maye.
29/07/1553James Jackson the 29 of Julye.
20/08/1553Edmounde Steille the 20 of August.
09/11/1553Robt Lulley the 9 of November.
11/12/1553Willm Newbie the xith of December.
15/12/1553Richard Greneburye the 15 of December.
25/02/1553John Thorneton the 25 of Februarie.
14/03/1553Elizabeth Beck the 14 of Marche.
09/04/1554Thoms Harbart was bapt. the 9 of Aprill.
06/05/1554Agnes Fowthorpe the 6 of Maye.
25/05/1554Willm Jackson the 25 of Maye.
25/08/1554Marie Beckwth the 25 of August.
04/09/1554Willm Sutton the 4 of Sept.
10/11/1554Willm Watson the 10 of November.
30/12/1554Ursela Horner the 30 of December.
11/01/1554George Marshall the 11 of Januarye.
20/01/1554Alice Gamle the 20 of Januarie.
13/02/1554Robt Skaife the 13 of Februarye.
06/03/1554Xpofer Watson the 6 of March.
09/03/1554Alice Harbart the 9 of March.
07/04/1555Elizabeth Marshall was bapt. the 7 of Aprill.
04/05/1555Willm Fardyn the 4 of Maye.
20/05/1555Alize Tayler the 20 of Maye.
27/07/1555John Bettson the 27 of Julye.
28/09/1555Robt Dyer the 28 of Sept.
12/11/1555Thoms Best the 12 of November.
20/05/1556Thomas Grineburie was bapt. the 20 of May.
29/05/1556Thoms Newbie the 29 of Maye.
23/06/1556Fraunces Skaif the 23 of June.
23/06/1556Margarett Beckwth the 23 of June.
25/08/1556Robt Watson the 25 of August.
28/08/1556John Iley the 28 of August.
29/08/1556Thoms Johnson the 29 of August.
29/08/1556Margarett Belt the same daye.
03/10/1556Alice Burden the third daye of October.
04/10/1556Robt Halle the 4 of the same.
06/10/1556Richard Harbart the 6 of October.
19/09/1556Gamell the Sonne of gamle the 19 of Sept.
18/01/1556James Farden the 18 of Januarye.
11/02/1556Richard mshall the xith of Februarye.
13/02/1556Edmund Ramsey the 13 of Februarye.
09/04/1557Xpofer Aish was bapt. the 9 of Aprille.
17/04/1557John Robinson the 17 of April.
09/05/1557Whim Bell the 9 of Maye.
17/06/1557Alice Beckwth the 17 of June.
26/06/1557Mylley Becke the 26 of June.
29/06/1557Peter Almond the 29 of June.
16/08/1557John Burden the 16 of August.
23/08/1557George Weddell the 23 of August.
11/09/1557Garrard Hall the xith of Sept.
01/10/1557Isabee Johnson the first of October.
15/10/1557Alice Ramsey the 15 of October.
30/10/1557John Bell the 30 of October.
19/02/1557James Horner xixth of Februarye.
20/02/1557Margarett Water the 20 of Februarye.
21/02/1557Jane Thorneton the 21 of Feb.
26/05/1558Christofer Johnson was bapt. the 26 of Maye.
16/05/1558Margarett Watson the 16 of May.
20/05/1558Phillipe Watson the 20 of May.
27/08/1558Isabell Hewett the 27 of August.
16/02/1558Anne Broodes the 16 of Februarye.
20/02/1558Frannces Burden the xxth of Febr.
26/02/1558Isall Bowman the 26 of Februarye.
23/04/1559Edward Harbart was bapt. the 23 of Aprill.
19/05/1559Leonard Fowthorpp the 19 of Maye.
29/05/1559Isabell Beckwth the 29 of Maye.
29/06/1559Robt Wright the 29 of June.
06/07/1559Agnes Beck the 6 of Julye.
08/09/1559Elizabeth Robinson the 8 of September.
28/10/1559John Fowler the 28 of October.
03/01/1559Alice Wright the 3 of Januarye.
01/02/1559John Granger the first of Februarye.
13/02/1559John Robinson the 13 of Februarye.
09/04/1560Nichas Thornton was bapt. the ixth of Aprill.
10/07/1560Thomas Birkebie the xth of Julye.
20/08/1560Willm Marshall the xxth of August.
25/03/1561Thomas Halle was bapt. the 25 of Marche.
28/03/1561Isabell Tyndall the 28 of Marche.
30/04/1561Isabell wilkinson the 30 of Aprill.
04/06/1561Thomsen watson the 4 of June.
12/07/1561Jennett Asquyth the 12 of Julye.
17/07/1561Thoms Beckwth the 17 of Julye.
04/08/1561Kathoren Greneburie the 4 of August.
09/09/1561Susanna Beckwth the ixth of September.
20/08/1561Bettresse Burden the 20 of August.
25/10/1561James Lammabie the 25 of October.
28/10/1561Elizabeth Watson the 28 of Octobr.
02/11/1561John Hewitt the 2 of November.
29/11/1561Thomsen Shawe 29 of November.
03/01/1561Wilim Wright the 3 of Januarie.
19/03/1561James Harbart the 19 of Marche.
21/03/1561Elizabeth Robinson the 21 of Marche.
26/03/1562Elizabeth Bell was bapt. the 26 of Marche.
03/04/1562Alice Aplebie the 3 of Aprill.
19/04/1562Willm Granger the 19 of Aprill.
24/07/1562Margarett Horner the 24 of Julye.
30/07/1562Alice Nicolson the 30 of Julye.
15/08/1562Robt Wilkinson the 15 of August.
19/09/1562Alice Emotson the 19 of Sept.
20/09/1562Jennett Fell the 20 of Sept.
09/10/1562James Crosbie the 9 of October.
27/10/1562Elizabeth Nicolson the 27 of October.
28/10/1562Myllyan Chaise the 28 of October.
19/12/1562Thoms Heslewood the 19 of Decembr.
08/01/1562Frannces Newbey the 8 of Januarye.
15/01/1562Millisent Rakes the 15 of Januarye.
17/01/1562Elizabeth Rippyner the xviith of Januarye.
23/02/1562Anne Grineburye the 23 of Februarye.
30/04/1564Willm Robinson was bapt. the xxxth of Aprill.
01/05/1564Millyan Wright the first of Maye.
08/05/1564Nicholas Johnson the 8 of Maye.
14/05/1564Willm Garth the xiiiith of Maye.
02/07/1564Wilim Shaw the 2 of Julye.
25/07/1564Millian Birkbie the 25 of Julye.
09/09/1564Xpofer Johnson the ixth of Sept.
18/09/1564Elizabeth Asquyth the 18 of Septemb.
20/09/1564Frances Grymshawe the 20 of Sept.
25/09/1564Elysse Bowman the xxv of Sept.
22/01/1564Xpofer Wright the 22 of Januarye.
01/02/1564Margarett Watson the first of Februarye.
26/02/1564Jennett Beckwth the 26 of Februarye.
18/03/1564Isabell Murton the xviiith of March.
30/03/1565Marie Nicholson was bapt. the 30 of March.
19/04/1565Bettresse Granger the 19 of Aprill.
25/04/1565Agnes Emotson the 25 of April.
19/05/1565Agnes Crosbie the 19 of Maye.
27/05/1565Frannces Haslewood the 27 of Maye.
03/06/1565Richard Banden the 3 of June.
17/06/1565Elizabeth Nycholson the 17 of June.
20/07/1565Xpofer Garth the 20 of Julye.
22/07/1565John Tyndall the 22 of Julye.
24/08/1565Elizabeth Harbart the 24 of August.
06/07/1566Thoms Chanse was bapt. the 6 of Julye.
10/07/1566Elizabeth Clauson the 10 of Julye.
12/07/1566Alice Heslewood the 12 of Julye.
08/09/1566Mary Rayckes the 8 of Septem.
20/09/1566Marie Harbart the 20 of September.
28/10/1566Alice Wilkinson the 28 of October.
24/11/1566Thoms Wright the xxiiii of Novemb.
28/11/1566Julyan Bowman the 28 of Novemb.
15/03/1566Dorothie Nicolson the 15 of March.
15/04/1567Isabell Smyth was bapt. the 15 of Aprill.
14/07/1567Katheren Temple the 14 of Julye.
28/07/1567Nicholas Criplinge the 28 of Julie.
10/08/1567Thomas Robinson the xth of August.
29/10/1567Isabell Wilson the 29 of October.
01/11/1567Xpofer Wright the first of November.
03/11/1567Robt Wilkingson the 3 of November.
24/12/1567Elizabeth Chayse the 24 of December.
28/12/1567Robt Asquyth the 28 of December.
01/01/1567George Noble the first of Januarye.
06/04/1568Thomas Tyndall was bapt. the 6 of Aprill.
13/04/1568Clara Burden the 13 of Aprill.
19/04/1568Margarett Mason the 19 of Aprill.
25/04/1568John Iley the 25 of Aprill.
04/07/1568Willm Newbie the 4 of Julye.
01/08/1568Henry Marshall the first of August.
04/08/1568Jenett Marshall the 4 of August.
15/08/1568Marie Wraith the xvth of August.
24/08/1568Bartholomew Fell the 24 of August.
10/10/1568John Watson the 10 of October.
24/10/1568Jennett Robinson the 24 of October.
07/11/1568Willm Bowman the 7 of November.
30/11/1568Marie Banister the 30 of November.
19/12/1568Isabell Burrell the 19 of December.
09/01/1568Willm Harbart the 9 of Januarie.
16/01/1568Elizabeth Asquyth the 16 of Januarye.
23/01/1568Beniamyn Black the 23 of Januarye.
30/01/1568Jennett Haslewood the 30 of Januarye.
20/03/1568Renold Noble the 20 of Marche.
20/04/1569Jennett Tyndall was bapt. 20 of Aprill.
08/05/1569Alice Wright the 8 of Maye.
30/05/1569Xpofer Iley the 30 of Maye.
25/06/1569Elizabeth Playce the 25 of June.
28/06/1569Elyne Criplinge the 28 of June.
10/07/1569Thoms Nicollson the 10 of Julye.
28/07/1569Fraunces Wilkinson the 28 of Julye.
20/08/1569John Wright the 20 of August.
02/10/1569James Raickes the 2 of October.
16/10/1569Isabell marshall the 16 of October.
13/11/1569Jane Birkbey the 13 of November.
28/11/1569Jenett Willson the xxviii of November.
25/02/1569Richard Clark the xxvth of February.
12/03/1569Adam Sadler the xij of Marche.
15/03/1569Edward Robinson the 15 of Marche.
18/03/1569James Banister the 18 of Marche.
03/04/1570Katherin Burden was bapt. the thirde of Aprill.
15/04/1570Katherin Garth the 15 of Aprill.
30/04/1570Katherin Asquythe the 30 of April.
14/05/1570Katherin Mason the 14 of Maye.
28/06/1570John Iley the 28 of June.
11/10/1570Xpofer Haslewood the 11 of October.
29/10/1570Willm Best the 29 of October.
05/11/1570John Nicollson the vth of November.
15/12/1570Mawde Tyndall the 15 of December.
21/12/1570Alice Playce the 21 of December.
14/01/1570Willm Wilkinson the 14 of Januarye.
16/01/1570Alice Newbie the 16 of Januarye.
20/01/1570Frannces marshall the 20 of Januarye.
01/05/1571Margarett Noble was bapt. the first daie of Maye.
27/05/1571Jenett fell the 27 of Maye.
17/07/1571Xpofer Axilbie the 17 of Julye.
18/07/1571George Robinson the 18 of Julye.
20/07/1571Raulph Asquyth the 20 of Julie.
22/07/1571Xpofer Harbart the 22 of Julie.
25/07/1571Jane Chapman the 25 of Julie.
12/08/1571Jane Wright the 12 of August.
19/08/1571Alice Willson the 19 of August.
20/08/1571Isable Mason the 20 of August.
02/09/1571Robt Criplinge the 2 of September.
09/09/1571Willm Iley the 9 of Sept.
01/11/1571James Best the first of November.
25/11/1571Willm Harison the 25 of November.
20/01/1571Robt Vause the 20 of Januarie.
17/02/1571Xpofer Tyndall the 17 of Febr.
09/03/1571Elizabeth Garth the 9 of Marche.
13/03/1571Alice haslewood the 13 of Marche.
29/03/1572Agnes Marshall was bapt. the 29 of Marche.
22/05/1572Edward Johnson the 22 of Maye.
24/05/1572Elizab. wright the 24 of Maye.
01/06/1572John Fell the first of June.
08/06/1572Willm Banister the 8 of June.
27/07/1572Richard Bowman the 27 of Julye.
03/08/1572Edith Robinson the 3 of August.
07/08/1572John Burdon the viith of August.
17/08/1572Anne Berkebie the 17 of August.
22/08/1572Fraunces wright the 22 of August.
01/11/1572Robt Chapman the 1 day of November.
23/11/1572George Exelbie the 23 of November.
11/12/1572Thoms Asquyth the xith of December.
09/01/1572Richard Robson the ix of Januarye.
14/03/1572Marye Mason the 14 of Marche.
28/03/1573John Heslewood was bapt. the 28 of Marche.
02/08/1573Peter Newbie the 2 of August.
09/08/1573Leonard Robenson the ixth of August.
16/08/1573Elizabeth Robinson the xvith of August.
18/08/1573Jennett wright the 18 of August.
12/10/1573Leonard Vawse the 12 of October.
13/10/1573Marie Taylor the 13 of October.
22/10/1573Robt wright the 22 of October.
01/11/1573Elizabeth Maltbie the 1 of November.
15/11/1573Elizabeth Melkinbie the 15 of November.
29/11/1573John Marshall the 29 of November.
06/12/1573Elizabeth Jorden the 6 of December.
10/02/1573Thoms Water the 10 of Februarye.
12/03/1573Alice Best the xiith of Marche.
13/03/1573Willm IIey the xiiith of Marche.
04/04/1574Thoms Mason was bapt. the 4 of Aprill.
06/04/1574Richard Garth the 6 of Aprill.
25/04/1574Andrew Heslewood the 25 of Aprill.
27/04/1574Isable wilkinson the 27 of Aprill.
27/06/1574Alice Belt the 27 of June.
30/08/1574Stephen Johnson the 30 of August.
19/09/1574Allen Noble the 19 of September.
22/10/1574John Birkbie the 22 of October.
27/10/1574Agnes Bell the 27 of October.
07/11/1574Xpofer Tomson the 7 of November.
14/11/1574Willm Asquyth the 14 of November.
19/11/1574(blotted) Robinson the 19 of November.
14/01/1574....fe Burell the 14 of Januarye.
02/02/1574Marye Wright the seconde of Februarye
11/03/1574Thomas Exelbie the 11 of Marche.
18/03/1574Xpofer Maltbie the 18 of Marche.
31/03/1575George Asquyth was bapt. the 31 of Marche.
29/05/1575Thoms Wilkinson the 29 of Maye.
28/06/1575Anne Hemsley the 28 of June.
08/08/1575Wilim Robinson the 8 of August.
20/08/1575Leonard Gumsbie the 20 of August.
20/09/1575Robt Taylor the 20 of September.
09/10/1575Thoms Hemsworth the 9 of October.
18/10/1575Nichas Chapman the 18 of October.
20/10/1575Robt Iley the 20 of October.
29/12/1575Agnes Newbie the 29 of December.
30/12/1575Edith Newbie the 30 of December.
06/01/1575Willm Newbie the 6 of Januarye.
26/01/1575Paule Heslewoode the 26 of Januarye.
22/02/1575Robt Belte the 22 of Februarye.
29/04/1576Emanuell Wilkinson was bapt. the 29 of Aprill.
06/05/1576Jenett Asquethe the 6 of Maye.
26/05/1576Isabell Exelbie the 26 of Maye.
18/06/1576Brigitt Wilkinson the 18 of June.
24/06/1576Margerye Parsavell the 24 of June.
28/06/1576Thoms Garth the 28 of June.
02/08/1576Elizabeth Marshall the 2 of August.
11/08/1576Margarett Wright the 11 of August.
12/08/1576Ellene Belt the xiith of August.
26/08/1576Willm Wright the 26 of August.
11/09/1576Thomas Mason the xith of September.
20/10/1576Thoms Taylor the 20 of October.
10/11/1576Elizabeth Hemsley the 10 of November.
11/11/1576Elizabeth Wilkinson the 11 of November.
18/11/1576Elizabeth Wood the 18 of November.
06/01/1576Alice Lidster the 6 of Januarye.
11/01/1576Edwarde Gibson the 11 of Januarye.
01/02/1576Peter Newbie the first of Februarye.
11/02/1576Fraunces Best the 11 of Februarye.
04/03/1576Nichas Brusey the 4 of Marche.
08/03/1576John Jorden the 8 of Marche.
14/04/1577Alice Robinson was bapt. the 14 of Aprill.
30/06/1577Peter Heslewoode the 30 of June.
21/07/1577John Webster the 21 of Julye.
26/07/1577Edith Tomson the 26 of Julye.
30/07/1577Elizabeth Exelbie the 30 of Julye.
23/08/1577Margarett Iley the 23 of August.
13/09/1577Xpofer Taylor the 13 of September.
18/09/1577Marye Belt the 18 of September.
21/09/1577Christofer Askwith, sonne to Mr Thomas Askwith, was baptized the 21 of September 1577 (at foot of preceding folio).
30/10/1577Ursela Mettcalf the 30 of October.
12/12/1577Herculus Lullye the 12 of December.
20/01/1577Elizabeth Chapman the 20 of Januarye.
11/02/1577Marie Marshall the xith of Februarye.
20/02/1577Myells Hemsley the 20 of Februarye.
13/03/1577Marye Garnett the 13 of Marche.
14/03/1577Samuell Persevall the 14 of Marche.
06/04/1578Robt Lidster was bapt. the 6 of Aprill.
01/05/1578Phillipp Asqueth the first of Maye.
18/07/1578Jenett Wright the 18 of Julye.
03/08/1578John Colyer the 3 of August.
30/08/1578Robt Mason the 30 of August.
01/09/1578Jenett Wilkinson the first of September.
02/09/1578Myrvall Exilbie the second of September.
06/09/1578Thomas Rygall the vith of September.
01/10/1578Elizabeth Metcalf the first of October.
20/10/1578Michaell Webster the 20 of October.
02/01/1578Elizabeth Belt the 2 of Januarye.
18/01/1578Edith Garth the 18 of Januarye.
19/01/1578Marye garth the 19 of Januarye.
28/01/1578Xpofer Dawtrye the 28 of Januarye.
09/02/1578Anne Wood the 9 of Februarye.
14/03/1578Godfry de Lullye the 14 of March.
29/04/1579Elizabeth Ileye was bapt. the 29 of Aprill.
08/06/1579Margarett Hemsley the 8 of June.
18/06/1579Elizabeth Taylor the 18 of June.
10/07/1579John Otland the 10 of Julye.
30/07/1579Rout Jackman the 30 of Julye.
30/10/1579Symon Exilbie the 30 of October.
18/11/1579Arthur Asquyth the 18 of November.
29/11/1579Arthur Wilkinson the 29 of November.
04/12/1579James Newbie the 4 of December.
09/04/1580Sara Belt was bapt. the 9 of Aprill.
13/05/1580Alice Asquythe the 13 of Maye.
13/05/1580Robt Tomson, the sonne of Jo. Tomson, the same day.
04/07/1580Edith Taylor the 4 of Julye.
09/07/1580Wm Hemsley the 9 of Julye.
27/07/1580Edwarde Mason the 27 of Julye.
06/08/1580John Dune the 6 of August.
26/08/1580Isabell Kidson the 26 of August.
02/10/1580Frannces Wright the 2 of October.
03/05/1580Edith Dougie the 3 of Maye.
17/12/1580Wilim Harbert the 17 of December.
25/12/1580Edwarde Robinson the 25 of December.
27/12/1580Elizabethe Parsavell the 27 of December.
28/12/1580Margrett Maltbie the 28 of December.
12/03/1580Elizabeth Lulley the 12 of Marche.
28/03/1581Dorothye Preston was bapt. the 28 of Marche.
07/04/1581Mary Woode the viith of Aprill.
10/07/1581Elizabeth northe the 10 of Julye.
17/07/1581Robt Nycollson the 17 of Julye.
27/07/1581Wm Myars the 27 of Julye.
24/07/1581Elizabeth Teward the 24 of July.
16/08/1581Marie Harison the 16 of August.
21/08/1581Elizabethe Dawtrye the 21 of August.
22/08/1581Bettresse Weddell the 22 of August.
04/09/1581Anne Garth the 4 of September.
17/09/1581Marie Chapman the xviith of September.
11/10/1581Edward Curey the 11 of October.
12/10/1581Urseley Exilbie the 12 of October.
23/11/1581Marye Harbert the 23 of November.
07/01/1581Jane Metcalfe the viith of Januarye.
21/02/1581Oswald dent the 21 of Februarye.
26/02/1581Richard Bedame the 26 of Februarye.
04/03/1581Margarett Marshall the 4 of Marche.
27/03/1582Willm Belte was bapt. the 27 of Marche.
08/04/1582Jane Lunne the 8 of Aprill.
23/04/1582George Newbie the 23 of Aprill.
28/04/1582Marie Maltbie the 28 of Aprill.
22/05/1582John Sadler the 22 of Maye.
12/06/1582Isabell Newbie the 12 of June.
06/07/1582Margarett Hemsley the 6 of July.
02/09/1582Wilim Woode the 2 of September.
12/09/1582Ellen Tomson the 12 of Sept.
21/09/1582Anne Tebbe the 21 of Sept.
23/10/1582Thoms Willson the 23 of October.
28/10/1582Robt Harison the 28 of October.
12/11/1582Thomasen Asquith the 12 of Novemb.
04/12/1582Henrie dune the 4 of December.
10/12/1582John Taylor the xth of December.
11/12/1582Isabell Dargie the xith of December.
21/12/1582Anne Teward the 21 of December.
26/12/1582Isna North the xxvith of December.
02/02/1582Henrye Willson the 2 of Februarye.
25/02/1582Mathew Bowlinge the 25 of Februarie.
27/02/1582Thoms Mason the 27 of February-e.
13/04/1583Margarett Lulley was bapt. 13 of Aprill.
10/05/1583Jane Batchler the 10 of Maye.
30/05/1583Leonard Metcalf the 30 of Maye.
09/06/1583John Weddell the ixth of June.
15/06/1583Garthred Myars the 15 of June.
18/06/1583Xpofer Harbert the 18 of June.
09/08/1583Ursela Byggins the 9 of August.
13/08/1583Marye Ewersley the 13 of August.
02/09/1583George Maltbie the 2 of September.
13/09/1583Jane Currey the 13 of September.
19/09/1583Barbara Hamsley the 19 of Sept.
06/11/1583Elizabeth Taylor the 6 of Novemb.
23/11/1583Robt Lovell the 23 of November.
27/12/1583Thoms Sadler the 27 of December.
03/02/1583John Smithe the 3 of Februarye.
07/05/1583Margaret Maye the 7 of Februarye.
01/03/1583Richard Chapman the first of Marche.
23/03/1583Richarde Tebbe the 23 of Marche.
08/04/1584Marye Gibson was bapt. the 8 of Aprill.
18/04/1584John North the 18 of Aprill.
21/04/1584Peter Wilson the 21 of Aprill.
12/05/1584Leonard Collyer the 12 of Maye.
01/06/1584Ellene Rushe the first of June.
17/06/1584Robt Dawtrye the 17 of June.
17/06/1584Ursela Wright the same daye.
01/07/1584Jane Belt the first of Julye.
07/07/1584Fraunces Newbie the 7 of Julye.
23/08/1584Willm Yewersley the 23 of August.
29/08/1584Thoms Newbie the 29 of August.
03/09/1584Thoms Harison the 3 of September.
25/10/1584John Wilson the 25 of October.
15/11/1584John Phillipps the 15 of November.
24/11/1584Willm Hewerdlye the 24 of November.
27/11/1584Jenett Dawbie the 27 of November.
28/11/1584Isabell Wadsworth the 28 of November.
24/12/1584Margarett Brande the 24 of December.
16/02/1584Wilim Tomson the xvith of Februarye.
19/03/1584Leonard Weddell the 19 of Marche.
22/03/1584Elizabeth Sadler the 22 of Marche.
25/03/1585Elizabeth Sawrey was bapt. the 25 of Marche.
25/06/1585Isabell Wyley the 25 of June.
02/07/1585Agnes Lulley the 2 of Julye.
21/07/1585Robt Lidster the 21 of Julye.
23/07/1585Mathew Tirrey the 23 of Julye.
28/07/1585Thoms Lowell the 28 of Julye.
30/07/1585Elizabeth wood the 30 of Julye.
02/09/1585Marie Myers the 2 of September.
10/09/1585Thoms Anison the 10 of Sept.
16/09/1585John Tattersall the 16 of Sept.
03/10/1585John Graston the thirde of October.
08/10/1585Marie waddsworth the 8 of October.
14/10/1585Xpofer Metcalf the 14 of October.
17/10/1585Edward Harison the 17 of October.
14/05/1585Anne Maye the 14 of November.
14/12/1585Isabell Burden the 14 of December.
30/12/1585Isabell north the 30 of December.
13/01/1585Elizabeth Paycocke the 13 of Januarye.
14/01/1585George K. the 14 of January.
16/01/1585Marye davie the 16 of Januarye.
12/02/1585Jane Tewarde the 12 of Februarye.
30/03/1586John Wright, fil. Ro Wright, was bapt. the 30 of Marche.
06/04/1586Thoms Lovell, fil. Tho. the 6 of Aprill.
12/04/1586Thoms Robinson, fil. Richard, the 12 of April.
17/04/1586Anne Steelle the 17 of April.
13/06/1586Alice Lidster, fil. of Robt, the 13 of June.
14/06/1586Robt Wiseman, fil. Robt the 14 of June.
09/07/1586George Grenebury, fil. Leonard the 9 of Julie.
03/08/1586RoBt Wilye the thirde of August.
21/08/1586Margarett Region, fil. Robt. the 21 of August.
21/09/1586Anne Brande, fil. Wils. the 21 of September.
30/09/1586John Bettson the 30 of Sept.
12/12/1586Dorothie Hey the xii of December.
21/12/1586Thoms Harbart, fil. Tho. the 21 of December.
01/01/1586Jane Hudson, fil. Robt. the first of Januarye.
12/01/1586Thoms Sadler the 12 of Januarye.
16/01/1586George dawtrye, fil. Tho. the 16 of Januarye.
06/03/1586John darke, fil. Edward the 6 of Marche.
21/03/1586Anne Willson, fil. Ed., the 21 of Marche.
29/03/1587Anne Newbie, fil. John. was bapt. the 29 of Marche.
04/04/1587Willm Lovell, fil. Tho., the 4 of April.
02/05/1587Marye maye the second of Maye.
06/05/1587Henrye Weddell the 6 of Maye.
09/05/1587Robt Marshall the 9 of Maye.
10/05/1587Bryan Wadsworth the 10 of Maye.
23/05/1587Thoms Biggen the 23 of Maye.
25/05/1587Elizabeth Diricke the 25 of Maye.
12/06/1587Alice Holme the 12 of June.
20/06/1587John Newbie the 20 of June.
02/07/1587Anne Peycocke the 2 of Julye.
14/07/1587Jane Wiseman the 14 of Julye.
16/07/1587Willm Cowper the 16 of Julye.
18/08/1587Grace Lovell the 18 of August.
17/09/1587Alice Ewardley the 17 of Sept.
05/11/1587Elizabeth Criplyn the 5 of November.
23/11/1587Anne Alenthwaite the 23 of November.
30/11/1587Andrew Harbart the 30 of November.
03/12/1587Thomasen Currey the 3 of December.
26/12/1587Steven Granger the 26 of December.
08/03/1587Isabell Sadler the 8 of Marche.
16/03/1587Mathew Chapman the 16 of Marche.
20/03/1587Emott Sadler the 20 of Marche.
28/03/1588Myllysent Wyllife was bapt. the 28 of Marche.
07/04/1588Hester Watson the 7 of Aprill.
13/04/1588Robt Atkinson the 13 of Aprill.
11/05/1588Isabell Lovell, fil. Tho. the 11 of Maye.
16/05/1588Wilim Harison, fil. Robt. the 16 of Maye.
20/05/1588Alice Tomson, fil. Jo. the xxth of Maye.
24/05/1588Alice Vawse, fil. Antho., the 24 of Maye.
29/05/1588Wilim Bettsson, fil. Egidii, the 29 of Maye.
02/06/1588Robt Myares, fil. Robt, the 2 of June.
06/07/1588Thomason Chapman the 6 of Julye.
07/07/1588Willm Lulley the 7 of Julye.
26/07/1588Thoms Wisman, fils. Robt, the 26 of Julye.
02/08/1588Robt Thornton the seconde of August.
24/09/1588Thoms Wilson the 24 of Sept.
26/09/1588Alice Weddell the 26 of Septembr
27/09/1588Elizabeth May the 27 of September.
28/09/1588Isabell dawtrye the 28 of Septemb.
12/12/1588Marye Sawrey the 12 of December.
28/12/1588Leonard Belt the xxviii of December.
18/01/1588John Siggsworth the 18 of Januarie.
20/02/1588Elizabeth Brande the 20 of Februarye.
01/03/1588Isabell darge the first of Marche.
21/03/1588Xpofer wyley the 21 of Marche.
18/04/1589Robt Metcalf was bapt. the 18 of Aprill.
25/04/1589Ursela woode the 25 of Aprill.
01/05/1589Leonard Headlam the first of Maye.
18/05/1589John Wilson the 18 of Maye.
22/05/1589Thoms Playce the 22 of Maye.
25/05/1589Elizabeth Tebb the 25 of Maye.
28/05/1589Wm Adamthwaite the 28 of Maye.
03/07/1589Ellene Sadler the 3 of Julye.
10/07/1589Robt Newbie the 10 of Julye.
14/07/1589Jane Atkinson the 14 of Julye.
22/07/1589Robt Vawse the 22 of Julye.
12/08/1589Robt Lulley the 12 of August.
11/09/1589Xpofer Mayson the 11 of September.
08/10/1589John Heye the 8 of October.
19/10/1589Isabell hodgeson the 19 of October.
26/10/1589Wilim Currey the 26 of October.
10/12/1589John Newbie the xth of December.
17/12/1589Wm Herbert fil. Ric. the 17 of December.
12/01/1589Robt Weddell the 12 of Januarye.
02/02/1589James Sawrey the 2 of Februarye.
12/02/1589John Rakes the xiith of Februarye.
13/02/1589Willm Lidster the 13 of Februarye.
03/03/1589Millysent Sigsworth the 3 of March.
20/03/1589Thomas fell the 20 of March.
31/03/1590Edwarde Gryneburye was bapt. the 31 of Marche.
15/04/1590Richarde Wright the xvth of April.
21/04/1590Richarde Rigall the 21 of Aprill.
23/04/1590Thoms wiseman the 23 of April.
01/04/1590Phillipp Brande the first of Aprill.
12/06/1590Thoms Davie the 12 of June.
17/06/1590Ralph wyley the 17 of June.
23/06/1590Richard Bettson the 23 of June.
28/07/1590Anne Turner the 28 of Julye.
07/08/1590Margarett Sadler the 7 of August.
18/08/1590John Granger the xviiith of August.
02/08/1590Ursela Harbart the second of August.
21/01/1590Alice Chapman the 21 of Januarye.
23/01/1590Anne Munde the 23 of Januarye.
10/02/1590Thoms Myars, fil. Robt the 10 of Februarye.
10/03/1590Willm Sigswith the xth of Marche.
18/03/1590Alice Vawse the 18 of Marche.
21/03/1590Thoms Karre the 21 of Marche.
18/04/1591Dorothie Fell was bapt. the 18 of Aprill.
28/04/1591Anne Avyson the 28 of Aprill.
01/05/1591Frannces Gryneburye the first of Maye.
27/05/1591Thoms Metcalf the 27 of Maye.
27/06/1591Anne Tomson the 27 of June.
02/08/1591Elizabeth Turner the 2 of August.
11/09/1591Margarett Harbart the 11 of Sept.
15/10/1591Willm Playce the 15 of October.
18/11/1591Elizabeth Darge the 18 of Novemb.
30/01/1591Wilim Currye the 30 of Januarie.
19/02/1591Alice Barge the xixth of Februarye.
01/03/1591John Sadler the first of March.
02/03/1591Robt Bryttain, fil. Tristram, the 2 of March.
03/03/1591Jane Wiley, M. Ralf, the 3 of March.
14/05/1591Isabell Maye the 14 of Marche.
15/03/1591Marie Leaper the 15 of Marche.
17/03/1591Robt Watson the 17 of Marche.
22/03/1591Robt Cowper the 22 of Marche.
03/04/1592Xpofer Fisher was bapt. the 3 of Aprill.
09/04/1592Anne Beane the 9 of Aprill.
28/04/1592John Mudd the 28 of Aprill.
05/06/1592Elizabeth Gryneburye the 5 of June.
20/06/1592James Jewetson the 20 of June.
24/06/1592Bryan Newbie the 24 of June.
30/06/1592Thoms Adamthwait the 30 of June.
15/07/1592Thoms Carre the 15 of Julye.
23/07/1592Marye Myars the 23 of Julye.
29/07/1592James Harbart the 29 of Julye.
30/07/1592Henrye Lulley the 30 of Julye.
06/08/1592George Turner the 6 of August.
26/08/1592Jane Jefferson the 26 of August.
07/11/1592Frannces Cook the 7 of Novemb.
15/11/1592Elizabeth Harbert the 15 of November.
07/12/1592Nicholas Lidster the seventh of December.
24/12/1592John Fell the 24 of December.
26/12/1592John Dawtrye the 26 of December.
30/12/1592Nicholas Granger the 30 of December.
14/01/1592Anne Sowrey the 14 of Januarye.
18/01/1592Nichas Avyson the 18 of Januarye.
29/01/1592Anthonye Webster the 29 of Januarye.
05/02/1592Katheryn Sowrey the 5 of Februarye.
24/02/1592Thoms Steelle the 24 of Februarye.
07/04/1593Willm May was bapt. the 7 of Aprill.
18/04/1593Henry Vause the 18 of Aprill.
18/04/1593Margarett Blande the same daye.
23/04/1593John Tomson the 23 of Aprill.
30/04/1593Margarett Fountayne 30 of Aprill.
08/06/1593Thoms Weddell the 8 of June.
10/07/1593Elizabeth Myars the 10 of Julye.
29/07/1593Willm Bryttan the 29 of Julye.
01/08/1593Anne Plowman the first of August.
03/08/1593Robt Sigsworth the thirde of August.
11/09/1593Elyne Heye the xith of September.
12/09/1593Xpofer Wiseman the 12 of September.
15/09/1593Thoms Mudd the 15 of September.
21/10/1593Isabell Bayne the 21 of October.
16/11/1593Anne Watson the 16 of November.
30/01/1593Frannces Greneburye the 30 of Januarie.
10/02/1593A child of Xpofer Cowper the 10 of Februarye.
21/02/1593Edwarde Darge the 21 of Februarye.
27/02/1593John Davie the 27 of Februarye.
02/03/1593Frannces Metcalf the 2 of Marche.
16/03/1593Thomas Fell the 16 of Marche.
23/03/1593Leonard Playce the 23 of Marche.
18/04/1594Water Clerke was bapt. the 18 of Aprill.
18/05/1594Anne Newbie the 18 of Maye.
30/05/1594John Maye the 30 of Maye.
08/06/1594Henrye Harbert the 8 of June.
24/06/1594Anne Plummer the 24 of June.
07/07/1594Robt Wilson the 7 of Julye.
20/07/1594Rosymude Nobell the 20 of Julye.
20/07/1594Anne Jefferson the same daye.
12/08/1594Willm, the sonne of Anthonye Webster, the 12 of August.
24/08/1594Jane and Dorothe Leaper the 24 of August.
26/09/1594Xpofer Harbert, fil. Ric., the 26 of September.
30/09/1594Alice Sigsworth, fil. Antho., the 30 of Sept.
03/10/1594Alice Boyes, fil. Ja., the 3 of October.
10/10/1594Isabell Cooke, fil. of Wm. 10 of October.
27/10/1594Marye Dawtrey, fil. Tho. the 27 of October.
26/11/1594John Jaque, fil. Jo. the 26 of November
30/11/1594Marye Watson, fil. Jo., the 30 of November.
06/12/1594Willm Walker, fil. Ric. the 6 of December.
27/12/1594Johan Colyer, fil. Elynor, 27 of Decemb. being base borne.
31/12/1594Leonarde Sowrey, fil. Jaco., the 31 of December.
03/01/1594Isabell Tompson, fil. Wm. the 3 of Januarye.
18/01/1594Kathoren Bayne, fil. Rout, the 18 of Januarye.
02/03/1594Stephen Wiseman, fil. Robt, the 2 of Marche.
16/05/1595Alice Harison, fil. Rout, was bapt. the 16 of Maye.
21/05/1595Willm Turner, fil. Edwa. the 21 of Maye.
24/05/1595Ralph Wyley, fil. Ra. the 24 of Maye.
24/06/1595Elizabeth Croft, fil. Gre. the 24 of June.
03/07/1595Grace Cowper, fil. Xpo., the 3 of Julye.
22/07/1595Willm, the sonne of Wm Jefferson, the 22 of Julye.
10/08/1595Elizabeth Harbart, fil. Mri Tho., the 10 of August.
20/09/1595John Inneman, fil. Tho., the 20 of September.
21/09/1595Anne Mudd, fil. Henrye, the 21 of September.
24/09/1595John Darke, fil. Edwa., the 24 of September.
02/12/1595Anne Dawtrey, fil. Tho. the 2 of December.
30/12/1595Edmound Walker, fil. Ric., the 30 of December.
07/01/1595Willm Noble, fil. Geo., the 7 of Januarye.
10/01/1595Thoms Watson, fil. John, the 10 of Januarye.
11/01/1595Margarett Wilson, fil. Rici., the 11 of Januarye.
20/01/1595Anne Walker, fil. Ro., the 20 of Januarye.
28/01/1595Alice Webster, fil. Antho., the 28 of Januarie.
10/02/1595Willm Greneburye, fil. Leo., the 10 of Februarye.
04/03/1595Marie Bland, fil. Law, the 4 of Marche.
11/03/1595Thoms Clarke, fil. Ric., the xi of Marche.
12/03/1595Thoms Cowlinge, fil. Wm. the 12 of Marche.
06/04/1596Henry Brasington, fil. Bar., was bapt. the 6 of Aprill.
09/04/1596Robt Granger, fil. Jo. the 9 of Aprill.
24/04/1596George Fell, fil. Bar., the 24 of April.
06/06/1596Willm Jaque, fil. John, the 6 of June.
07/07/1596Ursela Harbert, fil. Rici., the 7 of July.
18/07/1596Thoms Criplyn, the sonne of Nic., the 18 of Julye.
19/07/1596Willm Tomlynson, fil. Jo., the 19 of Julye.
30/07/1596Thoms Cowper, fil. Xpofer, the 30 of Julye.
03/08/1596Rout Vawse, fil. An., the 3 of August.
26/08/1596Mawdlyn Wilson, fil. of Geo., the 26 of August.
09/10/1596Jacobus Turner, fil. Edwa. the 9 of October.
10/10/1596Robt Woodwarth, fil. Lance., the 10 of October.
20/10/1596John Geldard, fil. Rici., the 20 of October.
25/11/1596Jane Bayne, fil. Robt, the 25 of November.
14/01/1596Jane Fountayne, fil. Bryan, the 14 of January.
20/01/1596Marie Banister, fil. Wm. the 20 of Januarye.
25/01/1596Willm Dawtrye, fil. Tho. 25 of Januarye.
03/02/1596Marye Ellys, fil. Xpo. the 3 of Februarye.
10/02/1596James Weddell, fil. Ro., the 10 of Februarye.
23/03/1596Xpofer Darke, fil. Edwa., the 23 of Marche.
04/04/1597Katherin Tomson, fil. Wm. was bapt. the 4 of Aprill.
07/04/1597Elizabeth Watson, fil. Jo., the 7 of Aprill.
19/04/1597Thoms Couke, fil. Wm. the 19 of Aprill.
17/05/1597Elizabeth Pleace, fil. Leo., 17 of May.
08/07/1597Sara & Rose Cowling, fil. Wm. the 8 of July.
13/06/1597Elizabeth Wiley, fil. Ralph, the xiiith of June.
03/08/1597Marie Willson. fil. Rid. the 3 of August.
03/09/1597Marie Croft, fil. Gregory, the 3 of September.
28/09/1597Willm Tomlenson, fil. John, the xxviiith of Sept.
01/10/1597Thoms & Lawrence Inman, fil. Tho., 1 of October.
22/10/1597Nicholas Granger, fil. John, the 22 of October.
04/11/1597Edward Clarke, fil. Rici., the 4 of November.
14/01/1597Mathew Hasellwoode, fil. Jane, the 14 of Januarye.
08/02/1597Thomas Walker, fil. Bryant, the 8 of Februarye.
13/02/1597Katherin Banister, fil. Wm. the 13 of Februarye.
15/02/1597Tymothea Mudd, fil. Henrici, the 15 of Februarye.
15/03/1597Robt Wilson, fil. Tho. the 15 of Marche.
13/05/1598Fraunces, fil. Edward Turner, was bapt. the 13 of Maye.
25/05/1598Marie, fil. John Morgan, the 25 of May.
23/06/1598Johan, fil. Leonard Greneburie, 23 of June.
10/08/1598John, fil. Robt Bayne, the 10 of August.
27/09/1598George, fil. John Watson, the 27 of Septemb.
16/10/1598(blank) fil. Thomas Davie, the 16 of October.
25/05/1598Sara, fil. Thorns Maye, the 25 of October.
03/11/1598Elizabeth, fil. Anthoney Webster, the 3 of November.
12/11/1598Anne, fil. Thomas Inman, 12 of November.
26/11/1598Bettres, fil. Bartho. Brasington, 26 of Novemb.
28/11/1598Robt, fil. Xpofer Cooper, the 28 of November.
25/12/1598Stephen, fil. Ric. Geldard, the 25 of December.
20/02/1598Elizabeth, fil. Lawrenc. Rawden, the 20 of Februarii.
03/03/1598Frauncis, fil. Ric. Walker, the 3 of March.
16/04/1599Ann Fewster, fil. Nicholas fewster, bapt. the 16 of Aprill.
16/05/1599Robart Horner, fil. York Horner, ye 16 of May.
19/06/1599Robart Thompson, fil. William Thompson, the 19 of June.
23/06/1599Frauncis Clarke and Joane Clarke, daughters of Richard Clarke, ye xxiiith of June.
02/08/1599William Morden, the sonne of John Morden, the second of August.
12/08/1599Sara Wilson, the daughter of Richard Wilsone, the xiith of Auguste.
13/08/1599William Jeffersonne, the sonne of William Jeffersone, the xiiith of August.
14/08/1599Tace Browne, the daughter of John Browne, the xiiiith of August.
25/09/1599Isabell Mudd, the daughter of finery Mudd, the xxv of September.
12/12/1599Alice, the daughter of John Stanley, the xiith day of December.
07/01/1599Elzabethe, the dawghter of Robt Chapman, the seventh of Jenevary
11/01/1599Sara, the daughter of Thomas Burton, the xi daye Jenevary.
29/01/1599Janne, the daughter of John Necolis, the last day of Jenevary.
08/02/1599Robt, the sonne of John Graunger, the viiith of February.
08/03/1599Mary, the daughter of Lanard Grenbury, the viii of March.
11/03/1599Marye, the daughter of Robt, Smyth the 11 of March.
28/03/1600Mary the daughter of Thomas Watson, the 28 of March.
13/04/1600Elizabethe, the daughter of Richrd Gealdard, the 13 of Aprell.
25/05/1600Katteran Horner, fill of York Horner, the 25 of Maye.
02/06/1600George may, fill of Thomas may, the second of June.
21/06/1600Mary Raden, fill of Lawranc Rawden, the xxi of June.
06/07/1600Mary Turner, fill of Edward Turner, the 6 of July.
24/07/1600Agnes Wilson, fill of Richard Wilson, the xxiiii of July.
30/08/1600John Davie, fill of Thomas Davie, the xxxth of Auguste.
06/08/1600Alce Brassington, fill of Bartellmew Brassington, the 6 of Aug.
28/08/1600Robat Bene, fill of Rout Benne, the 28 of Auguste.
30/08/1600John Tebb, fill of Richard Teb, the last day of August.
07/09/1600John Walker, fill of Bryan Walker, the 7 of Sept.
08/10/1600Richard Robinson, fil. of Anthony Robinson, the 8 of October.
16/10/1600Ralf Cupper, fill of Cirste Cupper, the 16 of October.
13/11/1600Mary Busfelld, fill of Cirste Busfeld, the 13 of November.
24/12/1600Thomas Mud, fill of Henry Mud, the 24 of December.
20/01/1600Alce Browne, fill of John Brown, the xx of Jenevary.
27/02/1600Patten Lenge, fill of Wm Leng, the 27 of February.
06/04/1601Richard Jaques, fill of John Jaques, was bapt. the 6 of Aprell.
15/04/1601Richard Gealdart, the sonn of Richard Galdart, the 15 of Aprell.
10/08/1601Katteran Teshton, fill of John Tishton, the x of Auguste.
19/08/1601Agnes Gill, fill of Wm Gill, the 19 of Auguste.
31/09/1601Katteran Wilson, fill of Richard Wilson, the last day of Sept.
29/10/1601Elzabeth Askwth, fill of Georg Askwth, the 29 of October.
05/11/1601Wm Fuster, fill of Necolles Fuster, the 5 of November.
07/11/1601Elizabethe Turner, fill of Edward Turner, the vii of November.
22/11/1601Robt May, fill of Thomas May, the 22 of November.
21/12/1601Wm Robinson, fill of Wm Robinson, the 21 of December.
29/01/1601Thomas Burton, fill of Thomas Burton, the 29 of Jenevary.
03/02/1601Mary Brassington, fill of Bartholmew Brassington, the third of February.
07/02/1601Richard Mud, fill of Henry Mud, the 7 of February.
08/02/1601Ursalie Bland, fill of Lawranc Bland, the 8 of February.
09/02/1601Katteran Webster, fill of Anthony Webster, the 9 February.
18/03/1601Robart Arkingdall, fill of Robt Arkingdall, the 18 of Marche.
18/03/1601Wm Horner, fill of York Horner, the 18 of Marche.
01/04/1602Wm Wright, fill of Fraunces Wright, was bapt. the first of Aprell.
06/04/1602Ester Wilson, fill Thomas Wilson, the 6 of Aprell.
08/04/1602Alce Morden, fill John Morden, the 8 of Aprell.
12/04/1602Wm. the son of John Necolson, the 12 of Aprell.
10/06/1602Wm. the son of Richard Tibb, the 10 of June.
22/06/1602John, the sonn of Robt Been, the 22 of June.
27/07/1602Jane, the dawghter of Richard Walker, the 27 of July.
11/08/1602Elizabeth, the dawghter of Richard Gould, the 11 of August.
16/09/1602John the son of John Stanley, the 16 of Sept.
24/09/1602Jane, the fill of John Tomlingson, the 24 of Sept.
16/11/1602(blank), fill of Wm Prudenc, the 16 of November.
21/12/1602Ursalle, fill of Lenard Grenbury, the 21 of December.
12/01/1602Fathe, the fill of Richard Gool, the xii of Jenevary.
13/01/1602Esabell, fill of John Brown, the 13 of Jenevary.
28/01/1602Agnes, fill of Thomas Davison, the 28 of Jenevary.
30/01/1602Thomas, fill of Thomas Smythe, the 30 of Jenevary.
31/02/1602Marthea, fill of Henry Hoyll, the last day of February.
06/03/1602(blank) fill Wm Robinson, the 6 of Marche.
25/06/1603Robt, the sonne of John Jaquys, was bapt. the 25 of June.
07/07/1603Agnes, the daughter of John Grannger, the 7 of July.
21/07/1603Richard, the sonne of Thomas Henmand, the 21 of July.
29/08/1603Margery, fill of John Gamble, the 29 of Auguste.
03/09/1603Agnes, fill John Tishton, the 3 of September.
24/09/1603Richard, fill of John Chapman, the 24 of Sept.
27/10/1603Betters, fill of Willm Lulley, the xxviith of October.
20/11/1603Edwarde, fill of Anthony Webster, the xx of November.
04/12/1603Agnes, fill of Willm Burrelskales, the fourthe of December.
13/12/1603Phelop, the sonn of Robart Smythe, the 13 of December.
01/01/1603Ales, fill of John Chapman yonger, the firste of Jenevary.
10/01/1603Necoles, fill Richard Teeb, the 10 of Jenevary.
18/02/1603Janie, fill Thomas Dawtrey, the 18 of February.
01/03/1603Jane, fill of Willm Geell, the firste of Marche.
17/03/1603John, fill of Robart Beane, the 17 of Marche.
20/03/1603Richard, fill of Richard Harbart, the xxth Marche.
26/03/1604George, fill of Willm Prudenc was bapt. the 26 of Marche.
07/04/1604Jane, fill. of Richard Geldart, the vii of Aprell.
17/04/1604Robte, fill of Necoles Fuster, the 17 of Aprell.
18/08/1604Leanard, fill of Wm Winterborn, the 18 of Auguste.
11/01/1604Wm. the sonn to Thomas Davy, 11 of Jenevary.
28/01/1604Edithe Hutcheson the 28 of Jenevary.
17/02/1604Robartt Womerslay, son to Rychard Womerslay, the 17 of February.
01/03/1604Anne, the doughter to Samuell Percevell, the firste of Marche.
12/03/1604Wm Lullay, sonn to Wm Lullay, the 12 of March.
18/04/1605Wm Davison was baptysed the 18 of Aprell.
29/04/1605Ann, the daughter Robert Elles, the 29 of Aprell.
29/08/1605Caterane, the doughter of Thomas Prat, the 29 of August.
06/10/1605Sayra, the dawghter of John Taiston, the 6 of October.
27/10/1605John, the sonne of Robart Smythe, the 27 of October.
28/10/1605Symond, the sonne of Rychard Gooll, the 28 of October.
01/11/1605Edward, the sonne of Raphe Dosse, the fyrste of November.
01/11/1605Alice, the daughter of Henry Wood, the fyrst of November.
17/11/1605Robart, the sonne of Bryane Walker, the 17 of November.
26/11/1605John, the sonne of Mr Wm Boynson, the 26 of November.
13/12/1605Thomas, the sone to Thomas Jewetson, the 13 December.
21/01/1605Marye, the doughter of Necolas Emerson, the 21 of Jenevary.
13/02/1605Thomas, the sonne of Rychard Walker, the 13 of February.
20/02/1605Alice, the dawghter of Bartellmewe Braslenton, the 20 of February.
22/02/1605Dorrote, the daughter of Roger Spanton, the 22 of February.
08/03/1605Mayry, the doughter Raphe Peckerynge, the 8 of Marche.
25/05/1606George, the sone to Rychard Bryand, was baptysed the 25 day of May.
27/05/1606Wm. the sonne of Thomas Murton, the 27 day of May.
05/06/1606Margrett Lamton, the doughter of Robartt Lamton, the 5 of June.
19/06/1606Marye Wynterburne, the doughter of Wm Wynterburne, the 19 of June.
21/07/1606Thomas Ryegell, the sonne of Jhon Regell, the 21 day of July.
05/08/1606Robart Askeqthe, the sonne of George Askequithe, the 5 of August.
17/08/1606Saray, the doughter of Thomas Hodgeson, the 17 day of August.
21/08/1606Faathe, the doughter of Henry Brytton, the 21 day of August.
11/09/1606Janne Berye, the doughter to Wm Berye, the 11 of September.
11/09/1606Frances, the doughter of Rychard Jacson, the 11 of September.
23/09/1606Marye, the doughter of Necolasse Fustar, the 23 of September.
07/10/1606Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Vause, the 7 daye of October.
10/10/1606Janne, the doughter of Rychard Biggen, the 10 day of October.
19/10/1606Ellen, the doughter of Rychard Jackson, the 19 day of October.
27/10/1606Margrett, the doughter of James Garbart, the 27 of October.
04/11/1606Thomas, the sonne to Maister Christopher Herbert, esquier, the 4 of November.
31/11/1606Janne, the doughter of Wm Hucheson, the last day of November.
31/11/1606Robart, the soone of Raphe Doosse, the last day of November.
09/12/1606Joudethe, the doughter of Robart Maman, the 9 day of December.
03/01/1606marye, the doughter of Lenard Grenebury, the 3 of Jenevary.
04/01/1606Anne, the doughter of Jhon Tesheton, the 4 of Jenuary.
15/01/1606Janne, the doughter of Thomas Jewetson the younger, the 15 of Jenevary.
21/01/1606Joseph, the Sonne of John Jaques, the 21 of Jenuary.
08/02/1606Raphe, the sonne to Rychard Willa the younger, the 8 day of February.
18/02/1606James, the sonne and Anne the doughter to Thomas Inman, was baptysed the 18 of February.
08/03/1606Rachell, the doughter to Wm Gill, the 8 daye of Marche.
29/03/1607Robart, the soane to Lowerance Rawdon, was baptysed the 29 day of Marche.
21/04/1607margreatt, the doughter of Jhon Weddell, the 21 day of Aprell.
22/04/1607George, the sonne to John Warde, the 22 day of Aprell.
29/04/1607Grayce, the doughter to Wm Robynson, the 29 of Aprell.
08/05/1607Anne, the doughter of Rychard Walker, the 8 day of Maye.
26/05/1607Elizabethe, the doughter of Raphe Pecekeryng, the 26 of Maye.
24/07/1607Janne, the doughter of Wm Stevenson, the 24 day of July.
05/08/1607Francyse, the doughter of Robartt Naylor, the 5 of August
07/08/1607Katteran, the doughter to James Rakes, the 7 day of August.
22/08/1607Allan, the sonne to Henry Bretton, the 22 day of August.
15/09/1607Janne, the daughter of Thomas Huntres, the 15 day of September.
20/09/1607George, the sonne of Frances Hardy, the 20 day of September.
12/10/1607Lowerance, the sonne of Thomas Jelay, the 12 day of October.
27/10/1607Edmond, the sonne of Robartt Smythe, the 27 day of October.
31/10/1607Thomas, the sonne of Chrystopher Hudlees, the 31 day of October.
10/12/1607Thomas, the sonne of Lanclott Mylner, the 10 day of Desember.
13/12/1607Ruthe, the doughter of Thomas Robinson, the 13 day of Desember.
17/12/1607John, the sonn of James Garbartt, the 17 day of Desember.
22/12/1607Thomas, the sone of Bryane Walker, the 22 day of Desember.
01/01/1607Judethe, the doughter of Jhon Tesheton, the fyrst of Jenuary.
17/02/1607Chrystopher Dosse was baptysed the 17 day of Febry.
25/02/1607Thomas, the sonne to Thomas Willsonne, the 25 day of February.
25/02/1607Jayen, the doughter of Thomas Wryghtson, the 25 day of February.
27/02/1607Robartt, the sonne of Thomas Vausse, the 27 day of February.
30/03/1608Grace, the doughter of Thomas Murton, was baptysed the 30 day of Marche.
15/04/1608Betteresse, the daughter Samuell Parcavell, the 15 day of Aprell.
17/04/1608Couthbart, the sone of Christopher Joye, the 17 day of Aprell.
19/04/1608Marye, the doughter of Christopher Asquithe, the 19 day of Aprell.
24/04/1608George, the sonne of Rychard Gott, the 24 day of Aprell.
24/04/1608Ellynge, the dovghter of Edward blande, the 24 day of Aprell.
13/05/1608Thomas, the sonne of Necolas Emerson, the 13 day of Maye.
19/05/1608Janne, the doughter of necolase Fuster, the 19 day of Maye.
19/06/1608Em, the doughter of Wm Heweson, the 19 of June.
23/06/1608Marye, the doughter of Rychard Jacson, the tayeler, the 23 day of June.
28/06/1608Mayery, the doughter of George Askquithe, the 28 day of June.
09/08/1608Elsabethe, the doughter of Rychard bauderston, the 9 day of August.
26/08/1608Anne, the doughter of John weddell, the 26 day of August.
27/10/1608Rychard, the sonn of martyne lowerance, 27 of October.
27/10/1608Alce, the doughter of wm waite, 27 of October.
30/10/1608Onslay, the dowghter of Rychard byginge, 30 October.
13/11/1608Alce, the doughter of John ward, 13 November.
13/11/1608marget, the doughter of James Raickes, the 13 day of November.
06/12/1608Wm. the sonne of Raphe Pekeryng, 6 Desember.
13/12/1608Robart, the sonne of Robart nayeler, 13 December.
30/12/1608Sayra, the doughter of Rychard bouthe, 30 December.
03/01/1608Thomas, the sonne of thomas hodgesonne, 3 Jenuary.
05/01/1608Thomas, the sonne of Robart mamon, the 5 of Jenuary.
19/01/1608Rychard, the sonne of Rychard Geldard, 19 of Jenuary.
01/02/1608Mayry, the daughter of Wm stevenson, fyrst Februy.
10/02/1608Mayry, the doughter of thomas enman, the 10 of Februy.
19/02/1608Wm. the sonne of James symson, 19 of Februy.
19/02/1608Melecin, the doughter of thomas Jewetson the younger, the 19 of February.
31/03/1609Josias, the sonne of Roger Bellwoode, was baptised the xxxi day of Marche.
11/06/1609Mayery, the doughter of Thomas Barrett, the 11 day of June.
13/06/1609Alice, the doughter of lenard webster, 13 of June.
30/07/1609Elsabethe, the doughter of Rychard Walker, the 30 day of July.
03/08/1609Janne, the doughter of Rychard smythe, the 3 day of August.
06/08/1609Thomas, the sonne of John Regell, 6 day of August.
07/09/1609Anne, the daughter of henry brettayne, the 7th day of September.
15/09/1609Alce, the doughter of Robart Geldert, the 15th of September.
22/09/1609Susannay, the daughter of Wm Robinson, the younger, 22th day of September.
28/09/1609Mayry, the doughter of Thomas wilson, the 28th of September.
01/10/1609betterys, the doughter of James Garbart, the fyrst day of October.
03/10/1609betterys, the doughter of Wm Gill, the 3 day of October.
11/10/1609Rychard, the sonne of Robart smythe, the 11 of October.
23/11/1609Wm. the sonne of George Askquithe, the 23 November.
08/11/1609Janne, the doughter of John weddell, the 8 November.
10/01/1609Edward, the sonne of Rauphe Peckerynge, 10 of Jenuary.
31/01/1609Robart, the sonne of Thomas smyddyes, the 31 of Jenuary.
17/03/1609Marmadooke Rawdune was baptised the 17 of Marche.
19/03/1609Elesabethe, the doughter of Raphe Dosse, 19 of Marche.
01/04/1610Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Robinson, the fyrst of Aprell.
01/04/1610Mayry, the doughter of James Rayckes, the fyrst of Aprell.
10/04/1610margrett, the daughter of Robart Cryplynge, 10 Aprell.
17/04/1610Edward, the sone of Thomas Hodgesone, the 17 of Aprell.
18/05/1610Anne, the daughter of John Tesheton, the 18 of May.
20/05/1610Abigaell, daughter of Thomas Murton, 20th of May.
03/06/1610Edwarde, sonne of Robt Naylor, the 3 of June.
09/06/1610Elsebeth, the daughter of William Stevenson, the 9 of June.
09/06/1610Nathaniell, the sonne of Roger Bellwoode, personne of this church, was baptized the 9 of June.
16/08/1610Betteres, the doughter martyn lowerance, the 16 August.
31/09/1610Marye, the doughter of Robart Geldard, the last day of September.
05/10/1610Wm. the sonne of Christopher Joye, the 5 of October.
12/10/1610John, the sonne of John Warde, the 12 of October.
19/10/1610Margerye, the doughter of Thomas Ilaye, 19 October.
28/10/1610Henry, the sonne of Thomas Barrett, the 28 of October.
05/11/1610Millecent, the doughter of Rychard Bawderstone, 5 of November.
19/11/1610John, the sonne of Chrystopher Askequithe, the 19 of November.
20/11/1610Marye, the daughter of John bellwood, the 20 of November.
26/11/1610Janie, the doughter of Robart Maman, the 26 November.
03/12/1610Jewedeth, the doughter of Wm Hucheson, 3 December.
05/12/1610Androwe, the sonne to Robart Smythe, the 5 December.
21/12/1610James, the sonne to Leanard Webster, the 21 December.
06/01/1610Leonard, the sonne to Rychard Walker, the 6 of Jenuary.
30/01/1610Rychard, the sonne of Thomas Huntryes, the 30 day of Jenuary.
06/02/1610Wm. the sonne of Samuell Persavell, the 6 of February.
06/03/1610Edward, the sonne of John Weddell, the 6 of Marche.
31/03/1611Edward, the sonne of Thomas Hinman, bapt. the 31 of Marche.
18/04/1611Edward, the sonne of Thomas Jewetson the younger, the 18 of Aprell.
28/04/1611Betteris, the daughter of Rychard Goott, the 28 day of Aprell.
01/05/1611Phellup, the sonne of Necolas Emersonne, the fyrst May.
25/05/1611Edward, the sonne of Thomas Robinson, the 25 of May.
26/06/1611Elsabeth, the daughter of George Askquithe, the 26 of June.
21/08/1611Anne, the daughter of Rychard Byggine, the 21 of August.
23/08/1611John, the sonne of Thomas Willsonne, the 23 of August.
02/09/1611Anne, the daughter of Rycherd Boyth, the 2 of September.
10/09/1611Rychard, the sonne of Robart Geldard, the 10 of September.
20/09/1611Gressell, the daughter of Robart Creyplynge, 20 September.
23/09/1611Henry, the sonne of John Regell, the 23 September.
25/11/1611Mayry, the daughter of Thomas Ilay, 25 November.
25/11/1611Elsibeth, the daughter of Henry Brytton, the 25 November.
10/12/1611Sarah, the daughter of Roger Bellwoode, ye xth day of December.
02/01/1611Abbagell, the doughter of John Ward, the 2 day of Jenuary.
04/01/1611Roger, the sonne Martine Lowerance, the iiii day of Jenuary.
13/01/1611Wm. the sonne of Raphe Dosse, the 13 day of Jenuary.
30/01/1611Robart, the sonne of Robart Maman, the 30 day of Jenuary.
16/02/1611John, the sonne of James Garbart, the 16 day of February.
25/02/1611Mathy, the sonne of John Tesheton, 25 February.
13/03/1611Robart Graye, the sonne of Wm Graye, the 13 day of Marche.
08/04/1612Aleice, the daughter of Rychard Walker, was bapt. the 8 of Aprell.
27/05/1612Edward, the sonne of Rychard Smythe, the 27 of May.
11/06/1612Margret, the daughter of Nycolas Dobeson, the 11 of June.
24/07/1612Robert, the sonne of Richarde Gotte, ye 24 of July.
29/07/1612Roger, the sonne of Thomas Hodgesone, ye 29 of July.
02/08/1612John, the sonne of Thomas Murton, ye 2 August.
19/08/1612Betteres, the daughter of Edward Warrenell, 19 August.
25/09/1612Ellynge, the doughter of Chrystopher Butler, the 25 of September.
07/10/1612Mayry, the daughter Thomas Barrett, the 7 day of October.
15/10/1612Ellynge, the daughter of Wm Fell, the 15 of October.
17/10/1612Joseaph, the sonne of Thomas Wilson, the 17 of October.
30/10/1612George, the sonne of Thomas Huntres, the 30 of October.
03/11/1612Wm. the sonne of Wm Stevenson, the 3 of November.
26/11/1612Edward, the sonne of John Regell, 26 of November.
14/12/1612Thomas, the sonne, and Mary, daughter of Chrystopher Asquithe, babtysed 14 December.
21/12/1612Thomas, the sonne of Roger Bellwoode, 21 December.
24/12/1612Henry, the sonne of Thomas Jewetson, 24 of December.
01/02/1612Wm. the sonne of John Warde, the fyrst of February.
14/02/1612Anne, the daughter of Thomas Hinman, the 14 of February.
23/02/1612Katheran, the daughter of Edwarde Kaley Febr. 23.
23/02/1612Elsibeth, ye daughter of Willm Gray Febr. 23.
13/03/1612Edward, the sonne of Rychard Bawtherstone, the 13 of Marche.
18/03/1612James, the sonne of martyn Lowerance, the 18 of Marche.
22/03/1612Lydia, the daughter of Thomas Smithe, the 22 of Marche.
13/07/1613Elsabeth, the daughter of George neweby, was bapt. the 13 of July.
05/08/1613Anne, the daughter of necolas Dobbeson, the 5 of August.
11/08/1613Lowrance, the sonne of Jhon Tsheton, the 11 of August.
02/09/1613Ellynge, the doughter of Jhon Heye, the 2 of September.
03/09/1613Chrystopher, the sonne of Chrystopher Harbart, the 3 of September.
25/09/1613Marye, the daughter of Thomas davye the younger, the 25 of September.
01/10/1613Mychehell, the sonne of Robart Smythe, the fyrst of October.
02/10/1613Necolas, the sonne of Hewe Storye, the 2 of October.
20/10/1613Wm. the sonne of Thomas Robinson, 20 of October.
21/11/1613John, the sonne of Wm Gill, the 21 of November.
22/11/1613Franses, the daughter of Henry brettan, the 22 of November.
23/01/1613Rychard, the soone of Rychard bouthe, the 23 day of Jenuary.
27/01/1613John, the sonne of Robart Maman, the 27 day of Jenuary.
27/02/1613Robart, the sonne of Robart Myares the younger, the 27 of February.
07/04/1614Thomas, the Soone of John Watson the Jewener, was baptysed the 7 day of Aprell.
26/05/1614Anne, the daughter of Thomas Huntres, the 26 day of May.
05/06/1614Janne, the daughter of Thomas Ilay, the 5 day of June.
31/07/1614Janne the daughter of Martyne Lowerance, the 31 day of July.
28/08/1614Essabell, the daughter of Thomas Jewetson the younger, the 28 of Aug.
04/09/1614Anne, the daughter of marmaducke Potter, the 4 of September.
08/09/1614Marye, the daughter of John Gerforthe, the 8 of September.
09/09/1614John, the sonne of John Cammell, the 9 of September.
02/10/1614Marye, the daughter of Wm Franke, the 2 day of October.
09/10/1614Henry, the sonne of Hewe Story, the 9 daye of October.
10/10/1614Ralphe, the sonne of John Rygell, the 10 daye of October.
18/10/1614Zacharias, the sonne of Thomas Wilson, the 18th day of October.
28/10/1614Elsabethe, the daughter of Roweland Walter, the 28 of October.
30/10/1614Thomas, the sonne of Rychard Gotte, the xxxth of October.
18/11/1614Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Davye, the 18th of November.
13/12/1614Edward, the sonne of John Hurdeman, the 13 of December.
31/12/1614Elsabethe, the daughter of Thomas Barritt, the 31 of Desember.
25/01/1614Robart, the sonne of Andrewe May, the 25 day of Jenuary.
03/03/1614Bartholomewe, the sonne of Robart Smythe, the 3 day of Marche.
12/03/1614Sayra, the daughter of Thomas Hodgeson, the 12 day of Marche.
26/03/1615Myllysent, the daughter of James Bousfeld, was baptysed 26 day of Marche.
12/05/1615Christofer, the sonne of John Coke, the 12 of May.
26/05/1615Rychard, the sonne of mathewe brockett, the 26 of May.
06/06/1615Janne, the daughter of George Newebe, the 6 day of June.
17/06/1615John, the sonne of Rychard Walker, the 17 daye of June..
20/06/1615William, the sonne of Herrye Brittainne, the xxth day of June.
21/06/1615Rychard, the sonne of Christopher Joye, the 21 day of June.
10/08/1615Elsabethe, the daughter of John Teston, the 10 day of August.
13/08/1615John, the sonne of Leanarde Weddell, the 13 day of August.
22/08/1615Samvell, the sonne of Roger Bellwood, the 22 day of August.
19/09/1615Alice, the daughter of Anthonie Mountaine, the 19 day of September.
24/09/1615George, the sonne of Edward Warrernall, the 24 day of September.
12/10/1615Natheneyell, the sonne of Wm Deghtron, the 12 of October.
12/11/1615Thomas, the sonne of James Garbartt, the 12 of November.
17/11/1615Elesabeth, the daughter of Rechard Smythe, the 17 of November.
26/11/1615Abraham, the sonne of Rychard Boothe, the 26 of November.
03/12/1615Grace, the daughter of Martine Lawrence, the 3 of December.
10/12/1615Elsabethe, the daughter of John baiter, the 10 of Desember.
24/12/1615Elzabell, the daughter of Robartt Criplan, the 24 of Desember.
06/01/1615Margarett, the daughter of John Cammell, 6 of Jenuary.
01/02/1615James, the sonne of John Garforthe, the fyrst of February.
26/02/1615Eleasabeth, the daughter of Thomas Talyer, the 26 of February.
02/04/1616Henrie, ye sonne of Ralph Dossie, was baptized April 2.
14/04/1616Marye, the davghter of Thomas Huntrys, the 14 day of Aprell.
04/05/1616Wm. the sonne of Rychard Biginge, the 4 of May.
22/06/1616Edward, the sonne of Edward Geell, the 22 of June.
08/08/1616Frances, the daughter of George Askquith, the 8 day of August.
21/08/1616Elsabethe, the daughter of necolasse Dobison, the 21 of August.
04/09/1616Thomas, the Sonne of Andrewe may, the 4 of September.
03/10/1616John, the sonne of Wm Stennson, the 3 daye of October.
20/10/1616Grace, the daughter of Robart Maman, the 20 day of October.
23/10/1616George, the sonne of Marmadoke potter, the 23 of October.
11/11/1616Janne, the daughter of Robart Geldard, the 11 of November.
09/12/1616Alice, the daughter of Leonard Weddell, the 9 of December.
30/12/1616Wm. the sonne of Expofer Fysher, the 30 day of Desember.
02/01/1616Elsabeth, the daughter of thomas barratt, the 2 of Jenuary.
12/01/1616Wm. the sonne of Rychard Walker, the 12 day of Jenuary.
01/02/1616James, the sonne of Gabrell Dickson, the fyrst of February.
06/02/1616Martha, the daughter of thomas Wylson, the 6 of February.
02/03/1616Antony, the sonne of Thomas Ilay, the 2 day of Marche.
23/03/1616James, the sonne of James Dyconson, the 23 of Marche.
13/04/1617Edeth, the daughter of John Hay, was baptysed the 13 of Aprell.
27/04/1617Janne, the daughter of Antony mounton, the 27 of Aprell.
30/05/1617Kathorin, the daughter of John Garforthe, the 30 of Maye.
07/07/1617Mayery, the daughter of edward Geell, the 7 of July.
17/07/1617Janne, the daughter of Roger Bellwood, the 17 of July.
01/08/1617William, the sonne of Wm Elles, the fyrst of August.
22/08/1617Henry, the sonne of George Harlay, the 22 of August.
05/10/1617Edward, the sonne of Chrystopher Necolson. the 5 of October.
12/10/1617Grace, the daughter of Robart Geldard, the 12 of October.
26/10/1617Ralphe, the sonne of Antony Wreakes, the 26 of October.
09/11/1617Janne, the doughter of Thomas hodgeson, the 9 of November.
16/11/1617George, the sonne of Thomas Robinson, the 16 of November.
02/12/1617Rychard, the sonne of Wm Lasenbe, the 2 of Desember.
05/12/1617Mayry, the doughter of Rychard Boothe, the 5 Desember.
27/12/1617David, the sonne of Henry Robinson, the 27 of Desember.
02/01/1617Ellinge, the daughter of Chrystopher Fysher, the 2 of Jenuary.
06/01/1617Susana, the doughter of Leanard Weddell, the 6 of Jenuary.
29/01/1617Timothie, the sonne of John Camell, Januar. 29.
09/02/1617Mayry, the daughter of chrystopher Joy, the 9 of Febry.
20/02/1617Wm. the sonne of Thomas Barrytt, February 20.
16/04/1618Robart, the sonne of John cocke, was baptysed the 16 of Aprell.
21/04/1618Martin, the sonne of martyn Lowerance, the 21 of Aprell.
26/04/1618Janne, the doughter of Necolas Lytster, the 26 of Aprell.
29/04/1618Anne, the doughter of George Askequith, the 29 of Aprell.
14/05/1618Rychard, the sonne of Hewe Story, the 14 of May.
22/05/1618Jane, the daughter of Epofer Harbert, the 22 of May.
07/06/1618James, the sonne of Edward Warrener, the 7 of June.
26/07/1618John, the sone of Thomas Pearson, 26 July.
06/08/1618Rychard, the sonne of chrystopher may, the 6 day of August.
19/08/1618Janne, the doughter of Andrew May, the 19 day of August.
17/09/1618Isabell, the doughter of George Newebe, the 17 day of September.
22/09/1618Janne, the daughter of Mr Edward Saltmerr, the 22 day of September.
27/09/1618Rychard, the sonne of Rychard cutler Ales necolson, the 27 September.
09/10/1618Ellyne, the doughter of John Esheton, the 9 day of October.
10/11/1618Lucretia, the doughter of chrystopher Askquithe, the 10 of November.
13/11/1618Esabell, the doughter of Robart Geldart, the 13 of November.
14/12/1618Margrett, the doughter of Rychard biggine, the 14 of Desember.
16/12/1618Robartt, the sonne of Antony Dutton, the 16 of Desember.
20/12/1618Robartt, the sonne of Robartt Maman, the 20 of Desember.
15/01/1618Alice, the doughter of Henry Robinson, the 15 of Jenuary.
20/01/1618Samvell, the sonne of Thomas Wilson, the 20 of Jenuary.
29/01/1618Wm. the sonne of James Garbartt, the 29 of Jenuary.
16/02/1618Henry, the sonne of Thomas broune of Claxton, the 16 of February.
14/03/1618Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Tayler, the 14 of Marche.
26/03/1619Grace, the daughter of Leonard Weddell was bapt. the 26 of Marche.
11/04/1619Chrystopher, the sonne of Thomas Robinson, the 11 day of Aprell.
25/04/1619Edward, the sonne Robert tood, the 25 day of Aprell.
17/05/1619John, the soone of Edward chester, the 17 day of May.
29/08/1619Ruthe, the doughter of George Franke, the 29 day of August.
14/09/1619Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Jewetson, the 14 day of September.
27/09/1619Willam, the sonne of Ralphe Frost, the 27 day of September.
28/09/1619Robartt, the sonne of Roweland Watter, the 28 of September.
06/10/1619Mayry, the doughter of John Camell, the 6 day of October.
18/10/1619Anne, the doughter of Chrystopher Fysher, the 18 day of October.
01/11/1619Abraham, the sonne of Necolas Dicson, the fyrst of November.
16/12/1619Chrystopher, the sonne of Thomas Hewley, the 16 day of Desember.
26/12/1619Rychard, the sonne of George Harland, the 26 day of Desember.
08/01/1619Sayra, the doughter of chrystopher Asquithe, the 8 day of Jenuary.
28/01/1619Anne, the doughter of Roger Bellwood, the 28 day of Jenuary.
30/01/1619Henrye, the sonne of Chrystopher May, the 30 day of Jenuary.
13/02/1619Anne, the doughter of Edward Warrener, the 13 day of February.
21/02/1619Margrett, the doughter of Wm Elles, the 21 day of February.
23/03/1619Wilfray, the sonne of Wm Lassenbe, the 23 day of Marche.
23/04/1620Easter, the doughter of Robart Davye, was bapt. the 23 of Aprell.
29/04/1620John, the sonne of Henry Robinson, the 29 of Aprell.
20/05/1620Thomas, the sonne of Rychard boovthe, the 20 day of May.
26/05/1620Elsabeth, the doughter of Andrewe may, the 26 of May.
28/05/1620Saray, the doughter of Necolas Lytster, the 28 of May.
09/06/1620Elyne, the doughter of martyn lowerance, the 9 day of June.
18/06/1620Elsabeth, the doughter of Henry Dayell, the 18th day of June.
23/06/1620Thomas, the sonne of Hewe Stoory, the 23 day of June.
26/06/1620John, the sonne of George Bose, the 26 day of June.
05/07/1620Edward, the sonne of edward Gell, the 5 day of July.
30/07/1620James, the sonne of Rychard Walker, the 30 day of July.
20/09/1620Andrewe, the sonne ottuell Wardrop, the 20 day of September.
29/09/1620Marke, the sonne of Thomas Robinson, the 29 day of September.
01/10/1620Marye the doughter of George Franke, the fyrst day of October.
18/11/1620Roweland, the sonne of Rowland Walker, the 18 day of November.
24/11/1620Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Pearson, the 24 of November.
17/01/1620Betteris, the doughter of Leanarrd Weddell, the 17 of Jenuary.
22/01/1620Sammvell, the soonne of Thomas Pecewynge, the 22 of Jenuary.
14/02/1620Mychell and Abraham, the sonnes of Thomas Hodgeson, 14 of February.
25/02/1620Wm. the sonne of James Garbartt, the 25 day of February.
01/03/1620Em, the doughter of Thomas Tayler, the fyrst day of Marche.
04/03/1620Mathewe, the sonne of Jhon Heye, the 4 of Marche.
02/04/1621Esther, ye daughter of Xpofer Askwith was bapt. the second of Aprill
03/04/1621Ursalle, the dovghter of Thomas Barrett, the 3 day of Aprell.
04/04/1621Esther, the daughter of Chrystopher May, the 4 day of Aprell.
06/04/1621Marthay, the doughter of Thomas Wilsone, the 6 day of Aprell.
25/04/1621Henrye, the sonne of Wm Laysenby, the 25 of Aprell.
26/04/1621Chrystopher, the sonne of George Harland, the 26 of Aprell.
29/04/1621Frances, the daughter of Antony Duttone, the 29 of Aprell.
13/05/1621Thomas, the soonn of Thomas Ilay, the 13 day of May.
01/06/1621Anne, the doughter of Robart Tood, the fyrst day of June
08/06/1621marye, the doughter of marke metcalfe, the 8 day of June.
22/06/1621Ellynge, the doughter of Rychard Buthe, the 22 day of June.
01/07/1621Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Caar, the fyrst day of July.
03/08/1621Ellynge, the daughter of Edward Chester, the 3 day of August.
08/09/1621Mary, the doughter of Chrystopher Wadsworth, 8 of September.
30/09/1621Em, the doughter of John Cambelle, the 30 of September.
03/10/1621Sara, the daughter Christopher Hutton, the 3 day of October.
22/10/1621Anne, the doughter of Chrystopher Joy, the 22 day of October.
02/12/1621Anne, the doughter of Thomas Heulley, the 2 day of December.
10/02/1621Stewen, the sonne of Robart Davye, the 10 day of February.
19/02/1621Wm. the sonne of Thomas Jewetson, the 19 day of February.
01/03/1621Millisent, the doughter of Rychard Westerebe, the fyrst of Marche.
07/03/1621Wm. the sonne of Wm Welles, the 7 day of Marche.
08/03/1621Gewan, the sonne of Necolas Dobbe, the 8 of Marche.
05/04/1622John, the sonne of John Dickson, was bapt. the 5 day of Aprell.
23/04/1622Easter, the doughter of Chrystopher Fysher, the 23 day of Aprell.
06/05/1622Ellynge, the doughter of Chrystopher Askquithe, the 6 day of May.
26/05/1622Ellynge, the doughter of Edward Warreler, the 26 of May.
04/08/1622Leonard, the sonne of Hewe Sallay, the 4 day of August.
09/08/1622Rychard, the sonne of Rychard Bigging, the 9 of August.
29/08/1622Henry, the sonne of Henry Robinson, the 29 of August.
07/09/1622Chrystopher, the sonne of Charles Tomson, the 7 of September.
08/09/1622John, the sonne of Frances Smyth, the 8 of September.
06/11/1622Rychard, the sonne of George Franke, the 6 of November.
17/11/1622Mychell, the sonne of John Cammell, the 17 of November.
24/11/1622Margrett, the doughter of Leonard Dongkin, the 24 November.
26/11/1622John, the sonne of Robart Ryggell, the 26 of November.
29/11/1622Leddea, the doughter of Thomas Wilson, the 29 of November.
02/12/1622Elsabeth, the doughter of Edward Loftus, the ii of December.
21/12/1622Anne, the daughter of George Grenebury, the 21 of December.
08/01/1622George, the sonne of Thomas Pearsone, the 8 of Jenuary.
14/01/1622Anne, the doughter of Mr Carre, person of Huggett, 14 of Jenuary.
02/02/1622Anne, the doughter of Edward Gell, the 2 of February.
21/03/1622Necolas, the sonne of Martyn Lowerance, the 21 of Marche.
25/04/1623Alice, the doughter of Thomas Heaweley, was bapt. the 25 of Aprell.
01/05/1623Edith, the doughter of Robart Dave, the fyrst of May.
03/07/1623Mathew, the sonne of Bryand Thomson, the 3 day July.
03/09/1623George, the sonne of Andrewe May, the 3 of September.
23/10/1623Elsabeth, the doughter of Henry Robinson, the 23 of October.
28/10/1623John, the sonne of Thomas Dracoth, October 28.
99/11/1623Robart, the sonne of necolas lytster, the day (sic) of November.
27/12/1623Wm. the sonne of Mr James Phylupes, the 27 day of December.
15/01/1623Joseph, the sonne George Turner, the 15 day of Jenuary.
20/01/1623Thomas, the sonne of Robart pannit, the 20 of Jenuary.
20/01/1623Grace, the doughter of Robart Pannitt, the 20 of Jenuary.
01/02/1623Ellyng, the doughter of Rychard Bothe, the fyrst of February.
22/02/1623James, the sonne of leanard broune, the 22 day of Febry.
03/03/1623John, the sonne of Henry Dayll, the 3 day of Marche.
10/03/1623Phellope, the sonne of Thomas Tayler, the 10 day of Marche.
24/03/1623Melecent, the doughter of Hewe Sawlay, the 24 of Marche.
02/06/1624Catterand, the doughter of Thomas Carre, was baptysed 2 of June.
12/06/1624John, the sonne of Thomas Jewetson, the 12 day of June.
15/06/1624Janne, the daughter of James Haxup, the 15 day of June.
17/06/1624George, the sonne of Wm Burdesall, the 17 day of June.
03/08/1624Robart, the sonne of Robartt leaver, the 3 day of August.
19/09/1624Rabeckay, the douhgter of George Franke, the 19 of September.
19/09/1624Anne, the doughter of Gabrell Freman, the 19 of September.
04/10/1624Ellyng, the doughter of John Dykson, the 4 of October.
08/10/1624Bingemin, the sonne of Thomas Willson, the 8 of October.
10/10/1624Anne, the daughter of Chrystopher Smyth, the 10 of October.
18/11/1624Andrew, the sonne of Thomas Jackson, the 18 of November.
05/12/1624Abraham, the sonne of Chrystopher Hutton, the 5 of Desember.
21/12/1624Thomas, the sonne of Robart Tood, the 21 of Desember.
30/01/1624Anne, the doughter of frances Smythe, the 30 of Jenuary.
10/02/1624Anne, the dovghter of Edward Holl, the 10 of February.
13/02/1624Petter, the sonne of Edward Loftous, the 13 of February.
14/02/1624Mabell, the doughter of Christofer Asquith, the 14 of February.
20/02/1624Wm. the sonne of Edward Watsone, the 20 of February.
04/03/1624Leonard, the sonne of leonard donkyn, the 4 of Marche.
27/04/1625Thomas, the sonne of leonard Broune was bapt. the 27 of Aprell.
08/05/1625Thomas, the sonne of Rychard lockermoth, the 8 day of May.
10/05/1625Grace, the daughter of Jhon Greene, the 10 of May.
27/05/1625Mabell, the daughter of Peter Pecke, the 27 of May.
08/06/1625Sayray, the doughter of John Trotter, the 8 day of June.
10/06/1625Anne, the daughter of marke Empson, the 10 day of June.
26/06/1625Ellynge, the daughter of Thomas Nayller, the 26 day of June.
11/07/1625John, the sonne of Wm etton, the 11 day of July.
13/07/1625Hennry, the sonne of Andrewe may, the 13 day of July.
17/07/1625Thomas, the sonne of Hewe Saullay, the 17 day of July.
31/07/1625John, the sonne of Wm Burdsall, the last day of July.
01/08/1625Margere, the dovghter of charles Tomson, the fyrst August.
08/08/1625Abrayham, the sonne of thomas burnne, the 8 day of August.
21/08/1625Thomas, the sonne of James Hopkinson, the 21 of August.
29/08/1625Robart, the sonne of seath barnard, the 29 of August.
11/09/1625Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Hewley, the 11 of September.
13/09/1625Elesabeth, the dovghter of Edward Chester, the 13 of September.
14/09/1625Jhon, the sonne of Thomas Hillarye, the 14 of September.
18/09/1625Elsabeth, the doughter of Edward Gell, the 18 of September.
16/10/1625elesabeth, the doughter of Thomas myers, the 16 October.
18/10/1625Frances, the sonne of Charles tomson, the 18 October.
30/10/1625Frances, the sonne of Thomas Hodgeson, the 30 of October.
27/11/1625Jhon, the sonn of Jhon Jacson, the 27 of November.
26/02/1625Edmon, the sonne of Gabrell freman, the 26 of February.
12/03/1625Wm. the sonne of Henry Robinsone, the 12 of Marche.
26/03/1626Rychard, the sonne of Rychard Chylde, was bapt, the 26 of Marche.
11/05/1626Edward, the sonne Wm Smythe, the 11 of May.
14/05/1626Anne, the doughter of Henry Dayll, the 14 of May.
02/06/1626Janne, the doughter of John Dickson the 2 day of June.
09/06/1626Marey, the doughter of Thomas Jacson, the 9 day of June.
11/06/1626Judethe, the doughter of Thomas Tayller, the 11 day of June.
21/06/1626Wm. the sonne of marke Emson, the 21 of June.
21/06/1626Wm. the sonne of Thomas Straker, the 21 of June.
30/06/1626Margit, the doughter of Jhon man, the 30 of June.
10/06/1626Anne, the doughter of Robart Pannatt, the 10 day of June.
13/08/1626Jhon, the sonne of Seathe barnard, the 13 day of August.
16/08/1626Elsabeth, the dovghter of Jhon Greene, the 16 day of August.
10/09/1626Edward, the sonne of david Gilbrian, the 10 of September.
24/09/1626Martha, the doughter of Robart davy, the 24 of September.
25/09/1626Mary, the dovghter of James Haxbie, the 25 of September.
04/10/1626Thomas, the sonne of thomas stapleton, the 4 of October.
18/10/1626Lucie, the dovghter of franses Smythe, the 18 of October.
17/11/1626Roger, the sonne of Roger Jaques, the 17 of November.
13/12/1626Mayry, the daughter of Jhon Trotter, the 13 of December.
15/12/1626Margrett, the doughter of Jhon Huntres, the 15 of December.
12/01/1626Isabell, the doughter of Thomas Burne, the 12 of Jenuary.
21/01/1626Marie, ye daughter of Edward Lofthouse, the xxith of Januarie.
09/05/1627Faith, ye daughter of Richarde Lockermothe, was bapt. the 9th of May.
10/05/1627Marie, ye daughter of James Hopkinson, the xth of May.
18/05/1627Dorothie, ye daughter of Thomas Jackson, the 18th of May.
02/06/1627Beniamin, the sonne of bryane broune, 2 day of June.
02/06/1627Rebekkah, the doughter of Chrystophe Hutton, the 2 day of June.
24/06/1627Mathew, the sone of marke emson, June 24.
05/07/1627Jane, ye daughter of Leonarde Browne, Jul. 5.
20/07/1627William, the sonne of Thomas Hewley, the xxth of Julie.
20/07/1627Henrie, the sonne of Jane Hurdson, also the xxth of Julie.
29/07/1627Ellen, the daughter of Thomas Hutchinson, the 29th of Julie.
08/08/1627Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Robbinson, August viiith
07/09/1627Elizabeth, the daughter of Robart Cowper, the seaventh of September.
16/09/1627Faith, the daughter of Hugh Saulay, the xvi of September.
05/10/1627Roger, the sonne of Thomas Stapylton, the 5 of October.
20/10/1627Robert, the sonne of John Greene, the 20th of October.
28/10/1627Beatrice, the daughter of Peter Picke, the 28 of October.
31/10/1627Jane, the daughter of Margaret Lamberte, the xxxith of October.
01/11/1627Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Jewetson, the first of Novemb.
07/11/1627Marie, the daughter of Andrew May, the viith of November.
11/11/1627Anne, the daughter of Robert Starke, the xith of November.
11/11/1627Ambrose, the sonne of Thomas Hillarie, likewise the same day.
02/12/1627Thomas, the sonne of Leonarde Donkin, the seconde of December.
12/12/1627Katherine, ye daughter of Thomas Straker, ye 12th of December.
13/12/1627Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Burne, the xiiith of December.
19/12/1627Marie, the daughter of Roger Jaques, the xixth of December.
27/01/1627Thomas, the sonne of Richard Barret, the xxviith of January.
10/02/1627John, the sonne of John Huntres, the xth day of February.
20/02/1627Jane, the daughter of Willm Ettan, the xxth of February.
09/03/1627Thomas, the sonne of Charles Tomson, the ixth day of March.
23/03/1627Elizabeth, the daughter of John Dixon, the xxiiith March.
23/03/1627Willm, the sonne of Robart Tod, the xxiiith of March.
29/03/1628Richard, the sonne of Willm Huggarde, was bapt. the xxixth of March.
02/04/1628Roger, the sonne of Thomas Slater the iith day of Aprill.
24/04/1628Thomas, the sonn of Sammuell Hollinges, the xxiiijth of Aprill.
28/05/1628Wilim, the sonn of Willm Littell, the xxviiith day of May.
04/06/1628Robart, the sonn of Edward Gell, the iiijth of June.
03/07/1628Edward, the sonne of Edward Chester, the iiith day of July.
20/07/1628Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Hoowfe, the xxth day of July.
04/08/1628Martha, the daughter of Arnolde Eurinax Crispine, the iiiith of August.
07/09/1628Thomas, the sonne of John Jackson, the viith day of September.
23/09/1628Elizabeth, the daughter of Robt Regell, the xxiiith of September.
24/09/1628Sarah, the daughter of Robart Wadsworth, the xxiiiith of September.
05/10/1628Dorothie, the daughter of Henrie Daille, the vth day of October.
09/11/1628Phillip, the sonne of Nicholas Lister, the ixth day of November.
16/11/1628Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Hewley, the xvith of November.
23/11/1628Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Couper, the xxiiith of November.
10/12/1628Anne, the daughter of Leonard Broune, the xth day of December.
14/12/1628Anne, the dauhgter of John Trotter, the xiiijth day of December.
23/12/1628Henrie, the sonne of Roger Jaques, Sheriffe this yeare, was bapt. Decemb. 23.
01/01/1628Beatrice, the daughter of Edward Lofthouse, the first of January.
22/01/1628Edward, the sonne of Thomas Stapilton, the xxiith of January.
17/02/1628Leonard, the sonne of James Haxup, the xviith of February.
22/02/1628Thomas, the sonne of James Clarke, the xxiith of February.
26/03/1629Robart, the sonne of John Grene, was bapt. the xxvith of March.
07/04/1629Alice, the daughter of Thomas Hillarie, the viith day of Aprill.
07/04/1629Katherine, the daughter of Willm Huggarde, the viith day of Aprill.
12/04/1629Issabell, the daughter of Thomas Wilkinsonn, the xiith of Aprill.
01/05/1629Grace, the daughter of Sammuell Hollinges, the first of May.
07/05/1629Robart, the sonn of John Inman, the viith of May.
20/05/1629Marke, the sonn of Nicholas Inman, the xxth of May.
31/05/1629Millisent, the daughter of Francis Smith, the xxxith of May.
03/06/1629Janne, the daughter of Willm Cooke, the iiith day of June.
08/06/1629John, the sonne of George Care, the viiith day of June.
28/06/1629Robart, the sonn of Edward Panit, the xxviiith of June.
12/07/1629Marke, the sonn of Marke Emsonn, the xiith day of July.
19/07/1629John, the sonn of John Girdler, the xixth day of July.
02/08/1629Beniamin, the sonne of Thomas Burne, the ijth day of August.
03/08/1629Katheran, the daughter of Thomas Taler, the iiith day of August.
19/08/1629James, the sonn of David Gilliam, the xix day of August.
26/08/1629John, the sonn of Thomas Vause, the xxvith of August.
09/09/1629John, the sonne of Richard Lockermothe, the ixth of September.
18/09/1629John, the sonne of Christofer Freere, the xviiith of September.
13/11/1629Janne, the daughter of John Huntres, the xiiith of November.
13/11/1629Issabell, the daughter of Charles Bose, the xiiith of November.
17/11/1629John, the sonn of James Hopkinson, the xviith of November.
17/11/1629William, the sonne of Mr Roger Jaques, the xviith of November.
23/11/1629George, the sonn of Willm Preston, the xxiiith of November.
08/01/1629Elizabeth, the daughter of John Trotter, the viiith day of January.
12/01/1629Jeremie, the sonne of Thomas Huley, the xiith of January.
18/01/1629Janne, the daughter of Thomas Stappleton, the xviii of January.
22/01/1629Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Leek, Doctor of Physick, the xxiith of Jan.
24/01/1629Arnolde, the sonne of Thomas Cooper, the xxiiiith of Januarie.
12/02/1629Richard, the sonne of James Clarke, the xiith day of February.
14/02/1629Beatrice, the daughter of John Jacksonn, the xiiiith of February.
28/02/1629Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Howfe, the xxviiith of February.
21/03/1629Richard, the sonne of Hugh Sauley, the xxith of March.
05/04/1630Doylah, the sonne of John Grene, was babtized the v day of Aprill.
09/04/1630Willm, the sonne of Thomas Slater, the ix day of Aprill.
25/04/1630Henrie, the sonne of Peter Picke, the xxvth day of Aprill.
31/05/1630Lawrence, the sonn of Robart Rawdan, the xxxith day of May.
09/06/1630Elizabeth, the daughter of Sammell Hollinges, the ix day of June.
13/06/1630Alice and Sarah, the daughters of Thomas Straker, the xiiith of June.
25/06/1630Edward, the sonn of Mr John Farray, the xxvth of June.
25/07/1630Grace, the daughter of Edward Panit, the xxvth of July.
18/08/1630John, the sonne of Willm Ettan, the xviiith of August.
19/08/1630John, the sonne of Robart Wadsworth the xixth of August.
05/09/1630Thomas, the sonn of Richard Barret, the vth of September.
03/10/1630Janne, the daughter of Christoferr Freer, the iiith of October.
24/10/1630Francis, the daughter of Robart Starke, the xxiiiith of October.
12/11/1630David, the sonn of Edward Lofthouse, the xiith of November.
19/11/1630Elizabeth, the daughter of John Inman, the xixth of November.
28/11/1630Thomas, the sonn of Thomas Vause, the xxviiith of November.
15/12/1630Mary, the daughter of Willm Easingwould, the xvth of December.
31/12/1630Anne, the daugter of Seath Barnard, the xxxith of December.
12/01/1630John, the sonne of Mr. Roger Jaques, the xiith of January.
16/01/1630Grace, the daughter of Nicholas Inman, the xvith of January.
23/01/1630Jane, the daughter of Charles Tompsonn, the xxiiith of January.
02/02/1630Thomas, the sonne of Edward Stoute, the ijth of February.
27/02/1630Timothie, the sonn of John Girdler, the xxviith of Feabruary.
15/04/1631Esther, the daughter of Christopher Barker, was bapt. the xvth of Aprill.
24/04/1631Sarah, the Daughter of Thomas Haley, the xxiiiith of Aprill.
25/04/1631John, the sonn of Marke Emson, the xxvth of Aprill.
19/07/1631Henrie, the sonn of Adam Tomson, the xixth of July.
24/07/1631Marie, the daughter of Thomas Burne, the xxiiiith of July.
31/07/1631James, the sonne of Robart Rawdon, the xxxith of July.
08/08/1631John, the sonne of Thomas Stapylton, the viiith of August.
15/08/1631Janne, the daughter of Sammuell Hollings, the xvth August.
21/08/1631Elizabeth, the daughter of Nicholas Lister, the xxith of August.
06/09/1631Dorcas, the Daughter of Charles Plewret, the vith of September.
18/10/1631Robart, the sonn of Robart Wadsworth, the xviiith of October.
18/10/1631Robart, the sonn of John Jacksonn, the xviiith of October.
24/10/1631John, the sonn of Henry Dayle, the xxiiiith of October.
13/11/1631Francis, the Daughter of Thomas Cowper, the xiiith November.
25/11/1631John, the sonne of John Hansame, the xxvth of November.
02/12/1631Willm, the sonn of Willm Cook, the iith day of December.
31/01/1631Judeth, the Daughter of Christopher Freer, the xxxith of January.
03/02/1631Marmaduke, the sonn of John Huntris, the iiith of Feabruary.
05/02/1631Marie, the Daughter of John Legge, the vth of Feabruary.
22/02/1631Dorathie, the Daughter of John Dickson, the xxiith of February.
02/03/1631Willm, the sonne of John Inman, the iith day of March.
16/03/1631Elizabeth, the Daughter of Mr Roger Jaques, the xvith of March.
23/03/1631Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr John Tayler, the xxiiith of March.
28/03/1632Marie, the Daughter of Thomas Laverack, was bapt. the xxviiith of March.
01/04/1632Sammuell, the sonne of Thomas Hoowfe, the 1st day of Aprill.
17/04/1632Thomas, the sonne of John Grene, the xviith of Aprill.
29/04/1632Jane, the Daughter of Richard Thomson, the xxixth of Aprill.
16/05/1632Elizabeth, the Daughter of John Girdler, the xvith day of May.
12/06/1632Martha, the Daughter of Mr Thomas Hewlay, Sherif, the xiith of June.
22/06/1632Joseph, the sonne of George Franke, the xxiith day of June.
29/06/1632Peter, the sonn of Nickholas Dobbinson, the xxixth of June.
22/07/1632Robart, the sonne of Robart Waite, the xxiith of July.
25/07/1632Robart, the sonne of James Haxup, the xxvth of July.
16/08/1632Elizabeth, the Daughter of Richard Lockermoth, the xvith of August.
12/09/1632William, the sonne of David Gilliam, the xiith of September.
20/09/1632John, the sonn of Thomas Taler, the xxth of September.
03/10/1632Michaell, the sonne of Edward Lofthouse, the iiith of October.
08/10/1632Dorcas, the daughter of Paulle Beale, the viiith of October.
21/10/1632John, the sonn of Thomas Straker, the xxith of October.
26/10/1632Marthay, the Daughter of Mr John Garforth, the xxvith of October.
25/11/1632Mary, the Daughter of Sammuell Hollings, the xxvth of November.
08/01/1632George, the sonne of James Filliskirk, the viiith of January.
21/02/1632Mary, the Daghter of John Jackson, the xxith of February.
01/03/1632Willm, the sonne of Hughe Sawley, the first of March.
17/03/1632Peter, the sonne of Henry Dalle, the xviith of March.
19/03/1632Mary, the Daughter of Edmond Clough, the xixth of March.
31/03/1633Jane, the Daughter of Henry Potter, was bapt. the xxxith of March.
02/04/1633Thomas, the sonne of Seath Barnard, the iith day of Aprill.
20/04/1633Saray, the Daughter of John Trotter, the xxth of April.
22/04/1633Mary, the Daughter of Christopher Barker, the xxiith of Aprill.
01/05/1633Edward, the sonn of Willm Ellesonn, the first day of May.
07/05/1633Margarrit, the daughter of Mary Linskelfe, the viith of May.
27/05/1633Andrew, the sonn of Andrew May, the xxviith day of May.
04/06/1633Robart, the sonn of Mr Roger Jaques, the iiiith day of June.
16/06/1633Thomas, the sonn of Willm Easingwoull, the xvith of June.
23/06/1633Ambrose, the sonn of John Girdler, the xxiiith of June.
03/07/1633Dorcas, the Daughter of Thomas Stapelton, the iiith day of July.
23/07/1633Mary, the Daughter of Robart Rawdon, the xxiiith of July.
24/07/1633Charles, the sonn of Marke Emsonn, the xxiiiith of July.
27/08/1633Mary, the Daughter of Thomas Hoofe, the xxviith of August.
19/09/1633David, the sonn of David Gilliam, the xixth of September.
29/09/1633Richard, the sonn of Charles Tomsonn, the xxixth of September.
15/10/1633Thomas, the sonn of Nickholas Inman, the xvth of October.
16/10/1633Elizabeth, the Daughter of Thomas Blith, the xvith of October.
22/10/1633Tabatha, the Daughter of Mr Thomas Hewley, the xxiith of October.
17/11/1633Jane, the Daughter of Thomas Wilkinson, the xviith of November.
29/11/1633John, the sonn of John Inman, the xxixth of November.
29/11/1633Abraham, the sonn of Raiph Cooke, the same daye.
11/12/1633Rebecka, the Daughter of John Awklan, the xith of December.
21/12/1633Thomasen, the Daughter of John Legge, the xxith of December.
26/01/1633Sammuell, the sonn of Sammuell Hollings, the xxvith of January.
26/01/1633Everingam, the sonn of Mr Marmaduke Constable, bapt. xxvith January.
18/02/1633Anne, the Daughter of Robart Wadsworth, the xviiith of February.
15/05/1634Edmond, the sonn of Edmond Clough, was bapt. the xvth of May.
18/05/1634Francis, the Daughter of Edward Lofthouse, the xviiith of May.
25/05/1634Willm, the sonn of Thomas Masonn, the xxvth of May.
26/05/1634John, the sonne of George Wait, the xxvith of May.
27/05/1634Mary, the Daughter of John Taler, merchante, the xxviith of May.
14/06/1634Cristian, the Daughter of Sammues Glaves, the xiiii of June.
08/07/1634Richard, the sonne of Willm Harrison, the viiith of July.
10/07/1634Francis, the sonne of John Taler, apothecarie, the xth of July.
08/08/1634Marmaduke, the sonne of Mr Roger Jaquis, the viiith of August.
17/08/1634Richard, the sonne of John Girdler, the xviith of August.
03/09/1634Martin, the sonn of Martin Tiffin, the iiith of September.
01/10/1634Anne, the Daughter of John Jacksonn, the first of October.
09/10/1634John, the sonne of Christofer Wilberfos, the ixth of October.
10/10/1634Elling, the Daughter of James Canis, the xth of October.
24/10/1634Marmaduk, the sonne of Georg Franke, the xxiiiith of October.
28/10/1634John, the sonne of Thomas Laune, the xxviiith of October.
09/11/1634Richard, the sonne of George Geldard, the ixth of November.
10/11/1634Jane, the Daughter of Robart Lucas, the xth of November.
05/01/1634Henry, the sonne of Henry Potter, the vth day of January.
06/02/1634Thomas, the sonne of Mr Thomas Hewley, the vith of February.
22/02/1634Thomas, the sonne of John Legge, the xxiith of February.
04/03/1634Anne, the daughter of Willm Ellisonne, the iiiith of March.
06/03/1634Anna, the daughter of Christofer Barker, the vith of March.
06/03/1634Willm, the sonne of Edward Fox, the vith of March.
09/03/1634Joanne, the Daughter of Thomas Girdler, the ixth of March.
25/03/1635Margarrit, the Daughter of Edward Chester, the xxvth of March.
27/03/1635Marget, the Daughter of Charles Bosse, the xxviith of March.
12/04/1635Janne, the Daughter of James Haxup, the xiith of Aprill.
14/04/1635Robart, the sonne of Richard Tomsonne, the xiiiith of Aprill.
26/04/1635Janne, the Daughter of Christopher Waules, the xxvith of April.
30/04/1635John, the sonne of Thomas Blithe, the xxxth of Aprill.
17/05/1635Leonard, the sonn of Thomas Taler, the xviith of May.
28/05/1635Sarah, the Daughter of Sammuell Hollinges, the xxviiith of May.
29/05/1635Henry, the sonne of Hugh Sawlay, the xxixth of May.
31/05/1635Willm, the sonne of Anthony Watsonn, the xxxith of May.
03/06/1635James, the sonne and Jane the Daughter of Sammuell Glaves, was baptized the iiith day of June.
26/06/1635Willm, the sonne of George Carnage, the xxvith of June.
06/07/1635Josias, the sonne of John Greene, the vith day of July.
07/07/1635Thomas, the sonne of David Gilliam, the viith of July.
10/07/1635Paull, the sonne of Paull Beale, the xth of July.
24/07/1635Willm, the sonne of Robart Wadsworth, the xxiiiith of July.
09/08/1635Willm, the sonn of Edward Regell, the ixth of August.
01/09/1635Alexis, the sonn of John Taler, pothecary, the first of September.
04/09/1635Elizabeth, the Daughter of Thomas Hoofe, the iiiith of September.
13/09/1635Mary, the Daughter of Willm Cook, the xiiith of September.
27/09/1635Mary, the Daughter of Edward Lofthouse, the xxviith of September.
14/10/1635Thomas, the sonne of John Inman, the xiiiith day of October.
14/10/1635Allis, the Daughter of Thomas Wilkinson, the xiiiith of October.
16/10/1635Thomas, the sonn of Marke Emsonn, the xvith of October.
25/10/1635George, the sonn of Thomas Cowper, the xxvth of October.
01/01/1635Grace, the Daughter of John Trotter, the first day of January.
24/01/1635Elling, the daughter of Henry Potter, the xxiiiith of January.
24/01/1635Ann, the daughter of Robart Jobling, the xxiiiith of January.
07/02/1635Peter, the sonn of John Jacksonn, the viith day of February.
19/02/1635Elizabeth, the Daughter of Mr Thomas Hewley, the xixth of February.
11/03/1635Margaret, the daughter of Josias Clapham, ye xith day of March.
20/03/1635John, the sonne of Willm Headley, the xxth day of March.
24/04/1636Edith, the Daughter of James Haxup, was bapt. the xxiiiith of Aprill.
02/05/1636Philip, the sonne of Thomas Walker, the iith day of May.
13/05/1636Willm. the sonne of Willm Ellisonne, the xiiith day May.
12/06/1636Rebecka and Saraie, the Daughters of Edward Hodgshon, was baptized the xiith day of June.
07/08/1636Robart, the sonne of Robart Dave, the viith day of August.
16/08/1636Margaret, the Daughter of Richard Tompson, the xvith of August.
24/08/1636Elizabeth, the Daughter of George Camag, the xxiiiith of August.
07/09/1636Elizabeth, the Daughter of Joh. Balye, the viith of September.
23/09/1636Jane, the Daughter of John Wilkinsonn, the xxiiith of September.
05/10/1636Robart, the sonne of Sammuell Glaves, the vth day of October.
12/10/1636Thomas, the sonne of Paull Beale, the xiith day of October.
14/10/1636Sarah, the Daughter of Thomas Blith, the xiiiith of October.
01/11/1636Edward, the sonne of Edward Lofthcuse, the first of November.
13/11/1636Allis Hollings, the daughter of Mr Samuell Hollings, the xiiith day of Nov.
13/11/1636Willm, the sonn of Willm Harison, the xiiith day of November.
16/12/1636Francis, the sonne of John Taler, apothicarie, the xvith of December.
16/12/1636Leonard, the sonne of John Huntris, the xvith of December.
30/12/1636Jane, the Daughter of Anthony Watsonn, the xxxth of December.
09/01/1636Jane, the Daughter of Robart Horner, the ix day of January.
31/01/1636John, the sonne of Edward Regell, xxxith day of January.
21/02/1636Easter, the Daughter of Thomas Emmersonne, the xxith February.
24/02/1636Christopher, the sonne of Marmaduke Busfeld, 24th February.
15/03/1636Willie, the sonne of Josias Clapame, the xvth day of March.
29/03/1637Anne the Daughter of Charles Bosse, was bapt. the xxix of March.
03/04/1637Anne, the Daughter of John Girdler, the iiith day of Aprill.
11/04/1637Anne, the Daughter of Thomas Masonn, the xith day of Aprill.
12/04/1637Francis, the Daughter of Hughe Blake, the xiith day of Aprill.
23/04/1637John, the sonne of John Legge, the xxiiith of Aprill.
16/08/1637John, the sonne of Nickholas Inman, the xvith of August.
28/08/1637Anne, the Daughter of Willm Wilson, the xxviiith of August.
15/09/1637Hugh Saulay, the sonn of Hugh Saulay, deceased the xvth of September.
21/09/1637Mary, the daughter of Charles Tompsonn, the xxith of September.
05/11/1637Anne, the Daughter of John Benington, the vth day of November.
19/11/1637Edward, the sonne of Edward Lofthouse, the xixth of November.
23/12/1637Elizabeth, the Daughter of Richard Smith, the xxiiith of December.
28/01/1637Sarah, the Daughter of Thomas Wilkinsonn, the xxviiith of January.
11/02/1637Thomas, the sonne of Edward Hodgshon, the xith of February.
12/02/1637John, the sonne of Sammuell Holling, the xiith of February.
05/03/1637Richard, the sonne of Richard Tompsonn, the vth day of March.
19/04/1638Andrew, the sonne of Willm Cooke, was bapt. the xixth day of Aprill.
20/04/1638Jane, the Daughter of John Girdler, the xxth day of Aprill.
22/04/1638Willm, the sonne of Willm Easingwould, the xxiith of Aprill.
25/04/1638Helena, the Daughter of Josias Clapham, the xxvth of Aprill.
26/04/1638Robart, the sonne of John Inman, the xxvith Aprill.
07/05/1638Ellen, the Daughter of John Taler, apothecarie, the viith of May.
13/06/1638Issabell, the daughter of Thomas Wilson, the xiiith of June.
04/07/1638Josiph, the sonne of Mr Thomas Hewley, the iiiith of July.
22/07/1638Sarah, the Daughter of Richard Boouth, the xxiith of July.
22/07/1638Sarah, the Daughter of John Jacksonn, the xxiith of July.
03/08/1638Anthony Taler, the sonn of Anthony Taler, the iiith of August.
05/08/1638Marmaduke, the sonne of Thomas Blith, the vth of August.
21/08/1638Barbara, the Daughter of John Grene, the xxith of August.
22/08/1638Sammuell, the sonne of Sammuell Glaves, the xxiith of August.
30/09/1638Elizabeth, the Daughter of John Wilkinson, the xxxth of September.
11/10/1638Jane, the Daughter of John Askwith, the xith of October.
15/10/1638Judeth, the Daughter of Marmaduk Gill, the xvth of October.
21/10/1638Dorothie, the Daughter of Edward Regell, the xxith of October.
04/11/1638Allis, the Daghter of Francis Nelson, the iiiith of November.
27/11/1638Judeth, the Daughter of Mr John Garforth, the xxviith of November.
23/12/1638Thomas, the sonne of James Lowensdall, the 23 of December.
16/12/1638Wilim, the sonne of Edmond Clough, the xvith of December.
10/02/1638Ane, the daughter of George Wait, the xth of February.
13/02/1638Jane, the daughter of George Cammeg, the xiiith of February.
15/02/1638Ane, the daughter of Marmaduke Busfeld, the xvth of February.
24/02/1638Elling, the daughter of Robart Webster, the xxiiiith of February.
20/03/1638Elling, the daughter of Thomas Mason, the xxth of March.
27/03/1639John, the sonne of John Taler, pothecary, was bapt. the xxviith of March.
08/04/1639Liddiay, the Daughter of Willm Hobson, the viiith day of Aprill.
24/04/1639Edward, the sonne of Persevell Robinson, the xxiiiith of April.
31/05/1639Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Vallans, the 31 day of May.
10/06/1639Mary, the daughter of Daniell Beacok, the xth day of June.
15/06/1639Henry, the sonne of Nicholas Inman, the xvth day of June.
03/07/1639Mary, the Daughter of Willm Wilson, the iiith day of July.
25/07/1639James, the sonne of Thomas Walker, the xxvth of July.
26/07/1639Peter, the sonne of Edward Lofthouse, the xxvith of July.
02/08/1639Ane, the daughter of John Trotter, the iith of August.
04/08/1639Ane, the daughter of Willm Harrisonne, the iiiith of August.
25/08/1639Dorcas, the daughter of Sammuell Glaves, the xxvth of August.
06/09/1639Anne, the daughter of Willm Cooke, the vith of September.
12/09/1639Katheran, the daughter of Francis Lucus, the xiith of September.
22/09/1639Edward, the sonne of John Legge, the xxiith of Sep.
06/10/1639Dorcas, the daughter of Willm Ellison, the vith of October.
20/10/1639Edward, the sonne of Edward Hodgshon, the xxth of October.
23/10/1639James, the sonne of Robart Horner, the xxiiith of October.
24/10/1639Mary, the daughter of Willm Lasingbe, the 24th of October.
25/10/1639Willm, the sonne of John Taler, marchant. the xxvth of October.
19/11/1639Henery, the sonne of Thomas Emerson, the xix November.
04/12/1639Marmaduke, the sonne of Marmaduke Gill, the iiiith of December.
06/12/1639Wilim, the sonne of Willm Headley, the vith of December.
20/12/1639John, the sonne of John Griffit, the xxth of December.
06/01/1639Willm, the sonne of Thomas Wilkinson, the vith of January.
05/02/1639Thomas, the sonne of Anthony Taler, vth of February.
15/03/1639Robart, the sonne of Anne Walker, the 15 of March.
31/03/1640Marmaducke, the sonne of Timmothy Fothergill, was bapt. 31th March.
01/04/1640Barbara, the Daughter of Willm Taler, marchant, the first of Aprill.
02/04/1640Barbara, the Daughter of John Green, the iith of Aprill.
03/04/1640Richard, the sonne of Robart Webster, the iiith of Aprill.
21/04/1640Mary, the Daughter of Thomas Godsonne, sonne in lawe to
Robart Geldard, was baptized the xxith day of Aprill.
15/05/1640John, the sonne of John Taler, apothicary, the xvth of May.
07/06/1640Francis, the sonne of Richard Smyth, the viith day of June.
19/06/1640Mary, the daughter of Richard Tompson, the xviiiith of June.
31/06/1640Abigale, the Daughter of Edmond Clough, the last day of June.
15/07/1640David, the sonne of David Gilliam, the xvth day of July.
02/08/1640Elizabeth, the daughter of Edwrd. Regell, the 2th of August.
19/08/1640Mary, the daughter of Richard Lasinby, the xixth of August.
19/08/1640Mary, the Daughter of Thomas Blith, the 19th August.
21/09/1640Mary, the Daughter of Willm Vallans, the 21th Septem.
30/09/1640Anne, the Daughter of John Askwith, the 30 Septem.
01/10/1640Ursulay, the daughter of Willm Lasingbe, the 1 October.
09/10/1640Joseph, the sonne of Ralph Chatter, the 9 of October.
11/10/1640Issabell, the daughter of Thomas Harisonne, the xi of October.
13/10/1640Janne, the Daughter of Willm Ellissonn, the xiiith of October.
06/11/1640Steaven, the sonne of Tomas Topin, the vith day of November.
22/11/1640Andrew, the sonne of Persevell Robinsonne, the xxiith of November.
03/01/1640John, the sonne of John Beckit, the iiith day of January.
08/01/1640Grace, the Daughter of Sr Roger Jaquis, the viiith of January.
19/01/1640Mary, the Daughter of Mr Thomas Hewley, the xix of January.
04/02/1640John, the sonne of Thomas Pearson, the iiiith day of February.
07/02/1640Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Taler the younger, the viith of February.
21/02/1640Briget Ellicar, the daughter of Walter Ellicar, the 21th of February.
14/03/1640Edward, the sonne of Robart Webster, the 14 of March.
14/04/1641Mary, the daughter of John Legge, was baptized the 14 of Aprill.
18/04/1641Henry, the sonne of Thomas Wilkinson, the 18 of Aprill.
24/04/1641Elizabeth, the daghter of Mr Thomas Calvart, pracher, the xxiiiith Aprill.
13/06/1641Michell, the sonne of Willm Huggarde, the 13th of June.
02/07/1641Mary, the daughter of Willm Cooke, the 2th day of July.
06/08/1641Jane, the daughter of Cuthbart Porter, the vith day of August.
13/08/1641Elizabeth, the daughter of Charles Harison, the xiiith of August.
22/08/1641Jane, the daughter of Edward Regell, the xxiith of August.
01/09/1641Josiph, the sonne of Richard Story, the first of September.
07/09/1641Mary, the daughter of Thomas Sutton, the viith of September.
17/09/1641John, the sonne of Mr John Taler, marchant, the xviith of September.
01/10/1641Michell, the sonne of Mary Ellis, the first of October.
10/10/1641Thomas, the sonne of Edward Hodgshon, the xth of October.
17/10/1641Mary, the Daughter of John Hill, the xviith of October.
02/11/1641Jane, the Daughter of Anthony Taler, the iith of November.
24/11/1641Anne, the daughter of Jane Geldart, the xxiiiith of November.
28/11/1641Anne, the daughter of Richard Tompsonne, the xxviiith of November.
30/11/1641Anne, the daughter of John Burtonn, the xxxth of November.
19/12/1641Issabel, the daughter of Francis Lucuas, the xixtu of December.
09/01/1641Sammuell, the sonne of Raphe Chaytter, the ix of January.
24/01/1641Thomas, the sonne of Elizabeth Burman, the xxiiiith of January.
02/02/1641John, the sonne of Mr Willm Taler, marchant, the iith of February.
11/02/1641Mary, the daughter of Willm Lasingbe, the 11th of February.
10/02/1641Thomas, the sonne of Mr Thomas Mason, the xth of February.
17/02/1641Grace, the daughter of Edward Lunde, the xviith of February.
23/03/1641Elizabeth, the Daughter of John Picke, the xxiiith of Marche.
06/04/1642Mary, the Daugher of Mr Richard Bowes. was baptized the vith of Aprill.
14/04/1642George, the sonne of Richard Winnell, the xiiiith of Aprill.
24/04/1642Richard, the sonne of Richard Booth, the xxiiiith of Aprill.
15/05/1642Robart, the sonne of Willm Vallans, the xvth of May.
06/06/1642Anne, the daughter of Sammuell Glave, the vith of June.
05/07/1642John, the sonne of Thomas Emersonn, the 5th day of July.
20/07/1642Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Pearsonn, the xxth of July.
29/07/1642Richard, the sonne of Willm Maisters of Hull, the xxixth of July.
21/08/1642Thomas, the sonne of Mr Edward Loftous, the xxith of August.
22/08/1642Willm, the sonne of John Belley, the xxiith of August.
25/08/1642Anne, the daughter of George Wait, the xxvth of August.
18/09/1642Margarret, the daughter of Cuthbart Porter, the xviiith of September.
24/09/1642Leonard, the sonne of Henry Potter, the xxiiiith of September.
04/10/1642Sammuell, the sonne of David Owing, the iiiith of October.
09/10/1642Saray, the daughter of John Askwith, the ixth of October.
18/11/1642Ann, the daughter of Danyell Beacoke, the xviiith of November.
02/12/1642Richard, the sonne of John Legge, the iith day of December.
18/12/1642Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Harison, the xviiith of December.
23/12/1642Saray, the daughter of Thomas Beamon, the xxiiith of December.
16/01/1642Elizabeth, the daghter of Thomas Taller, the xvith of January.
23/01/1642Hugh Blyth, the sonne of Thomas Blyth, 23th of January.
27/01/1642Mary, the daughter of John Burtonne, the xxviith of January.
03/02/1642Francis, the daughter of Charles Harrisonn, the iiith of February.
14/03/1642Anne, the daughter of John Beckit, the xiiiith March.
17/05/1642Andrew, the sonne of Robart May, the xviith of March.
20/03/1642Allice, the daughter of Marmaduk Gill, the xxth of March.
23/03/1642Peter, the sonne of John Pick, the xxiiith of March.
04/04/1643Richard, the sonne of Roger Hodgshon, was bapt. the iiiith of Aprill.
21/04/1643John, the sonne of Seaith Wait, the xxith of Aprill.
07/05/1643John, the sonne of Walter Ellecar, the viith day of May.
16/05/1643Martha, the daughter of Mr John Taler, marchant, the xvith of May.
28/05/1643Sammuell, the sonne of David Gilliam, the xxviiith of May.
29/05/1643Anne, the daughter of Robart Horner, the xxixth of May.
03/06/1643Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr Benjamin Owlfeld, the iiith of June.
12/06/1643Margarit, the daughter of Edward Lund, the xiith of June.
18/06/1643Saray, the daughter of Robart Webster, the xviiith of June.
27/06/1643Thomas, the sonne of Richard Winell, the xxviith of June.
19/07/1643Saray, the daughter of Raphe Chaytter, the xixth of July.
10/09/1643Willm, the sonne of Willm Vallan, the xth of September.
20/09/1643Thomas, the sonne of Richard Story, the xxth of September.
27/09/1643Mary, the daughter of Edward Reegell, the xxviith of September.
29/09/1643Leonard, the sonne of Thomas Pearsonn, the xxix of September.
10/10/1643Trypose, the Daughter of Mr Leorence Giles, captaine, the xth of October.
15/10/1643Urslay, the daughter of Thomas Metcalfe, the xvth of October.
19/10/1643Francis, the sonne of Thomas Emersonn, the xixth of October.
14/11/1643Jann, the daughter of Thomas Slee, the xiiiith of November.
15/12/1643Margarret, the daughter of George Lowensdaile, the xvth of December.
24/01/1643Mathew, the sonne of Mathew Samsonne, the xxiiiith of January.
26/01/1643Elizabeth, the daughter of Timmothie Fothergill, the xxvith of January.
29/01/1643Hanna, the daughter of Godfray Nickelsonn, the xxixth of January.
06/03/1643Thomas, the sonne of Seaith Waite, the vith day of March.
24/03/1643Wan, the sonne of Willm Headlay, the xxiiiith of March.
25/03/1644Mary, the daughter of Christopher Davesonne, was baptized xxvth March.
24/04/1644Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Bowerkell, the xxiiiith of Aprill.
05/05/1644Martha, the Daughter of Mr John Gammell, the vth of May.
07/05/1644Josiph, the sonne of Christopher Freere, the viith of May.
10/05/1644Wilim Luckas, the sonne of Fracis Lukas, the xth of May.
23/06/1644John, the sonne of John Pick, the xxiiith June.
14/07/1644Alis, the Daughter of Willm Lasingbe, the xiiiith of July.
15/07/1644George, the sonne of Josiph Turnner the xvth of July.
04/08/1644Katheran, the daughter of Christopher Busbe, the iiiith of August.
18/08/1644Peter, the sonne of John Hill, the xviiith of August.
21/08/1644Mary, the daughter of Sammuell Glaves, the xxith of August.
25/08/1644Margaret, the daughter of John Burton, the xxvth of August.
25/08/1644Willm, the sonne of Mr Richard Bowes, the xxvth of August.
13/09/1644Willm, the sonne of Robart Webster, the xiiith of September.
29/09/1644Henry Poter was baptized the 29 September.
06/10/1644Thomas, the sonne of Richard Booth, the vith of October.
06/10/1644Alic, the daughter of Roger Hodgshon, the vith of October.
20/10/1644Anne, the daughter of Thomas Harisonn, the xxth October.
14/11/1644Elling, the daughter of Mr Thomas Masonne, the xiiiith of November.
21/11/1644Alice, the daughter of Mr John Taler, marchant, the xxith of November.
08/12/1644Jane, the daughter of Cuthbart Porter, the viiith of December.
06/01/1644Elizabeth Robinsonn, the daughter of Persevell Robinsonn, the vith Jan.
12/01/1644Josiph, the sonne of George Moyser, the xiith of January.
22/01/1644Willm, the sonne of Richard Woodburn, the xxiith of January.
15/02/1644Jann, the daughter of George Wait, the xvth of February.
21/03/1644Penelope, the daughter of Thomas How, the xxith of March.
07/04/1645Robart Lownsdaill, the sanne of George Lownsdaill, baptized viith Aprill.
09/04/1645Willm, the sonne of Willm Jenkin, the ixth of Aprill.
18/04/1645Jane, the daughter of John Legge, the xviiith of Aprill.
06/06/1645John, the sonne of John Beckit, the vith day of June.
30/07/1645Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Metcalfe, the xxxth of July.
11/08/1645John, the sonne of John Otley, the xith of August.
11/08/1645Easter, the daughter of Edward Lund, the xith of August.
12/08/1645Mary, the daughter of John Bellay, the xiith August.
29/08/1645Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Personne, the xxixth of August.
08/09/1645Mary, the daughter of Ralfe Croft, the viiith of September.
17/09/1645Elizabeth, the daughter of John Croft, the xviith of September.
17/09/1645Henry, the sonne of Robart May, the xviith of September.
22/09/1645Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Wilkinson, taller, the xxiith of September.
23/09/1645Mathew, the sonne of Henry Potter, the xxiiith of September.
06/10/1645Alic, the Daughter of Seaith Wait, the vith of October.
21/10/1645Elizabeth, the daughter of John Minnykin, the xxith of October.
10/11/1645Willm, the sonne of Wilim Daues, the xth of November.
10/11/1645Patience, the Daughter of Godfray Nickelsonn, the xth of November.
18/11/1645Ann, the daughter of Willm Headley, the xviiith of November.
20/11/1645Saray, the daughter of Willm Vallans, the xxth of November.
30/11/1645Francis, the daughter of Thomas Penrose, the xxxth of November.
01/12/1645Dorothie, the daughter of Thomas Taler, the 1th of December.
05/12/1645Saray, the daughter of Richard Butler, the vth of December.
13/12/1645Mary, the Daughter of W John Taller, marchant, the xiiith of December.
13/12/1645Josiph, the sonn of Josiph Turner, the xiiith of December.
26/12/1645Tabatha, the daughter of Timothie Squire, the xxvith of December.
27/12/1645Steaven, the sonne of Willm Mosse, the xxviith of December.
28/01/1645Christopher, the sonne of George Moyser, the xxviiith of January.
30/03/1646Thomas, the sonne of Francis Lucus, was baptized the xxxth of March.
08/04/1646Sammuell, the sonne of Sammuell Bales, the viiith of Aprill.
13/04/1646Mary, the Daughter of Mr Raphe Chaytter, the xiiith of Aprill.
07/05/1646Elizabeth, the Daughter of Thomas Read, the viith of May.
05/06/1646Mary, the Daughter of Mr George Horner, the vth of June.
05/06/1646Mary, the Daughter of John Dodgshon, the vth of June.
22/06/1646Lenard, the sonne of Lenard Donking, the xxiith of June.
10/07/1646Mathew, the sonne of Mathew Sampsonn, the xth of July.
13/07/1646Willm, the sonne of Willm Wood, xiiith of July.
27/07/1646Eling, the Daughter of John Wright, xxviith of July.
05/08/1646Margery, the Daughter of John Legge, the vth of August.
31/08/1646Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Hunter, the 31th of August.
18/09/1646Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Harrisonn, the xviiith of September.
21/09/1646Mathew, the sonne of John Girdler, the xxith of September.
23/09/1646Elling, the daughter of John Hill, the xxiiith of September.
25/09/1646John, the sonne of Anthony Jackson, the xxvth of September.
28/09/1646John, the sonne of Edward Lund, the xxviiith of September.
06/10/1646Mary, the Daughter of John Potter, the vith of October.
14/10/1646Edward, the sonne of John Burtonn, the xiiiith of October.
30/10/1646Nathanyell, the sonne of Robart May, the xxxth of October.
05/11/1646Elizabeth, the daughter of Christopher Cotes, the vth of November.
13/11/1646Sisselle, the daghter of Thomas Bird, the xiiith of November.
13/11/1646Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Penrose, the xiiith of November.
18/11/1646Saray & Rebecka, the daughters of Henry Collisonn, the xviiith of Nov.
09/12/1646Grace, the daughter of Sammuell Glaves, the ixth of December.
29/12/1646Elizabeth, the daughter of Robart Wright, the xxixth of December.
08/01/1646Janne, the daughter of Thomas Personn, braser, the viiith of January.
25/01/1646Thomas, the sonne of Mathew Hay, the xxvth of January.
26/01/1646Mathew, the sonne of Willm Jenkin, the xxvith of January.
01/02/1646Marmaduke, the sonne of Thomas Emersonn, the first of February.
17/02/1646Willm, the sonne of Godfay Nickelsonn, the xviith of February.
31/03/1647Mary Grene, the daughter of Thomas Green, was bapt. the xxxith of March.
21/04/1647Henry Potter, sonne of Henry Potter, the xxith day of Aprill.
26/04/1647Nathanyell Squire, the sonne of Mr Timmothie Squire, the xxvith of Aprill.
14/05/1647Richard Thiselwood, the sonne of Georg Thiselwood, the xiiiith of May.
04/06/1647George Robinsonne, the sonne of Persevell Robinsonn, the iiiith of June.
18/06/1647Issabell Hillery, the daughter of Raphe Hillery, the xviiith of June.
02/07/1647Issabell, the daughter of Roger Hodgshon, the iith of July.
03/08/1647Beatrix, the daughter of Josiph Turner, the iiith of August.
17/08/1647Saray, the daughter of Thomas Wilkinsonn, taller, the xviith of August.
17/08/1647Thomas, the sonne of Willm Headlay, the xviith of August.
20/08/1647Thomas, the sonne of John Masling, the xxth of August.
10/09/1647Thomas, the sonne of Richard Sandeman, the x of September.
13/09/1647John, the sonne of John Wright, the xiiith of September.
17/09/1647Elenor, the daughter of Mr George Horner, the xviith of September.
20/09/1647Saray, the daughter of John Bellay, 20 September.
30/09/1647John, the sonne of John Bird, currier, the xxxth of September.
06/10/1647Hanna, the daughter of Edward Healas, the vith of October.
27/10/1647Margaret, the daughter of Edward Wedell, the xxviith of October
29/10/1647Sara, the daughter of Henry Collisson, the xxixth of October.
03/12/1647Finne, the daughter of John Girdler, the iijth of December.
01/01/1647Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Metcalfe, the 1th of January.
03/01/1647Anne, the daughter of Rafe Croft, the 3th of January.
10/01/1647Elling, the daughter of Robart Lazinbe, the xth of January.
15/01/1647Willm, the sonne of Willm Freer, the xvth of January.
03/02/1647Thomas, the sonne of Mr Christpher Hewley, the iiith of February.
03/03/1647Elizabeth, the daughter of Wilim Lasingbe, the 3 day of March.
24/04/1648Robart, the sonne of Richard Harisonn, was bapt. the xxiiiith of Aprill
05/05/1648Saray, the daughter of Sammuell Bailes, the vth day of May.
02/06/1648Rebecka, the daughter of Willm Vallan, the iith day of June.
05/06/1648Robart, the sonne of Henry Potter, the vth day of June.
07/06/1648Saray, the daughter of Thomas Greene, the viith day of June.
16/06/1648(blank) the daughter of Rafe Hillery, the xvith day of June.
21/06/1648Thomas, the Sonne of John Hill, the xxith day of June.
05/07/1648Anne, the daughter of George Thisellwhayt, the vth day of July.
07/07/1648Marthay, the daughter of Mr Rafe Chayter, the viith day of July.
28/07/1648Saray, the daughter of Mr John Taller, marchant, the xxviiith of July.
04/08/1648Josiph, the sonne of Richard Booth, the iiiith day of August.
07/08/1648Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward Lund, the viith of August.
25/09/1648John, the sonne of Thomas Booth, the xxvth day of September.
26/10/1648Anne, the daughter of Charles Robinsonn, the xxvi October.
26/10/1648Robart, the sonne of Josiph Turner, the xxvi of October.
08/11/1648Andrew, the sonne of Seath Waite, the viiith day of November.
13/12/1648Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Bird, the xiiith day of December.
05/01/1648Augustine, the sonne of Francis Lucas, the vth day of January.
09/01/1648Elizabeth, the daughter of George Horner, the ixth of January.
09/01/1648Willm, the sonne of John Tomlinsonn, the ixth of January.
12/01/1648Cristian, the daughter of Edward Penrose, the xiith of January.
17/01/1648Alis, the daughter of Thomas Read, the xviith of January.
19/01/1648Thomas, the sonne of Leonard Donking, the xixth of January.
26/01/1648John, the sonne of John Potter, the xxvith of January.
01/02/1648John, the sonne of Willm Jenkin, the vxth day of February.
01/02/1648Anne, the daughter of Willm Hartley, the vxth day of February.
09/02/1648Mary, the daughter of Mr Sammuell Glaves, the ix of February.
13/02/1648Lewis, the sonne of John Girdler, the xiiith of February.
23/02/1648Robart, the sonne of Thomas Penrose, the xxiiith of February.
07/03/1648Janne, the daughter of Thomas Harrisonn, the viith day of March.
08/03/1648Mary, the daughter of John Bird, currier, the viiith of March.
09/03/1648Jacob, the sonne of George Geldard, the ixth of March.
09/03/1648Thomas, the sonne of Mr Christopher Hewlay, the ixth of March.
23/03/1648Charles, the sonne of John Masling, the xxiiith of March.
22/04/1649Edward, the sonne of Ralfe Crofte, was baptized the xxiith of Aprill.
26/04/1649Josiph, the sonne of Anthony Jackson, the xxvith of Aprill.
26/04/1649Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward Healas, the xxvith of Aprill.
12/05/1649Mary, the daughter of Mathew Hay, the xiith day of May.
22/05/1649George, the sonne of Edward Stockdaill, the xxiith of May.
13/06/1649Dorothie, the daughter of John Burton, the xiiith day of June.
22/06/1649Henry, the sonne of Persevell Robinsonne, the xxiith of June.
09/07/1649Mathay, the daughter of Robart Wright, the ixth day of July.
11/07/1649Anne, the daughter of Thomas Person, the xith of July.
16/07/1649Willm, the sonne of Willm Lazingbe, the xvith of July.
23/08/1649Henry, the sonne of Henry Collisonne, the xxiiith of August.
05/09/1649Richard, the sonne of George Thiselwhayt, the vth of September.
21/09/1649Marthay Howgill, the daughter of Thomas Howgill, the xxith of September.
19/10/1649Allis, the daughter of Willm Headley, the xix day of October.
19/10/1649Benjamin, the sonne of Josiph Turne, the xixth day of October.
09/11/1649John, the sonne of Thomas Grene, the ixth day of November.
11/11/1649Edward, the sonne of Willm Garnet, the xith of November.
29/11/1649Allis, the daughter of Robart Drew, the xxixth of November.
02/12/1649John, the sonne of John Bellay, the iith day of December.
07/12/1649Saray, the daughter of George Hurst, the vii of December.
16/12/1649Mary, the daughter of Mr Allexsander Richardson, the xvi of December.
01/01/1649Saray, the daughter of John Plewman, the vxth day of January.
11/01/1649Allis, the daughter of Richard Salman, the xith of January.
13/01/1649Saray, the daughter of Mr Nathaneell Rathband, preacher, the xiiith Jan.
07/02/1649Richard, the sonne of Thomas Booth, the viith of Feabruary.
25/02/1649Mary, the daughter of Mr John Taller, marchant, the xxvth of Feabruary.
08/03/1649Yorke, the sonne of Yorke Horner, marchant, the viiith of March.
25/03/1650Henry, the sonne of Thomas Tomlinsonne, draper, was baptized xxvth Mar.
04/04/1650(blank) the (blank) of John Otley was baptized the 4 Aprill.
04/05/1650Mary, the daughter of Mathew Samson, the 4 day of May.
05/05/1650Jane, the daughter of George Smyth, the vth of May.
15/05/1650Saray, the daughter of John Girdler, the xvth of May.
04/06/1650Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Ullithorne, the iiiith day of June
14/06/1650John, the sonne of Robart Lazinbe, the xiiiith of June.
19/06/1650Sammuell, the sonne of Mr George Horner, the xixth of June.
02/07/1650Elizabeth, the daughter of Richard Sandeman, the iith of July.
07/07/1650Hanna, the daughter of Mr Raph Chaytter, the viith of July.
19/07/1650Saray, the daughter of Thomas Metcalfe, the xixth of July.
20/08/1650Willm, the sonne of Willm Welburn, the xxth of August.
02/09/1650Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry Potter, the iith of September.
04/10/1650Francis, the daughter of Thomas Howgill, the iiiith of October.
15/10/1650Janne, the daughter of Wilim Straker, the xvth of October.
16/10/1650Katheran, the daughter of Thomas Penrose, the xvith of October.
12/11/1650Saray, the daughter of Edward Lund, the xiith of November.
12/11/1650Sisselye, the daughter of Roger Hodgshon, the xii of November.
25/11/1650Edmond, the sonne of John Hill, the xxvth of November .
27/11/1650Josiph, the sonne of John Fox, the xxviith of November.
16/12/1650Miles, the sonne of Miles Deane, the xvith of December.
16/12/1650Sammuell, the sonne of James Day, the xvith of December.
17/01/1650Elizabeth, the daughter of Seath Waite, the xviith of January.
19/01/1650John, the sonne of John Wilkinsonn, the xixth of January.
19/01/1650Mary, the daughter of Anthony Watson, the xixth of January.
04/02/1650George, the sonn of Thomas Greene, the iiiith of February.
11/02/1650Mary, the daughter of Leonard Donking, the xith of Feabruary.
04/04/1651Martha, the daughter of Mr Sammuell Glaves, was bapt. the iiiith of Aprill
07/04/1651Anne, the daughter of Thomas Bedfoord, the viith of Aprill.
25/04/1651Christopher, the sonne of Abrham Huton, the xxvth of Aprill.
25/04/1651John, the sonne of Thomas Bird, the xxvth of Aprill.
27/04/1651Ellin, the daughter of Mr Christopher Hewley, the xxviith of Aprill.
28/04/1651Mary, the daughter of Thomas Walker, the xxviiith of Aprill.
14/05/1651Marthay, the daughter of Mr Nathanyell Raithband, pracher, xiiii May.
14/05/1651John, the sonne of John Tomlinsonne, the xiiii of May.
15/05/1651Mary, the daughter of John Masling, the xv of May.
21/05/1651Francis, the daughter of George Hurst, the xxith of May.
11/06/1651Elias, the sonne of Mr George Horner, the xith of June.
17/06/1651(blank) the sonne of John Potter, the xviith of June.
12/07/1651John, the sonne of Richard Tinslay, the xiith of July.
05/08/1651Ane, the daughter of John Lofte, the 5 August.
14/08/1651Elizabeth, the daughter of John Bellay, the 14 August.
08/09/1651Finne, the daghter of John Girdler, the viiith of September.
15/09/1651Anne, the daughter of Francis Lucas, the xvth of September.
24/09/1651Tryphena, the daughter of Thomas Harrison, the xxiiiith of September.
12/10/1651Richard, the sonne of Richard Salman, the xiith of October.
20/10/1651Mary, the daughter of Robart Wright, the xxth of October.
04/11/1651Robart, the sonne of Willm Smyth, the iiiith of November.
12/11/1651Willm, the sonne of Robart Weddell, draper, the xiith of November.
14/11/1651Elizabeth, the daughter of Marke Batchler, the xiiiith of November.
05/12/1651Sammuell, the sonne of Henry Collisson, the vth of December.
17/12/1651Elizabeth, the daughter of Mathew Hay, the xviith of December.
21/12/1651John, the sonne of Thomas Person, the 21th Decem.
31/12/1651Raphe, the sonne of Raph Crofte, the xxxith of December.
09/01/1651Mary, the daughter of George Stockton, the ixth of January.
11/01/1651Anne, the daughter of James Ledell, the xith of January.
27/01/1651Maudland, the daughter of Thomas Read, the xxviith of January.
30/01/1651Mary & Rebecka, the daugers of Edward Healas, the xxxth of January.
08/02/1651Jane, the daughter of Robert Lazinbe, the viiith of February.
04/03/1651Martha, the daughter of Myles Deane, barber, the iiiith of March.
20/03/1651Anne, the daughter of Thomas Booth, the xxth of March.
05/04/1652Willm, the sonne of Thomas Tomlinson, was bapt. the vth of Aprill.
25/04/1652Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Metcalfe, the xxvth of Aprill.
27/04/1652Margarret, the daughter of Thomas Greene, the xxviith of Aprill.
23/05/1652Edward, the sonne of Willm Welburne, the xxiiith of May.
24/05/1652Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Garnet, the xxiiiith of May.
25/05/1652Richard, the sonne of Richard Sandeman, the xxvth of May.
25/05/1652Jane, the daughter of Mr George Thiselwood, the xxvth of May.
03/06/1652Tabatha, the daughter of Mr Raph Chaytter, the iiith of June.
13/06/1652Janne, the daughter of Hery Potter, the xiiith of June.
21/06/1652George, the sonne of Mr George Horner, the xxith of June.
28/06/1652Mary, the daughter of Mr Sammuell Glaves, the xxviiith of June.
23/07/1652Anna, the daughter of W John Taller, marchant, the xxiiith of July.
28/07/1652Elizbeth, the daughter of Thomas Dayles, maryna, the xxviiith of July.
27/08/1652Ellin, the daughter of Willm Jenking, the 27 of August.
17/09/1652Jane, the daughter of Edward Penrose, the 17 of September.
03/10/1652Robart, the sonne of Robart Tomsonn, the iii day of October.
20/10/1652Anne, the daughter of John Tomlinson, draper, the xxth of October.
28/10/1652John, the sonne of John Hill, the xxviiith of October.
10/11/1652John, the sonne of Willm Straker the xth of November.
25/11/1652Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Ullithorn, the xxv of November.
01/12/1652Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Williamson, the first of December.
03/12/1652Mary, the daughter of Thomas Bedfoord, the iiith of December.
07/01/1652Ann, the daughter of George Hobsonn, the viith of January.
09/01/1652Ann, the daughter of Phillip Webster, the ixth of January.
14/01/1652Seath, the sonne of John Potter, the xiiiith of January.
19/01/1652Grace, the daughter of John Maslinge, the xixth of January.
04/02/1652Mary, the daughter of John Fox, the iiiith of February.
04/02/1652Grace, the daughter of Willm Smales, the iiiith of February.
09/02/1652Sammuell, the sonne of Theophilus Nesfeld, draper, the ixth of February.
15/02/1652Alis, the daughter of Thomas Howgill, the xvth of February.
20/02/1652Mary, the daughter of Mr John Burton, the xxth of February.
21/02/1652Cristopher, the sonne of James Ledall, the xxith of February.
07/03/1652Christopher, the sonne of Mr Christopher Hewlay, the viith of March.
11/03/1652John, the sonne of Raphe Croft, the xith of March.
01/04/1653Thomas, the sonne of George Stockton, was baptized the 1th day of Aprill.
01/04/1653Beniamin, the sonne of Mr Timmothy Suqire, the 1th day of Aprill.
03/04/1653Janne, the daughter of John Girdler, the iiith of Aprill.
11/04/1653Josiph, the sonne of John Bellay, the xith of Aprill.
15/05/1653Elling, the daughter of John Gibsonn, the xvth day of May.
27/06/1653Feanis, the sonne of George Hurst, the xxvii day of June.
07/09/1653Anna, the daughter of Mr George Horner, the viith of September.
25/09/1653Martha, the daughter of Raph Hudsonn, the xxvth of September.
02/10/1653Richard, the some of Willm Smyth, the iith day of October.
09/10/1653Mathew, the sonne of Robert Wright, the ixth of October.
16/10/1653Edward, the sonne of Willm Welburn, the xvith of October.
17/10/1653Richard, the sonne of Marke Batchler, the xviith of October.
09/11/1653Willm, the sonne of Thomas Bedford, the ixth of November.
13/11/1653Willm, the sonne of Robart Laysingbe, the xiiith of November.
15/12/1653Mathew, the sonne of Richard Linlay, the xvth of December.
19/12/1653Mary, the daughter of Abraham Huton, the xixth of December.
21/12/1653Joell, the sonne of Thomas Green, the xxith of December.
19/02/1653Mary, the daughter of Myles Deane, the xixth of February.
24/02/1653Robart, the sonne of Seath Waite, the xxiiiith of February.
05/03/1653John, the sonne of Henry Potter, the vth of March.
19/03/1653Thomas, the sonne of George Hobson, the xixth of March.
31/03/1654John, the sonne of Thomas Weatherell, was bapt. the xxxith of March
09/04/1654Elizabeth, the daughter of Mathew Hay, the ixth of Aprill.
17/05/1654Issaebell, the daugher of Thomas Dayles, the xviith of May.
04/07/1654Mary, the daughter of Phillip Webster, the iiiith of July.
07/07/1654Presela, the daughter of Thomas Tomlinson, the viith of July.
14/07/1654Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Booth, the xiiiith of July.
31/07/1654John, the sonne of Peter Craven, the xxxith of July.
15/08/1654Mary, the daughter of John Girdler, the 15 August.
04/09/1654Willm, the sonne of Willm Straker, the iiiith of September.
20/09/1654Meariall, the daugter of Robart Wright, the xxth of September.
24/09/1654Elizabeth, the daughter of Robart Cartelit, the xxiiiith of September.
08/10/1654Ann, the daughter of Willm Smales, the viiith day of October.
18/10/1654Josua, the sonne of Mr Timmothe Squire, the xviiith of October.
22/10/1654Jane, the daughter of George Stockdall, the xxiith of October.
31/10/1654Dorothe, the daughter of Mr George Homer, the 31th of October.
08/11/1654Francis, the sonne of Francis Lucas, the viiith of November.
17/11/1654Frances, the daughter of Mr Francis Chadderton, the xviith of November.
17/11/1654Thomas, the some of Robart Mawman, the xviith of November.
21/11/1654Dorothie, the daughter of Roger Hodgshon, the xxith of November.
21/03/1654Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Person, the xxith day of March.
18/04/1655Sara, the daughter of John Bellay, was baptized the xviiith day of Aprill.
19/04/1655Anna, the daughter of Mr Raphe Chaytter, the xixth of Aprill.
21/04/1655Richard, the sonne of Willm Stainton, the xxj of Aprill.
07/05/1655Jane, the daughter of Henry Potter, the viith day of May.
31/05/1655Thomas, the some of Mr Christopher Hewlay, the 31th of May.
08/06/1655Rebecka, the daughter of Richard Franck, the viiith of June.
01/07/1655Cristopher, the some of John Potter, the 1th day of July.
14/07/1655Martha & Ann, the daughters of Thomas Metcalf, the xiiiith of July.
29/07/1655James, the some of Phillip Webster, the xxixth of July.
16/09/1655Ellingar, the daughter of John Girdler, the xvith of September.
30/09/1655Mighell, the some of Margery Tomson, the xxxth of September.
26/11/1655Cristopher, the sonne of Thomas Booth, the xxvith of November.
01/12/1655Jearemy, the some of Henry Collison, the vxth day of December.
16/12/1655Mary, the daughter of Willm Smyth, the xvith of December.
11/01/1655John, the some of Robart Marshall, the xith of January.
17/01/1655Robart, the some of Willm Welburn, the xviith of January.
22/01/1655Beniamin, the sonne of Mr Sammuell Glaves, the xxiith of January.
05/02/1655Sara & Rebecka, the daughters of Seath Wait, the vth of February.
08/02/1655Robart, the sonne of John Hill, the viiith of February.
14/02/1655Anne, the daughter of Mathew Wilton, the xiiiith of Feabruary.
24/02/1655Anna & Margaret, the daughters of Willm Garnit, the 24 February.
29/02/1655Dorothe, the daughter of Willm Smales, the 29 of Feabruary.
03/03/1655Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Toot, the 3th day of March.
29/03/1656Abraham Huton was Baptized the xxixth day of March.
30/03/1656Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Hugard, the 30th day of March.
16/04/1656Margarret, the daughter of George Stockton, the 16th day of Aprill.
16/04/1656Roger, the sonne of Mr Mathew Bigge, minester, the 16th of April.
19/04/1656Ambrose, the sonne of Edward Spence, the 19th of Aprill.
04/05/1656Mary, the daughter of Edward Penrose, the iiiith day of May.
11/05/1656Willm, the sonne of Peter Craven, the xith day of May.
24/05/1656Janne, the daughter of Mathew Hay, the 24th day of May.
06/06/1656Easter, the doughter of John Tomlinsonn, the 6th day of June.
10/06/1656Josiph, the sonne of Mr George Horner, the xth day of June.
11/06/1656Faithe, the daughter of Thomas Tomlinson, the xith of June.
05/07/1656Kathran, the daughter of Francis Chadderton, the vth of July.
13/07/1656Jeareme, the sonne of John Fox, the xiiith of July.
20/07/1656Beatris, the daughter of Thomas Green, the xxth of July.
20/07/1656John, the sonne of George Hurst, the xxth of July.
24/07/1656Susana & Elizabeth, the daughters of Theophelas Nesfeld, the 24th of July.
03/08/1656Cristopher, the sonne of Willm Stanton, the iiith of August.
14/08/1656John, the sonne of John Cowper, the xiiiith of August.
07/09/1656Cristopher, the sonne of Persevell Robinson, the viith of September.
13/09/1656Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Dayles, the xiiith of September.
22/09/1656Mathew, the sonne of John Masling, the xxiith of September.
03/10/1656Ann, the daughter of Phillip Webster, the iiith of October.
08/10/1656Ellinger, the daughter of Richard Leng, the viiith of October.
12/11/1656Robart, the sonne of W Thomas Drewre, the xiith of November.
20/11/1656Anne, the daughter of Willm Straker, the xxth of November.
17/12/1656Slinger, the sonne of Thomas Weatherell, the xviith of December.
25/01/1656John, the sonne of John Girdler, the 25th of January.
28/01/1656James, the sonne of George Chambers, the 28th of January.
06/02/1656Janne, the daughter of Jacob Collison, the vith of February.
18/02/1656Marthay, the daughter of Miles Deane, the 18th of Feabruary.
26/03/1657John, the sonne of Henry Potter, was Baptized the 26th day of March.
11/05/1657Thomas, the sonne of Ralfe Croft, the 11th day of May.
09/05/1657Judeth, the daughter of Robart Marshall, the ixth of May.
17/05/1657Hosea, the sonne of Robart Lazinbe, the xviith of May.
05/06/1657George Thiselwhait, sonne of Mr George Thiselwhait, the 5th June.
07/07/1657Anna, the daughter of Mr George Horner, the viith of July.
12/07/1657Willm, the sonne of George Priston, the xiith of July.
09/08/1657Ann, the daughter of Edward Spence, the ixth of August.
13/08/1657Mary, the daughter of Willm Stainton, the 13th of August.
20/09/1657Dorothe, the daughter of George Hobson, the 20th of September.
11/10/1657Thomas, the sonne of Richard Franke, the xith of October.
05/12/1657Phillip, the sonne of Phillip Webster, the vth of December.
08/01/1657Saray, the daughter of Abraham Huton, the viiith of January.
24/01/1657John, the sonne of John Sargusson, the 24th of January.
24/01/1657Dorothe, the daughter of Michell Wilson, the 24th of January.
27/01/1657Presele, the daughter of Mr Ralph Chaytter, the 27th of January.
05/02/1657Charles, the sonne of John Masling, the vth of Feabruary.
21/02/1657Alis, the daughter of Rowland Hudson, the xxith of Feabruary.
28/02/1657Elizabeth, the daughter of Richard Spech, the 28th of Feabruary.
23/02/1657Thomas, the of Robart Cooke, the xxiiith of February.
19/03/1657Hana, the daughter of Willm Garnet, the 19th of March.
11/04/1658Grace, the daughter of John Girdler, was Baptized the xith of Aprill.
12/04/1658Mathew, the sonne of Willm Tood, the xiith of Aprill.
21/04/1658Mathew, the sonne of Mathew Hay, the xxith of Aprill.
09/05/1658Barbara, the daughter of John Wille, the ixth day of May.
10/05/1658Saray, the daughter of Richard Lenge, the xth of May.
07/06/1658John, the sonne of John Hill, the viith day of June.
13/06/1658Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Booth, the xiiith of June.
25/06/1658Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Curdax, the 25th of June.
01/08/1658Ann, the daughter of Thomas Harison, the vxth day of August.
22/08/1658Katheran, the daughter of Raph Hudson, the 22th of August.
25/08/1658Phillip, the sonne of Thomas Tomlinson, the 25th of August.
26/08/1658John Horner, the sonne of Mr George Horner, the 26th of August.
12/09/1658Ann, the daughter of Henrie Potter, the 12th cf September.
20/09/1658Margaret, the daughter of Richchard Thomson, the 20th of Septem.
30/09/1658Myles, the sonne of Myles Deane, the 30th of September.
21/10/1658John, the sonne of John Tomlinson, the xxith of October.
01/11/1658John, the sonne of Richard Bradlay, the 1th of November.
07/11/1658Ann, the daughter of Wilim Smyth, the 7th of November.
14/11/1658Willm, the sonne of John Potter, the 14th of November.
17/11/1658Josiph, the sonne of Thomas Dayles, the 17th of November.
01/12/1658Elizbeth, the daughter of Wilim Straker, the 1th of December.
99/12/1658George, the sonne of Peter Craven, the (blank) of Desember.
07/01/1658John, the sonne of John Stewardson, the 7th of January.
28/01/1658Saray, the daugter of John Foster, the xxviiith of January.
13/02/1658Saray, the daughter of Wilim Swles, the xiiith of February.
07/03/1658John, the sonne of Philip Webster, the viith of March.
09/03/1658Willm Cowper, the sonne of John Cowper, the ixth of March.
18/03/1658Wilim, the sonne of Wilim Tood, the xviiith of March.
20/04/1659John, the sonne of Jacob Collison, was Baptized the xxth day of Aprill.
06/05/1659Jane, the daughter of Willm Stainton, the 6th day of May.
24/05/1659John, the sonne of John Fox, the 24th day of May.
05/06/1659Katheran, the daughter of John Wood, the 5th day of June.
18/07/1659Jann, the daughter of Mathew Wilton, the 18 day of July.
24/07/1659Willm, the sonne of Willm Houd, the 24th of July.
03/08/1659Elizabeth Thiselwhait, the daughter of Mr George Thiselwhat the 3 Aug.
04/08/1659Wilim, the sonne of Willm Cordukes, the 4th of August.
07/08/1659Charles, the sonne of Thomas Howgill, the 7th of August.
17/08/1659Elizabeth, the daughter of Robart Cooke, the 17th of August.
15/09/1659Henry Wilkinson, the sonne of John Wilkinsonne, the xvth of September.
25/09/1659Josiph, the sonne of George Chambers, the xxvth of Sept.
27/09/1659Henry, the sonne of Franncis Bray, the xxviith Septem.
23/10/1659James, the sonne of Lenard Hornsay, the 23 of October.
22/11/1659Henry, the sonne of Mr Francis Topham, Essquiar, the 22 of November.
04/12/1659Elizabeth, the daughter of George Stockton, the iiiith of December.
11/11/1659John, the sonne of John Smyth, the xith of November.
29/12/1659Jane, the daughter of Richard Franke, the 29th of December.
12/02/1659Mary, the daughter of Timmothie Nesfeld, the xiith of February.
29/02/1659Tabathay, the daughter of George Horner, the 29th of February.
21/03/1659Janne, the daughter of John Sargeson, the 21th of March.
17/04/1660Myles, the sonne of Myles Deane, was Baptized the 17th day of Aprill.
24/04/1660Willm, the sonne of Richard Bradlay, the 24th of Aprill.
06/05/1660Mary, the daughter of Willm Garnit, the 6th day of May.
26/05/1660Martha, the daughter of Willm Smales, the 26th of May.
15/06/1660Anne, the daughter of Jacob Collisson, the xvth of June.
17/06/1660Chales, the sonne of John Plewman, the xviith of June.
01/07/1660Grace, the daughte1 of Thomas Pallister, the first of July.
02/08/1660John, the sonne of Peter Fawset, the iith of August.
05/08/1660Mary, the daughter of Anthony Harland, the 5th of August.
26/08/1660John, the sonne of John Wood, the 26 of August.
27/08/1660James, the sonne of Richard Spech, the 27th of August.
01/09/1660Jane, the daughter of Phillup Webster, the first of September.
16/09/1660Jann, the daughter of Richard Kay, the xvith of September.
10/12/1660Brigit, the daughter of John Tomlinson, the xth of December.
10/12/1660Jane, the daughter of John Hill, the xth of December.
03/01/1660Robart, the sonne of John Britan, the 3th of January.
07/01/1660Rebecka, the daughter of Abraham Hutton, the viith of January.
16/01/1660James, the sonne of Robart Raudon, the 16th of January.
19/03/1660Jude, the daughter of John Cowper, the 19th of March.
15/05/1661Issabel, the daughter of John Wilkinson, was Bapt. the xvth of May.
25/05/1661Thomas, the sonne of Willm Smyth, the 25 of May.
01/06/1661John, the sonne of Cristopher Dinnis, the first day of June.
18/06/1661Henry, the sonne of Thomas Harrisonn, the xviiith of June.
23/06/1661Richard, the sonne of Richard Beulay, the xxiiith of June.
30/06/1661Phillip, the sonne of John Sargeson, the xxxth of June.
05/08/1661Ales, the daughter of Peter Craven, the 5th of August.
11/08/1661Thomas, the sonne of James Pickerin, the xith of August.
25/08/1661Ambrose, the sonne of George Franck, the xxvth of August.
25/08/1661Elizabeth, the daughter of John Wile, the xxvth of August.
07/09/1661Sayay, the daughter of George Chambers, the viith of September.
13/09/1661Jann, the daugh. of Jacob Collisonn, the xiiith of September.
15/09/1661Saray, the daughter of Edward Spence, the xvth of September.
22/09/1661James, the sonne of Willm Curdax, the xxiith of September.
22/09/1661Marthay, the daughter of Phillip Webster, the xxiith of September.
30/09/1661Thomas, the sonne of John Fox, the xxxth of September.
14/10/1661Debrah, the daughter of Mt Alderman Chaiter, the xiiiith of October.
05/12/1661Sewsana, the daughter of Mr George Horner, the 5 of December.
06/12/1661Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Staint, the 6 of December.
04/01/1661Elizabeth, the daughter of John Potter, the 4th of January.
99/01/1661Henry, the sonne of Willm Garnyt, the (blank) day of January.
05/03/1661Robart, the sonne of W Willm Strake, the 5 day of March.
08/03/1661Katheran Tood was baptized the 8 day of March.
14/03/1661Ursele Bilton was baptized the xiiiith day of March.
17/03/1661James, the sonne of Thomas Hogell, the 17th day of March.
23/04/1662Robart, the sonne of Robart Rawdonn, was Bapt. the 23th of Aprill.
27/04/1662Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Mathew, the 27th of Aprill.
01/05/1662Elyzabeth, the daughter of Robart Kay, the first day of May.
23/05/1662Mary, the daughter of Mr George Thiselwhate, the 23th of May.
24/06/1662Palay, the sonne of Mr Francis Topin, Esqire, the 24th of June.
26/06/1662John, the sonne of Fracis Browen, the 26th of June.
17/08/1662Jann, the daughter of John Sargesonne, the xviith of August.
03/09/1662Mickell, the sonne of Mickell Willson, the 3 of Sept.
14/09/1662Solomon, the soone of John Couper, the 14 of September.
14/09/1662Faith, the Doughter of Richard Bradley, the 14 of Sept.
14/09/1662Susana, the Dougter of John Hill, the 14 of Septembr.
23/09/1662Thomas, the sonn of William Clarke, the 23 of Sept.
14/12/1662Sarah, the Doughter of John Headlay, the 14 of Decembr.
27/12/1662Elizebth, the doughter of Thomas Harinson, 27 of Decembr.
29/12/1662Mary, the doughter of John Wilkinson, 29 Dec.
05/01/1662Richard, sonne of William Cordex, the 5 of Jan.
01/02/1662Marye, the doughter of Jacobe Colenson, the 1 of Feb.
22/02/1662Edward, sonne of John Smith, the 22 of Febuary.
15/03/1662Dorethe, the doughter of Richar Peck, the 15 of March.
17/03/1662Richard Fausete, soone of Petter Fausete, the 17 of March.
27/03/1663John Foster, soone of John Foster, was babtized the 27 of March.
26/04/1663Marye, the doughter of Richard Franke, the 26 Apl.
03/05/1663William, the soone of William Blyth, the 3 of May.
06/05/1663Francis, the soone of Francis Bray, the 6 of May.
11/05/1663William, the soone of Theofilus Nesfeld, the 11 May.
12/05/1663Grace, the doughter of John Plewman, the 12 May.
24/05/1663John Mathewes, sonn of Thomas Mathewes, 24 of May.
02/06/1663Robart, the sonne of James Pickring, the 2 of June.
10/06/1663Elenor, the doughter of Richard Boynton, the 10 of June.
20/06/1663Dorcas, the doughter of Mr William Tod, the 20 of June.
18/08/1663Dorthi, the doughter of William Smales, the 18 of August.
19/08/1663Sarah, the doughter of Mr George Horner, the 19 Aug.
23/08/1663Timothi, the sonne of Timethi Dosey Alis Birde, 23 August.
03/09/1663Ann, the doughter of Thomas Bedford, the 3 of Sept.
01/10/1663Francis, the sonne of Mr Francis Topham Esquire, the 1 of Octob.
11/10/1663David, the sonne of John Couper, the 11 of Octob.
12/11/1663Elizebth, the doughter of Abraham Hutton, the 12 Nov.
22/11/1663Urseley, the dougter of William Garnette, the 22 Nov.
06/12/1663Sarah, the doughter of Francis Hall, the 6 of Decemb.
06/12/1663Mathew, the sonne of John Goure, the 6 of Decemb.
13/12/1663William, the sonne of William Smith, the 13 Decemb.
13/12/1663William, the sonne of John Sargeson, the 13 Decemb.
14/12/1663John, the sonn of Thomas Harinson, the 14 of December.
20/12/1663Margarett, the doughter of W William Clarke, the 20 of Decembr.
27/01/1663Marye, daughter of John Graye, the 27 of Jen.
30/01/1663Thomas, sonne of Robert Hudson, the 30 of Jen.
04/02/1663Thomas, sonne of John Hedley, the 4 of Feb.
15/02/1663Authur, sonne of Mr Arther Jegginges, the 15 of Feb.
08/03/1663Elizebth, the daughter of Jacob Coleson, the 8 Mar.
10/04/1664Edward, soone of Edward Spence, was babtized the 10 of Aprill.
11/04/1664Sarah, the doughter of Matthew Wilkes, the 11 Aprill.
28/04/1664Elizebth, doughter of Thomas Lindley, the 28 of Aprill.
25/05/1664Sarah, daughter of Francis Bacocke, the 25 of May.
05/06/1664Marye, doughter of Richard Key, the 5 of June.
12/06/1664Marye, the doughter of George Keyghley, 12 June.
27/06/1664Sarah, the daughter of John Fox, the 27 June.
27/06/1664Ann, the doughter of James Pickering, 27 June.
04/07/1664Nahum, ye sonne of Thomas Bedford, the 4 of July.
16/07/1664Elener, the doughter of Thomas Mathewes, 16 July.
10/08/1664John, the sonne of Thomas Hougall, the 10 August.
02/09/1664John, the soone of Mickell Willson, the 2 of Sept.
17/09/1664Samuell, sane of Thomas Dayles, the 17 of Sept.
06/10/1664Marmeducke, sonne of Robarte Rawdon, 6 Octob.
27/10/1664Israell, sonne of Willim Tod, the 27 of Octob.
23/10/1664John, sonne of John Wateson, the 23 of October.
27/10/1664Ann, Doughter of William Staynton, the 27 Octob.
13/11/1664Timothy, sonne of Doyley Grene, the 13 of Novemb.
21/11/1664Marye, doughter of Mr Wellobe alis Taylor, 21 Nov.
11/12/1664George, sonne of George Buskell, the 11 of Decemb.
01/01/1664Robarte, sonne of Mathew Willton, the 1 of Jenuary.
15/01/1664Rebecka, doughter of George Francke, the 15 of Jenuary.
22/01/1664Janne, doughter of John Waite, the 22 of Jenuary.
29/01/1664William, sonne of Richard Franckland, the 29 Jen.
10/02/1664John, sonne of Mr Will. Cake, the 10 of Febuary.
19/02/1664Elizabeth, doughter of John Headlay, the 19 Febuary.
26/02/1664Sarah, the doughter of Thomas Harinson, the 26 Feb.
01/03/1664Easter, doughter of John Wood, 1 of March.
12/03/1664Marmeducke, sonne of John Raper, the 12 of Mar.
12/03/1664Joann, doughter of Richard Pettch, the 12 of March.
19/03/1664John Wille, sonne of John Wille, the 19 March.
19/03/1664Israell, sonne of John Couper, the 19 March.
11/04/1665Abraham, sonne of Abraham Hutton, was babtized 11 Aprill.
13/04/1665Elenor & Elizebth, doughters of Richard Bradley, 13 Aprill.
16/04/1665Janne, doughter of John Sargeson, 16 Aprill.
23/04/1665Elizebth, doughter of John Gray, the 23 Aprill.
30/04/1665Richard, sonne of Georg Harford, 30 April.
30/04/1665Sarah, doughter of James Browne, 30 Aprill.
04/05/1665Jude, doughter of John Todd, the 4 of May.
21/05/1665Marye, the doughter of Mr Will. Straker, 21 of May.
26/05/1665Thomas, sonne of Thomas Bedford, 26 May.
28/05/1665Bengeman, sonne of William Blyth, 28 of May.
02/07/1665Easter, the doughter of Francis Clarkeson, 2 Jul.
07/07/1665Edward, sonne of Mr Edward Midlemoure, 7 Jul.
16/07/1665Joshuea, sonne of William Cordex, 16 July.
20/07/1665James Napper, sonne of Mathew Napper, 20 July.
03/09/1665Janne, doughter of Mickell Willson, 3 of Sept.
17/09/1665John, sonne of John Harinson, 17 of Sept.
15/10/1665John, sonne of Mathew Wilkes, the 15 Octob.
24/10/1665Henry, sonne of Squire Topham, the 24 Octob.
12/11/1665John, sonne unto George Keighley, 12 Novemb.
19/11/1665John, sonne of Thomas Palester, the 19 of Novemb.
06/12/1665Jacob, sonne of Jacob Colinson, 6 of Dec.
03/01/1665John, sonne of Robarte Downes, 3 of Jen.
11/01/1665Hanna, doughter of John Suggdon, the 11 Jen.
16/01/1665Janne, doughter of James Pickrin, the 16 Jenuary.
21/01/1665Rosemand, doughter of Thomas Gower, 21 Jenuary.
30/01/1665Tobias, soone of Thomas Mathewes, 30 Jen.
07/02/1665Marye, doughter of Jacobe Lund, 7 of Feb.
11/02/1665Thomas, sonne of Richard Darsey, the 11 Feb.
21/02/1665Francis, doughter of Richard Stephenes, 21 February.
25/02/1665Richard, sonne of George Pearson, 25 Febuary.
11/03/1665Ann, doughter of William Garnete, the 11 March.
25/03/1666Ann, doughter of Richard Key, babtized 25 March.
06/04/1666Katheron, doughter of Walshingham Coucke, 6 Apr.
13/05/1666George, sonne of William Smayles, the 13 of May.
13/05/1666Thomas, sonne of William Inman, the 13 of May.
20/05/1666Robart, sonne of John Anderson, the 20 May.
27/05/1666John, sonne of William Smith, the 27 May.
17/06/1666Bengeman, sonne of George Buskell, the 17 June.
28/06/1666Janne, doughter of Theophillus Nesfelld, 28 Jun.
13/07/1666Sarah, doughter of John Couper, the 13 of July.
09/07/1666John, sonne of Christofer Witther, July 9.
22/07/1666Jann, doughter of Richard Francke, 22 July.
02/09/1666Marye, doughter of Francis Hall, the 2 of Sept.
06/09/1666Richard, sonne of Richard Thomas, the 6 of Sept.
04/09/1666George, sonne of William Jackson, the 4 Sept.
22/11/1666Joseph, sonne of Robart Dave, the 22 Nov.
28/11/1666Alis, doughter of Edward Robinson, 28 Nov.
25/02/1666Thomas, sonne of Robart Rawden, 25 Feb.
03/03/1666Myles, sonne of Edward Spence, 3 of March.
03/03/1666Mathew, sonne of Mathew Wilkes, 3 March.
08/03/1666James, sonne of John Walker, the 8 of March.
17/03/1666George, sonne of George Harford, 17 March.
07/06/1667Ann, doughter of Robert Willson, was babtized the 7 of June.
18/06/1667John, soone of Mr William Clarke, the 18 June.
25/06/1667Richard, sonne of Mr Georg Horner, the 25 June.
04/07/1667Sarah, doughter of Thomas Hougayle, 4 July.
25/08/1667John, sonne of John Gray, 25 August.
08/09/1667Christofer, sonne of Christofer Wither, 8 Sep.
06/10/1667Elenor, doughter of George Keighlay, 6 Oct.
13/10/1667Marye, doughter of James Pickring, the 13 Oct.
17/11/1667Marye, doughter of Richard Bradley, 17 Nov.
21/11/1667John, sonne of Mr William Straker, 21 Novemb.
20/12/1667Bengeman, sonne of George Buskell, 20 Decemb.
26/12/1667Ann, doughter of William Garnett, 26 Dec.
05/01/1667Thomas, sonne of Mickell Willson, 5 Jen.
08/01/1667Ann, doughter of Mr Robart Dave, the 8 Jen.
12/01/1667Stricklon, sonne of James Colinges, 12 Jen.
21/02/1667Marye, doughter of Richard Thomas, 21 Febuary.
01/03/1667Sarah, doughter of Richard Key, the 1 Mar.
15/03/1667John, sonne of George Harford, the 15 Mar.
18/03/1667Walsehinham, sonne of Waleshinham Cooke, 18 Mar.
25/03/1680Mary, the daughter of Edward Robinson, was bap. Mar. 25, 1680 (inserted).
30/03/1668Robart, sonne of Edward Haye, was babtized the 30 Mar.
06/05/1668Allis, doughter of John Hareson, the 6 May.
30/05/1668John, sonne of John Suggdon, the 30 May.
31/05/1668Elizebth, doughter of Henrye Sheldes, May 31.
05/06/1668Dorethie, doughter of Mr Chistofer Hewlay, 5 June.
15/06/1668Samuell, sonne of John Couper, the 15 June.
28/06/1668Mathew, sonne of Mathew Adamson, the 28 Jun.
28/06/1668Sarah, doughter of John Jackson, the 28 Jun.
30/07/1668Marey, daughter of Mr Robart Willson, 30 July.
13/09/1668Hannae, doughter of John Headlay, 13 Sept.
18/09/1668Janne, doughter of Thomas Mathewes, 18 Sept.
18/10/1668Winefred, doughter of William Inman, 18 October.
18/10/1668Samuell, sonne of Samuell Pounder, 18 Octobr.
06/12/1668Margret, doughter of William Smith, the 6 Dec.
27/12/1668Tominson, doughter of James Todd, 27 Dec.
14/02/1668William, soone of Jacob Colinson, the 14 Feb.
21/03/1668Ann, doughter of Richard Thomas, 21 March.
18/04/1669William, sonne of John Gray, was babtized the 18 April.
29/05/1669Margrete, doughter of Robarte Rouden, 29 May.
08/06/1669Elizebth Elis, doughter of John Elis, the 8 June.
30/05/1669Ann Wilkes, babtized the 30 day of May, of Mathew 31 May.
17/06/1669jennay, doughter of John Heandes, 17 June.
27/06/1669Francis, sonne of Francis Hall, the 27 June.
27/06/1669Marye, doughter of William Jackson, 27 June.
02/07/1669Hanay, doughter of Richard Key, the ii July.
01/08/1669Elizebth, doughter of John Wile, 1 of August.
24/08/1669Robarte, sonne of Mr Robarte Willson, 24 of August.
12/09/1669John, sonne of Robart Turlay, the 12 of Sept.
24/10/1669William, sonne of William Garnett, 24 Octobr.
27/10/1669Ralph, sonne of Christofer Wither, 27 of Octob.
10/10/1669Joseph, sonne of Thomas Walker, the 10 of Octobr.
14/11/1669Ann, doughter of Thomas Making, the 14 Nov.
14/11/1669William, sonne of John Jackson, 14 Nov.
25/11/1669Kathron, doughter of Mr Edward Sandeford, 25 Nov.
05/12/1669Jann, doughter of Henrye Sheldes, the 5 Dec.
14/12/1669Ann, doughter of Mr Christofer Hewlay, 14 Dec.
17/12/1669Marye, doughter of Ralph Chater, 17 Dec.
26/01/1669Robart, sonne of Mr Robart Dave, 26 Jen.
30/01/1669Thomas, sonne of Robart Mathewes, the 30 Jen.
20/02/1669George, sonne of George Keighley, the 20 Feb.
17/02/1669Thomas, sonne of Thomas Bedford, the 17 Feb.
20/03/1669Elizebth, doughter of Thomas Lucus, 20 Mar.
29/03/1670Marmeduke, sonne of Mr William Clarke, babtized 29 March.
05/04/1670Leonard, sonne of Thomas Mathewes, 5 April.
01/05/1670Ann, doughter of Richard Bradlay, the 1 May.
29/05/1670Franceis, doughter of Jacob Lund, 29 May.
07/07/1670Elizebth, the doughter of Richard Thomas, the 7 July.
17/07/1670Sarah, doughter of James Pickringe, 17 July.
14/08/1670Charles, sonne of Robarte Rawdon, 14 Aug.
05/10/1670Robarte, sonne of William Bell, the 5 Octo.
14/10/1670Jeremya, sonne of Jeremye Wellflette, 14 Octo.
14/10/1670Matha, doughter of John Harinson, 14 Octo.
14/10/1670Marye, doughter of John Harinson, 14 Octo.
25/10/1670George, sonne of Mr George Horner, 25 Octo.
13/11/1670Marye, doughter of Ralph Chaytter, 13 Nov.
04/12/1670Job, sonne of John Couper, the 4 Dec.
12/01/1670Thomas, sonne of Mr Robarte Willson, Jen 12.
22/01/1670Henrye, sonne of Mr Henrye Pawson, 22 Jen.
27/01/1670Margrett, doughter of William Tomlinson, 27 Jen.
12/03/1670John, sonne of James Marshall, 12 Mar.
26/03/1671William, sonne of Samuell Poundear, babtized 26 Mar.
26/04/1671Dorethie, doughter of Waleshinham Couke, 26 Apr.
30/04/1671Leonard Potter, sonne of Lenord Potter, 30 Aprill.
07/05/1671Rubin, sonne of George Buskell, 7 May.
04/07/1671Ann, doughter of Mr James Colinges, the 4 of July.
30/07/1671Ann, [ Jane, this is a mistake, inserted] doughter of John Walker, July 30
05/08/1671Robarte, sonne of William Smith, 5 Aug.
10/09/1671Gamalell, sonne of Edward Preston, 10 Sep.
19/09/1671Peter, sonne of Henrye Sheldes, 19 Sep.
28/09/1671Sarah, doughter of William Bell, 28 Sept.
22/10/1671Thomas, sonne of Mr George Keighley, 22 October.
14/11/1671Elizebth, doughter of Thomas Willemett, 14 Nov.
24/11/1671Elias, sonne of Mr Henry Pauson, on - 24th.
03/12/1671Edward, sonne of Edward Robinson, 3 Dec.
02/02/1671Thomas, sonne of Martin Hudham, the 2 of Febuary.
21/02/1671Elizebth, doughter of John Suggdon, 21 Feb.
16/03/1671Thomas, sonne of George Couling, 16 Mar.
17/03/1671John, sonne of Richard Warde, 17 Mar.
24/03/1671Marey, doughter of James Browne, 24 Mar.
31/03/1672Sarah, doughter of Frances Hall, was babt. the 31 of Mar.
10/04/1672Edth, doughter of Mr Robarte Dave, 10 Apr.
14/04/1672Anthoney, sonne Mickell Willson, 14 Apr.
14/04/1672Isabell, doughter Cudbarte Johnson, 14 Apr.
12/05/1672John, sonne of Ralphe Chater, 12 May.
24/05/1672Mareye, doughter of Mr George Horner, 24 May.
19/05/1672Timothei, sonne of Timothie Turner, 19 May.
04/07/1672Robarte, sonne of James Pickring, 4 July.
07/07/1672Henrye, sonne of Jacob Lund, July 7.
23/07/1672Danell, sonne of Esarall Day, 23 July.
12/09/1672Petter, sonne of Jacob Colinson, 12 Sept.
13/09/1672Jann, doughter of Henry Pooter, 13 Sept.
27/09/1672Jann, doughter of James Marshall, 27 Sept.
13/10/1672Margret, doughter of John Jackeson, 13 of Octob.
30/10/1672Elling, doughter of Henry Sheldes, 30 Octo.
03/11/1672Pattearick, sonne of John Willowby, 3 Nov.
10/11/1672Sarah, doughter of Thomas Bouth, 10 Nov.
20/11/1672Grace, doughter of Edward Preston, 20 Nov.
24/11/1672John, sonne of Mr John Foster, 24 Nov.
03/12/1672Rachell, doughter of Mathew Wilkes, 3 Dec.
29/12/1672Joseph, sonne of Francis Chapman, 29 Dec.
30/12/1672Marey, doughter of Roger Wilberfosse, 30 Dec.
30/12/1672Martha, doughter of William Tod, 30 Dec.
05/01/1672John, sonne of Samuell Pounder, 5 Jan.
29/01/1672Marey, doughter of Thomas Bradley, 29 Jen.
08/02/1672Job, the sonne of Mr William Campellshon, 8 Feb.
23/02/1672Frances, doughter of Charles Farrell, 23 Feb.
24/02/1672Mara ett, doughter of Rirhard Thorns, 24 Feb.
02/03/1672George, sonne of George Jackson, the 2 Mar.
05/03/1672Robarte, sonne of Robarte Matthewes, the 5 Mar.
23/03/1672Rebecka, doughter of George Stockdell, 23 Mar.
31/03/1673Marey, doughter of Thomas Matthewes, babtized Mar. 31.
06/04/1673Marey, doughter of Jame Todd, the 6 Apr.
12/04/1673The Child found in St John Parish was babtized the 12 of April By the name of Edith.
10/05/1673John, sonne of William Tomlinson, the 10 of May.
28/05/1673John, sonne Bengeman Eckearingell, 28 May.
08/06/1673Janne, the doughter of Thomas Tindall, 8 June.
01/07/1673Rachell, doughter of Edward Richardson, 1 July.
10/08/1673Jacob, sonne of Jacob Colinson, 10 Aug.
24/09/1673Danvell, sonne of Eysarell Day, 24 Sept.
05/10/1673Samuell, sonne of Martin Hudham, 5 Octob.
29/10/1673Ann, doughter of Thomas Swan, 29 Octobr.
16/11/1673Ann, doughter of Robarte Hardy, 16 Nov.
22/11/1673Jann, doughter of Thomas Lucus, 22 Nov.
03/12/1673Susan, doughter of Richard Darsey, 3 Dec.
15/01/1673Williaam, sonne of George Couling, 15 Jan.
03/02/1673Frances Wether, the doughter of Mr Cristofer Wither, Feby. 3.
08/02/1673Jugy Poter, the doughtr of Lenard Poter, Feb. 8.
15/02/1673Ann Bouth, the doughtr of Joseph Bouth, Feb. 15.
09/03/1673John, son of John Priestley, Mar. 9.
12/03/1673Edward, the son of Mr Robert Wilson, Mar. 12.
16/03/1673Henry, the son of Edward Robinson, Mar. 16 (inserted).
29/03/1674Benjamin, the son of Jeremy Welfit, was baptized Mar. 29.
29/03/1674Henry, the son of Richard Ward, was baptized on the same day.
24/04/1674Sarah, the daughter of Mr Roger Wilberfosse, April 24th
07/06/1674Joseph, ye son of Jacob Lund, June the 7th.
17/06/1674Deborah, the daughter of Mr George Horner, June the 17th.
01/07/1674William, son of Thomas Matthewes, the first day of July.
26/07/1674Frances, the doughter of Edward Preston, Jul. 26.
20/09/1674Ralph, the son of Ralph Chayter, September the 20th
27/09/1674Richard, the son of Thomas Booth, September the 27th.
02/10/1674Hannah, the daughter of Francis Hall, Octob. the 2nd
14/10/1674William, the son of Mr William Thomlinson, Octob. 14.
08/11/1674Henry, the son of Henry Shields, November ye 8th
13/11/1674John, the son of Edward Richardson, Novemb. ye 13th.
19/11/1674Anne, ye daughter of John Willoughby, was presumptuously
& irregularly baptized by a midwife, November ye 19th.
10/12/1674Elizabeth, the daughter of Timothy Turner, Decemb. 10.
20/12/1674William, ye son of Richard Thomas, Decemb. 20.
10/01/1674Elizabeth, ye daughter of Francis Chapman, Jan. ye 10.
27/01/1674Hannah, the daughter of Benjamin Ickhorngill, Jan. 27.
31/01/1674John, the son of Thomas Harrison, Jan. 31.
31/01/1674Margaret, the daughter of Mr Robert Davy, on ye same day.
16/02/1674Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr Richard Darcy, Feb. 16.
02/03/1674Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Bradley, Mar. ye second.
22/03/1674Richard, the son of Mr George Kighley, Mar. 22.
16/05/1675Sarah, the daughter of James Pickering, was baptized May 16.
23/05/1675William, the son of William Hall, May 23.
27/05/1675William, the son of Matthew Wilkes, May 27.
01/08/1675Henry, the son of Samuel Pounder, Aug. the first.
04/08/1675Martin, the son of Martin Hotham, Aug. the 4th.
14/09/1675Lazarus, the son of Edward Preston, September ye 14th.
22/09/1675John, the son of Thomas Booth, Septemb. 22.
14/11/1675John Mernod, the son of George Mernod, Novemb. 14.
10/12/1675Frances, the daughter of Jeremy Welfit, Decemb. 10.
02/01/1675John, the son of Richard Spech, Jan. 2.
28/01/1675Thomas, the son of Mr William Thomlinson, Jan. 28.
03/02/1675Margaret, the daughter of Joseph Booth, Feb. 3rd.
11/02/1675William, the son of Israel Day, Feb. 11.
23/02/1675Richard, the son of Edward Richardson, Feb. 23.
02/03/1675George, the son of George Cowling, March ye 2nd.
10/03/1675Margaret, the daughter of Mr Robert Wilson, Mar. 10.
12/03/1675George, the son of Richard Hawton, Mar. 12.
17/03/1675Judith, the daughter of Mr Robert Davy, Mar. 17.
22/03/1675Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Plase, Mar. 22.
27/03/1676Nathaniel, the son of Timothy Turner, was baptized March ye 27th
09/04/1676Esther, the daughter of John Spacy, April ye 9th
12/04/1676Thomas, the son of Thomas Swan, April ye 12th
16/04/1676Robert, the son of Thomas Welbore, April the 16th
11/06/1676Matthew, the son of Leonard Potter, June ye 11th
16/06/1676Frances, the daughter of Christopher Hutton, June 16.
09/06/1676George, the son Christopher Scotchson, June 9.
06/08/1676Peter, the son of Mr John Pecket, Aug. 6.
20/08/1676Frances, the daughter of Robert Matthewes, Aug. 20.
24/08/1676Joseph, the son of John Priestly, Aug. 24th.
23/08/1676Annabella, daughter of Mr Edward Lewis, Aug. 23th
29/09/1676Grace, daughter of Henry Shields, Septemb. 29.
01/10/1676Martha, the daughter of Richard Gibson, Octob. the first.
20/11/1676Mary, the daughter of Benjamin Icnorngill, Novemb. 20.
24/12/1676Anna, the daughter of John Halliwell junr, Decemb. 24th
29/12/1676Elinor, the daughter of Joseph Booth, Decemb. ye 29th.
03/01/1676John, son of Mr John Foster, January the third.
04/01/1676Mary, daughter of Jacob Lund, January the fourth.
07/01/1676Mary, daughter of Richard Spech, January ye 7th.
13/01/1676Margaret, daughter of Thomas Booth, Jan. 13th.
14/01/1676Dorothy, ye daughter of Edward Preston, Jan. 14th.
22/01/1676James, son of Richard Darcy, Jan. 22th .
28/01/1676Edward, son of John Willoughby, January 28th.
12/03/1676Martha, daughter of Roger Wilberfosse, March ye 12th.
18/03/1676Mary, daughter of James Pickering, March ye 18th.
13/04/1677Anna, the daughter of Mr George Kighley, was baptized Apr. 13t.
15/04/1677Elizabeth, ye daughter Nathaniel Preston, April ye 15th.
02/05/1677Mercy, the daughter of George Buskel, May the second.
08/06/1677Mary, the daughter of Edward Richardson, June the 8th.
03/07/1677John, the son of John Hague, July the third.
10/07/1677Thomasin, the daughter of Richard Thomas, July the 10th.
15/07/1677Elizabeth, the daughter of John Augustine, July the 15th.
22/07/1677Margaret, the daughter of Edward Robinson, July the 22th.
22/07/1677Robert, son of Thomas Harrison, July the 22th .
26/08/1677Mathew, son of Matthew Wilkes, August the 26.
05/09/1677Anne, the daughter of William Thomlinson, Sept. 5.
06/09/1677Thomas, son of William More, was baptized Sept. 6.
03/10/1677Christopher, the son of Christopher Hutton, Octob. 3rd.
26/10/1677John, the son of Martin Hotham, Oct. 26.
27/10/1677John, the son of John Priestley, October 27.
30/11/1677Richard, son of Joseph Booth, Novem. 30.
30/11/1677Edward, son of Jeremiah Welfit, Novemb. 30.
07/12/1677Margaret, daughter of Mr Edward Lewis, Decemb. 7.
27/01/1677Nathaniel, the son of Robert Forra, Jan. 27.
03/02/1677John, son of Richard Hawton, Feb. 3.
12/02/1677Mercie, daughter of Timothy Turner, Feb. 12.
03/03/1677William, son of William Lazenbey, Mar. 3.
08/03/1677Elizabeth, the daughter of Christopher Eliot, Mar. 8.
20/03/1677Elenor, the daughter of Thomas Booth, Mar. 20.
12/05/1678John, son of William Hall, was baptized May ye 12th, 1678.
15/05/1678Elizabeth & Mary, daughters of Thomas Wildbore, May ye 15.
09/06/1678Meilba, son of Leonard Po(tter), June ye 9th.
16/06/1678Sarah, daughter of Richard Speck, June ye 16th.
27/06/1678John & Mary, children of Henry Shields, June 27.
18/07/1678Mary, ye daughter of Israel Day, July ye 18.
21/07/1678Elizabeth, ye daughter of George Cowling, July 21.
06/08/1678Martha, ye daughter of Lionel Wise, Aug. 6.
14/08/1678Richard, son of Richard Thomas, Aug. 14.
11/09/1678Sarah, daughter of Edward Richardson, Sept. 11.
03/11/1678Elizabeth, doughter of John Jackson, Novemb. 3.
05/11/1678John, son of Thomas Lucas, Novem. 5.
06/11/1678Eliz. daughter of Mr John Foster, Novem. 6.
08/12/1678Ralph, son of John Mosey, Decemb. 8.
22/12/1678Robert, son of Richard Kay, December 22.
03/01/1678Frances, daughter of John Haliwell, junior, Jan. 3.
24/01/1678Petronella, daughter of Matthew Thompson, Jan. 24.
30/03/1679Elizabeth, daughter of Quintin Fearby, was baptized Mar. 30.
06/04/1679Anne, daughter of Thomas Harrison, Apr. 6.
09/04/1679Henry, ye son of Mr Samuel Collison, Apr. 9.
01/04/1679William, son of Edward Garnet, Apr. 1 1.
17/04/1679William, son of Mr William Thomlinson, Apr. 17.
24/06/1679Richard, son of Richard Speck, Jun. 24.
24/06/1679William, son of Thomas Swan, on ye same day.
30/07/1679Edward, son of Edward Preston, July 30.
02/09/1679Elizabeth, daughter of Israel Day, September ye second.
06/09/1679Katharine, daughter of Mr George Kighley, Sept. 6th.
06/10/1679Michael, son of Mr John Priestley, Octob. 6.
24/10/1679Francis, son of Christopher Eliot, Oct. 24.
02/01/1679Mary, daughter of Mr Robert Davy, Jan. second.
11/01/1679Emme, daughter of Leonard Potter, Jan. 11.
29/01/1679Elizabeth, daughter of Lionel Wise, Jan. 29.
05/02/1679Mary, daughter of Jeremy Rosendale, February 5.
19/02/1679Isabell, daughter of Thomas Booth, Febr. 19.
22/02/1679Benjamin, ye son of Benjamin Ickorngill, Febr. 22.
25/02/1679William, son of Martin Hotham, Febr. 25.
02/03/1679Judith, ye daughter of Mr John Ayscough, Mar. 2.
21/03/1679James, son of Isaack Stephe, Mar. 21.
14/04/1680Sarah, daughter of Edward Garnet, was baptized April 14.
24/05/1680Elizabeth, daughter of John Halliwell, May 24.
20/06/1680Patience, daughter of Henry Shields, June ye 20.
27/06/1680Martha, daughter of Edward Robinson, June ye 27.
30/06/1680Joseph, son of Mr John Foster, June 30.
01/08/1680James, son of John Tomlinson, August ye first.
08/08/1680Isabel, daughter of Matthew Thompson, Aug. 8.
15/09/1680Sarah, daughter of William Barnard, Septemb. 15.
24/09/1680John, son of Benjamin Pybus, Sept. 24.
28/09/1680Michael, son of John Priestley, Septemb. 28.
17/10/1680Richard, son of Richard Speck, Octob. 17.
24/10/1680Mary, daughter of John Mosey, Octob. 24.
30/10/1680Sarah, daughter of Jeremy Welfet, Octob. 30.
07/11/1680Jane, daughter of Henry Spalding, Novemb. 7.
09/11/1680William, son of John Bayne, Novemb. 9.
22/12/1680Edward, son of Edward Preston, Decemb. 22.
11/01/1680Ann, daughter of Thomas Wyldbore, January 11.
26/01/1680Hanna, daughter of Thomas Lucas, Jan. 26.
21/01/1680Dorothy, daughter of Mr Metham, was borne Jan. 21.
15/02/1680Mary, the daughter of Mr Samuel Collison, was bap. Feb. 15.
21/02/1680Katherine, the daughter of Joshuah Booth, Feb. 21.
02/03/1680William Stubbes, the son of Wm Stubbes, Mar. 2.
13/03/1680Mary, ye daughter of Timothy Turner, Mar. 13.
18/03/1680Anne, the daughter of George Robinson, Mar. 18.
20/03/1680Mary, the daughter of William Lasenby, Mar. 20.
21/03/1680Mary, the daughter of Mr Arthur Robinson, Mar. 21.
07/04/1681Margaret, the daughter of Mr John Ayscough, was baptized April ye 7th, 1681.
This Gentleman was then dead, he was a very hopeful & honest young Gentleman.
10/04/1681George, ye son of William Heward, was baptised Apr. 10.
10/04/1681Robert, ye son of Frederick Shackleton, on ye same day, Apr. 10.
10/04/1681Robert, ye son of Thomas Booth, on ye same day, Apr. 10.
15/04/1681James, ye son of Mr James Edwards, April ye 15.
15/05/1681John, ye son of Nathaniel Preston, May 15.
26/06/1681Edward, the son of Edward Richardson, June ye 26.
04/08/1681Anna, ye daughter of Lionel Wise, Aug. 4.
15/08/1681Thomas, the son of Thomas Harrison, Aug. 15.
25/09/1681Leonard, son of Mr Richard Thomas, Sept. 25.
09/10/1681John, son of Christopher Crosby, Octob. 9.
02/11/1681Faith, daughter of David Smeton, November ye 2.
21/11/1681John, son of Christopher Eliot, Novem. 21.
24/11/1681George, son of Robert Croyser, Novemb. 24.
15/01/1681Richard, the son of John Heslington, Jan. 15.
24/01/1681John, the son of Michael Bennington, Jan. 24.
01/02/1681James, the son of Henry Shields, Feb. 1st.
19/02/1681Jonathan, ye son of Benjamin Hickeringill, Feb. 19.
05/03/1681Jane, the daughter of Richard Speech, Mar. 5.
12/03/1681Marmaduke, son of Leonard Potter, Mar. 12.
02/04/1682Edward, ye son of Thomas Smales, was baptized April ye 2nd.
02/04/1682Mary, daughter of Seth Potter, on ye same day, yt is Apr. 2.
05/04/1682John, the son of John Jackson, April ye 5t
05/04/1682Joseph, ye son of Martin Hotham, on ye same day.
11/05/1682Christiana, the daughter of John Mosey, May ye 11th.
15/05/1682Dorothy, ye daughter of Mr Christopher Hutton, May 15.
16/05/1682Grace, ye daughter of Mr John Priestley, May ye 16.
22/05/1682Edward son of Quintyn Fearby, May 22.
23/05/1682Elizabeth, daughter of Mr George Kighley, May 23.
28/05/1682Grace, daughter of William Barnard, May 28.
06/06/1682Robert, the son of Mr Benjamin Pybus, Jun. 6.
13/07/1682Rachel & Sarah, daughters of James Hudson, July 13.
08/08/1682Sarah, daughter of Mr Robert Davie, August ye 8th.
13/08/1682Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Mosey, Aug. 13.
13/08/1682William, son of John Willoughby, on ye same day, Aug. 13.
19/08/1682Anne, daughter of Israel Day, Aug. 19.
20/08/1682John, son of George Thompson, August ye 20.
25/08/1682John, the son of John Baines, Aug. 25.
27/08/1682Stephen, son of Stephen Boys, Aug. 27.
03/09/1682Hannah, daughter of Roger Greene, Septem. 3.
09/10/1682Thomas, son of John Walker, Oct. 9.
06/11/1682Jeremy, son of Jeremy Welfit, Novemb. 6.
09/11/1682Mary, daughter of Mr Gilbert Metcalfe, Novemb. 9.
06/12/1682Alice, daughter of Mr William Subtle, Decemb. 6.
21/12/1682Hannah, the daughter of Mr John Foster, Dec. 21.
01/01/1682Hannah, the daughter of Matthew Thompson, Jan. 1.
21/01/1682Robert, son of Michael Bennington, Jan. 21.
28/01/1682Merriel & Sarah, daughters of James Edwards, Jan. 28.
30/01/1682Andrew, son of George Robinson, Jan. 30.
20/03/1682Thomas, son of Thomas Lucas, Mar. 20.
15/04/1683Esther, the daughter of Joshuah Awmond, was baptized Apr. 15.
29/04/1683Grimes (Graham), son of Thomas Maxon, Apr. 29.
29/04/1683Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Preston, on ye same day.
13/05/1683Samuel, son of Mr Samuel Collison, May 13.
23/05/1683Hannah, daughter of David Smeton, May 23.
27/05/1683Elizabeth, daughter of John Hallewel, May 27.
02/06/1683Mary, daughter of John Mosey, Junii 2.
27/06/1683William, son of William Barnard, Junii 27.
13/07/1683Anne, daughter of Mr Christopher Hutton, July 13.
06/08/1683James, son of Mr Christopher Eliot, Aug. 6.
26/08/1683Newby, ye son of Thomas Smales, Aug. 26.
02/09/1683Dorothy, daughter of Marmaduke Leadley, Sept. ye second.
04/10/1683John, son of Israel Day, Octob. 4th
31/10/1683Elizabeth, ye daughter of Mr William Thomlinson, Octob. 31.
25/11/1683Sarah, daughter of Robert Browne, Novemb. 25.
01/12/1683Benjamin, son of Mr John Priestley, December ye first.
12/12/1683Elizabeth, daughter of Joshuah Booth, Decemb. 12.
14/12/1683Jane, daughter of Richard Hunter, Decr 14.
16/12/1683John, son of Seth Potter, Decemb. 16.
13/01/1683John, son of John Walker, Jan. 13.
24/01/1683Bethel, son of Mr Arthur Robinson, Jan. 24.
27/01/1683Henry, son of Henry Shields, Jan. 27.
27/02/1683George, son of George Robinson, Febr. 27.
02/03/1683James, son of Richard Spetch. Mar. 2d
11/03/1683Dorothy daughter of Mr James Barnes (minister) Mar. 11th.
01/06/1684John son of Timothy Turner was baptized June ye first.
08/06/1684Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Iccorngil, Junii 8.
15/06/1684Mazy, daughter of Quintyn Fearby, Junii 15.
15/06/1684Mary, daughter of John Flint, on ye same day.
26/06/1684Samuel, ye son of Leonard Potter, June ye 26.
06/07/1684Jane, daughter of Richard Hawton, July 6.
08/07/1684Katherine, daughter of Christopher Eliot. July 8.
31/07/1684Richard, son of Mr Gilbert Metcalfe, July 31.
04/09/1684Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Maxon, Sept. 4.
28/09/1684Joseph, son of William Lasenby, Sept. 28.
15/11/1684Francis, son of John Hall, Novemb. 15.
30/11/1684Elizabeth, daughter of Mr John Priestly, Novem. 30.
30/11/1684Mary, ye daughter of Thomas Mosey, on ye same day.
07/12/1684Elizabeth, daughter of George Smeton, Decemb. 7th
21/12/1684Elinor, the daughter of Benjamin Tennant, Decemb. 21.
28/12/1684John, son of Joshuah Aumond, Decemb. 28.
01/01/1684Francis, son of Miles Deane, January primo.
07/01/1684Sarah, daughter of Mr William Suttle, Jan. 7t0
11/01/1684John, son of Stephen Boys, Jan. 11.
19/01/1684Margaret, daughter of William Barnard, Jan. 19.
23/01/1684Rachel, ye daughter of Mr George Kighley, Jan. 23.
28/01/1684Christopher, son of Mr Christopher Hutton, Jan. 28.
30/01/1684Richard, son of John Baines, Jan. 30.
01/02/1684Thomasin, daughter of Mr Richard Thomas, Feb. 1st.
14/02/1684Barbara, daughter of John Nevil, Febr. 14.
17/02/1684Thomas, son of Thomas Wildbore, Febr. 17.
08/03/1684Thomas, son of Robert Browne, Martii 8.
19/03/1684Katherine, daughter of James Edwards, Martii 19.
24/03/1684Mary, daughter of Thomas Lucas, Martii 24.
29/03/1685Elizabeth, daughter of John Whitehead, was baptd Martii 29.
04/04/1685John, son of Matthew Thompson, Aprilis 4.
26/04/1685Alice, daughter of George Chapman, April ye 26.
12/05/1685Arthur, son of Mr Arthur Robinson, May 12°.
17/05/1685Othniel, son of Nathaniel Preston, May 17°.
05/06/1685Barbara, daughter of William Perrot, Junii 5°.
05/07/1685Catherine, daughter of John Lasenby, July ye fift.
05/07/1685Jane, daughter of Richard Wise, on ye same day.
12/07/1685Mary, daughter of George Thompson, July 12.
16/08/1685Philip, son of James Webster, August ye 16th.
16/08/1685Elisabeth, ye daughter of Thomas Smales, on ye same day (16).
26/08/1685Alice, daughter of Mr George Stockton, Aug. 26.
13/09/1685William, ye son of John Harrison, Sept. 13.
16/09/1685Elizabeth, daughter of John Thomlinson, Sept. 16.
25/09/1685John, son of Thomas Maxham, September ye 25.
27/09/1685William, son of Jeremy Wynne, Sept. ye 27.
29/10/1685Priscilla, ye daughter of Mr Rowland Place, Octob. 29.
01/11/1685William, son of William Lund, November ye first.
01/11/1685Rebekah, daughter of John Walker, on ye same day.
02/11/1685Mary, daughter of John Jackson, Novem. ye second.
15/11/1685Joseph, son of Richard Spetch, Novemb. 15.
23/11/1685Jane, daughter of Michael Bennington, Novemb. 23.
05/12/1685Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Wilson, Decemb. 5.
29/12/1685Mary, daughter of Mr Christopher Hutton, Dec. 29.
05/01/1685John, son of Martin Spavan (now dead) Jan. 5.
20/01/1685John, son of William Lasenby, Jan. 20.
12/02/1685Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Collison, Febr. 12.
26/02/1685William, son of Marmaduke Leadley, Febr. 26.
07/03/1685Francis, son of Francis Benson, Mar. 7.
21/03/1685Anne, daughter of Seth Potter, Martii 21.
28/03/1686Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Shields, was baptised Mar. 28.
18/04/1686John, son of John Hasleington, April ye 18.
04/05/1686Mary, daughter of Christopher Eliot, May 4.
09/05/1686Thomas, son of William Perrot, May 9.
12/05/1686Mary, daughter of Joshua Booth, May 12.
21/06/1686Miles, son of Miles Dean, Junii 21.
01/07/1686Anne, daughter of Mr Solomon Snawdal, Julii primo.
25/07/1686William, son of John Nevil, July 25.
25/07/1686Anne, daughter of Leonard Potter, on ye same day.
15/08/1686Henry, son of George Robinson, Aug. 15.
05/09/1686Dorothy, daughter of Robert Browne, Sept. 5.
06/10/1686John, son of John Flint, Octob. 6.
11/10/1686Jane, daughter of John Lasenby, Octob. 11.
20/11/1686Anne, daughter of Mr John Priestley, Novem. 20
14/11/1686James, son of William Bernard, Novem. 14.
16/11/1686Martha, ye daughter of Timothy Turner, Novem. 16.
23/11/1686Sarah, daughter of John Jackson, Novemb. 23.
29/12/1686George, son of Mr William Suttle, Decemb. 29.
02/01/1686Sarah, daughter of Stephen Boys, Jan. 2°
10/01/1686Elizabeth, daughter of Joshuah Aumond. Jan. 10.
04/02/1686James, son of Thomas Maxham, Feb. 4.
13/02/1686Jane, daughter of Thomas Wilson, Febr 13.
16/02/1686William, son of George Smeton, Febr. 16.
21/02/1686Martha, daughter of William Lasenby, Febr. 21.
24/02/1686Samuel, son of M, John Foster, Febr. 24.
27/02/1686Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Jackson, Febr. 27.
13/03/1686George, son of George Chapman, Mar. 13.
13/03/1686William, son Mr John Baines on ye same day.
13/03/1686Anne, daughter of John Whitehed, on ye same day.
10/04/1687Rachel, daughter of William Ayscough, was bapd Aprilis 10.
24/04/1687Thomas, son of Thomas Mosey (now dead) Aprilis 24.
01/05/1687William, son of William Perrot, on May day, 1st.
07/05/1687Elizabeth & Dorothy, daughters of John Walker, May 7.
15/05/1687Godfrey, son of Mr James Hardwicke, May 15.
08/06/1687Jeremy son of Jeremy Wynne, Junii octavo.
10/07/1687Catharine, daughter of Thomas Hakins, July 10.
03/08/1687Robert, son of Mr Richard Thomas, Aug. tertio.
14/09/1687Mary, ye daughter of Miles Dean, Sept. 14.
03/10/1687Mary, daughter of John Foster (London) Octob. 3.
01/11/1687Sarah, daughter of Thomas Wildbore, Novem. 1st.
18/11/1687William, ye son of William Mayther, Novem. 18.
22/12/1687Henry, ye son of Richard Bugden, Decemb. 22.
27/12/1687John, son of John Lasenby, Decemb. 27.
12/01/1687Elizabeth, dr of Quyntin Fearby, Jan. 12.
06/01/1687Elizabeth, dr of William Burton, Jan. i6.
22/01/1687Richard, son of Mr Richard Wood, Jan. 22.
29/01/1687John, son of William Lund, Jan. 29.
04/02/1687Susannah, daughter of Joseph Booth, Feb. 4.
12/02/1687Eliz. daughter of John Beane, Febr. 12.
19/02/1687Anne, daughter of Christopher Elliot, Febr. 19.
25/03/1688Anne, daughter of David Smeton, was bapd March 25.
25/03/1688Mary, dr of Jonathann Cade, on ye same day, Lady day.
11/04/1688Thomas, son of John Flint, April ye 11th.
29/05/1688Bernard, son of Joshuah Aumond, May 29.
07/06/1688Hannah, dr of Mr John Nevil, Junii 7th.
17/06/1688Elizabeth, dr of John Walker, Junii 17.
24/06/1688John, son of George Smeton, - 24.
27/06/1688Michael, son of George Robinson, - 27.
08/07/1688Benjamin, ye son of Timothy Turner, Julii 8.
12/07/1688Anne, daughter of John Harrison, chandler, - 12.
15/07/1688Anne, dr of Michael Bennington, - 15.
22/07/1688Martha, daughter of William Barnard, on - 22.
03/08/1688Richard, son of Richard Fleming, Aug. 3.
12/08/1688Jane, daughter of William Perrot (now dead), on - 12.
13/09/1688Jane, daughter of John Thomlinson, Sep. 13.
04/11/1688Jane, daughter of Henry Potter, junr, Nov. 4.
04/11/1688Anne, dr of George Dalton, on ye same day.
04/11/1688Mary, daughter of John Lasenby, on ye same day.
08/11/1688Caleb, son of Richard Walker, Nov. 8.
02/12/1688Mary, dr of Thomas Wilson, Dec. 2.
02/12/1688John, son of George Chapman, on ye same day.
05/12/1688John, son of Mr Christopher Hutton (Sheriffe), on - 5to
10/12/1688Sarah, dr of Joshuah Booth, - 10o
23/12/1688Elizabeth, dr of Miles Dean, - 23.
01/01/1688Robert, son of Marmaduke Leadley, Jan. 1.
03/01/1688Margaret, dr of Mr Arthur Robinson, Jan. tertio.
18/01/1688Sarah, daughter of Thomas Lucas, on - 18.
11/02/1688William, son of Mr William Ayscough, Feb. 11o.
27/02/1688Christopher, son of Mr Christopher Elliot, - 27.
03/03/1688Elizabeth, ye dr of Joseph Robson, March 3.
10/03/1688Anne, daughter of Metcalfe Ingram, - 10.
31/03/1689Israel, son of Mr John Priestley, was baptized March 31.
12/05/1689John, son of John Jackson, May 12°.
26/05/1689Thomas, son of John Beane, - 26.
02/06/1689Thomas, son of Mr George Atkinson, June 2.
02/07/1689William, son of Thomas Maxham, Julii secundo.
05/07/1689John, son of Richard Hunter, Julii quinto.
07/08/1689Rosamund, ye daughter of Mr Sol. Snawdal, Aug. 7.
17/11/1689Mary, ye dr of John Whitehead, Nov. 17
21/11/1689Mary, ye dr of Francis Benson, - 21.
27/11/1689John, son of Thomas Hakins, - 27.
03/12/1689Robert, ye son of Thomas Pockley, Dec. 3.
19/12/1689Anne, dr of Richard Walker, - 19.
22/12/1689Jane, dr of John Lasenby, - 22.
22/12/1689William, son of Jonathan Cade on ye same day.
25/12/1689Jane, dr of Thomas Trowl, - 25.
12/01/1689Mary, dr of Mr Philip Thomlinson, Jan. 12.
12/01/1689Anne, dr of Quintyn Fearby, on ye same day.
13/01/1689William, son of George Smeton, - 13.
02/02/1689Agnes, dr of Anthony Preston, on Febr. 2.
02/02/1689Anne, dr of William Lund, on ye same day.
23/02/1689John, son of Mr John Nevil, - 23.
06/03/1689Anne, dr of George Harforth, Mar. 6.
24/03/1689Henry, son of Mr William Burton, - 24.
29/03/1690Mary, ye dr of John Harrison (chandler) was bapd Mar. 29.
11/04/1690Ralph, son of Mr John Priestley, April 11.
21/04/1690Jane, dr of William Lasinby, - 21.
30/05/1690John, son of John Flint, May 30.
08/06/1690Anne, dr of Mr John Baines, Junii octavo.
24/06/1690James, son of Richard Fleming, - 24.
26/06/1690Charlotta, dr of Mr Michael Bnne (Bennington ?), - 26.
02/07/1690Frances, dr of Mr Joshua Booth, July 2.
04/07/1690Samuel, ye son of Miles Deane, - 4.
19/07/1690Robert, son of Robert Brown, - 19.
10/08/1690William, son of David Smeton, Aug. 10.
17/09/1690John, son of John Thomlinson, Sept. 17.
07/10/1690Joshuah, ye son of Joshua Aumond, Octob. 7.
18/10/1690William, son of William Barnard, - 18.
26/10/1690Anne, dr of Willm Cornwaile, - 26.
09/11/1690Thomas, son of Thomas Johnson, Novem. 9.
28/11/1690Nicolas, ye son of John Jackson, - 28.
01/12/1690Samuel, son of Mr Christofer Hutton, Dec. 1.
03/12/1690Anne, dr of Mr George Atkinson, - 3.
14/12/1690Katherine, dr of George Dawton, - 14.
18/12/1690Mary, dr of Anthony Preston, - 18.
07/01/1690Thomas, son of Thomas Maxon, Jan. 7.
08/01/1690Anne, dr of John Beane, - 8.
14/01/1690Thomas, son of Mr John Priestley, - 14.
15/01/1690William, son of John Cowling, - 15.
22/01/1690James, son of Thomas Harrison, - 22.
20/03/1690Mary, dr of Thomas Hawkins, Mar. 20.
22/03/1690Helen, dr of George Buskel, jun., on - 22.
19/04/1691Robert, son of George Estkirk, was bapd Apr. 19.
30/04/1691Mary, dr of Mr Thomas Ward, - 30.
10/05/1691Anne, dr of George Smeton, May 10th.
14/06/1691Robert, son of Mr Robte Atkinson, Jun. 14.
07/07/1691John, son of Mr William Burton, July 7.
18/08/1691James, son of James Grime, jun. Aug. 18.
25/08/1691Robert, son of John Musgrave, - 25.
27/08/1691Elizabeth, dr of Mr Chr. Eliot, - 27.
03/09/1691Mary, ye dr of James Silburne, Sept. 3.
21/09/1691William, son of Thomas Trowl, - 21, St Matthew's day.
04/11/1691Eleanor, dr of Mr George, Atkinson Novemb. 4.
08/11/1691Margaret, dr of Mr Philip Thomlinson, - 8.
29/11/1691Joseph, son of Mr Christopher Hutton, - 29.
20/12/1691Alice, dr of William Cornwall, Dec. 20.
30/01/1691George, son of Robert Browne, Jan. 30.
11/01/1691John, son of Jeremy Wynne, - 11.
17/01/1691Edward, son of John Jackson, - 17.
11/02/1691John, son of John Rawlins, Feb. 11.
12/02/1691Henry, son of Timothy Foxton, on - 12.
14/02/1691Richard, son of James Kitching, on - 14.
21/02/1691Jacob, ye son of Matthew Cunningham, on - 21.
28/02/1691William, son of Richard Hawton, Feb. 28.
20/03/1691Jonathan, son of Jonathan Cade, Mar. 20.
03/04/1692Anne, dr of Miles Deane, was bapd Apr. 3.
10/04/1692Rose, dr of Quyntin Fearby, - 10.
24/04/1692Mary, dr of Thomas Smeton, - 24.
28/04/1692Margaret, dr of Mr Thomas Agar, - 28.
01/05/1692Sarah, dr of Mr John Priestly, on May 1st day.
06/05/1692Sarah, dr of John Lasinby, on - 6.
22/05/1692Dorcas, dr of Joshuah Aumond, on - 22.
24/05/1692George, son of George Temple, on - 24.
24/05/1692John, son of James Silburn, on ye same day or 25 day.
29/05/1692George, son of George Smeton, on - 29.
03/06/1692James, son of John Whitehead, on June ye 3.
05/06/1692Elizabeth, dr of George Harfcrth, on - 5th.
26/06/1692Anthony, son of Anthony Preston, on - 26.
03/07/1692John, the son of John Harrison, on July ye 3d.
10/07/1692George, son of George Hardcastle, on July ye 10th.
24/07/1692Richard, son of William Lund, on - 24.
31/07/1692Mary, dr of Metcalfe Ingram, on - 31 (last).
02/08/1692Anne, dr of Mr John Baines, on Aug. 2d
12/09/1692Hannah, dr of John Tomlinson, on Sept. 12.
07/10/1692Agnes, dr of George Buskel, on Octob. 7.
04/11/1692John, son of John Beane, Nov. 4.
04/12/1692Thomas, son of Wm Meales, Dec. 4th.
05/01/1692Margaret, dr of George Escrick, Jan. 5.
14/01/1692Elinor, dr of Richard Fleming, on - 14.
15/01/1692Anne, dr of John Flint, on - 15.
25/01/1692John, son of John Harrison, - 25.
29/01/1692William, son of Thomas Trowle, on - 29.
12/03/1692John, ye son of John Musgrave, on Mar. 12.
19/03/1692Elizabeth, dr of Nathan Harrison, on - 19.
21/03/1692Elizabeth, dr of James Silburn, on - 21.
26/03/1693John, son of John Cowling, was baptized Mar. 26.
26/03/1693Philip, son of Philip Wilberfosse, on ye same day.
29/03/1693Elizabeth, dr of Mr Wm Tyson, on - 29.
05/04/1693Thomas, son of John Jackson, on April ye 5th.
12/04/1693George, son of William Barnard, on - 12.
23/04/1693Ingram, son of Richard Wise, on - 23.
21/05/1693Benjamin, son of Thomas Hakins, on May 21.
25/05/1693Catherine, dr of Matthew Cunningham, on - 25.
24/06/1693Jaques, son of Mr John Pirsley, on June 24, Midsummer day.
27/06/1693George, son of John Harrison junior (pewterer), on - 27.
08/07/1693Abraham, son of Mr Chrr Hutton, Jul. 8.
30/08/1693Thomas, son of John Garland, on Aug. 30.
03/09/1693Elizabeth, dr of Tho. IngIeby, on Sept. 3.
24/09/1693George, son of Mr George Atkinson, on - 24.
09/10/1693Robert, son of Sarah Acroyd, on Octob. 9.
22/10/1693Matthew, son of George Dalton, on - 22.
22/10/1693Thomas, son of Thomas Smeton, on ye same day.
23/10/1693Elizabeth, dr of William Watson, on - 23.
04/11/1693Fortunatus, son of Mr Matthew Butler, on Novem. 4.
19/11/1693Henry, son of Thomas Maxam, on - 19.
05/12/1693Thomas, son of Mr Philip Thomlinson, on Dec. 5.
05/01/1693John, son of Ephraim Mac-Clemel, soldier, on Jan. 5.
04/02/1693Matthew, son of Robert Brown, on Febr. 4.
13/02/1693John, son of Francis Clark, on - 13.
02/03/1693Alice, dr of James Kitching, on March 2.
18/03/1693William, son of Quyntin Fearby, on - 18.
23/03/1693John, son of John Jackson, on - 23.
04/04/1694George, son of George Escrick, was bapd Apr. 4.
12/04/1694William, son of Mr William Burton, on - 12.
15/04/1694Wayte, son of John Musgrave, on - 15.
13/05/1694William, son of Mr James Hepburn, on May 13.
17/05/1694Sarah, dr of John Tomlinson, pinner, on - 17.
22/06/1694Anne dr of Christofer Earby, on June 22.
06/07/1694John, son of Mr Thomas Agar, on July ye 6th.
22/07/1694Elizabeth, dr of John Straker, on - 22.
19/08/1694Grace, dr of Anthony Preston, on Aug. 19.
02/09/1694Mary, dr of George Smeton, on Sept. 2.
26/09/1694John, son of George Buskel junr, on - 26.
28/09/1694Walter, son of John Whitehead, on - 28.
28/09/1694Hannah, dr of Mr John Priestley on ye same day.
03/10/1694Rachel, dr of John Lasenby, on Octob. 3.
09/10/1694Grace, dr of John Harrison, on - 9.
30/10/1694Anne, dr of Matthew Cunningham, Octo. 30.
24/10/1694Frances, dr of Mr Philip Thomlison, on - 24.
30/11/1694Samuel, son of John Rawlins, on Novem. 30.
02/12/1694Margaret, dr of James Silburn, on Dec. 2.
12/02/1694Frances, dr of Mr Francis Hewit, on Feb. 12.
03/03/1694John, ye son of Mr George Atkinson, on March 3.
04/03/1694Susanna, dr of Samuel Halliwel, on March 4.
10/03/1694George, ye Son of Wm Lund, on - 10.
12/05/1695Anne, Daughter of Mr Tho. Maxon, May 12.
14/05/1695Francis, Son of Metcalf Ingram, May 14.
27/05/1695Robt., posthumous Son of Thomas Johnson, May 27.
02/06/1695Marmaduke, son of Marmaduke Leathley, June 2.
06/06/1695John, the son of Thomas Troul, Baptised June i6.
17/06/1695Mary, the daughter of George Myers, June 17.
03/07/1695Thomas, the son of John Harrison, July 3.
07/07/1695Peter, the son of John Jackson, July 7.
15/07/1695John, the son of Thomas Fox, July 15.
11/08/1695James, the son of John West, Aug. 11.
18/08/1695Miles, son of Miles Dean (then dead), on - 18.
10/09/1695John, son of George Escricke, on Sept. x.
10/09/1695Thomas, son of Mr Christopher Hutton, on - 10.
12/09/1695Mary, dau. of Mr Richard Curdeux, on - 12.
06/10/1695Judith, dr of Jonathan Cade, on Octob. 6.
13/10/1695Hannah, dr of Quyntyn Fearby, on - 13.
16/10/1695Mary, daughter of John Guardhouse, on - 16.
02/11/1695Thomas, son of Mr Thomas Agar, on Nov. 2.
02/11/1695Richard, son of Thos. Ingleby, on ye same day.
03/12/1695Frances, dr of Thomas Smeton, Decemb. 3.
19/12/1695William, son of Mr Drury Peake, on - 19.
18/01/1695Samuel, son of Christopher Earby, on Jan. 18.
25/01/1695Susannah, dr of John Dauton (of Sheriff Hutton parish), on - 25.
26/01/1695John, son of George Dawton, on - 26.
06/02/1695Mary, dr of John Straker, on Febr. 6.
13/02/1695Sarah, dr of Robert Brown, on February ye 13.
19/02/1695Francis, son of Francis Clark, on - 19.
01/03/1695Mary, dr of Miles Harley, on March 1.
03/03/1695John, son of Richard Fleming, on - 3d day.
04/03/1695Elizabeth, dr of James Kitching, on - 4th day.
05/03/1695Christopher, son of Christopher Scotchson, on - 5th day.
29/03/1696Elisabeth, dr of Robert Leadley, was bapd March 29.
05/04/1696Thomas, son of George Temple, on Apr. 5th.
06/04/1696Elisabeth, dr of George Harforth, on - 6th.
14/04/1696Rachel, dr of Robert Lasenby, on - 14.
17/05/1696Bridget, dr of Thomas Cundel, on May 17.
25/05/1696Thomas, son of John Thomlinson, on - 25.
28/05/1696Frances, dr of Mr Philip Thomlinson, on - 28.
05/07/1696Elisabeth, dr of George Buskil, junr, on Jul. 5.
04/07/1696Isabel, daughter of Mr Tho. Waller, on - i4.
03/08/1696Thomas, son of George Myers, on Aug. 3d.
14/08/1696John, son of Henry Gates, on - 14.
16/08/1696John, son of Mr John Pecket, on - 16.
20/08/1696Elisabeth, dr of William Meales, on - 20.
25/08/1696Frances, dr of Mr Thomas Maxon, on - 25.
06/09/1696Margaret, dr of John Smith, on Sept. 6.
27/09/1696Deborah, dr of Mr Wm Burton, on - 27.
06/10/1696William, son of Mr John Jackson, on Octob. 6.
15/10/1696William, son of Matthew Cunningham, on - 15.
18/10/1696Judith, dr of Thomas Leng, on - 18.
04/11/1696William, son of Mr Richard Curdeux, on Nov. 4.
05/11/1696William, son of Mr John Prieslay, on - 5.
14/11/1696Robert, son of Mr George Atkinson, on - 14.
29/11/1696Grishild, dr of Anthony Preston, on - 29.
13/12/1696Anne, dr of James Silburn, on Dec. 13.
30/12/1696Thomas, son of Mr James Hepburn, on - 30.
17/01/1696John, son of Robert Straker, on January 17.
19/01/1696Sarah, dr of Mr Christopher Hutton, on - 19.
12/02/1696Hannah, dr of Matthew Hargraves, was born on Feb. 12.
08/03/1696Christopher, son of Xtpher Scotchson, on March 8.
11/03/1696Jonas, son of John Rawlins, on - 11th.
18/04/1697Thomas, son of Jonathan Cade, was bapd Apr. 18.
09/05/1697William, son of Thomas Smeton, on May 9th.
19/05/1697James, son of James Kitching, on - 19.
16/06/1697Mary, dr of Robert Leadley, on June 16.
01/08/1697William, son of George Escricke, on Aug. first.
05/08/1697Leonard, son of Richard Fleming, on - 5th.
06/08/1697Nclas, son of George Buskil, junr, on - 6.
08/08/1697Anne, ye dr of John Lasenby, on - 8.
22/08/1697George, son of Mr Herbert, on - 22.
25/08/1697William, son of Mr Philip Thomlinson, on - 25.
06/09/1697George, son of George Myers, on Septem. 6.
12/09/1697Mary, dr of Richard Foster, on - 12.
03/10/1697Henry, son of Henry Gates, on Octob. 3.
07/10/1697William, son of Thomas Huffington, on - 7.
11/10/1697Michael, son of Robert Browne, on - 11th.
24/10/1697Jane, daughter of Thomas Trowle, on - 24.
27/10/1697Margaret, dr of Mr Drury Peake, on - 27.
06/11/1697Sarah, ye dr of Mr John Pecket, on Nov. x6.
23/11/1697Hannah, dr of Xtopher Earby, on - 23.
24/11/1697Hannah, dr of Thomas Straker, on - 24.
12/12/1697Mary, dr of Francis Clarke, on Decem. 12.
05/01/1697Alice & Isabel, drs of Mathew Cunningham, January ye 5th.
05/01/1697Thomas, son of William Dun, on ye same day.
07/01/1697Robert, son of John Haslengton, on - 7th.
11/01/1697Jane, dr of Mr Tho Agar (Sheriff), on - 11th.
13/01/1697John, son of Reubin Buskil (junir not Clarke), on - 13.
16/01/1697Mary, dr of Thomas Ingledew (Ingleby), on - 16.
03/02/1697Robert, son of James Silburn, on Febru. ye third.
06/02/1697John, son of John Newcombe, on - 6.
13/02/1697Elisabeth, dr of John Harrison (junir & pewterer), on - 13.
20/02/1697William, son of John Smith, on Febr. 20.
21/02/1697Christopher, son of Mr John Jackson, on - 21.
07/03/1697Thomas, son of Thomas Fox, on March 7.
16/04/1698Matthew, ye son of Matthew Hargrave, was born on Apr. 16.
01/05/1698William, ye son of Anthony Preston, on May 1st.
22/06/1698Sarah, ye dr of Mr John West, baptized June ye 22.
12/02/1698John, ye son of Thomas Athur, was born Febr. 12.
05/08/1698Anne, dr of Thomas Cundel, was bapd Aug. 5.
26/08/1698William, son of Mr George Myers, on - 26.
28/08/1698Christopher, son of Francis Wallis, on - 28.
08/09/1698Hannah, dr of John Thomlinson, on Sept. 8.
12/10/1698Anne, doughter of Thomas Huffingto, on Octo. 12.
31/10/1698Elisabeth, dr of Mr Henry Howld, parson of Holtby, on - 31.
06/11/1698Christopher, son of George Hardcastle, on Novem. 6.
13/11/1698Mary, dr of Mr William Burton, on - 13.
20/11/1698William, son of Christopher Scotchson, on - 20.
27/11/1698Jane, dr of George Dawton, on - 27.
29/11/1698Miriam, dr of Mr Rich. Curdeux, on - 29.
09/12/1698Jane, dr of Philep Smith, on Decemb. 9th.
27/12/1698Jonathan, son of John Rawlins, on - 27.
30/12/1698Sarah, dr of John More, on - 30.
03/01/1698Thomas, son of Henry Gates, on January 3th
12/03/1698Lucy, dr of Samuel Hallewel, on March 12.
19/03/1698Anne, dr of Thomas Straker, on - 19.
22/03/1698Joseph, son of Edward Preston, on - 22.
21/04/1699Thomas & Catherine, son & daughter of Richard Fleming, were baptised on April ye 21.
23/04/1699Thomas Slacke, son of John Slacke, April 23.
14/05/1699Marke, son of James Silburne, on May ye 14.
15/05/1699Anne, doughter of James Kitching, on - 15th.
24/05/1699Dorothy, doughter of George Atkinson, on - 24.
16/07/1699John, son of George Escricke, on July 16.
31/07/1699Anne, dr of George Myers, on - 31.
24/08/1699Jane, dr of Mr John Jackson, on Aug. 24.
27/08/1699Thomas, son of Thomas Rycroft, on - 27.
16/09/1699Anne, dr. of John Iccorngill, on Septemb. 16.
04/10/1699Anne, dr of John Newcombe, on Octob. 4th
15/10/1699Metcalfe, ye son of Mr Metcalfe Ingram, on - 15th.
02/11/1699Mary, dr of Anthony Preston, on Nov. 2.
21/11/1699Jane, dr of Mr Rowland Mosley, on - 21.
28/11/1699Richard, son of Mr Richard Curdeux, on - 28.
29/11/1699Grace, dr of Christopher Earby, on - 29.
28/12/1699Richard, son of Robert Leadley, on Decemb. 28.
05/01/1699Thomas, son of Richard Tyreman, on Jan. 5th.
24/01/1699George, son of Richard Welburn, on - 24.
09/02/1699Elinr, dr of Philip Wilberfosse, on Febr. 9.
10/02/1699Jane, dr of Thomas Smeton, on - 10.
12/02/1699Mary, dr of Christofer Watkin, on - 12.
24/03/1699Anne, dr of Francis Clarke, on March 24.
23/04/1700Rebekah, dr of Mr Philip Thomlinson, on April 23, St. George's day.
28/03/1700eodem Grace, dr of Matthew Hargrave, born March 28.
24/04/1700Joshuah, son of John Rawlins, on Apr. 24.
05/05/1700Robert, son of Richard Foster, on May 5.
21/05/1700Christopher, son of Mr Drury Peake, on - 21.
05/06/1700Jane, daughter of Robert Browne, on June 5th.
09/06/1700John, son of Philip Goodricke, on - 9th.
12/06/1700Thomas, son of Matthew Cunningham, on - 12th.
04/07/1700Elisabeth, dr of William Lund, on July ye 4th.
11/07/1700Anne, dr of George Temple, on - 11th.
22/08/1700Elisabeth, dr of Samuel Halliwell, on Aug. 22.
25/08/1700Elisabeth, dr of Reuben Buskel, on - 25.
01/09/1700Elisabeth, dr of Thomas Edwards, on Septemb. first.
22/09/1700Frances, dr of George Hardcastle, on - 22.
18/10/1700Francis, son of Francis Tyreman, on Octob. 18. St. Luke's day.
20/11/1700Jane, dr of Anthony Preston, on November ye 20.
25/11/1700Eliner, dr of Mr Rowland Mosley, on - 25.
12/11/1700Mary, dr of Mr Thomas Agar, on - 12.
09/01/1700Leonard, son of Mr John Newcombe, on Jan. 9.
14/01/1700Thomas, son of Mr Ambrose Robinson, on - 14.
18/02/1700Mary, dr of Richard Tyreman, on February ye 18.
05/03/1700Anne, dr of John More, on March ye 5.
30/03/1701Mary, dr of Christopher Scotchson, on March ye 30.
06/04/1701John, son of John Guardhouse, on April ye sixt.
21/04/1701George Scot (an adult person), on - 21.
21/04/1701Anne Scot (an adult person likewise) on ye same day.
06/05/1701Catherine, dr of George Atkinson, on May ye 6th
03/05/1701Sarah, daughter of Mathew Hargrave, was borne on May ye 3th.
09/05/1701Samuel, son of Samuel Walker, on - 9th.
18/05/1701George, son of Jn° Lessenbye, on - 18th.
08/06/1701Margaret, Daughter of James Kitchen, on June 8th.
17/06/1701Philip, son of Philip Smith, on June 17th.
06/07/1701Jane, Daughter of Edward Preston, on July 6th.
10/07/1701John, son of Richard Welburne, on July 10th.
17/07/1701John, son of George Myers, on July 17th
05/10/1701Joanna, Daughtr of Richard Foster, on October 5th.
14/10/1701Thomas, son of Tho. Ovinton, on Oct. 14th.
19/10/1701Joseph, son of Xpher Watkin, on Oct. 19th.
20/10/1701Samn, son of John Rawlin, on Oct. 20th.
30/11/1701Martha and Rebeccah, twin daughtrs of Mr Ambrose Robinson, Nov. 30th
02/12/1701Anne, Daughtr of Mr Rowl. Moseley, baptizd on Decem. 2d.
15/01/1701Margaret, Daughter of Mr Philip Thomlinson, on Jan. 15th.
25/01/1701William, son of Francis Wallis, on Jan. 25th.
27/01/1701Sarah, Daughtr of Mr Drury Peak, on Jan. 27th.
11/02/1701Hannah, Daughter of Mr Richard Cordukes, on Febru. 11th.
28/02/1701Frances, Daughter of Thomas Smeaton, Febr. 28th.
17/03/1701Katherine, Daughter of Mr James Dixon, March 17.
05/04/1702Anne, the Daughter of John Newcomb, baptised April the 5th.
08/04/1702Elizabeth, the Daughter of Mr John Hambleton, April the 8th.
26/04/1702Ann, the Daughter of Edward Robinson, April the 26th.
12/05/1702Mary, the daughter of James Silbourn, May the 12th.
09/06/1702Richard, the son of Mr Thomas Agar, June the 9th.
02/08/1702Mathew, the son of John Teagle, Augst 2nd.
02/08/1702Ann, the Daughter of Robert Wayte, Augst 2nd.
13/08/1702Frances, the daughter of Matthew Cunningham, Augst 13th.
11/09/1702Anne, the Daughter of Mr Thomas Mason, Sept. 11th.
15/09/1702Jonathan, the son of George Atkinson, Septembr 15th.
18/09/1702Thomas, the son of Willm Murton, Sept. 18th.
18/10/1702Anthony, the son of Anthony Preston, October 18th.
20/10/1702Ephrath, the Daughter of John Moor, October 20th.
25/10/1702Elizabeth, the Daughter of George Buskell, junr, October 25th
01/11/1702Anne, the Daughter of Robert Leethlay, Novemr 1st
09/11/1702George, the son of John Glenton, Novembr 9th
29/11/1702Charles, the Son of Henry Gates, Novem. 29th.
30/11/1702Dorothey, the Daughter of Richard Tyreman, Novr 30th.
09/12/1702Thomas, the Son of Mr Rowland Moseley, Decembr 9th.
09/12/1702Marey, the Daughter of Thomas Huffington, Decemr 9th.
15/12/1702Thomas, the Son of Thomas Edwards, Decemr the 15t.
10/01/1702Timothy, the Son of John Turner, January 10 th.
28/01/1702Mary, the Daughter of George Mason, January 28th.
29/01/1702Susannah, and Margaret, Twin daughters of Mr Ambrose Robinson, baptised January the 29th.
10/02/1702Philip, the Son of Philip Thomlinson, February the 10th.
10/02/1702John, the Son of Thom. Ryecroft, February the 10th.
18/02/1702Moses, the Son of William Lund, February the 18th.
16/03/1702William, the Son of James Kitching, March the 16th.
24/03/1702Hannah Scot (an Adult person), March the 24th.
18/04/1703Anne, daughter of Mr George Eskritt, Baptd. April 18th.
18/04/1703Joseph, the Son of Thom. Smeeton, April the 18th.
21/04/1703Dorothey the Daughter of Mr John Thomlinson, April 21st.
21/04/1703Joseph, the Son of Matt Hartgrave, Quaker, borne April 21st.
10/07/1703Robert, the Son of Robert Wate, baptised July 10th.
11/07/1703Willm, the Son of Willm Body, July the 11t.
01/08/1703John, the Son of John Hamleton, Aug. the 1st.
17/08/1703Benjamin, the Son of John Rawlin, Aug. 17t.
05/11/1703Rachel, the Daughter of William Murton, Novr the 5th.
07/11/1703Jane, the Daughter of Richard Forster, Novr the 7th.
12/11/1703John, the son of James Silbourn, Novr the 12th.
01/12/1703Mary, the Daughter of Christ. Elliot, Decemr 1st
19/12/1703Thomas, the Son of John Newcomb, Decemr 19th.
29/12/1703Rowland, the Son of Mr Rowland Mosely, Decemr 29th.
04/01/1703Henry, the son of Thomas Ovinton, Janu. 4th.
27/01/1703James, the son of Mr James Dixon, Janu. 27th.
10/02/1703Anne, the Daughter of Mr Ambrose Robinson, Febr. 10th.
27/02/1703John, the Son of Thomas Ward, Febr. 27th.
05/03/1703Annabella, the Daughter of Thomas Trowle, March 5th.
04/04/1704Joseph, the son of John Clark, a Dissenter, born April 4th.
20/04/1704William, the son of Richard Agar, baptised April 20th.
25/05/1704Phillip, the son of Mr Philip Thomlinson, May 25th.
11/06/1704John, the son of John Turner, June 11th.
02/07/1704John, the son of John Teagle, July 2nd.
02/07/1704Margret, the daughter of Robert Wate, July 2nd.
06/08/1704Mary, the daughter of Wilim Body, Augst 6th.
31/10/1704Mary, the daughter of Michael Barstow, a dissenter, born Octr 31st.
04/11/1704Richard, the son of Richard Tyreman, baptised Novr 4th.
05/11/1704Frances, the Daughter of Willm Hall, Novr 5th.
10/11/1704Elizabeth, the Daughter of Willm Murton, Novr 10th.
13/11/1704Mary, the Daughter of Mr Rowland Mosely, Novr 13th.
03/12/1704Christopher, the son of Christopher Watkin, Decr 3rd.
20/12/1704Margret, the Daughter of Mr John Thomlinson, Decr 20t.
21/12/1704Thomas, the Son of Christ. Elliot, Decr 21st.
24/12/1704William, the son of John Moor, Decr 24.
04/01/1704Ellenor, & Jane, Twin daughters of Samuel Ascugh, Januar. 4th.
11/01/1704Ambrose, the son of Mr Ambrose Robinson, Januar. 11th.
19/01/1704James, son of John Hamleton, Januar. 19th.
21/01/1704Dorothy, the Daughter of Willm Lund, Janu. 21st.
04/02/1704Marian, the Daughter of Ambrose Peterfield, Feb. 4th.
01/04/1705Elisabeth, the Daughter of Edward Robison, Baptd April 1st.
12/04/1705Dinah, the Daughter of Thomas Smeeton, April 12th.
14/04/1705William, the son of Thomas Edwards, April 14th.
21/04/1705Catherine, the Daughter of Mr Medcalf Ingrham, April 21st.
02/05/1705Hannah, the Daughter of John Rawlin, May 2nd.
01/06/1705Jane, the Daughter of John Williamson, June 1st.
10/06/1705Lydia, the Daughter of Thomas Trowle, June 10th.
13/06/1705Francis, the Son of Mr Richard Cordukes, June 13th.
17/06/1705Margret, the Daughter of James Sylburn, June 17th.
27/06/1705William, the Son of Robert Fountains, June 27th.
08/07/1705John, the son of John Ickringill, July 8th.
12/09/1705Joseph, the son of John Gardhouse, Sepr the 12th.
31/10/1705Ralph, the son of Mr James Dixon, Octr the 31st.
13/11/1705Thomas, the son of Mr George Barnett, Novr 13th.
16/11/1705John, the son of Willm Body, Novr. 16th.
14/12/1705Mark, the son of Richard Forster, Decr 14th.
19/12/1705George, the son of George Mason, Decr. 19th.
05/01/1705Ellenor, the Daughter of Willm Meals, Januar. 5th.
10/02/1705Leonard, the Son of John Newcomb, Febru. 10th.
24/02/1705Jane, the Daughter of Thomas Ward, Febr. 24th.
05/03/1705Elisabeth, the Daughter of Thomas Ryecroft, March 5th.
08/03/1705Joseph, the son of Joseph Murgatroide, March 8th.
14/03/1705William, the son of Mr Roland Mosely, March 14th.
15/03/1705Allice, the Daughter of Thomas Ovington, March 15th.
06/04/1706Mary, the Daughter of Mr George Atkinson, Baptised April 6th.
14/04/1706Thomas, the son of Matthew Hayes, April 14th.
21/04/1706Ambrose, the son of Ambrose Robinson, April 21st.
23/04/1706Mary, the Daughter of John Moore, April 23d.
27/04/1706Jane, the Daughter of Robert Waite, April 27th.
30/06/1706Jane, the Daughter of John Turner, June 30th.
14/07/1706James, the son of James Sylburn, July 14th.
30/07/1706James, the son of Mr Richard Cordukes, July 30th.
10/08/1706Timothy, the son of John Rawlin, August 10th.
14/08/1706Stephenson, the son of Mr John Suttle, Augst 14th.
22/08/1706Willm, the son of George Preston, August 22nd.
29/08/1706Dorothy Squire (an Adult person), August 29th.
10/10/1706Mary, the Daughter of Mr John Hamleton, October 10th.
21/10/1706William, the son of Willm Murton, Octr 21st.
27/10/1706Richard, the son of John Teayle, Octr. 27th.
30/11/1706Susannah, the daughter of Susanah Strad, a bastard child, Novr 30th.
04/12/1706Anne, the Daughter of James Lambert, Decemr 4th.
26/12/1706Ursilla, the Daughter of John Ickeringill, Decemr 26th.
01/01/1706Francis, the son of William Body, Januar. 1st.
17/01/1706Sarah, the Daughter of Richard Welburn, Januar. 17th.
09/03/1706Hind, the Daughter of William Pick, March 9th.
14/03/1706Faith, the Daughter of Thomas Edwards, March 14th.
11/04/1707Wedhill, the son of Joseph Laisenby, Baptised April 11th.
17/04/1707George, the son of Thomas Oventon, April the 17th.
21/04/1707Richard, the son of Richard Agar, April the 21st.
23/04/1707Charles, the son of Mr Rowland Moseby, April 23.
25/05/1707Jane, the Daughter of Robert Fountains, May 25th.
26/05/1707Richard, the son of George Preston, May 26th.
26/05/1707William, the Son of Mr Drurey Peake Twins May 26th.
26/05/1707Anne, the Daughter of Mr Drury Peake May 26th.
01/06/1707Margret, the Daughter of Mr Robert Waite, June 1st
23/06/1707Henry, the son of John Williamson, June 23d.
29/06/1707John, the son of John Linton, June 29th.
29/06/1707Mary, the Daughter of Michael Horner, June 29th.
16/07/1707Matthew, the son of Matthew Cunningham, July 16th.
07/09/1707Mary, the Daughter of Edward Robinson, Sepr 7th.
02/11/1707Benjamin, the son of Benjamin Shidley & Mary Thompson, a Bastard child, Novemr 2nd
04/11/1707Catherine, the Daughter of Mr John Woodhouse, Novr 4th.
04/11/1707Jane, the Daughter of Matthew Hay, Novr 4th.
12/11/1707Mary, the Daughter of Thom. Wilcock, a dissenter, Born Novr 12th
16/12/1707Sarah, the Daughter of Joseph Murgatroide, baptised Decemr 16th.
15/01/1707Oswald, the Son of William Pick, baptised Januar. 15th.
25/01/1707Thomas, the Son of James Sylburn, January 25th.
30/01/1707Charles, the Son of Mr Willm Mattocks, Januar. 30th.
01/04/1708Mary, the Daughter of and John, the Son of Mr Edward Grey, Twins baptised April 1st.
05/04/1708Sarah, the Daughter of Ambrose Robinson, April 5th.
02/05/1708Jane, the Daughter of Thomas Swan, May the 2nd.
17/05/1708Margret, ye Daughter of Mr Willm Thomas, May the 17th.
06/07/1708William, the Son of John Rawlin, July the 6th.
07/07/1708Isabella, the Daughter of Mr Rowland Mosely, July the 7th.
25/07/1708Thomas, the son of John Turner, July the 25th.
06/08/1708George, the son of Mr John Hamelton, Augst the 6th.
05/09/1708John, the son of Mr Robert Waite, Septemr the 5th.
15/09/1708Ellenor, the Daughter of William Body, Septemr the 15th.
03/10/1708John, the son of Thomas Ovington, Octr. 3d.
03/11/1708Jane, the Daughter of William Cowling, Novr 3d.
05/11/1708Jane, the Daughter of Mr George Barnett, Nov. 5th.
15/11/1708Susannah, the Daughter of Thomas Edwards, Novr 15th.
19/12/1708Anne, the Daughter of John Cagill, Decemr 19th.
31/12/1708John, the son of William Murton, Decemr 31st.
23/01/1708Claudius, the Son of William Pick, Januar. 23th.
14/02/1708Mary, the Daughter of John Etherington, February 14th.
27/02/1708Edward, the Son of John Newcomb. February 27th.
29/03/1709Elizabeth, the Daughter of Anne Potter, baptized March 29th
12/04/1709Elizabeth, the Daughter of Matthew Cunningham, April 12th
24/04/1709William, the Son of Willm Hay, April 24th
13/06/1709Jane, the Daughter of George Preston, June 13th
25/06/1709Mary, the Daughter of Richard Welbourn, June 25th
10/07/1709Anne, the Daughter of Thomas Trowles, July 10th
20/07/1709Christopher, the Son of John Ickeringall, July 20th
31/07/1709Sarah, the daughter of Robert Fountains, July 31st
11/08/1709John, the son of Samuel Askugh, August 11th
28/08/1709John, the son of John Moore, Augst 28th
13/10/1709James, the son of Mr Rowland Mosely, October 13th
03/11/1709Hutton, the son of Mr John Thomlinson, Novemr 3d
06/11/1709John, the son of William Ramsdale, Novemr 6th
18/12/1709Anne, the Daughter of Robert Halleyday, Decr 18th
01/03/1709Thomas, the Son of Mr John Wentworth, March the 1st
04/03/1709Charity, the Daughter of Mr John Everett, March the 4th
07/03/1709Elizabeth, the Daughter of Mr Wilim Thomas, March the 7th
09/03/1709John, the son of John Cooper, March 9th
14/03/1709Benjamin, the son of John Newcomb, March 14th
02/04/1710William, the son of William Chapman, baptised April 2nd
10/04/1710Leonard, the son of Christopher Watkin, April 10th
30/04/1710Margret, the Daughter of Richard Foster, April 30th
12/05/1710John, the son of John Woodhouse, May 12th
28/05/1710Matthew, the son of Matthew Hay, May 28th
01/07/1710George & Elizabeth, Twin children of Richd Harforth, July 1st
20/08/1710Jane, the daughter of Willm Body, Augst 20th
26/08/1710Willm, the son of Joseph Lassenby, Augst 26th
06/09/1710Jeremiah, the son of Willm Winn, Sepr 6th
11/09/1710John, the son of Edward Kendall, Sepr 11th
14/09/1710William, the son of Jane Chapman, alias Mottley, Sepr 14th
02/10/1710Joseph, the son of Thomas Edwards, Octr 2nd
15/10/1710Frances, the daughter of Michael Horner, Octr 15th
16/10/1710Elizabeth, the daughter of Francis Lucas, Octr 16th
12/11/1710Jane, the daughter of Samuel Askugh, Novr 12th
13/11/1710Thomason Winnard, an Adult person, Novr 13th
26/12/1710Rachel, the Daughter of Richard Welbourn, Decr 26th
05/01/1710Catherine, the Daughter of Mr Mosely, Jan. 5th
11/03/1710Henry, the son of Mr Robert Waite, March 11th
02/04/1711Hannah, the Daughter of John Atkinson, baptised April 2d
13/04/1711Mary, the Daughter of Mr Willm Thomas, April 13th
06/05/1711Robert, the son of Robert Carter, May 6th
15/08/1711Matthew, the son of John Cowper, August 15th
09/09/1711Edward, the son of Edward Kendall, Septemr 9th
30/09/1711Mary, the Daughter of John Kagill, Sept the 30th
21/10/1711Michael, the son of Willm Hay, Oct. the 21st
05/11/1711Elizabeth, the Daughter of Anthony Topliff, Novemr 5th
13/11/1711William, the son of William Richardson, Novr 13th
15/11/1711Elizabeth, the Daughter of John Moore, Novr 15th
16/11/1711George, the son of Willm Pick, Novr 16th.
16/12/1711Richard, a Spurious child of Susanah Shaw, of Christ's Parish, Decr 16th
02/01/1711Frances, the Daughter of John Ickeringall, Januar. the 2d
04/01/1711Margret, the Daughter of Mr John Thomlinson, Januar. 4th
21/01/1711Emanuel Stabeley, an Adult Person, Januar. 21st
15/02/1711Elizabeth, the Daugr of Mr Henry Guy, February 15th
26/02/1711Dorothy, the daughter of Mr Rowland Mosely, February 26th
28/02/1711Robert, the son of Robert Hallyday, Febr 28th
06/03/1711Jane, the Daughter of Thomas Wells, March 6th
15/03/1711Francis, the Son of Francis Lucas, March 15th
18/03/1711Ellener, the Daughtr of Mr Richard Bains, March 18th
27/03/1712Martha, the daughter of Mr John Wentworth, baptised Mar. 27th
02/04/1712Thomas, the son of Mr Robert Waite, April 2d
10/05/1712John, the Son of Henry Spence, May 10th
23/05/1712George, the son of Mr John Woodhouse, May 23d
31/05/1712Henry the son of Henry Noble. May 31st
21/06/1712Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr George Barnett, June 21st
05/08/1712Thomison, the daughter of Mr Willm Thomas, Augst 5th
31/08/1712Elizabeth, the daughter of John Overend, Augst 31st
22/09/1712John, the son of John Rawlin junior, Sept 22d
07/10/1712Elizabeth, the daughter of William Body, Octr 7th
02/11/1712Thomas, the son of William Richardson, Novr 2d
02/11/1712Elizabeth, the daughter of Timothy Wood, Novr 2d
23/11/1712Ellener, the daughter of William Hay, Novr 23.
06/12/1712Mary, the daughter of Matthew Hay, Decr 6th
09/12/1712Theodosia, the daughter of Mr Wilstrop, Decr 9th
26/12/1712Mary, the daughter of Mr Christopher Ash, Decr 26th
10/01/1712John, the son of John Green, Januar. 10th
11/01/1712Philip and Thomas, Twin children of Willm Murton, Janu. 11th
18/02/1712John, the son of Mr John Tomlinson, Febr. 18th
25/02/1712Robert, the son of Robert Fountaine, Febr. 25th
05/03/1712Elizabeth, the daughter of John Cowper, March 5th.
17/03/1712John, the Son of The Revnd Mr Thomas Lowcock, March 17th
29/03/1713Anne, the Daughter of Richard Marvil, Baptized March 29th
16/06/1713John, the son of Mr Richard Baine, Grocer, June 16th
21/06/1713Mary, the daughter of Francis Wood, joyner, June 21.
12/08/1713Richard, the son of Richard Harforth, butcher, Aug. 12th
13/08/1713Richard, the son of Mr Richard Cordukes, haberdasher, Aug. 13th
14/08/1713John, the son of Willm Wynne, bricklayer, Aug. 14th
26/09/1713Joseph, the son of Mr Joseph Heeley, Excise Officer, Sepr 26th
27/09/1713John, the son of Thomas Wells, tayler, Sepr 27th
17/10/1713William, the son of Willm Richardson, Line dresser, Octr 17th
18/10/1713Thomas & Michael, Twin Children of Thorns Williamson, Octr 18th
19/10/1713Michael, the son of Robert Carter, wheelwright, Octr 19th
18/11/1713Matthew, the son of Thomas Swan, cowper, Novr 18th
22/11/1713Allice, the Daughter of Mr Edward Grey, vintner, Novr 22d
25/12/1713Thomas, the son of Thomas Topham, Button maker, Decr 25th
02/01/1713Robert, the son of Mr Christopher Ash, Gent., Jan. 2nd
03/01/1713Francis, the son of Mr Rowland Mosely, Apothecary, Jan. 3d
23/01/1713Anne, the daughter of Mr Geo. Barnett, Woolen Draper, Jan. 23d
31/01/1713Sarah, the daughter of John Kagill, dier, Januar. 31st
22/03/1713Joseph, the son of John Cowper, Panyer-man, March 22d
23/03/1713Diner, the daughter of Mr Thos Edwards, glover, March 23d
03/04/1714William, the son of Mr William Thomas, grocer, April 3d
19/04/1714Catharine, the daughter of Edward Capes, glover, April 19th
10/05/1714Mary, the daughter of Mr John Tomlinson, gent., May 10th
14/05/1714Hannah, the daughter of John Moore, cutler, May 14th
01/06/1714William, the son of Christr Sampson, tayler, June 1st
06/06/1714Henry, the son of Henry Potter, panyer-man, June 6th
13/06/1714Ellener, the daughter of Thomas Longstaff, mariner, June 13th
04/07/1714John, the son of Thomas Bean, cook, July 4th
14/07/1714Ralph, the son of George Chapman, shoemaker, July 14th
30/07/1714William, the son of Mr Robert Waite, brewer, July 30th
28/09/1714Thomas, the son of John Green, bricklayer, Sepr 28th
15/11/1714Margret, the daughter of Mr John Hamelton, Inn holder, Novr 15th
12/01/1714John, the son of Thomas Tayler, Esquer, Janu. 12th
16/01/1714William, the son of Thomas Topham, Button maker, Janu. 16th
25/02/1714Anne, the daughter of Mr Richard Baine, grocer, Febr. 25th
27/02/1714Elisabeth, the daughter of Francis Wood, joyner, Febr. 27th
28/02/1714Thomas, the son of William Hay, cordwainer, Febr. 28th
28/02/1714Boswell, the son of Edward Kendall, hosier, Febr. 28th
10/03/1714Mary, the daughter of Henry Spence, Tallow chandler, March 10th
01/04/1715William, the Son of Samuel Ascough, Cowper, baptised Apl. 1st
02/04/1715Anne, the daughter of William Body, whitesmith, Apl. 2d
11/05/1715Elisabeth and Cicely, Twin daughters of Mr Rowland Mosely, May 11th
13/05/1715Edward & William, Twin sons of Mr Edward Grey, May 13th
13/06/1715Barbara, the daughter of Mr John Woodhouse, barber, June 13th
18/06/1715Elisabeth, the daughter of Edward Capes, glover, Jun. 18.
29/06/1715Anne, the daughter of Richard Carr, baker, June 29th
30/06/1715Jane, the daughter of Thomas Williamson, plumber, June 30th
30/06/1715Thomas, the son of Sarah Hall, June 30th
22/07/1715Richard, the son of Mr Willm Thomas, grocer, July 22.
21/08/1715Lucy, the daughter of Willm Tayler, joyner, Augst 21.
31/08/1715George, the son of Michael Robinson, baker, Augst 31
02/09/1715Grace, the daughter of Ruben Buskill, Parish Clark, Sept 2d
15/09/1715Christopher, the son of John Cowper, Panyer-man, Sepr 15th
17/09/1715James, the son of Matthew Hayes, shoemaker, Sepr 17th
24/09/1715Sarah, the daughter of Mr Jon Thomlinson, gents, Sepr 24th
30/09/1715Anne, the daughter of William Richardson, heckler, Sept 30th
02/10/1715George, the son of George Thorp, shoemaker, Octr 2d
03/10/1715John & William, Twin sons of Richard Harforth, Octr 3d
07/10/1715Mary, the daughter of Edward Serjantson, Octr 7th
30/10/1715Richard, the son of Thomas Masser, butcher, Octr 30th
14/11/1715Thomas, the son of John Gregg, taylor, Novr 14th
01/01/1715Jane, the daughter of Willm Ford, putherer, Janu. 1st
08/01/1715John, the son of John Whithill, bricklayer, Janu. 8th
15/01/1715Mary, the daughter of Francis Lucas, putherer, Jan. 15th
22/01/1715Charles, the son of Thomas Bean, cook, Jan. 22d
22/01/1715Leonard, the son of Leonard Potter, Panyer-man, Jan. 22d
06/02/1715Christopher, the son of Christr Sampson, Merchant taylor, Feb. 6th
26/02/1715Mary, the daughter of Mr George Eskrit, haberdasher, Feb. 26th
11/03/1715Elizabeth, the daughter of Robt Carter, wheelwright, March 11th
12/03/1715William, the son of John Green, bricklayer, March 12th
22/03/1715Thomas, the son of William Stavely, milner, March 22nd
22/04/1716George, the son of John Carter, joyner, baptised April 22d
10/05/1716Anne, the daughter of Stephen Dalton, butcher, May 10th
14/06/1716Robert, the son of Mr Robert Booth, cutler, June 14th
18/06/1716George, the son of Thomas Wells, tayler, Jun. 18th

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1922
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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