York St. Crux Registers - Burials 1540-1677.


Transcription of the York St. Crux Registers - Burials 1540-1677.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateName(s) and relationship
18/07/1539Rauph Wath was buryed ye xviiith day of Julye.
08/03/1539John Sidman the 8 of Marche.
Year may be wrong
10/04/1540Peter Fosterds infante the xth daie of Aprill.
16/10/1540Mr John Ellwicke, the 16 day of October.
06/11/1540Margaret Steelle, the vith daye of November.
16/11/1540Alison Wilkinson, widow, the 16 day of November.
20/12/1540Agnes Clerke, the 20 daye of December.
26/12/1540Isabell Thorne, the 26 daye of December.
30/12/1540xpofer Taylor, the 30 daye of the same.
06/01/1540Willm Beckwth, Baron, the 6 day of Januarye.
15/01/1540Richard Lulley, infant, the 15 day of the same.
20/01/1540Alison Pawtrye, wydow, the 20 daye of the same.
28/01/1540Elizabeth Yonge, widow, the 28 day of the same.
31/01/1540Jennett Thornton, infant, the 31 day of the same.
04/02/1540Alice Hill, the iiiith daie of Februarye.
16/02/1540Alice Spacie, the 16 daie of the same.
25/02/1540Elizabeth Criplyn, the 25 of the same.
99/02/1540Richard Smyth, the 30 of the same.(imposssible day number)
05/03/1540Anne Fuster, the 5 of Marche.
08/06/1540Mr Peter Lyddell was buryed the 8 daie of June.
12/06/1540John Browne, infante, the 12 of the same.
25/10/1540Dna Anne Shawe, the 25 of October.
20/11/1540Fraunces Olyve, the xxth of November.
23/11/1540Rauph Lepington, the 23 of the same.
30/11/1540Robt Adnell, the 30 of the same.
10/03/1540Thoms Redshaw, the xth daie of March.
09/03/1540Peter Jackson, the ix daie of the same.
23/03/1540William Trowtbeck, the 23 of the same.
29/03/1541Elizabeth Colyer was buryed the 29 of March.
12/04/1541Thomas Scissell was buryed 12 daie of Aprill.
10/05/1541Helyne Chase, the x daie of Maye.
14/06/1541Willm Nolson, the 14 daie of June.
08/06/1541John Garred, the 8 of the same.
10/06/1541Richard Johnson the xth of the same.
18/06/1541Thoms Chase, the 18 of the same.
24/06/1541Richard Gelderd, the 24 of the same.
28/06/1541Elizabeth Thorne, the 28 of the same.
99/06/1541Wilim Steelle, the 31 of the same.(impossible day number)
06/07/1541Anthonye Ellwicke, the 6 of Julye.
15/07/1541Thoms Sawghill, the xvth of the same.
20/07/1541Willm Symson, the 20 of the same.
25/07/1541Thomas Atterton, the 25 of the same.
27/07/1541Anne Howser, the 27 of Julie.
31/07/1541Elynor Cowper, the last day of the same.
02/08/1541Margarett Dobson, the 2 of August.
03/08/1541Robt Thornton, the 3 of the same.
03/08/1541Rauph Foster, the same daye.
04/08/1541John Jackson, the 4 of the same.
04/08/1541Thoms Cowper, the same daye.
05/08/1541John Storye, the 5 daye of August.
06/08/1541George Barne, the 6 of the same.
23/08/1541Thomas Foster, the 23 of the same.
31/08/1541Mawde Best, the 31 of the same.
03/09/1541Robt Clarke, the 3 of September.
16/09/1541Margarett Buckshaw, the 16 of the same.
26/09/1541Elizabeth Temple, the 26 of the same.
15/10/1541Jane Freissell, the 15 of October.
20/10/1541Robt Rackcliffe, the 20 of the same.
30/10/1541Thomas Water, the 30 of the same.
04/11/1541Robt Watson, the 4 of November.
15/11/1541Henrye Best, the 15 of the same.
29/11/1541Ellene Clarke, the 29 of the same.
31/11/1541Thoms Nicollson, the last day of the same.
03/12/1541Jane Thornton, the 3 of December.
18/12/1541Isable Tomson, the 18 of the same.
28/12/1541Thomas Biggam, the 28 of the same.
31/12/1541John Home, the last day of the same.
10/01/1541Willm Clayton, the 10 of Januarye.
20/01/1541John Womnopp, the 20 of the same.
29/01/1541Thoms Porter, the 29 of the same.
12/02/1541Elizabeth Racliffe, the 12 of Februarye.
24/02/1541John Lewesse, the 24 of the same.
24/03/1541Willm Addnell, the 24 of Marche.
24/03/1541Thoms Hellme, the 24 of the same.
30/03/1542Willm Fisher was buryed the last day of the same.
15/04/1542Thoms Beckwth, the 15 of Aprill.
27/04/1542Elizabeth Foster, the 27 of the same.
30/04/1542Thoms Pettie, the 30 of the same.
04/05/1542Michaell Clayton, the 4 of Maye.
21/05/1542Ellene Patteson, the 21 of Maye.
25/05/1542Elizabeth Whitfild, the 25 of Maye.
31/06/1542John Sawghell, the last day of June.
10/07/1542Willm Pyt, the xth of Julye.
20/07/1542Bryan Glover, the 20 of the same.
26/07/1542Willm Bowde, the 26 of the same.
30/07/1542Jane Pulland, the 30 of the same.
31/09/1542Mr Peter Robeson, Alderman, the last day of September.
28/12/1542Elizabeth Hewettson, the 28 of December.
18/01/1542Peter Greneburie, the 18 of Januarye.
08/04/1543Isable Lewis was buried the viiith of Aprill.
03/08/1543Agnes Clarke, the 3 of August.
15/08/1543Isable Breacliffe, the 15 of August.
16/08/1543Agnes Dickeson, the 16 of August.
17/08/1543Willm Trowbecke, the 17 of August.
21/08/1543Austen Bushawe, the 21 of August.
26/08/1543George Dickeson, the 26 of August.
26/08/1543Jenett Skafe, the same day.
30/08/1543Geills Brearcliffe, the 30 of August.
29/09/1543Gregorie Lepington, the 29 of September.
02/10/1543Anne Lepington, the 2 of October.
17/10/1543Thoms Lepington, the 17 of October.
22/12/1543Robt Malthouse, the 22 of December.
04/01/1543John Howson, the 4 of Januarie.
03/02/1543Alice Toppham, the 3 of Februarye.
17/04/1544John Watson was buried the 17 of Aprill.
24/05/1544Isable Watson, the 24 of May.
21/07/1544Willm Beckwth, the 21 of Julye.
21/07/1544AoEdwardi James Boyes, the same day.
23/07/1544Jenett Beckwth, the 23 of Julye.
06/05/1545Robt Thornton was buried the 6 of Maye.
16/05/1545Richard Foster, the 16 of Maye.
26/08/1545Thoms Kilborne, the 26 of August.
06/09/1545George Hayles, the 6 of September.
03/05/1546Margarett Cheisland was buryed the 3 of Maye.
14/05/1546Margarett Osborne, the 14 of Maye.
19/06/1546James Pape, the 19 of June.
20/04/1547Kathoren Watson, was buryed the 20 day of Aprill.
15/05/1547Elizabeth Tomson, the 15 of Maye.
25/05/1547Barbarye Hall, the 25 of Maye.
06/04/1548Maisteres Hynde was buryed the 6 of Aprill.
15/05/1548Robert Herbert, the 15 of Maye.
01/06/1548Richard Bowman, the first day of June.
23/05/1549William Becke was buryed the 23 of Maye.
25/05/1549Alice Backhouse, the 25 of Maye.
05/06/1549Thomas Newbie, the 5 of June.
24/06/1550Willm Cowper, the 24 of the same.
30/06/1550Willm Browne, the 30 of the same.
17/08/1550Richard Biggan, the 17 of August.
19/08/1550John Leddall, the 19 of the same.
20/08/1550Isable Horner, the 20 of the same.
07/09/1550Agnes Wayth, the 7 of September.
11/09/1550Isable Jackson, the 11 of September.
08/10/1550Willm Thornton, the 8 of October.
12/10/1550Agnes Thornton, the 12 of October.
25/10/1550Isable Thorneton, the 25 of October.
26/10/1550Margarett Thornton, the 26 of the same.
27/10/1550Ursely Thornton, the 27 of the same.
06/10/1550Agnes Gawle, the 6 of October.
26/10/1550Urselye Ellwicke, the 26 of the same.
27/10/1550John Foster, the 27 of the same.
28/10/1550Willm Nicollson, the 28 of the same.
15/12/1551Edward Weddall, 15 of December.
25/12/1551Richard Biggyn, 25 of December.
11/02/1551Alice Sawtmerse, the 11 of Februarye.
25/07/1551Elene Skayfe, the 25 of Julye.
21/09/1551Elizabeth Johnson, Ladie, the 21 of September.
21/09/1551Thomas Foster, the 21 of September.
11/10/1551Guye Water, the 11 of October.
22/10/1551Lawrence Taylor, the 22 of October.
23/11/1551Willm Lulley, the 23 of November.
14/02/1551John Thornton, the 14 of Februarye.
25/02/1551Alice Powreson, the 25 of the same.
05/03/1551Hughe Gamle, the 5 of March.
25/06/1552James Jackeson, the 25 of June.
11/07/1552John Olyve, the 11 of Julye.
11/08/1552Kathoren Teisdall, the 11 of August.
11/08/1552Nichas Boyes, the same daye.
20/08/1552Ursela Banke, the 20 of the same.
26/09/1552John Steelle, the 26 of September.
30/09/1552John Foster, the 30 of September.
06/01/1552Willm Tomson, the 6 of Januarie.
07/02/1552Willm Tomson, the 7 of Februarye.
08/02/1552Thomas Hayle, the 8 Februarye.
17/02/1552Hugh Browne, the 17 of the same.
01/06/1553Kathoren Peareson, the first day of June.
04/06/1553Margarett Gynettson, the 4 day of the same.
19/06/1553Kathoren Welborne, the 19 of June.
03/08/1553Jenett Wilkinson, the third daie of August.
13/09/1553Marie Ellwick, the xiiith of September.
08/10/1553Alison Best, the viiith of October.
13/10/1553Robt Dyer, the 13 of October.
13/10/1553Margarett Boyes, the 13 of the same.
30/10/1554Elizabeth Biggyn, the 30 of the same.
02/06/1554James Thorne, the 2 of June.
09/06/1554George Boye, 9 of the same.
05/07/1554Margarett Burden, the 5 of Julye.
09/07/1554Wilim Holme, the 9 of the same.
20/07/1554Edward Anderson, the 20 of the same.
11/09/1555Wyllm Fardyn, the 11 of September.
02/09/1555Willm Jackson, the 2 day of the same.
12/09/1556Mr Hucheson, the 12 of the same.
19/09/1556Richard Buckshawe, the 19 of the same.
25/09/1556James Bovell, the 25 of the same.
30/09/1556John Iles, the 30 of the same.
05/11/1556Margerye Trowtbeck, the 5 of November.
30/11/1556George Thornton, the 30 of the same.
06/09/1556Phillis Backhouse, the 6 of September.
15/09/1556Jenett Garland, the 15 of the same.
29/01/1556Uxor Lulley, the 29 of Januarye.
13/03/1556George Skayfe, the 13 of Marche.
14/03/1556Hugh Murrey, the 14 of Marche.
02/03/1556Anne Buckshawe, the 2 of the same.
02/03/1556Jenett Squyre, the same daye.
07/03/1556Kathorin Sutton, the 7 of the same.
19/03/1556Thomas Holme, the 19 of the same.
18/08/1556Alice Fowthorpe, the 18 of August.
20/09/1556Agnes Dunwell, the 20 of September.
26/09/1556Willm Belt, the 26 of the same.
05/10/1556Roger Robinson, the 5 of October.
23/10/1556John Hynde, the 23 of the same.
10/11/1556Elizabeth Hucheson, the xth of November.
18/11/1556John Gamle, the 18 of November.
18/11/1556Robert Webster, the same day.
22/11/1556Thomas Richardson, the 22 of the same.
05/01/1556Rott Byggen, the 5 of Januarye.
29/01/1556Peter Lulley, the last day of the same.
05/02/1556Agnes Bigholme, the 5 of Februarye.
20/03/1556Margarett Hall, the 20 of Marche.
25/03/1557Jennett Kilborne, the 25 of the same.
03/07/1557John Happye, the 3 of Julye.
28/07/1557Roland Walter, the 28 of Julye.
28/07/1557John Bettson, the same daye.
13/08/1557Barbara Mason, the 13 of August.
18/08/1557Margarett Wannopp, the 18 of the same.
23/08/1557John Swedden, the 23 of the same.
28/08/1557Jennett Welborne, the 28 of the same.
06/09/1557Thoms Johnson, the 6 of September.
20/09/1557John Kilborne, the 20 of September.
31/09/1557Margarett Todd, the last day of September.
01/10/1557John Burden, the first of October.
06/10/1557Isable Sutton, the 6 of the same.
08/10/1557John Caried, the 8 of the same.
29/10/1557Richard Johnson, the 29 of the same.
12/11/1557Willm Nolson, the 12 of November.
25/12/1557George Newbie, the 25 of December.
25/12/1557John Wath, the same daye.
26/12/1557Xpofer Gyppin, the 26 of December.
31/12/1557Agnes Fuler, the last day of December.
18/01/1557John Skayfe, the xviiith of Januarye.
18/01/1557Jennett Glewe, the same daye.
19/01/1557Patrick Pattison, the 19 of Januarye.
22/01/1557Henry Iles, the 22 of the same.
05/02/1557Willm Iles, the 5 of Februarie.
16/02/1557Agnes Taylor, the 16 of the same.
25/02/1557Alison Hill, the 25 of the same.
08/03/1557Jenett Browne, the viiith daie of Marche.
30/03/1560Elizabeth Browe was buryed the 30 daie of the same.
02/04/1560John Hucheson, the 2 of Aprill.
24/04/1560John Robinson, the 24 of Aprill.
15/05/1560Agnes Skepper, the 15 of Maye.
15/05/1560Uxor Gamle, the same daye.
23/07/1560Barnard Horner, the 23 of Julye.
11/08/1560Uxor Lowe, the 11 of August.
13/08/1560John Fell, the 13 of August.
21/09/1560John Sowrye, the 21 of September.
08/05/1561John Tomson was buryed the 8 of Maye.
12/05/1561John Steelle, the 12 of Maye.
03/06/1561Leonard Fowthropp, the 3 of June.
08/06/1561Robte Love, the viiith of June.
28/06/1561Anne Brodes, the 28 of June.
29/06/1561Isable Watson, the 29 of June.
30/06/1561Xpofer John, the xxxth of June.
24/07/1561Mawde Pawpercula, the 24 of Julye.
02/11/1561Thomas Farden, the 2 of November.
09/11/1561John Farden, the 9 of November.
12/12/1561James Ileye, the 12 of December.
06/01/1561Isable Hamannde, the 6 of Januarie.
23/01/1561Uxor Brodes, the 23 of Januarie.
25/02/1561Lawrence Fuller, the 25 of Februarye.
06/04/1562John Nichollson was buryed the 6 of Aprill.
09/06/1562Phillipp Watson, the 9 of June.
14/06/1562James Bell, the xiiiith of June.
12/08/1562Susanna Becke, the 12 of August.
06/12/1562Robt Gamle, the vith of December.
06/12/1562Meson Baker, the same day.
23/03/1562Thoms Broodes, the 23 of March.
26/03/1563Isable Robinson was buryed the 26 of March.
10/05/1563John Robinson, the 10 of Maye.
21/05/1563Kathorin Smyth, the 21 of Maie.
21/06/1563Jennett Webster, the 21 of June.
20/08/1563Doritie Watson, the 20 of August.
21/08/1563Thomasin Hewitt, the 21 of August.
11/09/1563Uxor Tyndall, 11 of September.
11/11/1563Guye Wright, the 11 of November.
28/01/1563Edmounde Greneburie, the 28 of Januarie.
17/02/1563Myllayne Greneburie, the 17 of Februarie.
12/03/1563Ellen Mawgham, the 12 of March.
26/03/1564Alison Robinson was buryed the 26 of Marche.
28/03/1564Jennett Almond, the 28 of Marche.
04/05/1564Paupercula of Masendew, the 4 of Maye.
12/05/1564Uxor Garth, the 12 of Maie.
15/07/1564Elizabeth Asquith, the 15 of Julye.
16/07/1564Uxor Edwen, the 16 of Julye.
11/08/1564Elizabeth Rakes, the 11 of August.
12/08/1564Isabell Bell, the 12 of August.
28/12/1564John Teysimond, the 28 of December.
25/04/1565Robt Jefferson was buryed the 25 of Aprill.
04/05/1565Thoms Burkbie, the 4 of Maie.
28/05/1565Frances Heslewod, the 28 of Maye.
08/06/1565Richard Burdon, the 8 of June.
15/06/1565Xpofer Wilkinson, the 15 of June.
16/07/1565Nichelas Johnson, the 16 of Julye.
11/08/1566Uxor Iley was buryed the 11 of August.
16/09/1566Uxor Sugdon, the 16 of September.
28/10/1566Peter Lawberbie, the 28 of October.
30/10/1566Puer Herbert, the last day of October.
10/05/1567Doretie Nicollson was buried the 10 of Maye.
29/06/1567Isable Bell, the 29 of June.
30/07/1567Alice Fell, the 30 of Julie.
22/08/1567Agnes Robinson, the 22 of August.
02/01/1567William Mason, the 2 of Januarie.
08/01/1567Frances Hewett, the 8 of Januarie.
18/02/1567John Willmson, the 18 of Februarye.
18/02/1567Frances Willmson, the same day.
24/02/1567John Harison, the 24 of Februarie.
27/02/1567Jennett Cotes, the 27 of the same.
28/02/1567Agnes Smyth, the 28 of the same.
28/02/1567Agnes Tomsen, the 28 of the same.
26/05/1568Xpofer Iley, was buried the xxvith of Maye.
04/07/1568Jennett Dawson, the 4 of Julie.
06/07/1568Thomas Tyndall, the 6 of Julye.
09/07/1568Henrye Marshall, the 9 of Julie.
12/07/1568Thomas Thornton, the 12 of Julie.
10/08/1568Leonarde Rakes, the 10 of August.
17/09/1568John Frankelyn, the 17 of September.
25/12/1568Henrie Pulley, the 25 of December.
11/01/1568Richarde Dargie, the 11 of Januarie.
13/01/1568Nicholas Tyndall, the 13 of the same.
28/01/1568Beniamyn Blake, the 28 of the same.
28/01/1568Myllan Weddell, the same daye.
19/03/1568Willm Harbert, the 19 of March.
19/04/1569John Wilkinson was buryed the 19 of Aprill.
09/08/1569Edward Binkes, the 9 of August.
12/08/1569Agnes Smyth, the 12 of August.
20/08/1569John Wright, the 20 of August.
17/10/1569William Gee, the 17 of October.
29/10/1569Isabell Willson, the 29 of October.
22/11/1569Isabell Chapman, the 22 of November.
28/11/1569William Brooke, the 28 of November.
10/12/1569William Hewes, the 10 of December.
24/12/1569John Excelbie, the 24 of December.
28/12/1569Robert Porter, the 28 of the same.
10/01/1569Isable Mason, the 10 of Januarie.
21/02/1569Sycelley Barker, the 21 of Februarye.
06/03/1569Edward Robinson, the x6 of March.
29/03/1570Edward Burell was buryed the 29 of March.
09/08/1570Kathoren Temple, the 9 of August.
10/08/1570John Criplyn, the 10 of August.
21/08/1570Leonarde Temple, the 21 of August.
03/11/1570William Garnett, the 3 day of November.
04/11/1570William Best, the 4 of November.
27/12/1570Xpofer Haslewod, the 27 of December.
21/02/1570Mawde Tyndall, the 21 of Februarie.
16/04/1571Ellen Cripplyn was buried the 16 of Aprill.
16/04/1571Agnes Ryley, the same daye.
16/06/1571John Barker, the 16 of June.
14/08/1571Garthred Wright, the 14 of August.
16/08/1571William Harison, the 16 of August.
26/08/1571Alice Willson, the 26 of August.
27/09/1571David Playse, the 27 of September.
17/11/1571Frances Whomeley, the 17 of November.
22/01/1571Margarett Noble, the 22 of Januarye.
04/02/1571Ralph Asquyth, the 4 of Februarie.
05/02/1571Jennett Soreye, the 5 of Februarie.
16/02/1571John Fell, the 16 of Februarye.
28/06/1572Isable Wright was buried the 28 of June.
28/07/1572William Applebie, the 28 of Julye.
03/08/1572Jennett Fell, the 3 of August.
10/08/1572James Chapman, the 10 of August.
22/08/1572Robt Burdon, the 22 of August.
30/08/1572John Burdon, the 30 of August.
22/08/1572Sr Thoms Pearsey, Erle, was buryed the 22 of August.
28/08/1572Xpofer Exelbie, the 28 of August.
05/10/1572Sr John White was buryed the 5 of October.
02/11/1572Alice Porter, the 2 of November.
18/12/1572Margarett Wyley, the 18 of December.
03/02/1572George Robinson, the 3 of Februarie.
26/02/1572George Emotson, the 26 of Februarie.
08/04/1573John Sawrey was buryed the viiith of Aprill.
12/05/1573Isable Clarke, the 12 of Maye.
16/06/1573Jennett Wilkinson, the 16 of June.
26/06/1573Kathorin Smyth, the 26 of June.
06/07/1573Jennett Hey, the 6 of Julie.
16/07/1573William Butler, the 16 of Julye.
06/08/1573James Best, the 6 of August.
10/08/1573John Garth, the 10 of August.
11/08/1573Brigett Swarley, the 11 of August.
12/08/1573Uxor Bell, the 12 of August.
28/09/1573Edmounde Robinson, the 28 of September.
18/10/1573Leonerde West, the 18 of October.
19/10/1573Elizabeth Robinson, the 19 of October.
03/12/1573John Marshall, the 3 of December.
02/02/1573Lawrence Watson, the 2 of Februarye.
26/02/1573Alice Skoctson, the 26 of Februarye.
27/02/1573John Exelbie, the 27 of Februarie.
18/05/1574Fraunce Marshall was buried the 18 of Maye.
19/05/1574Anne Granger, the 19 of Maye.
04/07/1574William Mason, the 4 of Julye.
25/08/1574Margarett Chepman, the 25 of August.
19/01/1574Robt Vawse, the 19 of Januarie.
07/03/1574Uxor Skurre, the 7 of March.
13/04/1575Richarde Rewsbie was buried the 13 of Aprill.
05/06/1575Isable Maltbie, the 5 of June.
20/07/1575Thoms Robinson, the 20 of Julie.
12/08/1575Willm Asquyth, the 12 of August.
24/08/1575Margarett Clarke, the 24 of August.
02/11/1575Lancelott Shawe, the 2 of November.
11/01/1575James Sawrey, the 11 of Januarie.
11/06/1576William Wright was buried the 11 of June.
12/06/1576Anne Nicholson, the 12 of June.
13/06/1576William Newbie, the 13 of June.
15/06/1576William Jurden, the 15 of June.
18/06/1576Nicholas Chapman, the 18 of June.
01/07/1576Edward Palerser, the first of Julie.
05/09/1576Frances Exelbie, the vth of September.
06/09/1576William Wright, the 6 of September.
30/09/1576Kathorin Nicollson, the 30 of September.
14/10/1576Thomas Taylor, the 14 of October.
16/10/1576Michaell Bayne, the 16 of the same.
17/10/1576Robert Beverley, the 17 of the same.
04/05/1577William Bell was buried the 4 daie of Maye.
15/06/1577Frances Dawtrie, the 15 of June.
15/07/1577Elizabeth Maister, the 15 of Julie.
17/07/1577Fraunce Smyth, the 17 of Julie.
28/08/1577Edith Tomson, the 28 of August.
18/09/1577William Newbie, the 18 of September.
27/11/1577John Ryley, the 27 of November.
16/03/1577Elizabeth Pape, the 16 of Marche.
01/05/1578George Tomson was buried the first of Maye.
15/06/1578Elizabeth Tenante, the 15 of June.
20/09/1578Henrie Fowthorpe, the 20 of September.
20/10/1578Myelles Hewerlie, the 20 of October.
23/10/1578Agnes Hoodles, the 23 of October.
25/11/1578Robert Taylor, the 25 of November.
27/11/1578Elene Wilkinson, the 27 of November.
03/12/1578Thomas Dawson, the 3 of December.
10/12/1578Peter Best, the 10 of December.
26/12/1578Margarett Burden, the 26 of December.
30/12/1578Henrie Mettcalfe, the 30 of December.
02/01/1578Uxor Adynell, the 2 of Januarie.
20/01/1578Elizabeth Mettcalfe, the 20 of Januarie.
20/02/1578Xpofer Colyer, the 20 of Februarie.
23/03/1578Richard Noble, the 23 of Marche.
12/06/1579Margarett Hemsley was buried the 12 of June.
20/06/1579Margarett Jackson, the 20 of June.
10/07/1579Nicholas Clarke, the 10 of Julie.
11/07/1579Sr John Myton, the 11 of Julie.
18/07/1579Margarett Mason, the 18 of Julie.
16/09/1579Jane Granger, the 16 of September.
17/09/1579Margarett White, the 17 of September.
13/01/1579Elizabeth Woode, the 13 of Januarie.
16/01/1579John Wright, the 16 of Januarye.
24/01/1579Elizabeth Hewettson, the 24 of Januarie.
03/05/1580Uxor Nicolson, was buried the thirde of Maye.
10/08/1580Jane Best, the 10 of August.
25/09/1580Anne Water, the 25 of September.
23/10/1580Uxor Cooke, the 23 of October.
11/12/1580Agnes Beckwith, the 11 of December.
14/12/1580Peter Porter, the 14 of December.
30/12/1580Edward Robinson, the 30 of December.
30/12/1580Frances Maltbie, the 30 of December.
09/02/1580Agnes Browne, the 9 of Februarye.
04/04/1581Uxor Armarer was buried the 4 of Aprill.
05/04/1581Uxor Tomson, the 5 of the same.
06/04/1581Isable Kidson, the 6 of Aprill.
25/05/1581Ellzabeth Clarke, the 25 of Maye.
16/06/1581Grace Blacke, the 16 June.
26/06/1581Robt Iley, the 26 of June.
28/06/1581Arthur Asquyth, the 28 of June.
16/07/1581Alice Wilkinson, the 16 of Julye.
28/07/1581James Leppington, the 28 of Julie.
16/08/1581Thomas Taylor, the 16 of August.
02/09/1581Isabel Nicolson, the 2 of September.
12/09/1581John Gramfer, the 12 of September.
15/10/1581Edith Exelbie, the 15 of October.
01/11/1581Marie Harison, the first of November.
04/11/1581Jane Best, the 4 of November.
25/11/1581Marie Colyer, the 25 of November.
22/12/1581William Myers, the 22 of December.
03/02/1581Parsavell Samson, the 3 of Februarie.
11/02/1581Jennett Burell, the 11 of Februarie.
07/04/1582Agnes Daie was buryed the 7 of Aprill.
07/06/1582Isabell Biggins, the 7 of June.
07/07/1582Edward Mason, the 7 of Julie.
06/09/1582John Harbert, the 6 of September.
24/10/1582Uxor Peter, the 24 of October.
26/10/1582Agnes Lyddemer, the 26 of October.
16/11/1582Anne Tebbe, the 16 of November.
30/11/1582Richard Burden, the 30 of November.
20/12/1582John Taylor the 20 of December.
19/02/1582Isable Granger, the 19 of Februarie.
08/03/1582Peter Shirman, x8 of Marche.
19/03/1582Uxor Clarke, the 19 of Marche.
09/04/1583John Hodgson was buried the 9 of Aprill.
15/04/1583Myells Hemsley, the 15 of Aprill.
13/05/1583Margarett Maltbie, the 13 of Maye.
24/06/1583Uxor Shipton, the 24 of June.
19/07/1583Margarett Lulley, the 19 of Julye.
15/08/1583Marie Yewesleye, the xv of August.
21/09/1583William Birkbie, the 21 of September.
02/11/1583Elizabeth Liddster, the 2 of November.
15/01/1583Thoms Sadler, the 15 of Januarie.
25/01/1583Jane Tayler, the 25 of Januarie.
28/02/1583Agnes Whithouse, the 28 of Februarie.
06/03/1583Richard Chapman, the 6 of Marche.
04/07/1584Thomasen Asquythe was buryed the 4 of Julye.
11/07/1584Elyne Tomson, the 11 of Julye.
15/07/1584Jane Maltbie, the 15 of Julie.
25/07/1584Water Wood, the 25 of Julie.
02/08/1584Thoms Willson, the 2 of August.
04/08/1584Ralph Tayler, the 4 of August.
06/10/1584Mres Birkbie, the 6 of October.
25/10/1584John Smyth, the 25 of October.
26/10/1584Urseley, uxor Mr Thome Asquyth, the 26 of Octobr.
20/01/1584Mr Mason, the 20 of Januarye.
03/02/1584Mr Xpofer Maltbie, Alderman, 3 of Febr.
14/02/1584Uxor North, the 14 of Februarye.
19/02/1584George Maltbie, the 19 of Februarie.
27/02/1584Wm Mason, portr to my L. Mayor, the 27 of Febr.
14/05/1585Jennett Sowrey was buried the 14 of Maye.
18/05/1585Thoms Fisher, the 18 of Maye.
02/05/15852 poore women out of the Mazendew, the 22 of Maye.
02/06/1585Mr John Weddle, the 2 of June.
22/06/1585Thomas May, the 22 of June.
23/07/1585Elizabeth Hutcheson, the 23 of Julye.
25/07/1585John Iley, the 25 of Julie.
26/07/1585William Hancock, the 26 of Julie.
27/07/1585John Crafton, the 27 of Julye.
29/07/1585Uxor Palister, the 29 of Julye.
26/08/1585Thoms Lovell, the 26 of August.
04/09/1585Wm. the sonne of Mr Tho. Harbert, the 4 of Septemb.
07/09/1585Jo. Tattersall, the sonne of Wm. the 7 of Sept.
25/09/1585Uxor Thoms Hemsley, the 25 of Sept.
27/09/1585Uxor Shirman, the 27 of September.
27/10/1585Lawrence Woodwett, gent., the 27 of October.
15/11/1585Robt Wilkinson, the 15 of November.
19/01/1585Barbara Hemsley, the 19 of Januarie.
19/02/1585Jane Teward, the 19 of Februarie.
30/03/1586John Wright, fil. Robt, was buried the 30 of March.
04/04/1586Thoms Lovell, fil. Thomas, the 4 of Aprill.
17/04/1586John Biggin, the 17 of Aprill.
03/05/1586William Lammabie, the 3 of Maye.
07/05/1586Elizabeth Smyth, the 7 of Maye.
29/05/1586George Braithwait, the 29 of Maye.
31/06/1586Robert Wiseman, the last day of June.
08/07/1586Marie Myars, the 8 of Julie.
01/08/1586William Beckwth, Alderman, the first of August.
05/09/1586Elizabeth Hudson, the 5 of September.
30/09/1586John Bettson, the 30 September.
08/10/1586Humfray Bowlinge, the 8 of October.
11/01/1586Thomas Sadler, the 11 of Januarie.
30/01/1586Jane Iles, aliis, the 30 of Januarie.
06/03/1586Elizabeth Fawcon, the 6 of March.
09/03/1586Rauph Emeson, the 9 of Marche.
17/03/1586John Darke, the 17 of Marche.
01/04/1587Thomas Sorworth was buried the 1 of Aprill.
19/04/1587Tho. Watson, fil. George, the 19 of Aprill.
01/05/1587John North, the first of Maye.
02/05/1587A wife from Fostroppe, the 2 of Maye.
12/05/1587Henrie Weddle, the 12 of Maye.
10/05/1587Isable Peycock, the 10 of Maye.
28/05/1587Thomas Mason, the 28 of Maye.
29/05/1587Thomas Biggin, the 29 of Maye.
18/06/1587Thomas Watson, the 18 of June.
26/06/1587Priscilla Hudson, the 26 of June.
28/06/1587Johan Lulley, the 28 of June.
20/07/1587Jane Wiseman, the 20 of Julie.
05/08/1587William Cowper, the 5 of August.
05/10/1587A Child yt died undr a shopp borde, the 5 of October.
04/12/1587Andrew Harbert, the 4 of December.
15/01/1587A Child of Robt Hudsons, the 15 of Januarie.
26/02/1587James Kydson, the 26 of Februarye.
05/03/1587Mawde Ratcliffe, the 5 of Marche.
13/03/1587Mrs Chambers, the 13 of Marche.
16/03/1587Mris Gibson, the 16 of Marche.
22/03/1587Mris Savell, the 22 of Marche.
25/03/1588Marie Davie was buried the 25 of March.
31/03/1588Ralph Tenant, the 31 of Marche.
01/04/1588Uxor White, the first of Aprill.
07/04/1588Margaret Biggin, the 7 of Aprill.
08/04/1588John Robinson, the 8 of Aprill.
23/04/1588Agnes Adaithwaite, the 23 of Aprill.
17/05/1588Uxor Thoms Nycollson, the 17 of Maye.
29/05/1588Alice Vawse, the 29 of Maye.
29/05/1588Henrie Winter, the same daye.
08/06/1588Richard Biggin, the 8 of June.
03/07/1588Anne Mettcalf, the 3 of Julye.
13/07/1588Willm Lulley, the 13 of Julye.
08/08/1588Mris Myers, the 8 of August.
15/08/1588Thomas Mason, the 15 of August.
20/08/1588Agnes Peacocke, the 20 of August.
29/09/1588Mr Hemsworth, the 29 of September.
29/09/1588Alice Weddell, the same daye.
17/11/1588Richard Maltbey, the 17 of November.
22/11/1588Elizabeth Annyson, the 22 of November.
15/09/1588Marie Sowrey, the 15 of September.
28/12/1588Leonarde Belt, the 28 of December.
15/01/1588Mr Temple, the 15 of Januarye.
18/01/1588Bryan Wadsworth, the 18 of Januarie.
25/01/1588John Sigsworth, the 25 of Januarie.
28/01/1588John Tewarde, the 28 of Januarie.
06/02/1588Anne Davie, the 6 of Februarie.
28/02/1588Edward Willson, the 28 of Februarie.
17/03/1588Isable Daige, the 17 of Marche.
02/04/1589Elizabeth Bryan was buried the 2 of April.
07/04/1589Adam Saddler, the 7 of Aprill.
09/04/1589Alice Teward, the 9 of April.
24/04/1589George Mason, the 24 of Aprill.
22/05/1589John Willson, the 22 of Maye.
21/10/1589Xpofer Mettcalf, the 21 of October.
27/10/1589Isable Hodgson, the 27 of October.
28/10/1589Robt Vawse, the 28 of October.
12/11/1589Uxor Tho. Robinson, the 12 of November.
06/12/1589Uxor Xpofer Cowper, the 6 of December.
12/03/1589Mris Gibbe, the 12 of March.
12/03/1589Myllisent Sigsworth, the 12 of March.
25/03/1590Thomas Fell was buried the 25 of Marche.
27/05/1590Richard Rigall, the 27 of Maye.
26/06/1590Ralph Wyley, the 26 of June.
01/07/1590Jane Turner, the first of Julie.
04/08/1590Uxor Hamshawe, the 4 of August.
27/05/1590Thoms Nycollson, the 27 of Maye.
06/06/1590Mr Xpofer Herbert, Alderman, the z6 of June.
30/07/1590Anne Turner, the 30 of Julie.
05/08/1590Mr Leonerde Belt, the 5 of August.
23/08/1590Robert Weddell, the 23 of August.
24/08/1590Uxor Marke Belt, the 24 of August.
26/08/1590Uxor Garnett, the 26 of August.
24/09/1590Uxor Thorneton, the 24 of September.
15/10/1590Robrt Wyley, the xvth of October.
19/10/1590Agnes Smyth, als. Beareclif, ye 19 of October.
27/10/1590Jane Attkingson, the 27 of October.
11/11/1590Uxor Robinson, the xith of November.
07/12/1590Jennett Janer, the viitb of December.
24/12/1590Ladie Robinson, the 24 of December.
29/12/1590Alice Teward, the 29 of December.
01/01/1590Fraunce Popeley, the fyrst of Januarye.
03/01/1590Jane Sadler, the 3 of Januarye.
19/01/1590John Higgen, the xixth of Januarye.
20/01/1590Uxor Dawtrye, the 20 of Januarye.
01/03/1590Robrt. Dawtrye, the fyrst of Marche.
04/03/1590Robrt. Cobes, the 4 of Marche.
18/03/1590Thoms Robinson, the 18 of Marche.
26/03/1591Richard Weight was buried the 26 of Marche.
12/05/1591Uxor Weight, the 12 of Maye.
20/05/1591Robrt. Pallyser, the 20 of Maye.
28/05/1591Willm Lidster, the 28 of Maye.
06/08/1591Elizabethe Turner, the 6 of August.
04/09/1591John Tomson, the 4 of September.
22/10/1591John Weddell, the xxiith of October.
25/10/1591John Richardson, the 25 of October.
03/11/1591Thoms Adamthwart, the 3 of November.
06/12/1591John Sadler, the 6 of December.
08/12/1591Uxor Roger Slater, the 8 of December.
21/01/1591John Newbie, the 21 of Januarye.
30/03/1592Robrt. Cooper was buried the xxxth of Marche.
03/04/1592John Willson, the 3 of Aprill.
27/05/1592John Sadler, the 27 of Maye.
12/06/1592John Fisher, the 12 of June.
04/08/1592Sycilla Theickson, the 4 of August.
13/09/1592Bryan Newbye, the 13 of September.
25/11/1592Uxor Martyn Marshall, ye 25 of November.
19/11/1592Uxor Roger Heselewood, ye 19 of November.
30/11/1592Two Children of Richart Bettson June, ye 30 of November.
07/12/1592Martvn Marchall, the 7 of December.
09/12/1592A Child in the Shambles, ye 9 of December.
18/01/1592Robrt. Metcalf, the 18 of Januarye.
28/01/1592An old wife in of Trinityes, ye 28 of Januarye.
25/04/1593Mris Holegate was buried ye 25 of Aprill.
09/05/1593John Hey, the 9 of Maye.
29/04/1593Uxor Thoms Phillipps, the 29 of Aprill.
14/07/1593A Child of Richard Bettsons, ye 14 of Julye.
11/08/1593Marye Belt, the 11 of August.
24/08/1593Willm Nicollson, the 24 of August.
22/09/1593Willm Johnson, the 22 of September.
01/08/1593A Child of Milner, the fyrst of August.
02/10/1593Markes Northe, the 2 of October.
23/10/1593Stephen Preston, ye 23 of October.
20/10/1593Richard Wright, the xxth of October.
26/10/1593Elyne Hay, the 26 of October.
26/10/1593Esabell Gayne, the same daye.
09/11/1593Thoms Smythson, the 9 of November.
11/01/1593Rauph Garth, the 11 of Januarye.
02/03/1593A Child of Rauph Milnes, ye 2 of March.
04/03/1593Ladye Robinson, the 4 of Marche.
04/03/1593Uxor John Robson, the same daye.
04/03/1593Uxor Edward Darke, the same daye.
18/03/1593John Robson, the 18 of Marche.
19/04/1594Walter Clark was buried the 19 of Aprill.
12/05/1594Agnes Tenant, the 12 of Maye.
11/06/1594Henry Harbart, the 11 of June.
19/06/1594Agnes Mudde, the 19 of June.
02/07/1594Anne Plummer, the 2 of Julye.
02/08/1594Uxor Rauph Garthe, the 2 of August.
15/08/1594Uxor Thoms Wadsworth, the 15 of August.
01/09/1594Uxor Mason the fyrst of September.
01/09/1594Johan, filia Xrof Cowper, the same daye.
01/09/1594Richard Annyson, the fyrst of September.
27/09/1594Willm Grigges, the 27 of September.
05/10/1594Margerye Vawse, the 5 of October.
25/10/1594Elizabethe Daniell, the 25 of October.
01/12/1594John, ye sonne of Mr John Jaque, the 1 of December.
19/12/1594Willm, filius Rich. Walker, 19 of December.
27/12/1594Fraunces, filia Wm Cook, the 27 of December.
17/02/1594Mathewe, fill Jo. Chepeman, ye 17 of Februarye.
02/03/1594Wm. fill Antho. Webster, the 2 of Marche.
27/05/1595Wm. fill Edward Turner, was buried 27 of Maye.
06/06/1595Johan, fill Eliner Colyer, 6 of June.
20/09/1595Georg Wilson, 20 of September.
19/10/1595Jane, fill Grego. Leeper, 19 of October.
12/01/1595Thoms, fill Jo. Watson, 12 of Januarye.
14/03/1595Thoms, fill Wm Cowling, the 14 of Marche.
14/04/1596Robt, fill Jo. Granger, was buried 14 of Aprill.
06/05/1596Willm Pearson, the 6 of Maye.
20/05/1596Grace, fill Xpo Cowper, 20 of Maye.
29/09/1596Georg Wilson, the 29 of September.
23/10/1596Willm Ward, the 23 of October.
05/11/1596Mawdlyn, fill Geor. Wilson, 5 of November.
07/01/1596Jennett Preston, the 7 of Januarye.
13/01/1596James, fil. Edwa. Turner, 13 of Januarie.
25/01/1596Thoms Fox, the 25 of Januarye.
07/03/1596Roger Horner, ye 7 of Marche.
10/06/1597Margarett, fill Law. Bland, was buried 10 of June.
31/06/1597Anne, fill Tho. Dawtry, buried ultimo die Junii.
12/07/1597Uxor Newbye was buried the 12 of Julye.
31/07/1597Old William Garnet, the last day of Julye.
10/08/1597Edward Mason, ye x x of August.
18/08/1597Philipp, fill Law Bland, 18 of August.
19/08/1597Mr Alderman Robt Askwth, ye 19 of August.
26/08/1597Rauph, fill Ra. Wiley, the 26 of August.
10/09/1597Ja., fill Tho. Dawtre, ye 10 of September.
19/09/1597Mr Wm Gibson, the 19 of September.
20/09/1597Xpofer, fill Rot. Wiseman, ye 20 of September.
24/09/1597Wm. sonne of Tho. Davye, ye 24 of September.
30/09/1597Anne, fill Mr Jo. Watson, ye 30 of September.
01/10/1597John, fill Bryant Fcuntayne, ye fyrst of October.
02/10/1597Tho. & Lawrence, fill Inman, ye 2 of October.
08/10/1597Johan, fill RoBt Harison, the 8 of October.
12/10/1597Janne, fill Robt Bayne, ye 12 of October.
19/10/1597Mawde, uxor An. Vawse, the 19 of October.
01/01/1597Anne, filia Tho. Jewettson, ye fyrst of Januarye.
05/02/1597Isabell, uxor Jo. Criplyn, ye 5 of Februarye.
06/03/1597A poore woman, srvt. of Uxor Willson, 6 of Marche.
10/05/1598Richard Sullebie was buryed the 10 daye of Maye.
28/05/1598Johan, fill Leonard Greneburye, the 28 of Maye.
28/07/1598Alice, fill of Willm Jefferson, the 28 of Julye.
08/10/1598Mr John Fell, the 8 of October.
12/10/1598Thomas, fill Steille, the 12 of October.
16/10/1598Ladie Beckwth, the 16 of October.
11/11/1598Sara, fill Thomas May, the 11 of November.
29/10/1598Bartholomew Fell, 29 of October.
12/11/1598Alice, fill Anthony Sigswth, 12 of November.
02/01/1598Margaret Masson, the second of January.
21/12/1598Jennet Ward, the 21 of December.
24/03/1598Kathrine Bannester, the 24 of March.
25/03/1599Uxor Tibb was buried the 25 of March.
13/04/1599Edward Walker, fill Ric. Walker, the 13 of Aprill.
15/04/1599Robart Barton, the 15 of Aprill.
07/05/1599Edward Darke, the 7th of May.
09/05/1599Isabell Stile, fill Raph Stile, ye 9th of May.
15/05/1599Mary Wilson, fill Richard Wilson, ye 15 of May.
27/07/1599Edward Clark and Joane Clark, sonne & Daughter of Richard Clark were buried the 27th of July.
06/08/1599Frauncis Clarke, daughter of Richard Clarke, the vith of Aug.
21/08/1599Elizabeth Davie, daughter of Thomas Davie, the xxith of Aug.
12/11/1599Leonard Playse, the xiith of November.
17/11/1599Alyce Haye, the xviith of November.
20/11/1599John Beane, the sonne of Robart Beane, the 20th of November.
20/12/1599Robt Wright, the xx of December.
06/01/1599Anthony Sigwth, the 6 of Jenevary.
11/01/1599Alice, the daughter of John Scawley, the xith of Jenevary.
14/01/1599James Tory, the xiiiith of Jenevary.
21/03/1599John, the son of John Jaques, the xxith of Marche.
23/03/1599Elizabethe, the daughter of Robt Chapman, the 23 of March.
24/04/1600Elizabeth, the dawghter of Richard Gealdart buryed 24 Aprell.
06/07/1600Ales, the dawghter of Thomas Henman, the 6 of July.
08/07/1600Mary, the fill of Edward Turner, the 8 of July.
22/07/1600Taci, fill of John Brown, the 22 of July.
17/08/1600Wm Dannyell, gent. the 17 of August.
09/10/1600Rich. fill Anthony Robinson, the 9 of October.
23/01/1600Marie Wattson, the 23 of Jenevary.
16/02/1600Thomas, fill Richard Walker, the 16 of February.
03/02/1600Catteran, fill of Thomas Jewettson, the 3 of February.
01/03/1600Catteran, fill of Wm Lying, the first of March.
06/04/1601(blank), fill Wm Jefferson, was buried the 6 of Aprell.
07/05/1601(blank), fill of Wm Beckwith, the 7 of May.
06/06/1601Margrett, the wyf of John Wattson, the 6 of June.
26/07/1601John Fodler, the 26 of July.
26/08/1601John Felliskark, the 26 of August.
23/02/1601Roger Kendell, the 23 of February.
21/04/1602Ester, fill of Thomas Wilson, was buried the 21 of Aprell.
03/03/1602Richard Fletcher, ser. to M Myers, the 3 of March.
01/04/1602(blank), fill James Lowry, the first of Aprell.
13/05/1602Thomas Goolt, the 13 of May.
16/05/1602Barbery, fill of Wm Beckwth, the 16 of May.
25/06/1602Thomas Smythe, the 25 of June.
27/06/1602John Been, fill of Robart Been, the 27 of June.
01/07/1602(blank), fill of Lenard Place, the first of July.
13/07/1602Doratie, the wyf of Thomas Phelopson, the 13 of July.
06/11/1602Mr Euinson, the 6 of November.
12/01/1602(blank), fill of Wm Jefrason, the xii of Jenevary.
28/03/1603Ezabethe, fill the dawghter of George Askwth, buried 28 Mar.
04/04/1603(blank), the dawghter of Thomas Dawtre, the fourth of Aprell.
19/04/1603(blank), the wyf of John Mellner, the 19 of Aprell.
07/07/1603Robart Letster, the 7 of Julye.
08/07/1603Jane Hodgens, weddow, the 8 of Julye.
16/07/1603John Pypes, the 16 of Julye.
21/07/1603Joysepe, the sonne of Richard Walton, the 21 of July.
20/07/1603Marye, the daughter of Lenard Grennbury, the xxth of Julye.
25/07/1603Richard, fill Thomas Henman, the xxvth of July.
30/08/1603Margret Wryght, weddow of Fosbredge, the last day of August.
01/09/1603(blank), fill of Richard Walker, the first of September.
01/09/1603(blank), fill of Richard Wilson, the first of September.
20/09/1603Margret, the wyf of Fraunces Hardie, the xx of Sept.
25/09/1603Richard, fill of John Chapman, the 25 of Sept.
27/10/1603Ralf Wylee, the xxviith of October.
02/11/1603Betters, fill of Wilim Lulley, the second of November.
08/11/1603Bryan Funtain, the viii day of November.
05/12/1603Edward, fill of Anthony Webster, the fyfte of December.
09/12/1603Edward Turner, the 9 of December.
01/12/1603Richard Wooton, the firste of December.
10/02/1603Thomas Prat's son, still born, the 10 of February.
05/02/1603Elzabethe, the wyf of Thomas Juetson, the 5 of February.
26/01/1603Richard Harbart, the 26 of Jenevary.
13/03/1603(blank), fill Wm Robinson, the 13 of Marche.
28/03/1604Son of John Brown, died & nott cressouned the 28 of Marche.
12/05/1604Katteran Pearson, was buried the xii of Maye.
15/05/1604Marye, the dawghter of Lenard Webster, the 15 of Maye.
24/05/1604Mathew Pearson, the xxiiiith of Maye.
21/07/1604Anthony Vas, the 21 of July.
02/07/1604Bredgett Still, dyed the second of Julye.
04/07/1604Tow childer of Richard Teibe dyed the 4, 5 of July.
09/07/1604Willm, the sonne of Richard Tebe, dyed the 9 of July.
10/07/1604Elzabethe Hudles died the 10 of July.
10/07/1604Richard Teebe died the 10 of July.
12/07/1604Robt, fill Robt Arkindall, died the 12 of July.
13/07/1604Bryane Bates, dyed the 13 of Julye.
14/07/1604Ralf Stell dyed the 14 of July.
15/07/1604Margret Stell dyed the 15 of July.
19/07/1604Thomas Dune died the 19 of July.
21/07/1604Ales Frear dyed the 21 of July.
24/07/1604Margret, the wyf of Robt Arkendayll, 24 July.
25/07/1604John Thomlingson mayd the 25 of July.
26/07/1604Willm Sedgwth dyed the 26 of July.
28/07/1604Wm Warengner wyf dyed the 28 of July.
29/07/1604Robt Arkingdall dyed the 29 of July.
30/07/1604Mathew Robinson died the 30 of July.
30/07/1604John Bywill died the 30 of July.
30/07/1604Ursaly Smythe died the 30 of July.
31/07/1604Mary Simson diede the last day of July.
31/07/1604Augnes Necolson died the last day of July.
31/07/1604Uxor Sigwth died the last day of July.
01/08/1604Uxor Howill did the firste of August.
01/08/1604Willm Vase died ye firste of August.
02/08/1604Margret Sparke died the second of August.
02/08/1604Doratie Necolson died the second of August
02/08/1604Uxor Robinson died the second of August.
05/08/1604Ezabethe Wilson, wedow, died the vth of August.
05/08/1604Dosse mayd died the vth of August.
05/08/1604John Chapman died the vth of Auguste.
06/08/1604John Necolson, yonger, died the vi of Auguste.
06/08/1604(blank) Vase died the 6 of August.
07/08/1604Mary, the wyf of Thomas Harbart, alderman, died 7 of August.
07/08/1604John Percevell died the vii of Auguste.
08/08/1604Thomas Wryght yonger died the 8 of August.
08/08/1604John Necolson alias Ryley died the 8 of Auguste.
09/08/1604Wm Thomlingson died the 9 of Auguste.
09/08/1604Elzabethe Dosse died the 9 of Auguste.
10/08/1604Elzabethe Pearson died the 10 of August.
10/08/1604John Mellner died the 10 of Auguste.
11/08/1604Elizabethe Vase died the xi of Auguste.
11/08/1604Jane Tishton died the xi of August.
11/08/1604Margret Wood died xi of Auguste.
11/08/1604Edwarde Earlle died the xi of Auguste.
12/08/1604Jane Dunsfeld died the xii of Auguste.
13/08/1604Uxor Dunfeld died the 13 of August.
14/08/1604Margret Percevell allyns 14 of Auguste.
14/08/1604Uxor Chapman the 14 of Auguste.
14/08/1604Warrener mayd 14 of August.
14/08/1604John Tishton wyf 14 of August.
15/08/1604Agnes Newby the 15 of August.
16/08/1604Kaiteran Addamwhat the 16 of August.
16/08/1604Thomas Wryght the 16 of August.
16/08/1604Umfrey Hodgson the 16 of August.
16/08/1604Cook allyus Wysman his maid the 16 of August.
16/08/1604Uxor Percevell the 16 of August.
16/08/1604Margret Wysman the 16 of August.
17/08/1604Richar Wilsons mayd 17 of August.
07/08/1604Richad Wilson self x7 of August.
18/08/1604Cocks alyas Wysman mayd 18 of August.
18/08/1604John Wryght dyed the 18 of Auguste.
19/08/1604Fraunces Wysman died the xix of August.
20/08/1604John Thomlingson his wyf dyed the xx of August.
20/08/1604Thomas Wooton dyed the xx of August.
21/08/1604Will Jefrason dyed the xxi of August.
21/08/1604Wm Warrener died the xxi of August.
22/08/1604Mary Jackson dyed the 22 of August.
23/08/1604John Thomlingson dyed the 23 of August.
24/08/1604Wm Jefrason man dyed the 24 of August.
24/08/1604Iszabell Walker dyed the 24 of August.
25/08/1604Thomas Wysman dyed the 25 of August.
25/08/1604Agnes Wysman dyed the 25 of August.
25/08/1604Mary Daughtrey dyed the 25 of August.
26/08/1604Agnes Jackson dyed the 26 of August.
26/08/1604Robt Wysman dyed the 26 of August.
26/08/1604Agnes Annesonn dyed the 26 of August.
27/08/1604(blank) Wysman dyed the 27 of August.
27/08/1604Richard Wilson mayd the 27 of August.
27/08/1604Wm Wilson dyed the 27 of August.
28/08/1604Uxor Earll dyed the 28 of August.
28/08/1604Elzabethe Addamwhat 28 of August.
29/08/1604John Baxster dyed the 29 of August.
30/08/1604Fraunces Leache dyed the 30 of August.
31/08/1604ILJohn Burton dyed the 31 of August.
31/08/1604Agnes Lulley dyed the 31 of August.
02/09/1604Thomas Addamwhat second of Sept.
02/09/1604Mary Templer dyed the second of Sept.
02/09/1604Wm Thomson, clark, died the second of Sept.
06/09/1604Catteran Beane died the 6 of Sept.
06/09/1604Thomas Daveson died the 6 of Sept.
06/09/1604Ales Pearson died the 6 of Sept.
06/09/1604John Browne died the 6 of Sept.
06/09/1604Grace Beane died the 6 of Sept.
06/09/1604Ales Jefarson died the 6 of Sept.
07/09/1604Thomas Wryght died the 7 of Sept.
08/09/1604Beatteris Dawtre died the 8 of Sept.
09/09/1604Agnes Dawtry dyed the 9 of Sept.
09/09/1604Jane Dawtry dyed the 9 of Sept.
09/09/1604Alces Browne dyed the 9 of Sept.
11/09/1604Henry Lulley dyed the xi of Sept.
11/09/1604Walla Lulley dyed the xi of Sept.
12/09/1604Agnes Leache dyed the xii of Sept.
12/09/1604Mary Wilson dyed the xii of Sept.
13/09/1604John Grannifer dyed the xiii of Sept.
13/09/1604Jane Thomsone dyed the xiii of Sept.
13/09/1604Agnes Burton dyed the xiii of Sept.
13/09/1604Thomas Walker dyed the xiii of Sept.
14/09/1604Robt Lulley dyed the xiiii of Sept.
15/09/1604Jane Geell dyed the xv of Sept.
15/09/1604John Geell dyed the xv of Sept.
15/09/1604John Walker dyed the xv of Sept.
16/09/1604Fraunces Yewbye dyed the xvi of Sept.
16/09/1604Edward Feare dyed the xvi of Sept.
17/09/1604Thomas Wilson yonger dyed the 17 of Sept.
18/09/1604Mary Wilson dyed the 18 of Sept.
20/09/1604Fraunces Webster dyed the xx of Sept.
20/09/1604Robt Beane yonger dyed the xx of Sept.
20/09/1604Alexis Reneson dyed the xx of Sept.
22/09/1604Thomas Dawghtry dyed the 22 of Sept.
23/09/1604Robt Beane the elder dyed the 23 of Sept.
24/09/1604Anne Fountaynes buried the 24 of Sept.
26/09/1604Thomas Dawtrye buried the 26 of Sept.
30/09/1604Xpofer Dawtrye buried the 30 of Sept.
99/10/1604Stephen Granger buried the (blank) October.
99/10/1604Nichas Granger buried the (blank) October.
99/10/1604Robbrte Granger buried the (blank) October.
16/10/1604John Granger, the parish Clerk, buried the 16 October.
26/10/1604Dunaige buried the xxvitie of October.
29/10/1604Wm Locksmyth the 29 of October.
03/12/1604Mr Michaell Tupley the 3 of December.
10/01/1604Parcevell Morton bu. the 10 of Januarye.
15/01/1604Isable Tupley buried the 15 of Januarye.
03/02/1604Roger Haslewood bu. the 3 of February.
27/02/1604Wm Westebe, servantt to Robart Herryson, buryed the 27 of February.
02/03/1604Janie, the dovghter to Samvell Percevell, buryed the 2 of Marche.
12/03/1604Phellup Inman, doughter to Thomas Inman, the 12 Marche.
21/03/1604Robartt Heryson buryed the 21 of Marche.
29/04/1605Elayer Elles was buryed the 29 of Aprell.
01/05/1605Robart Womerslaye, the fyrst of May.
08/05/1605Uxor Browne dyed the 8 of May.
15/06/1605Leanard, fill of Wm Wenterborne, was buryed the 15 of June.
22/10/1605Catrane, the daughter of Thomas Pratt, the 22 October.
22/11/1605Robart, the sonne of Bryand Walker, the 22 of November.
10/12/1605Janne, the wyfe to Thomas Wyllson, the 10 of December.
03/01/1605Raphe Heweton was buryed the 3 of Jenuary.
10/01/1605Thomas, the sonne to Thomas Jewettson, the 10 of Jenuary.
23/02/1605Dorrotye, the doughter of Roger Spaweton, the 23 of February.
07/03/1605Rychard Robynson his wyfe, the 7 day of Marche.
19/03/1605Chrystopher Davell, the 19 day of Marche.
21/03/1605Mathewe Jacson, the 21 day of Marche.
31/03/1606Thomas Walker buryed the 31 of Marche.
12/04/1606John Wylton, the 12 of Aprell.
15/04/1606Peter Watson, the 15 of Aprell.
03/08/1606Mrs Dayeles boyes was buryed the 3 of Auguste.
08/08/1606John, the sonne of Wm Robynson, the 8 of August.
23/08/1606Agnes, the doughter of John Graynger, the 23 of August.
25/08/1606Uxor Graynger, the 25 of August.
01/09/1606Mary, the wyfe to Wm Grenebury, alderman, the fyrst of Sept.
18/09/1606Faithe, the dovghter to Henry Bretton, the 18 of September.
08/01/1606Anne, the doughter of John Tesheton, the 8 day of Jenuary.
18/02/1606Josephe, the sonn of Jhon Jaiques, the 18 day of February.
19/03/1606Margret, the dovghter of James Garbart, the 19 day of Marche.
08/05/1607Ellyne, the dovghter of Richard Jacson, was buryed the 8 day of May.
14/05/1607Anne, the doughter to Thomas Hynman, the 14 day of May.
14/05/1607Dorretye, the dovghter of John Warde, the 14 day of May.
20/05/1607Samvell Jhonson, the 20 day of Maye.
01/06/1607Anne, the wyfe of Leannarde Webster, the fyrst day of June.
06/08/1607Frances Hardye was buryed the 6 day of Auguste att the north dore in the Church.
18/08/1607Frances, the doughter of Robartt Nayeler, the 18 day of August.
29/08/1607Allan, the sonne of Henry Breatton, the 29 day of August.
09/09/1607Mayry, the wyfe to Robartt Lamton, the 9 day of September.
24/09/1607Wm Keye was buryed the 24 of September.
05/11/1607Edmond, the sonne of Robart Smythe, the 5 of November.
10/11/1607George, the sonne of Frances Hardyn, the 10 of November.
26/11/1607George, the sonne of Jhon Warde, the 26 of November.
16/12/1607Thomas, the sonne of Lancelott Mylner, the 16 of Desember.
05/03/1607Robart Hamand, the 5 of Marche.
12/03/1607Thomas Hall, servant to Robart Weddell, the 12 of Marche.
31/03/1608Margaret, the wiffe of Syr Robart Watter, was buryed the 31 day of Mar.
21/04/1608Cudbarte, the sonne of Chrystopher Joye, the 21 of Aprell.
05/05/1608Thomas Phellupson, the 5 of Maye.
13/06/1608Anne, the daughter John Metcalfe, the yongr, was buryed the 13 of June befor the pulpit.
20/06/1608Janne Belte, the 20 of June, by the orgones.
27/06/1608John Watson, the 27 of June, by his son.
29/06/1608Janne, the wyfe of Robart Bellt, the 29 of June, by hir syster.
30/06/1608Ousselle, the wyfe of Chrystopher Joye, the 30 of June.
25/09/1608Layedie Askquithe the elder was buryed the 25 day of September.
07/11/1608hir funerall the 7 of November.
21/10/1608Robart Hudson, the 21 of October.
27/10/1608Robart, the sonne of Thomas May, the 27 of October.
31/10/1608Rychard, sone of Martyne Lowerance, the 31 of October.
01/11/1608Alce, the doughter of Wm Wayte, the fyrst of November.
07/11/1608Francis Spence, the 7 of November.
18/11/1608Margret, the doughter of James Rackes, 18 November.
01/12/1608Grace, the doughter of Wm Robinson, fyrst December.
17/12/1608Robart, the sonne of Robart Nayler, the 17 of December.
18/12/1608Wm. the sone of Thomas Murton, the 18 of December.
19/12/1608Edward Davison, the 19 of December.
30/01/1608Sayray, the doughter of Thomas Hodgeson, the 30 of Jenuary.
03/02/1608Thomas Enmans mayd, the 3 of Feb, called Cateran Woolse.
22/02/1608Marye, the doughter of Wm Stevenson, 22 of Feb.
26/02/1608Marye, the dovghter of Lennard Grenebury, the 26 Feb.
03/04/1609Marie, the dovghter of Mr Robart Myers, Alderman, was buried the 3 Apr.
05/05/1609Robart Watter the younger, the 5 day of May, before Sr Robert his stalle.
05/05/1609Marye, the doughter of Christopher Askquithe, the 5 day of May.
23/06/1609Christopher, the sonne of Raphe Dosse, the 23 day of June.
06/07/1609Richard, the sonne of Richard Geldard, 6 of July.
10/07/1609Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Hodgeson, the 10 of July.
03/08/1609Mayery, the doughter of Rychard Jacson, 3 August.
06/08/1609Ouslay Byginge the 6 day of August.
03/10/1609Betteryes, the doughter of James Garbart, 3 of October.
15/11/1609Rychard, the sonne of Robart Smythe, the 15 of November.
17/12/1609Lambart Beckeweth, the 17 of Desember.
18/12/1609Ailce, the doughter Lennard Webster, 18 of Desember.
14/01/1609Susanna, the dovghter of Wm Robinson, 14 of Jenuary.
18/01/1609John Vickers, the 18 day of Jenuary.
02/03/1609Henry May, the 2 day of Marche.
19/03/1609Mathewe Whates, the 19 of Marche.
21/03/1609Rychard Marshall, the 21 day of Marche.
04/04/1610Thomas Robynson was buryed the 4 day of Aprell.
14/04/1610Margrett Creplynge, the 14 of Aprell.
01/05/1610Janne, the dovghter of John Weddell, fyrst May.
21/05/1610Rychard Geldard, the 21 day of May.
30/05/1610Rychard Robynson, the last day of May.
02/06/1610Edward, the sonne of Raphe Pickeringe, 2 of June.
06/06/1610Francis, the daughter of Betteresse Turner, ye 6 of June.
06/06/1610Roberte, the sonne of Thomas Vawse, ye 6 of June also.
08/06/1610Edwarde, the sonne of Roberte Nayler, 8 of June.
06/07/1610Margret Horner, the 6 of July.
26/07/1610Elsabeth, the doughter of Rychard Walker, 26 July.
17/08/1610Mayrye, the doughter of Thomas Barrett, the 17 of August.
28/08/1610Uxor Coblar, the 28 of August.
29/08/1610Alce, the doughter of Robart Geldard, the 29 August.
27/09/1610Margret Knappes, the 27 of September.
04/10/1610Edward Blaund, the 4 day of October.
25/10/1610Margery, the dovghter of Thomas Jelay, 25 October.
01/11/1610Henrye, the sonne of Thomas Berrytt, fyrst November.
21/11/1610Henry Whyttin, the 21 day of November.
18/12/1610Marye, the dovghter of Thomas Hinman, 18 December.
21/12/1610Margret, the wife of Raphe Wood, the 21 of Desember.
29/12/1610John, the sonne of James Garbart, the 29 of Desember.
06/02/1610Mayery, the dovghter of John Bellwood, 6 of February.
14/02/1610Rychard, the sonne of Thomas Huntryes, the 14 of February.
05/03/1610Thomas Huntris, the 5 of Marche.
07/04/1611Edward, the sonne Thomas Hinman, buryed 7 day of Aprell.
24/04/1611Janne Willson, the 24 day of Aprell.
09/05/1611Edward, the sonne of Thomas Jewetsone, 9 of Maye.
28/05/1611Rychard Womersla, the 28th of May.
01/06/1611Wm. the sonne of Samvell Percevell, the fyrst of June.
01/07/1611Uxor Womerslay, the first of July.
22/07/1611Nathaniell, the sonne of Mr Roger Bellwood, parsonne, the 22 of July.
11/09/1611Rychard, the sonne of Robart Geldard, 11 September.
17/09/1611Thomas Vausse, the 17 of September.
03/01/1611John, the sonne of Thomas Willsone, the 3 of Jenuary.
04/02/1611Leanerd, the sonne of Rychard Walker, iiii February.
08/02/1611John Tyndell, the 8 day of February.
15/02/1611Janne Stockedell, the 15 day of February.
19/02/1611Margreat Thornton, the 19 day of February.
04/03/1611Wm. the sonne of Wm Herresone, the 4 day of Marche.
26/03/1612Robart, the sonne of Wm. Graye was buryed the 26 of Marche.
21/05/1612Syr Robart Watter was buryed the 21 of May, and his funarall was the
22/05/161222 day of June.
03/07/1612Mr Edward Croft was buryed the 3 day of July.
07/07/1612Margrett, the dawghter of Necolas Dobbeson, 7 of July.
12/08/1612Catterron Nyccoullson, the 12 daye of August.
16/08/1612Jane Steel, the 16 daye of August.
21/08/1612Betteris, the daughter of Edward Warrener, the 21 of August.
12/11/1612Wm. the sonne of Wm Stevenson, the 12 of November.
09/12/1612Sarah, the davghter of Roger Bellwood, the 9th day of December.
16/12/1612Robart, the sonn of Roger Spalton, 16 of December.
30/12/1612Necolasse Emerson, the 30 day of December.
30/12/1612Henry Jewetson, the 30 day of December.
12/02/1612Elezabethe, the daughter of Lowerance Rawedon, the 12 of February.
22/02/1612Phillup, the sonne of Robart Smyth, the 22 of February.
23/02/1612Anne, the wyfe of Thomas Hynman, the 23 of February.
05/03/1612Thomas, the sonne of Chrystofer Askquith, 5 Marche.
14/03/1612Essebel, the wyfe of Renaad Tayeler, the 14 of Marche.
16/03/1612Edward Poppellwell, the 16 of Marche.
28/04/1613Anne, the wyfe of Wm Gray, was buryed the 28 of Aprell.
13/05/1613George Stelle wyfe, the 13 day of May.
25/05/1613Peter Neweby, the 25 day of May.
15/07/1613Elsabeth Buthe, the 15 day of July.
23/08/1613Ellynge Spaulton, the 23 of August.
29/09/1613John Clarke, the 29 of September.
06/10/1613Mychell, the sonne of Robart Smythe, 6 of October.
20/12/1613Wm Atkynson, the 20 of Desember.
25/01/1613Ezebell, the wyfe of Edward Warrener, the 25 of Jenuary.
14/04/1614Mr Thomas Herbertt, Alderman, was buryed the 14 of Aprell, his funeral the 17 of May.
27/04/1614Elsabethe Laune, servant to James Calvart, was buryed the 27 of Aprell.
26/05/1614Janne Leeg, the 26 of Maye.
08/06/1614Ralphe Ousherwood, servant to Thomas Barrett, the 8 of June.
26/08/1614Thomas Mourton, the 26 August.
03/09/1614Robart Myers, the sonne of Robart Myers the younger, the 3 of September.
08/09/1614John, the sonne of John Cammell, the x8 day of September.
19/10/1614Elsabethe, the daughter of Elexander Leuesay, the 19 of October.
09/11/1614Elsabethe, the wyfe to Robart Myarse, the 9th day of November.
04/08/1614Elsabethe, the daughter of Thomas Barytt, the 4th of Jenewary.
19/01/1614Edward, the sone of John Hurdman, the 19 of Jenuary.
23/01/1614Janne, the davghter of Rychard Byginge, the 23 of Jenuary.
15/03/1614Ouxer Davyson, the 15 day of Marche.
06/04/1615Wm Franke was buryed the 6 day of Aprell.
18/04/1615Bryand Walker, the 18 day of Aprell.
20/06/1615John, the sonne of Rychard Walker, the 20 of June.
22/06/1615William, the sonne of Henry Brittanne, the 22 of June.
15/09/1615Thomas Harbartt, the 15 day of September.
24/10/1615Samvell, the sonne of Roger Bellwood, the 24 day of October.
05/12/1615Thomas, the sonne of Roger Bellwood, the 5 day of Desember.
09/01/1615Samvell Wilkinson, the 9 day of Jenuary.
16/01/1615Elsabethe Mack, servant to Leanard Weddell, the 16 of Jenuary.
24/01/1615Mt Leanard Beckwithe, the 24 day of Jenuary.
26/01/1615Margret Auston, the 26 day of Jenuary.
08/02/1615James, the sonne of John Garfurth, the viii day of February.
24/02/1615Natheneyell, the sonne of Wm Deghtron, the 24 of February.
12/03/1615William Shawe, the 12 day of Marche, att the Revestre dore.
25/03/1616Sayray, the davghter of Robart Lamton, was buryed the 25 of Marche.
02/04/1616John Watson, Joyner in Fosgate, April 2.
09/04/1616Thomas Lyttell, the 9 of Aprell.
10/04/1616Jaine Leaye, the 10 of Aprell.
03/05/1616Anne, the wyfe of Thomas Davy, the 3 of May.
09/05/1616Uxor Rygell, the 9 day of May.
19/05/1616Margrett Nelson, 19 of May.
22/05/1616John Burton, the 22 of May.
24/06/1616Edward, the sonne of Edward Geell, the 24 of June.
14/06/1616John Smythe, the painter, the 14 of June.
02/07/1616Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Tayler, the 2 of July.
02/08/1616Wm Robinson, Alderman, was buryed the 2 August, his funerall the
08/08/16168 of September.
02/09/1616Elsabethe Grenebury, Layedy Mayeres, was buryed the 2 day of September.
30/09/1616hir funerall the 30 of September.
18/09/1616Anne, the davghter of Marmadoke Potter, the 18 of September.
24/09/1616Margery Wreakes, the 24 day of September.
02/10/1616Raphlfe Dosse, the 2 of October.
12/10/1616Mr Tayler, a geste of Wm Wadworth, the 12 of October.
29/10/1616George, the sonne of Marmadoke Potter, the 29 of October.
26/11/1616Rychard Warrynton, servant to Robart Moore, the 26 of November.
27/11/1616Jaine, the daughter of Robart Geldard, the 27 of November.
11/12/1616Thomas Pratt, the 11 of December.
11/12/1616Wm Neweby, the 11 of Desember.
02/09/1616Frances, the wyfe of Jhon Watson, the 2S of Dsember.
03/01/1616Elsabeth, the daughter of Thomas Barrett, the 3 of Jenuary.
08/02/1616Wm. the sonne of Expofer Fysher, the 8 of February.
09/03/1616Mayry, the daughter of Wm Frank, the 9 of Marche.
22/04/1617Katheran, the wyfe of Edward Lockey, was buryed the 22 of Aprell.
25/04/1617Robart, the sonne of Robart Maman, the 25 of Aprell.
26/04/1617Bryand Manfeld, servant to Mr Wm Askethe, the 26 of Aprell.
13/05/1617John, the sonne of Robart Marman, the 13 day of May.
01/05/1617Elebeth, the daughter of John Baxter, the 1st day of May.
13/06/1617Mrs Cooltome, the 13 of June.
30/06/1617John, the soone of James Garbart, the 30 day of June.
17/08/1617John Fell, the 17 of August.
06/08/1617Margrett, the doughter of John Cammell, the 6 of August.
13/09/1617Sayra, the dovghter of Thomas Hodgeson, the 13 of September.
16/09/1617Elsabeth, the wyfe of Leonard Webster, the 16 of September.
11/10/1617Edward, the sonne of Chrystopher Necolson, the 11 of October.
29/11/1617George, the sonne of Thomas Robinson, the 29 of November.
03/12/1617Elsabethe, the doughter of Necolas Dobinson, the 3 of Desember.
13/12/1617Thomas Davye, the 13 of Desember.
15/02/1617Janne, the daughter of Thomas Walker, the 15 February.
13/02/1617David, the sonne of Henry Robinson, the 13 February.
19/02/1617Arnall Hood, a ducheman at Wm Wadsworth, the 19 of February.
21/02/1617Mayery, the doughter of Chrystopher Joye, the 21 of February.
01/03/1617Henry Newewerke, Gentellman, the fyrst day of Marche.
03/04/1618Cherre was buryed the 3 of Aprell.
03/04/1618Ane Enman, the 3 of Aprell.
08/04/1618Grace, the doughter of Robart Geldert, the 8 of Aprell.
03/05/1618Martyne, the sonne of Martyne Lowerance, the 3 of May.
25/05/1618Janne, the doughter of Mr Expofer Herbert, the 25 of May.
06/06/1618Martha, the doughter of Thomm Wilson, the 6 day June.
19/06/1618Janne, the wyfe of Wm Gill, the 19 day of June.
28/07/1618Janne, the wyfe of Wm Lenge, the 28 day of July.
09/08/1618Quid Layedy Harbartt, the 9 dare of August.
15/08/1618Quid Dines Tesseman, the 15 day of August.
11/09/1618Elsabethe Woodworthe, the 11 day of September.
29/09/1618Janne, the doughter of Mr Eward Saltmar, the 29 of September.
25/11/1618Lucretia Askquithe, doughter to Chrystofer Askquithe, the 25 of Nov.
09/01/1618Robart, the sonne of Robart Maman, the 9 of Jenuary.
17/04/1619Chrystopher, the sonne of Thomas Robinson, was buryed the 17 of Aprell.
21/05/1619Mestres Beckewythe, the 21 day of May.
03/06/1619Ellenge Coultshurd, Mr Wilson servant, the 3 of June.
15/06/1619Janne, the doughter of Thomas Ilay, the 15 of June.
19/06/1619Anne Bousfelld, the 19 of June.
05/08/1619George Newebe, the 5 of August.
23/08/1619Rychard Jackeson, tayler, the 23 of August.
12/09/1619Ruthe, the doughter of George Francke, the 12 of September.
28/09/1619Thomas, the sonne Thomas Jewetson, the 28 of September.
12/10/1619William, the sonne of Ralphe Froost, the 12 of October.
26/10/1619Anne Ryngerose, servant to Syr Frances Eveslay, the 26 of October.
13/12/1619Janne, the wife of Wm. Wayeles, the 13 of Desember.
28/12/1619Mr Robart Weddell, the 28 of Desember.
29/12/1619Rychard, the sonne of George Harland, the 29 of Des ember.
07/02/1619Wm Lengee, the 7 day of February.
15/02/1619Oulde Jaine of the Trennetyes the 15 of February.
27/02/1619Elsabethe, the doughter of George Neweby, the 27 of February.
25/03/1620Wylfra, the sonne of Wm Lassenbe, was buryed the 25 of Marche.
16/04/1620Mary Clappem, the 16 Aprell.
28/04/1620Henry Darke, the 28 Aprell.
22/04/1620Chrystopher Dargge, the 22 day Aprell.
22/06/1620Thomas Huntryes, the 22th day of June.
23/06/1620Marye, the doughter of Jhon Cammell, the 23 of June.
03/07/1620John, the sonne of George Boosse, the 3 of July.
27/07/1620Esabell, the doughter of Robart Geldart, the 27 of July.
20/08/1620Janne Etheranton, the 20 of August, servant to Bartell Braslinton.
15/09/1620John, the sonne of Edward Chester, the 15 of September.
27/09/1620Samvell Persavell his wife, the 27 of September.
01/10/1620Andrewe, the sonne of Ottewell Wardropp, the fyrst of October.
15/11/1620Wm. the sonne of James Garbartt, the 15 day of November.
06/01/1620Elsabeth Naylin, was buryed the 6 of Jenuary.
10/01/1620Edward, the sonne of Robartt Tood, the 10 of Jenuary.
09/02/1620Jaine, the wyfe of Thomas Peckrynge, the 9 day of February.
14/02/1620Anne, the doughter of Mr Roger Bellwood, the 14 of February.
20/02/1620Ouxer lytster was buryed the 20 of February.
28/02/1620Samvell, the sonne of Thomas Peckerynge, the 28 of February.
11/03/1620Leanard Bailie was buryed the 11 day of Marche.
06/04/1621Roweland, the sonne of Roweland Wafter, was buryed the 6 of Aprell.
21/07/1621Anne, the dowghter of Rychard Biginge, the 21 day of July.
30/08/1621Rychard, the sonne of Bryand Tomson, the 30 day August.
12/09/1621Marye, the Doughter of Chrystopher Wadswuth, the 12 of September.
24/09/1621Chrystopher Fysher was buryed the 24 day of September.
08/10/1621Wm Hutcheson was buryed the 8 day of October.
24/10/1621Em, the doughter of John Cambell, the 24 of October.
13/11/1621Easter, the doughter of Robert Davye, the 13 of November.
27/11/1621Elsabethe Peckett the 27 day of November.
01/12/1621Mary, the doughter of George Francke, the fyrst day of December.
10/12/1621Easter, the doughter of Chrystopher Asquithe, the 10 of December.
16/12/1621Mychell, the sonne of Thomas Hodgesone, the 16 of December.
15/01/1621Marye, the doughter of Gewan Gill, the 15 day of Jenuary.
04/02/1621Jayne Chapman, was buryed the 4 of February.
25/02/1621Wm., the sonne of Thomas Jewetson, the 25 of February.
11/03/1621Wm. the sonne of Wm Wayetes, the 11 day of Marche.
06/04/1622John, the sonne of John Dickson, was buryed the 6 day of Aprell.
01/06/1622Mayry, the wife of Phillup Askquithe, the fyrst of June.
10/06/1622Easter, the Doughter of Chrystopher May, the 10 of June.
09/07/1622John Ryeggell the 9 day of July.
09/08/1622Barbray, the wyfe of Rychard Bigginge, the 9 day of August.
29/08/1622Ralphe, the sonne of John Ryegell, the 29 day of August.
13/11/1622Wm Sober was buryed the 13 of November.
20/11/1622Leonard, the sonne of Hewe Sallay, the 20 of November.
14/11/1622Laydye Mary, the wyfe of Henry Hanle, Alderman, was buryed the 14 Nov.
19/01/1622George, the sonne of Thomas Pearson, the 19 day of Jenuary.
29/01/1622Thomas Barrett the 29 day of Jenuary.
11/02/1622Rychard Walter the 11 of February.
18/02/1622Wm. the sonne of Wm Coulston the 18 day of February.
14/03/1622Mr Wm Watter, Alderman, the 14 day of Marche.
22/03/1622John, the sonne of Robart Regell, the 22 day of Marche.
02/04/1623George Spennce was buryed the 2 day of Aprell.
08/04/1623Wm Jaques the 8 day of Aprell.
14/04/1623Anne Grymshawe the 14 day of Aprell.
31/05/1623Ellene, the doughter of Rychard Bouthe, the 31 of May.
02/06/1623Thomas Peareson the 2 day of June.
04/06/1623Anne Wilsonne the 4 day of June.
05/07/1623Edward Buckell the 5 day of July.
05/08/1623Anne, the wife of John Bradlay, the 5 of Auguste.
13/08/1623James Rackes the 13 day of August.
17/08/1623Grace, the doughter of Robart Maman, the 17 day of August.
21/08/1623Jainne Grainger, the 21 day of August.
24/08/1623Christopher, the sonne of Charles Thomson, the 24 of Auguste.
31/08/1623Mr James Boyes was buryed the 31 of August besydes his wyfe.
03/09/1623Syr Robart Askethe was buryed the 3 of September.
12/09/1623Thomas Weddell, the 12 of September besides his father.
13/09/1623Edward Kydson wyfe the 13 of September.
16/09/1623John Testonne the 16 day of September.
09/10/1623Em, the doughter of Thomas Tayler, the 9 day of October.
23/10/1623Robartt, the sonne of Jhon Jaqes, the 23 day of October.
27/10/1623Elsabeth, the doughter of Henry Robinson, the 27 of October.
12/11/1623Jaine, the doughter of Thomas Hodgeson, the 12 of November.
12/12/1623Abraham, the sonne of Thomas Hodeson, the 12 of Desember.
06/01/1623Thomas Nevell was buryed the 6 day of Jenuary.
07/01/1623George Grennebury, the 7 daye Jenuary.
31/01/1623Ursalay Wood the 31 of Jenuary.
04/02/1623Isabell Kyrke the 4 day of February.
24/02/1623Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Pannitte, the 24 of February.
05/02/1623Rychard Hillay, the 5 day of February.
07/02/1623George Walker, the 7 day of February.
15/03/1623James, the sonne of Leanard Browne, the 15 day of Marche.
16/03/1623Anne Mouneson the 16 day of Marche.
15/04/1624Ann, the wyfe of Mr Wm Robinson the younger, was buryed the 15 Aprell.
22/04/1624A pore woman of Trenatyes which was called Sysse was buryed 22 Aprell.
18/06/1624John, the sonne of Thomas Jewitson, the 18 day of June.
07/07/1624Robart Tood his wyfe systers chylde Mary Porter, buryed 7 of July.
27/07/1624Mathew, the sonne of Bryand Thomsson, the 27 day of July.
04/08/1624Elsabeth, the doughter of John Tesheton, the 4 day of August.
16/10/1624Antony, the sonne of Thomas Iley, the 16 day of October.
18/10/1624Mayry, the wyfe of John Jaques, the 18 day of October.
18/10/1624George, the sonne of Wm Burdsall, the 18 day of October.
07/11/1624Ellinge, the dovghter of John Dickson, the 7 day of November.
09/11/1624Anne, the wyfe of Dockter Deanne, the 9 day of November.
30/01/1624Thomas, the sonne of Martyne Lowerance, the 30 day of Jenuary.
03/03/1624Chrystophr Harbertt Esq., the 3 day of Marche.
06/03/1624Peter Jeninges the 6 day of Marche.
17/03/1624Elsabeth Martyne the 17 day of Marche.
23/04/1625Anne, the wife of George Idell, was buryed the 23 day of Aprell.
24/04/1625John Patton wyfe, the 24 day of Aprell.
26/04/1625Esbell, the daughter of Myles Thissellwhat, the 26 of Aprell.
10/05/1625Sayrrey, the doughter of Rychard Buthe, the 10 day of May.
11/05/1625Mayry, the doughter of Thomas Huntres, the 11 day of May.
17/05/1625Thomas, the sonne of Rychard Lockermoth, the 17 day of May.
22/06/1625Cattren Winfeld, the 22 day of June.
25/06/1625Leanard, the sonne Leanard Browne, the 25 day of June.
04/07/1625Ellyne Hucheson the 4 day of July.
08/07/1625Mabell, the dovghter of Peter Specke, the 8 day of July.
14/07/1625John, the sonne of Wm Etton, the 14 day of July.
14/07/1625Mules Thissellworth the 14 of July.
13/08/1625Wm. the sonne of Rychard Walker, the 13 of August.
16/08/1625Saray, the doughter of John Trotter, the 16 of August.
09/09/1625Bingemavne, the sonne of Thomas Wylson, the 9 of September.
15/09/1625Robart, the sonne of Seathe Barnard, the 15 of September.
22/09/1625Mr Alderman Myarse [Robt. Myers] the 22 of September.
29/09/1625Wm Wate, the 29 day of September.
26/10/1625Chrystopher Askwethe the 26 day of October.
14/11/1625Grace Grenne buryed 14 November.
16/11/1625Margrett Biggin, 16 November.
27/11/1625Rychard Biggin, the 27 of November.
10/12/1625Seathe Barnard his mother, the 10 of Desember.
25/12/1625Doryty Phillupson, the dovghter of Capton Philopson, the 25 day of Dec.
05/02/1625Uxer Praat the 5 day of February.
21/02/1625Bryand Tomson wyfe the 21 of February.
16/03/1625Margrett Tood the 16 day of Marche.
23/03/1625Ouxer Elles the 23 Marche.
27/03/1626Rychard Newebe was buryed the 27 of Marche.
31/04/1626Henry, the sonne of Henry Dayle, the last day of Aprell.
05/06/1626Mr Thomas Fletcher the 5 day of June.
17/06/1626Mary, the dovghter of Thomas Jackeson, the 17 June.
23/06/1626Wm. the sonne of Thomas Straker, the 23 day of June.
06/07/1626Mr Lowerance Rawdoon, Alderman, the 6 day of July.
08/07/1626Frances, the sonne of Thomas Hogeson, the 8 day of July.
18/08/1626Elsabeth, the doughter of Jhon Grenne, the 18 day of August.
04/10/1626Mary Robinson, servant to Robart Mamane, the 4 of October.
05/10/1626Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Stappellton, the 5 of October.
09/10/1626Mr Wm Robinson, Alderman, was buryed the 9 day of October, his funerali
22/10/1626was the 22 of October.
02/01/1626Jane Huntresse was buried ye seconde day of Januarie.
25/02/1626Elisabeth, the wife of George Frier, the xxvth day of Februarie.
18/02/1626Jane, the daughter of Roger Bellwoode, the 18th of Februarie.
10/03/1626Elisabeth, the daughter of William Birdsall the xth of Marche.
25/03/1627James, ye sonne of Richarde Barret, the xxvth day of Marche.
16/04/1627James Sowrye was buried the 16 of Aprill.
16/04/1627Leonard Donkin the 16 of Aprill.
23/04/1627Henrie Dossie ye 23th of Aprill.
06/05/1627Martine Lawrence ye 6th of May.
21/06/1627Anne, ye doughter of Nicholas Dobbinson, the xxith of June.
25/06/1627Elisabeth, the daughter of Edwarde Gell, the xxvth of June.
11/07/1627Thomas, the sonne of Hugh Sawley, the xith day of Julie.
02/09/1627Edwarde Gilpine, our late parishe Clarke, the seconde of September.
22/10/1627Henrie, ye sonne of Jane Hurdson, the xxiith day of October.
27/10/1627Martha, the daughter of Robart Davie, the xxviith day of October.
20/11/1627Jane, the daughter of Margaret Lamberte, the xxth of November.
17/12/1627William, the sonne of Thomas Hewley, the xviith day of Decemb.
18/12/1627Awderie, the wife of Thomas Hillarie, the xviiith day of Decemb.
27/12/1627Elizabeth, alias Ladie Watter, late wife of Willm Watter, alderman, of late in this parishe, buried the xxviith of Decemb.
30/01/1627Abraham, the sonne of Thomas Burne, the xxxth day of January.
07/02/1627Thomas, the sonne of John Jackson, the 7th day of February.
02/04/1628Richard, the sonne of Willm Huggarde, was buried the 2th of Aprell.
21/09/1628Roger, the sonne of Thomas Slater, the xxith of September.
30/11/1628Katheran, the wife of Mr Michall Stanup, the xxxth of November.
19/12/1628John, the sonn of Henry Robinsonn, the xixth of Desember.
20/12/1628Anne, the Daughter of John Trotter, the xxth of December.
21/02/1628Henrie, the sonne of Henrye Robinsonn, the xxith of Februarye.
23/02/1628Thomas, the sonne of James Clarke, the xxiiith of Februarye.
04/04/1629Zacharias, sonne of Thomas Wilson, baker, was buried the 4th day of Aprill
07/04/1629Richard Goote the viith day of Aprill.
09/04/1629Phillip, the sonne of Nicholas Lister, the ix day of Aprill.
07/05/1629Jhon Bowmer the viith day of May.
10/05/1629Robart, the sonn of John Inman, the xth day of May.
10/05/1629Alles, the wife of John Inman, the xth day of May.
21/05/1629Katheran, the daughter of Thomas Straker, the xxith of May.
23/05/1629John, the sonn of Thomas Hillery, the xxiiith of May.
26/05/1629Thomas, the sonn of Robert Mauman. the xxvith of May.
11/06/1629Thomas, the sonne of Sammuell Hollings, the xith day of June.
12/06/1629John, the sonn of George Carre, the xiith day of June.
19/06/1629Jane, the daughter of Leonard Browne, the xixth day of June.
24/06/1629Elizabeth, the Daughter of John Jacksonn, the xxiiiith day of June.
19/07/1629Elizabeth Beane, widdow, the xixth of July.
21/07/1629Marke, the sonn of Marke Emsonn, the xxith of July.
02/08/1629John the, sonn of John Girdler, the ijth day of August.
10/08/1629Dorothie, the Daughter of Henry Dale, the xth day of August.
23/08/1629Richard Wilay the xxiiith day of August.
28/08/1629John Dent the xxviiith day of August.
03/09/1629John, the sonn of Thomas Vause, the iiith day of September.
13/09/1629Mary, the daughter of Margaret Emersonn, the xiiith of September.
30/09/1629Anne, the Daughter of Robart Starke, the xxxth of September.
16/10/1629John, the sonn of Christofer Freare, the xvith day of October.
12/11/1629Willm Ellis of the Trenitis was buried the xiith of November.
07/12/1629Edward Locke the viith day of December.
17/12/1629Thomas Juison the xviith day of December.
06/01/1629Margarit Broughton of the Trennyties, the vith day of January.
15/01/1629Ambrose, the sonne of Thomas Hillerie, the xvth of January.
16/01/1629Jeremie, the sonne of Thomas Huley, the xvith of January.
18/01/1629Roger, the sonne of Thomas Stappilton, the xviiith of January.
30/01/1629Allies Jeffersonn, widdow, the xxxth day of January.
31/01/1629Thomas, the sonn of Thomas Jewetson, the xxxith of January.
14/02/1629George Turner, Surgeon, the xiiiith day of Feabruary.
19/02/1629Mrs Buckle the xixth day of February.
23/02/1629William Snestrup, servante to Roger Slater, the xxiiith Februarie.
17/03/1629Elling Doue, kinsewoman to Christofer Penrose, the xviith March.
27/04/1630Henrie, the sonne of Peter Picke, was buried the xxviith of Aprill.
10/05/1630Anne, the wife of Thomas Hillerie, the xth day of May.
04/06/1630Beniamin, the sonn of Thomas Burne, the iiijth day of June.
28/06/1630Clare, the wife of Thomas May, the xxviiith day of June.
10/06/1630Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Steavenson, the xth of June.
25/07/1630Robart, the sonn of Edward Panit, the xxvth day of July.
09/08/1630Allis Aumond of the Trenetis, the ixth day of August.
14/08/1630Jone Sigesvorth of the Trinetis, the xiiijth day of August.
12/09/1630Allis Hall, of the Trinitis the xiith day of September.
19/09/1630John, the sonn of Richard Lockermoth, the xixth of September.
23/09/1630Margaret, the wife of Mr Peter Picke, the xxiiith of September.
03/10/1630Francis Wild was buried the iijth day of October.
17/11/1630David, the sonne of Eward Lofthouse, the xviith of November.
21/11/1630Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Burne, the xxith of November.
02/12/1630Dorithe, the wife of Nicholas Dobbinson, the iith of December.
22/12/1630John, the sonne of Robart Wadsworth, the xxijth December.
05/02/1630Thomas, the sonn of Edward Stout, the vth day of February.
14/02/1630Janne, the daughter of John Huntres, the xiiijth of February.
15/02/1630Richard, the sonne of James Clarke, the xvth of February.
30/03/1631Thomas, the sonne of John Inman, was buried the last day of March.
04/04/1631Lawrence, the sonn of Mr Robart Rawdon, the iiijth day of Aprill.
18/04/1631Mathew Cooke the xviiith day of Aprill.
23/05/1631Thomas Grenbury the xxiiith of May, mace bearer to the Lorde Mayor.
25/05/1631Thomas Leeke, Doctor of Physicke, May 25.
08/06/1631Timothie, the sonne of John Girdler, the viiith day of June.
26/06/1631Edward, the sonne of Thomas Stappelltonn, the xxvith of June.
14/07/1631Sarah, the daughter of Thomas Straker, the xiiiith day of July.
14/08/1631Allis, the daughter of Thomas Straker, the xiiijth day of August.
29/09/1631Beatrice, the daughter of John Jackson, the xxixth of September.
09/10/1631Elizabeth, the wife of John Pibus, the ix day of October.
28/10/1631John, the sonn of Henry Dayle, the xxviijth day of October.
31/10/1631Rosse Turner the xxxith day of October.
07/11/1631Anne Becke the viith day of November.
14/11/1631Dorothy Sith, of the Trennyty, the xiiiith day of November.
17/12/1631Owld Jann Ilay, widdow, the xviith day of December.
24/12/1631Grace, the daughter of Nicholas Inman, the xxiiiith of December.
31/12/1631Milly Wrightson the last day of December.
14/01/1631Richard Teb the xiiiith day of January.
22/01/1631Elizabeth Huntris the xxiith day of January.
06/02/1631Mr Captane Phillipes the vith day of February.
19/03/1631Anne, the wife of Robart Ellis, the xixth day of March.
23/03/1631Elizabeth Waite, widow, the xxiiith day of March.
03/04/1632Robar. Wait was buried the iiith day of Aprill.
19/04/1632Willm Bucke, servant to Mr Henry Atkinson, the xixth of Aprill.
25/04/1632Jane, the wife of Richard Barret, the xxvth of Aprill.
25/04/1632Elizabeth Belfelde the same day.
03/05/1632Thomas, the sonne of John Greene, the iiith day of May.
27/05/1632Adam Girdler the xxviith day of May.
12/06/1632John Hay, the xiith day of June.
15/07/1632Fracis White, of the Trinnites, the xvth day of July.
20/07/1632Charles Plewris the xxth day of July.
14/08/1632Elizabeth, the Daughter of Robart Finne, the xiiiith of August.
22/08/1632Henry Darnton the xxiith day of August.
25/08/1632Jane Thornton the xxvth day of August.
01/09/1632Thomas Legge the vxth day of September.
15/09/1632Willm, the sonn of David Gilliam, the xvth day of September.
15/09/1632Robart, the sonn of Marie Wate, the same day.
27/09/1632Mr Phillip Askwith, mace bearrer to the Lord Maire, the xxviith of Sept.
21/10/1632Christopher Penrose the xxith of October.
16/11/1632Peternell, the wife of Nicholas Dobbinson, the xvith of November.
28/11/1632Mary, the Daughter of Edward Lofthouse, the xxviiith of November.
15/12/1632Mary, the Daughter of Thomas Leeke, docter of physick, the xvth Dec.
17/12/1632Mrs Mary Leeke, the xviith day of December.
25/12/1632Robart, the sonn of Robart Wadsworth, the xxvth of December.
31/12/1632Robart Finne the xxxith of December.
29/01/1632Marie, the daughter of John Legge, the xxixth day of January.
04/02/1632John Huggard the iiijth day of February.
02/03/1632Willm, the sonne of Willm Preston, the ijth day of March.
04/03/1632Anne, the daughter of Robart Panit, the iiijth day of March.
08/03/1632James Cauluart the viiith day of March.
10/03/1632Margarit, the wife of Thomas Hillery, the xth day of March.
23/03/1632Allice, the daughter of Thomas Hillery the xxiijth of March.
27/04/1633Mary, the wife of Robart Panit, was buried the xxviith of Aprill.
29/04/1633Leorence, the sonn of Thomas Ilay, the xxixth day of Aprill.
29/05/1633Mary Linsay, the xxixth day of May.
30/05/1633Richard, the sonn of Hugh Sauley, the xxxth of May.
12/06/1633Henry, the sonn of Henry Dayle, the xiith day of June.
18/06/1633James, the sonn of Robart Rawdon, the xviiith day of June.
03/07/1633Elizabeth, the Daughter of Thomas Hoowfe, the iiith day of July.
05/07/1633Elizabeth, the Daughter of John Girdler, the vth day of July.
14/07/1633Arnell, the sonn of Thomas Cowperr, the xiiiith day of July.
26/07/1633Mary, the Daughter of W Robart Rawdon, the xxvith of July.
31/07/1633Millisent, the Daughter of Francis Smith, the xxxith of July.
08/10/1633Mrs Anne Talbut the viiith day of October.
21/11/1633Edward, the sonn of Willm Ellisonn, the xxith day of November.
07/12/1633Jane, the wife of Robart Davie, the vijth day of December.
11/02/1633Alice Piell the xith day February.
30/02/1633Mr Richard Litell the xxxth day of February.
27/02/1633Robart, the sonn of John Jackson, the xxviith of February.
06/03/1633David, the sonne of David Gilliam, the vith day of March.
07/04/1634Katheran, the Daughter of Richard Ewens the younger, was buried the viith day of Aprill.
13/05/1634Jane, the Daughter of James Haxup, the xiiith day of May.
15/05/1634Mr Thomas May was buried the xvth of May.
30/05/1634Mrs Saray Allan the xxxth day of May.
15/06/1634Christian, the Daughter of Sammuell Glaves, the xvth day of June.
20/06/1634Thomison, the Daughter of John Legge, the xxth day of June.
24/06/1634Willm Ettan the xxiiii day of June.
19/07/1634Lennis, the wife of John Huntres, the xixth day of July.
10/10/1634Elling, the Daughter of Edward Chester, the xth day of October.
09/11/1634Anne Lofthouse the ixth day of November.
25/11/1634Elizabeth, the Daughter of John Inman, the xxvth of November.
01/12/1634Thomas Iley, the vxth day of Decemb.
21/12/1634Mrs Beatrice Hudsonn the xxith day of December.
16/01/1634Mr Willm Greenbury, Alderman, the xvith day of January.
17/01/1634Agnis Cowpland the xviith day of January.
15/02/1634Elizabeth, the wife of John Westwood, the xvth day of February.
22/02/1634Mawdland Bowmer the xxiith day of February.
26/02/1634Alice, the wife of Charles Tompsonn, the xxvith of February.
10/03/1634Henry, the sonne of Henry Potter, the xth day of March.
17/03/1634Beatric Lister, in the Trinitis, the xviith day of March.
25/03/1635Robart, the sonne of James Haxup, was buried the xxvth of March.
30/03/1635Elizabeth, the wife of Mr John Taler, marchant, the xxxth of March.
16/04/1635Nicholas Kettelwell the xvith day of Aprill.
12/04/1635Mr Robart Rawdone the xiith day of Aprill.
29/04/1635Mr Abraham Fauer the xxixth day of Aprill.
30/04/1635Janne, the Daghter of James Haxup, the xxxth day of Aprill.
18/05/1635Leonard, the sonne of Thomas Taler, the xviiith day of May.
20/05/1635Dorothe Cook the xxth day of May.
24/05/1635Elizabeth, the Daughter of Thomas Blyth, the xxiiijth of May.
07/06/1635Susanna Grene, servant to John Taler, apothicary, the viith of June.
19/06/1635James, the sonne of Sammuell Glaves, the xixth of June.
20/06/1635Jan, the Daughter of Sammuell Glaves, the xxth of June.
25/06/1635Mr Leonard Grenbury, the Sword bearer to the Lord Maior, the xxvth day of June.
30/06/1635Mrs Katheran Faber the xxxth June.
05/07/1635Willm, the sonne of George Camige, the vth day of July.
02/09/1635Henry, the sonn of Hugh Sauley, the ijth day of September.
05/09/1635Elling, the Daughter of Jane Canis, the vth of September.
07/09/1635Steaven Deane the 7 of Sep.
24/09/1635Milisent, the Daughter of Hugh Saulev, the xxiiiith of September.
08/10/1635Richard, the sonn of Charles Tomsonne, the viiith of October.
18/10/1635Mary, the wife of Edward Lofthouse, the xviiith of October.
27/10/1635Elizabeth Baumbrough the xxviith of October.
02/11/1635Willm, the sonne of Robart Wadsworth, the iith of November.
05/11/1635Mrs Mawd Phillips the vth of November.
15/11/1635Jane Hinelay the xvth of November.
09/12/1635Sammuell, the sonne of Sammuell Hollings, the ix of December.
25/12/1635Thomas, the sonne of Marke Emsonn, the xxvth of December.
26/12/1635Christopher Harve the 26 December.
27/12/1635Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr Thomas Hewlay, the 27 of December.
29/12/1635Francis Best the xxixth day of December.
30/01/1635John, the sonne of George Waite, the xxxth day of January.
08/12/1635Edward Campilgin, the viiith of Febrary.
19/02/1635Elizabeth Brasingtonn, the wife of Bartell Brasington, the xixth of Feb.
04/03/1635Henry Daille the iiiith day of March.
24/03/1635Ane Wedell the xxiiiith day of March.
25/03/1636Margaret, the Daughter of Josias Clapham, the xxvth day of March.
27/03/1636Mr Thomas Bowes was buried the xxviith of March.
28/03/1636Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Vause, the 28 of March.
09/05/1636Allis Lockie the ixth day of May.
01/06/1636Willm, the sonne of Hugh Sauley, the first of Jun.
29/06/1636Edith, the Daughter of James Haxup, the xxix of Jun.
08/07/1636Elizabeth, the wife of John Grene, the viiith day of July.
21/08/1636Margret, the Daughter of Richard Tompson, the xxith of August.
21/08/1636Josias, the sonne of John Grene, the xxith day of August.
12/09/1636Elizabeth, daughter of John Bailyea, the xiith of September.
13/10/1636Thomas, the sonne of Paule Beale, the xiiith of October.
04/11/1636Edward, the sonne of Edward Lofthouse, the iiiith of November.
14/11/1636Robart Davie the xiiijth of Novem.
16/11/1636Anne Inman, daughter of John Inman, the xvith of November.
16/11/1636Anthony Watsonn the same day.
06/12/1636Katheran, the wife of Mr Roger Belwood, minister of this parish, the vith day of December.
08/01/1636James Haxup, the viiith day of January.
20/01/1636Peter, the sonne of Edward Lofthouse, the xxth of January.
24/01/1636Robart, the sonne of Sammuell Glaves, the xxiiiith of January.
31/01/1636John Steavensonn the xxxith of January.
02/02/1636Fabie Robinsonn the ijth day of February.
05/02/1636John, the sonn of Edward Regell, the vth day of February.
09/02/1636Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Masonne, the ixth of February.
21/02/1636Willm, the sonne of Dorothie Fox, widdow, the xxith of February.
15/03/1636Willm, the sonne of Josias Clapam, the xvth day of March.
22/03/1636Anne, the wife of Sammuel Glaive, the xxiith of March.
09/04/1637Issabell Finley was buried the ix day of Aprill.
25/04/1637Willm Couston the xxvth day of Aprill.
26/04/1637Sairay, the Daughter of Edward Hodgshon, the xxvith of Aprill.
28/04/1637Hugh Sauley the xxviiith day of Aprill.
29/04/1637Anne Pottes the xxixth day of Aprill.
02/05/1637Mrs Brearcliffe the ijth day of May.
29/05/1637Richard Bouth the xxixth day of May.
14/06/1637Mary, the doughter of Willm Cooke, the xiiijth day of June.
17/06/1637Henry Story the xviith day of June.
21/06/1637Margret, the wife of Thomas Preston, the xxith of June.
11/07/1637Elizabeth the Daughter of Mr Thomas Hewlay, xi of July.
18/08/1637Elizabeth, the Daughter of Robart Reagell the xviiith of August.
13/09/1637Mrs Allis Harbut, the laite wife of Alderman Thomas Harbut, xiiith Sept.
10/10/1637Sarah, the Daughter of Thomas Blithe, the xth of October.
04/11/1637Robart Beisset the iiiith day of November.
19/12/1637Anne, the Daughter of John Wilkinsonn, the xix of Decem.
04/01/1637Thomas Lucas the iiiith day of January.
21/01/1637Willm, the sonne of Richard Biggin, the xxith of January.
22/01/1637Thomas Bealebe, servant to Mr Dockter Deane, the xxiith of January.
06/02/1637Tabatha, the Daughter of Mr Thomas Hewley, the vith of February.
24/04/1638Mary, the Daughter of Thomas Wilsonn, was buried the xxiiiith of Aprill.
01/05/1638Thomas, the sonn of Elling Story, widdow, the first day of May.
22/05/1638Rachell, the daughter of Thomas Stapilton, the xxiith of May.
30/05/1638Elizabeth Teb the xxxth day of May.
30/05/1638Thomas Wilson, baker, the xxxth day of May.
13/06/1638John, the sonne of Francis Smith, the xiijth day of June.
19/06/1638Issabell, the Daughter of Thomas Wilson, the xixth of June.
30/06/1638Anne Haxup, the xxxth day of June.
01/08/1638Mary, the wife of Mr Sammuell Hollings, the 1th of August.
02/08/1638Sarah, the daughter of John Jackson, the iith of August.
05/09/1638Sammuell, the sonne of Sammuell Glave, the vth September.
12/09/1638Anne, the daughter of Willm Wilson, the xiith September.
26/09/1638Mr Robart Wadsworth, the xxvith day of September.
14/10/1638Richard Lowsonn the xiiijth day of October.
24/10/1638Allis, the Doughter of Mr Samwell Holling, the xxiiijth October.
24/12/1638Edward, the sonne of Edward Campelgin, the xxiiiith December.
26/12/1638Alic Priston the xxvith day of December.
11/01/1638Anne Rackes the xith day of January.
21/01/1638Margaret, the daughter of Edward Chester, the xxith of January.
06/02/1638Willm, the sonne of Edmond Clough, the vith of February.
07/02/1638Mr John Garforth the viith of February.
20/02/1638Willm, the sonne of Willm Ellisson, the xxth of February.
28/02/1638Willm, the sonne of Thomas Mason, the 28 February.
02/03/1638Jane, the daughter of John Girdler, the iith day of March.
04/03/1638Peter, the sonne of Nickholas Dobinson, the iiijth day of March.
27/03/1639Grace, the daughter of Robart Pannit, was buried the xxviith of March.
03/04/1639Josias Clapham, the iiith day of April.
06/04/1639Issabell Wilson the vith day of Aprill.
08/04/1639Liddiay, the Daughter of William Hobson, the 8th of Aprill.
10/04/1639Elling, the Daughter of Thomas Mason, the xth of April.
21/04/1639James Harbart the xxith day of Aprill.
22/04/1639Willm Wariner the xxiith day of April.
12/05/1639Marmaduke, the sonne of Thomas Blith, the xiith day of May.
30/05/1639Elling, the daughter of Robart Webster, the 30 May.
16/06/1639Thomas, the sonne of Edward Hodgshon, the xvith of June.
23/06/1639Henry, the sonne of Nickholas Inman, the xxiiith of June.
24/06/1639Willm, the sonne of Wilim Neavell, the xxiiijth of June.
02/07/1639Margaret, the wife of John Hardie, the iith day of July.
27/07/1639George Gotte the xxviith day of July.
04/08/1639Mary, the wife of Richard Tompsonne, the iiijth of August.
11/09/1639Thomas Gotte the xith day of September.
18/09/1639Easter, the Daughter of Thomas Emerson, the xviiith Sept.
10/10/1639Anne Ellis, widdow, the xth day of October.
16/10/1639Elizabeth, the daughter of Elizabeth Wilkinson, the xvjth Octo.
28/10/1639Anne, the Daughter of Marmaduck Busfeld, the xxviiith October.
10/11/1639Christpher, the sonne of Marmaduck Busfeld, the xth of November.
22/11/1639James, the sonne of Thomas Walker, the xxiith November.
25/11/1639Anne, the wife of Roger Slater, the xxvth November.
04/12/1639Edward, the sonne of Marmaduke Gill, the iiijth December.
13/12/1639Frances Lowsonn, the xiiith day of December.
17/12/1639Issabell, the doughter of Thomas Mason, the xviith of December.
21/12/1639Marmaduk, the sonne of Marmaduke Gille, the xxjth of December.
25/12/1639Richard, the sonne of George Geldard, the xxvth Decem.
31/12/1639Mr Thomas Askwith the xxxith day of Decemb.
01/01/1639Willm, the sonne of Willm Headlay, the first of January.
07/01/1639Willm, the sonne of Thomas Wilkinson, the viith of January.
17/01/1639Barbra, the daughter of John Grene, the xviith of January.
26/02/1639John Greene was buryed the xxvith day of February.
06/03/1639Robart, the sonne of Richard Tompsonn, the vith of March.
08/03/1639Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Vallanc, viiith of March.
10/03/1639Anne, the daughter of Cuthbart Porter, xth of March.
16/03/1639Robart, the sonne of Anne Walker, the xvith March.
21/03/1639Christopher Joy was buried the xxith day of March.
27/03/1640Anna, the daughter of Robart Wadsworth, was buried 27 March.
30/03/1640Mr Edmond Deane, dockter of fisick, the last day of March.
03/04/1640Richard, the sonne of Robart Webster, the iijth of Aprill.
07/05/1640Mary, the wife of Simond Benson, the viith day of May.
13/05/1640Thomas Huchison the xiiith day of May.
03/06/1640Sarah, the Daughter of Mr Thomas Hewlay, the iiith day of June.
18/06/1640Judeth, the Daughter of Thomas Taller, the xviiith June.
02/08/1640Judeth, the Daughter of Marmaduk Gill, the 2 of August.
02/08/1640Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward Regell, the 2 of Aug.
05/08/1640Ould Jane Newbe the vth day of August.
07/08/1640Mrs Grace Weddell, the 7th day of August.
14/08/1640Thomas, the sonne of Francis Nelsonn, 14 Aug.
26/08/1640Josif, the sonne of Mr Thomas Hewley, the 26 day August.
23/09/1640Anne, the wife of Arnell Ullinax, the 23 Septem.
02/10/1640Giles, the sonne of Charles Tompsonn, the 2 October.
11/10/1640Anne Harisonn the xith day of October.
13/10/1640Nickholas Puckerige the xiiith day of October.
27/10/1640Josiph, the sonne of Raph Chayter, 27 October.
28/10/1640Barberay, the daughter of John Grene, and Vollantine Whaite was buried the xxviiith October.
05/11/1640Beatris, the wife of Willm Ellison, the 5 November.
24/11/1640Anthony Gummer the xxiiiith day of November.
25/11/1640Elizabeth, the daugter of Edward Regell, 25 Novem.
28/11/1640Beatres Waite the xxviiith day of November.
13/12/1640Beatrex, the Daughter of Mr Willm Taler, marchant, xiiith December.
13/01/1640Margaret, the daughter of Richard Winell, the xiiith of January.
17/01/1640Mary Hanson, of the Trinites, the 17th of January.
09/02/1640Easther Broome the ixth day of February.
18/02/1640Henry the sonne of Thomas Emerson, the 18 February.
23/02/1640Janne Browne, the xxiiith day of February.
11/03/1640Mary, the daughter of Mr John Taler, marchant, the xi March.
30/03/1641Michell, the sonne of Mr Edward Lofthouse, the 30 of March.
13/04/1641Anne Walker was buried the xiiith day of Aprill.
24/04/1641Thomas Taller, the sonne of Thomas Taler, the 24 Apr.
02/05/1641Janne, the wife of Daniel Beacok & Richard, the sonne of Richard Winell was buried the ijth day of May.
08/05/1641Mr Robart Walker of Braton the 8 day of May.
19/05/1641Elling, the daughter of Henry Potter, the xixth day of May.
25/05/1641Anne, the daughter of George Wait, the 25 of May.
31/05/1641Thomas, the sonne of Anthony Taler, the 31th of May.
05/06/1641Robart, the sonne of John Green, the 5th of June.
08/06/1641Margery, the wife of Henry Potter, the 8th of June.
08/07/1641Mary, the daughter of Willm Cooke, the 8 of July.
12/07/1641John, the sonne of Thomas Blith, the xiith of July.
15/08/1641Jane, the daughter of Cuthbart Porter, the xvth of August.
16/08/1641Elizabeth, the daughter of Charles Harison, the xvith of August.
19/08/1641Frances, the wife of Willm Morley, the xixth of August.
02/11/1641John Healas the ijth day of November.
08/11/1641Francis Brigham the 8 day of November.
18/11/1641Margery, the wife of Anthony Taler, the xviiith of November.
25/11/1641Anne, the wife of W Thomas Myars, the xxvth of November.
30/11/1641Mrs Mary Bucke the 30 day of November.
03/12/1641Thomas Robinson, the iijth day of December.
16/12/1641Steaven, the sonne of Timmothie Fothergill, the xvith of December.
10/01/1641Sammuell, the sonne of Raphe Chaytter, the xth day of January.
06/01/1641Anne, the daughter of Mr Paule Beale, the sixth of January.
27/01/1641Anne Marston the 27th of January.
28/01/1641Abagale, the daughter of Edmond Clough, the xxviiith of January.
14/02/1641Judeth, the daughter of John Burtonn, joyner, the xiiiith of February.
20/02/1641Thomas, the sonne of Mr Thomas Mason, the xxth of February.
01/03/1641Francis Smyth the first day of March.
08/03/1641Mary the wife of Mr Willm Taler, marchant, the viiith of March.
11/03/1641Mrs Beatrix Green the xith day of March.
07/04/1642Elizabeth, the daughter of John Pick, was buried the viith of Aprill.
24/04/1642Ursele, the daughter of Willm Lasingbe, the xxiiiith of Aprill.
29/04/1642Katheran Lowsonn, the xxixth day of Aprill.
31/05/1642Steaven Dave the xxxjth day of May.
04/06/1642Margarret, the wife of Thomas Slee, the iiijth day of June.
02/07/1642Richard, the sonne of Allexsaunder Waules, the ijth of July.
05/07/1642Andrew Brigham the vth day of July.
10/07/1642Anne Peacoke the x day of July.
20/07/1642John, the sonne of Thomas Emersonn, the xxth of July.
14/08/1642George, the sonne of Richard Winell, the xiiiith of August.
29/08/1642Willm, the sonne of John Belley, the xxixth of August.
01/09/1642Anne, the daughter of Mr Robart Toad, the first of September.
23/09/1642Robart Dodshon the xxiiith day of Sep.
13/10/1642Luce, the daughter of Francis Smyth, the xiiith day of October.
27/10/1642Sammuell, the sonne of David Owing, the xxviith of October.
16/11/1642Thomas, the sonne of Mr Edward Loftous, the xvith of November.
18/11/1642Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Pearsonn, the xviiith of November.
20/11/1642Anne, the wife of Mr Marke Emsonne, the xxth of November.
15/12/1642Robart Haw, soulger, the xvth Decem.
16/12/1642Ann, the daughter of Ann Daile, the xvith of December.
16/12/1642Peter Hill, soulger, the xvith day of December.
18/12/1642Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward Regell, the xviiith of December.
18/12/1642John Taite, soulger, the xviiith day of December.
25/12/1642Ann, the daughter of Danyell Beacock, the xxvth of December.
16/01/1642Mary, the daughter of John Jackson, the 16 January.
17/01/1642Anne, the wife of Mr Roger Bellwood, minester, the xviith of January.
24/01/1642Thomas, the sonn of Sr Walter Vavisor, the xxiiiith of January.
03/02/1642Margaret Vause, the iijth day of Feabruary.
19/02/1642Elizabeth Dickson, the xixth day of Feabruary.
23/02/1642Grace Lund, the daughter of Edward Lund, the xxiiith of Feabruary.
26/02/1642Marie, the daughter of John Burton, the xxvith of Feabruary.
03/03/1642Edward Hodgshon the iiith day of March.
12/03/1642Edward, the sonne of Robart Webster, the xiith of March.
18/03/1642Francis, the wife of Robart Mawman, the xviiith of March.
24/03/1642Peter, the sonne of John Picke, the xxiiiith of March.
24/03/1642Peter, the sonne of Mr Edward Loftous, the xxiiiith of March.
30/03/1643Henry Braseington was buryed the xxxth day of March.
08/04/1643Edward Brodley, soulger, the viiith day of Aprill.
09/04/1643Sammuell Ramesden, soulger, the ix day of Aprill.
24/04/1643Mrs (blank) Richardsonn, the xxiiiith day of Aprill.
04/05/1643Robart Vallans, the sonne of Wilim Vallans, the iiijth day of May.
04/05/1643John Ward, soulger, the iiijth day of May.
05/05/1643Abraham Hansom, soulger, the vth day of May.
06/05/1643Mary, the Daughter of James Clay, the vith day of May.
16/05/1643Sammuell Dicksonn, soulger, the xvith day of May.
17/05/1643John Shackelton, soulger, the xviith of May.
20/05/1643Susana Harve the xxth day of May.
24/05/1643John Jagard, soulger, the xxiiiith day of May.
27/05/1643Nicholas Pollard & Willm Pickering & Michall Waineons, soulgers, the xxviith day of May.
28/05/1643John Brooke, soulger, the xxviiith day of May.
29/05/1643John Eestwood & Willm Horrock, soulgers, the xxixth day of May.
30/05/1643Willm Stones the xxxt day of May.
02/06/1643James Baine & George Batley, soulgers, the ijth day of June.
04/06/1643Willm Walton, soulger, the iiijth day of June.
10/06/1643Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Harrisonne, the xth day of June.
13/06/1643John Dyson, soulger, the xiiith day of June.
14/06/1643Edmond Brooke, soulger, the xiiiith day of June.
16/06/1643John Longbottom & Dyna, the wife of Jonas Tilson, was buried the xvith day of June.
18/06/1643Henry Siddall, soulger, & Godfray, the sonne of Godfray Nickilson, the xviiith day of June.
19/06/1643Sammuell Wilsonne the xixth day of June.
19/06/1643Gilbart Ramsden, soulger, the xixth day of June.
21/06/1643John Barton, servant to Sr Thomas Gleman, the xxi day of June.
22/06/1643Thomas Harriman, soulger, the xxiith day of June.
28/06/1643Thomas, the sonne of Richard Winell, the xxviiith day of June.
29/06/1643Saray, the daughter of Robart Webster, the xxixth day of June.
10/07/1643Mrs (blank) Dowman & Edward Reegell, the xth July.
11/07/1643Robart Lewin the xith day of July.
14/07/1643Henry Marshall, the xivth day of July.
17/07/1643Thomas Wilsonn, soulger, the xviith of July.
21/07/1643Elizabeth, the wife of Thomas Hoowfe, the 21 July.
26/07/1643John Sandeforth, soulger, the 26 day of July.
01/08/1643Mary, the daughter of John Hill, the first day of August.
05/08/1643Mr Edward Loftous the vth day of August.
18/08/1643Mary, the daughter of Willm Lasingbe, the 18 August.
19/08/1643Phillip Rudston, xixth day of August.
02/09/1643John, the sonne of John Beckit, the iith day of September.
06/09/1643Alis, the daughter of Marmaduke Gill, the vith of September.
06/09/1643Richard, the sonne of John Legge, the vith of September.
13/09/1643Mary, the daughter of Richard Bowes, the xiiith of September.
20/09/1643Mrs Mary Littell the xxth day of Septem.
21/09/1643Thomas, the sonne of Richard Story, the xxith of September.
22/09/1643Eme, the daughter of Richard Tompsonn, the xxiith of September.
27/09/1643John, the sonne of Walter Ellecar, the xxviith of September.
28/09/1643Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Girdler, the xxviiith of September.
02/10/1643Leonard, the sonne of Thomas Personne, the iith day of October.
10/10/1643Michell, the sonne of Mary Ellis, the xth day of October.
11/10/1643Mary, the daughter of Richard Lasingbe, the xith of October.
14/10/1643Thomas, the sonne of Mr Robart Tood, the xiiijth of October.
21/10/1643Francis, the sonne of Thomas Emersonn, the xxith of October.
23/10/1643Josiph Powell, soulger, the xxiiith day October.
28/10/1643Briget Walker, the xxviiit day October.
30/10/1643John, the sonne of Thomas Personne, the xxx day of October.
15/11/1643(blank), soulger, was buried the xvth day of November.
22/11/1643Charles Harrisonn, the xxiith day of November.
26/11/1643Mary, the daughter of Edward Regell, the 26 Novem.
28/11/1643Mr Cristopher Esh the xxviiith day of November.
03/12/1643Francis Westerman, soulger, the iiith day of December.
16/12/1643Michell, the sonne of Willm Huggard, the xvith of December.
18/12/1643John, the sonne of Seath Waite, the xviiith of December.
20/12/1643Thomas Wilsonn the xxth of December.
24/12/1643Nicholas Inman the xxiiiith of December.
24/12/1643Francis, the daughter of Charles Harrisonn, the xxiiiith of December.
04/01/1643Margarret Legge the iiiith day of January.
14/02/1643Edeth Dave the xiiiith day of February.
16/02/1643Hanna, the daughter of Godfray Nickelsonn, the xvith of February.
16/02/1643Hugh, the sonne of Thomas Blyth, the xvith of February.
19/02/1643Robart Marsingail the xixth February.
14/03/1643Richard Story the xiiiith day of March.
22/03/1643Andrew, the sonne of Willm Cooke, the xxiith day of March.
27/03/1644Mrs Mary Deane, the wife of W Dockter Deane, was buried xxviith March.
08/04/1644Alice, the wife of Thomas Blith, the viiith day of Aprill.
18/04/1644Mrs Margerie Rawdon, late wife to Laurence Rawdon, Ald., the xviiith Apr.
30/04/1644Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Bowrkwell, the xxxth day of Aprill.
12/05/1644Mr Jeffray Colling was buried the xiith day of May.
20/05/1644Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Cowper, the xxth day of May.
21/05/1644John Trotter, the xxith day of May.
22/05/1644John Tompsonn, soulger, the xxiith day of May.
28/05/1644Willm Tinesdaill, soulger, the xxviiith day of May.
29/05/1644Leonard Broune, the xxix day of May.
02/06/1644John Slee, soulger, the ijth day of June.
08/06/1644Thomas (blank), soulger, the viiith day of June.
10/06/1644Thomas Noble, the xth day of June.
11/06/1644Mr Richard Robinsonn, the xith day of June.
12/06/1644Christopher Hutton, the xiith day of June.
12/06/1644Jane, the wife of Willm Wright, xiith of June.
13/06/1644Adam Ward, soulger, the xiiith of June.
13/06/1644Katheran Prockter, the xiiith day of June.
14/06/1644Elizabeth Wharton, the xiiiith day of June.
17/06/1644Nicholas Ranold, soulger, the xviith day of June.
17/06/1644George Cotes, the xviith day of June.
18/06/1644Elizabeth Saintquinton, the xviiith day of June.
20/06/1644Josiph, the sonne of Christopher Freer, the xxth day of June.
20/06/1644Willm Watsonn, soulger, the xxth day of June.
22/06/1644Thomas Bowerkell, ainshon, the xxiith day of June.
23/06/1644Janne, the wife of David Gilliam, the xxiiith day of June.
23/06/1644Thomas Slee, the xxiiith day of June.
25/06/1644Richard, the sonne of Roger Hodgshon, the xxvth day of June.
26/06/1644Robart, Fuster the xxvith day of June.
26/06/1644Robart Horner, the xxvith day of June.
28/06/1644John, the sonne of John Pick, the xxviiith day of June.
28/06/1644(blank) of Mr (blank) Wineinges, the xxviiith day of June.
01/07/1644John Dicksonne, the 1 July.
03/07/1644Leonard Tompson & John Knese, soulgers, the iii July.
04/07/1644Edward Wariner was buried the iiijth day of July.
05/07/1644Barbray, the wif of Nickholas Lister, the vth day of July.
05/07/1644Mary Busse, the vth day of July.
07/07/1644Mr Silvanus Kigley, the viith day of July.
08/07/1644Elizabeth Aulston, the viiith day of July.
08/07/1644Elizabeth Whaites, the viiith day of July.
08/07/1644George Milner, the viiith day of July.
09/07/1644Mary, the wife of Marmaduke Gill, the ixth day of July.
11/07/1644Symond Blake, the xjth day of July.
15/07/1644Issabell, the wife of Richard Biging, the xvth day of July.
15/07/1644Francis Browen, the xvth day of July.
17/07/1644George, the sonne of Josiph Turner, the xviith day of July.
18/07/1644Francis Loge, soulger, the xviiith day of July.
19/07/1644Mr Robart Pannet, the xix day of July.
20/07/1644Alis, the daughter of Willm Lasingbe, the xxth July.
20/07/1644Mrs Anne Deane, the xxth day of July.
23/07/1644George, the sonne of Thomas Cowper, the xxiiith of July.
23/07/1644Robart Webster, the xxiiith day of July.
26/07/1644A Soulger from John Bellaie house, xxvith July.
26/07/1644John Watsonn, the xxvith day of July.
29/07/1644Ladie Margarit Brera, the xxixth day of July.
01/08/1644Mrs Elizabeth, the wife of Mr Robart Leaver, the 1 day of August.
02/08/1644Nickholas Lister, the iith day of August.
02/08/1644Elling Harve, the ii day of August.
03/08/1644John, the sonne of (blank) Horner, the iiith day of August.
06/08/1644Mr John Inman, the vith day of August.
08/08/1644John (blank), soulger, the viiith day of August.
08/08/1644Sammuell, the sonne of David Gilliam, the viiith day of August.
12/08/1644Alis Inman, the xiith day of August.
26/08/1644Thomas Blackston, the xxvith day of August.
27/08/1644John Owing, the xxviith day of August.
27/08/1644Peter Shaw wife, the 27th day of August.
28/08/1644Mrs Fauckin was buried the xxviiith day of August.
30/08/1644Anne, the Daughter of Mr Josias Belwood, the xxxth day of August.
01/09/1644Elizabeth, the daughter of John Dicksonne, the 1 day of September.
03/09/1644Thomas Cowper, the iiith day of September.
04/09/1644Janne, the wife of John Girdler, the iiiith day of September.
09/09/1644Anne Cook was buried the ixth day of September.
09/09/1644Anne, the daughter of Robart Horner, the ixth of September.
15/09/1644Robart, the sonne of Robart Horner, the xvth of September.
15/09/1644Anne Dicksonne, the xvth day of September.
21/09/1644Mrs Elizabeth, the wife of Captaine Markinfeld, the xxith of September.
23/09/1644Lidia Wilsonn, the xxiiith day of September.
25/09/1644Thomas Beade, the xxvth day of September.
26/09/1644Margaret Emerson, the xxvith day of September.
28/09/1644Janne Griffin, the xxviiith day of September.
28/09/1644Anne Wedell, the xxviiith day of September.
02/10/1644Henry, the sonne of Henry Potter, the ijth day of October.
04/10/1644John Pick, the iiijth day of October.
21/10/1644Willm, the sonne of Francis Lucas, the xxith day of October.
07/11/1644Anne, the daughter of John Beckit, the viith day of November.
08/12/1644Jane Robinsonn, the viiith day of December.
11/12/1644Mary, the wife of Raphe Frost, the xith day of December.
17/12/1644Elizabeth, the wife of John Potter, the xviith of December.
12/01/1644Mrs Gillian Dickinson, the xiith day of Jenuary.
12/01/1644Mary, the wif of Willm Preston, the xiith day of January.
20/01/1644Josiph, the sonne of George Moyser, the xxth day of January.
25/01/1644Mrs Katheran, the wife of Mr Thomas Ward, the xxvth of January.
20/02/1644Robart Geldard was buryed the xxth February.
01/03/1644Willm, the sonne of Michell Greenup, the 1th day of March.
11/03/1644Michell Sipley, souger of Dusbury parish, the 11th day of March.
05/03/1644Anne Daile, the vth day of March.
15/03/1644Mrs Mary Grenbury, the xvth day of March.
25/03/1645Roger Slater was buried the xxvth day of March.
28/03/1645John Hopton, the xxviiith day of March.
31/03/1645Penelope, the daughter of Thomas Howe, the xxxith of March.
09/04/1645Anthony Warrill, sergant, the ixth day of Aprill.
13/04/1645Willm Stabeler, anshing, the xiiith day of Aprill.
21/04/1645Elling Coulstonn, the xxith day of Aprill.
26/04/1645Issabell Huchiesonn, the xxvith day of Aprill.
13/07/1645Owld Anne Hutton, the xiiith day of July.
25/07/1645Katheran Tallantine, the xxvth day of July.
11/09/1645Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Personne, the 11th of September.
19/09/1645Henry, the sonne of Robart May, the xix day of September.
05/11/1645Luce Walker in the Trennitie, the 5 Novem.
11/12/1645Francis, the daughter of Thomas Penrose, the xith of December.
27/12/1645Katheran Wilson, the xxviith December.
04/01/1645Jane, the daughter of Jane Homer, widdow, the iiijth of January.
16/01/1645Mathew, the sonne of Mathew Sampsonne, the xvith of January.
23/01/1645Elizabeth, the wife of Mr Henry Robinsonn, the xxiiith of January.
27/01/1645Willm Wayles, the xxviith day of January.
02/02/1645Andrew, the sonne of Mr Andrew May, the iith day of Feabruary.
03/02/1645Thomas Hodgson, the iijth day of February.
06/02/1645Edward Hodgson, the vitt day of February.
07/03/1645Willm Car, soulger, the viith day of March.
08/04/1646Anne, the doughter of Ellinge Healas, widdow, was buried the viiith Aprill.
14/05/1646Katheran Booth, the xiiiith day of May.
22/05/1646Mrs (blank) Peck, the xxiith day of May.
05/06/1646Thomas Preston, the vth day of June.
08/06/1646Christpher Wilberfos, the viiith day of June.
15/07/1646Ann, the daughter of Willm Headlay, the xvth day of July.
25/07/1646John -garde, the xxvth day of July.
08/08/1646Elling, the daughter of John Wright, the viiith day of August.
15/08/1646Tabatha, the daughter of Mr Timmothie Squire, the xvth of August.
16/08/1646Margery, the daughter of John Legge, the xvith of August.
20/08/1646Francis Starke, the xxth day of August.
20/08/1646Mr James Hopkinsonn, xxth day of August.
30/08/1646Arnell Ullinax, the 30th day of August.
10/09/1646Josiph Crowder, sergant, the xth day of September.
18/09/1646Alic, the daughter of Seaith Waite, the xviiith day of September.
13/10/1646Mary, the daughter of John Potter, the xiiith day of October.
19/10/1646(blank), the wife of John Potter, the 19 Octo.
27/10/1646Mathew, the sonne of Thomas Topham, the xxviith of October.
28/10/1646Janne, the daughter of John Legge, the xxviiith of October.
05/11/1646Elizabeth, the wife of Christopher Cotes, the vth day of November.
08/11/1646Nathanyell, the sonne of RobartMay, the viiith of November.
16/11/1646John Lister, soulger, the 16 Novem.
24/11/1646Mr Roger Bellwood, minneste of this parish, the xxiiiith of November.
28/11/1646Sara & Rebecka, the daughters of Henry Collison, the xxviiith of Nov.
22/12/1646Robart, the sonne of George Lowensdall, the xxiith day of December.
29/12/1646Magor Cornellius Vantrus Hirst, the xxixth day of December.
23/02/1646James, the sonne of Margaret Ellis, the xxiiith day of February.
04/04/1647Leonard, the sonne of Leonard Donking was buried the iiijth day of Aprill.
03/06/1647John, the sonne of Anthony Jacksonne, the iiith day of June.
03/06/1647Willm, the sonne of Godfray Nickelson, the iiith day of June.
06/06/1647Mary Taller, the daughter of Mr John Taller, the vith day of June.
11/06/1647Ould Anne Tompsonne the xith day of June.
17/06/1647Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Metcalfe, the xviith day of June.
15/06/1647Mrs Elizabeth Potter the 15 day of June.
28/06/1647Willm Haggard the xxviii day of June.
20/07/1647Elling, the daughter of John Hill, the xxth day of July.
02/08/1647Mrs. Elling Watter the iith day of August.
10/08/1647Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr Thomas Cauvart, preacher, the x of Aug.
04/10/1647John, the sonne of John Wright, the iiiith day of October.
27/10/1647Margaret, the wife of Edward Wedell, the xxviith of October.
10/11/1647Mr Robart Leaver, the xth day of November.
20/11/1647John Tyas the xxth day of November.
05/12/1647Thomas, the sonne of Seaith Wait, the vth day of December.
03/01/1647Mr Andrew Nickelson the iiith January.
05/01/1647Elizabeth Farer the vth of January.
15/01/1647Willm, the sonne of Willm Freer, the xvth day of January.
02/02/1647Issabell, the wife of Thomas Wilkingsonn, the iith day of February.
18/03/1647Thomasen Hewthit the xviiith March.
18/03/1647Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward Healas, the xviiith March.
20/03/1647Richard Stainton the xxth day of March.
23/03/1647John Burell the xxiiith day of March.
25/03/1648Thomas, the sonne of Mr Christopher Hewley, was buried the xxvth Mar.
11/04/1648Mary, the daughter of Mr Sammuell Glaves, the xith day of Aprill.
22/04/1648Ann, the daughter of Thomas Harison, the xxiith day of Aprill.
26/04/1648Elling, the daughter of Eling Healas, the xxvith day of Aprill.
08/05/1648Willm Knot, servant to Mr Alderman Gray, the viiith day of May.
26/05/1648John, the sonne of John Bird, the xxvith of May.
30/05/1648Anne, the daughter of Rafe Croft, the xxxth day of May.
31/05/1648Peter, the sonne of John Hill, the xxxith day of May.
03/06/1648Edward, the sonne of John Burton, the iijth day of June.
04/06/1648Grace, the daughter of John Maslin, the iiiith day of June.
16/06/1648Hanna, the daughter of Danyell Beacoke, the xvith day of June.
19/06/1648Saray, the daughter of John Bellay, the xixth day of June.
19/06/1648Elling, the daughter of Christopher Busbe, the xixth day of June.
20/06/1648Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Moyser, the xxth day of June.
29/06/1648Richard Vallans, the xxix day of June.
14/07/1648Saray Thornton of the Trenities, the 14th day of July.
15/07/1648Willm, the sonne of Edward Vallans, the xvth day of July.
02/08/1648Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Read, the ijth day of August.
03/08/1648Mary, the wife of Thomas Walker, the iijth day of August.
04/08/1648Richard, the sonne of George Thiselwhayt, the iiijth day of August.
22/08/1648Anne, the daughter of George Thiselwhayt, the xxiith day of August.
04/09/1648Issabell, the wife of Thomas Taller the younger, the iiijth of September.
18/10/1648Thomas, the sonne of Willm Headlay, the xviiith day of October.
22/10/1648Mathew, the sonne of Willm Jenkin, the xxijth day of October.
02/11/1648Issabell, the daughter of Francis Lucas, the iith day of November.
11/12/1648Elizabeth, the wife of George Hurst, the xith day of December.
14/12/1648Ould Beatexs Turner, the xiiiith day of December.
11/01/1648Francis Smeton, the xith day of January.
05/02/1648Willm Hewit, the vth day of February.
10/02/1648Mary Drew, the xth day of February.
04/03/1648Robart, the sonne of Thomas Penrose, the iiiith day of March.
13/03/1648Owld Jann Dent the xiiith day of March.
16/04/1649Thomas, the sonne of Mr Christopher Hewley, was buried xvith of April
25/04/1649Oweld Issabell Brigam, the xxvth day Aprill.
25/04/1649Josiph, the sonne of Anthony Jacksonn, the xxvth day of Aprill.
19/05/1649Josiph Turner, the xix day of May.
02/06/1649Alis Smyth, the ijth day of June.
04/07/1649Anne, the wife of Mr George Robinson, the iiijth day of July.
08/07/1649Lewis, the sonne of John Girdler, the viiith day of July.
04/07/1649Mary, the daughter of Mathew Hay, the iiij day of July.
12/07/1649Janne, the wife of Thomas Walker, the xiith day of July.
31/07/1649Mary Dodgson, the last day of July.
08/08/1649Thomas, the sonne of Danyell Beacoke, the viiith day of August.
14/08/1649Robart, the sonne of Josiph Turner, the 14 day of August.
29/08/1649Saray, the daughter of Henry Collisson, the xxixth of August.
25/09/1649Martha, the daughter of Thomas Hewgill, the xxvth of September.
03/12/1649John Minikin the iiith day of December.
09/12/1649Elizabeth Backster the 9 December.
10/12/1649John Jenkin the x December.
20/12/1649Mr Peter Picke the xx day of December.
28/12/1649John, the sonne of George Greene, the xxviiith of December.
01/01/1649(blank), the wife of George Hirst, the vxth day of January.
19/03/1649Yorke, the sonne of Yorke Horner, the xixth day of March.
27/03/1650Cristian, the daughter of Thomas Penrose, was buried the xxviith of Mar.
12/04/1650Sayray, the daughter of George Hursst, the xii day of Aprill.
30/04/1650Ann, the wife of Francis Smyth, the 30 Aprill.
26/05/1650Jann Steavenson, in the Trenity, the 26 May.
28/05/1650Mary, the daughter of Mr Sammuell Glaves, the xxviiith day of May.
02/06/1650Mary the, daughter of John Bellay, the ijth day of June.
10/06/1650Finne, the daughter of John Girdler, the xth day of June.
12/06/1650Mathew Girdler, the sonne of John Girdler, the xiith day of June.
18/06/1650John, the sonne of John Masling, the xviiith day of June.
24/06/1650George Lownsdall the xxiiijth day of June.
03/09/1650Willm, the sonne of Wilim Welburne, the iijth day of September.
18/10/1650Mary Wilberfos, widow, the 18 of October.
10/11/1650Allis the daughter of Richard Salmon, the xth November.
24/11/1650Saray, the daughter of Thomas Metcalfe, the xxiiijth of November.
13/12/1650Mr Alderman Gray, the xiiith day of December.
01/01/1650Issabell, the wife of John Fishe, parish Clarke, the vxth day of January.
20/02/1650Elizabeth, the daughter of Seath Waite, the xxth of Feabruary.
05/03/1650Anne Grime the vth day of March.
08/03/1650Marie, the daughter of Mr John Taler, marchant, the viiith of March.
14/03/1650Myles, the sonne of Myles Deane, the xiiijth day of March.
19/03/1650Mrs (blank) Watter of Osburne, the xixth day of March.
20/03/1650Janne, the daughter of Thomas Ilay, the younger, 20 March.
22/03/1650Charles, the sonne of John Masling, the 22 March.
11/04/1651Nathaniell, the sonn of Timmothy Squire was buried the xi Aprill.
14/04/1651Ann, the daughter of Thomas Person, the 14 Aprill.
16/04/1651Mary, daughter of Edward Healas, the 16 Aprill.
20/04/1651Danyel, sonne of Danyell Beacoke, the 20 Aprill.
12/05/1651Mary, the daughter of Thomas Walker, the 12 May.
14/05/1651George Wright the xiiijth day of May.
14/05/1651Kathean, the daughter of Thomas Pearson, the 14 May.
19/06/1651John, the sonne of John Tomlinsonne, the 19 June.
23/06/1651Mathew Potter, sonne of John Potter, the 23 June.
28/06/1651Elizbeth Hartlay, widow, the 28 day of June.
09/07/1651Elias, the sonne of Mr George Horner, the 9 day of July.
25/07/1651Henry, the sonne of Thomas Tomlinson, 25 July.
03/08/1651Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr Thomas Calvrt, preacher, 3 August.
11/08/1651Mrs Sissely Tomson, in the Trenitie, xi Aug.
25/08/1651Mary, the daughter of John Masling, 25 August.
05/09/1651Katheran, the daughter of Thomas Penrose, the vth of September.
05/09/1651Hanna, the daughter of Mr Raphe Chaytter, the vth of September.
03/10/1651Elizabeth, the daughter of George Greene, the iijth day of October.
21/10/1651Mr Lenard Place, the 21th October.
22/10/1651Mrs Elizabeth, the wife of Mr John Robinson of Rider, the xxiith of Oct.
01/11/1651Mr Wilfray Bird, minester of Crathorne, the first day of November.
28/11/1651Mrs Elizabeth Panet the xxviiith day of Novem.
28/11/1651John Ellis was buried the 28th day of November.
29/12/1651Ann, the daughter of Richard Smyth, the xxixth day of December.
31/12/1651Edmond, the sonne of John Hill, the 31th day of December.
05/01/1651Rebecka, the daughter of Willm Vallans, the vth January.
07/01/1651Andew, the sonne of John Baitson, the viith day of January.
24/01/1651Elizabth, the daughter of Richard Sandeman, the xxiiij of January.
15/01/1651Ann, the daughter of James Leadall, 15 January.
03/03/1651Marthay, the daughter of Mr Nathanyell Raithband, preacher, the iiith Mar.
09/04/1652Sammuell, the sonne of Mr George Horner, was buried the ix day of Aprill.
29/04/1652Mary, the daughter of Edward Healas, the xxix of Aprill.
12/06/1652Rebecka, the daughter of Edward Healas, the xiith day of June.
23/06/1652Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Metcalfe, the xxiiith of June.
13/07/1652Jane, the daughter of Mr Fauckin, minester, the xiiith of July.
18/07/1652Jane, the daughter of Robart Lazinbe, the xviiith of July.
24/07/1652Elling, the daughter of Mr Cristopher Hewley, the xxiiiith of July.
25/07/1652Owld Jane Ilay the xxvth of July.
28/08/1652John, the sonne of John Gibsonn, the xxviiith day of August.
30/08/1652James Clayton the xxxth of August.
11/09/1652Fancis, the daughter of Thomas Cowper, the xith of September.
20/12/1652Robart, the sonne of Robart Tomsonn, the xxth of December.
17/01/1652Ann, the daughter of George Hobson, the xviith of January.
19/01/1652Ann Watson the xixth day of January.
19/01/1652(blank), the daughter of Danyell Beacok, the xixth of January.
28/01/1652Mrs Grace, the wife of Mr Leonard Scot, the xxviiith day of January.
06/02/1652Richard Winell, the vith day of Feabruary.
28/02/1652Mary, the daughter of Mr John Burton, the xxviiith of February.
03/03/1652Mary, the daughter of Thomas Bedfoord, the, iiith of March.
07/03/1652Ann Eatherington, of the Trennitis, the viith day of March.
08/03/1652Cristian, the wife of James Ledall, the viiith day of March.
08/04/1653Mary, the wife of Roger Carter, was buried the viiith day of Aprill.
27/04/1653Ann, the daughter of Pillip Webster, the xxviith day of Aprill.
18/06/1653Katheran, the wife of Robart Maisman, the xviiith day of June.
28/07/1653John Smith, the xxviiith day of July.
21/09/1653Anna, the daughter of Mr George Horner, the xxith of September.
07/10/1653Jann Bickerton, of the Trennitis, the viith day of October.
11/10/1653Mathew Wright, the sonne of Robart Wright, the xith of October.
12/10/1653Finne, the daughter of John Girdler, the xiith of October.
30/11/1653Mr Edward Lund, draper, the xxxth day of November.
01/11/1653John, the sonne of Mr Willm Welburne, the vxth day of November.
12/11/1653Grace, the daughte of Willm Smales, the xiith day of November.
16/11/1653Elizabeth, the daughter of Mathew Hay, the xvith day of November.
14/11/1653John Gibson the 14 of November.
03/12/1653John Heb, son of John Hebb, the iiith day of December.
10/12/1653(blank), the sonne of (blank) Sandeman, the xth day of December.
17/12/1653Mary Eton, the xviith December.
11/02/1653Mary, the daughter of Abraham Huton, the xith day of February.
06/04/1654William, the sonne of Robrt Lazinbe, was buried the vith day of April].
18/04/1654Maudland, the daughter of Thomas Read, the 18 day of Aprill.
19/04/1654Jann, the daughter of Henry Potter, the 19th day of Aprill.
07/05/1654Alse Cowper of Trennes, the 7 May.
17/05/1654Sara, the daugter of Mr John Taler, marchant, the 17 day of May.
19/05/1654John, the sonne of Willm Straker, the 19th day of May.
09/06/1654Lenard Donkinge the 9th day of June.
16/06/1654Raph Frost the 16 day of June.
16/06/1654Tabatha, the daughter of Mr Raph Chaytter, the 16th day of June.
18/06/1654Cristoper, the sonne of James Ledall, the 18th day of June.
19/06/1654John, the sonne of Henry Potter, the xixth day of June.
20/06/1654Debara, the daugter of Steaven Blith, the 20th day of June.
03/07/1654Dorothe, the daugter of ME John Burton, the 3th day of July.
07/07/1654Willm Brise the 7th day of July.
17/07/1654Jacob, the sonne of George Geldart, the 17th day of July.
18/07/1654Thomas, the sonne of John Hill, the 18th day of July.
19/07/1654Janne, the daughter of John Girdler, the 19th day of July.
21/07/1654Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Booth, the 21th day of July.
21/07/1654Zachare, the sonne of Mr Thomas Calvart, preacher, the 21th of July.
22/07/1654Jann, the daughter of Willm Straker, the 22th day of July.
22/07/1654John, the sonne of Raphe Croft, the 22th day of July.
26/07/1654Eme Potter the 26th day of July.
26/07/1654Fncis, the sonne of George Bainshard, the 26th day of July.
26/07/1654Binjam, the sonne of Mr Timmothe Squre, the 26th day of July.
31/07/1654John, the sonne of Peter Craven, the 31th day of July.
15/08/1654Richard, the sonne of Marke Bachler, the 15th day of August.
17/08/1654Mrs Mary Turner 17 August.
25/08/1654Ann, the daughter of John Tomlinson, the 25th day of August.
04/09/1654George, the sonne of Thomas Grene, the 4th day of September.
06/09/1654Thomas Walker the 6 September.
13/09/1654John, the sonne of Thomas Grene, the 13th day of September.
17/09/1654Thomas, the sonne of George Green, the 17th day of September.
27/09/1654John Robinson the 27 Septem.
07/10/1654Susan Bainbrig the 7 day of October.
26/10/1654Briget Tomson, the wife of Richard Tomson, the 26th of October.
09/11/1654Elling, the daughter of Miles Deane, the 9th day of November.
17/11/1654Elling, the daughter of John Gibson, the 17th day of November.
25/11/1654Rebecka, the wife of Edward Stockdall, the 25th of November.
12/01/1654Mr Thomas Mason the 12th day of January.
27/01/1654Thomas, the sonne of Robart Mawmon, the 27th day of January.
24/03/1654Tymothe, the sonne of Mathew Walker, the 24th day of Marche.
06/04/1655George, the sonne of Mr George Horner, was buryed the vith day of Aprill.
15/04/1655Mrs Elling Lawrence, 15th Aprill.
23/04/1655Mary, the daughter of John Girdler, the xxiiith day of Aprill.
10/05/1655John Huchieson, the xth May.
12/05/1655Jann Geldard, the xiith May.
11/07/1655Mrs Mary Robinson, the xith July.
13/07/1655Elling, the daughter of Richard Mason, the xiiith day of July.
14/07/1655Feane, the sonne of George Hurst, the xiiiith day of July.
24/07/1655Margaret Wait. the 24th July.
26/07/1655Ann, the daughter of Thomas Metcalfe, the xxvith day of July.
30/07/1655Mrs Saray, the wife of Mr George Blanshard, the 30th day of July.
01/08/1655Martha, the daughter of Thomas Metcalfe, the 1th day of August.
06/08/1655Francis, the sonne of Mr Mathew Bigg, minister, the vith of August.
19/08/1655Robart, the sonne of Robart Lazingbe, the 19th day of August.
19/08/1655Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr George Blanshard, the 19th August.
03/09/1655Richard Horner, the 3th September.
09/09/1655Martha, the daughter of Myles Deane, the ixth of September.
21/09/1655Willm Regell, the 21th Septem.
09/10/1655Grace Clarke, the 9th October.
16/10/1655Thomas Jackson, the 16th October.
31/10/1655Cristopher Busbe, the 31th October.
09/11/1655Jane, the daughter of George Stockdall, the ixth of November.
07/12/1655Mary Wedell, the 7th December.
18/12/1655Willm Jenckinson, the xviiith day of December.
26/12/1655Mrs Elizabeth Lund, the xxvith day of December.
30/12/1655Ann, the daughter of John Girdler, the 30th day of December.
04/01/1655Thomas, the sonne of Mr Cristopher Hewla, the iiiith day of January.
10/01/1655Elizabeth, the daughter of Mathew Hay, the xth January.
21/01/1655Gartret, the daughter of Mr George Thyselwhait, the 21th January.
22/01/1655Ann Straker, 22th January.
07/02/1655Jane Hall, the 7th February.
28/02/1655Saray, the daughter of Seaith Wait, the 28th of February.
01/03/1655Willm Valiance, the 1th March.
30/03/1656Willm Easingwould was buryed 30th day of March.
31/03/1656Abraham, the sonne of Abraham Hutton, the 31th day of March.
06/04/1656Ann, the daughter of Mr John Burtton, the 6th day of April.
21/04/1656Ambrose, the sonne of Edward Spence, the 21th day of Aprill.
23/04/1656Robart, the sonne of Seath Wait, the 23th day of April.
24/04/1656Ann, the daughter of Francis Lucas, the 24th day of Aprill.
26/05/1656Robart, the sonne of Wiiim Jenckin, the 26th day of May.
06/06/1656Henry, the sonne of Mathew Sampson, vith day of June.
28/07/1656Katheran, the daughter of Francis Chatterton, the 28th day July.
04/08/1656Cristopher, the sonne of Stranton, the iiiith day of August.
10/08/1656Mrs Elizabeth, the wife of Mr Alderman Gray, the xth of August.
03/10/1656Ann, the daughter of Phillip Webster, the iiith day of October.
21/11/1656Richard Biggin, the 21 November.
06/12/1656Cristopher, the sonne of Thomas Booth, the vith day of December.
09/01/1656Edward, the sonne of Mr Thomas Mason, the ixth day of January.
16/01/1656George Tindall, the 16th January.
11/01/1656Mrs Mary Kellington the xith January.
28/05/1656Mrs Ann the wife of Mr Andrew May, the 28th day of January.
24/02/1656Mrs Margaret Wilson, the 24th day of February.
01/03/1656Thomas Person the 1th March.
03/03/1656Ann Farfax, the 3th March.
24/03/1656Mr John Jaquis the 24th day of March.
28/03/1657Robart Goot was buryed the 28th March.
05/04/1657Dorothe, the daughter of Willm Smales, the vth day of Aprill.
04/05/1657John, the sonne of Henry Potter, the iiiith day of May.
06/05/1657Dorothe Healas the 6th May.
11/05/1657Elizabeth, the wife of John Hill, the xith day of May.
20/05/1657Willm, the sonne of Willm Tood, the xxth day of May.
08/06/1657Elizabeth, the wife of Seath Wait, the viiith day of June.
25/07/1657Elizabeth, the wife of Mr Robart Tood, the xxvth day of July.
18/08/1657Jane, the daughter of Mr Faulking, minister, the 18th day of August.
26/08/1657Oweld John Lazinbe, the xxvith day of August.
30/08/1657Mary, the daughter of Willm Stainton, the xxxth day of August.
02/09/1657Nickholas Beadlay, 2th Sep.
08/09/1657Robart Mawman, the 8th Sep.
23/09/1657Elizabeth Harlan, 23th Septem.
21/10/1657Sissele Hodgshon, the 21th day of October.
21/10/1657Mary Ellis, the 21th October.
12/11/1657Seath Barnard, 12th November.
13/11/1657Lady Mary Jaques, the xiiith day of November.
03/12/1657Mary, the daughter of Doylay Green, the 3th December.
23/12/1657Leonard Haxup, the xxiiith day of December.
28/09/1657John Wilberfos, the 28th September.
27/02/1657Ellinge, the daughter of Willm Jenkinson, the xxviith of February.
02/03/1657Mrs Gartret Tood, 2th March.
06/03/1657Roger Hodgshon, the 6th March.
14/03/1657Martha Wilson, xiiiith March.
14/03/1657Sara, the daughter of John Girdler, the xiiiith March.
24/03/1657Willm Welburn, the 24th March.
03/04/1658Ellis, the wife of Thomas Reed, was buryed the iiith day of Aprill.
26/04/1658Mary, the daughter of George Hobson, the 26th day of Aprill.
27/04/1658John Duckis the 27th April.
20/05/1658Isabill, the daughter of Mr Richard Mason, xxth day of May.
24/05/1658Willm, the sonne of Willm Jenkeson, the 24th day of May.
07/06/1658George, the sonne of Mr George Thiselwhate, the viith of June.
21/06/1658James Ellecar, servant to Mr Christopher Hewlay, the 21th June.
25/06/1658Ann, the daughter of Thomas Bedford, the 25th day of (June).
26/06/1658Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Curdax, the 26th day of June.
06/08/1658Mrs Grisel Pick, vith August.
06/09/1658Mary Clarke, vith September.
07/09/1658Sr William Robinson of Rockclif, the viith day of September.
01/10/1658Miles, the sonne of Miles Deane, the 1th day of October.
05/11/1658Margit Plaster, the wife of Thomas Plaster, the 5th of November.
06/11/1658Mr Thomas Ward the 6 November.
13/11/1658John, the sonne of Richard Bradlay, the 13 day of November.
01/12/1658Willm, the sonne of George Priston, the 1th day of December.
28/12/1658Elizabeth, the wife of George Geldard, the 28th of December.
01/01/1658Mrs Allis Nickelson, the 1th January.
09/01/1658Francis, the sonn of Francis Lewcas, the 9th day of January.
11/01/1658Allis Daulton of the Trenitis, 11 Janu.
14/01/1658John, the sonn of John Hill, the xiiiith day of January.
21/01/1658John Petch, the 21th day of January.
11/02/1658Urseley, the daughter of Thomas Metcalfe, the xith of February.
05/03/1658George Geldard, the vth day of March.
09/03/1658Brene Wedell of the Trenitis, the ixth day of March.
09/04/1659Betras Winell was buried the 9 Aprill.
12/04/1659Thomas the sonne of Rafe Crofte, the xiith day of Aprill.
03/05/1659Mary, the wife of John Potter, the iiith day of May.
22/05/1659George Priston, the 22th day of May.
29/05/1659Elizabeth Clarson, the 29th day of May.
13/06/1659Mrs Isabell Grenebery, the 13th day of June.
13/08/1659Willm, the sonne of Willm Curdakes, the 13th day of August.
03/10/1659Andrew, the sonne of Thomas 011ever, the iiith day of October.
04/11/1659John, the sonne of John Tomlinson, the 4th day of November.
27/11/1659Sissely Hay, the 27 of Novem.
03/12/1659John, the sonne of John Geldart, the 3th day of December.
03/12/1659(blank) the daughter of John Wood, the 3th day of December.
05/12/1659Jann, the wife of Hamman Overan, the vth day of December.
04/02/1659Saray, the wife of James Pickerin, the 4th day of February.
06/03/1659Myles Deane, the vith March.
14/03/1659Ann, the daughter of Richard Ducis, the 14th day of March.
17/03/1659Thomas (blank), the sarvant of Thomas Penrose, the 17th of March.
25/03/1659Janne, the daughter of Georg Hurst, the xxvth day of March
25/03/1660John, the sonne of Phillip Webster, was buried the 25th day of March.
15/04/1660Hosse, the sonne of Robart Lazinb, the 15th day of Aprill.
16/04/1660Thomas, the sonne of Thomas Dayles, the 16th day of Aprill.
20/04/1660Rebecka, the daughter of Seath Wait, the 20th day of April.
27/04/1660Elizabeth, the daughter of Richard Smith, the 27th day of Aprill.
29/04/1660Mary, the daughter of Robart Smyth, the 29th day of Aprill.
29/05/1660George, the sonne of George Geldart, the 29th day of May.
30/05/1660Margaret, the daughter of Richard Tomson, the 30th day of May.
20/06/1660Ann, the daughter of Jacob Collisson, the xxth day of June.
11/07/1660Ellinor, the daughter of Richard Mason, the eleaventh of July.
11/07/1660Mary, the daughter of George Hobson, the xith day of July.
31/07/1660Issabell Edden, the last day of July.
06/08/1660Jann, the daughter of John Sargeson, the vith day of August.
10/08/1660Thomas, the sonne of John Hill, the xth day of August.
15/08/1660John, the sonne of Mr George Horner, the xvth day of August.
02/08/1660Allis Hutton the 2 1th day of August.
26/08/1660John, the sonne of John Wood, the 26th day of August.
04/09/1660Elizabeth Tayler, the iiijth day of September.
05/09/1660Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Taler, the vth of September.
26/09/1660Ann, the daughter of Thomas Harrison, the 26th of September.
05/10/1660Mathew Hay, the 5 day of October.
05/09/1660Josiph, the sonne of Mr George Homer, the 5 day of September.
16/10/1660John, the sonne of George Hurst, the 16th day of October.
26/10/1660Jann, the daughter of Jacob Collison, the 26th day of October.
29/10/1660Frances, the daughter of Mr George Blanshard, the 29th of October.
02/11/1660John, the sonn of Peter Faucit, the ijth day of November.
06/01/1660Mr John Prince the 6th day of January.
20/01/1660Andra, the sonn of Seath Wait, the 20th day of January.
26/01/1660Elizabeth, the daughter of Mr George Thiselwate, the 26 of January.
30/01/1660Elizabeth, the wife of Willm Clarke, the 30th day of January.
31/01/1660(blank), the daughter of Mr Francis Topham, Essquire, the 31th of January
01/02/1660Hana, the daughter of Willm Curdax, the 1th day of February.
18/02/1660Willm, the sonn of Willm Tood, the xviiith day of February.
22/03/1660John, the sonne of Mr Richard Mason, the 22th day of March.
01/04/1661Mary, the daughte Mr Willm Straker, was buried the 1 2th day of April
04/05/1661Henry, the sonn of Mr Fracis Topham, Esquire, the iiijth day of May.
22/05/1661Margarith Mathew, the xxiith day of May.
26/07/1661Mary, the daughter of Willm Garnit, the xxvith day of July.
11/08/1661Grace, the daughter of John Girdler, the xith day of August.
14/08/1661John, the sonne of John Fox, the xiiiith day of August.
17/08/1661Christopher, the sonne of Mr Christopher Hewlay, the xviith of August.
06/08/1661Mary, the wife of Robart Cooke, the vith of August.
07/09/1661Owld Allis Hodgshon the viith day of September.
27/09/1661Phillop Sargson, the sonne of John Sargeson, the xxviith of September.
14/10/1661Hanna, the daughter of Mr Alderman Chaiter, the xiiijth of October.
15/10/1661Mary, the daughter of George Chambers, the xvth of October.
19/10/1661Edward, the sonne of Franck Bray, the xixth of October.
23/11/1661Grace, the daughter of Thomas Pallister, the xxiiith of November.
08/01/1661Elizabeth, the wife of John Potter, the viiith day of January.
17/01/1661Elizabeth, the daughter of John Poter, the 17th day of Januar.
22/01/1661John Ettan the 22th day of January.
03/03/1661Katheran Kirshaw the 3th day of March.
08/03/1661Nickholas Dobe the 8th day of March.
26/03/1662Janne, the wife of Nickholas Dobe, was Buryed the 26th March.
14/04/1662Thomas Robartsonn, 14th day of Aprill.
21/04/1662Elizabeth, the daughter of Willm Stanton, the 21th of April.
13/05/1662Mr Alderman Chayter was buried the 13th day of May.
30/06/1662Thomas, the sonne of Francis Pickerin, the xxxth day of June.
15/08/1662Marmaduk, the sonne of John Gower, the xvth day of August.
10/09/1662Palay, the sonne of Mr Francis Topin, Isquire, the 10 Sept.
18/09/1662William Couper, sonne of John Couper, the 18 of Sept.
15/11/1662Rebecka Hutton, doughter of Abraham Hutton, the 15 Novr.
09/12/1662Thomas Penrose the 9 day of December.
18/12/1662Sarah, the doughter of John Headlay, the 18 of Decemb.
29/12/1662Robart, soone of Mr Will Straker, the 29 of Decembr.
29/12/1662Philep Webster was bured the 29 of December, turke market.
08/01/1662Margret Potter the 8 of Januarye.
09/01/1662Elizebth Taylor, wife of Thomas Taylor, the 9 of January.
26/01/1662William Windell the 26 day of Januarye.
18/02/1662Anthnie Bratwhaite, soon of Mr Anto. Bratwhaite, 18 Feb.
19/02/1662Richard Harinson, baker, the 19 of Febuary.
01/03/1662Ann Bairde, wife of Thomas Bairde, the first March.
17/03/1662Marye Earate, wife of William Earate, the 17 of March.
11/04/1663George Carre, organest, was bewred the 11 of Aprill. A womane.
16/04/1663Marcie Vilett, wife of George Vilett, the 16 of Aprill.
18/04/1663Margret Foster, wife of John Foster, the eighteenth of April.
30/04/1663Mrs Susaner Lasebes, wife of W Francis Lasebes, the 30 of Apr.
02/05/1663Eline Holder, wife of Christefer Holder, the 2 of May.
16/05/1663Samuell, the soone of John Geldarte, the 16 of May.
04/05/1663Robart, the sonne of James Pickring, the 4 of May.
17/06/1663Dorothie, the doughter of John Plewman, the 17 June.
21/06/1663William, the sonne of William Laysonby, the 21 June.
23/06/1663Ann Barwice, wife of Richard Barwicke, the 23 Jun.
08/07/1663Dorcas, the doughter of William Tod, the 8 of July.
30/08/1663Sarah, the dowghter of William Smales, the 30 Aug.
04/09/1663Ann, the doughter of Thomas Bedford, the 4 of Septembr.
03/10/1663John, the sonne of William Atkinson, the 3 of Octobr.
08/11/1663An orphent child of Thomas Legges, the 8 of Novbr.
20/11/1663Sisselle Hodshon the 20 of November.
03/12/1663John Fisher, Parish Clarke, the 3 day of Decembr.
11/12/1663Mr George Thisellwaite, the 11 of December.
18/01/1663Mrs Bealea Wickclife, the 18 day of Jenuary.
21/01/1663John Girdler, sonne of John Girdler, the 21 of Jen.
27/01/1663David, sonne of John Couper, the 27 Jen.
07/02/1663Thomas, sonne of John Headley, the 7 of Feb.
11/02/1663Elizebth, the doughter of Abraham Hutton, 11 Feb.
14/02/1663Margrett Reggell, wif of Robart Reggell, 14 Feb.
25/02/1663Timothi, sonne of Timothi Dossey allis Burde, 25 Feb.
07/03/1663John, sonne of Thomas Harinson, 7 of Mar.
25/03/1664Sarah, the doughter of Mr George Horner, was bewred 25 Mar.
15/04/1664Elizebth, doughter of George Stockedell, 15 Aprill.
20/04/1664Robarte, sonne of Robart Rawdon, the 20 Aprill.
24/04/1664Janne, the doughter of John Sargeson, the 24 of Aprill.
30/04/1664Edeth Darke the 30 day of Aprill.
15/05/1664Mrs Elizebth Robinson, wife of the Right Worshipfull Mr Thoamas Robinson, the 15 of May.
27/05/1664Philipe Emerson, cooke of St Trenety parish, the 27 of May.
26/06/1664William Preston, the 26 of June.
06/07/1664Nahum, sonne of Thomas Bedford, the 6 of July.
10/07/1664Francis, sonne of Francis Bray, the 10 of July.
13/07/1664Marye, wife of Mathew Sampson, the 13 of July.
18/07/1664Elenor, the daghter of Thomas Mathewes, 18 July.
17/08/1664Salomon, the sonne of John Couper, 17 Augt.
23/08/1664Elling Hembrough, 23 of August.
21/09/1664John Potter, the 21 of September.
27/09/1664Sarah Willson, wife of Robart Willson, the 27 Sept.
29/09/1664John, sonne of James Browne, the 29 of Sept.
21/10/1664John, sonne of Mickell Willson, the 21 of Octobr.
22/10/1664John, sonne unto John Waite, the 22 of Octobr.
31/10/1664Janne, doughter of Richard Key, 31 of Octobr.
03/11/1664Jane, doughter of John Hill, the 3 of Nov.
08/11/1664George, sonne of John Waite, the 8 of Nov.
09/11/1664Francis Bacocke, the 9 of November.
25/10/1664Robarte Laysenby, the 25 of October.
16/11/1664Sarah, doughter of Francis Baycocke, the 16 of Novbr.
21/11/1664Bengeman, the sonne of Mr Blith, the 21 of Novbr.
22/11/1664Matha, the doughter of Phillip Webster, 22 Nov.
03/12/1664Henrye, the sonne of William Garnet, the 3 of Dec.
04/12/1664Elizebth, doughter of William Armestrong, 4 Dec.
09/12/1664William, sonne of John Watson, the ix of Decembr.
14/12/1664John, sonne of John Foster, the 14 of December.
23/08/1664Henrye, sonne of Thomas Harinson, 23 Decbr.
20/08/1664Elizebth, doughter of John Wille, the 20 of Deceb.
22/08/1664Elenor, wife of Georg Buskell, the 22 of Decemb1.
07/01/1664Robart Dune, the 7 of January.
10/08/1664An orphen male child of Mathew Bigge, 10 Janury.
05/02/1664Rebeka, dougter of George Francke, the 5 of Feb.
06/02/1664John Butler of Reckell, the 6 of Febuarye.
10/02/1664John, sonne of Robarte Pallester, the 10 of Feb.
12/02/1664Alse, wife of Edward Chester, the 12 of Febuary.
20/02/1664John, sonne of Mr William Clarke, the 20 of Febuary.
21/02/1664Edward, the sonne of Edward Spence 21 of February
26/02/1664Timothy the sonne of Doyla Grene, the 26 Feb.
01/03/1664Ann, the wife of John Wood, the first of Mar.
16/04/1665Elenor, doghter of Richard Bradley, was beureid the 16 April.
22/04/1665Elizebth, doughter of Richard Bradlay, 22 Aprill.
07/05/1665Dorthe, wife of William Staynton, 7 May.
08/05/1665Richard, sonne of George Harford, 8 May.
13/05/1665Marye, wife of Thomas Tomlinson, the 13 May.
26/05/1665Thomas, sonne of Thomas Bedford, 26 May.
29/05/1665Robarte Key, Blackesmith, the 29 May.
02/06/1665Marye, doughter of Mr Willoby, the 2 Jun.
25/06/1665Ann, doughter of William Staynton, the 25 June.
27/06/1665Mr Richard Musgrave, the 27 of June.
04/08/1665Sarah, doughter of Jacob Colinson, 4 Aug.
15/08/1665Mr George Blanchard, atturne, 15 August.
04/10/1665Francis Lund the 4 of Octobr.
07/10/1665Christofer Coates the 7 of Octobr.
21/11/1665Jane Horner of St Anthonyes Hosptall, the 21 Nov.
23/11/1665Henrye, sonne of Persevell Robinson, 23 Nov.
27/11/1665Thomas Straker, taylor, the 27 Novemb.
21/12/1665John, sonne of John Geldart, 21 of Decemb.
08/01/1665John, sonne of Robarte Downes, the 8 Jenuary.
24/01/1665Dorthie, doughter of John Walker, Jen. 24.
29/01/1665Israell, sonne of John Couper, 29 of Jenuary.
10/02/1665Marye, doughter of Jacobe Lund, the 10 Feb.
07/03/1665John, sonne of John Wilkes, the 7 of March.
14/03/1665Thomas Harinson, haberdasher, the 14 March.
22/03/1665Jann, doughter of William Garnette, 22 of Mar.
23/03/1665Mermaducke, sonne of Robart Rawdon, 23 Mar.
06/04/1666Francis, sonne of Mr Francis Topham Esquire, beureid the 6 April.
13/04/1666Margrette, wife of Sr Metcalfe Robinson, knighte, the 13 Aprill.
17/04/1666Margrette Dave, widow, the 17 of Aprill.
28/04/1666Nathan Sampson, barber-surgeon, the 28 Aprill.
13/05/1666Elizebth, doughter of Mathew Favore, 13 May.
19/05/1666Thomas, sonne of Will Inman, the 19 May.
29/05/1666Elizebth, wife of Thomas Read, the 29 May.
07/06/1666Marye, the daughter of Mr George Horner, 7 of June.
04/07/1666Richard Petch, blacksmith, the 4 of July.
13/07/1666Abraham, sonne of Mr Abraham Hutton, the 13 July.
17/07/1666Thomas, sonne of Thomas Penrose, the 17 of July.
03/08/1666Marye, doughter of George Keighlay, the 3 of August.
19/08/1666An orphen Child of Thomas Bedford, 19 Aug.
27/08/1666Sarah, doughter of Thomas Harinson, the 27 Aug.
27/08/1666Richard, sonne of George Pearson, the 27 Aug.
07/09/1666Richard, sonne of Richard Thomas, the 7 of Sept.
10/09/1666Marye, doughter of Francis Hall, the 10 of Sept.
23/10/1666Janne, wife of John Jackson, 23 Octob.
12/11/1666Ellin Store, widow, the 12 of November.
22/11/1666John Geirdler, Chefe master of the Cittye waites, Nov. 22.
25/11/1666Joseph, sonne of Mr Robart Dave, the 25 Nov.
01/12/1666Janne, doughter of Thomas Legge, 1 Dec.
13/12/1666Thomas, sonne of Robart Palester, 13 Dec.
27/12/1666William, sonne of Robarte Webster, the 27 Dec.
08/01/1666Bengeman, sonne of George Buskell, 8 Jenuary.
20/01/1666Isabell Holemes, widow, of the Marchant Hosptall, 20 Jen.
28/01/1666Henry, sonne of Henry Harbert, esqur, 28 Jan.
02/02/1666Bettris, wife of William Waler, the 2 of Feb.
07/03/1666Daniel Baycocke, painter, the 7 of March.
07/03/1666Elenor, mother of Mr George Horner, 7 of Mar.
09/03/1666James, sonne of John Walker, the 9 of Mar.
11/03/1666Thomas, sonne of Thomas Palester, the 11 Mar.
13/03/1666John Waite, marener, the 13 of Mar.
15/03/1666Mr Mathew Bigge, minester of this parish, 15 Mar.
16/03/1666An orphent child of Mr Christofer Heulay, 16 Mar.
18/03/1666Mr Seath Waite, the 18 of March.
24/03/1666Marye, wife of Seath Barnard, the 24 of March.
19/04/1667Henry, sonne of Squire Topham, was beureid the 19 of Aprill.
28/05/1667Elizebth, doughter of John Headlay, 28 May.
14/07/1667John, sonne of George Keighlay, the 14 July.
07/08/1667An Orphent Child of Mr John Tomlinson's, 7 Aug.
07/09/1667Samuell, sonne of Thomas Dale, the 7 of Sept.
24/09/1667Isacke, sonne of Thomas Crumwell, the 24 Sept.
12/10/1667Jacobe, sonne of Jacobe Colinson, the 12 Octobr.
17/10/1667Marcy, wife of Richard Darsey, the 17 Octobr.
30/10/1667Francis Lucas, chanlar, the 30 of Octobr.
31/10/1667Leanard Campleshon, stashenor, 31 Octobr.
08/11/1667An Orphent Child of Jacob Lund, 8 of Novemb.
09/11/1667Ralph Crofte, silke weaver, the 9 of Nov.
14/11/1667George Franck, marchant, 14 of Novemb.
28/11/1667John Jackson, the 28 November.
28/11/1667Margrett Wattson, widow, the 28 Novembr.
07/12/1667Susana, the doughter of Leonard Campshon, 7 Dec.
26/12/1667Marye Geldart, widow, the 26 Decemb.
28/12/1667Grace Lawrance, dowghter of Mathew Lawrance, 28 Dec.
02/01/1667Bengeman, sonne of George Buskell, the 2 Jen.
09/01/1667Thomas Emearson the 9 of Jenuary.
17/01/1667Janne, doughter of Robart Mathewes, the 17 Jen.
31/01/1667Elizebth, wife of Bengeman Day, 31 Jen.
08/03/1667Robarte, sonne of Robarte Palister, the 8 Mar.
11/03/1667Richard, sonne of Richard Harinson, the 11 Mar.
11/04/1668Robart, sonne of Edward Hagge, was beureid the 11 Apr.
15/04/1668Elenor, doughter of Mr George Keighley, 15 Apr.
06/05/1668Sarah, doughter of Richard Key, 6 May.
03/05/1668Thomasin Stockdell, sarvant to Mr Henrye May, 3 Jun.
13/05/1668Katharon, wife of Thomas Palester, 13 May.
11/06/1668Mr Robart Todd, inhoulder, the 11 of June.
17/06/1668Samuell, sonne of John Couper, the 17 June.
03/07/1668Kathoron, doughter of Mr Edward Sandeford, 3 July.
12/07/1668John, sonne of John Wile, the 12 of July.
19/08/1668Mathew, sonne of Mathew Wilkes, the 19 of August.
20/08/1668Marye, doughter of Richard Key, the 20 August.
21/08/1668Marye, wife of William Tuton & his orphente Child, 21 Aug.
28/08/1668Jeremia, sonne of Mr Henrye Colinson, 28 Aug.
11/09/1668Easter Cooke, servante to Thomas Mathewes, 11 Sept.
15/09/1668Johnathan, sonne of William Curduox, 15 Sept. Sainte Crux.
22/09/1668Janne, wife of William Windle, the 22 Sept.
23/09/1668Mrs Elizebth Horner, wife of Mr George Horner, 23 Sept.
07/10/1668Ladie Rachell Wilking, wife of Sr John Wilkinge, 7 Oct.
09/10/1668An orphent Child of Christofer Wither, the 9 Octobr.
10/10/1668Thoamas Hougall, groser, the 10 October.
23/10/1668Mathew, sonne of Mathew Adamson, the 23 October.
17/11/1668Elenor, doughter of Richard Ward, 17 Nov.
04/12/1668Christofer, servant to George Harford, x4 Dec.
14/01/1668An Orphen child of Jacob Lund, the 14 Jen.
02/01/1668Mr Alexander, second sonne to Sr Thomas Harbarte, Baronit, 28 Jen.
01/02/1668Timothi, sonne of Jerma Wentflett, 1 Feb.
15/02/1668William, sonne of Jacobe Colinson, the 15 of Feb.
12/03/1668John, sonne of John Harinson, the 12 of March.
17/04/1669Jann Simpson, widow, was beureid the 17 Aprill.
22/04/1669John, sonne of Mr William Straker, the 22 Aprill.
05/05/1669Persevell Robinson, backer, the 5 of May.
10/05/1669Sarah, doughter of Thomas Hugayle, 10 May.
31/05/1669Margrete Rodean, the doughter of Robert Rauden, 31 May.
23/06/1669Elizebth, doughter of Mr Matthew Bigge, 23 June.
23/06/1669Richard, sonne of Mr George Horner, the 23 June.
24/06/1669Sarah, doughter of John Jackson, 24 June.
07/08/1669Thomas, sonne of Mickell Wilson, the 7 August.
11/08/1669Elizebth Juetson, widow, 11 August.
01/09/1669An Orphen Child of James Pickringes, first Sept.
11/09/1669Robarte, sonne of Robart Palester, the 11 Sept.
17/09/1669John, sonne of Robarte Turlay, the 17 Sept.
28/09/1669Robarte Couper, buchear, the 28 of Sept.
29/09/1669An Orphent Child of Jeremia Welflettes, 29 Sept.
22/10/1669Marye Thewaites the 22 of Octobr.
23/10/1669Mrs Jane Chaterton, 23 of Octobr.
30/10/1669Elizebth, wife of William Garnett, 30 Octob.
22/11/1669John Legg, the 22 of November.
24/01/1669Mrs Elizebth Robinson, doughter to Mr Tho. Robinson, 24 Jen.
18/02/1669Thomas, sonne of Thomas Bedford, the 18 Feb.
24/02/1669Robarte, sonne of William Smith, 24 Feb.
11/03/1669Barberay, doughter John Wilke, the 11 Mar.
24/03/1669John Hayes, the 24 March.
31/03/1670John Headlay beureid the 31 March.
03/04/1670Elizebth, doughter of Richard Key, 3 Aprill.
02/05/1670John, sonne of John Suggdon, the 2 May.
03/06/1670Dorthe Darke, widow, the 3 June.
19/06/1670William, sonne of John Jackeson, 19 June.
30/06/1670George Hurst the 30 of June.
06/07/1670Elizabethe, doughter of Henrye Sheldes, the 6 July.
15/07/1670Elizebth, doughter of John Gray, 15 July.
09/08/1670Mr. Christofer Huley, gentt, 9 August.
11/08/1670Franceis Heickson of Sr Trentes, 11 Aug.
13/08/1670Hannae, dowghter of John Headlay, 13 Aug.
18/08/1670Janne, wife of Mr John Foster, 18 August.
22/08/1670Sarah, doughter of James Pickring, 22 August.
25/08/1670Marye, doughter of James Pickring, 25 August.
03/09/1670Mathew Adamson the 3 of Sept.
06/10/1670Sarah, doughter of John Wille, Octo. 6.
99/10/1670Elenore, the wife of Henrye Wrighte, Octo.
12/11/1670Marye, doughter of John Harinson, the 12 Nov.
15/11/1670Christayne Penrose the 15 Nov.
27/11/1670Mr Francis Bray the 27 of Novemb.
27/01/1670Samuell Lyon the 27 of Jen.
30/01/1670Janne Pearson, widow, 30 Jenuary.
17/02/1670Ann, doughter of Ralph Chaitear, 17 Feb.
19/02/1670Doylay Grene the 19 Feb.
20/02/1670John Stead the 20 of Febuarey.
25/03/1671Henrye, sonne of Mr Henrye Pawson, beured 25 Mar.
25/03/1671George, sonne of Mr George Keighlay, 25 Mar.
26/03/1671John Leadeall the 26 March.
02/03/1671Sarah, wife of Willfray Laysenby, 2 of Aprll.
03/04/1671Isabell Hocheshon, widow, 3 of Aprill.
12/04/1671Ann Iley the 12 of Aprill.
13/05/1671Roger Paycocke the 13 of Maye.
15/06/1671Mr Francis Gerames, 15 June.
02/08/1671Mr Richar Bouth, 2 of Aug.
13/06/1671Henrye, sonne of Doyley Lomlay, 13 Au.
14/06/1671James West, sarvant to Mr John Foster, 14 Au.
18/08/1671Sarah, doughter of Mr John Foster, 18 Aug.
28/06/1671Robarte, sonne of William Smith, 28 Au.
16/09/1671Suseanay, doughter of Mr Tho. Styles, 16 Sept.
28/09/1671Petter, sonne of Henrey Sheldes, 28 Sept.
10/10/1671Joseph, sonne of Thomas Walker, Oct. 10.
16/10/1671Ann, doughter of Mathew Wilkes, 16 Oct.
16/06/1671Joseph, sonne of John Gray, 16 Oc.
01/11/1671John, sonne of Mr John Lambart, 1 Novemb.
13/11/1671Ann Revell of St Trentes Hosptall, 13 Nov.
28/11/1671Myles Spence, sonne of Edward Spence, 28 Nov.
29/11/1671Francis, sonne of Thomas Lucus, 29 Nov.
05/12/1671An Orphnt Child of Mr Christofer Wither, 5 Dec.
12/12/1671John, sonne of James Marshall, 12 Decembr.
18/12/1671The Lady Lucy Herbert, wife of Sr Thomas Herbert, Baronett,
was beureid in the Chef e Chausee neare hir deare sonne
Mr Alexsander Herbert, the 18 day of December.
17/12/1671Robart Bradford, draper, 17 Dec.
03/03/1671Marey, doughter of Leonard Hornsey, 3 Mar.
12/03/1671John Hill, cordwinder, 12 March.
24/03/1671John Blanchard of thoulden parrish, 24 Mar.
07/04/1672Thomas Iles of this parish was beureid 7 Aprill.
10/04/1672Thomas Waikefeld, sarvante to George Stockden, 10 Apr.
25/05/1672Dorothie, doughter of Walchingham Cooke, 25 May.
25/05/1672Timothi, sonne of Timothe Turner, 25 May.
18/06/1672Anthony, sonne of Mickell Willson, 18 June.
20/06/1672Mareye, wife of George Stockden, 20 June.
27/06/1672Allse, wife of William Elis, 27 June.
07/07/1672Robarte, sonne of James Pickring, 7 July.
13/09/1672Petter, sonne of Jacob Colingson, 13 Sept.
01/10/1672An Orphnt childe of Bryon Scottes, 1 Oct.
30/11/1672Mary Dawson of St Trenetyes, 30 Novemb.
02/12/1672Elizebth, wife of Mr John Foster, 2 Decemb.
08/12/1672John Johnson, sarvante to Francis Hall, 8 Decemb.
10/12/1672Allis Waler, widow, the 10 of Decemb.
29/12/1672John, sonne of Mr Christofer Withers, 29 of December.
30/12/1672George, sonne of Mr George Horner, 30 Dec.
01/01/1672Patterick, sonne of John Willoby, 1 Jen.
05/01/1672Sargant John Coullbrouke, the 5 Jen.
16/01/1672James Pickring, soulder, the 16 Jan.
20/01/1672William, sonne of Jeremia Wellflet, 20 Jen.
29/01/1672Ann, dougter of Thomas Bradley, 29 Jan.
02/02/1672John, sonne of Mr John Fosster, 2 Feb.
06/02/1672Grace, doughter of Edward Preston, 6 Feb.
31/01/1672William, sonne Will Jackson, the 31 Jen.
01/02/1672Marey, doughter of James Browne, 1 Feb.
14/02/1672Isabel, sarvant of Marey Dean, 14 Feb.
18/02/1672Mr William Couke, the 18 Feb.
23/02/1672John, sonne of Richard Ward, 23 Feb.
27/02/1672George, sonne of Robart Foster, 27 of Feb.
28/02/1672Juitthe, the wife of John Couper, 28 Feb.
03/03/1672Janne Esingwould, 3 of Mar.
05/03/1672William Elis the 5 of Mar.
06/03/1672Robarte, sonne of Robarte Mathewes, 6 Mar.
09/03/1672Elizebth Browne, the 9 of Mar.
02/04/1673Janne Hill, wife of John Hill, was beureid 2 Aprill.
03/04/1673Elenore, doughter of Thomas Matthewes, 3 Aprill.
23/04/1673Thomas, sonne of Martin Hudham, 23 Aprill.
28/04/1673Ann Fryear, wife of William Fryear, the 28 Aprill.
29/04/1673John, sonne of Mr Will Clarke, the 29 Aprill.
01/05/1673Robarte, sonne of Robarte Turley, 1 of May.
11/05/1673An Orphen Childe of James Pickringes, 11 May.
25/05/1673Thomas, sonne of Mr Robarte Willson, 25 May.
07/07/1673Samuell, sonne of Robart Turlay, 7 of July.
10/07/1673Rachell, doughter of Edward Richardson, 10 July.
28/07/1673Matthew Sampson the 28 July.
11/08/1673Jeremya Welflet, sonne of Jeremya Welflete, the 11 Aug.
12/09/1673Allis Webster, widow, the 12 of Sept.
28/09/1673Francis, douther of Charles Farnell, 28 Sept.
20/10/1673Sarah, doughter of Edward Richardson, 20 Octo.
05/01/1673An Orphen Child of Mr George Keighley, 5 Jan.
06/01/1673Ann, wife of Robart Thurlay, 6 Jan.
09/01/1673Mrs Ann Coouke the 9 Jan.
14/01/1673Ann Smeton, widowe, Jan. 14.
17/01/1673Jacob, sonne of Jacobe Colingson, Jan. 17.
30/01/1673Gorge Renton, the sone of George P enton, Jan. 30.
04/01/1673Eadward Spence, parish Clarke, Fib. 4.
16/01/1673Eling Reed, the wife of Abrham Reed, Fib. 16.
22/02/1673James Marshall, baker, Feb. 22.
01/03/1673Esther, the wife of John Pecke then of St Savir parish, Mar. 1st.
01/02/1673Jane, the daughter of Leonard Potter, on ye same day.
08/03/1673A Child of James Pickering, not baptized, Mar. 8th
15/05/1674Elenor, the wife of Thomas Metcalfe, was buried May ye 15.
12/06/1674John, the son of John Priestly, June 12.
17/06/1674Maudland Wyrel, sister to ye wife of John Fox, June the 17.
27/06/1674Thomas Harding was buryed June the 27.
02/07/1674George, the son of Thomas Batterbie, the second of July.
28/08/1674Thomas Browne the 28 of Aug.
06/10/1674Francis, ye son of Mr John Page of Thriske, Octob. 6th
10/10/1674Henry, the son of Jacob Lund, Octob. ye 10th
19/10/1674Richard, the son of Thomas Booth, Octob. 19.
01/11/1674Mary Metcalfe, November ye first.
17/11/1674Cicely Kay, November ye 17th
19/11/1674Anne, the daughter of John Willoughby, Novemb. 19.
26/11/1674John, the son of Edward Richardson, Novem. 26.
29/01/1674Margaret, ye Daughter of Mr Robert Davy, Jan. 29.
22/02/1674Elizabeth, the daughter of Sr Thomas Herbert, Baronet,
& Dame Elizabeth. his wife, daughter to Sr Gervase Cutler, knight,
& ye Lady Magdalene daughter of ye Right Honorable Earle of Bridgewater,
was buryed the 22nd of February 1674 in ye Chancel of St Crux Church.
05/03/1674Mrs Martha Chayter (a very Godly Matron) Mar. 5th.
09/03/1674Elizabeth, ye daughter of Timothy Turner, Mar. 9.
15/03/1674John the son of Ralph Chayter, Mar. 15.
24/03/1674Richard, the son of Mr George Kighley, Mar. 24.
12/04/1675Francis Bradshaw, servant to Mr Robert Wilson, was buryed Apr. 12.
14/04/1675Mary, the Daughter of Mr Straker, Apr. 14.
20/05/1675Priscilla Chayter, May 20.
14/07/1675Thomas Metcalfe, July the 14th
17/07/1675Elinor Crosby, July the 17th.
12/08/1675Benjamin, the son of Jeremy Welfit, August the twelfth.
24/08/1675Ralph, the son of Ralph Chayter, Aug. 24.
18/10/1675Robert Turlay was buryed Octob. 18.
28/10/1675John Wyley, Octob. 28.
29/10/1675William, the son of Mr William Thomlinson, Octob. 29.
02/11/1675Lazarus, the son of Edward Preston, Novemb. 2r.
29/11/1675John Marriod, the son of George Marriod, Novemb. 29.
12/12/1675Susanna Bayley, Decemb. 12th.
29/12/1675Henry, the son of Edward Robinson, Decemb. 29.
12/01/1675Merrill, the wife of Mr Robert Wright, Januar. 12.
16/01/1675Mary, the daughter of Doyley Linley, Janu. 16.
06/02/1675Elizabeth, the daughter of Doyley Linley, Feb. 6.
12/02/1675Elizabeth Straker, Feb. 12.
17/02/1675John, the son of Thomas Booth, Feb. 17.
24/02/1675Henry, the son of Henry Shields, Feb. 24.
11/03/1675Thomas, the son of Richard Franke, Mar. 11.
13/04/1676Margaret, ye Daughter of Joseph Booth, was buryed April ye 13th.
19/04/1676Nathaniel, the son of Timothy Turner, April ye 19th.
05/05/1676Charly, the son of Robert Rawdon, May the 5th.
08/05/1676Abraham Read, May the 8th.
24/06/1676Jane, the daughter of George Horner, June ye 24th.
16/07/1676Mr Thomas Robinson, July the 16.
23/07/1676Leonard Hornsey, July 23.
02/08/1676Dorothy Russels, Aug. 2d.
04/08/1676Mary, the wife of Mr Christopher Withers, Aug. ye 4th.
14/08/1676John, the son of Richard Spech, Aug. ye 14th.
22/08/1676John Ingledew, Aug. 22d.
08/09/1676Judeth, the daughter of Mr Rotte Davy, Sept. 8th.
27/09/1676Jane, wife of Thomas Bedford, Sept. 27th.
17/10/1676William Cordeux, October the 17th
10/12/1676Jane Thompson, December ye tenth.
25/12/1676Catherine Staynton, December ye 25th.
24/01/1676Anne, the wife of William Lazenby, Jan. 24th.
02/02/1676Catherine, ye wife of William Headley, Feb. ye 2nd.
15/02/1676Edward, son of John Willoughby, Feb. 15th.
28/03/1677John, son of Francis Morewood, was buryed March ye 28th.
29/03/1677Mr John Taylor, March ye 29th.
99/99/1677Margaret, the daughter of Thomas Booth, was buryed 1677.
24/04/1677Dorothy Hodshon, April ye 24th.
07/05/1677Grace, the wife of William Goodrick, May ye 7th.
17/05/1677Matthew, son of Leonard Pottar, May 17.
21/06/1677Mary, daughter of Edward Richardson, June 21.
23/06/1677Mary, wife of George Hobson, June 23.
26/06/1677Martha, the wife of William Tod, June 26.
12/07/1677William Garnet, July the 12.
21/07/1677Elizabeth Brice, July 21.
06/08/1677John, son of John Hague, Aug. 6.
04/10/1677Christopher, the son Christopher Hutton, Oct. 4.
05/10/1677Thomasin, the daughter of Richard Thomas, Oct. 5.
08/10/1677Thomas Burrel was buryed Oct. 8.
08/10/1677Robert, son of Thomas Wildbore, on the same day Oct. 8.
21/10/1677Grace, daughter of Henry Shields, Oct. 21.
26/10/1677Matthew Wilkes, Oct. 26.
28/10/1677Sarah, wife of John Priestley, Oct. 28.
11/11/1677Jane, daughter of Richard Kay, Novemb. 11.
12/11/1677Henry, the son of Samuel Pownall, Novem. 12.
31/12/1677Margaret, the wife of Christopher Hutton, Decemb. 31.
01/01/1677Richard Franke, Jan. the first.
12/01/1677Dorothy, daughter of Mr George Horner, Jan. 12.
13/02/1677Margaret, daughter of Mr Edward Lewes, Feb. 13.
03/03/1677Mary, daughter of James Pickering, Mar. 3rd.
11/03/1677Hannabella, the daughter of Mr Edward Lewes, Mar. 11.

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1922
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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