York St. Crux Registers - Marriages 1541-1677.


Transcription of the York St. Crux Registers - Marriages 1541-1677.

Please note I cannot guarantee that my software has always extracted the date in the date column correctly.
The dates are given in the order the appear in the register which is not necessarily numerical order.
Also note that the year commenced on the 25th March up to 1752.
but that the date column numbers the months in the modern method (English format)

DateGroom's and Bride's names
03/09/1541Robt Paycock & Margarett Willson was maried the 3 of September.
12/10/1541William Hayton and Anne Nacollson, the 12 of October.
20/10/1541Thomas Mylleyne & Elizabeth Yonge, the 20 of October.
25/04/1541Henrye Hill and Mawde Lowicke, the 25 of Aprill.
10/05/1541Peter Jackson and Margarett Taylor, the 10 of Maye.
12/07/1541Roland Water and Jane Ellwicke, the 12 of Julie.
03/09/1541Robt Criplinge and Agnes Smyth, the 3 of September.
16/01/1541Thomas Cowper and Anne Adriell, the 16 of Januarie.
12/05/1542James Maltbie and Jenett Cartemell, the 12 of May.
16/11/1542William Cowper and Anne Harbattle, the 16 of November.
22/01/1542Nicholas Wiseman and Margarett Locksmyth, the 22 of Jan.
10/05/1543John Bacon and Alison Viconne, the 10 of Maye.
14/06/1543Leonard Temple and Alison Tomsonne, the 14 of June.
10/07/1543Gieles Tomlingson and Jennett Johnson, the 10 of Julye.
14/08/1543William Garnett and Margarett Wildcocke, the 14 of August.
20/01/1543James Thorne and Anne Edwyne, the 20 of Januarie.
15/07/1544Thoms Locksmyth and Elyn Crowdes, the 15 of Julye.
20/09/1544William Lockrington and Sibble Thornton, the 20 of Septem.
20/11/1544Thoms Dunwell and Isable Sticknam, the 20 of November.
17/12/1544Edmound Gryneburye and Anne Ellwicke, the 17 of December.
23/01/1544William Jackson and Anne Sorye, the 23 of Januarie.
14/05/1545William Arthurde and Jennett Jackson, the 14 of Maye.
20/07/1545Robt Willow and Elizabeth Bee, the 20 of Julye.
16/10/1545Thoms Hawboyes and Ellyne Wildrorke, the 16 of October.
13/01/1545Richarde Burden and Ellyner Carricke, the 13 of Januarye.
25/01/1545John Pease and Kathorin Coath, the 25 of Januarie.
20/01/1545Willm Plowman & Isable Fawcett, the 20 of Januarie.
12/05/1546Ralph Thomlingson & Anne Stockes, the 12 of Maye.
26/05/1546Robt Gamble & Alison Smythe, the 26 of Maye.
10/06/1546John Fardinge & Alison Buckshawe, the 10 of June.
20/08/1546Pattrick Pattison & Elizabeth Storie, the 20 of August.
08/10/1546Xpofer Sugden & Ellyne Wannopp, the 8 of October.
24/10/1546George Boyes & Anne Chatterton, the 24 of October.
24/11/1546Willm Savie & Elizabeth Robinson, the 24 of November.
17/07/1547Robt Willms & Isable Robinson, the 17 of July.
27/04/1547Richard Cowper & Margarett Smyth, the 27 of Aprill.
04/05/1547Robt Layton & Jennett Ellwicke, the 4 of Maye.
10/11/1547Richard Magnus & Agnes Nolson, the 10 of November.
23/11/1547James Paynett & Mawde Taylor, the 23 of November.
19/01/1547Robt Clarke and Anne Bellwood, the 19 of Januarye.
20/01/1547Willm Johnson & Katherin Brodcliff, the 20 of Januarye.
27/02/1547Ric. Foxgill & Jennett Greneburie, the 27 of Februarye.
26/03/1548Willm Hunt & Jennett Brax was maried the 26 of Marche.
12/04/1548John Jhonson & Elizabeth Robinson, the 12 of April.
99/99/1548Willm Halle & Margrett Walker was married the 5 yeare of King Ed. the 6.
09/08/1548John Holegate & Jennett Hewetson, the 9 of August.
12/10/1548Roger Lyddell & Margarett Jackson, the 12 of October.
17/11/1548John Hartley & Jennett Hould, the 17 of November.
10/12/1548John Skayfe & Jennett Liddle, the 10 of December.
07/12/1548Willm Beckwth and Alice Race, the 7 of December.
30/01/1548Willm Calverd & Margarett Wright, the 30 of Januarye.
16/05/1549Willm Gibson & Ellyne Wilkingson, the 16 of Maye.
14/08/1549Willm Osborne & Alice Bawshaw, the 14 of August.
04/12/1549Thoms Palison & Elizabth Tomson, the 4 of December.
17/01/1549John Hardcastle & Alice Cowper, the 17 of Januarie.
03/06/1549Willm Belt & Jennett Chapman, the 3 of June.
15/06/1549Robt Taylor & Elizabth Thornton, the 15 of June.
04/10/1549John Hamshaw & Elizabth Maltbie, the 4 of October.
16/10/1549James Kirton & Margarett Ellwicke, the 16 of October.
30/06/1550Wilim Watson and Margarett Lulley, the 30 of June.
17/11/1550Robt Newton & Jane Ayrey, the 17 of November.
03/05/1550Gilles Nicholson & Jenett Charter was married the 3 of May.
07/06/1551Willm Bullock & Jelyon Stodard, the 7 of June.
05/11/1551Richard Burden & Jennett Pollard, the 5 of November.
30/11/1551George Halle & Margarett Browne, the 30 of November.
17/02/1551Willm Robinson & Emott Slack, the 17 of Februarye.
20/06/1551Willm Mason & Elizabth Murrey, the 20 of June.
26/09/1552John Granger and Anne Jackson, the 26 of September.
21/11/1552Bryan Sutton & Isable Hodgson, the 21 of November.
26/11/1552Thoms Jackson & Marie Bawderstone, the 26 of November.
27/01/1552James Sowrey & Jennett Wilkinson, the 27 of Januarye.
09/02/1552George Stevenson & Julyan Richardson, the 9 of February.
02/05/1553Edward Johnson & Margarett Holme, the 2 of Maye.
22/07/1553Willm Skotson & Thomason Biggill, the 22 of Julye.
07/08/1553Willm Cooke & Marie Ward, the 7 of August.
30/08/1553Bryan Pearson & Kathorin Layton, the 30 of August.
03/10/1553William Robinson and Agnes Waith, the 3 of October.
27/11/1553Richard Wright and Margarett Wright, the xxvii of November.
31/04/1554Marten Edmondson and Isable Skager, the last day of Aprill.
04/06/1554Wm Welborne and Kathoren Fraynous, the fourth of June.
19/11/1554Thomas Rakes and Isable Fardinge, the 19 of November.
02/05/1555Thoms Lune and Alice Willson was maried the 2 of Maye.
27/05/1555Thomas Daill and Alice Jackson, the 27 of Maye.
30/05/1555George Tarton and Elizabeth Hoge, the 30 of Maye.
27/06/1555William Nichollson and Kathorin Boyes, the 27 of June.
26/07/1555Bryan Wyther and Jenett Standforth, the 26 of Julie.
26/07/1555Fraunces Taylor and Ellyn Taugun, the 26 of Julie.
20/10/1556Peter Oliffe and Margarett Hutton, the 20 of October
25/10/1556Raulfe Garth and Margarett Water, the 25 of October.
16/11/1556Richard Smyth and Alice Witherell, the 16 of November.
26/04/1556John Watson and Agnes Browne was maried the 26 of Aprill.
28/04/1561Richard Colson and Isable Witherall, the 28 of Aprill.
26/08/1562Willm Atkinson and Elizabeth Beckwth, the 26 of August.
08/11/1562John Robinson and Alice Reade, the 8 of November.
12/11/1562Willm Newbie and Edith Dawson, the 12 of November.
08/02/1562Willm Horner and his wife was maried the 8 of Februarie.
28/08/1563Cuthbert Locksmyth and Anne Marshall, the 28 of August.
16/10/1563Roger Welflett and Anne Wharton, the 16 of October.
24/10/1563Hugh Ryder and Mawde Gamlinge, the 24 of October.
26/11/1563Willm Smyth and Alice Dorell, the 26 of November.
08/05/1564James Leppington and Isable Hemsley, 8 of Maye.
06/07/1564John Smyth and Jennett Sorey, the 6 of Julye.
15/07/1565Henrye Catton and Elizabeth Clerkson, the 15 of Julye.
22/07/1565Charles Skayfe and Margarett Jackson, the 22 of Julie.
29/08/1565Richard Mason and Grace Shawe, the 29 of August.
01/12/1565Rauf Iley and Anne Ingrum, the first day of December.
17/09/1566Henrie Savell and Fraunces Gryneburie, the 17 of Sept.
27/06/1567Richard Hucheson and Anne Hucheson, the 27 of June.
20/07/1567John Welborne and Jennett Glewe, the 20 of Julie.
01/10/1567Willm Geldard and Jane Weddood, the first of October.
26/10/1567Richard Noble and Isable Lulley, the 26 of October.
09/05/1568William Mason and Jenett Halle was maried the ix of Maye.
12/05/1568John Metcalfe and Agnes Hemsworth, the 12th of Maye.
12/05/1568Edward Exilbie and Edith Exilbie, the 12 of Maye.
04/07/1568Peter Porter and Isable Boulton, the 4 of Julie.
04/07/1568James Wilkinson and Jenett Geldertson, the 4 of Julie.
20/01/1568Anthoney Lawrence and Kathorin Nevell, the 20 of Januarye.
15/05/1569Thomas Haulborne and Jennett Wharton, the 15 of Maye.
28/08/1569Leonard Wright and Mawde Burden, the 28 of August.
23/10/1569Peter Best and Jenett Halle, the 23 of October.
26/04/1570Willm Mason and Emott Bickle, the 26 of Aprill.
30/04/1570Henrie Wright and Agnes Sutton, the 30 of Aprill.
99/99/1570John Chapman and Elizabeth Tomson, the (blank)
04/07/1570Xpofer Beckwith and Alice Brooke, the 4 of Julye.
22/01/1571Robt. Vawse and Margery Lune, the 22 of Januarye.
02/02/1571John Smyth and Katheryn Wilkinson the 2 of Februarye.
08/05/1572Willm Kinge and Mawde Fardinge, the 8 of Maye.
15/07/1572Richard Richardsonne and Isable Wilson, the 15 of Julie.
26/11/1572Willm Barton and Margarett Asquyth, the 26 of November
02/02/1572John Smyth and Agnes Nuttkin, the 2 of Februarie.
27/04/1573Roger Willmson and Barbara Cowper, the 27 of Aprill.
15/06/1573John Skurre and Alice Oliffe was maried the 15 of June.
21/06/1573Willm Calverte and Alice Clitherall, the 21 of June.
28/07/1573Hugh Jackson and Isable Shirborne, the 28 of Julie.
09/09/1573Leonard Belt and Marie Beckwth, the ixth of September.
14/09/1573John Burton and Jennett Awne, the 14 of September.
04/11/1573Willm Scott and Kathorin Lulley, the 4 of November.
24/05/1573Willm Geilles and Elizabeth Walker, the 24 of Maye.
25/10/1573Thoms Richardson and Anne Fardinge, the 25 of October.
08/11/1573Willm Heyton and Jennett Moore, the 8 of November.
29/11/1573Richard Taylor and Alice Harison, the 29 of November.
11/06/1574Richard Newbie and Elizabeth Waston, 11 of June.
12/07/1574Roger Horner and Jennett Watson, the 12 of Julie.
04/11/1574John Gray and Jenett Cowpland, the iiijth of November.
21/11/1574Thoms Dawtrey and Jennett Mason, the 21 of November.
18/04/1575Michaell Browne and Jane Watson was maried the 18 of Aprill.
06/06/1575Richard Browne and Kathorin Nichollson, the 6 of June.
15/08/1575Anthonye Gamsbye and Elizabeth Pennyngton, the 15 of Aug.
26/11/1575Edmound Mawde and Jennett Storme, the 26 of November.
14/01/1575Adam Anderson and Elizabeth Washenige, the 14 of Januarie
14/01/1575Willm Osman and Emott Lumbarde, the 14 of Januarie
28/08/1576Marke Belt and Elizabeth Shawe was maried the 28 of August.
30/08/1576John Mettcalf and Alice Harbert, the 30 of August.
28/10/1576Willm Wayte and Elizabeth Lawson, the 28 of October.
28/10/1576Robert Lidster and Elizabethe Wilkinson, the 28 of October.
20/01/1576Willm Nicollson and Kathorin Hutcheson, the 20 of Januarye.
15/04/1577John Iley and Anne Marston was maried the 15 of Aprill.
30/06/1577Thoms Rigall and Elizabeth Ducke, the 30 of June.
13/07/1577Richard Graye and Elizabeth Watson, the 13 of Julie.
20/08/1577William Calame and Ursela Harbert, the xxth of August.
27/10/1577Anthonye Vawse and Mawde Nicollson, the 27 of October.
17/11/1577John Bowlinge and Jennett Garnett, the 17 of November.
20/11/1577Henrye Belt and Agnes Watson, the 20 of November.
24/11/1577John Spence and Elizabeth Pearson, the 24 of November.
04/02/1577Willm Burton and Elizabeth Tuerd, the 4 of Februarye.
27/04/1578Xpofer Walker and Anne Tomson was maried the 27 of Aprill.
29/04/1578Anthoney Ryder and Jane Todd, the 29 of Aprill.
27/07/1578Steven Preston and Jennett Beame, the 27 of Julie.
29/04/1578Robert Myers and Barbara Halle, the 29 of Aprill.
09/11/1578Willm Grene and Elizabeth Hewton, the 9 of November.
23/11/1578Nicholles Galley and Jenett Jay, the 23 of November.
02/02/1578Bryan Pearson and Jennett Rame, the 2 of Februarie.
27/02/1578Xpofer Walker and Anne Rostby, the 27 of Februarye.
13/07/1578Anno Dili John Tomson and Jennett Pearse was maried the 13 of Julie.
19/07/1579John Steille and Margerye Daylle, the 19 of Julie.
30/08/1579Robt Greene and Alice Warrey, the 30 of August.
16/09/1579Peter Curryer and Jane Bradley, the 16 of September.
14/01/1579Anthoney Fox and Jane Hamond, the 14 of Januarie.
24/01/1579Thomas David and Kathorin Pibus, the 24 of Januarie.
28/01/1579Edwarde Darke and Ellyne Willson, the 28 of Januarye.
17/04/1580Xpofer Stones and Mylley Watson was maried the 17 of April.
24/04/1580Edward Turner & Johane Hudson, the 24 of Aprill.
26/06/1580George Parker and Margarett Chamber, the 26 of June.
10/07/1580Roger Richardson and Margarett Cuthbt, the 10 of Julye.
30/05/1580Thoms Maye and Clare Coattes, the 30 of October.
06/11/1580Roger Sadler and Elizabeth Rundall, the 6 of November.
23/11/1580Henrie Fawcon and Agnes Coolebie, the 23 of November.
24/11/1580Robt Kettlam & Edith Newbie, the 24 of November.
24/11/1580John Pennocke and Elizabeth Hynde, the 24 of November.
23/04/1581Roger Genison and Mawde Dickeson, the 23 of Aprill.
30/04/1581Willm Dawson and Mawde Tomson, the 30 of Aprill.
28/05/1581William Gryneburie and Marie Barnarde, the 28 of Maye.
11/07/1581Mr Xpofer Maltbie, Alderman and Marie Mowforth, the xith Jul.
08/08/1582John Robinson and Alice Burden was maried the 8 of August.
16/09/1582Robert Harison and Fraunces Robinson, the 16 of September.
02/10/1582John Willson and Elizabeth Hudson, the 2 of October.
08/10/1582Mathew Stayneton and Phillice Metcalfe, the 8 of October.
05/11/1582William Gill and Isabell Rakes, the 5 of November.
05/11/1582Richard Tebb and Kathorin Newton, the 5 of November.
25/11/1582John Batchler and Margarett Horner, the 25 of November.
21/01/1582Henrie Winter and Ane White, the 21 of Januarie.
23/01/1582John Tyndall and Isable Gybson, the 23 of Januarie.
13/05/1583John Hendye and Margarett Garnett was maried the 13 of Maye
14/06/1583Robert Collyer and Ellene Bollinge, the 14 of June.
18/06/1583Edward Willson and Margarett Triplinge, the 18 of June.
23/09/1583Edwarde Yewersley and Agnes Fawthroppe, the 23 of Sep.
18/11/1583Robt Morton and Mawd Harison, the 18 of November.
25/11/1583Thomas Bowde and Sicilley was maried the 25 of November.
07/02/1583Edmounde Bogg and Fraunces Backster, the 7 of Februarye.
12/08/1584Robt Blackborne and Elizabeth Ryley, the 12 of August.
17/11/1584Thomas Wadsworth and Agnes Hesleton, the 17 of November.
17/11/1584John Alderson and Margarett Metcalfe, the 17 of November.
28/11/1584Thomas Davie and Agnes Mason, the 28 of November.
11/02/1584Robte Hudson and Bettresse Burdon, the 11 of Februarie.
06/09/1585John Wiseman and his wife was maried the 6 of September.
13/05/1585James Horner and Anne Taylor, vid. the 13 of Maye.
16/05/1585James Dickson and Marye Hey, the 16 of Maye.
20/05/1585Richard Avyson and Elizabeth Criplinge, the 20 of Maye.
23/07/1585Robert Wright and Elizabeth Skotson, the 23 of Julie.
15/08/1585George Smyddie and Elizabeth Tennante, the 15 of August.
12/09/1585William Skofild and Elizabeth Braythwayte, the 12 of Sept.
26/09/1585Richard Hodgson and Alice Tomson, the 26 of September.
14/11/1585Thomas Sadler and Margarett Brewse, the 14 of November.
26/11/1585David Bell and Helene Forest, the 26 of November.
27/12/1585Dericke Gerarde and Anne Edmondson, the 27 of December.
07/06/1586John Spence and Jane Swayne was maried the seventh of June.
19/06/1586Thomas Gibson and Jane Smyth, the 19 of June.
26/08/1586James Scoffyne and Margarett Perlman, the 26 of August.
21/08/1586Xpofer Hardie and Jane Bivell, the 21 of August.
23/08/1586John Horner and Margarett Johnson, the 23 of August.
22/09/1586Xpofer Cowper and Margarett Herrington the 22 of September.
23/09/1586Robert Bradbyner and Alice Leadbeater, the 23 of September
13/11/1586Lawrence Waterworth and Isable Watson, the 13 of November.
24/11/1586John Granger and Mylley Dimydge, the 24 of November.
17/01/1586John Gowland and Alice Wright, the 17 of Januarie.
22/02/1586Cuthbert Atkinson and Anne Hemsley, the 22 of Februarie.
06/05/1587Xpofer Awderson and Margarett Whithouse, the 6 of Maye
06/08/1587Symon Rundall and Johan Watson, the 6 of August.
10/09/1587Edward Rogerson and Anne Fynley, the 10 of September.
07/11/1587John Chapman and Anne Robinson, the 7 of November.
12/11/1587John Kidson and Doritie Glover, the 12 of November.
30/11/1587John Willson and Elizabeth Clerke, the 30 of November.
17/02/1587Henrye Lawson and Agnes Garnett, the 17 of Februarye.
17/02/1587John Higgen and Jenett Newbie, the 17 of Februarie.
25/06/1588William Slater and Barbara Lovell was maried the 25 of June.
30/06/1588Symond Butterfild and Isable Horner, the 30 of June.
06/08/1588Raulph Hedlam and Anne Thornell, the 6 of August.
11/08/1588Robert Barghe and Alice Applebie, the 11 of August.
08/09/1588Rowland Hucheson and Isable was maried the 8 of September.
06/10/1588Anthoney Sigswith and Alice Johnson, the 6 of October.
26/10/1588Roger Slater and Jane Willson, the 26 of October.
05/11/1588Richard Harbert and Jane Robinson, the vth of November.
17/11/1588Richard Bayteman and Elizabeth Browne, the 17 of November.
20/11/1588Richard Hodgeson and Elizabeth Asquythe, the 20 of Nov.
01/12/1588Thomas Phillipson and Elizabeth Winter, the first of December.
01/12/1588Thomas Cowlinge and Margarett Brise, the first of December.
06/12/1588Anthoney Hudson and Alice Edmondson, the 6 of December.
19/02/1588Anthoney Renoldson and Alice Huggeson, the 19 of Februarie.
17/08/1589Anthoney Rishcord and Jane Robinson, the 17 of August.
02/09/1589Robt Myars and Kathorin Asquyth, the second of September.
12/10/1589Oswould Leife and Elizabeth Nicollson, the 12 of October.
19/10/1589Thomas Davie and Agnes Ryley, the 19 of October.
16/11/1589Fargus Gryne and Johane Kidson, the 16 of November.
26/11/1589William Poter and Maryerie Hobson, the 26 of November.
17/06/1590Anthoney Webster and Fraunces Robinson, the 17 of June.
21/06/1590Ellis Carre and Margarett Willson, the 21 of June.
23/08/1590William Tompson and Jane Robinson, the 23 of August.
15/11/1590Fraunces Newbie and Jane was maried the xv of November.
31/01/1590Robert Crake and Anne Squyre, the 31 of Januarie.
16/11/1590Robt Stable and Johan Hobkyne, the 16 of November.
09/02/1590Thomas Groves and Anne Harbert, the 9 of Februarye.
06/05/1590Anno Dili John Tomson and Margarett Jakson was maried the 6 of Maye.
15/07/1591Josephe Elford and Alice Kente, the 15 of Julye.
01/08/1591William Jefferson and Alice Wright, the first of August
08/08/1591John Watson and Anne Harsfild, the 8 of August.
08/10/1591Thoms Pratt and Myllysent Rakes, the 8 of October.
13/11/1591Thoms Smyth and Clare Burden, the 13 of November.
16/01/1591Cutbert Lambert and Anne Rackcliffe, the xvith of Januarye.
27/10/1592Willm Browne and Anne Clowdesley, the 27 of October.
04/11/1592Jarvis Pogmer and Margarett Halle, the 4 of November.
24/12/1592Frances Browne and Elizabeth Jackson, the 24 of December.
04/02/1592Richard Wyley and Jane Poatte, the 4 of Februarie.
04/02/1592Robt Cowlinge and Issable Crosbie, the 4 of Februarie.
11/02/1592Richard Wightson and Myllisent Granger, the 11 of Februarie.
29/04/1593Richard Atkinson and Elizabeth Messinger, the 29 of Aprill.
12/06/1593James Boyes and Alice Belt was maried the 12 of June.
07/10/1593Richard Plumer and Jane Wright, the 7 of October.
21/10/1593William Willson and Jane Dargan, the 21 of October.
20/01/1593Richard Litle and Mary Rakes, the 20 of Januarie.
29/05/1594Thomas Langstaye and Elizabeth Water, the 29 of Maye.
02/06/1594Richard Willson and Jane Robinson, the 2 of June.
04/08/1594William Stafforth and Margerie Warden, the 4 of August.
19/01/1594John Patten and Jane Wileye, the 19 of Januarie.
22/06/1595Thomas Berryman et Agnet Wayte was maried the 22 of June.
20/11/1595George Willson and Elizabeth Browne, the 20 of November.
13/01/1595Robt French and Brigitt Pinchen, the 13 of Januarye.
06/06/1596Robt Harkendall and Margarett Watson, the 6 of June.
30/10/1596William Newbie and Jane Nicollson, the last day of October.
28/06/1597(blank) et uxor Webster was maried the 28 day of June.
01/08/1597Bryan Walker and Anne Myddleton, the first day of August.
29/01/1597Edward Hynde and Luce Skayf, the 29 of Januarye.
20/04/1598Thomas Berrye et Jane Horner was maried the 20 of Aprill.
28/05/1598James Thornell & Alice Chambers, the 28 of Maye.
09/07/1598Willm Lawrence & Jane Richardson, the 9 of Julye.
23/07/1598George Harkley et Elizabeth Henman, the 23 of Julye.
06/08/1598Nicholas Atkingson & Margerye Byvell, the 6 of August.
24/01/1598Thomas Burton & Kattran Crofte, the xxiiiith of January.
04/02/1598George Smith and Jane Roper, the iiiith of Februarie.
05/06/1599George Askwith and Sara Belt was maried the vth of June.
10/06/1599William Nelson & Christian Burden, the xth of June.
17/06/1599Robart Smith and Dorothie Hutchensone, the 17th of June.
01/07/1599Robart Chapman and Marie Clarke, the first of July.
05/08/1599Richard Tibb and Joane Hamon, the vth day of August.
20/08/1599James Staueley & Jane Prestone, the xxth of August.
23/10/1599Phillip Utie and Margery Persivall, the 23 of October.
23/10/1599John Brigges and An Acroyd, the 23 of October.
18/11/1599Christopher Busfild and An Wood, the xviiith of Novemb.
20/11/1599Wm Gill & Jane Hudson, the xxth of November.
24/06/1600Anno Edward Buckle and Jane Place was married the 24 of June.
01/08/1600Anthonie Robinson and Jane Heslewood, the 1 day of Aug.
26/08/1600John Hopkirk and Ellin Reede, the 26 of August.
07/09/1600Edward Maugie and Ellin Dargon, the 7 of September.
07/02/1602Robt Belt and Jane Hudson was marred the vii of February.
28/03/1603Mathew Whytell & Agnes Robinson, the 28 of Marche.
19/06/1603Richard Ellweyk & Elzabeth was marred the 19 of June.
31/06/1603(blank) and Elzabeth Sorye, the last day of June.
08/10/1603Will Johnson and Agnes Graye, the viiith of October.
20/11/1603Simond Pockley & Elizabethe Harkley, the xxth of November.
29/01/1603Willm Lulley & Jane Wood, the last day of Jenevary
06/05/1604Willm Newbie & Edethe Newbie was maried the vi of Maye.
08/05/1604Richard Lumley & Easter Brooke, the 8 of Maye.
20/11/1604John Teshton and Jane Vasse, the 20 of November.
30/11/1604Roger Wanup and Johne Teebe, the 30 of November.
30/11/1604Raphe Dosse and Janne Baxter, the 30 of November.
15/01/1604Rychard Walker and Bryegett Symson, the 15 Jenry.
15/01/1604Jhon Rennardson and Ann Mylner, the 15 of Jeny.
20/01/1604Thomas Vayse and Mergrett Davyson, the 20 Jeny.
22/01/1604Necolas Emerson and Margrett Wryght, the 22 of Jenry.
29/01/1604Thomas Wylson and Jane Wyllson, the 29 of Jenry.
21/04/1605Wm Vasse and Jane Wordoue was maryed the 21 of Aprell.
12/05/1605Thomas Ketlen and Janne Smedes, the 12 of May.
28/05/1605Jhon Regell and Marye Chapman, the 28 of Maye.
30/06/1605Wm Lennge and Janne Wryght, the 30 day of June.
07/07/1605Avara Seeker and Janne Atkenson, the 7 of July.
14/07/1605Robartt Shryscrofte ales Hamand and Ayles Hodgeson, 14 July.
04/08/1605George Ellenson and Jane Beeles, the 4 of August.
18/08/1605George Stell and Elsabeth Robynson, the 18 of August.
13/10/1605Thomas Hodgeson and Eales Letster, the 13 of October.
10/11/1605Rychard Jacson and Anne Croft, the 10 of November.
24/11/1605Wm Keye and Anne Symson, the 24 Novem.
26/11/1605Rychard Byggen and Berbray Davee, the 26 November.
01/12/1605Chrystopher Joye and Ousleye Akester, the fyrst of December.
19/01/1605Steven Martyn and Mayery Chapman, the 19 of Jenry.
21/01/1605Raphe Peckeryng and Janne Browne, the 21 of Jenuary.
26/01/1605Robartt Conndell and Anne Pheleskerke, the 26 of Jenuary.
10/02/1605James Garbutt and Eilen Henyson, the 10 of February.
25/02/1605George Ryeder and Janne Lullay, the 25 of February.
25/05/1606Roweland Swynbanke and Janne Hall was maried the 25 of May.
15/06/1606Robart Hewgell and Avera Ducson, the 15 day of June.
22/06/1606Rychard Wylay and Elsabethe Watson, the 22 day of June.
29/06/1606Rychard Robynson and Anne Ledell, the 29 daye of June.
29/06/1606Thomas Daweson and Anne Hasse, the 29 day of June.
25/08/1606Chrystopher Robynson and Elesabethe Broune, the 25 of August.
28/10/1606Wm Wadworth and Anne Herreson, the 28 day of October.
23/11/1606Thomas Illay and Janne Horner, the 23 day of November.
08/12/1606Robart Nayler and Mayry Herreson, the 8 of December.
19/01/1607Wm Ryelay and Gartrutt Fermerar, the 19 day of Jenry, 1607.
29/01/1607Thomas Robinson and Janne Forest, the 29 day of Jenry, 1607.
21/05/1607Thomas Bellwood and Mergrett Bayene, the 21 day of Maye.
28/05/1607Wm Glover and Ellyne Grymie of Wackefeld, the 28 day of May.
07/06/1607Leonard Bland and Eayels Jefferson, the 7 day of June.
11/10/1607Rychard Smythe and Anne Smythe, the 11 day of October.
25/10/1607Bloyes Browne and Seyete Dennt, the 25 day of October.
22/11/1607Wm Wayte and Elsabethe Pecoke, the 22 day of November.
26/11/1607Lancelot Mylner and Anne Elleson, the 26 day of November.
12/01/1608James Wylkinson and Janne Taler, the 12 day of Jenuary, 1608
05/04/1608John Raper and Anne Kay was maryed the 5 day of Aprell.
12/04/1608John Bellwood and Mergret Mountayne, the 12 day of Aprell.
17/04/1608Thomas Heryson and Ails Walker, the 17 day of Aprell.
24/04/1608Myles Rookesb and Mary Hall, the 24 day of Aprell.
24/04/1608Thomas Nellsonne and Elles Franckeland, the 24 day of Aprell.
28/06/1608Robart Barlye and Anne Scoote, the 28 of June.
04/09/1608Necolas Fenteman and Elsabeth Bentlay, 4 September.
09/10/1608Robart Foster and Ellinge Collinson, the 9 daye of October.
16/10/1608Leanerd Webster and Elsabethe Seddell, the 16 day of October.
13/11/1608Rychard Mylner and Margret Wetherell, the 13 day of November.
20/11/1608Robart Gernat and Marye Graye, 20 November.
30/01/1608Thomas Grene and Ales Laweson, 30 Jenuary.
08/06/1609Ralphe Stubbes & Margerie Bellwoode, the 8th of June.
16/07/1609John Shearecroft and Margret Racklefe, the 16 day July.
20/08/1609Francis Cundall & Maudlene Burghe, the xxth day of Auguste.
19/11/1609Chrystopher Joy and Anne Geldard, the 19th day of November.
26/11/1609Thomas Hotchesone and Essabell Wyelay, the 26 of November.
21/12/1609Henry Leaddell and Janne Rycheson, the 21 of Desember.
11/02/1609Wm Mason and Elesabethe Braslynton, the 11 of February.
10/04/1610Leonard Bessone and Elsabeth Foster, the 10 day of Aprell.
24/06/1610Xpofer Leckenby & Elsibeth Kidson, ye 24th of June.
14/08/1610Thomas Nevell and Elsabethe Wood, ye 14th day of August.
26/08/1610Dennes Mounkeman and Catherane Spalton, the 26 of August.
07/10/1610Robartt Cotes and Elezabethe Cooke, the 7 day of October.
18/11/1610Thomas Moore and Esebell Sparke married 18 of November.
27/11/1610Ralph Wood and Margret Regell, 27 of November.
23/04/1611Franncis Aslabie and Elezabethe May was marryed 23 Aprell.
09/05/1611Lionell Dawson & Anne Spurrete, ye 9 of May.
14/05/1611Henrye Clarke and Ellenge Geldard, the 14 of May.
18/08/1611Wm Graye and Anne Beanne, the 18 of August.
20/08/1611Roger Sebbet and Margret Pearson, 20 of August.
26/11/1611James Hucheson and Mayry Cooke, 26 November.
01/12/1611Edward Warrener and Essabell Fysher, fyrst December.
10/12/1611Steven Jerome & Katheran Wilforde, ye 10 of December.
03/02/1611Antony Rawlenson and Jhonne Francke, 3 of February.
30/06/1612Richard Clarkeson and Anne Mounton was marryed 30 June.
13/09/1612John Clarkeson and Margreat Robinson, 13 of September.
27/09/1612John Hurdeson and Janne Wyeley, 27 of September.
13/11/1612John Ridley and Elsibeth Kinge, by license, Novemb. 13.
13/04/1613Rychard Hall and Elsabeth Grave was married by lycense, Apr. 13.
27/04/1613Robart Myares and Jaine Wilforthe, the 27 Aprell by a lysence.
25/05/1613Robart Moor and Kirthan Nellson, the 25 day of May.
06/06/1613John Cammell and Anne Teebb, the 6 day of June.
15/06/1613Hewe Story and Ellynge Regeson, the 15 day of June.
15/06/1613Wm Jefferson and Sesselay Pullane, the 15 of June.
05/10/1613John Garforth and Alice Boyes, the 5 day of October.
14/11/1613Thomas Pryston and Margrett Mounton, the 14 of November.
21/11/1613Richard Spavin & Elsabethe Horner, the 21 of November.
31/11/1613Richard Waineman and Isabelle Siddall, the last day of November.
14/12/1613Willm Watter and Elizabethe Hodgeson, the 14 day of December.
04/01/1613Willm Bellingham and Margaret Graye, the 4 day of Januarie.
04/01/1613Willm Oliver & Alice Woode, the same day of yt moneth.
23/01/1613James Davyson and Esabell Seddell, the 23 day of Jenuary.
01/05/1614Robert Watter and Elisabethe Nycolson, servants to Mr Wm Watter, was marryed the fyrst of May.
16/05/1614John Cocke and Jhone Leades, the 16 day of May.
25/09/1614Wm Trattell and Rabecka Huggerstone, the 25 of September.
30/10/1614Richarde Bellwoode & Elsibeth Skadlocke, the xxxth day of Oct.
06/11/1614John Breckin and Ellyinge Lowerance, the 6 day of November.
24/11/1614Edward Blenkhorne and Anne Wildon of Teventon was marryed with a lysence the 24 daye of November.
29/11/1614John Perker and Anne Doncking, the 29 day of November.
14/05/1615Samvell Pordon and Elesabeth Rycheson, the 14 day of May.
10/09/1615Lenord Grayson and Elesabeth Foster, the 10 day of September.
08/10/1615Thomas Hall and Margrett Hardy, the 8 day of October.
09/10/1615Richarde Hedworth and Elsibeth Harbarte, the 9 day of October.
14/11/1615George Hardy and Elesibeth Place, the 14th day of November.
26/11/1615Thomas Covtman and Margery Sygsworth, the 26 of November.
05/05/1616Peter Hucheson and Mayry Cootes was marreid the 5 day of May.
23/06/1616John Bowemour and Magdalen Coupind, the 23 day of June.
10/09/1616Adam Hopperton, gentellman, and Elsabethe Reed, wth a lysence the 10 day of September.
03/11/1616Peter Davye and Eles Allane, the 3 day of November.
20/11/1616Arnald Ewenax and Jhonne Marshall, the 20 day of November.
02/12/1616John Davill and Janne Stedeye, the 2 day of December.
08/12/1616Wm Whytlinge and Emme Besst, the 8 day of December.
26/01/1616Wm Necolson and Elsabeth Brooke, the 26 day of Jenuary.
26/01/1616John Denton and Frances Nevell, the 26 day of Jenuary.
11/02/1616Roger Spalton and Rachell Swabye, the 11 day of February.
18/02/1616Arthur Robinson and Janne Panseck, the 18 day of February.
25/02/1616John Watson and Alice Haxswell, the 25 day of February.
03/06/1617James Steade & Francis Mayvor, of Weston beside Otley, were married by a license the thirde day of June.
22/06/1617Edward Chester and Aliece Chapman, the 22 day of June.
20/07/1617Wm Wayeles and Jainne Jefferson, the 20 day of July.
17/08/1617George Turner and Rosemond Scare, the 17 day of August.
19/10/1617Mathewe Broune and Elesabeth Thomson, the 19 of October.
18/11/1617Wm Covston & Eiline Clarke, the 18 day of November.
15/12/1617Chrystopher Wadsworth and Mayry Lyon, the 15 of Desember.
26/04/1618Robart Todd and Elsabeth Watson was mareyed the 26 day Aprell.
10/05/1618Thomas Lynskell and Anne Fysher, the 10 daye of May.
17/05/1618Henry Harland and Ellinge Barton, the 17 day of May.
01/11/1618Nehemah and Janne Tayelebones, the fyrst day of November.
17/11/1618Robart Davy and Janne Darke, the 17 day of November.
29/11/1618Wm Coullinge and Margrett Scroston, the 29 day of November.
30/11/1618George Francke and Mlesent Littell, the 30 day of November.
02/05/1619Leanard Broune and Frances Souerebe was mar. 2 day of Maye.
20/05/1619Olever Atkynson and Melesent Wylay, the 20 day of Maye.
03/08/1619George Idle and Anne Daueson, the 3 day of August.
09/09/1619Ralph Hasle & Anne Hadlesey, September 9th.
23/11/1619Antony Dickinson and Doryty Preston, the 23 day of November.
07/05/1620Henry Baxter and Mary Moore was married the 7 daye of May.
10/09/1620Frances Laisenbe and Marye Harwood, the 10 day of September.
17/09/1620Robart Testone and Anne Miniken, the 17 day of September.
04/12/1620John Norman and Catheran Nevell, the 4 day of December.
03/01/1620Thomas Myares and Anne Marchall, the 3 day of Jenuary.
04/02/1620George Robinson and Mayry Barwicke, the 4 day of February.
06/02/1620Bryand Ase and Anne Daweson, the 6 day of February.
12/02/1620Wm Wayelles and Elsabeth Watson, the 12 of February.
17/04/1621Walter Thakyaray and Grace Cassen, the 17 day of Aprell.
24/04/1621Hewe Sallay and Faythe Goott, the 24 day of Aprell.
03/06/1621George Yeddin and Sayry Wilson, the 3 day of June.
12/06/1621Wm Allenson and Luce Orrecke, the 12 of June.
26/08/1621Thomas Woodhouse and Betteres Huntenton, the 26 of August.
04/11/1621Bryan Tomson and Dorytye Fell, the 4 day of November.
02/12/1621Leonard Donckyn and Mayry Hall, the 2 day of December.
02/12/1621Wm Sygesworth and Janne Newebe, the 2 day of Desember.
15/01/1621Thomas Packeryng and Ayeles Jurdon, the 15 of Jenuary.
27/01/1621Robart Ryegell and Margrett Savage, the 27 of Jenuary.
03/02/1621Edward Loftus and Mary Brassnton, the 3 day of February.
03/02/1621John Dickson and Anne Lovell, the 3 day of February.
06/02/1621John Bealbe and Elsabeth Walker, the 6 day of February.
03/11/1622Edward Spinke and Margret Tomlynson, the 3 day of November.
26/01/1622Ralpe Gayle and Aieles Beanflet, the 26 of Jen.
10/02/1622Robart Hustwood and Mary Harde, 10 of February.
23/02/1622Robart Wandsworth and Mary Anderson, the 23 of Febuary.
02/05/1623Wm Preston and Esabell Broune was marred the ii day of May.
27/05/1623Robart Leaveer and Elsabeth Myers, the 27 day of Maye.
12/08/1623Wm Cloughe and Ailes Jackson, the 12 of August.
31/08/1623Wm Burdsall and Elsabeth Canne, the 31 of August.
23/11/1623Symon Holmes and Barbray Wightman, the 23 of November.
22/01/1623Rychard Blanchard and Janne Avmund, the 22 of Jenuary.
27/01/1623Robart Harrison and Anne Elles, the 27 day of Jenuary.
08/02/1623Rychard Lullay and Anne Fletcher, the 8 day of February.
06/05/1624Wm Pybisse and Anne Hardecane was marryed the 6 day of May.
20/05/1624Marke Emson and Anne Flether, the 20 day of May.
07/06/1624Robert Pate & Thomasine Coulston, the 7th day of June.
20/06/1624John Greene and Elsabeth Turnner, the 20 day of June.
02/08/1624Thomas Nayller and Margrett Barrett, the 2 day of August.
09/08/1624Antony Robinson and Elsabeth Coopland, the 9 day of August.
09/08/1624Thomas Hunter and Anne Burton, the 9 day of August.
04/10/1624Franses Lytster and Margrett Bellwood, the 4 day October.
31/10/1624Seath Barnard and Marye Busfelle, the 31 day of October.
06/11/1624Henrye Hunter and Frances Brotherke, the 6 day of November.
07/11/1624David Gilliam and Janne Hutcheson, the 7 day of November.
21/11/1624Henry Parker and Mayry Shigesworth, the 21 of November.
27/11/1624George Pibus and Mary Pecke, the 27 day of November.
28/11/1624Wm Gilla Elles Sugit, the 28 day of November.
10/02/1624George Peckett and Janne Parke, the 10 of February.
10/03/1624Wm Pepper and Catteran Istonne, 10 day of Marche.
19/04/1625Rychard Jaques and Elsabeth Pacoke was marryed the 19 Aprell.
02/05/1625Myles Thisseysllworth and Janne Testan, the 2 day of May.
19/06/1625Antony Sawer and Mayry Whealas, the 19 day of June.
19/06/1625Wm Hume and Anne Wilkinson, the 19 of June.
23/08/1625George Newesom and Edeth Hucheson, the 23 of August.
04/09/1625Ather Symson and Elsabethe Belwood, the 4 of September.
27/09/1625Robart Dodgson and Mary Regill, the 27 day of September.
06/11/1625Leanard Hall and Catterad Wood, the 6 day of November.
03/12/1625Roger Harper and Izabell Waughe, the 3 day of Desember.
19/01/1625John Wayt and Susanna Conyes, the 19 of Jenuary.
05/02/1625Roger Jaques and Mayry Ravdone, the 5 day of February.
05/02/1625Thomas Straker and Elsabeth Pearson, the 5 day of February.
09/05/1626Wm Widder and Elesabeth Wetherall was maryed the 9 day May.
09/05/1626Wm Barker and Essabell Greffon, the 9 of May.
18/06/1626Robart Elles and Anne Wryght, the 18 day of June.
13/07/1626Walter Laycocke & Elizabeth Droneinge, Julie 13.
18/07/1626Bryand Tomson and Frances Jhonson, the 18 day of July.
06/08/1626Wm Dood and lesabeth Potter, the 6 day of August.
29/08/1626Mr James Wmson, a person, and Anne Haddelsay, the29 of August.
17/09/1626Robart Starke and Anne Jefferson, the 17 day of September.
21/09/1626Wm Hudson and Mayry Hardy, the 21 day of September.
06/01/1626Willm Hardwicke & Elizabeth Tayler, the 6 day of Januarie.
29/01/1626John Pibus & Elizabeth Nevill, the 29 day of Januarye.
16/04/1627Thomas Hoofe & Elsibeth Bell were married the 16th day of Aprill.
24/04/1627Henrie Wilson & Jane Becke, ye 24th of Aprill.
02/06/1627Thomas Hanley and Isabell Preston, the 2 of June.
27/08/1627Willm Litle & Jane Hillam, the xxvijth day of August.
05/10/1627Henrie Raper & Meriell Key, the 5th day of October.
11/10/1627William Brearey, Alderman, & Margaret, late wife of William Robbinson, Alderman, the yonger, were married xith of October.
20/12/1627William Huggerde & Anne Lowson, ye xxth day of December.
22/12/1627James Trotter and Alice Nowble, the xxiith day of December.
03/01/1627Robart Bonwell & Mary Chew, the iijth of January.
11/05/1628Edward Porter and Dorthie Foster were married the xith of May.
14/05/1628Thomas Hillerie and Anne Hauley, the xiiijth of May.
22/06/1628Nicholas Inman & Alice Geldarte, the xxiith day of June.
18/09/1628Willm Sturdie and Jaine Fewster, the xviiith day of September.
25/09/1628Thomas Scarth and Elizabeth Heward, the xxvth of September.
04/01/1628Thomas Kellit and Alice Newton, the iiiith day of Jenuary.
12/07/1629Charles Bose and Margarit Turner were married the xiith of July.
03/10/1629John Inman and Ursula Dugell, the iiith day of October.
15/10/1629John Pearson and Alice Marshall, the xvth day of October.
01/11/1629Christopher Nicholson and Katherin Dickman, the 1 day of Nov.
08/06/1630Thomas Lawe & Margaret Motherby were married the 8th of June.
09/09/1630Michaell Savage and Anne Watson, the ix day of September.
23/09/1630Thomas Linley & Margaret Thorneton, the xxiiith day of September.
02/10/1630Willm Stead and Janne Sawlay, the ijth day of October.
14/11/1630Christofer Bagler and Ellis Machell, the xiiiith day of November.
21/11/1630John Mason and Janne Dunwell, the xxith of November.
21/11/1630Phillip Personn and Mary Willson, the xxith of November.
28/11/1630Richard Butler and Barbray Hudson, the xxviiith of November.
02/02/1630John Legge and Janne Awdersonn, the iith day of February.
21/02/1630John Becket and Mary Raikes, the xxith day of February.
14/04/1631John Deane & Anne Pepper were married the xiiiith day of Aprill.
19/04/1631Phillip Askwith and Julian Askwith, the xixth day of Aprill.
30/06/1631Richard Dutton and Anne Marshall, the xxxth day of June.
01/08/1631George Aytake and Grace Lister, the first of August.
28/08/1631Thomas Laverak and Ellis Huggard, the xxviiith day of August.
30/08/1631George Stotte and Mary Frost, the xxxth day of August.
09/10/1631Robart Waite and Mary Ilye, the ixth day of October.
26/11/1631Leonard Acklam and Anne Acklam, the xxvith day of November.
27/11/1631Edward Fox and Dorothy Swales, the xxviith day of November.
08/12/1631Thomas Straker and Elizabethe Fewler, the viiith day of December.
22/01/1631Henry Potter and Margery Coulston, the xxiith day of January.
23/02/1631Henry Darnton and Janne Beckwith, the xxiiith day of February.
15/04/1632Richard Best and Judeth Mawman were married the xvth of Aprill.
21/06/1632Robart Ellis and Margerrit Burton, the xxith day of June.
22/06/1632Willm Elleson and Beatricks Gill, the xxiith day of June.
09/08/1632Leonard Gibb and Anne Lister, the ixth day of August.
20/10/1632Edmond Clough and Dorathee Cooke, the xxth day of October.
10/02/1632Peter Dickinson and Effame Creswell, the xth day of February.
10/02/1632James Clay and Mary Waite, the xth day of February.
17/02/1632Raph Cooke and Edith Robinsonn, the xviith day of February.
05/05/1633Thomas Harper and Mary Tayt were married the vth day of May.
10/11/1633Anthony Dixson and Margarrit Gasking, the xth day of November.
07/06/1634Willm Tallintine and Issabell Nicholson, the vii day of June.
07/07/1634James Coulston and Anne Sigesworthe, the viith day of July.
01/10/1634 Henry Dickonson and Julian Askwith, the first day of October.
11/05/1635Thomas Priston and Gartrit Bickerton, the 11 day of May.
02/05/1635Robart Barker and Francis Robson, the iith day of May.
06/05/1635Samuel Walsha and Anna Thornill, the vith day of May.
28/06/1635Edward Porter and Sara Hixson, the xxviiith day of June.
05/07/1635Chales Tompsonn and Grace Dodgson, the vth day of July.
15/08/1635George Carter and Mary Dobsonne, the xvth day of August.
06/09/1635Raph Padmore and Suzanna Catterall, the vith day of September.
25/10/1635Edward Hodgshon and Dorothy Taler, the xxvth day of October.
17/11/1635John West and Margaret Carter, the xviith day of November.
07/02/1635John Huntris and Briget Gurwood, the viith day of February.
31/02/1635Thomas Bairde and Ann Finnie, the last day of February.
21/04/1636Edward Brogden and Anna Haman, the xxith day of Aprill.
12/07/1636Willm Sharp and Jane Besset, the xiith day of July.
21/07/1636Henry Dickinson and Anne Dickinson, the xxith day of July.
30/08/1636Thomas Clarke and Anne Shipton, the xxxth day of August.
06/09/1636Richard Burton & Isabell Kirke, the vith day of September.
18/09/1636Francis Nelson & Jann Hurde, the xviiith day of September.
07/11/1636Thomas Shipton & Elizabeth Belwood, the viith day of November.
19/02/1636Nicholas Steele and Margerrit Knowles, the xixth day of February.
18/04/1637Willm Radcliffe & Margaret Taler, the xviiith day of Aprill.
01/05/1637John Bouling & Francis Barabe, the first day of May.
27/05/1637Willm Harison & Anne Murtonn, the xxviith day of May.
29/05/1637Thomas Robinson & Rebcka Horne, the xxixth day of May.
15/06/1637Ralph Prattey & Margrete Stainton, the xvth day of June.
30/07/1637Willm Wheatley & Jane Nixon, the xxxth day of July.
11/08/1637Willm Marsingall & Elizbeth Hodshon, the xith day of August.
01/10/1637Robart Wright & Janne Routles, the vx day of October.
17/12/1637John Taler & Mary Garforth, the xviith day of December.
31/12/1637Thomas Darcy, gentelman, & Susana Fourd, widow, xxxi of Dec.
04/02/1637Parsivall Robinson & Margaret North, the iiijth day of February.
21/04/1638Daniall Beacoke & Jane Juisson were married the xxith of Aprill.
29/04/1638Willm Clearke & Jane Law, the xxixth day of Aprill.
22/05/1638Anthony Jackson & Millisent Juitsonn, the xxiith day of May.
24/06/1638Thomas Priston & Mary Penrose, the xxiiijth day of June.
26/06/1638Robart Webster & Sarah Finne, the xxvith day of June.
03/07/1638Thomas Penington & Anne Wharton, the iiith day of July.
30/08/1638Thoms Browme & Mary Conyers, the xxxth day of August.
14/10/1638Francis Holmes & Jane Atkinson, the xiiijth day of October.
25/11/1638Allan Walker & Jane Jackson, the xxvth of November.
20/01/1638Richard Robinson & Elizabeth Spacie, xx of January.
23/02/1638Sammuell Hollins & Anne Shipway, the xxiiith of February.
21/03/1638Willm Harison & Anne Barrit, the xxith day of March.
05/05/1639Alixander Waules & Elizabeth Belfeld, the vth day of May.
20/08/1639Thomas Harrison & Tryphena Lucas, the xxth of August.
15/09/1639Thomas Grayson & Anne Gill, the xvth day of Septem.
24/11/1639Thomas Aveson & Alce Legge, the xxiiijth day of November.
30/11/1639Willm Hardie & Mary Robinsonn, the 30th day of November.
28/01/1639Simond Bensonn & Mary Bouth, 28 of January.
11/02/1639Thomas Toppin & Jane Parker, xi of February.
30/05/1640Richard Tompsonn & Briget Walls were married last day of May.
12/06/1640Walter Ellerker & Alice Greene, the xiith of June.
04/07/1640Andrew Shawe & Sarah Lister, the iiijth of July.
09/08/1640Charles Harison & Francis Waid, the ixth of August.
16/08/1640John Hill & Janne Pick, the xvith day of August.
20/09/1640Thomas Ward & Katheran Wadsworth, the 20 September.
28/10/1640Ralph Goodart & Elizabeth Huchinson, the 28 October.
14/11/1640Richard Sunter & Grace Priston, the 14 November.
22/11/1640Richard Story & Jane Harwood, the xxiith November.
07/02/1640John Burton & Elizabeth Lofthouse, the viith of February.
01/06/1641John Robinsonn & Mary Boggas were married the first of June.
20/06/1641Mathias Kelld and Eeasther Hall, the 20 day of June.
22/06/1641Wilfray Lazinbe & Margarret Pinder, the 22th June.
22/06/1641Thomas Blanchard & Katherine Lund, the 22th day of June.
07/07/1641Richard Life & Mary Taler, the 7 of July.
25/07/1641Henry Potter & Jane Watkinsonn, the xxvth day of July.
26/08/1641Thomas Howburne & Anne Brough, the xxvith day of August.
18/09/1641Danyell Beacok & Anne Booth, the xviiith day of September.
28/09/1641Thomas Personne & Janne Farefax, the xxviii day of September.
30/09/1641John Huchison & EIizabeth Wilkinsonne the xxxth of September.
06/10/1641Andrew Brigham & Mary Lund, the vith day of October.
06/11/1641George Andrew & Ellen Smith, the vith day of November.
07/11/1641Josiph Bale & Susanna Camplechen, viith day of November.
15/11/1641Willm Perkinsonne & Jane Litster, the xvth day of November.
16/01/1641David Owing & Elling Hay, the xvith day of January.
15/02/1641Peter Wood & Jane Wood, the xvth day of February.
20/02/1641Seaith Waite & Elizabeth Nickelsonn, the xxth day of February.
12/04/1642Christopher Blakeston & Anna Blakeston, the xiith day of Aprill.
14/06/1642Mathew Kempe & Janne Lassels, the xiiiith day of June.
26/06/1642Thomas 0lliver & Leadia Harve, the xxvith day of June.
15/08/1642Francis Ingland & Margret Plewman, the xvth day of August.
27/10/1642John Weatherell and Elizabeth Marshall, the xxviith day of October.
25/11/1642John Bailes & Ann Wildman, the xxvth day of November.
15/01/1642George Lownsdaile & Janne Topham, the xvth day of January.
17/01/1642Richard Tompsonn & Issabell Juisonn, the xviith day of January.
29/06/1643Wilfray Saunderson & Alis Straker were married the xxixth of June.
06/08/1643Christophe Frere & Elling Askwith, the vith day of August.
26/09/1643Mr Willm Taller & Mrs Anne Pacock, the xxvith day of September.
01/10/1643Mr Roger Belwood, minester of this Church, & Saray Askwith were married the vxth day of October.
02/10/1643Anthony Sheard & Dorothy Naler, the 2th day of October.
26/11/1643Robart Goot & Jane Finne, the xxvith day of November.
03/12/1643Phillip Hall & Margaret Tompsonne, the iiith day of December.
01/02/1643Wilfray Lazinbe & Sara Huton, the first day of February.
30/04/1644Phillip Esh & Elizabeth Trewman were married the xxxth of Aprill.
01/09/1644Thomas Maugham & Anne Aumler, the vxth day of September.
27/10/1644Willm Jenkin & Mary Elles, the xxviith day of October.
10/11/1644John Tuke & Issabell Smeton, the xth day of November.
19/11/1644Richard Mounton & Elizabeth Clay, the xixth day of November.
24/11/1644Nickholas Popelwell & Ellis Bell, the xxiiijth day of November.
28/01/1644Leonard Smydes & Elling Askwith, the xxviiith day of January.
12/02/1644Theophilus Jueson & Ann Picke, the xiith day of February.
13/02/1644Richard Ward & Mary Metcalfe alies Browne, the xiii February.
30/12/1645John Girdler & Saray Webster were married the xxxth December.
11/02/1645Wilim Hartlay & Elizabeth Daile, the xith d. of February.
04/10/1646Wilim Daukin & Dorothie Traine were married the iiiith of October.
20/10/1646John Jackson & Elizabeth Bonwell, the xxth day of October.
26/10/1646John Mose & Elizabeth Watsonn, the xxvith day of October.
23/02/1646Richard Bigin & Margery Smeton, the xxiiith day of February.
08/06/1647Thomas Booth & Elizabeth Wright were married the viiith of June.
30/12/1647John Tomlisonn & Margaret Inman, the xxxth day of December.
02/01/1647Henry Kellingley & Janne Tompsonn, the iith day of January.
23/11/1646Richard Hodgshon & Elizabeth Godson, the xxiiith November
18/11/1649Thomas Dailes & Margarret Fisher, were married xviii November.
19/01/1649Mr Edmond Clough, Esquire & Mrs Jaine Wormlay, the xixth Jan.
11/06/1650Mr Thomas Garforth & Elizabeth Taller, the xi day of June.
11/04/1653Mr Abraham Jobling & Elling Owing, the xith day of Aprill.
19/02/1653John Hill & Elizabeth Fisher, the xixth day of February.
29/05/1654John Sargesonne & Anne Hobden, the xxixth day of May.
28/10/1659Thomas Barrit & Mary Jenkinson, the xxviiith day of October.
11/12/1660Thomas Scot & Elizabeth Storkwell, the xith of December.
25/06/1661John Hudson & Margaret Kilintance, the xxvth day of June.
99/01/1661Robart Wilson & Ms Saray Chayter, Mr Alderman Chayter daughter were maried the (blank) day of January.
99/99/1661Will Swan & Margarit Emersonn were maried the ((blank).
10/08/1662John Cooke & Debera Ellis, the xth day of August.
30/09/1662Charles Harinson & Margrett Bigin, 30 Sept.
07/10/1662William Spence & Kathron Hay, the 7 of Octobr.
26/11/1662John Barker & Grase Wedell, 26 Novemb.
29/01/1662Thomas Barker & Elizebth Couston of the parish of Cerdell in the Countey of Yorke, the 29 of January.
22/02/1662John Yeman and Dorcas Glave, the 22 of Febuary.
16/04/1663James Walker & Janne Garland was maried 16 of Aprill (seteleflet).
21/04/1663Mathew Wilkes & Jann Watton, the 21 of Aprill.
23/04/1663George Keghley & Elenor Mayson, the 23 of Aprill.
12/05/1663John Anderson & Janne Houdell of Houlden parish, the 12 of May.
11/06/1663Francis Baycocke and Marthey Guckrogeres, the 11 day of June.
21/09/1663Robarte Danton and Ann Gregson, the 21 of Sept.
17/01/1663James Younge & Janne Tatte, the 17 of Jenuary.
17/01/1663George Harford & Elizebth Couper, the 17 of Jen.
02/02/1663John Smith and Janne Robartes, the 2 of Feb.
09/02/1663George Wray and Jann Scarbrough, the 9 of Feb.
03/11/1664William Wattson & Susana Elis of Bridlinton was Mar. 3 Nov.
22/10/1664Richard Slacke & Susana Ingarom Ragby, 22 Octr.
15/11/1664John Laysonby & Ann Day, the 15 of Novemb.
27/11/1664John Dauson & Isabell Spence, the 27 of Novemb.
22/12/1664Oswell Pearson and Janne Hogge, the 22 Dec.
28/03/1665George Marthfeld & Ann Asquith was maried 28 March.
25/04/1665Simond Scotte & Janne Bouth, 25 Aprill.
27/04/1665Philipe Rudsdalle & Allse Hodshon, 27 Apr.
18/07/1665John Nevell and Grace Couper, 18 July.
29/10/1665Thomas Stodthard & Anne Glaves, 29 Octobr.
14/11/1665Mathew Store and Marye Clarke, 14 Novemb.
11/12/1665John Nedum and Sarah Fenton, the 11 of Decembr.
10/04/1667William Jackson & Francis Wright was maried the 10 Aprill.
28/05/1667Henrye Wright and Elenor Harinson, 28 May.
29/05/1667Nathanell Thomas and Margrett Broadbelt, 29 May.
13/01/1667Henrye Tireman, Allman & Mrs Janne Prince, 13 Jen.
24/03/1667Mathew Dolfin and Grace Richardson, 24 March.
20/06/1668Robart Steavenson & Allis Ingearson was married 20 Jun.
05/07/1668John Inman and Marye Stodthard, 5 July.
24/08/1668John Nevell and Ann Preston, the 24 August.
08/12/1668Thomas Rennolson and Elizebth Hodshon, 8 Decb.
27/07/1669George Walker and Marthea Lum was maried 27 July.
06/12/1669John Heasell and Isabell Hodgeson, 6 Dec.
20/12/1669Robarte Roades and Kathron Quarton, 20 Dec.
27/06/1670Johnathan Hobson and Marye Clayton was maried 27 June.
14/11/1670George Mamand and Elis Masterman, 14 Nov.
26/01/1670Mr Symon Sysenes and Mrs Margrett Tomlinson, 26 Jen.
23/05/1671Timothie Turner and Franses Hurst, the 23 May.
03/08/1671Zackrias Barnard and Elizebth Conell, 3 Aug.
08/07/1671John Willowby and Allse Risdayle, 8 July.
99/01/1671Bengeman Eckearinggell and (blank) Harinson (blank) of Jen.
18/02/1671Francis Moure and Elizebth Horner, 18 Feb.
28/05/1672Thoamas Ward and Marye Deighton, the 28 May.
28/05/1672Robarte Harinson and Janne Potter, the 28 May.
13/10/1672John Hurst and Elizebth Ward, 13 Octo.
01/04/1673George Scotteson and Jann Smayles was mard 1 Aprill.
10/04/1673George Wellburne and Sarah Sandeman, x Apr.
06/04/1673William Suttell and Marye Stockdell, 6 Apr.
10/04/1673William Hallelay and Ann Lockwood, 10 Apr.
18/06/1673Michell Brigges & Janne Eltofte of Batlay, 18 June.
06/11/1673William Fryeer and Jann Snaden, 6 Nov.
09/11/1673George Jackson & Isabell Haleday, 9 Nov.
27/08/1674Robert Fairbanke of Fishlake and Deborah Hustler of Cottingham were maried on August the 27.
29/09/1674Mr Thomas Watson & Mrs Isabel Spenser, Septemb. 29.
30/01/1674Thomas Sandiman & Alice Read, Januar. 30.
13/05/1675Thomas Pease & Alice Marshall were married May 13th.
01/06/1675John Baker & Tabitha Foster, June the first.
10/06/1675John Williamson & Jane Thisletwhayte, June ye 10th.
21/06/1675George Marfield & Elizabeth Dresser, June 21.
04/07/1675Christopher Hutton & Margaret Stockton, Jul. 4th.
20/09/1675Lionel Wise & Martha Chayter, Sept. 20
15/09/1675John Thorpe & Elizabeth Marshall, Sept. 15.
19/12/1675Francis Harrison & Anne Potter, Decemb. 19.
02/03/1675Samuel Blyth & Catharine Higgington, Mar. 2d.
09/04/1676Thomas Robinson & Jane Garnet were married April ye 9th.
27/04/1676John Walker & Elizabeth Parkinson, April ye 27th.
08/05/1676Philip Oliver & Hannah Blyth, May the 8th.
28/05/1676John Inman & Elizabeth Metcalfe, May ye 28th.
13/06/1676John Austune & Elizabeth Shields, June 13.
20/07/1676John Hague & Martha Deane, July ye 20.
22/07/1676Roger Coates & Mary Dawson, July ye 22th.
11/11/1676John More & Beatrice Bucke, Novemb. ye 11th.
15/01/1676Marmaduke Cocke & Alice Reade, Jan. 15th.
18/06/1677James Hepburn & Martha Liddall married June ye 18.
15/07/1677David Dickson & Alice Browne, July ye 15.
02/10/1677William Cotton & Barbara Curwen, Oct. 2.
27/10/1677Thomas Rogers & Mary Freeman, Oct. 27.
11/11/1677John Norrison & Martha Wright, Novem. 11.
28/11/1677Matthew Morley & Elizabeth Taylor, Novemb. 28.

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1922
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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