YORK ST CRUX: Transcription of the York St. Crux Registers - Miscellaneous.


Miscellaneous entries in the Parish Registers.

(1539 1716).
The death of Mr. R. Beilby Cook when he was in the midst of the work of transcribing this register interrupted what to him was a labour of love. and made it necessary for another to finish what he had begun. The pursuit of antiquarian research in Yorkshire has been rendered more difficult by the passing of one who did much out of a large-hearted devotion to the cause for which the Yorkshire Parish Register Society stands.

The present volume is a transcription of the First Volume, and part of the Second Volume, of the Register of St. Crux, York, a church which stood at the South End of the Shambles, and was demolished about 30 years ago. The First Volume measures 11" by 8" by ii-", and contains about 120 sheets of parchment. The binding has disappeared. With the exception of the outside pages, a few at each end, which are somewhat soiled, the register is in good condition, and has presented to the transcribers very few difficulties. This First Volume contains the entries of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials from 1539 - a very early date - until 1677.

The Second Volume measures 14½" by 7½ by 1½. It contains 68 stout parchment sheets, just over 13 of which are included in the present printed volume. Unfortunately, the thick leather-covered cardboard backs of this Second Volume are loose, and the parchment sheets are in need of being re-bound. In both volumes the Baptisms for the whole period covered by them come first, and are separate from the Marriages and the Burials. The Second Volume contains the following :-
BAPTISMS, 1678 to 1751.
MARRIAGES, 1737 to 1751.
BURIALS, 1678 to 1751.
MARRIAGES, 1678 to 1737.

Evidently the entries of Marriages from 1737 to 1751 were made where they are because the end of the book was reached in the year 1737. the remaining entries were made on the pages allowed for possible Baptisms earlier in the book.

The transcriber expresses her grateful thanks to the Rev. Canon Watson, Vicar of All Saints' with St. Crux, York, and Canon-Residentiary of York, for his kindness in allowing her to have the registers at her home while she was transcribing them. But for this act of trust she would have been unable to continue Mr. Cook's work.

The remainder of the Registers will be issued in another Volume in the present series, containing the Index to both.

A Regester booke of all Christeninges Burialls & Weddings wthin the Pishe of St Cruxe made the first daye of Aprill in the xlth yeare of the raigne of our Sou'aigne Ladie Elizabeth the Quenes Matte that now ys 1598, Conteyninge the wholle Regester booke made by Sr Dynnys Hakleton in the yeare of or Lorde 1540 untill the tyme of Sr John Myton Anno dni 1560.

And untill the tyme of Sr Edwarde Bowlinge Anno dni 1580, And untill the tyme of Sr Willm Cookson Ao dni 1585, And untill the tyme of Mr Thoms Woode A0 dni 1594, welt have bene Parsons of the Rectorie of the said Pishe ut sequitr

Data transcribed from
A publication by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society
published in the year 1922
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
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