Aldbrough Parish, Directory of Trades and Professions for 1892


Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades
for ALDBROUGH in Bulmer's Directory of 1892.

  • County Councillor for Aldbrough Division of East Riding - Walter M. Stickney, Esq., Danthorpe hall
  • Aldbrough Polling District Conservative Association - Joseph K. Thompson, chairman; William Sherrington, hon. secretary
  • Aldbrough Floral and Horticultural Society - J. W. Fell and R. J. Jackson, hon. secs.; R. Jackson and T. Y. Hardy, hon. treasurers
  • Aldbrough Volunteer Life Saving Brigade - Wm. Kemp, captain
  • United Ancient Order of Druids (" Aldbrough Lodge," No. 802) - J. W. Fell, sec.; held monthly at Holderness Hotel (established 1891; 38 members)
  • Medical Officers and Public Vaccinators, Aldbrough District of Skirlaugh Union - (Pro. tem.) F. Hodson, Hornsea: and J. Soutter, Hedon
  • Registrar of Births and Deaths - Wm. Sherrington; deputy, Miss M. I. Sherrington
  • Guardian - Thomas Y. Hardy
  • Overseeers - William Kemp, Thomas S. Wright, Jos. K. Thompson, and Edmund Walgate
  • Highway Surveyors - J. R. Brown & R Jackson
  • Churchwardens - T. Y. Hardy, W. Kemp, W. Sherrington, and J. K. Thompson
  • Parish Clerk - Wm. Sherringion. Sexton - J. Wealsby
  • Parish Church - Rev. A. B. Prole, vicar. Sunday, Holy Communion, 8 a.m.; Matins, Litany, and Sermon, 10-30 a.m.; Instruction for Children and others, with Service of Song, 2-30 p.m.: Evensong, 6-30 p.m. Week-days, Prayers, 9 am, and 3 p.m.
  • Wesleyan Chapel - Service, Sunday, 10-30 am. and 6p.m.; Thursday (alternate), preaching, 7 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist - Service, Sunday, 2-15 and 6 p.m.; Monday (alternate), 7 p.m

  • Carrier - To Hull, Tuesday and Friday - Thomas Gibson and Edward Marshall
  • Conveyance - To Hull, Tuesday and Saturday, Clark's and Gibson's 'bus leaves Aldbrough at 8 a.m., returning from the King's Arms, Witham, at 4 p.m.
  • Post Office, Money Order, Savings Bank, Insurance and Annuity 0ffice at Henry Moore's Letters arrive via Hull, week-days only, at 9 am., and are despatched at 2-30 p.m. in winter, 3-30 p.m. in summer. The nearest Telegraph Office is at Burton Constable station. Letters for Canton, Fosham, and West Hill should be addressed via Coniston, Hull.
Miscellany of trades
  • Andrews Wm. Arthur, coastguard
  • Anthony John, bricklayer
  • Armitage Mrs. Mary Jane
  • Atkinson Mrs. Ann Amelia, grocer
  • Barr Mrs. Anne, shopkeeper
  • Birch Kenyon, draper; h Hull
  • Bird Samuel, beer retailer
  • Bishop George, coastguard
  • Briglin Henry C., cowkeeper
  • Butler William, tailor
  • Canham Messrs. John and Robert
  • Clark Rt. Hy., 'bus proprietor and coal mrcht.
  • Clarke John, pork butcher
  • Coates Joseph, corn miller (wind)
  • Coult Mrs. Mary, draper and grocer
  • Crawford Mr. Henry
  • Creasser John, pig butcher
  • Creasser Matthew, druggist and grocer
  • Dawson Thomas, shopkeeper
  • Dean William, saddler and harness maker
  • Ellerker Miss Jane Ann, day school
  • Fenwick Aaron, horse breaker
  • Ford Mrs. Sarah
  • Foster Mrs. Elizabeth, shoemaker and dealer
  • Foster Henry, shopkeeper
  • Foster John Carter, grocer and draper
  • Gibson Thos., carrier, 'bus proptr., and farmer
  • Grantham Robinson, beer retailer
  • Hairsine Mr. John, Wentworth house
  • Harbord Mrs. Eliz., Cliff house; h Hull
  • Hardbattle John & Son (George William), steam thrashing machine proprietors
  • Hardy Miss Mary Ann, Towry house
  • Hardy Thomas Yates, junr., farm manager, Tansterne grange
  • Hewitt Miss Eliza, dressmaker
  • Hodgson William Foster, blacksmith
  • Horsaman Spicer, blacksmith and farmer (at Tansterne)
  • Humphrey Charles, horse breaker
  • Hutchinson Mrs. Mary, Tymperon house
  • Jackson Ralph & Sons, brewers, maltsters, and seedsmen, &c.
  • Joyes Robert, hind, Tansterne
  • Jubb George, corn miller (wind)
  • Kemp William, joiner and wheelwright, &c.
  • Kirk Miss Emily, day school
  • Kirk Mrs. Mary
  • Little John Johnson, grocer, draper, and ironmonger, and agent to the Caledonian Fire and Life Ins, Co., Holderness Supply stores.
  • Longman Geo. Henry, joiner and wheelwright
  • Marshall Edward, carrier
  • Medforth Arthur, hind, Fosham
  • Moore Miss Catherine, dressmaker
  • Moore Henry, bootmaker, Post office
  • Prole Rev. Austin Buchanan, vicar,Aldbrough hs
  • Rawson Francis, hind, Carlton
  • Rennison John, vict., Holderness hotel
  • Robinson George Thomas, butcher
  • Robinson Henry, apartments
  • Robinson Isaac, vict., Royal hotel
  • Robinson Jno., steam thrashing machine proptr.
  • Rodmell Arthur, butcher
  • Rogerson William, cowkeeper
  • Russell George William, bricklayer
  • Scrowston William, hind, Tansterne
  • Sherrington Miss Mary Isabella, dressmaker and deputy registrar
  • Sherrington Wm. ,registrar, agent to the Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Co., and parish clerk
  • Smith Miss Annie, dressmaker
  • Smith Robert & Son (Jas.), joiners, &c.
  • Stamford Alfred, joiner and wheelwright
  • Stamp George, vict., George hotel
  • Stephenson Miss Harriet A., dressmaker
  • Stephenson Miss Jane
  • Stone Hy., cowkeeper and apartments, Sea side
  • Tanton Richard, hind, West hill
  • Tennison John Henry, pig jobber
  • Theakstone George, hind, Etherdwick
  • Tomlinson Miss Mary A., dressmaker
  • Tong John, cowkeeper
  • Towry Endowed School: Jos. Wm. Fell, master
  • Waterland Mr. Henry, The Hall
  • Waterworth George junr., farm manager
  • Wealsby John, sexton
  • Whiteley Mrs. Rosanna, temp. hotel; h Hull
  • Wood Calvert, police constable
  • Wright Miss Effie, dressmaker
  • Wright Mr. Henry, The Yews

  • Boasman William, Fosham
  • Brown John Richardson, Crossmere hill
  • Cammish Marmaduke, Fosham
  • Campkin (Mrs. Jane) & Hardy (John Yates), Hill farm
  • Clark John Wright
  • Dent Thos. (yeoman), Black Bush, Fosham
  • Hardy Thos. Yates (and yeoman), Headland house (and Towry farm and Tansterne grange)
  • Hunter Christopher, Fosham: h Hull
  • Johnson Thomas, Etherdwick; h Hull
  • Mason Thomas, Etherdwick
  • Park Richard Brigham, Thorp Garth (and Mount Pleasant and Top farms)
  • Teasdale Joseph Shillito (and coal merchant and brick and tile manufacturer)
  • Thompson John, West Carlton
  • Thompson Joseph Kirkbank, Carlton
  • Towse Stephen, Daisy farm
  • Walgate Edmond, Bewick hall
  • Walgate James Octavius, West hill
  • Waterworth George; h Little Cowden
  • Wilson Thomas, Owsthill house, Etherdwick
  • Wright John Canham, East hill
  • Wright Thomas Snaith, Manor farm

  • Letters via Aldbrough, Hull. Post and Money Order Office at Aldbrough, and Telegraph Office at Burton Constable Station.

  • Bayley John, Ringborough
  • Harness George, Glebe farm
  • Stamford Joseph & Son (Edward)
  • Wilson Thomas Anthony
  • Wray Joseph Henry, Oaklands

  • Letters via Coniston, Hull, arrive at 7-45 a.m., and are collected at 4-0 p.m., week days only. Telegraph Office at Burton Constable Station, and Money Order Office at Aldbrough.
Miscellany of trades
  • Coulthread Mark, blacksmith; h Withernwick
  • Harker George Thomas, carrier to Hull on Friday
  • Knapton Edwin, cowkeeper
  • Masterman George, estate joiner
  • Topham Edward, cowkeeper
  • Topham Frederick, cowkeeper

  • Botham John, West Newton grange
  • Gardner Jesse, Cleveland house
  • Leak Robert, junr. (managing)
  • Lound David
  • Medforth William
  • Robinson William (bailiff to Sir F. A. T. C. Constable, Bart.), Mount pleasant

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